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This is the current 9th Edition's Space Marine tactics. 8th Edition Tactics are here.


Why Play Space Marines

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The Emperor’s finest; the Space Marines; the Angels of Death; the warriors of the Adeptus Astartes go by many names, and all spell annihilation to the enemies of Mankind. Possessing terrifying speed, strength, and resilience, the Space Marines are genetically engineered super-soldiers whose humanity has been sacrificed so that they may unflinchingly stand against those who would see the Imperium fall. They go to war clad in nigh-impenetrable armour. They wield devastating weapons such as the bolt rifle, the chainsword and the lascannon. They can speed into battle in armoured tanks and gunships, drop from the skies on grav-chutes and jump packs, or even teleport directly into their enemies’ midst. Coupled with their unshakeable resolve, the strike forces of Adeptus Astartes are the most powerful and tactically flexible in the Imperium.


  • The Codex has been nerfed a bit from late 8th. Why is this in the pros, you ask? Because marines in late 8th were so disgustingly good that the entire meta became marines, with the occasional skew list managing to sneak past them. They were so good it made players feel like garbage for bringing them to casual games, even with casual lists.
  • Easy for beginners to play. Can be customized to focus on many specific elements (e.g. Terminators, mass jump pack assaults, etc.) with generally acceptable grades of viability.
  • MEQ is taking on a whole new meaning, as the whole army is getting W2 for infantry (except Scouts), along with a corresponding points hike of ~20% per model.
  • You're GW's favorites, so you'll always be the first to get anything new, including the first 9th edition codex, weapons updates, and a slew of supplements before anyone else even got a codex (4 Codices in 2020, with the only non-Marine Codex released being the Necrons).
    • Marines got about as many new model releases in 8e as all other armies combined - a trend that doesn't appear to be slowing.
  • Loads of powerful characters to choose from, many of which have potent buffs to surrounding units.
  • This army is made of excellent models with superior statlines, that only get better as you mix in subfaction special rules:
    • You'll almost always have an armour save.
    • You'll almost always hit on a 3+ natively, with easy access to rerolls.
    • Units can do something of everything, with an answer to every situation.
    • A common trend with Imperial armies, at least some of your Troop choices aren't taxes, being actually good.
    • A tremendously deep roster (almost 100 units, before adding units exclusive to certain supplements)
  • Many of your models are simple to paint with their solid colors and easily identified highlight areas - this makes painting your army very beginner friendly.
  • Eradicators exist, and might be the most stupidly powerful unit in the game, as they are grossly undercosted for their ability to functionally delete any unit they want on the turn they arrive. Before you buy 9, this might change in Chapter Approved, but given the lack of a nerf in the recent FAQ, probably not.
    • Bladeguard, a unit as overtuned as Eradicators, have gone largely ignored because they released at the same time as their more-flashy brethren.


  • So many different units that it can be difficult to determine which ones are best in a given situation, though the new codex has done a largely admirable job of making sure everything has its place.
    • There are still some units that just seem useless, especially in comparison with something else, usually similarly costed and better at the same function. Literally every codex encounters this problem, though, so it's not really a Marine issue.
  • As the most popular army by a long shot, most people build their armies with at least a few options for killing Space Marines present.
  • GW takes full advantage of FOMO, releasing new units with overpowered statlines at breakneck pace, which results in massive drain on both your time and your wallet. In the long term, this can cause hobby fatigue and/or feelings of resentment.
  • All the characters that used to be part of other units (e.g. Apothecary, Champion) moved to the Elites slot, which was already rather crowded.
    • The new Codex alleviates this somewhat, as taking a Company Veteran Squad allows you to include an Apothecary, Champion and Ancient (Banner Bearer) without taking up a FOC slot.
  • You will almost always be outnumbered, though some Chapter tactics make use of low model counts, and codex has some answers to this.
  • It's pretty lame and boring to be the only faction that gets releases, especially when you witness others in your gaming group struggle to keep motivated (or if you play multiple armies)
  • The tacticool look of Primaris armor makes you look like the guy who got kicked out of boot camp after a week, but goes around telling everyone that he's a veteran
  • Games against other marine players feel grating and monotonous, which sucks since it's the most popular faction in the game.
  • Eradicators exist and are grossly undercosted to the point you should never take any other AT options, which is, frankly, super lame and boring. It will make you feel dirty fielding them and your opponents will never forget the cheese and hold grudges on them forever more, even if they get nerfed (now you know how Tau players feel).

Special Rules

  • Troops gain Objective Secured.
  • Chapter Command: Most non-named Characters (i.e. all except Lieutenants and Judicars) can have a Chapter Command upgrade for PL and pts. Each <Chapter> Army can only have one Chapter Command model and some named Characters already have the relevant keyword. Crusade forces cannot start with a non-named Chapter Command model.
    • Using <Ultramarines> as an example, your army cannot have Marneus Calgar and an <Ultramarine> Captain upgraded to a Chapter Master in the same army. However, you can have an <Ultramarine> Chapter Master and a <Salamander> Chapter Master in the same army.
  • Combat Squads: Can split a single full-sized unit into two smaller units before deployment. Works just like it always has, but more unit types can do it (e.g. Centurions). While MSU is better, it does give Space Marines a unique way to circumvent the Rule of Three or Detachment Limits. Now they just need to have spammable units worth Combat Squadding.
    • With the introduction of Shock Assault (See below), there is worth considering the use of some of the older tactics, back when a Tactical Marine was worth more than just a bolter. One such tactic was to put your guns in one squad and your melee in another, using the ranged weapons to soften up a target then the melee (basically a Sergeant either a power weapon or fist) to finish off or better yet to tie up the target unit and finish it off (hopefully) during the opponents turn, denying them a turn at shooting and forcing them to basically waste their melee on chaff. You can also put the Sergeant in the ranged unit with a combi-weapon for a total of three bolters and two special weapons in one squad, and a heavy weapon in the other for a makeshift Devastator Squad.
  • Angels of Death: A rule owned by all Space Marine whatever its colour, subdivided into four. Because GW likes to keep it simple.
    • And They Shall Know No Fear: When taking Combat Attrition Tests, ignore all modifiers.
    • Bolter Discipline: Models using a rapid fire bolt weapon can double their number of shots (i.e. rapid-fire) if at least one of the following conditions is met. They don't stack, so no triple or quadruple shots if you meet more than one condition. The conditions are:
      • The target is within the weapon's half range (normal rapid fire rules).
      • The model is Infantry (excluding Centurions) and every model of its unit remained stationary during the previous Movement Phase. If a Devastator's Heavy Weapon Marine moves, the Sergeant cannot use Bolter Discipline on his boltgun.
        • It gives your Marines the option to commit to those objectives instead of having to get close to the enemy. Factions like T'au may have long ranged small arms, but Space Marines can rapid fire from full range away.
      • The firing model is a Terminator or Biker.
        • This right here is the good shit. Footslogging Terminators now have a significantly improved threat capacity and Bikers are somehow even more deadly fast than they already were.
    • Shock Assault: If a unit with this rule charges, gets charged, or performs a Heroic Intervention, models in the unit gain +1A until the end of the turn (meaning +2A if they can fight twice like with a stratagem).
      • Gives the generally lackluster melee of most Primaris Infantry and chainsword Assault Marines a little bit of a boost. Killer on units with power weapons like Terminators. Also means foes have to be a bit more careful about charging at Tacticals and such to tie them up, more so if you use larger units, and that they can assist in a melee in a pinch.
      • Remember that this ability is not Infantry exclusive; Dreadnoughts really appreciate the extra attack and even your Transports can hit a little harder in the first round of combat (Space Marines bring a whole new meaning to road rage).
    • Combat Doctrine: Feel like it's 7th edition all over again. Each of the three Combat Doctrines gives an AP-1 buff to different weapon types in your armies (non-cumulative with buffs from other sources). You have to use each Doctrine in order, starting with the Devastator Doctrine, and then must move through each Doctrine. Once you switch there's no going back, so pay attention to the rhythm of the game. Your army gains this if all units in it have this rule, meaning taking a Guardsman Battalion would prevent the Marine detachment from getting this rule, but allied Marine detachments are okay even from a different <Chapter>.
      • On top of that, Chapter supplements give First Founding Chapters (and their descendants) a Specialist Doctrine that is a bonus active on top of the regular Doctrine. Bringing Chapters with different Specialist Doctrines prevents either Chapter from getting theirs, which encourages you to have a one-Chapter army.
      1. On Turn 1, your army will always start with the Devastator Doctrine turned on, giving all your heavy and grenade weapons the extra -1 AP so that you can soften entrenched Infantry and cripple enemy Vehicles from afar in preparation for your advance. Remember the first points of AP are the most important ones: AP-2 heavy bolters and assault cannons are more noticeable than AP-4 lascannons. Do keep in mind that the plethora of sniper rifles and heavy flamers (incendium/inferno/flamestorm cannons) are heavy weapons.
      2. On the 2nd turn you switch to Tactical Doctrine, shifting the boost to your rapid fire and assault weapons. Be it to close the distance to the enemy or because your vehicles are about to give their last, this mostly passes the ranged baton to your Infantry. Storm bolters and auto bolt rifles work wonders here love this.
      3. On the 3rd or 4th turn you shift to Assault Doctrine (you MUST change to assault on the 4th turn) giving the extra AP to your pistol and melee attacks. Don't forget your pistol can be fired if you're in melee with an enemy unit.
  • Death From Above/Teleport Strike: Deep Strike in another name, most common on Jump Pack and Terminator models. Set them to side during deployment and set them up 9" from enemy models during the Reinforcement Step.
  • Concealed Positions: Infiltrate in another name, most common on Scout and Phobos models. Set them up anywhere on field 9" from enemy deployment zone or models during deployment.
  • Outflank: Like Deep Strike, but must be wholly within 6" of a board edge and 9" from enemy models during the Reinforcement Step.
  • Martial Legacy (FW): Relic unit rules for certain Forge World models. If your army is battle-forged, each unit with this rule increases the cost of a detachment that includes it by 1CP. Essentially you pay 1CP per Martial Legacy unit in your army.

Chapter Tactics

Chapter Tactics are special rules based on the <Chapter> keyword that will affect every unit in a detachment except for servitors and Beast. To benefit from Chapter Tactics, your army must be battle-forged, and all units in the detachment must be drawn from the same chapter. Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachments also don't benefit from this, so if you want your Raven Guard Thunderhawks to get free cover, you need to take three. A reminder that <chapter> Ultramarines is not the same faction as <regiment> Ultramarines, even if both faction keywords are "Ultramarines".

They are explored in greater detail in their respective section at the bottom of this page, but as a quick reminder of the GW and FW tactics and recommendations;

  • Blood Angels - Red Thirst: Gains +1 to wound rolls when Shock Assault is active, gains +1 to advance and charge rolls.
    • Flesh Tearers - Fury Within: Gains +1 to wound rolls when Shock Assault is active, unmodified wound rolls of 6 gain +1AP that is cumulative with the Assault Doctrine.
  • Dark Angels - Grim Resolve: Gains +1 to hit rolls unless this unit has moved (except pile-in or consolidation), automatically pass Combat Attrition Tests.
  • Deathwatch - Xenos Hunters: Gains +1 to hit rolls with melee attacks against the Xenos factions, select one battlefield role after deployment and re-roll wound rolls of 1 against that battlefield role.
  • Imperial Fists: Hit rolls of unmodified 6 with bolt weapons count as two hits, ranged attacks ignore Light Cover.
    • Black Templars - Righteous Zeal: Re-roll advance and charge rolls, ignore mortal wounds on a 5+.
    • Crimson Fists - No Matter The Odds: Hit rolls of unmodified 6 with bolt weapons count as two hits, gains +1 to hit rolls with ranged attacks against target units with five-or-more models.
    • Minotaurs (FW): Duellists and Stalwart successor tactics (recommended).
  • Iron Hands - The Flesh Is Weak: Ignore lost wounds on a 6, models with degrading characteristics count as having double the number of wounds for the purposes of determining which characteristics they use.
  • Raven Guard - Shadow Masters: Ranged attacks from a unit further than 18" away grant the RG unit the bonus of Light Cover, ranged attacks from further than 12" away against a RG unit on a terrain feature grant the RG unit the benefit of Dense Cover.
    • Carcharodons (FW): Stealthy and Whirlwind of Rage successor tactics (recommended).
  • Salamanders - Forged In Battle: Unit can re-roll one failed wound roll whenever the shoot or fight, enemy attacks with AP-1 count as AP0 instead.
  • Space Wolves - Hunters Unleashed: Gains +1 to hit rolls when Shock Assault is active, units can Heroically Intervene like Characters.
  • Ultramarines - Codex Discipline: Units gain +1Ld, units can shoot after falling back with a -1 to hit rolls.
    • Astral Claws (FW): Hungry for Battle and Rapid Assault successor tactics (recommended).
    • Blood Ravens (FW): Knowledge is Power and Stalwart successor tactics (recommended).
    • Emperor's Spears (WD) - Redden the Earth: Hungry For Battle and Whirlwind Of Rage successor tactics.
    • Red Scorpions (FW): Inheritors of the Primarch - Ultramarines successor tactic (recommended).
    • Tome Keepers (WD): Bolter Fusillades and Indomitable successor tactics (recommended).
  • White Scars - Lightning Assault: Units can charge after falling back or advancing, units can advance and shoot assault weapons without penalty.

Successor Tactics

All Successor chapters that don't already have associated Chapter tactics must make their own. It's the fourth edition all over again, once more you're allowed to create a bespoke chapter tactic for Your Dudes by combining any 2 of 18 available options, or use a First Founding chapter's tactics. The available options are listed below:

  • Inheritors of the Primarch: Sacrifice the ability to take a second successor tactic in favour of directly copying a First Founding Chapter Tactic.
    • As this still excludes you from taking named characters from that First Founding Chapter, the only reason to ever choose this is when you want a Forgeworld named character and his detachment to have a First Founding Chapter Tactic. Like giving the Astral Claws the White Scars trait so they can charge after advancing like when renegade. While you could say it's so you can use your parent's tactic without the colour scheme...no rule actually requires you to match colour scheme and keywords.
    • The only restriction is that, IF your chapter's primogenitor is known, IF you use Inheritors of the Primarch it would need to be from their parent chapter. Examples: the Novamarines' parent chapter is the Ultramarines, so you can't use Inheritors to give them the White Scars' trait (because that's not their parent chapter), and you can't give any chapter the Black Templars' CT (because that's not a First Founding chapter).
  • Bolter Fusillades: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 when using bolt weapons. Not only frees your ONLY Captain from babysitting line squads so they can focus on the big guns, but it also means you can shift your HQ towards Lieutenants, as anything with bolt weapons is effectively inside a Captain's aura. That means not only your dozen primaris bolt types, but also the hurricane and heavy bolters of vehicles you can't boost because they're not core. Keep in mind the Lt's re-roll is statistically identical to the Captain's (better for anything that automatically hits, but worse for anything that hurts you on a 1; neither one affects the odds that a successful hit is a 6 or that a successful wound is a 6, although a Chapter Master's aura can be used to manipulate the former).
  • Born Heroes: Add +1 to hit on the charge, a major step up from 8E's Heroic Intervention boost.
  • Duellists: When making melee attacks against enemy infantry or bikers, unmodified hit rolls of 6 auto-hit and auto-wound.
    • Duellists works better the tougher your target is, although it's somewhat limited in that Infantry and Bikers don't tend to exceed T5. The bonus is better than Whirlwind of Rage when you need a 5+ to wound (DG/Custodes), equal at 4+ (CSM/Orks) and worse when you wound on a 3+ (IG/Eldar/Tau). This also means anything better than a chainsword would be better with Whirlwind of Rage, so, unless you want something specific, like a melee Primaris chapter that fights T5 enemies, pick Whirlwind.
  • Fearsome Aspect: -1 Leadership to enemy units while they're within 3" of any of your units.
    • Situational, but can be combined with other debuffing abilities, such as Reivers' aura, to provide an effect like Night Lords PLUS another chapter tactic, because this is only half of your trait. Night Lords, eat your hearts out.
  • Hungry for Battle: +1" to advance and charge rolls. Amazing for melee units and also pretty good if you want to spam Assault weapons. Has no synergy with bikes or anything else that doesn't roll to Advance (like anything with Supersonic), but at its most noticeable on slow things trying to advance or deep striking things that want to charge right now - you'll definitely notice this tactic's impact on cataphractii terminators, for example.
    • Gets really crazy with the Master of the Vanguard warlord trait for +2" move and advance. Gets even crazier, borderline illegal, with Lias Issodon for +3" to move and advance.
  • Indomitable: Your units auto-pass combat attrition. Half of the Dark Angels CT. It can be okay for big units if you want to maximize the effectiveness of stratagems, but it's not likely you'll fail many morale tests to begin with and you already ignore attrition modifiers.
  • Knowledge is Power: Psykers with this tactic can re-roll "any or all" rolls of 1 when casting or denying. Half of the Blood Ravens tactic. Don't take this unless you're going all Librarians for your HQ.
  • Long Range Marksmen: +3" range to all Rapid Fire and Heavy (except Flamer) ranged weapons. 27" Multimeltas! Your marines get to engage enemies from their own deployment zone, taking better advantage of Bolter Discipline.
  • Master Artisans: A unit with this tactic can re-roll a single failed to hit roll each time it shoots or fights (including overwatch). Units with a few strong weapons in small units benefit the most. Good for pretty much any unit, with the standard caveat that it's a lot better the fewer attacks per unit you have - always go MSU with this.
  • Preferred Enemy: Pick one of the following factions: Aeldari, Tau, Heretic Astartes, Chaos Knights, Tyranids, Orks, or Necrons. Re-roll hit rolls of 1 with melee weapons against that faction. Half of the Deathwatch CT, but a little better since it covers some chaos armies. Fluffy, but bad for WAAC lists unless you are building for one specific opponent; Heretic Astartes are the most popular of these factions and Orks are guaranteed to get into combat with you, but you can get re-rolls for hit rolls cheaply in other ways.
  • Rapid Assault: Advancing no longer incurs a -1 penalty on firing Assault weapons. It's okay if you spam Assault weapons (especially meltaguns on bikes), but this tactic needs to be combined with something like Hungry for Battle to make it work.
  • Scions of the Forge: Units with damage tables count their wounds as doubled when calculating the effects of damage. 1/2 of the Iron Hands CT. Good for heavily mechanised lists.
  • Stalwart: When rolling for wounds against your models, natural rolls of 1 or 2 always fail, regardless of any modifiers or abilities the attacking unit might have. Makes your units somewhat better against plasma and other S8+ weapons. The other half of the Blood Ravens tactic.
    • Your dudes are generally T4, and S8 high-AP weapons like Plasma or Melta wound on a 2+. If your opponent can reroll 1s, they'll be wounding you 97.22% of the time - Stalwart brings that down to 77.78%, which is still high but can make the difference between holding an objective with a single model or losing it.
  • Stealthy: Count as being in light cover when at least 18" away from enemies. Half of the Raven Guard's tactic. By the time the enemy gets close enough to ignore this bonus you'll be within range for an easy charge. Good for gunlines, especially Vehicles and Flyers that can't usually get it any other way; meh for other types of units.
  • Stoic: +1 Leadership. Half of the Ultramarines CT. Skip it unless you need it for a very specific plan - it's usually fundamentally garbage compared to Indomitable.
    • Stoic is better than Indomitable in the instances where the unit fails by EXACTLY ONE. However, Space Marine normal leadership and unit size mean that this happens... a bit more frequently than in other armies.
  • Tactical Withdrawal: Units with this tactic can charge after falling back. Roughly 1/3 of the White Scars' tactic. Amazing for melee oriented armies, allowing you to trigger Shock Assault whenever you want. Useful when you're using another unit to shoot their target between withdrawal and charge, and you can fall "back" from some unit in order to better position yourself for a multi-charge, tying up more units now. Nice if combined with the Hammer of Wrath stratagem for jump troops.
  • Warded: 5+++ FnP versus mortal wounds only. Half of the Black Templars' tactic. Situational, but useful if your meta is full of armies who spam mortal wounds.
    • All mortal wounds, not just those from psychic powers; this is basically Armour of Contempt but always active, all the time and not restricted to vehicles. A vehicle that fails a plasma roll has a chance to not lose a wound.
    • What tries to counter TH/SS? Mortal wounds SPAM. Well, now your TH/SS are 1+/4++/5+++, simple as.
  • Whirlwind of Rage: When making melee attacks for a unit that charged, was charged, or made a Heroic Intervention, unmodified hit rolls of 6 score an additional hit. Explicitly incompatible with the Duelists tactic, above.
    • Unlike Duellists, mathematically the Whirlwind of Rage bonus constantly behaves as +1WS (one that also affects WS2+ models), irrespective of chances to wound and not limited by keywords. Plus, its bonus is better than Duellists against targets you wound on a 3+ or less, meaning both your anti-horde and power weapons benefit. Do note that, unlike Duelists, Whirlwind only works in the first round of combat, not that anything you were fielding was planning on staying in melee for longer than that.

Specialist Detachments

Indomitus Crusaders: Primaris Captains, Primaris Lieutenants, Primaris Ancients, Intercessors squads & Inceptor squads in that detachment gain the Indomitus crusader keyword. Formerly an Intercessor-focused detachment, it is now reduced to a boost for Intercessors and Inceptors, the very first Primaris models released.

  • Stratagem - Field Commander (1CP): This stratagem bears special mention. For one command point, you can designate a character with a Specialist Detachment keyword and they gain the warlord trait associated with that detachment. Can't be used on named characters or to give your warlord a second warlord trait. Usefulness may vary.
  • Stratagem - Liberators (1 CP): Use this Stratagem at the start of the Fight phase. Pick an INDOMITUS CRUSADERS unit from your army. Until the start of your next turn, each time you roll an unmodified hit roll of 6 for an attack made by a model in this unit, that attack inflicts 2 hits on the target instead of 1. Note that this bonus applies to any and all shooting and fighting attacks that this unit makes in the enemy turn, assuming you used it in your own Fight phase. 'Stacks with the Whirlwind of Rage Successor Tactic.
  • Warlord Trait - Grey Shield: Once per battle, at the start of your Movement phase, if your Warlord is on the battlefield you can choose for INDOMITUS CRUSADERS units in the same Detachment as your Warlord to gain an additional Chapter Tactic until the start of your next turn. Until the start of your next turn, friendly INDOMITUS CRUSADERS units gain the benefit of that Chapter Tactic in addition to any others they already have. They are considered to have the keyword of the appropriate Chapter for purposes of resolving that Chapter Tactic.
    • Having two Chapter Tactics can do a lot of things depending on what your second tactic is. Want Marines with Fluff levels of durability? Raven Guard + Iron Hands. Salamanders + Black Templars help ensure that your punchy characters and sergeants with powerfists and the like make it to combat and actually kill what they're attacking. And if the thought of Ultramarines + White Scars allowing you to Fallback, Shoot, Charge and Fight again all in one round doesn't make you wet, maybe you should find a different game to play.
    • It also means you can combine your Successor tactics with a Founding Chapter ones. Hungry for Battle + Whirlwind of Rage + Black Templars = +1 to re-rollable charges with exploding hits! Crimson Fists + Imperial Fists to utterly destroy hordes with +1 to hit Ignores Cover and 3 hits on 6s with bolters!
  • Relic - Standard of the Ultima Founding: Primaris Ancient only. Once per battle, at the start of your Movement phase, the bearer can choose to plant this banner. If they do so, until the bearer next makes a move, friendly INDOMITUS CRUSADERS INFANTRY models can re-roll hit rolls of 1 and wound rolls of 1 whilst they are within 6" of the bearer.

