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Revision as of 04:06, 23 February 2021 by RealJakeSpacePirate (talk | contribs) (Just asking frens what I should do next on this site, because I dont honestly dont know. Any thoughts appreciated.)
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What else should I do?[edit]

I am so far having a lot of fun on this site, but I dont know what I should do next. Would the 1 person who sees this post want me to add more stuff to the already massive Dreamkeepers page or improve the Banished (Halo) page? Which would you prefer? I might add some stuff to the Furry page, but I dont know what it should be and I dont want to act too brash or emboldened around such topics.

I was also thinking of maybe sharing some of my storytelling in the form of a Writefaggotry page, could I do that and would anyone want to see that? My main interest is sci-fi over fantasy. I like Halo and Destiny and they serve as inspirations in terms of tone and structure of my writing.