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Why is Gulliman the Aurelian?

Because during the Lorgar Letdown, the nascent cult of Gulliman went on a crusade of their own, destroying Lorgar's cults so that he could not spawn demons on those worlds. One of their main weapons along with Faith and Ultramarine Bolters was the use of Syncretism. They allowed the Imperial Soter cult and others to keep a lot of their traditions and temples so long as they rejected the Lectitio Divinitatus, and instead accepted Gulliman/Tarasha as the true "Golden Herald" of The Emperor. So they hollowed out and hijacked the cult, with the cult bearing the facade of the Ecclesiarchy but structurally and dogmatically completely different. I see it as similar to how post Diocletian Christianity would take the offices of The ancient roman gods, use the temples and throw out the deities. Or how Islam uses early christian Romanesque Churches as the archetype for its mosques. Same concept.

What is Yu`pnomyghya

"The Chaos God of Sacrifice and Duty." The Lord of Sacrifice, The Prince of Oblation, The chaos god that was created during the final flight of the Maiden of Espandor. The name originates from the ancient Athenian term for a state of good governance.

This is my effort to make the "Ascended" Gulliman fit in tonally with the rest of the Warhammer universe. I dont want this to just be "be A glowing blue smurf" It should be clear that The Aurelian is actually an eldritch entity, and that ascending to godhood has changed Gguilliman in unfathomable ways.

Yu'pnomyghya's analogues are Slaanesh and Malal. Just as Slaanesh claims the souls of all eldar, Yu'pnomygha commands the souls of humanity. Between the two of them, they are going to start starving the other chaos gods. Also like Slaanesh, all excess feeds Slaanesh. This includes the excess of devotion or fanatical zeal of those who serve The Aurelian. However because Yu'pnomyghya is the spirit of a singular sacrificing for a greater whole, it also means that any instance in which Chaos actually attempts to act for a greater cause, it feeds the lord of sacrifice. Both the Astartes dying for The Imperium and The Underworld criminal fighting for his gang please The Prince of Oblation. A Slaaneshi cultist who dies to save his cult has served Yupnomyghya. A While the Tzeentchian sorcerer who uses willing human sacrifices to complete a dark ritual pleases Tzeentch, the willing sacrifices please the Lord of Oblation. Chaos working together to create a black crusade has fed Yupnomyghya. The arrival of the Aurelian is one of the reasons for Chaos' unchecked and continual fragmentation, as the chaos gods are not eager to feed the new found god and are adversely motivated to fracture, even if it against their own long term gain.

So is Yu'pnomyghya The Aurelian

Yes, but the Aurelian is not Yu'pnomyghya.

Im going to leave the relationship between Yu'pnomeighya and Gulliman and Tarasha fairly vague, but i do have some ideas on how this works. I envision the theology of this chaos god as being similar to Pneumatomachianism, an early Christian heresy, which believed that the Holy Spirit was a creation of or manifestation of The Will of The Father and The Son. It was not a person of the trinity, but closer to "St Sophia," a personification of God's attributes.

So in this case Gulliman and Tarasha have ascended into a higher being in the warp. Because Tarasha was alive in the warp, her material body and human soul (and the souls of several of the faithful) have fused with the warp composed soul of the Primarch. They are both fully Material and fully immaterial, and able to inhabit both worlds (unlike the other chaos gods). So in some ways they are closer to The soul of the Emperor or one of the Ascended Old Ones. Despite being fused into a singular entity, both Gulliman and Tarasha's personalities and wills are separate persons, and can act separately though they are of the same essence.

Yu'pnomyghya is the chaos god that has formed out of their innate desire to serve the imperium and eachother and augmented by the faith and sacrifice of their worshipers. When acting together they form the "The Aurelian." While a weak and nascent god, this makes Yu'gnomygha potentially much more powerful than the other chaos gods because it is inseparable from and beholden to an independent will rather than just being a rogue manifestation of emotions as the other 4 are.