Crusade Additions

  • Angels of Death - +3 Exp for all Adeptus Astartes units in your army if you tabled your opponent;
  • Know no Fear - Keep a tally of Morale checks increasing it by 1 for each test passed and reseting it to 0 if it failed. At the end of the battle each unit gains 2 Exp for each point in the tally;
  • Quest of Atonement - When selected, pick a unit that has one of these Battle Scars: Loss of Reputation, Disgraced, or Mark of Shame. At the end of the battle, if that unit's melee attacks destroyed a Character with a Power Level of at least 5, the Warlord, a Monster, or a Vehicle, the unit loses the Battle Scar and gains 5 experience points;
  • Honour the Standard -
  • Recover the Gene-seed -
  • Even In Death I Still Serve (1RP) - Purchase when a character from your army has acquired at least two Battle Scars. As long as your Supply Limit allows it, you may remove that character and replace it with a Dreadnought that possesses the same punt of experience points as the character. A Psyker Dreadnought can only be added in this manner if the character it is replacing was also a Psyker;
  • Rubicon Primaris (1RP) - If your Supply Limit allows it, select a non-Primaris character that has a Primaris equivalent (i.e. Captain, Lieutenant, Chaplain, Librarian, Apothecary, Ancient, or Techmarine) and roll a d6. On a 1, the character is removed removed from the order of battle. On a 2+, the character is replaced with the Primaris equivalent, carrying over any experience points, Battle Honours, and Battle Scars that its predecessor had. If one of those Battle Honours would be invalid (e.g. a Weapon Enhancement for a weapon the character can no longer take), it is replaced with a new one;
  • Indomitus Crusade Veterans (1 RP) - Purchase this when adding Adeptus Astartes Primaris Core unit (except for Character) with Elites Battlefield Role - it gains 6 Exp, thus becoming Bloodied rank. Select Battle Honour for them as normal;
  • Chapter Command (1 RP) - Purchase this when one of your Captain, Librarian, Chaplain, Techmarine, Apothecary, Ancient or Company Champion unit gains Heroic or Legendary rank. This model is upgraded to Chapter Command.
  • Machine Spirit units only:
    • Belicose Machine Spirit - Improve model's WS by 3.
    • Focused Machine Spirit - Model doesn't suffer penalty to shoot enemy units in the Engagement Range of it;
    • Resillient Machine Spirit - Model gains +2W.
  • Techmarine only:
    • Expert Mechanic - If Techmarine was a part of your Crusade Army and wasn't destroyed you can ignore one failed Out of Action test for Vehicle unit - it autopasses;
    • Bionic Extremis - 5++ for Techmarine.
  • Apothecary only:
    • Master of Physiology - If Apothecary was a part of your Crusade Army and wasn't destroyed you can ignore one failed Out of Action test for Chapter unit (except Vehicle and Monster units) - it autopasses;
    • Custodian of the Future - +3A each time Apothecary fights until the end of the fight if any friendly Chapter Infantry or Biker models have been destroyed this turn.
  • Adeptus Astartes units (except Vehicle units):
    • Marksman's Honours - All models in the unit gain +1 BS;
    • Aquila Imperialis - Unit autopasses Morale tests and can Reroll Out of Action test;
    • Purity Seals - Allows unit to Deny the Witch as if it were a Psyker or Deny one more time if it is;
    • Bladesman's Honours - All models in the unit gain +1 WS.
    • Terminator Honours - Pick a model in the unit, with priority given to Sergeants or other "champion" models in units with multiple models. It gains +1A, +1Ld, and if it is not a Character it also gains +1W;
    • Centurios Servise Studs - Pick an Active Doctrine for the unit each Command phase instead of army-wide Active.

A way to add extra spiciness to your Captains. Note, that you can't have 2 Captains with the same Honorific from the same Chapter in your Order of Battle and if Captain gets promoted to Chapter Master using Chapter Command Requisition it loses Honorific.

  • Master of the Keep (1st Company) - Once per battle if Captain is on the battlefield can use an Adeptus Astartes Battle Tactic Stratagem for 0 CP;
  • Master of the Watch (2nd Company) - +2 CP if this Captain is part of your Crusade army and you are Defender;
  • Master of the Arsenal (3rd Company) - Once per battle if Captain is on the battlefield can use an Adeptus Astartes Wargear Stratagem for 0 CP
  • Master of the Fleet (4th Company) - If Captain with this Honorific on the Battlefield Orbital Bombardment Stratagem can be used twice instead of once and costs 1 CP instead of 3 CP;
  • Master of the Marches (5th Company) - If Captain with this Honorific is part of your Crusade Army and you use Strategic Reserves you can halve CP needed to put units in reserves (rounding up);
  • Master of the Rites (6th Company) - If Captain with this Honorific is a part of your Crusade Force than Warlord Trait Requisition costs 0 RP to use on the same Chapter unit as this Captain.
  • Chief Victualler (7th Company) - If Captain with this Honorific is a part of your Crusade Force than Resuply Requisition costs 0 RP to use on the same Chapter unit as this Captain.
  • Lord Executioner (8th Company) - +2 CP if this Captain is part of your Crusade army and you are Attacker;
  • Master of Relics (9th Company) - If Captain with this Honorific is a part of your Crusade Force than Relic Requisition costs 0 RP to use on the same Chapter unit as this Captain.
  • Master of Recruits and Master of Reconnaissance (10th Company) - If Captain with this Honorific is a part of your Crusade Force than Fresh Recruits Requisition costs 0 RP to use on the same Chapter unit as this Captain.
  • Artificer Relics - Can be taken by any Adeptus Astartes Character.
    • Halo Indomitus - Grants the bearer a 4+ invuln and 4+++ against mortal wounds.
    • Adamantine Cuirass - Adds 1 to the bearer's Wounds and Toughness characteristics.
    • Astartes Teleportation Transponder - Grants the Teleport Strike ability.
  • Antiquity Relics - Can be taken by Heroic or higher ranked Characters and adds an additional +1 to the Character's Crusade Points.
    • Paragon Blade - Replaces a power sword (master-crafted or otherwise), xenophase blade, or executioner relic blade. S+2 AP-4 D3.
    • Standard of Righteous Hatred - Ancient only. Units that fire as a result of the Astartes Banner ability hit on 2's, regardless of modifiers.
  • Legendary Relics - Can be taken by Legendary-ranked Characters. These add an additional +2 to the Character's Crusade Points and cost 1RP to purchase.
    • Vortex Bolts - Pick a bolt weapon the model is equipped with. Once per battle, they can choose to fire vortex bolts from that weapon. When they do, make only one attack that deals D3+3 mortal wounds instead of normal damage. Psyker units hit by this have a -1 to cast for the rest of the battle.
    • Relic of the Primarch - Once per battle, the bearer can unveil the relic in your Command phase. If they do, all Chapter models within 6" when the relic was unveiled gain an additional Attack and +1 to hit in melee until your next turn. If the bearer is slain, place an objective marker on the site of their death and immediately gain an Agenda to recover the relic. Failing to do so costs you 10 VP, but succeeding grants one unit that held the objective 3 XP.

Secondary Objectives

Being lorded as having a jack-of-all-trades roster, with each chapter being practically its own army in terms of additional tools, what secondaries you take is dependent on the list.

  • Codex Warfare (End Game): Score VP as follows;
    • +1VP at the end of the battle (+5VP max) for each enemy unit killed by a Space Marine unit in the Devastator Doctrine with heavy or grenade weapons.
    • +1VP at the end of the battle (+5VP max) for each enemy unit killed by a Space Marine unit in the Tactical Doctrine with rapid fire or assault weapons.
    • +1VP at the end of the battle (+5VP max) for each enemy unit killed by a Space Marine unit in the Assault Doctrine with pistol or melee weapons.
  • Oaths of Moment (Progressive): Score VP at the end of each battle round as follows;
    • +1VP if you kill an enemy Character, Monster, or Vehicle unit with a Space Marine unit.
    • +1VP if no Space Marine units fail a Morale Test or falls back.
    • +2VP if a Space Marine unit is wholly within 6" of the centre of the battlefield.
  • Shock Tactics (Progressive): +3VP at the end of the battle round if you control one or more objectives that were controlled by your opponent at the start of the battle round.


LOTS of ways to inflict Mortal Wounds here.

  • Death to the Traitors! (1 CP): When one unit is attacking a Heretic Astartes unit in the fight phase, re roll to hit rolls.
  • Honour the Chapter (2 CP): An Assault intercessor squad can fight again in the fight phase. Both of the first codices produced for 9th ed. have limited these 'Fights again' stratagems to a specific unit, so expect that to be the norm in the future.
  • Fury of the First (1 CP): Select a Terminator unit during either the shooting or fight phase. This unit adds +1 to their hit rolls. Now your termies won't need a chaplain to babysit them.
  • Transhuman Physiology (1/2 CP): Costs 1 CP for a unit with less than 5 models, 2 for units above 5 models. Select something with the Primaris keyword, until the end of the phase, when resolving an attack made against that unit, an unmodified wound roll below a 4+ always fails, irrespective of the abilities the weapon or model may have. S10 attack? Effective T10 chadmarines aw yee. Sucks that baselines no longer benefit from it but at least Redemptors can take it Nope, Redemptors are not a Primaris unit.
  • Gene Wrought Might (1 CP): When a Primaris unit from your army has chosen to fight, until the end of the phase, when resolving an attack made with a melee weapon an unmodified hit roll of 6 automatically hits and wounds.
  • Rapid Fire (2 CP): At the start of the shooting phase, pick a squad of standard or veteran Intercessors. They can shoot again. While a bit of a shame that it won't work for heavies, now it's a guarantee that their guns will fire again.
  • Unyielding in the Face of Death (1 CP): Whenever a Mk X Gravis unit is hit by a weapon with a Damage trait of 1, then they can add 1 to their saves. This won't totally blunt the high AP stuff, but it can diminish massed bolter fire.
  • Only in Death Does Duty End (2 CP): When one of your Characters who hasn't fought yet dies in the Fight phase, it can fight before being destroyed. Doesn't combo with the Banner abilities on Ancients. Makes your characters too dangerous to deal with in melee, as not even killing them prevents them from hitting back, and most of them have melee boosts on top of being already good fighters.
  • Armour of Contempt (1 CP): When one of your vehicles takes a mortal wound, for the rest of the phase, you get a 5+ to ignore mortal wounds, and can use it on the one you just took. Doesn't work on regular wounds.
  • Power of the Machine Spirit (2 CP): Select a Machine Spirit unit during command phase. Until the start of your next command phase, that unit acts as it has full wounds. Worried that your tank's about to go up in smoke? Now you can extend the middle finger to them and blast them to bits.
  • Wisdom of the Ancients (1 CP): At the start of any phase, pick a Dreadnought to turn into a 1-phase Captain or Lieutenant. Any <Chapter> Core units within 6" can reroll either hits or wounds of 1 until your next turn.
  • Commanding Oratory (2 CP): Use at the start of any phase. Your chaplain can automatically inspire with their litany, though you can't double-dip with a litany that's already been used. Notably this lets a chaplain use a litany after deep striking or disembarking. It also seems to allow him to recite a litany he doesn't know.
  • Combat Revival (1 CP): Your apothecary can automatically resurrect a single model in a <Chapter> Core or <Chapter> Biker unit at full wounds. Expect to use this a LOT more with a chief apothecary.
  • Hero of the Chapter (1 CP): One use only for Incursion sized games, two use only for Strike Force games, three use only for Onslaught sized games. Select a Character from your army that doesn't have a Warlord trait and give them one, all warlord traits must be different.
  • Relics of the Chapter (1 CP): Use before the start of the battle. One use only for Incursion sized games, two use only for Strike Force games, three use only for Onslaught sized games. You can have an extra Chapter Relic for 1 CP. You can't take two of the same relic, and all the Relics have to go to different Characters.
  • Hit-and-Run Warfare (1 CP): During the movement phase, you can have one Biker, Storm Speeder or Land Speeder unit shoot even though they fell back. Useless for Ultramarines as they are already eligible to shoot after falling back, and it doesn't negate the -1 to hit they suffer if they do.
  • Hammer of Wrath (1CP): Jump pack models within a unit that successfully end a charge move within 1" of an enemy unit cause mortal wounds on a d6 roll that exceeds enemy Toughness. Makes your big units of assault marines/VV punch much harder, but it suffers against tanks and monsters.
  • Skilled Riders (1 CP): The return of 7th edition jink rules. Use on a biker, storm speeder or land speeder unit that Advanced. Enemies targeting them take a -1 to hit them for this turn.
  • Uncompromising Fire (2 CP): An infantry unit can shoot while also accomplishing another action - really only useful with a specific objective.
  • Steady Advance (2 CP): An Infantry can make a normal move while acting as if they don't move. Absolutely necessary if you have a heavy gunline or want to max out bolter spam.
  • Adaptive Strategy (2 CP): Use if your warlord is alive, a <chapter> core unit counts as having all doctrines active until your next turn.
  • Suppression Fire (2 CP): Use in your shooting phase. When a Whirlwind hits with it's blast weapon, the target unit can't fire overwatch or set to defend and it fights last until your next turn.
  • Terror Troops (2 CP): use in command phase, until your next turn one Reiver unit has an aura that cancels enemy Objective Secured abilities. In addition, if the Reivers move within 3" of the enemy, this turn (pile in and consolidate don't count) they need to roll a 2d6; if the roll is below their Leadership score, then the enemy immediately fails any action it was attempting, often denying them VP during a mission..
  • Guerilla Tactics (1 CP): During the movement phase, a Phobos unit that's more than 6" away from any enemies can jump right back into strategic reserves instead of moving. Expect to use this a lot more with Reivers.
  • Orbital Bombardment (3 CP, Single Use): Use it in command phase if your ADEPTUS ASTARTES WARLORD is on the battlefield. Pick a spot on a battlefield. In your next Command phase, units within 6' of that spot get hit with D3 mortal wounds on a roll of 2-5+, and D6 mortal wounds on a roll of 6. For units within 3" add 1 to the roll, for characters subtract 1 from the roll. For when you really want your opponent off an objective. Note: This damage occurs in the Command phase. With Thraka and the new C'Tan having per phase damage limits, this could be way to get extra wounds on them per turn. Tremor shells can slow some units down to the point where they cannot escape the blast.
  • Auspex Scan (2 CP): At the end of the enemy's reinforcement phase select one of your Infantry units within 12" of enemy units that were set up this phase. Your unit can shoot at it. It might pay off to keep Devastators/Hellblasters around, as deepstriking Termies can survive hurried bolter fire, and this "emergency" strat can be an unforeseen expense for your relatively-small army.
  • Tremor Shells (1 CP): At the start of your shooting phase, when a Thunderfire cannon shoots, subtract 1 from the wound rolls, but as long as it hits, the target unit gets half move and subtracts 2" from advance and charge rolls on their next turn. Doesn't affect Fly or Titanic units.
  • Shock and Awe (1 CP): When a Land Speeder Storm or a unit with shock grenades shoots, you can force an enemy within 6" to take a -1 to hit to any attacks until your next turn, and be unable to shoot overwatch or Set to Defend.
  • Assault Launchers (1 CP): When a unit with assault launchers charges, an enemy within 9" either suffers d3 MWs or takes -1 attacks for the turn, as well as being unable to fire Overwatch or Set to Defend. Although the stratagem doesn't specify it, remember that the core rules state Attacks cannot be modified below 1.
  • Melta Bomb (1 CP): During the fight phase against a Vehicle, one model in a Melta Bomb unit can sacrifice their attacks to make one hit roll. If it hits, that vehicle takes 2d3 MWs. Nice little bonus for some of your Firstborn units.
  • Grav Pulse (1 CP): Only usable by units with a Repulsor Field, with one of two options: If your unit fell back, they can still shoot. If the unit is charged by an enemy, they suffer a -2 to their charge roll.
  • Hellfire Shells (1 CP): Instead of shooting normally, a Space Marine Infantry model with a heavy bolter of any sort (meaning heavy intercessors can make use of this too) rolls only once to hit. If it hits, it does D3 mortal wounds, maxing out against a monster. Try to get +BS or re-rolls and stand still so that you don't miss the shot.
  • Flakk Missile (1 CP): When a Space Marine Infantry model shoots a missile launcher at a unit with Aircraft keyword, make a single hit roll with +1 to hit. If you hit, do 2D3 mortal wounds instead of rolling to wound. Like Hellfire Shells, Salamanders can get some extra mileage from this with the free re-roll, though it no longer seems to have a use against tau battlesuits or jump packs.
  • Smokescreen (1 CP): If a unit with a smokescreen keyword is shot, they can pop their smoke and force the enemy targeting them to take a -1 to hit them. Useful to protect your Phobos objective holders, Tanks, and Dreadnoughts.

Warlord Traits

Named Characters MUST use their designated Chapter-Specific trait, thus increasing the appeal of taking an unnamed character.

  1. Fear Made Manifest (Aura): Enemy units within 6" suffer -1Ld and -1 to Combat Attrition Tests.
    • Can be combined with other Ld debuffs to make a leadership bomb, but even on its own losing people on a 5+ Combat Attrition roll already means losing 1/3rd of the unit, or half of it when understrength.
  2. The Imperium's Sword: What Smash Captains are made of. Warlord gains +1S and +1A when he charges or Heroically Intervenes, and rerolls failed charge rolls. The bonus attack stacks with Shock Assault.
  3. Iron Resolve: What Smashfuckers are made of. Warlord gains +1W, and can ignore wounds on a 6. Not dying is nice, and it's better the more wounds your character has.
  4. Champion of Humanity: Warlord gains +1A if an enemy Character is within 1", and gains +1 to hit and wound rolls against Characters within 1".
    • Remember, you don't have to attack the Character to gain +1A, you just need to be within 1".
  5. Storm of Fire (Aura): Wound rolls of unmodified 6 made by and <Chapter> Core unit within 6" gains an additional point of AP. This does not stack with Combat Doctrines.
    • Since light weapons with high rates of fire are often cheaper than stronger, single-shot ones, this Warlord Trait can allow a detachment to pull its weight even at low point limits. Furthermore, it's easy for them to synergize with your Warlord because many are Infantry or Transports that can accompany him. While mechanized and Biker lists are shooty, Bolter Discipline means bolt-using units from this list are no longed forced to move into rapid fire range.
  6. Rites of War (Aura): Friendly <CHAPTER> Core and <CHAPTER> Character units within 6" gain Objective Secured.

Available only to Phobos characters, aka the tacticool Captain, Lieutenant, and Librarian found in the Shadowspear box. Chaplains can suck it because yelling catechisms isn't stealthy and Tech Marines haven't yet learned whatever trick the Helix Adepts are using to fix broken things quietly, so they can suck it, too.

  1. Shoot and Fade: After one <chapter> phobos unit within 6" of the warlord shoots, They can move or advance but can't charge.
    • Imperial stealthy Jump-Shoot-Jump baby! Break LoS and avoid retaliation. That way your Infiltrator/Incursor squads can keep up with your Eliminators, the first dashing in and out of LoS while the later shoot without visual contact with complete impunity.
  2. Lord of Deceit: After both sides deploy, you can remove and redeploy up to 3 <Chapter> Phobos units present on the battlefield or put them into reserve for no CP.
    • Results depend on the mental games you can play on your enemy - it's not going to be a surprise to your opponent, but being able to make corrections after your enemy's cemented his choice instead of being part of the simultaneous deployment process can be an amazing benefit, and one that Eldar pay 2CP for.
    • Bear in mind, this trait now goes off after deployment, which means you haven't yet rolled off for first turn.
  3. Master of the Vanguard (Aura): Friendly <chapter> phobos units within 6" of the Warlord gain +1" to their move, advance, fall back, and charge distances. Useful to Reivers or charging out of Deep Strike, pairs well with the Chapter Tactic Hungry for Battle as well as several characters.
  4. Stealth Adept: Can't be targeted by ranged attacks unless he is the closest target. Protects from snipers or if you find yourself with just one of two guys from your accompanying squad left. Often get more mileage on your Phobos Librarian trying to get off their close range power.
  5. Target Priority: Select a friendly <chapter> phobos unit within 6" in the Command phase. Until the start of your next Command phase, that unit gets +1 to hit. And he doesn't have to give up his shooting either. Now all those pointy finger models have found their worth!
    • Less helpful for Eliminators now they have BS2+, but could be used to negate cover penalties. Doesn't affect Infiltrators' automatic wounds as they only happen on an unmodified 6.
  6. Marksman Honours: +1D to all of the Warlord's guns, but not grenades or relics. Completely wasted on a Librarian or Lieutenant, but bumps the Phobos Captain's Instigator Bolt Carbine to an eye-watering D4.

Psychic Powers

In addition to Smite, you have access to a faction-specific table of powers. The Librarius Discipline has power for pretty much every situation, but they're mostly niche enough that it's difficult deciding upfront which powers to take. The Phobos Librarian-exclusive Obscuration Discipline focusses on messing with movement and dice rolls at the cost of mortal wound output. Each chapter also has access to a second, Chapter-specific psychic discipline for extra flavour, detailed in their section at the bottom.

General-use powers for Marines. Depending on your <Chapter> they may not have the greatest synergy but still fairly useful with many melee and close range blessing.

  1. Veil of Time (WC6, Blessing): Select one <CHAPTER> unit within 18". Until the start of the next Psychic Phase, that unit re-rolls charge and advance rolls, and always fights first.
    • 9" charges are still below a 50% chance at 47.84%, although you can combine it with a CP re-roll. If you can find a source for +1" to charge distances, your odds rise to 65.97%.
  2. Might Of Heroes (WC6, Blessing): Select one <CHAPTER> CORE or CHARACTER model within 12". That model gains +1S, +1T, and +1A.
    • An awesome power for your beatstick models. Dreadnought CHARACTER's will love this, as well as Chaplains buffed by Mantra of Strength. Sergeants kitted for melee are also viable models to buff.
  3. Null Zone (WC7, Blessing): Until the start of your next Psychic Phase, ALL units within 6" can't take invulnerable saves, and enemies cut the results of their Psychic Tests in half.
    • Obviously most powerful against enemies that depend on their invulnerable saves or psychic powers (Harlequins, Hive Tyrants, Daemons, for example). Less effective against heavily armoured units (Terminators, Wraith Guard, Mega-Nobz). Don't be afraid to advance into position and let other things do the murder work for you.
    • IMPORTANT REMINDER: This affects ALL invulnerable saves on ALL units in range, even yours. Don't use with your own storm shield units in range.
  4. Psychic Scourge (WC6, Witchfire): Select one visible enemy unit within 18" of the caster. The caster and the target unit roll off and add their units Ld to the result. The target suffers d3 mortal wounds if your score is higher, one mortal wound if the score is equal, or nothing if your score is lower.
    • Less powerful than smite, but it's better for sniping Characters since it isn't restricted to the closest enemy unit. Best used in combination with something that inflicts a Ld penalty to the target or a Leadership bonus to the caster, if you brought any.
  5. Fury of the Ancients (WC7, Witchfire): Select one visible enemy model within 18" and draw a line from any part of the casters base to any part of the targets base. the caster to that model. The target unit and each enemy unit this line passes through suffers one mortal wound.
  6. Psychic Fortress (WC6, Blessing): <CHAPTER> units within 6" gain a 5++ invulnerable save. Just awesome due to the lack of restrictions allowing even your Land Raiders to gain this buff.

