Valmir von Raukov

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Valmir von Raukov is the Elector Count of Ostland Grand Prince of Ostland, Margrave of the Northern March and Hammer of the East. Did a great job in revealing the Tzeenchite tricky nature of previous count, Maximillian von Konigswald, after which was promoted from regular baron to Elector Count. Looks suspiciously similar to his northern Ungol and Gospodar neighbours. Warmonger like other Northern counts, but not really interesting one. With exception he has a powerful Dragon Bow he found in some elven ruins.

Had a rough time in 6th edition's storm of Chaos what with Wolfenburg falling to the enemy with him still in it (see the Novel Magestorm). Luckily his grizzley death/heroic escape was retconned along with that whole event.

8th edition gave him a newly fleshed out eldest son in the Big Red Book, who lasted about 20 pages until he was killed off by a very pissed off Norscan armed with a 2+ ward save and a genocide to avenge.