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This is why we hate Warmachine.

A game by Privateer Press. Its main selling point is that all its models are made of pewter and players tend to go apeshit on anyone who converts them. Fans often claim that Warmachine models are cheaper than Warhammer ones, but in practice both GW and Privateer Press are ripping you off, so it doesn't really matter if they are. Players are encouraged to play the game as though they have a pair of steel plated testicles, which often results in them antagonizing other wargamers at Local Gaming Stores.

Some of their Warjack miniatures are more ridiculous looking than even GW's, and are sometimes referred to as "topplenoughts" due to their top heavy appearance and superficial resemblance to Wahammer 40k dreadnoughts. Their infantry models are commonly regarded as being better designed than GW's, however.

Also commonly known as Skubmachine.