These powers can only be used by Phobos Librarians. They don't do much damage, but god damn can they fuck with your enemy. They'll only buff Phobos units, so no combo-ing with Aggressors.

  1. Shrouding (WC6, Blessing): Pick a friendly <CHAPTER> Phobos unit within 18". Until the start of the next Psychic Phase, enemies can only shoot that unit if they're the closest eligible target. Protects from snipers, but not enemy psychic powers.
  2. Soul Sight (WC6, Blessing): Pick a friendly <CHAPTER> Phobos unit within 18". Until the start of your next psychic phase, that unit re-rolls all failed hits when using their ranged weapons and their ranged attacks ignore enemy cover save bonuses.
  3. Mind Raid (WC6, Witchfire):: Select a visible enemy unit within 18". It takes a mortal wound and if the power targeted a character, roll 3d6. If the result is greater than or equal to the target's Ld, you get a free Command Point! Remember the limit on 1CP gained per battle round though, not a power to use if you have a Relic or Warlord Trait that also refunds CP.
  4. Hallucination (WC6, Malediction): Select a visible enemy unit within 18". They suffer -1Ld and -1 to all hit rolls until your next turn.
  5. Tenebrous Curse (WC7, Malediction): Select a visible enemy unit within 18" that does not have the Fly keyword. It takes a mortal wound, their move distance is halved, and suffer -2 to their advance and charge distances. Effectively pin one Death Guard unit in their half of the board.
  6. Temporal Corridor (WC5, Blessing): Pick a friendly <CHAPTER> Phobos unit within 6". It can make a normal move or advance as if it was the Movement Phase, and if it advances it adds 6" to their move rather than rolling. However, the unit cannot shoot or fight this turn. Great repositioning tool at the cost of damage output.

Litanies of Battle

Litanies happen in your Command Phase, going off on a 3+. Like psychic powers, each litany can only be cast once per turn, no matter how many Chaplains know it. Deep Striking and passenger Chaplains are a touch less-useful on their first turn, as they arrive AFTER their casting window. There is the 2CP Commanding Oratory stratagem that can be used to cast a litany in any phase if the Chaplain has not already cast one this turn.

Litany of Hate: Default prayer, 6" aura of re-rolling all melee hit rolls (not just misses) for your <chapter> core or <chapter> Character units. Stronger now that the Chapter Master's Aura has been reigned in.

  1. Litany of Faith: 6" Aura of ignoring mortal wounds on a 5+ for friendly <chapter> core or <chapter> Character units. Not cumulative with other rules, as per usual.
  2. Catechism of Fire: Select a friendly <chapter> core or <chapter> Character unit within 6" to gain +1 to the wound rolls when "resolving a shooting attack" against the closest enemy unit, meaning it affects Overwatch, too.
    • You're already accurate, so you'll get the most out of +1 to wound rolls from units that hit often but not hard; Intercessors with auto bolt rifles, Flamer Veterans, and Aggressors.
  3. Exhortation of Rage: Select a friendly <chapter> core or <chapter> Character unit within 6". They get +1 to their wound rolls in melee. Very strong (unless you're the Blood Angels of course). This is often worse than the default Litany of Hate. If you're hitting on a 3+ or worse and wounding on a 4+ or better (e.g. most attacks with fists, hammers, lightning claws, and power weapons), use Litany of Hate. If you're hitting on a 2+ or wounding on a 5+, use Exhortation of Rage. Of course, a Master of Sanctity can use both.
  4. Mantra of Strength: The casting Chaplain gains +1S and +1A, and one melee weapon gains +1D.
    • Smash Chaplain is a viable build. Combine it with the Benediction of Fury (WS2+, S7, AP-2, D4) or a powerfist (WS3+, S9, AP-3, D3). Add Warlord Traits, stratagems, doctrines, and psychic powers as you can afford and be bothered with.
  5. Recitation of Focus: Select a friendly <chapter> core or <chapter> Character unit within 6" to gain +1 to their hit rolls when shooting.
    • While +1 to hit is better than a Captain's re-roll, this alone isn't a replacement for it (since it has a 1/3 chance to fail, affects single unit and doesn't work in melee or when the chaplain doesn't start on the field). Instead, it's better used when a unit cares about +1 to hit beyond improving BS by 1. If you just want a second HQ to support a gun-line bring a Lieutenant instead.
  6. Canticle of Hate: Non-cumulative 6" aura of +2" to charge distances and +3" to pile in and consolidation moves. In all cases, the friendly <chapter> core or <chapter> Character unit in question has to be within the aura by the time the move is made - the consolidate move especially will often not happen unless the Chaplain also made his charge.
    • Amazing for those who can re-roll charge distances, increasing the odds of a successful 9" charge up to 85% (58.3% for non-rerolling lads).
    • Do keep in mind the Chaplain has to be on the field at the beginning of the battle round to cast his litany. A Jump Pack or Biker Chaplain is fast enough, but if you are patient, you can use an Impulsor or Drop Pod to get him in position in the first turn and use the Litany for your deep strikers in the second turn.

Space Marine Armoury

Melee Weapons

  • Astartes Chainsword: SU, AP-1, D1, +1A. As of 9E, all Space Marine chainswords get AP-1 on top of the extra attack, making them even better against lightly armoured hordes while also giving them a little utility against tougher foes.
  • Lightning Claws: SU, AP-2, D1, re-roll failed wound rolls and +1A. This will outperform all other 1 damage melee weapons against any target (except T8-9 with a 2+ or 3+, where the power sword wins, but why are you picking D1 weapons for those). Your best bet for mulching single-wound hordes.
    • RAW: "Each time the bearer fights, it makes 1 additional attack with this weapon". Exactly the same as the Chainsword, this should be interpreted as +1A for one claw, +2A for two claws.
  • Power Weapons: Each type of power weapon has its own profile now, so pick the right one for the situation. Unless you have the option for a lightning claw, then you should always take that instead.
    • Power Axe: S+2, AP-2, D1. Offers a compromise between the maul's strength and the sword's armour penetration.
    • Power Maul/Power Lance: S+3, AP-1, D1. This is the one you want to use against lightly armoured units that rely on toughness to shrug off hits. The lance is identical to the maul because of reasons.
    • Power Sword: S+1, AP-3, D1. Best against targets that rely on armour saves over toughness to shrug off hits. Except against frail things with good invulnerable saves like Crusaders, who ignore AP anyway.
  • Powerfist: Sx2, AP-3, D2, -1 to hit rolls. Good against everything, cost-effective, and very common to find.
  • Thunder Hammer: Sx2, AP-2, D3, -1 to hit rolls. A powerfist that trades 1 point of AP for an extra point of damage. The extra damage could mean the difference between one-shotting a Custodian Guard/Aggressor/Terminator or getting a guardian spear/powerfist in the face. When you have a thunder hammer/storm shield-Captain with Jump Pack, every enemy model begins to look like a nail. BUT, at typically twice the cost of a powerfist, it's not worth ditching up to three extra special or heavy weapons just to squeeze out a few extra points of damage. Still quite viable on everything that isn't a Character at least, so feel free to spam with Terminators or Vanguards.
  • Chainfist: Sx2, AP-4, Dd3, -1 to hit rolls, becomes D3 against Vehicles. A Terminator-only weapon that's only open to Terminator Veterans and Terminator Captains. Marginally better than a powerfist against other highly-armoured models that lack an invulnerable save, and strictly better against Vehicles. Costs the same as a powerfist, so trading the fist's reliable damage for better AP could be worth it.
  • Relic Blade: S+3, AP-3, D2. Available to Honour Guard, Vanguard Veteran Sergeants, and Captains. It has a good comparison to the powerfist; Ignoring S bonuses or wound-roll buffs, the powerfists bumps you to S8, whereas this takes you to S7. This only matters against T4, T7, and T8 targets, as you go from wounding on a 2+/3+/4+ respectively to a 3+/4+/5+.


  • Boltgun: You know what a bolter is, but if you somehow forgot it's 24", rapid fire 1, S4, AP0, D1.
    • Combi-Weapon: A boltgun taped to a special weapon (plasma, flamer, melta, grav). Check below for the special weapon profiles. You can fire one of the weapons at full BS, or both with a -1 to hit rolls. Note that combi-flamers don't care for no BS.
    • Storm Bolter/Combi-Bolter: A boltgun taped to another boltgun. Cheap as chips rapid fire 2 boltgun, typically seen on Bikers and Terminators, also available as upgrades on most of your vehicles. Their abundance, the majority of bearers ability to go fast (Bikers) or Deep Strike (Terminators), and Bolter Discipline means you should usually be getting four shots per turn with this weapon.

Special Weapons

  • Flamer: 12", assault D6, S4, AP0, D1, automatically hits. 9th edition has been good to all flame weapons, boosting their range from 8" to 12". A classic anti-horde option, at least it's cheap.
    • While they DO auto-hit airborne units with Hard-To-Hit, don't bother; they're too tough and armoured.
  • Meltagun: 12", assault 1, S8, AP-4, Dd6, +2D if you're within half range of the target for a potential of 8D (5.5D average). Good against anything with lots of wounds, be they Vehicles, Monsters, or even heavy Infantry. **At 12" range supercharged plasma is better (but riskier) however, and this gun is more expensive, so you really should try and get into half range. While you can advance to close the gap, it is convenient that the unit's other weapons are assault weapons as well.
  • Grav Gun: 18", rapid fire 1, S5, AP-3, D1, becomes D2 against targets with Sv3+ or better. Against most Vehicles, MEQ's, and TEQ's, this is a safer plasma weapon at the cost of less S and the same amount of pts.
  • Plasma Gun: 24", rapid fire 1, S7, AP-3, D1. Their gimmick is having a safe profile and supercharged profile, which gives them +1S and +1D at the risk of killing the bearer on a hit roll of unmodified 1. Sticking close to a Captain can mitigate this risk.

Pistol Weapons

Pistol weapons are equivalent to their bigger brethren, with different ranges and weapon types. Other than that, S, AP, D, and unique rules are the same.

  • Bolt Pistol: 12" and pistol 1. One of the most common weapons in the Space Marine armoury and available on most things as either an option or as part of their wargear. Just don't forget it exists and that you can fire it in melee.
    • Heavy Bolt Pistol: 18", pistol 1, S4, AP-1, D1. Primaris-only, as the Firstborn don't have the wrist strength to hold them.
  • Grav Pistol: 12" and pistol 1.
  • Plasma Pistol: 12" and pistol 1.

Heavy Weapons

  • Heavy Bolter: 36", heavy 3, S5, AP-1, D2. A solid choice for taking down light-medium Infantry, if one that tends to be overshadowed at times by the assault cannon and heavy flamer.
    • They can quickly raise the cost of your army due to their huge availability, so be a bit cautious about spamming against armies that are not mainly 2W.
    • Hellfire Shell is a unique stratagem that can be used on Infantry-carried heavy bolters; instead of shooting normally, make a single hit roll that deals d3 mortal wounds. Make the most of this with re-roll auras or Devastator Sergeant Signums.
  • Heavy Flamer: 12", heavy d6, S5, AP-1, D1, auto-hits. More effective against armoured targets than its smaller brother, but cannot be fired after advancing. Can be found on Dreadnoughts, Terminators, and Sternguard Veterans.
  • Multi-Melta: A 24" and heavy 2 meltagun, meaning you can't run with it, but can shoot in melta range out of a deep strike, now fulfilling the role of Drop Pod threat-removal.
  • Plasma Cannon: 36", heavy d3, and blast effectively means the same shots as a plasma gun, but from 36" away instead of 12" and better against infantry. You need to be careful when you supercharge, due to the sheer cost of this weapon.
  • Grav-Cannon: 30" range and heavy 4 grav-gun. Akin to a heavier heavy bolter to deal with bigger targets.
    • A unit with grav-cannons will become a serious target for your opponent, so consider sticking them in a Transport of any flavour so they can't be Basilisk'ed off the table turn 1.
  • Lascannon: 48", heavy 1, S9, AP-3, Dd6. Your primary long-range anti-vehicle weapon, and is as common as the heavy bolter.
  • Missile Launcher: Can fire either frag missiles (48" and heavy d6 bolter shots with blast), or a krak missile with (48", heavy 1, S8, AP-2, Dd6). Not quite as good as an assault cannon, heavy bolter, or lascannon in regards to dealing with Infantry and Monsters/Vehicles (respectively), but still pretty good at both of those roles.
    • Similar to heavy bolters, this weapon has a unique stratagem. Flakk Missile deals d3 MW's as well, but only against Aircraft targets.
    • Hunter-Killer Missile: A single-use 72", heavy 1, S10, AP-2, Dd6 missile for 5pts, just in case you didn't have enough anti-tank. The vast majority of your ground-based non-Dreadnought Vehicles can have one. Ironclad Dreadnoughts can take two, and Leviathans can have three.
  • Assault Cannon: 24", heavy 6, S6, AP-1, D1. Haha minigun go brrrt. Not hard to find, available as a Terminator heavy weapon and Dreadnought option. Twin-linked variety is on Razorbacks, Land Speeders, Land Raiders, and most Aircraft.
    • Onslaught Gatling Cannon: 24", heavy 8, S5, AP-1, D1. Found on multiple Primaris armoured platforms as a secondary weapon, and puts the hurt on infantry.
    • Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon: 30", heavy 12, S6, AP-1, D1. Mounted on Redemptor Dreadnoughts, Repulsors, and Gladiators, the bigger brother of the onslaught cannon that does everything better.
  • Ironhail Heavy Stubber: 36", heavy 4, S4, AP-1, D1. A weird GW trend of putting stubbers on the hover tanks, but better than a storm bolter or the Imperial Guard heavy stubber.
    • Icarus Ironhail Heavy Stubber: As above with +1 to hit Aircraft. Realistically too weak to actually deal damage to Aircraft however.
  • Fragstorm Grenade Launcher: 18", assault d6, S4, AP0, D1, blast. Boltstorm Aggressors come with one, the Redemptor Dreadnought can swap their two storm bolters for two of these, and they can also be found on most of the Primaris tanks (the repulsor can have a whopping five).


If your Warlord is a Space Marine Character, you can give one Character a Relic, absolutely free. Weapon Relics can only be taken by a unit that can take the weapon it's based on and you have to pay for the base weapon (e.g. a Terminator Captain does not have access to a chainsword and thus cannot take the Teeth of Terra). The Relic of the Chapter Stratagem can be used for extra relics, number depending on the size of the game.

Named Characters and vehicles cannot be given a Relic. But only That Guy would try to force a Chaplain Dreadnought into the Armour Indomitus or something like that.

  • Bellicos Bolt Rifle: Replaces a master-crafted auto bolt rifle. 24", assault 4, S5, AP-1, D2.
    • The Primarchs Wrath, but for Primaris, that doesn't need Bolter Discipline for four shots. Chuck it on a Captain or Lieutenant in your gunline.
  • Benediction of Fury: Replaces a Crozius Arcanum. S+2, AP-2, D3, unmodified wound rolls of 6 do a mortal wound in addition to other damage.
    • With Mantra of Strength and the right Warlord Trait, your Chaplain will become as deadly as a he is in the fluff. REPENT, HERETIC! *B O N K*.
  • Lament: Replaces a master-crafted stalker bolt rifle. 36", heavy 1, S5, AP-2, D3, successful wounds inflict a mortal wound on top of that.
  • Purgatorus: Replaces a bolt pistol or heavy bolt pistol. R18", pistol 3, S5, AP-3, D2.
    • It's a great alternative to a Plasma Pistol as it's cheaper and does more damage without having a chance of killing the user. It can also be fired in melee.
  • Teeth of Terra: Replaces a chainsword. S+1, AP-2, D2, and bearer gains +3A with this weapon.
    • Good against hordes, better against multi-wound Infantry like Marines and Characters. Fun fact, this weapon is exactly the same as the Alpha Legion Relic, Blade of the Hydra.
  • The Burning Blade: Replaces a power or master-crafted power sword. S+3, AP-5, D2.
    • Where the Teeth of Terra hits often, the Burning Blade hits hard and nullifies all armour saves. It has the awkward S7, so it's begging for a source of +1S or +1 to wound rolls to hit the sweet spot of S8 (wound MEQ's on a 2+ and most Monsters/Vehicles on a 3+/4+)
  • The Primarchs Wrath: Replaces a boltgun, master-crafted boltgun, or special-issue bolt carbine. 24", rapid fire 2, S5, AP-2, D2.
    • Can be useful for those officers buffing your ranged units. One of the few relics that benefits from Bolter Discipline.
  • Ghostweave Cloak: phobos model with a Camo-Cloak only. Passes though models when moving, advancing, or falling back, and enemy units suffer -1 to their hit rolls against the bearer.
    • Give it to a Stealth Adept Captain to make him as difficult to kill as Remo Williams.
  • Reliquary of Gathalamor: Enemy Psykers must subtract 1 from Psychic Tests made within 18" of the bearer. In addition, if the psychic power is not successfully manifested, roll a D6. On a 4+ the Psyker that attempted to manifest that psychic power suffers d3 mortal wounds.
    • Niche, but useful to protect your units if your meta is Psyker-heavy, especially if you didn't bring Psykers of your own (like Black Templar).
  • The Armour Indomitus: Bearer gains +1W, Sv2+, and once per game before taking a save, you can also activate a 3++ invulnerable save until the end of the turn.
    • One of the few ways to get a 3++ invulnerable save and of more use to those in power armour. A good panic button for those Characters you put into high-risk situations.
  • The Honour Vehement: Friendly <chapter> Core units with the Shock Assault ability within 6" always get the +1A instead of having to meet the criteria. Useful for ongoing combats.
  • The Shield Eternal: Replaces a storm shield or combat shield, so available only to Captains, Terminator Librarians (Legends), and Company Champions. Gives a 4++ invulnerable and ignores mortal wounds on a 5+. Some of the best protection you can give a Character you really want to keep alive.
  • Standard of the Emperor Ascendant: Ancients only. Boosts the range of the Standard Banner ability to 9" and friendly <chapter> Core units within 9" re-roll Morale Tests.
    • This certainly changes its uses quite drastically from the auto take it was in 8th edition to something more niche. Example uses include keeping Crusader Squads from suffering under Morale Tests.
  • The Vox Espiritum: Primaris only. +3" to their Aura abilities (max of 9"), excluding psychic powers.
  • Tome of Malcador: Librarian only. He knows one additional power from any discipline he has access to.
    • Depending on what discipline you're using, hard pass. RAW, it cannot be used to take powers from multiple disciplines as your Librarians must all take from one.

Unit Analysis

Unit keywords are Adeptus Astartes, Primaris, Chapter, and the like. Units with a specific Chapter keyword can only be taken by that Chapter. Note that even if most "Bike" variants of characters have been written out of the Codex due to them having no official miniature (and some models due to those miniatures being limited edition), they can still be taken and are legal, using the Warhammer Legends datasheets and the latest point costs. White Scars players can thank the God-Emperor (Absolutely! Interestingly GW does some good things nowadays!)


The average SM HQ is a heroic model that can do fairly well in melee and, being the poster faction, we have a lot of choices when building our guys. Listed here are some common builds so that you don't have to read "Captain, Captain with Jump Pack, Librarian, Librarian with Jump Pack" and so on.

  1. Jump Pack: Mobility is the name of the game. The model becomes M12", Fly, and can Deep Strike, so he can appear anywhere and ignore terrain, jump over the enemy's bubblewrap alongside your Vanguard Vets, and even punch a damn airplane to death.
  2. Bike: High speed, high drag, the Character becomes a battering ram. Becomes M14", T5, and +1W, as well as a twin boltgun and Turbo-Boost, to advance 6" instead of 6". Sadly, all but the Captain on bike were relegated to Warhammer Legends, which makes the whole bunch overpriced.
  3. Terminator: The heavy armour. +1W, Sv2+/5++, and Deep Strike, but only M5" and a slightly reduced wargear selection. Not meant to move around much, positioning is often determined by a Deep strike or the Land Raider that is carrying him around. Provides a lot of protection for your Character. A Captains Iron Halo or Chaplains Rosarius' has a better invulnerable save, so the 5++ is mostly for your Librarian.
  4. Primaris: Extra beef for a relatively low cost. +1W, +1A, but much more restrictive wargear options. the Primaris keyword also restricts their transport options; the Impulsor is underwhelming and only carries six models, and the Repulsor is expensive and a huge target.
  5. Phobos: Primaris operator with stealth training; "Concealed Positions" lets most of them keep up with infiltrators (Lieutenants get Deep Strike instead), and they get their own selection of Warlord Traits and Psychic powers.
  6. Gravis: Bigger and better beef, offering +1T and +1W on top of a Primaris statline, with a 5" move as opposed to the Terminator Armor's Deep Strike and 2+/5++ save. Very limited wargear, further transport restrictions, and thus far only Captains can use it.
  • Captain: The standard all Characters compare to, and can be customized to do almost any job. Captains are simultaneously destructive and survivable, with their 4++ Iron Halo and Character status. Additionally, his Rites of Battle Aura grants <Chapter> Core units within 6" the power to re-roll hit rolls of 1, helping your plasma not blow up and improving the hit rate of your already fairly accurate army-wide 3+. New to 9th edition are Detachment Limits, with the Marine flavour being Company Command; each detachment may include no more than one Captain and two Lieutenants.

+2PL and +40pts. If you're building Smashfucker, the Angel Artifice is a must-take. Not available to Deathwatch, you have the Watch Master.

  • Ability - Chapter Master: During the Command Phase, pick <Chapter> Core or <Chapter> Character within 6" to re-roll hit rolls until next Command Phase.
  • Warlord Trait - Master of the Codex: Gain +1CP in your Command Phase on a 4+. Simple and generally adds 2-3 CP over the course of the game.
  • Relic - Angel Artifice: Gain +1T, +1W, and Sv2+.

The base Firstborn Captain are the most versatile of the lot. Starting off with WS2+, BS2+, W5, A4, and Ld9, and armed with a master-crafted boltgun (24", rapid fire 1, S4, AP-2, D2), a chainsword, and a bolt pistol, this is the option that allows you to take a Jump Pack. They have access to the full suite of combi-weapons, melee weapons, and pistols, as well as a storm shield and relic blade (S+3, AP-3, D2).

  • The storm shield is still 10pts and of questionable use in 9th edition. You already have a 4++ invulnerable save from your Iron Halo, so you need to ask if spending 10pts to ditch your master-crafted boltgun for +1 to armour saves is worth it.
  • Look to this guy for your Smashtain. Jump Pack, master-crafted thunder hammer, and one free arm means you can deal a mean amount of damage to a single target.

