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I'd highly recommend reading the Horus Heresy Book 7: Inferno. Writing that the Thousand Sons are only in the situation they're in because Leman Russ wanted to go murder them and that Magnus gave every indication he surrendered is just plain false.

To summarize:

  • Magnus blocked communications between Russ's fleet and refused to answer when Russ called several times demanding he explain himself.
  • Magnus did not tell his Legion at large that the Wolves were coming, ensuring that they thought they were under attack and would retaliate against the Wolves.
  • Magnus wanted his Legion to be killed by the Wolves instead of answering for what he'd done. He only changed his mind when the Wolves finally approached him directly, and then he chose to make the deal with Tzeentch to escape the destruction he created with his actions.

So the reason the Thousand Sons are in the situation they're in is directly attributable to Magnus, not Leman Russ. Other Horus Heresy books show this as well, in the novels Magnus directly intends to get his Legion killed off (or at least very badly crippled) and allows Russ to win the duel (by saying he foresaw it before, so he knows what Russ would do). -- Triacom (talk) 09:01, 3 March 2021 (UTC)

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