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Bird perched on a cloud
Alignment True Neutral (Neutral Good tendencies)
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Oerth (Oeridian)
Portfolio Sky, Weather
Domains Air, Travel, Water, Weather
Home Plane Elysium
Worshippers Druids, farmers
Favoured Weapon Shortspear

Velnius, the Elder Breeze, and the Rainshroud, is the Oeridian god of sky and weather. He's the son of Procan, elder brother to Atroa, Wenta, Telchur, and Sotillion, and cousin to Merikka.


The Rainshroud appears as a tall, middle-aged man with white hair. He wears a cloak of feathers, from which water and lightning pour out.


The Elder Breeze is often worshipped alongside his siblings by farmers and those who rely on the land's bounty. His clerics are wanderers like their god, moving from one place to the next and adventuring to ensure the weather isn't disrupted. They prefer to talk rather than fight, but when cornered are fierce opponents.


The sky is the dome of heaven from which flow the necessities of life. The desert and the parched field cry out for rain while the road and swamp ask for the drying sun, and the request of each is answered. No matter which direction the wind blows, it is all part of the weather that Velnius controls. Weather is a blessing, for even if a storm or drought brings hardship, it will continue on its way to where it is needed.

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