Putting him on a Bike keeps him incredibly flexible while boosting his survivability and manoeuvrability. Compared to above, he becomes M14", T5, and W6. He also only starts with a twin boltgun, chainsword, and bolt pistol, and has lost relic blade access and can swap the bolt pistol for a master-crafted boltgun (24", rapid fire 1, S4, AP-2, D2).

  • With the additional ranged output and T, this is one of your best bets for sitting in a gunline. The only issue is the cost, as he's a bit expensive for that role and wastes his high movement and melee capacity.

Unfortunately, the Cataphractii version got the axe, so no 3++ invulnerable anymore. The Terminator is a very durable wall of pain, boasting W6 and Sv2+, though they drop to M5" which is barely an issue. Starting with a storm bolter and power sword, they've lost pistol, chainsword, and relic blade access. In place of those, they gain the mighty anti-armour chainfist (Sx2, AP-4, Dd3, becomes D3 against Vehicles) and the unique option for a wrist-mounted grenade launcher if they take a powerfist (12", assault d3, S4, AP-1, D1, blast).

  • Weirdly (and inefficiently) enough, they can have two powerfists and two wrist rockets.

The Primaris Captain has to commit to stabby or shooty, but his options for either are limited. Below are the available set-ups for you in a format that's a damn-sight easier to read than the Codex.

  • Master-crafted auto bolt rifle (24", assault 3, S4, AP0, D2). Can be swapped for a master-crafted stalker bolt rifle (36", heavy 1, S4, AP-2, D3) and take an optional master-crafted power sword (S+1, AP-3, D2). This set-up is one of your gunline babysitters, but doesn't benefit from Bolter Discipline since nothing is rapid fire.
  • Powerfist and plasma pistol... that's it, nothing special. Overcharge the plasma pistol at your own peril, since a hit roll of unmodified 1 will vaporise you even with six wounds left and his Aura no longer grants himself a re-roll.
  • Master-crafted power sword, heavy bolt pistol, and relic shield (+1 to armour saves and a 4+ save against mortal wounds). The Bladeguard option that does not grant the Bladeguard keyword. This is your new ideal melee Primaris Captain build.

The Gravis Captain has T5 and W7, but Gravis suits cannot Deep Strike and are limited to the expensive Repulsor transport (or Thunderhawk or Stormbird if you have one laying about). However, he is perfectly suited for accompanying Aggressors and can weather high-volume, low-AP attacks better than other Captains. 9th edition has granted him a second load-out;

  • Boltstorm gauntlet and master-crafted power sword (S+1, AP-3, D2). The gauntlet functions as three AP-1 bolt pistols welded to a powerfist. Exceptional damage output, but needs a way to get into your enemies face quickly.
  • Master-crafted heavy bolt rifle (36", rapid fire 1, S5, AP-1, D2) and master-crafted power sword (S+1, AP-3, D2). A new addition to your line-up and a rapid fire weapon that can thus fire twice when stationary due to Bolter Discipline.
  • You can build this beef cake up to W9, T6, with a 2+, 4++, 6+++ using the Angel Artifice Chapter Master Relic and Iron Resolve Warlord Trait. Imperial Fists can make an W8 version without the 6+++ that can halve all damage taken, which is tougher than Abaddon, Calgar, and basically most other armies main battle tanks. Crimson Fists can let him stand up again.

The Phobos Captain is even more dedicated to the gunline. His master-crafted instigator bolt carbine is a 30", assault 1, S4, AP-2, D3 weapon that can target Characters, and his combat knife simply grants him +1A. Like some other Phobos Marines, he has a Camo-Cloak (an additional +1 to armour saves when in cover) and Omni-Scrambler (enemy units cannot Deep Strike within 12" of him).

  • A good candidate for any bolt relics (Blood Angel Quake Bolts for example), and a great choice if you go heavy on Comms Array-equipped Infiltrator Squads.
  • Lieutenant: Remaining a strong addition at the advent of 9E, with a statline similar to a Captains but -1W, -1A, and -1Ld. He retains his WS2+ and BS2+ though, so he hits just as accurately but not as often. His two special rules are Tactical Precision (<Chapter> Core units within 6" re-roll wound rolls of 1) and Company Heroes (take two Lieutenants of any type in one HQ slot). Since a Lieutenant's Tactical Precision aura (re-roll 1's to wound) is mathematically equivalent to a Captain's Rites of Battle (re-roll 1's to hit), they can be used as a budget sub-commander to fill your HQ tax and boost your back field. You have a lot of Named Captains, so the wide variety of Lieutenants should be taken along to support them and their retinue with your own choice of Warlord Trait instead of a named Characters fixed trait. New to 9th edition are Detachment Limits, with the Marine flavour being Company Command; each detachment may include no more than one Captain and two Lieutenants.

Like the Captain, this is your most versatile. He has the full-range of melee weapons, combi-weapons, and pistols available to him, but no storm shield or relic blades. This is the Lieutenant with the Jump Pack option, in case you want a Diet Smash Captain.

While this guy is considerably more limited in loadout, 9th edition has given a couple new options. If you're going to give a model a relic bolter or bolts, this is an excellent contender as they also have B2+ while also being cheaper than a Captain.

  • Master-crafted auto bolt rifle (24", assault 3, S4, AP0, D2). Can be swapped for a master-crafted stalker bolt rifle (36", heavy 1, S4, AP-2, D3). Unlike the Captain, no option for a melee weapon.
  • Master-crafted power sword (S+1, AP-3, D2) and bolt pistol. Possibly now out-specialised by the sword and board option below.
  • Master-crafted power sword (S+1, AP-3, D2) , neo volkite pistol (15", pistol 2, S5, AP0, D2, wound rolls of unmodified 6 inflict an additional mortal wound), and storm shield. Only 15pts extra compared to above, it's a good thing Techmarines found some volkite pistols laying out back.

He sounds like he should be able to be deployed with other Reivers, but instead, he is actually a supporting character for other melee units. With only a combat knife (+1A) for stabbin', with very few relics that can actually replace it. The master-crafted special issue bolt pistol is 12", pistol 1, S4, AP-2, D2, which isn't bad... But it's still only a one-shot pistol. He does grant you a -2Ld Aura and the Shock Grenade keyword though, giving you the functionality of a Reiver Squad in a smaller package.

The Incursor-like lieutenant, still hobbled by using a grav-chute to Deep Strike instead of Infiltrating with the rest of the Phobos Troops. His paired combat knives are SU, AP-1, D1 now and his master-crafted occulus bolt carbine is 24", rapid fire 1, S4, AP0, D2, ignores cover.

  • Librarian: Your good old source of mortal wounds and psychic protection. Librarians are a solid buffer and potential damage dealer depending on what spell he takes, of which this model knows two (plus Smite) and can cast two powers per turn. Psychic Hood is now stock wargear instead of an option, and grants +1 to Deny the Witch tests if the enemy caster is within 12". Oh, and you can deny two psychic powers. They're your most fragile and least accurate Marine HQ choice, being sickly NERDS; WS3+, BS3+, W4, A3, Sv3+, and no invulnerable save (on the Firstborn version) puts you on par with the Marines in the Elite section. Their force weapons are Dd3 power swords, axes, or mauls. With the wide array of Chapter specific Disciplines, the number of combinations you can field as an army is both terrifying and a little overwhelming.

+1PL and +25pts. Going all-in gives you a great Deny the Witch model that is more likely to get the best Smite results.

  • Ability - Chief Librarian: Gain one additional power from your chosen discipline and deny one extra time.
  • Warlord Trait - Psychic Mastery: +1 to Psychic Tests. Another simple trait that is very effective.
  • Relic - Neural Shroud: 24" Psychic Hood. Works well with your extra denial.

The cheapest baseline Librarian. Like the other Firstborn, they have their pick of force weapons and a bolt pistol that can be swapped for a different pistol or comb-weapon. If you're keener on getting him into casting range as quickly as possible, this is the profile that has access to a Jump Pack.

Definitely the way to go if you plan on having your Libby swing that force weapon. Legends allows you to replace the storm bolter with a storm shield, you still get a 5++ invuln and a combi-weapon without it.

A not insignificant +29pts to give your Librarian M14", +1T, +1W, and Biker so they always benefit from Bolter Discipline. This is good, since they have twin boltguns as standard and can swap their bolt pistol for a storm bolter, giving you eight 24", S4, AP0, D1 attacks in the shooting phase.

The most static loadout of the lot. You're going with this option if you really want to use all the benefits being a Primaris has, since you're stuck with a force sword and bolt pistol.

Same as the other Primaris, except can only pick from the Obscuration Discipline and has a Camo-Cloak to give him +2 to his save when in cover instead of +1.

  • Chaplain: The guy for not-magic support magic, effectively an angry, super-human Bard. Chaplains have WS2+ and a 4++ invulnerable save courtesy of his Rosarius, on top of a 6" Aura giving their Ld9 to <Chapter> Core units. Their unique Crozius is a S+2, AP-1, D2 melee weapon.
    • Litanies make this team player work somewhat different from other Characters, especially his interaction with Transports and Deep Strikes; your newfound Litanies require a 3+ to go off in your Command Phase, so before Deep Striking or disembarking. Each Chaplain knows the melee-focussed Litany of Hate and one Litany of Battle, though one of them can be upgraded to Master of Sanctity to know and chant one extra litany.
    • If you want the Chaplain for melee like you're used to, consider putting him in a Drop Pod or Impulsor. He won't have litanies when disembarking, but those specific transports operate under similar restrictions; they are both fast, Drop Pods will arrive one turn earlier than Jump Pack and Terminators, and troops disembarking from an Impulsor have to wait one turn to charge. A one-two punch requires patience and the ability to take a beating before dealing damage, but can be rewarding.
      • For maximum melee damage, Imperium's Sword Warlord Trait + Benediction of Fury Relic + Mantra of Strength Litany + Might of Heroes Psychic Power + Assault Doctrine + Shock Assault on a Primaris Chaplain will give you nine attacks at WS2+, S9, AP-3, D4, but obviously that's an all-your-eggs-in-one-basket situation.
    • Unlike earlier editions, Chaplains can also have a place back in your own lines, with a couple litanies boosting a single unit's firepower. They aren't auras, but +1 to either hit or wound (or both if you have two Chaplains or Master of Sanctity) to a unit is an important boost by itself if your warlord is far away, and complements aura HQs if you are fielding a battalion or bigger.

+1PL and +25pts. Chaplains are rarely pivotal to an army, but if your main death start or plan revolves around one, the buffs below are going to be very handy to you.

  • Ability - Master of Sanctity: Knows one additional Litany and can chant one additional Litany per turn.
  • Warlord Trait - Wise Orator: +1 to see if a Litany is inspiring and the Commanding Oratory stratagem only costs 1CP when it's used on this model.
  • Relic - Emperor's Judgement: Your opponent cannot re-roll hit, wound, or damage rolls against the bearer and enemy units within 6" roll an additional d6 and discard the lowest when taking a Morale Test.

The cheapest base model and can swap their bolt pistol for a combi-weapon, other pistol, boltgun, or powerfist. Also has the Jump Pack option for mobility and Deep Strikes.

As the Chaplain already has a 4++ from the rosarius, the only reason you're going to buy this is if you want that +1W, Sv2+ and Deep Strike (also Deathwing if you're Dark Angels). Weaponry is limited to a crozius and combi-weapon.

15pts to give your Chaplain M14", +1T, +1W, and Biker so they always benefit from Bolter Discipline. Their bolt pistol can be swapped for a boltgun, combi-weapon, other pistol, or powerfist. Turbo-Boost always advances them 6" instead of d6". RAW, their Crozius is only +1S instead of the +2S 9th edition.

The foot slogging Chaplain upgraded to Primaris and stuck with an absolvor bolt pistol (18", pistol 1, S5, AP-1, D2). Paying +5pts to gain +1W is okay if they're squatting in a gunline, but you do kneecap yourself for Transport and wargear options.

9E is bringing you a Primaris Chaplain on a Bike, with the bigger and better bike the Outriders have. 115pts nets you an M14", T5, W7 Chaplain with twin bolt rifles (30", rapid fire 2, S4, AP-1, D1) and an absolvor bolt pistol (18", pistol 1, S5, AP-1, D2).

  • Overall, there's no real reason to take the Biker Chaplain in Legends now this guy exists. An argument could be made for a combi-melta and powerfist Chaplain, but you're Marines with Eradicator access.

The Chaplain Dreadnought is the go-to answer for players wishing to run an all-Dreadnought army. WS2+, BS2+, S6, and A5 means they hit hard, often, and accurately at all times. T7, W8, Sv3+/5++ already makes them hard to kill, but Character Keyword, Duty Eternal (-1D to all attacks to a minimum of D1) and Unyielding Ancient (ignores lost wounds on a 6) buffs that even further. 9th has given them Litanies that are in-line with a regular Chaplain. As far as weapons go, you can take any two of the following in any combination; Dreadnought powerfist with storm bolter or heavy flamer (take two fists and you gain +1A), assault cannon, multi-melta, twin lascannon, heavy plasma cannon (a plasma cannon that only deals one MW to the user on a hit roll of 1 instead of killing them entirely), and Dreadnought inferno cannon (12", heavy d6, S6, AP-1, D2, automatically hits).

  • All-in-all, if the game lets you take these, you should take one. Being a Legends unit, some opponents and tournaments may not let you use them in your lists. The model is OOP, but a Venerable Dreadnought with extra purity seals will do the trick. If you were thinking of taking a Mortis Dreadnought for your gunline, paying 40 extra points for this model should be a serious consideration for BS2+, Litanies, Spiritual Leader, 5++ invulnerable, and Unyielding Ancient. Admittedly you do lose out on twin autocannons and twin heavy bolters (two very efficient MEQ killers), BUT you can mix the guns you take on this guy.
  • Dec 2020 release of FW Legends specifically bars this unit from take the Master of Sanctity Chapter Command upgrade.
  • Techmarine: Vehicles may be tougher this edition, but their performance diminishes with wounds. Thankfully, this guy repairs them for d3 wounds a turn with their Blessing of the Omnissiah. The 2020 Codex and the Omnissiah have granted them Awaken the Machine Spirits, giving a <Chapter> Vehicle within 3" in the Command Phase +1 to their hit rolls with ranged weapons.

+1PL and +20pts. Go all in with the Trait and Relic for the guy you want plodding up the board and babysitting your Dreadnoughts. Space Wolf and Blood Angel Dreadnought detachments love him.

  • Ability - Master of the Forge: Blessing of the Omnissiah automatically heals three wounds instead of d3.
  • Warlord Trait - Warden of the Ancients: +1S and +1A to Dreadnoughts within 6".
  • Relic - Mortis Machina: Replaces Omnissian power Axe for one that is S+3, AP-2, D3, and Vehicles that fail a save suffer an additional mortal wound.

Holds the distinction of being one of your cheapest HQ options at 70pts, though you shouldn't pick him as a tax HQ if you're just going to have him stand around. You're playing Space Marines, it's not like you're short on Vehicle options for him to keep up and running. His standard weapons are a servo-arm (Sx2, AP-2, D3, only make one attack with each servo-arm per turn), Omnissian power axe (S+2, AP-2, D2), and bolt pistol. His pistol can be swapped for any other pistol or combi-weapon, and his axe can be replaced by any melee weapon. He has one of three builds;

  • Servo-arm: Keeping him stock with just a single servo-arm.
  • Servo-harness: +15pts grants you a second servo-arm, a flamer, and a plasma cutter (an assault 1 plasma pistol). This is honestly going to be your standard version.
  • Conversion beamer (Legends): Banished to Legends to be forgotten, this option replaces the stock servo-arm and is not compatible with a servo-harness. +20pts, and you get a 48", heavy d6, S6, AP0, D1 weapon that becomes S8, AP-1, D2 if the target is between 24" and 48".

70pts (the exact same as the footslogging Techmarine) for a M14", T5, W5, Turbo-Boosting Techmarine to get your repairs where you need them quicker. This model does not have the 9th edition Omnissian power axe their newer counterparts have, but can still replace their bolt pistol and power axe for the usual options. Like the walking Techmarine, you have a servo-arm, servo-harness, and conversion beamer as options.

  • Excellent conversions include using the Kataphron tracks instead of legs.

Provides quite a few special guns compared to the Firstborn, even if they're fixed loadout. The forge bolter is a 24" assault 3 heavy bolter (Iron Father Ferrios should've copy-righted his) and his mechadendrites give him an addition two S+1, AP0, D1 attacks in melee. Aside from those, he is fixed with an Omnissian power axe, servo-arm, and grav pistol.

  • Damocles Command Rhino (FW): Your command support Vehicle. Stats are the same as a regular Rhino, with weapons being a storm bolter and optional hunter-killer missile, but with the worst transport capacity in the game of one non-Terminator/Jump Pack/Primaris <Chapter> Infantry Character. Tactical Resource dictates that you can only take one of these per detachment in a Battle-Forged Army and Command Authority grants you +1CP on a 5+ in your Command Phase if this model is on the field. The amazing part of this model is the Command Uplink aura; if you have a Captain or Lieutenant on the field, <Chapter> units within 6" of this model also count as being within range of their re-roll aura. Not a bad model by any means at 90pts.
    • Your stats may be tougher, but you're not a Character; you're vulnerable to being sniped by a lascannon if this model is out in the open. Positioning is the most important thing for this model, so hide it behind cover and use the larger model footprint to project a bigger aura in your gunline while you have a smash Captain and Lieutenant Deep Strike for melee combat elsewhere in the field.
  • Rhino Primaris (Legends): One half of the extraordinarily-limited edition Command Tank duo. The Rhino Primaris distinguishes itself from the basic Rhino in several ways. That statline is exactly the same and it's restricted to transporting six models. It's retained the 8th edition Smoke Launcher rule so it's not limited to a stratagem; once per game it can fire it's smoke launchers instead of shooting, and enemy shooting attacks against this model suffer -1 to their hit rolls. Another 8th edition holdover is the Rhino Self-Repair rule that also got lost from the basic Rhino on the way to 9th, so it heals one lost wound on a d6 roll of 1 at the start of your turn. Weaponry is a twin plasma gun (don't overcharge unless you want a chance to kill yourself) and an optional hunter-killer missile. Now, the good shit. Its Orbital Comms Array can be used once per game. Pick a spot on the battlefield, roll a d6 for each unit within d6" of that point, and subtract 1 from the result if a unit is a Character; each 4+ inflicts d3 mortal wounds. Finally, the Servo-Skull Hub is activated in your shooting phase and you can pick one of three options to happen to a target within 12"; one <Chapter> unit within 12" gains +1 to their hit rolls when shooting, one <Chapter> Vehicle regains one lost wound, or one <Chapter> unit within 12" subtracts 1 from a Morale Test.
    • The plasma guns still have the "hit rolls of 1 to explode" qualifier, not "hit rolls of unmodified 1". It goes against the interpretation of Imperial plasma weaponry, but it could use the Servo-Skull Hub on itself to gain +1 to their hit rolls and be immune to exploding if you overcharge the twin plasma guns. Quite frankly though, this is better off being used on a dedicated shooting unit like Eradicators, Hellblasters, or Devastators though.
    • Positioning is important, but it's even more important with the Rhino Primaris. If you camp it behind a ruin that's somewhat central, flying units and other assets fighting in the vicinity all become viable options for the servo-skull hub. Imagine an overhead Stormraven flying in, getting tagged by the Rhino Primaris, and then vomiting its weapons onto an enemy. Hitting enemy targets with BS2+ anti-tank weaponry from nowhere? That's the value of positioning.
    • The orbital bombardment is potentially rather disappointing, so it may be worth it to keep a CP for a re-roll when determining the blast radius.
    • At 74pts, this model is cheaper than the Damocles and +1 to hit rolls on one unit is arguably better than a re-roll-hit-rolls-of-1 Aura in smaller games. If you're looking for a good base for a conversion, the Damocles Rhino from Forge World is a good start anyway, so get yourself one of those and pick-and-choose which command Rhino you want between games.
  • Land Raider Excelsior (Legends): The Rhino Primaris' bigger half. A Land Raider with a 5++ invulnerable save, the 8th edition Smoke Launcher rules (see Rhino Primaris entry), and the now-useless Power of the Machine spirit rule but NOT keyword. Anywho, this model has the 8th edition Captains Rites of Battle Aura built-in to allow all <Chapter> units within 6" re-rolls to hit rolls of 1, and not just Core units. Its own Data Augurs rule grants it +1 to hit rolls if it's within 24" of a Rhino Primaris too, which is pretty neat. Transport capacity is ten models with the standard limits. Weaponry is two twin lascannons and a grav-cannon with grav-amp (24", heavy 4, S5, AP-3, D1, becomes Dd3 against targets with Sv3+ or better). Optionally, you can bolt a storm bolter AND multi-melta AND hunter-killer missile AND Excelsior combi-plasma (a combi-plasma that only inflicts one mortal wound against the user on a hit roll of 1 instead of outright killing them).
    • Comparisons to a Land Raider Phobos; the Phobos is 285pts and the Excelsior is 295pts (200pts in Legends + 2x40pts for the lascannons in CA20 + 15pts for the grav cannon/amp in CA20). Those 10pts get you a 5++, Captain Aura, and BS2+ if a Rhino Primaris is within 24". Even without the Primaris, this model is a goddamn bargain, but unfortunately in the crowded HQ slot.

Forge World Characters

Special Characters are noted with their corresponding <CHAPTER> keyword, and are arranged by their Founding (when applicable). Characters from known successor chapters are in their relevant sections because supplements make that kind of matter now. The points cost for all special characters already includes their wargear, as stated in the points section, under the points heading in the codex (or index/Legends if not in the codex). All other units say "does not include wargear" except special characters where it says "including wargear".

