VASSAL Game Engine

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VASSAL is a computer program for playing --

Wait, wait, put down that banhammer. Hear me out.

VASSAL is a computer program for playing boardgames over the 'net. It runs in Java, so it should work on Winblowz, Fischer-Price Macbooks and GANOO+LOONIX alike. People write a buttload of modules that include artwork for counters, boards and pieces for many games, including:

... and a crapload more. No AI players, this is just having a shared tabletop and shared counters, dice, cards, etc. When you drag-and-drop pieces, the other players see stuff move real-time, and you can have hidden items like cards in your hand (where the other players can count them) or hidden like stealth movement. Can also share custom dice for rolling in front of everyone else.

Maybe someone could use this to make Wizard's Virtual Tabletop for D&D 4e obsolete? FUND IT!

Screenshots from available boardgames