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To Mystery. Hi, I'm Deathwing1st; I'm just an anon who wants to help other people with their Chaos Daemons tactics. I know several people who have mixed up Soul Blaze and Warpflame in the past, so I'm trying to make sure no one else does. In response to you saying I lied, I would ask how; I gave an accurate description of each special rule. I was only trying to help. Regards, Deathwing1st Deathwing1st, thank you for taking the time to talk this through. You're right that people mix the rules up, it's just that you deleted the part of the article saying that Soulblaze doesn't suck as much as people would have you believe. I assumed you were deleting that while listing it as a minor readibility edit to get it past the radar. I'd like to apologize for jumping to that conclusion and my poor handling of the situation. Feel free to change it back; I won't do anything stupid now that I've had my coffee.

To Mystery. I apologise for phrasing it badly - I have high-functioning autism, and communication isn't my strong point. Please consider yourself forgiven, and think nothing of it; in fact, I appreciate your protection of the website and fanbase. It's diplomats like you that make this website function. Please let me know if you would like me to clear this from your page. Deathwing1st