Astral Claws

Either Ultramarines or Dark Angels successors, with no great way to decide between the two; your fluffiest bet is Ultramarines since they make the better bikers anyhow. Although if we look at their Chapter Tactics before 8th, White Scars is the best substitute for a melee-focused rush(if allowed to ignore Successor chapter restrictions). Astral Claws love mortal wounds, have I said that enough? Successor Tactics: Hungry for Battle, Master Artisans, Rapid Assault

  • Lugft Huron: Chapter Master, with terminator armour, an artificer heavy flamer (Assault, not Heavy, and D1d3), and THE ONE PIMP HAND TO RULE THEM ALL (S+1 AP-5 D1d3, forces rerolls of successful invulns)! "Big Guns Never Tire" ensures he can bring the hurt once per game to anything on the board that's not a character (d6 mortal wounds on a 2+, or usually 2.92). He can come back from the dead... as often as you can roll a 5+. But he is decently priced at 170 points. Still better in combat than Draigo (who's more expensive), and could even take on Abbadon/Swarmlord (not really he is A4). He still has ATSKNF and his chapter master trait allowing rerolls to hit for any Astral Claws unit within six inches for support. Forge World FAQ gave him and Cullen the ability to deploy via teleporting.
    • 'Ol Lugft you salty bastard! Take note of this dudes special rule (Big Guns Never Tire) and how well it combines with the rest of the Astartes codex. Lugft Huron is the king of mortal wound spam in a very mortal wound spamming prone army. You have to get creative: I'm talking triple vindicators, librarians, scout snipers, scout bikers, devastators using double hellfire shells, all the other command stratagems, AND a Damocles Command Rhino which doesn't even need Lufgt to ride in for another Orbital Bombardment!!! (you're already using forge world so...) You will be that guy to a degree, but this is all totally legal and really just very good tactics. Enjoy frying anything from Magnus to carnifexes all with comfortable ease.
      • BE sure to load up on command points and consider a brigade because this play-style while quite good, is very command point taxing.
  • Armenneus Valthex: Techmarine, with an Assault 2 Conversion Beamer, an AP-1 melee weapon that adds 1d3 attacks when at least 3 enemy models are within 1" of him, and a 6" buff of +1 strength (max 5) to boltguns and storm bolters, specifically. Give Valthex the Storm of Fire warlord trait and 1 in 6 bolter shots become heavy bolter shots.
    • Note that hurricane bolters are not specifically storm bolters or boltguns.
    • As his rule reads The Strength characteristic of all boltguns and storm bolters fired by [...] an argument could be made that this also includes special issue boltguns. The word "all" wouldn't make any sense otherwise.
    • Pairing him with a Lieutenant still has the exact same effect as pairing him with a Captain, with or without Storm of Fire.
    • This guy screams for running Astral Claws as Ultramarine successors as his special rule and Scions of Guilliman gives great synergy with a high number of Tacticals/Sternguards/Company Veterans under Tactical Doctrine and Bolter Discipline. While long-range focused footsloggers might not be true to their fluff, it doesn't stop them from being quite good at it. Pair with Long-range Marksman and Stealthy.
  • Captain Corien Sumatris:(legends) Captain; still a good cost-effective melee fighter/buffer, his power sword does D2 and give +D3 attacks on the charge; combined with his ability to gain +1 to wound roll when attacking enemy CHARACTERS, this makes him a mini-me Helbrecht, although he might be tougher with his 3++. His gun is a lame Pistol 2 Ap-2 now, despite still being called a Bolter. Also has the unique ability to choose his chapter keyword between Astral Claws and Tiger Claws, the latter of which will never be taken, because it disallows other Astral Claws characters from being taken.
  • Arch-Centurion Carnac Commodus:(legends) Lieutenant, and improved greatly now; his CC weapon hits as hard as a Heavy Bolter with D2 and vs. INFANTRY every 6+ to-wound does a Mortal Wound, combined with a 6" for Core units to reroll one hit and wound roll when they fight makes him another good melee beatstick/buffer for Astral Claws. He also gets a 5++ invul because that's what Void Hardened Armour does now.
    • See above Lugft Huron. Astral Claws love mortal wounds Bitchez!!

Red Scorpions

Probably loyalist Emperor's Children successors; Forgeworld suggests using Ultramarines Chapter Tactics. Successor Tactics: Indomitable, Stalwart, Stoic, Warded

  • Lord High Commander Carab Culln (FW Legends): Chapter Master. Stats-wise, of the level of other CMs here and in the main book, 9th edition has made him more consistent. An AP-2 D2 storm bolter, and a S+2, AP-2, D2 power sword that becomes Sx2 against Monsters and Vehicles. His personal aura gives every Red Scorpion within 6" a 6+ ignore lost wounds roll.
    • Interestingly, his aura just flat-out states Red Scorpions, and not the usual Infantry/Core/Character stipulation.
    • Overall, he's not bad, but has a sword that most of the time is simply average, and a gun that works but you aren't paying a couple hundred points for. Seems to excel against other Marines given all his D2 weapons. Stick him in a fight vs Tyranids or similar and he'll prove his worth, but in comparison to the other chapter master level characters he's not quite focused enough in one area to do a job well enough, plus he's still the same points cost as the rest of them.
  • Carab Culln the Risen: The same guy as above, but slapped in a freakin' Leviathan Dreadnought. Twin assault cannon, three hunter-killer missiles, and two heavy flamers make up most of his weaponry. His Tarsus Scorpi is a siege-claw style weapon, being Sx2, AP-3, D4, and also has a built-in heavy bolter that can fire at targets within 1" without the usual penalty (a bit of a step-down from the previous Death Hold rule). He has the Character and Smokecreen Keywords, a 5+ invulnerable, the Captain aura (Red Scorpion Core units within 6" re-roll hit rolls of 1), and the 9th edition Dreadnought rule Duty Eternal (incoming damage is reduced by 1 to a minimum of 1).
    • He's lost his old 6+ FNP aura, but that's still available in his Legends Terminator form.
    • Like most Dreadnoughts, Culln the Risen seems a little... Schizophrenic. His flamers and assault cannons want to target hordes, while his hunter-killers and claw want to beat up bigger things.
    • While he's still a Character, he has over ten wounds, meaning no hiding him behind a wall of thirty Scouts to kamikaze up the field.
    • His number of wounds also prohibits him from jumping in a Dreadnought Drop Pod or a Storm Raven, so he's pretty limited to an 8" waddle.
    • Compared to a storm cannon + siege-claw + triple missile Leviathan (245pts), for an extra 20pts, you gain +1WS, +1BS, +1A, the Captain aura, and no Relic keyword, meaning you won't pay one CP just for having him in your detachment.
  • Magister Sevrin Loth: Chief Librarian. As a Chief Librarian, he can cast two Librarius powers and deny three. He has an innate 4+ invulnerable save and one Red Scorpion Core unit re-rolls failed wound rolls against Psykers. His unique force axe is S+2, AP-2, D3 (improved upon the Dd3 regular force axes are), and Psykers that fail a save against this weapon suffer an additional Mortal Wound.
    • No longer the god that he was in seventh edition, he's been toned down to reasonable. He sees best use when escorting a headhunter squad of your own choice going after enemy wizards.
  • Casan Sabius: New Chapter Master who has inherited the Blade of the Scorpion that's somehow different from Culln's Terminator form; S+1 (Sx2 vs monsters/vehicles), AP-3, Dd3). He has a 2+/4++ save, Captain aura, and Chapter Master ability. FW have change his unique rule, where now you just pick a Red Scorpion Core or Character unit and they gain +1A.
    • Unlike OG Culln, this dude wants to smack Monsters and Vehicles. He's not in Terminator armour so you'll need to Transport him to get there, but you also have more transport options available to you.


Said to have "chimeric" gene-seed, but given their melee preference your fluffiest bet is Black Templars; however, if you field Moloc, Iron Hands is a good choice instead to represent being rock-hard in melee. Whirlwind of Rage should be considered while FW chose Duelists + Stalwart.

  • Lord Asterion Moloc: Chapter Master. The Lord Master of the Minotaurs is no longer the Marine killer he was before, but he's still a horrifyingly effective character. Sitting at a 1+/4+++ with W7, he is harder to take down than some vehicles. His Black Spear makes a return at S+2, -3 AP, and 3 Damage. The spear's lasbeam is no longer single-use, meaning he can fire that sexy, sexy S8 -3 AP D3 weapon all he likes. he gives the usual Chapter Master buff and also gives his Minotaur infantry re-rolls to failed charges. Even if your opponent, somehow, makes it through all those saves in a charge, he gets to pile in and get off those attacks, making melee with him under any circumstance risky at best.
    • Pairing his re-roll failed charges special rule with the Hungry for Battle Successor Tactic (+1" to charge and advance) gives you a ~66% chance on a successful charge after deep striking.
  • Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi: The Minotaur chaplain character. A foot slogging Chaplin with a Grenade launcher, power fist, and Crozius that ignores invuln saves. Do ask yourself when you take him though... did you really WANT to pay 23 points to double the range of the otherwise completely normal frag and krak grenades. Yes, aside from that he boasts an extra attack and an extra wound, compared to normal, so maybe those 23 points have not been spent in vain.
  • Hecaton Aiakos: A character contemptor dreadnought - an Elites choice, but can't be your Warlord. Sporting 13 wounds, a 2+/4++ save, and the ability to ignore wounds on a 6+, he and Moloc apparently both believe that defense is the best offense. Not that either is lacking in that regard. He sports a heavy plasma cannon with all the pain that entails as well as the standard Dreadnought combat weapon. Groundstrike allows him to immediately inflict mortal wounds on a unit in 1" of him if he charged. Also worth mentioning is that, as a RELIC, he gives access to the Relic of Ancient Glory stratagem. All this will set you back in points, however, beating out even Huron for sheer points. Additionally, he can never be your Warlord. But he sure kicks ass. Just let him stay around Moloc for the sweet sweet re-rolls and unleash the moo-moo.

Note that being a Character he can get a trait while not being Warlord, though it would cost you CP to do so and there might be other candidates, but hey, Sword of the Imperium sounds glorious on him

    • Use the WHITE SCARS chapter tactic so Aiakos can fall back and charge and keep dealing out mortal wounds.
  • Sergeant Hamath Kraatos: The FAQ basically tells you to drop this guy from the game, and instead use the model to represent a generic Devastator.

Star Phantoms
These guys are DEFINITELY nothing like the Exorcists, and all rumors you have heard that they are successors to the Dark Angels are BLATANTLY FALSE AND HERETICAL PROPAGANDA, PREPARE TO BE PURGED. As their founding chapter is DEFINITELY AND TOTALLY UNKNOWN, treating them as an Unknown Founding chapter makes the most sense for Tactics.

  • Captain Zhrukhal Androcles: (Legends) Captain. Lost his ability to take Devastators as elites and heavy support. Is identical to a vanilla captain statline wise. He comes with Stonefist, which is a named thunder hammer with +1D, and a combi-melta. has 95pts.

These guys are particularly interesting because they're a Codex Chapter founded by a non-Codex chapter which has no Chapter Tactics rule. As their founding Chapter is considered to be unknown by most of the Imperium, they get a free choice of Chapter Tactics like any other Chapter of unknown origin. Grey Knights additionally have absolutely no rules in their Codex or Index section covering how to field their successors. Your fluffiest choice of tactic will probably be, as the Blood Ravens, to dynamically choose your tactic after finding out your opponents' faction, as that is how the Chapter fights in the fluff and no game rule bans it. Successor Tactics: Knowledge is Power & Warded (known for getting possessed and then exorcising the Daemons).

  • Captain Silas Alberec: (Legends) Captain who can Deny the Witch. Also comes with S5, a named power fist (for that sweet S10), in the form of a sigil-etched, barbed power mace, (x2 Ap-3 Dd3 that does flat D3 to a Psyker or Daemon_, and a S6 D2 bolt pistol. Best for pounding enemies into beefsteak at melee.

Blood Ravens
Not confined to use Stalwart + Knowledge is Power turns out that was just an example of the tactics you can use as successors. Successors to whom, nobody knows, so you can do whatever you want.

  • Gabriel Angelos: That's right, Gabe's finally made his official debut on the tabletop, sporting his Dawn of War III look. (sadly, the C.S.Goto-style acrobatic feats he displays in the game do not get represented in the rules). THE TERMIE FLIP IS BACK BABY, in the form of an ability: Leap into the Fray - upon successful charge a roll of 4+ deals d3 MWs. He's a Chapter Master in Terminator Armour and an Iron Halo, so he has a 2+/4++ save along with 6" movement and the ability to teleport onto the battlefield.
    • As for goodies, he comes with his signature Daemon Hammer, Godsplitter, allowing him to choose one of the following 2 profiles in combat: Mighty Strikes is a standard Thunder Hammer statline, with the addition of dealing an additional Mortal Wound whenever you roll a 6+ on the wound roll. The second profile, Sweeping Blows, grants Gabe +3 attacks on top of his 5 base, at str+2 ap-1 d1 without the -1 penalty to hit, for your GEQ killing needs. Additionally, he has an improved version of Chapter Master that allows rerolls for ALL hit rolls, even successful ones. Compared to his previous Forge World rules, he, unfortunately, lost his access to grenades.
    • Naturally, he's best off rolling with Relic Terminators. While utterly genericized from what once was, it at least gives you a squad that actually keeps up with Gabe and can provide some much-needed firepower.
    • At 150 points, he can be a bit hard to fit into smaller lists.


With the new FOC's, it is possible to make a Battle-Forged list without any Troops at all... but you do need them for CP. Troops are usually where one turns for numbers, as in 9E the player with the most models within 3" of an objective can claim it. You have a lot of options for Troops but they're actually decent this edition. Your basic defensive statline is MEQ with T4, W2, Sv3+, making them quite durable against most enemy small-arms; However, there are no shortage of weapons with S5+ and D2, like autocannons, plasma, and 9th edition has made the ever-common heavy bolter D2.

  • Tactical Squad: CORE, 18pts per model. No longer your default choice for Troops tax, Tacs are still viable but require more forethought compared with Intercessors. Heavy weapons are easier to use now as they get less penalties for moving and unlimited split fire exists. This edition encourages you to take them as MSU; less morale vulnerability and multiple units can fit in the same transport. Two five-man units fit inside a Rhino, giving two Sarge's with Combi-weapons plus two special/heavy weapon guys as opposed to the three a regular ten-man squad have.
    • When deciding between Tacticals and Intercessors, you must consider their intended role as barebones they're your worst Troops choice. The main advantage over Intercessors are the ability to take special/heavy weapons, so use them as they're far worse in shooting (without the unique weapons) and melee than Intercessors for what's now basically the same points cost.They can also take Rhinos/Razorbacks, and Firstborn transports tend to be more affordable than Primaris, especially if all you want is a cheap, speedy box instead of an expensive tank which will inevitably draw fire.
    • Tacticals generally lose out on stratagems as many only work with Primaris; and while dropping defensive strats on Troops is usually a waste of points the lack of Transhuman Physiology might make the difference between holding and losing an objective. One area where Tacticals do have the advantage is mortal wound stratagems; Melta Bombs, Hellfire Shells and Flakk missiles are all possibilities, and can kick out a surprising amount of damage.
    • As a rule of thumb, point rebalances make heavy weapons better choices than special weapons, as even when at a penalty from moving they kick out more damage. The only exception is Assault-type weapons which can shoot after advancing, but since this means your bolters can't fire it often isn't worth it anyway.
  • Flamer: 12" of cheap horde-killing and decent for deterring charges. Unless the rest of your squad is dead, you'll usually get better results sitting in cover with another gun and firing your bolters than advancing and firing this even if you double up with a combi. Since there's no heavy version for most <Chapters>, this is often all you get if you want flamers
  • Grav-Gun: 18" of MEQ-killing. Same price as the heavy version, but half the shots at best and lacks the range of bolters so if you're abusing your rapid fire range advantage you might not even be able to fire it anyway. Plus, as Rapid Fire and not Assault you can't even justify it by Advancing to turn a corner and get line of sight on a target. Never, ever take this.
  • Meltagun: 12" sucker-punch for Vehicles and Monsters. The only reason to take this is if you're doubling up with a combi-melta on the Sergeant, and even then you'll only get better results if you have to move to get line-of-sight on a target.
    • Within a five-man squad, let's compare the advancing combi-melta + meltagun vs moving multi-melta. Both combinations fire two shots, and suffer -1 to their hit rolls for advancing and firing an assault weapon and moving and firing a heavy weapon respectively. The advancing assault meltas gives you a 19-24" threat range (6" move + d6" advance + 12" range) for an 13-18" potential +2D range, while the moving heavy melta gives a 30" threat range (6" move + 24" range) and the same 18" melta range.
  • Plasma Gun: 24" of MEQ-killing. Just 5pts cheaper than the heavy version, but loses blast so it's a worse horde-killer and on average will only break even against single targets at half range. Changes to Gets Hot mean it's a waste of points: safe plasma is outclassed by grav weaponry, and Overcharging is a bad idea because without rerolls you'll blow yourself up in short order and Tactical squads just don't put out enough damage to justify a re-roll babysitter.
  • Grav-Cannon: 30" of premiere MEQ-killing, now just 10pts! It's better than the heavy bolter or a safe plasma cannon at mulching MEQs due to its stats, and far safer than an overcharged plasma cannon without a re-roll babysitter. If you want to kill heavy infantry, this should be your go-to choice.
  • Heavy Bolter: A 36" sidegrade to to grav-cannon. Lower AP and flat D2 instead of only versus models with a 3+ save make it better for dealing with poor-save multi-wound models like Daemons or Monsters, but one fewer shot makes it weaker versus MEQs and the extra 6" range often makes no difference as it's beyond your bolter range anyway.
  • Lascannon: 48" of premiere tank-hunting power, now just 15pts! Forces opponents to spread fire across multiple units to get rid of your tank-busting and gives you a backup if your heavy support gets ganked early on. A great choice for Salamanders/Iron Hands, whose free re-roll is more efficient on single high-power rolls than which rely on volume of fire.
  • Missile launcher: 48" of versatility. Worse than lascannons against Monsters and Vehicles, worse than heavy bolters and grav-cannons against Infantry, but a reliable choice against both. A versatile weapons which gives you options as your unit count dwindles, and so always worth your consideration.
    • The Flakk Missile stratagem gives you a surprisingly potent AA punch, if you need it.
  • Multi-Melta: 24" of devastation. Lacks the range of the Lascannon but makes up for it in sheer damage. The 9th edition heavy 2 upgrade and Dd6+2 melta re-write means this is absolutely worth it on your mid-field units in comparison to the lascannon, but necessitates a transport and WILL attract massive amounts of fire (making for a great potential DISTRACTION unit!). A great choice for Salamanders/Iron Hands, whose free re-roll is more efficient on single high-power rolls than which rely on volume of fire.
  • Plasma cannon: 36" of completely wasted points. Multi-meltas and lascannons will do better against vehicles and grav-cannons will more reliably chew through MEQs if you don't overcharge. Overcharged it's still worse versus Vehicles and without a babysitter you've got an almost 50/50 chance of blowing yourself up if you fire all three shots. Even with babysitters, it's still around an 8% chance and honestly? A babysitter isn't well-spent on a single heavy weapon when they could be buffing four times that in a unit of Devastators or whatever. Avoid.
  • Intercessor Squad: CORE, 20pts per model. The bigger boys. Had become the go-to for a high damage output Troop choice with their buffs and Stratagems. Compared to Tacticals, you're getting an extra point of AP and 6" of range on their guns and +1A in melee for just 2pts more per model, as well as more flexibility over their role with bolt rifle variants (see below). With A2, plus Shock Assault, plus an A3 Sergeant who can be equipped with a power sword, chainsword, power fist, or thunder hammer, they aren't hopeless in a melee. Even basic Intercessors come with a bolt pistol sidearm, so they actually get three S4, AP0, D1 attacks each if they're locked in melee. In addition, each bolt rifle can slap on an auxiliary grenade launcher, buffed to let you fire a grenade up to 30" as an assault weapon instead of a grenade weapon, meaning you can fire a grenade at the same time as using the bolt rifle.
    • Intercessors are usually more durable on the tabletop than they appear on paper. Unlike Tactical Squads, Intercessors don't have weapons which tend to draw fire from the enemy. This means your opponent will generally only fire at Intercessors with anti-chaff weapons, especially if you have Vehicles or other multi-wound models about. As long as the Intercessors have cover, they're rolling 2+ saves on T4, with two wounds per model, which is much better than you really need to survive most anti-infantry firepower. When brawling over an objective with other skirmishers, they are easily underestimated; the extra attack means they're effectively two Tacticals rolled into one model while not looking much more threatening. This leads to some mop-up charges getting stuck and worn down, or even being wiped out entirely thanks to Shock Assault.
    • With improvements to various weapons (especially the melta weapons) and the additional wound on Tactical Marines, the gap between these two units has closed. Although the Tacticals have inferior bolters versus Intercessors bolt rifles, their special/heavy weapon options allow them a decent amount of versatility with the same durability. They don't hit as hard in close combat, but we're essentially comparing two butter knife attacks vs three butter knife attacks (assuming Shock Assault), though there are ways to boost Intercessors combat effectiveness so the extra attack shouldn't be discounted. It should also be noted that the increase in AP between 0 to 1 is a much larger increase in AP than 1 to 2 when Tactical Doctrine hits. Also with the 9th ed. Codex, most Infantry-focused stratagems no longer work on Firstborn Marines, only effecting Primaris. So things like Transhuman Physiology and the Rapid Fire stratagems won't work on your Tacticals anymore. So if CP are plentiful enough, Primaris can still likely outperform Tacticals in most situations. Especially now that they are almost the same cost.

The bolt rifle is the basic small arm, with 30" Rapid Fire 1 S4 AP-1 D1, and is the only one that benefits from Bolter Discipline. This gun strikes the best middle ground between the guns, letting you punch holes against forces like Eldar.

The stalker bolt rifle has harder hitting rounds, being 36" heavy 1 S4 AP-2 D2. This makes it the pick of choice against other marines and bruisers like Tyranid Warriors, but you're sacrificing both Bolter Discipline and the fact that you'll only benefit from Devastator Doctrine, which only works on Turn 1 unless you're Dark Angels or Deathwatch.

The auto bolt rifle 24", assault 3 S4 AP0 D1, making it far more mobile in exchange for range. If you're planning on bringing them closer to the front and gunning down weaker mobs, then you'll be best served by this gun.

  • Assault Intercessor Squad: CORE, 19pts per model. Similar to the guys above, but built for melee rather than ranged combat - naturally, this means they're much worse when actually assaulting, since they can't even carry assault weapons. AP-1 chainswords mean they butcher light Infantry with four attacks on the charge, and an 18" AP-1 bolt pistol can threaten Infantry at medium range as well. The Sergeant can swap his pistol for a plasma pistol or hand flamer, while being able to replace his chainsword with a power sword, thunder hammer, or power fist.
    • Black Templars love these guys, but White Scars prefer regular Intercessors with auto bolt rifles and a Sergeant kitted for melee.
  • Heavy Intercessor Squad: CORE, 28pts per model. The biggest boys in Gravis armour. Gravis makes them very durable, giving them T5 and W3, on top of a higher damage output.
    • Quick comparisons: The standard five-man Heavy Intercessor Squad is 140pts, giving you fifteen T5 wounds and five S5 guns. With those points, you can have seven Intercessors (fourteen T4 wounds and seven S4 guns) or eight Tacticals (sixteen T4 wounds and inferior guns, but you can swap bodies for special/heavy weapons to keep the the same pts cost).
    • At T5 and Sv3+, they're extremely durable and likely one of the best objective holders for their points cost (Custodes with storm shields will obviously hold better, but cost staggeringly more). Most armies' S4 anti-chaff will bounce off, while weapons purpose-built for gibbing Tacticals/Primaris tend to be D2 or Dd3, meaning twice the shots to bring them down and plenty of wasted wounds; Three D2 wounds will kill three normal Intercessors, but only one Heavy Intercessor.
      • Iron Hands and Raven Guard Heavy Intercessors will be extremely efficient regarding durability as opposed to the other Gravis units.
    • S5 weapons and the ability to add one flavour of Primaris heavy bolter means they're well-suited to camping objectives, particularly as per-point they're shitty melee fighters likely to get bogged down in assault. However, don't be afraid to throw them into melee! If your opponent knows they're shitty brawlers they might not be expecting it, and their stats mean they're great for bogging down enemy units, giving your other units time and space to move.

36", rapid fire 1, S5, AP-1, D1 is a decent balance of all stats, while also affected by Bolter Discipline. If the squad is equipped with heavy bolt rifles, one Heavy Intercessor per five can swap their heavy bolt rifle for a heavy bolter, which is heavy 3 and D2 in comparison.

30", assault 3, S5, AP0, D1. The range makes moving irrelevant unless you're trying to move and advance 5" + d6" towards an objective, thus meaning that the -1 to hit could be worth it. Hellstorm heavy bolters are 30", heavy 4, S5, AP0, D2, and thus can't be fired if you advance to make full use of the hellstorm bolt rifle, but you can always walk or even stand still - 3 shots at AP 0 is better than 2 shots at AP-1 against save 4+ or worse and breaks even against 3+, and while walking the rapid fire competition doesn't get bolter discipline, so all told, the Hellstorm rifle is usually better than the Heavy rifle. Similar logic applies to the heavy weapon choice: going from 3 shots to 4 and AP-1 to AP0 is better against saves 5+ or worse and breaks even against 4+. All of these numbers proceed by 1 under an AP buff, like from the current doctrine: the assault rifle is better than rapid, even while standing still, against 3+ or better, breaking even at 2+, while the heavy hellstorm becomes better at 4+, breaking even at 3+. However, it bears noting that no doctrine applies to both rapid fire and heavy or assault and heavy at the same time.

42", heavy 1, S5, AP-2, D2 is the Fuck Marines option, but you lose accuracy on the move, Bolter Discipline, and fire rate at short ranges (making you more vulnerable to Deep Strikes and units getting close to engage in melee). The executor heavy bolter is a 42", heavy 2, S5, AP-2, D3 monster, with a decent chance at dealing the finishing blow to bigger targets as well as outright killing Terminators. Significantly, this is the only option that lets the entire unit be buffed by a doctrine at once - the whole unit will get better AP on your first turn.

  • Infiltrator Squad: CORE, 24pts per model. The in-between of Scouts and Intercessors, filling the role of Vanguard troops that are excellent at area denial. They're armed with marksman bolt carbines, which are essentially boltguns that auto-wound on unmodified hit rolls of 6. They have Concealed Positions and their Omni-scramblers prevent Deep Strikes within 12" (thus nullifying Deep Strike charges and flamers). One model can be either an Apothecary-Cadet to reduce the damage of the first failed saving throw each turn to 0 (remember, your opponent is free to shoot you with low-damage weapons first to pop this, then switch to high-damage ones) or a Comms Specialist to count as always being in range of a Phobos Captain and/or Lieutenant aura if those models are on the field (still waiting to deep strike, in a transport, etc will still not work). With MEQ resilience, they're better speedbumps than Scouts, and now that Scouts are Elites for some reason, you have no alternatives. Like Intercessors, they can struggle to be more than keep-away units and pregame objective holders, using the Smokescreen Stratagem for protection.
    • Remember, all effects that trigger on 6 to hit stack, so if you have the Imperial or Crimson Fists chapter tactic, a 6 to hit means an auto wound plus a rolled wound.
    • With access to full re-rolls, such as from a nearby chapter master (the comms array won't work) or a phobos librarian or what have you, you can choose to re-roll successes in the hopes of more sixes. Ordinarily, this is only worth it if you only wound on a 6+ (regardless of re-rolling 1s or all to wound), but if you increase to BS2+ (such as from a Chaplain shouting at the unit, or Crimson Fists shooting at something outnumbering them), then it's also worth it on a 5+ to wound, unless you can fully re-roll the wounds as well.
      • If you're curious, stacking all three rules (+1 to hit, 6s to hit auto-wound, 6s to hit generate a hit that rolls to wound) is so powerful that it becomes always worth it to re-roll successes to hope for 6s, no matter how easy or difficult to wound the target is.
  • Incursor Squad: CORE, 21pts per model. The jack-of-all-trades of Vanguard Space Marines, able to infiltrate, provide support at range, and hold their own in melee. Occulus bolt carbines ignore cover and all ranged attacks these guys make (which means the carbines or a grenade) ignore hit/BS modifiers, making them the bane of enemy units that rely on stealth for armour saves or agility to avoid being hit. Their paired combat knives give them AP-1 in melee this edition, and they can also buy a single Haywire Mine to dissuade enemy charges with d3 mortal wounds (three mortal wounds if it was a Vehicle) 1/game.
    • Worse than Assault Intercessors for stabbin' (you don't get +1A from chainswords or the heavy bolt pistol to fire in melee), worse than Intercessors for shootin' (unless you're targeting cover/hit modifying units), and worse than Infiltrators for denyin' (no omni-scramblers). But they are the only one that can do all three jobs at once.


The Space Marine Elite slot gets work done and carries essential buffing character units like the Apothecary and Company Ancient, as well as a few exotic Forge World vehicles. Vastly improved with new codex, very powerful units await!

Infantry Characters

  • Ancient: A support Aura Character that's important to big blobs. The banner has a 6" Aura that adds +1Ld to all <Chapter> Core units and if models in a unit within 6" die, you get a 4+ chance for them to get off one more round of shooting or one close combat before removing that model from the battlefield. Out of phase shooting is great, and Marine Infantry die quite a bit in practice.
    • Combining with an Apothecary has been killed off somewhat, with the revival aspect of his Narthecium being moved to a 1CP stratagem unless you take the Chief Apothecary upgrade.

+1PL and +20pts. Any Infantry blob, be they Deep Striking or waddling, will enjoy having this guy nearby. Not available to Blood Angels, you have the Sanguinary Ancient.

  • Ability - Chapter Banner: During the Command Phase, one <Chapter> Core unit within 6" gains +1 to hit rolls with melee weapons until the start of your next Command Phase.
  • Warlord Trait - Steadfast Example: Any <Chapter> Core units within 6" count as having Objective Secured.
  • Relic - Pennant of the Fallen: Friendly models that make a melee attack as part of the Astartes Banner ability make two attacks instead of one.

Cheapest base model. As an Elite-choice Marine Character, he has W4 and A3. Comes with a bolt pistol that you can and should swap for a different pistol, combi-weapon, or melee weapon. Like other Firstborn Elite Characters, he does not take up an Elite slot if you include a Company Veteran Squad.

Same as a Company Ancient, but with +1W and +1A. Comes with a bolt rifle in addition to the pistol, but his wargear is fixed. Easily worth the +5pts for footslogging or gunline babysitting, but obviously has issues with Transports like every other Primaris.

See that Primaris Ancient? He now trades his bolt rifle and bolt pistol for a heavy bolt pistol and a second aura giving +1 to hit to all Bladeguard units within 6".

If you want your banner to arrive anywhere on the board, you turn to this guy. As one might expect, the armour gives him +1W and a 2+/5++ save over his power-armoured counterpart, and he is locked into having a powerfist and storm bolter. An excellent choice for accompanying Terminators of all sorts out of Deep Strike.

88pts nets you M14", +1T, and +1W over your Firstborn Company Ancient (75pts). You also get a twin boltgun, bolt pistol, and chainsword as standard, but you can swap the bolt pistol for a boltgun, combi-weapon, melee weapon, or other pistol. You lose the Command Squad Ability (does not use an Elite slot if a company Veteran Squad is in the same detachment). Like other Bikers, he advances 6" instead of d6". Finally, his Company Banner affects all <Chapter> Infantry and Biker models (not units, just models) within 6", rather than <Chapter> Core units. Still has the Ancient keyword, so Chapter Ancient upgrade is still a possibility and you don't lose out on abilities like the Biker Apothecary does.

  • Costing him at 95pts and swapping his 8th edition Company Banner for the 9th edition version that reaches more models seems reasonable to me, but you start veering into homebrew tweaks then.
  • Apothecary: Much different from his 8th edition version. The Narthecium now lets <Chapter> Infantry or Biker units within 3" ignore lost wounds on a 6 and Combat Restoratives heals one <Chapter> Infantry or Biker model within 3" up to d3 lost wounds. There is also a stratagem that lets him resurrect one slain <Chapter> Infantry/Biker with full wounds. Combines great with high-end Infantry, bringing a Centurion Devastator back from the dead or healing the linchpin of your army's buff aura is invaluable.

+1PL and +15pts. Can heal Infantry and Bikers, but NOT the Invader ATV (FAQ 2021).

  • Ability - Chief Apothecary: Can use his healing ability twice per turn.
  • Warlord Trait - Selfless Healer: Heals three wounds instead of d3, and the Combat Revival stratagem costs 0CP when used on this model.
  • Relic - Acquittal: Replaces bearer's bolt pistol or absolvor bolt pistol. 18" pistol 1 S5 AP-3 D2, wounds Infantry on a 2+ and becomes D4 against Infantry.

As an Elite-choice Marine Character, he has W4 and A3. Can't swap out his weapons, so he's stuck with a bolt pistol and chainsword. Like other Firstborn Elite Characters, he does not take up an Elite slot if you include a Company Veteran Squad.

+5pts for +1W, +1A, and improved pistols: the reductor pistol, which is 3", pistol 1, S4, AP-4, D2, and the absolvor pistol, which is 18", pistol 1, S5, AP-1, D2. He's a great choice if you want to go for an all-Primaris army. While he won't enjoy being in melee, four attacks without Shock Assault means he won't do terribly against basic melee models if he gets caught, he can still fire his rather-powerful pistols at targets within 1", and he can still use his Apothecary rules.

+5pts for M14", +1T, and +1W, with a twin boltgun, chainsword, and bolt pistol. Very outdated and under costed for what you get, especially as they retain the old Narthecium rules (heal one Infantry/Biker model within 3" for d3 wounds or revive one Infantry/Biker model on a 4+ with one wound left). Still has the Apothecary keyword, so can be made into a Chief Apothecary. HOWEVER, he does not have the Combat Restoratives ability to use twice, thus negating the Chief Apothecary ability and one-half of the Selfless Healer Warlord Trait.

  • Recommend bumping to 100pts to keep up with 9th edition inflation and swapping the 8th edition Narthecium for the 9th edition Narthecium and Combat Restorative abilities.
  • Company Champion: He can't bodyguard, but he's WS2+ and A4 compared to his Command Squad friends. Honour or Death grants him a 6" Heroic Intervention range as long as it's towards an enemy unit. Martial Superiority allows him to fight first against enemy Characters within 1". A bolt pistol, master-crafted power sword (S+1, AP-3, D2) and combat shield (+1 to armour saves and a 5++ invulnerable save) make up his wargear.
    • The extended Heroic Intervention range makes him a decent deterrent in a gunline and his innate melee skills and damage output make him good as part of a death star.
    • Neither Company Champions nor any of the Chapter Champion variants can keep up with thunder hammer Company Veterans (in terms of damage output), so their main benefit is a defensive role due to being Characters.
    • You have so many Warlord Trait and Relic options that this guy will benefit from. Imperium's Sword and Champion of Humanity traits help him be a beatstick, and the Chapter Champion Martial Exemplar helps him as a supporting unit for melee wrecking balls. As for Relics, where do we begin? Burning Blade and Chapter Champion Blade of Triumph help his damage output, and Armour Indomitus and Shield Eternal help his staying power.

+1PL and +15pts. Company Champions are meh, but the Chapter Champion is ruthlessly efficient at his job. Not available to Black Templars, you have the Emperor's Champion.

  • Ability - Chapter Champion: Becomes A5 and Ld9, re-rolls failed hit rolls against Characters, and enemy melee attacks against him suffer -1 to their hit rolls.
  • Warlord Trait - Martial Exemplar: Any <Chapter> Core or Character units within 6" gets to re-roll their charge distances.
  • Relic - Blade of Triumph: Replaces bearers master-crafted power sword. S+3, AP-3, D3.

As an Elite-choice Marine Character, he has four wounds. Like other Firstborn Elite Characters, he does not take up an Elite slot if you include a Company Veteran Squad. 55pts is a bargain and cheap enough that the Chapter Champion upgrade is almost always possible.

80pts (the biggest gap between Infantry vs Biker Command Squad characters) grants you M14", +1T, +1W, and turbo-boost, alongside a twin boltgun. Retained an 8th edition ability; Superlative Duellist allows you to re-roll hit and wound rolls against Characters in melee. However, he's also retained his 8th edition combat shield (5++ invulnerable only) and master-crafted power sword (SU instead of S+1).

  • Keep the points the same, but copy-paste his wargear and abilities to the 9th edition version if you want to keep-up. It's a Legends unit anyway, they're more for casual games.
  • Judiciar: The big scary beatstick introduced in Indomitus, they're functionally Primaris Champions but Chaplains-in-training in the fluff. WS2+, W5, A4, and Sv3+ are respectable Character stats. The executioner relic blade is like the best part of all the power weapons; S+3, AP-3, D2, and wound rolls of unmodified 6 inflict an additional mortal wound. Blade Parry grants him a 4++ invulnerable save against melee attacks, but his Tempormortis lets you pick one enemy unit within 3" to fight after all eligible units in your army have fought.
    • A very strong defensive Character, the infamous Tempormortis gives a serious debuff to enemy units that get too close. It's a shame the model looks derpy, with the cowboy hankerchief, chunky hourglass, and slutty off-the-shoulder robe.
  • Imperial Space Marine (Legends): Now a Character rather than just something you can substitute any Space Marine model for, which has it's pros and cons. Pros are better W and A, and Character keywords, Cons are losing the ablative wounds of an entire squad. Compared to an average Tactical, he's become W4, A3, Ld8. His disintegration weapons are straight-up nasty though. Both are S5, AP-3, Dd6 and come in a 9" pistol 1 weapon and as part of a 24" rapid fire 1 combi-weapon (so boltgun welded to it and -1 to hit rolls if you fire both the boltgun and disintegration gun in the same phase).
    • He is frustrating to use against T6+ Monsters and Vehicles, but against T5 models and less he's a straight thug killer. Three of these guys hopping out in rapid fire range of an enemy command unit will quickly put them down, and they're only 60pts each.

Infantry Squads

  • Scout Squad: CORE. Cheaper than Tactical Marines, with the same damage output but a 4+ save and 1 wound. In an effort to curb the Scout spam meta for Marines, they are no longer Troops. Concealed Positions allow them to cut off huge swathes of the board from enemy Deep Strikes early in the game and Outflank allows them to Deep Strike near a board edge. Boltguns, bolt pistol, and grenades make up their standard weaponry. The boltgun can be swapped for an Astartes shotgun (an 18" and assault 2 boltgun), sniper rifle (36", heavy 1, S4, AP-1, D1, hit rolls of unmodified 6 inflict an additional mortal wound and they can target Characters), or a combat knife (SU, AP0, D1, bearer gains +1A). The Sergeant can swap their boltgun/bolt pistol for the typical Sergeant things of melee, pistol, and combi-weapons. One Scout can swap their boltgun for a heavy bolter or missile launcher. Finally, any number of models can have a camo-cloak to give them +2 to their saves in cover instead of +1.
    • Since their banishment to the rather-crowded Elites section, don't expect them to be used for speed bumps as much in this edition. They're still cheap, but they don't contribute to Troops taxes. They're not as good at area denial as Infiltrators as they're much less durable, they're not as good at sniping as Eliminators, and their weapons aren't as good as Intercessors.
    • Scouts with Sniper Rifles are your army's cheapest source of, well, sniping. Just like in Rynn's World, a Scout with a sniper rifle is not going to kill an Ork Warboss, but they might take down the Pain Boy that supports him. With good range, a chance for mortal wounds, AP-1 now, and the ability to target Characters freely.
    • They can still use the flakk missile or hellfire shell stratagems, so they might have a good chance to spring a surprise d3 MW's on an enemy unit.
  • Reiver Squad: CORE. With new and old units taking up the role of Guardsman-munchers, Reivers got revamped with Stratagems to be the loyalist Night Lords they are described as. They have a -2Ld aura which pairs with the Terror Troops Stratagem to stop the enemy from scoring VP. Reivers come with an AP-2 bolt pistol for MEQ and a basic combat knife to blend GEQ with four attacks or they may swap to a 24" assault 2 bolter for some ranged support. Either way, You're likely to grind away most unaugment humanoids. For additional mobility, you can take Grav-Chutes for Deep Striking or Grapnel Launchers for Outflank and ignore vertical movement. Both of these synergise with the Stratagem to return them to reserves during the Movement Phase so they can ambush another unit trying to score points your next turn.
  • Veteran Intercessor Squad: CORE. Intercessors with +1A and +1Ld as the Veterans trademark. Like Troop Intercessors, the entire unit has bolt rifles, auto bolt rifles, stalker bolt rifles, or heavy bolt pistol and chainsword. This contrasts with the Bladeguard, who is all-in with melee and are the cheaper choice if you just want more Primaris that can benefit from Veteran Stratagems.
    • Kitting them for melee is a waste. For the same cost per model, you can take Vanguard Veterans with a lightning claw each that will outperform them in melee against anything. If you're going to take them, bring them as a shooting squad that has a bit of extra melee punch, not as a melee squad that's easily outclassed by better options.
    • If you're taking a Primaris-only force, then there are worse options for anti-horde melee. With five attacks each on the charge at AP-1, they will happily blend light infantry but may need a Transport to get there. Reivers have enough mobility to move without the Transport, have different options, -1A each and no AP.
  • Aggressor Squad: CORE. Got nerfed by losing their "shoot-twice-if-stationary" rules, but that was absurd from the start. Like all Mk. X Gravis models, Aggressors are T5 and W3 models built for heavy defence and advancing, with powerful short-range dakka as they would need when protecting an objective or your lines. Unlike other Gravis, they also have great close combat power with powerfists. They come stock with two flamers or two boltstorms (18" assault 3 bolters) and a frag grenade launcher (18", assault D6, blast bolters). Despite the removal of their rules, the 40 point flame version is still damn good and a better choice with the new 12" range. The Mk. X Gravis-exclusive stratagem gives them +1 to their saves against D1 attacks in one phase, as well as the Primaris-exclusive Gene-Wrought Might (auto-wound on hit rolls of UM6 in melee) and Transhuman Physiology (cannot be wounded on 2+ or 3+).
    • Shooty and choppy, they're balanced by their inability to get around easily. All other units in your army can either Deep Strike, Infiltrate, fly 12", bike 14", or ride Dedicated Transports like Rhinos, Drop Pods, and Impulsors. Aggressors may only ride ~300 pts Repulsors, so you'll have to either rely on Chapter-specific gimmicks or plant them somewhere and be on the defensive.
    • Assault Centurions comparison: Aggressors are cheaper and take up less transport space, that's pretty much it. Assault Centurions can pump out more S4 shooting (two flamers + hurricane bolter), ignore cover when shooting, hit harder and more often (Centurions hit on a 3+ with A3, S10, AP-4, D3 and Aggressors hit on a 4+ with A3, S8, AP-3, D2), and are more durable (Centurions W4 and Sv2+ vs Aggressors W3 and Sv3+). Regarding Transports, both units can only embark in the chunky Heavy Support tanks (Land Raiders and Repulsors).
    • Terminator comparison: Aggressors pump out more S4 attacks (18" 6+d6 attacks with boltstorm or 12" 2d6 attacks with flamestorm vs four 24" attacks with storm bolters) and have +1T and +1A. Terminators are cheaper, have Deep Strike, are Sv2+/5++, and access to the Fury of the First Stratagem (models gain +1 to their hit rolls for one phase). Like Centurions, both can only be transported in Heavy Support tanks.
  • Bladeguard Veteran Squad: CORE. The 1st Company are properly inducting Primaris now. W3 and A3, toting storm shields for +1 to their armour saves and a 4++ invulnerable and master-crafted power swords (S+1, AP-3, D2). they also have heavy bolter pistols (18", pistol 1, S4, AP-1, D1) and the Sergeant can swap that for a plasma pistol or neo-volkite pistol (15", pistol 2, S5, AP0, D1, wound rolls of unmodified 6 inflict an additional mortal wound).
    • Unlike Terminators or Vanguard Veterans, these guys can't Deep Strike on their own, and unlike Company Veterans, can't come in in a Drop Pod or bodyguard your Characters. Treat them as Assault Terminators without Deep Strike and you can't go wrong.
    • This is one of the best units in Primaris, with the ability to output more damage than Custodes Allarus Terminators. Master-crafted power swords are perfectly designed for killing MEQ units, and for their cost, they make a very threatening unit that an opponent will either struggle to remove or regret not targeting if they ignore them.
      • Someone is somewhat overestimating this unit. While indeed a very powerful Distraction Carnifex that can tear units a new one if they're unprepared, to declare them as "superior" to an Allarus or even a Terminator Assault Squad is a little disingenuous. Given the two units' higher versatility (namely the sheer viciousness of Lightning Claws or anti-tank potential of Thunder Hammers for Terminator Assault Squads, or the character-hunting abilities available to Allaruses + the power of WS2+ combined with the choice of S8 or S6 and multiple shooting options), the Bladeguard shows its shortcomings by simply being more specialized versus chaff and MEQs; but mainly MEQs. The lack of mobility makes it demand the usage of an Impulsor or Repulsor, and it will struggle against units with more than T5. By all means, this isn't a weak unit, but it's not the end-all be-all melee unit available to the Marines.
  • Centurion Assault Squad: Power armour inside power armour. With S5, T5, and W4, these choppy Space Marines are hard to shift. Coming stock with two flamers, siege drills (Sx2, AP-4, D3, no hit roll penalty), and the Assault Launcher keyword. Any model can swap their flamer for meltaguns and swap their Assault Launchers for a hurricane bolter (a rapid fire 6 boltgun). The Sergeants Omniscope grants the entire Squad ignores cover.
    • Getting them up the field practically requires a Land Raider. For long-range shooting focused marine armies though, Assault Centurions make a strong counter-charge unit. Because of having two flamers each, the minimum a squad can put out is 6d6 of auto-hitting overwatch surprise or tearing apart big blobs of Infantry.
    • Bolter Discipline barely affects them, as they are specifically excluded from firing twice when stationary.
  • Honour Guard (Legends): Two bodyguards for your Characters, they're best suited to guarding Characters who want to get stuck-in with melee. With a unit size of only two, they don't take up a lot of room in a Transport. Ld9 and Sv2+, but still only WS3+, W2, and A2 means their unit size is the main reason to take them. Their Honour Guard rule means that on a 2+, any wounds lost by your Characters within 3" turn into mortal wounds against an Honour Guard model. They can take boltguns AND power weapons of your choice, including relic blades if you're willing to shell out the points.
  • Company Veterans: CORE. One of three Firstborn Veteran Squads, these are your Character babysitters. They don't use an Elite slot if your detachment has a <Chapter> Captain, and <Chapter> Characters with nine-or-less wounds within 3" cannot be targeted by enemy ranged attacks. A unit size of 2-5 models and the most flexible unit available to your Marines; they can swap any of their weapons for melee weapons or storm shields, their bolt pistol for a special pistol, and their boltgun for a combi-weapon. Veterans (but not the Sergeant) also have the option of swapping their boltgun for a special weapon. Special and combi-weapons are all 10pts, except the 5pt flamer, so you might as well get the combi-weapon for the boltgun option. If the unit has five models, one can swap their boltgun for a heavy weapon.
    • A great unit to have, and only made better by not using an Elite slot if you have a Captain. Storm shields and special weapons turn you into tougher Sternguard if you were taking those for special weapons anyway.
    • For the points, you should not take flamers or plasma as the combi versions cost the same.
  • Company Veterans on Bikes (Legends): Similar to their footslogging counterparts, but with M14" and +1T. These models are only W2, so they've not benefitted from the +1W 9th edition has granted everyone else. Turbo-Boost gives them a 6" advance instead of d6", and their Command Squad Bodyguard is different as well; on a 2+, any wounds lost by your <Chapter> Characters within 3" turn into mortal wounds against a Biker Veteran model.
    • A Biker is 30pts, an Outrider is 45pts, and these guys are 34pts. An additional 14pts gets you a storm shield and combi-weapon though, so it's best to think of these guys as a tough (T5, Sv2+/4++) and mobile special weapon shooting unit.
    • Five Company Veterans on Bikes with a storm bolter is 185pts and puts out 40 bolter shots at 24" range. A five-man Tactical Squad at 12" (or 24" if they remained stationary) is 10 shots for 65pts.
  • Sternguard Veteran Squad: CORE. With the special ammunition gone, the Sternguard now walk up the field with their beefy special Issue boltgun (30", rapid fire 1, S4, AP-2, D1). The Sternguard are much more likely to crunch through all forms of armour, especially in conjunction with the Masterful Marksmanship Stratagem. They also get the standard Veteran +1A and +1Ld over a normal Marine, so they can deal some decent retaliatory damage when they're inevitably charged. Any model can swap their SIB for a combi-weapon, the Sergeant can swap any of their weapons for a pistol or melee weapon (excluding thunder hammer), and 0-2 model swan swap their SIB for a special weapon, heavy weapons, or heavy flamer.
    • A special note goes towards combi-weapons; while they don't have the one-use rule anymore, remember that the bolt part of the weapon is the standard one without any AP.
    • Still one of the best units to come out of a Drop Pod and rapid fire something to death with their special issue boltguns. The Masterful Marksman Stratagem gives them +1 to wound rolls, and like most Marine units, you can go very big with them; ten Veterans, a Captain/Chapter Master for the re-rolls with Storm of Fire Warlord Trait, and a Lieutenant can all fit in a Storm Raven. Now they're shooting twenty shots, re-rolling 1's (or any misses if it's the Chapter Master), wounding everything less than T8 on a 3/4+, re-rolling 1's to wound, and every 5 or 6 wound roll is resolved at AP-3. For added fun, make them Imperial Fists and ignore that cover the target is hiding in while you gain the potential for extra shots with the Bolter Drill Stratagem, or make them Salamanders for even more reliable wounding/improved AM and less reliance on a full Chapter Master).
    • When these guys come out of drop pods, don't forget that their rapid fire range is 15", so that can give them some space before the inevitable charge. Note that coming out of a Drop Pod 12" armed with storm bolters will be more effective, but without AP-2 and risker due to being closer to the enemy. With Bolter Discipline they now have a full threat range of 30", so you have to worry about charges even less.
    • When comparing SIB's and storm bolters, the storm bolter only has an advantage against low-T, Sv5+ or Sv6+ targets.
    • Bolter Discipline makes keeping the SIB's the most attractive option. Allowing them to use Rapid Fire from a further distance. The only real upgrades worth considering are Heavy Bolters, Plasma and Lascannons. So give Sternguards a DT or stick them on a bastion and watch anything weaker than a tank or walker turn into mulch.
Masterful Marksmanship Save
2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+
To Wound 2+ Special Issue Boltgun Both Storm Bolter Storm Bolter Storm Bolter
3+ Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun Storm Bolter Storm Bolter
4+ Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun Both Storm Bolter
5+ Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun Storm Bolter
6+ Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun Special Issue Boltgun
  • Vanguard Veteran Squad: CORE. Better Assault Marines. When properly loaded out and taken in numbers, they can get enemy models engaged in CC and kill them first turn (the easiest way to accomplish a turn one Deep Strike charge is by making many attempts at it after all). They can take almost any melee weapon or pistol available (see the Wargear section for a breakdown), and their Sergeant also has the option of taking a relic blade (S+3, AP-3, D2).
    • Taking them cheaply, dual chainswords will let you blend GEQ's pretty quickly; Four AP-1 attacks each, +1A on the Sarge, +1A per model from Shock Assault. This is usually more productive than chainsword + bolt pistol, as you get two fight phases per battle round, but only one shooting phase.
    • Though expensive, a Vanguard Squad can be a superior alternative to taking Terminators with the same weapons; same amount of A, S, and D, Deep Strike and 4++ invulnerable (with storm shields). Vanguards get M12", Fly and are 25pts each (35pts with hammers and shields), Terminators get W3, Sv2+, and are 33pts each (43pts with hammers and shields).
  • Legion of the Damned (Legends): A Deep-Striking, ranged Infantry unit. 9th edition has left them behind somewhat, as they are still W1. They're durable in other ways though, with Sv3+/3++ and Ld10. They did get updated with Bolter Discipline, ATSKNF, and Shock Assault, as well as keeping Deep Strike. The all come with boltguns, bolt pistols, and grenades. One Legionnaire can swap their boltgun for a flamer, meltagun, or plasma gun, and one other Legionnaire can swap their boltgun for a heavy flamer or multi-melta. The Sergeant also has a limited selection of optional wargear, being able to swap their bolt pistol for a plasma pistol or storm bolter and their boltgun for a chainsword, power weapon, or powerfist.
    • Unfortunately the LotD are one of the most point inefficient units in 9th edition, at 25pts each. This is a shame considering their bitchin' models. Only ever use these guys in a fun environment, as competitive ones will laugh at these guys.
  • Terminator Squad: CORE. 9th edition has been kind, giving them an extra wound and no points increase. Coming stock with a storm bolter and power sword (Sergeant) or powerfist (Terminator), these guys can spit out a lot of bolts and then punch whatever's left. One-in-five can replace their storm bolter with an assault cannon or heavy flamer, or take a cyclone missile launcher (read; twin missile launcher) in addition to their storm bolter. Powerfists can also be swapped for chainfists, giving you more anti-Vehicle power (Sx2, AP-4, Dd3, becomes D3 against Vehicles).
    • They have their best use arriving on the board via Deep Strike or Transport as close to a target as possible. A five-man squad with the basic load out should be able to spit 20 bolter shots at a target while being tough enough to weather most return fire.
    • Terminators still have to worry about high-AP weaponry, but since very few weapons have anything better than AP-4 they'll almost always be able to use their 5++ invulnerable instead. At the same time, the addition of W3 to their profile also outright triples their survivability against massed small arms fire and doubles against the now abundant D2 weapons designed to kill Marines.
    • The heavy flamer punishes counter-charges, has the benefit of auto-hitting, and can now be fired out of Deep Strike thanks to it's new 12" range. The assault cannon is good for shredding lightly armoured infantry and can even possibly away at light vehicles if you have nothing better to shoot at. The Cyclone Missile Launcher now arrives at a decent 25 points and vastly supplements all-rounder firepower.
    • Teleport homers work a little differently now; once per game, you can remove them during the movement phase and Deep Strike again, but within your Deployment zone or within 3" of another <Chapter> unit during your next Reinforcement phase. This effectively gets around their lack of mobility by giving them two Deep Strikes, and is great for bringing them into an area that needs defending or be in pointing range of a target. A good way to screw with your opponents head as they have to plan around each unit of terminators Deep Striking twice per game.
  • Terminator Assault Squad: CORE. Still the gold-standard of heavy assault troops, especially with the extra wound they've gained. The classic Hammernator setup is still great for smashing in vehicles and heavy infantry alike while taking little damage yourself, but the -1 to hit can be a problem at times. Take a Chaplain along to mitigate the lowered hit rate (remember, though, that re-rolls occur before modifiers, so no re-rolling 3's). A set of lightning claws are more reliable and more effective against horde armies due to the additional two attacks, so it may be a better idea than before to stick with them. Assault Terminators with hammers, shields, and near a support Character can obliterate the most powerful units in a single turn. The only alternative that offers anywhere near the CC killing power of Hammernators is Vanguard with hammers (Hammerguard?) and while they have better movement and cost less, they lack the durability of Terminators as they're W2 and Sv3+/4++.
    • Never take these guys with only lightning claws, you should always include at least one with a hammer and shield. Why? Relic Terminators can take double claws for +1pt and can add a grenade harness for a bit of shooting on the side. The only advantages these guys have over Relic are the hammer/shield setup, and a teleport homer for an emergency jump out, so use them.
  • Relic Terminator Squad: CORE. Replaces the Tartaros and Cataphractii. Boiled down the uniqueness of two vastly different variants of terminator armour into merely a Terminator Squad with different wargear options. Relic Terminator makes them a mix of Terminators and Assault Terminators in terms of weapons, as they have a reaper autocannon instead of assault cannon for better anti-MEQ. All models can replace their powerfist with lighting claws to be more slashy like Assault Terminators while having the anti-infantry grenade harnesses and other guns. The sarge can take a plasma blaster (18", assault 2, S7, AP-3, D1, may gain +1S and +1D but hit rolls of unmodified 1 kill the user) or a volkite charger (20", heavy 2, S5, AP0, D2, wound roll of unmodified 6 inflict an additional mortal wound),
    • If you go Space Wolves, Deathwatch, or Dark Angels, then Relic Terminators are outmatched in terms of Chapter-exclusive units that do the same weapon-mixing thing for a cheaper price tag. Those Chapters would only want this unit if they really want to pay extra for a reaper autocannon over an assault cannon.
  • Servitors: Now that they can be taken independently of a Techmarine, but they don't take up an Elite slot if your army includes one. You could use them as a cheap way of adding more plasma cannons to your force, but when not near a Techmarine, they have WS5+, BS 5+, Ld6, and Sv4+. They'll have trouble actually hitting things, die from anything more dangerous than a mean look, are likely to be lost to morale checks, and they don't even get the benefits of Chapter Tactics. Having a Techmarine nearby mitigates their flaws a little by boosting them to WS4+, BS4+, and Ld9.
    • If you have a Techmarine anyway, it could be worth taking them as cheap fire support that also helps fill out detachments. Four Servitors with two heavy bolters is 40pts (50pts with plasma). Servitors are essentially worse, cheap, Devs that use no slots. For them to be able to make back their points though, they need that boost to BS.
    • 9th edition opinion; because these guys have the Infantry keyword, they can perform Actions. 30pts is a low, low price for some extra VP while your actual units are hurting stuff instead of typing on a keyboard.

Dreadnoughts and Invictor Warsuit

The Dreadnought is one of the best non-HQ single model unit in the Space Marine line-up. It's a Core Vehicle so can take all the buffs in addition to Techmarine Babysitting. 9th also made Duty Eternal into an active ability, so always taking -1 damage makes them tanky for the firepower they bring. Most Dreadnaughts are buffed by HQs and provides the same security any other bubble wrap could. And speaking of buffs, remember that the Wisdom of the Ancients Stratagem gives it a Captain's or Lieutenant's re-rolling aura for a turn. Also, per the new "Big Guns Never Tire" as a Vehicle you now get to fire your weapons in melee. Sure it's at a -1, but your flamer weapons don't care about that.

  • Dreadnought: Core. The Default Dreadnought. Standard load is assault cannon and Dreadnought fist (Sx2, AP-3, D3) + storm bolter. Also has the Smokescreen keyword. You can replace the storm bolter for a heavy flamer if you plan on getting close, which is more favourable now Dreadnoughts have lost Bolter Discipline. The assault cannon is replaceable with a twin lascannon, multi-melta, or heavy plasma cannon (a plasma cannon that only deals 1 MW upon a hit roll of UM1 instead of killing the user). The fist + bolter can be replaced with a missile launcher.
    • Legend options include replacing the assault cannon for twin heavy flamer, twin heavy bolter, or twin autocannon (48", heavy 4, S7, AP-1, D2). The fist + bolter can also be replaced with twin autocannon.
    • The Riflenought setup with two dual autocannons spews out eight S7, AP-1, D2 shots per turn. Great for tearing up 2W models in particular or throwing some decent hurt at most targets from long range.
  • Venerable Dreadnought: Core. A Venerable Dreadnought is the same as a regular one, but is WS2+, BS2+, and ignores lost wounds on a 6+. For 15pts more, just get this one.
  • Contemptor Dreadnought: Core. Compared to the regular Dreadnought, you sacrifice the flexible weapon options and Smokescreen for +2"M, +1S, +1W, and a 5+ invulnerable save. This is for 30pts extra. Generally speaking, the Contemptor is a goddamn steal for what he costs now. Only has a fixed loadout of Kheres assault cannon (a S7 assault cannon) or multi-melta, and fist + storm bolter.
  • Ironclad Dreadnought: Core. Ironclad Dreadnoughts are much more melee-oriented than the other Dreadnought types as they re-roll hit rolls of 1 if they have two melee weapons, and T8 helps them stick around to get there. It switches out its gun arm for a Seismic hammer (Sx2, AP-4, D5, -1 to hit rolls) and melta gun. The hammer can be replaced with a Dreadnought chainfist (same stats, but D2d3 or D6 against Vehicles, but no penalty to hit rolls). The bolter and/melta can be replaced with heavy flamers, and the fist + bolter arm can be replaced with a hurricane bolter (doing this loses their re-roll hit rolls of 1 in melee however). They can also take two hunter-killer missiles and the Assault Launcher keyword.
    • If course, if you plan on keeping close to a Captain or Chaplain (such as riding a Stormraven with them and another squad), that second CCW becomes redundant.
    • Ludicrously strong against high-wound targets without invulnerable saves such as tanks, Tyranid monsters, etc. It can easily earn its points back in a single melee phase, but it is limited by the 6" move.
    • Unbelievably good with the Iron Hands stratagem for Dreadnought characters, leave this chad in your gunlines and un-targetable and have him smash any big nasties that try and rush your lines.
  • Redemptor Dreadnought: Core. The vanilla dread's Jock roommate. With nearly twice the wounds of a vanilla dreadnought (and degrading stats to accompany the increased durability), the Redemptor Dreadnought is a solid heavy weapons platform, capable of holding the anti-horde Onslaught Gatling Cannon or the armour-melting Macro Plasma Incinerator, and the anti-air Icarus Rocket Pod as well as a pair of storm bolters or fragstorm grenade launchers. However, it is a heavy points investment, and much of its anti-armour potential might be better handled by specialized units like Devastators, Hellblasters, or Predator variants. Instead, anti-horde fire support appears to be its most effective niche, potentially able to put out a withering volley of mid-strength shooting that will take a significant chunk out of GEQ or weaker units and then follow up with a smack from its CCW, which is d6 damage compared to the normal Dreadnought CCW's d3. But even if it takes the Macro plasma Incinerator, the CCW can still swap its heavy flamer for an Onslaught Gatling Cannon to retain effectiveness against hordes.
    • Equip it with a Plasma incinerator, use the Wisdom of the Ancients stratagem, and a big unit of Hellblasters, and you can re-roll all those overcharges that might blow you to high heaven.
  • Deredeo Dreadnought (FW): The end-all solution to your dakka-Dread needs, for when even the Contemptor Mortis won't cut it. Its armour save is slightly worse than the Contemptor's at only a 3+, but to compensate it has 3 more wounds having smoke launchers. For guns, you have the Anvilus Autocannons (8 36" autocannon shots with +1 S) for mulching infantry, the Hellfire Plasma Carronade (6 overcharged plasma cannon but cause mortal wounds on a 1) as the generalist option, and the Arachnus Lascannon Battery (2 Lascannon with Reliable D3+d3 damage) for taking out vehicles, and also chest-mounted heavy bolters/heavy flamers. It should be shooting things, not tied up in melee. It can supplement the main weapon with either an Aiolos Missile Launcher for extra fire support.
    • Raven Guard and Salamanders Chapter Tactics make Deredos substantially better - RG increases its survivability, and Salamanders provides a source of rerolls to make sure those giant fuck off lascannons deal damage or that the plasma carronade doesn't damage the Deredeo.
  • Relic Contemptor Dreadnoughts (FW): Core. Take a normal Contemptor Give it a slew of Heresy era tools courtesy of forge world and a CP. For your convenience, they're all listed below; you can take any two you like, unlike the base Contemptor, which is forced into 1 melee option and has only a Kheres and a Multi-melta to choose from for its main gun.
    • Never take it with just a base combat weapon and kheres/multi-melta. It's statline and abilities are identical to the regular Contemptor, except it costs 1 CP to bring. If you're going to pay a CP for access to more options, then use those options.
  • Heavy Plasma Cannon (0pts): The cheap Anti-TEQ option.
  • Conversion Beam Cannon (5pts): The new Heavy Conversion Beamer is a single-shot weapon that starts at heavy D3, S6, AP-1, D2, Blast. It also gains +1S, +1AP, and +1D each 24" between the target and the firer, maxing out at S8, AP-3, D4 between 48" and 72". At the full range, this will hit like a reliable lascannon.
    • Against the infantry targets you have a serious chance at one-shotting, it's tied with the new twin volkite culverin the second cheapest gun behind the heavy plasma cannon. Against GEQs, you'll do a lot of damage even at short range, but not enough to outperform the Kheres, and you'll face similar scaling problems at any range, largely because as your ability to guarantee the "splatter" improves, your splatter's actual value gets worse. This weapon actually becomes the best when used against hard targets at the range - at 48" or more away, the only 6+ wounds target it's not your best choice against is T5 or T6, where the twin autocannons take over - but without the range, it's just not going to earn its keep.
    • Think of this as the Swiss Army Knife of Dreadnought weapons. While there are dedicated weapons that handle their specialty better than the C-Cannon does, the fact that this can be used against almost any target and still be relatively effective is worth a mention. The movement restriction is an issue, though.
  • Twin Volkite Culverin (5pts): 45", heavy 8, S6, AP0, D2, wound rolls of UM6 inflict an additional MW. Has direct competition with the twin heavy bolter and twin autocannon for being flat D2, with this gun having the advantages of weight of fire, lowest cost, and potential mortal wounds.
  • Kheres-Pattern Assault Cannon (10pts): At S7 compared to a regular assault cannons S6, this weapon only shines more against T6 targets. That being said, any other S7+ weapon available to this model will be more suited against those kind of multi-wound Sv3+/2+ targets. However, this is still an assault cannon, so go shred those infantry models.
  • Multi-Melta (10pts): Take with a chainfist to fuck up Vehicles.
  • Twin Heavy Bolter (15pts): Plus 5 points than a Kheres, in exchange for S5 instead of S7, Damage 2 and 12" more range. The kicker is D2, which widens the gap between the two weapons, allowing you to mow down MEQ's as easily as the KAC mows down GEQ's.
  • Twin Autocannon (15pts): Only better than the twin heavy bolter against T6 targets. Only take if you're taking two with the cyclone missile launcher to turn this unit into a stable fire-support unit.
  • Twin Lascannon (25pts): Pop vehicles open without having to get into melta range. Has fantastic range, but is crippled by its staggering cost; in order to earn its keep, you have to shoot things with the wounds to notice that 1d6 damage rating.
  • Dreadnought Combat Weapon (0pts): Sx2, AP-3, D3. A fine and reliable smasher.
  • Dreadnought Chainfist (5pts): Sx2, AP-4, D2d3, becomes D6 against Vehicles. A straight upgrade over the DCW, with two successful attacks wiping-out most Vehicles.
  • Storm Bolter (0pts): Take if you have a fist and don't want to spend more points.
  • Contemptor Plasma Blaster (5pts): An 18" assault 2 plasma gun that only does one MW instead of destroying you on a hit roll of UM1.
  • Graviton Blaster (5pts): An 18" assault 2 grav-gun.
  • Heavy Flamer (5pts): Really solid choice since you're allowed to fire ranged weapons in melee.
  • Cyclone Missile Launcher (25pts): A twin missile launcher. Not a bad idea and doesn't suck up an arm mount. Always has its use, but is somewhat costly.
  • Leviathan Dreadnoughts (FW): I AM THE DESTROYER OF ALL THAT EXISTS, THE ANATHEMA OF LIFE, HATRED, AND WRATH GIVEN PHYSICAL FORM, I AM THE FUCKING LEVIATHAN DREADNOUGHT. POINT ME AT ANYTHING, AND IT WILL DIE, FROM THE LOWEST OF GUARDSMEN TO THE BIGGEST OF TITANS. Ahem, enough of that nonsense! But Mr. Leviathan does have a few good points. The Leviathan Dreadnought is easily one of the deadliest single models in the entire game, barring actual Titans, packing a series of quite frighteningly powerful weapons that can make short work of virtually anything. It packs a 2+/5++ save profile and a whopping 14 wounds. Received a slight downgrade by dropping to WS2+ and BS2+.
  • Cyclonic Melta Lance: 18", heavy d6, S9, AP-4, Dd6, blast and +2D if within 9". The second biggest melta weapon you have, and it shows. Acts as d6 18" lascannons. If you agree to give Lady Luck a rimjob, you can do up to 48 damage in one attack.
  • Grav-Flux Bombard: 24", heavy 2d3, S8, AP-3, D2, blast and +1D against targets with Sv3+ or better. Most likely the best weapon you have against Marines; the D2 will one-shot any of the basic ones, with the D3 also letting you massacre Gravis and Terminator models, thus giving you more utility than the storm cannon.
  • Storm Cannon: 36", heavy 8, S7, AP-1, D2. A shorter-range quad autocannon, but you also have the reliability not available from the other two. Both the other options have variable shots and are modified depending upon range or target Sv, but the storm cannon is always consistent. Reliable. Safe. You don't have to worry about where the storm cannon has been with its friends on the weekends. You can trust the storm cannon.
  • Siege Claw and Meltagun: Sx2, AP-3, D3, +1A with this weapon. Can be remembered as a Dreadnought Combat Weapon with +1A, but no longer re-rolls wound rolls against Infantry.
  • Siege Drill and Meltagun: Sx2, AP-4, D2d3, becomes D6 against Vehicles. Not as much of an upgrade due to losing the +1A, but still rips Vehicles a new one and synergises better with the unswapable meltagun.
  • Two Heavy Flamers: Your classic overwatch option. 2d6 automatically hitting shots will deter a lot of charging infantry.
  • Two Volkite Calivers: 30", heavy 4, S5, AP0, D2, inflict an additional MW on a wound roll of UM6. Much more range than the flamers, and will arguably do more damage against MEQ's over the course of the game.
  • 0-3 Hunter-Killer Missiles: 5pts each and never a bad choice.
  • Invictor Tactical Warsuit: The Scout Dreadnought. Dreadnought Lite; all the bulk, half the calories points. T6 and W13 help keep it on the board, and it doesn’t degrade until it’s down to six wounds. For firepower, it can take either an incendium cannon that’s basically a twin heavy flamer or a twin ironhail autocannon (48”, heavy 6, S7, AP-1, D2) for shooting up heavy infantry. Backup weapons are a standard fragstorm grenade launcher (18", assault d6, S4, AP0, D1, blast), a twin ironhail heavy stubbers (36", heavy 8, S4, AP-1, D1), and a heavy bolter. The only real way to take on Vehicles (or, say, the occasional Bloodthirster) is with its invictor fist, which does four attacks at Sx2, AP-3, D3. Finally, to get in position, it has the same Concealed Positions ability as Infiltrators and Incursors.
    • Best use of this is probably to give it the flamer option and use Concealed Positions to start it within 12” of some enemy Infantry. Further, this unit packs a mean punch on the charge or when charged, and careful positioning will hamper Monsters and Vehicles running towards your Infantry, which is just another reason to get it as close to the enemy as possible. For this reason, assume it will get destroyed turn 3.
    • You could also give it the autocannons and either leave it in your backfield for long-range fire support and gunline charge deterrent, or use Concealed Positions to put it where it can pop shots off at targets who tried to hide and block line of sight. Autocannon synergises nicely with rest of Invictor weapons, with the heavy stubbers and heavy bolter having 36" range.

Dedicated Transport

  • Rhino: The old METAL BOXES, you know it, you love it. T7, W10, Sv3+, and Smokescreen makes them fairly survivable. Transports ten power armoured Marines. Two storm bolters means that you can output a lot of anti-infantry dakka (Up to eight shots at 12 inches), and an optional hunter-killer can deal the finishing blow to an enemy Monster or Vehicle.
    • 9th edition has removed its old repair rule.
    • As a modelling note, NEVER buy the Rhino kit. Buying the Razorback kit gives you the same parts and an additional sprue for turrets and it costs the same. You can switch out the top hatch as you please if you don't glue it down.
  • Razorback: As above, but only transports six Marines, switching the transport capacity for ammo and gun systems. Heavily weaponised transports proved strong in 8th, being cheap and not taking up a real force organisation slot.

110pts; The stock option, it now fills a niche use compared to 8th edition. With the advent of D2 heavy bolters and W2 Marines, this is the clear option you want against Marines.

125pts; An old favourite, it's now no longer automatically-proxy-the-heavy-bolter-as-an-assault-cannon. 24", heavy 12, S6, AP-1, D1 shots is a substantial threat, allowing you to mulch that GEQ squad standing on the objective you want before dumping your cargo of Marines out to finish them off. Got a notable price bump in Chapter Approved, so it isn't an auto-pick anymore, just a very solid one.

120pts; The infamous Laserback. This is one of the Marine's more cost-effective anti-tank options, able to deposit its cargo, then dig in and start picking at Monsters and Vehicles.

110pts; The cheapest weapon option outside the stock THB, this is the budget anti-tank choice. Workable, but the lascannon has twice the range and unlike mullti-melta Dreadnoughts, you don't really want to be charging your Transport at a Monster or Vehicle to get to melta range.

  • Land Speeder Storm: Dedicated transport for five Scout models, for the same base cost as a normal Land Speeder. Open topped so embarked Scouts can shoot out of it, although those models still suffer any penalties for shooting heavy weapons after moving, and cannot shoot after falling back even if the Vehicle still can. Does not get Concealed Positions, but has an 18" move, so it can easily re-locate. Starts with a cerberus launcher (heavy d6 bolter shots at 18") and a heavy bolter.
  • Drop Pod: Grants a power armour unit Deep Strike at the cost of 70pts. Tactical Marines can use it to capture objectives and hamper enemy movement. Both this model and models disembarking must be at least 9" away from enemy models on the turn it arrives. It comes with a storm bolter that you can swap for a deathwind launcher (12", heavy d6, S5, AP0, D1, blast).
    • It has been FAQ'd that the opened doors count as part of the model, so it can also be used to make a sizable anti-deepstrike zone, before it’s shot off the board (if your opponent put enough thought into it).
    • Keep the storm bolter; it'll actually be useful after the first turn it arrives and guarantees you four shots instead of the d6 that the deathwind gets you.
    • Some ideas of what players often pack these with. Remember they have space for ten dudes, so you can mix and match two squads of five;
      • Assault Marines or Vanguard Vets - You are actually retarded if you choose this option instead of their jump packs.
      • Sternguard or Company Vets - The classic kamikaze melta units. Company vets with storm shields and special weapons are generally better for this role due to their survivability, but Sternguard have special issue bolters and heavy flamer access.
      • Tactical Squad - A potential late-game objective capper that you can plop anywhere.
      • Devastator Squad - Want to kill that enemy super-heavy? Four multi-meltas that arrive within melta range.
      • Characters - Any additional Characters would just be icing on the cake. Ancients let your guys shoot again before they're inevitably wiped from the board next turn, Apothecary's keep them fighting for longer. Champions provide some deterrent with a 6" Heroic Intervention. Captain and Lieutenant auras, Librarian powers, Chaplain prayers, you get it now.
  • Dreadnought Drop Pod (FW): It's a Drop Pod for Dreadnoughts, specifically those with W9 or less (everything that's not a Deredeo, Leviathan, or Redemptor). A good, relatively cheap option for delivering Dreads right into multi-melta range.
    • Similar to above, this unit can still block enemy movement, line of sight, and Deep Strike. If you can get your hands on the Forgeworld model, its footprint is slightly bigger.
    • It can turn an Ironclad from a risky, high-damage-low-speed bullet magnet to an unstoppable rape machine if used against tightly packed armies and tanks, especially with Black Templars charge re-rolls.
  • Termite Assault Drill (FW): A Drop Pod-Land Raider hybrid, it has a respectable transport capacity of 12 (not terminator, jump pack, or primaris), the ability to Deep Strike, and several effective weapon systems. A heavy 5 melta gun, two storm bolters (which can be replaced for two heavy flamers or two twin volkite chargers (20", heavy 4, S5, AP0, D2, wound rolls of UM6 inflict an additional mortal wound)), and a melee weapon. Said weapon is an anti-Vehicle drill, at Sx2, AP-4, Dd3+3, rising to d3+6 against Vehicles. Don't think of using it as a battering ram like you would with a Dreadnought though, it has 3-d3-1 attacks as it degrades. At 180pts, this thing is CHEAP this edition.
    • On the subject of weapons, storm bolters are the way to go most of the time due to the range and fire output. Heavy flamers are shorter range but hit hard. Volkite chargers are if dealing with saturation in MEU.
    • The termite's melee capabilities are decent, though this is more for protection than anything. That being said, the drill makes for a nasty anti-tank melee weapon.
  • Primaris Impulsor: The inbred spawn of a Razorback and a Repulsor. This is your only Primaris-capable Dedicated Transport. Has +1W over a Rhino and can be upgraded with a 5++, but swaps Smokescreen for Repulsor Field. Comes stock with two storm bolters with the option of taking an ironhail heavy stubber and swapping the storm bolters for fragstorm grenade launchers. M14" combined with the ability to disembark a unit after moving makes the Impulsor one of the quicker transports. It has a transport capacity of 6 and can't carry JUMP PACK or GRAVIS models, so it's only good for moving MSU squads + character. This can be a cheap transport to get Assault Intercessors to wipe an objective, move Hellblasters into position, or zipping Bladeguards at your enemy. Often time your list can't afford to buy a heavy tank as a transport and you will have to make do with what you get. It can take the following upgrades:

A 5++ invulnerable save. Generally, this is the one you want, as it makes this bizarre vehicle unusually tough (smart opponents will simply shoot its cargo, so hurl it into melee ASAP).

The cheapest add-on. Two more heavy stubbers that get +1 to hit aircraft. Combined with the pintle-mounted stubber, you now have 12 shots at 36" range.

Yep, it's a missile launcher with the addition of anti-air. Could technically work as an adaptable weapon, but taking other weapon teams and tanks would be better.

The orbital bombardment you know and love from the Damocles Rhino. Now completely different from the stratagem. One use only, but being able to crap out mortal wounds wherever you like is still nice. As long as you can keep it alive to use it, of course. This bombardment does not involve ballistic skill, which means your opponent will have to go through 11 wounds to stop you from using the mortal wounds. This demands that your opponent potentially waste firepower on your otherwise expendable transport while your Hellblasters take far less damage.


  • Stormhawk Interceptor: The anti-Aircraft Aircraft. Comes stock with two assault cannons, a las-talon (twin lascannon with half the range), and a skyhammer missile launcher (60" range, heavy 3, S7 ,AP-1, Dd3, +1 to hit rolls against Aircraft). The las-talon can be swapped with an Icarus storm cannon (heavy 3 autocannons that become heavy 6 and gain +1 to hit rolls against Aircraft) for more anti-flying. The skyhammer can be swapped for two heavy bolters (anti-infantry) or typhoon launchers (flexible). Cannot hover, but does get +1 to saves when shot at by other Aircraft.
    • The skyhammer-Icarus combo makes this a fairly respectable Aircraft hunter, with the assault cannons throwing out enough lead to dink one or two wounds off the target.
  • Stormtalon Gunship: Became the cheapest Aircraft and is a general-use hover jet. As standard, it has a skyhammer missile launcher (see above) and a twin assault cannon. The skyhammer can be replaced with two lascannons, two heavy bolters, or twin missile launcher.
  • Stormraven Gunship: A flying Land Raider with all the utility, offense, and cost that comes along with it. T7 means S4 weapons can wound it on a 5+ compared to the Raider's T8, 2 fewer wounds, and a 3+ save instead of a 2+, but it's much faster and has -1 to be hit when zipping around or switch to hover mode for controlled movement. It's also more expensive than a Land Raider, depending on what you arm it with. Comes stock with a twin assault cannon, twin missile launcher, and two stormstrike launchers (72", heavy 1, S8, AP-3, D3). Can swap the assault cannons for a twin lascannon or twin heavy plasma cannon (marine mulchers). Can swap the typhoon missile launcher for a twin multi-melta (reminder that this is FOUR shots in this edition) or twin heavy bolter. It can also strap on a couple of hurricane bolters (+30pts). It has the same Power of the Machine Spirit as a Land Raider. Can carry 12 Infantry (and can carry Jump, Terminator, and Centurions, but they take extra space) and 1 Dreadnought that has 12 or less wounds; simply put, it cannot carry Redemptor or Leviathan Dreadnoughts.
    • With a 45" max normal move (up to 65" if you advance), you can get right in the face of something, then have an almost guaranteed charge the next turn. There are no restrictions on disembarking from it, so you don't even have to drop to hover if you don't want to.
    • While all vehicles are more expensive this edition, the big bird can eat up a massive amount of points. 320 points base can be a large chunk of your army, and is over 20% of a 1,500 point game.
    • Be aware that some armies have dangerous AA fire or even AA melee (Fly Monsters, Jetbikes, Battlesuits, etc). Your Stormraven carries a huge "shoot me!" sign right above its cockpit, so most players will try to get it down as early as possible. This will most likely also kill some of the passengers.
  • Fire Raptor Gunship (FW): If the Storm Raven is a flying Land Raider, this is your flying Dakka Pred. T7, W18, Sv3+, with twin avenger bolt cannons (60", heavy 10, S6, AP-2, D2), two twin autocannons (48", heavy 4, S7, AP-1, D2), and two twin hellstrike launchers (72", heavy 2, S8, AP-3, D3, +1 to hit rolls and +d3 damage against Aircraft). The autocannons can be replaced with two quad heavy bolters and the hellstrikes can be replaced with four lascannons. This thing is the flying middle finger against MEQs, spitting out 18-34 D2 shots on top of a respectable amount of anti-Monster/Vehicle or anti-Aircraft. Has Machine Spirit and Relic keywords, and all the abilities and limits those keywords entail
    • Arguably the best Aircraft (point for point) Marines have access to, and undoubtedly the best anti-horde unit. Seriously, at 340pts with twin autocannons, this thing is as expensive as a Storm Raven. The quad heavy bolter option will cost you another 60pts on top of that.
  • Storm Eagle Gunship (FW): Same airframe as the Fire Raptor, this model changes firepower for transport capacity. Twin heavy bolter in the nose, vengeance launcher on the top (48", heavy 2d6, S6, AP-1, D1, blast), and two twin hellstrike launchers (see fire Raptor unit entry) in the wings. The twin heavy bolter can be swapped for a twin multi-melta or twin missile launcher, and like the Fire Raptor, the hellstrikes can be swapped for lascannons. Additionally it can carry 20 non-Primaris Marines, with the usual Jump-Pack-Terminator-and-Wulfen-take-up-two-spaces-and-Centurions-take-up-three spiel.
    • In comparison, the Storm Raven is 15 points cheaper, carries a Dreadnought, and has more diverse weapon options. The Storm Eagle is tougher (+2W) and carries more Infantry. It also has a much better model.
  • Xiphon-Pattern Interceptor (FW): A high-speed interceptor, the Xiphon is a heavily-armed flyer that channels a strong Battlestar Galactica vibe and - unlike every other Space Marine aircraft - actually looks like it belongs in the air. It sports a respectable BS3+, T7, 12 wounds and a 3+ save. It's armed with two twin lascannons as well as a Xiphon missile battery (60", heavy 3, S7, AP-2, D3, +1 to hit rolls against Aircraft).
    • 235 points is steep for a flyer, but you're getting the functional equivalent of a flying lascannon Predator with an extra Xiphon battery, and it puts colleagues like the IG Vendetta to shame. Has no options for anti horde, but it's a specialized anti-air/anti-armour killer.
  • Caestus Assault Ram (FW Legends): A flyer designed to ram starships/buildings and disgorge Space Marines into the breach, the Caestus Assault Ram is armed with a number of thematically powerful weapons and abilities. The Caestus is quite survivable with T7, 14 wounds, a 2+ save, and -1 to hit, this is your true flying Land Raider. Armed with two firefury missile batteries (36", heavy 2d3, S6, AP-2, D1, blast) and a twin magna melta (24", heavy 2d3, S8, AP-4, Dd6, blast, melta).
    • Coming into 9th, it's lost its melee weapon, the ability to charge enemy units, and the ability to take Terminators for only one transport slot. It's pretty garbage now, has nothing special that can't be fulfilled by a model that is still in production, and at 320pts it costs the exact same as a Storm Raven.

Fast Attack

Rocket jumpers, deadly riders, and all kinds of zoomers, here you find units boasting great mobility but also lots of dakka and not just fast blades. The changes to Combat Doctrines make these units more relevant as game progression draws you to close range. Plenty of points reductions here, notably on bikes of all shapes and sizes, making them very useful fast and tough units.

  • Assault Squad: CORE. Pistol and chainsword Space Marines. Jump Packs are optional, but to not take them is silly. For +1pt per model, you could take Vanguard Veterans who are A2 and can bring power weapons to a fight. The reason you'd ever take them is numbers and to not suck up an Elite slot. They can be made into a pseudo-special weapon squad, with up to two Assault Marines able to swap their bolt pistol for a plasma pistol or both weapons for a flamer. The Sergeant can swap their bolt pistol for another pistol or melee weapon or their chainsword for a melee weapon, and also has access to a combat shield to grant them +1 to armour saves and a 5++ invulnerable save. One in five models can also take the eviscerator, a whopping great big S+3, AP-4, D2, suffer--1-to-hit-rolls chainsword, which should be given to the Sergeant since they're A2 and it's an expensive item.
    • While Assault marines can't die in your Vanguards' stead like a Devastator squad's boltgun marines can, they can be used to screen the Vanguards from overwatch and be a unit the enemy has to deal with or get their forces tied up. Arguments can be made about how Warhammer is now a shooty game, but since when did space knights with jump packs and chainswords stop being cool?
  • Inceptor Squad: CORE. What you get when an Assault Gravis marine wields a Devastator marine in each hand. With Deep Strike, M10", T5, W3, and two assault bolters (18", assault 3, S5, AP-1, D1) or two plasma exterminators (18", assault d3, S7, AP-3, D1, blast and +1S and +1D but hit rolls of 1 kill the bearer). You no longer have the mortal-wounds-after-charging gimmick, which has been relegated to a Stratagem.
    • Three plasma Inceptors shoot even more plasma than Hellblasters. Remember though, that because each is dual wielding, you have to resolve their shots one weapon at a time; if the first weapon kills the wielder, the second weapon doesn't fire.
  • Suppressor Squad: CORE. Lighter Inceptors with heavier autocannons. You are NOT Gravis, so you're only T4 and W2, but you have Deep Strike, M12", and the Smokescreen keyword. Accelerator autocannons are a monstrous 48", heavy 3, S7, AP-1, D2 and their Suppressing Fire rule means that enemy Infantry units that are hit by this weapon cannot fire Overwatch, making them good support for your melee units now that many factions overwatch on a 5+.
    • You'll love having these guys against a Tau gunline as they can fire overwatch with every unit nearby otherwise.
  • Scout Bike Squad: CORE. Scout bikes initially seem disappointing compared to normal Bikers due to the loss of durability (Sv4+), but the sheer number of weapons they carry can make quite an impact at close range. Every rider comes loaded for bear, with a twin bolter, combat knife (SU, AP0, D1, +1A), shotgun (18", assault 2, S4, AP0, D1), and bolt pistol, plus the usual grenades. For each model this means four S4 shots at 24", and six at 18". Any of them can swap the twin bolter for a grenade launcher (30" and assault-type grenades) for free. The Sergeant can drop his bolt pistol for a boltgun, other pistol, combi-weapon, or melee weapon.
  • Bike Squad: CORE. The White Scar trademark unit. A large benefit from Bolter Discipline, M14", T5, W3, and Sv3+. As stock, each model has a twin boltgun and a bolt pistol. Bikers can swap the bolt pistol for a chainsword and the Sergeant can swap their bolt pistol for a combi-weapon, melee weapon, or other pistol. Two Bikers can swap their pistol for a special weapon. The Squad can also have an Attack Bike with a heavy bolter or multi-melta.
    • Building around MSU, the melee build has been outclassed since Primaris Outriders got created. Combi-weapon Sergeant and complementing special weapon Bikers are the best use of this unit, with the triple-flamer or triple-melta and multi-melta Attack Bike being excellent at killing what they want to kill.
  • Attack Bike Squad: CORE. 45 points for a heavy bolter or 55 points for a multi-melta is now VERY CHEAP. Downsides are moving and suffering -1 to hit rolls with their main guns, and you can't advance and shoot any of your guns. T5 and W4, with a long move distance of 14". Frankly, anybody can use these guys well now that snap-firing has been killed.
    • With multi-meltas going to Heavy 2, these are now a somewhat viable alternative to Eradicators. For 30pts for an Eradicator and 45pts for an Attack Bike, you get +9"M and 1W. Fast Attack is also a less competitive slot for most armies, so you can take them and three Heavy Supports without taking another detachment.
  • Outrider Squad: CORE. The chadmarines now have bikes. These bikes are incredibly durable and have plenty of firepower, with T5, W4, and twin bolt rifles (30", rapid fire 2, S4, AP-1, D1), heavy bolt pistols (18", pistol 1, S4, AP-1, D1), AND a chainsword. Bolter Discipline and Biker means these guys have the firepower of four Intercessors on the move. However, these guys are made to capitalize on melee by gaining +2A per model on the charge thanks for their Devastating Charge rule. A2 base, +1A from Shock Assault, +1A from chainswords, +2A from Devastating Charge. At 50pts per model, they certainly act as a durable light infantry muncher.
    • These guy will do well with shooting, but you'll get the most out of them with melee. White Scars, Black Templars, and Ultramarines love them.
  • Invader ATV Squad: A Primaris Attack Bike Squad, but not CORE because fuck the new guys. T5 and whopping W8, with twin auto bolt rifles (24", assault 6, S4, AP0, D1) and is 80pts for the onslaught gatling cannon (24", heavy 8, S5, AP-1, D1) or 85pts for the multi-melta. One of the few non-Vehicle models in the game with explodes.
    • For a single multi-melta, the Attack Bike does a similar job but for 30pts less. Three melta Attack Bikes will set you back 165pts, which is similar to two melta Invader ATV's for 170pts. You'll get more melta firepower from the Bikes but the ATV has a total 16W.
  • Land Speeders: Land Speeders are tougher and more manoeuvrable Attack Bikes. An 18" move lets you place them where you want, with T6, W6, and Sv3+ giving them pretty good survivability against small-arms fire. All models have a pintle heavy bolter or multi-melta as their basic weaponry. Their speed and cheapness makes them good objective grabbers, but they have a high model profile with their flying base so they're very visible. Unlike other Marine Fly Vehicles, enemy ranged attacks against them don't have -1 to their hit rolls.

The bare-bone boat. They're the only ones that have the Data-Link Telemetry rule to make up for their lack of weapons; friendly <Chapter> Whirlwind models that attack one enemy unit within 18" of this Land Speeder with Blast weapons gain +1 to their hit rolls.

Swaps the Data-Link for an assault cannon or heavy flamer. Very anti-infantry, they have the speed and weaponry to seriously put the pain on something in the Devastator Doctrine turn one with lots of AP-2 shots.

Most expensive variant with a twin missile launcher for a flexible anti-GEQ and anti-tank weapons platform. Best kept at distance and used to complement the firepower of more dedicated AT units.

<tab name="Land Speeder Tempest (FW)"> A Land Speeder with +1W. Each comes with an assault cannon and a tempest launcher; 36" heavy 2d6, S4, AP-1, D1, blast or 36", heavy 2, S8, AP-3, Dd6).

  • Javelin Attack Speeder (FW): One of the two OG Speeders from the Heresy and the only one with rules. 16", T6, W9, Sv3+ makes them pretty strong, as well as an inexplicable WS3+. Martial Legacy and Relic limits how many you can take though. The most heavily-armed Speeder you have, with a heavy bolter and javelin missile launcher (functionally a triple-linked missile launcher). You can swap the heavy bolter for a multi-melta and the javelin missile launcher for a twin lascannon, as well as having the option for two hunter-killer missiles.
  • Storm Speeder: What happens when you turn a Land Speeder into a flying light tank. Defensively they're T6, W10, Sv3+, but they suffer from a degrading statline, with loses in M and BS. They have no Keywords for stratagems and no special rules.

Heavily armed with anti-Infantry weaponry, likely to eliminate a platoon of Guardsmen or Tyranids that think they're safe behind obscuring terrain. Two fragstorm launchers (18", assault d6, S4, AP0, D1, blast), an onslaught gatling cannon (24", heavy 8, S5, AP-1, D1), and twin ironhail stubber (36", heavy 8, S4, AP-1, D1). The cheapest of the bunch, and competes with the Invader ATV. This vehicle has an edge in durability and firepower.

The anti-aircraft variant but also does very well against terrestrial Infantry and Vehicles. Has a base BS of 2+ somehow, unlike the other Storm Speeders. Stormfury missiles (48", heavy 1, S10, AP-3, Dd6), thunderstrike las-talon (36", heavy 2, S9, AP-3, Dd6), and a turreted twin icarus rocket pod (24", heavy 2d3, S7, AP-1, D2, blast and gains +1 to hit Aircraft units). Can multi-task at attacking mobs and tanks or focus down flyers.

The short-range tank-hunter. A melta destroyer (a heavy 3 multi-melta), hammerstrike missile launcher (36", heavy 2, S8, AP-3, D3), and two krakstrom grenade launchers (18", assault 1, S6, AP-1, Dd3). Costs as much as a Predator, but being in Fast Attack gives you a bit of freedom. Before you start saying "the Predator can take 48" lascannons and this only has multi-meltas", this Vehicle moves more than half-again the distance and has almost more firepower than a Predator Annihilator. If you happen to want a Predator for that purpose but have filled your heavy slots already, you will certainly be well served taking this unit in its place. In a pinch it might even serve as a TEQ hunter.

  • Deathstorm Drop Pod (FW): A Drop Pod full of automated guns; it can choose either missiles (18", heavy 2, S8, AP-2, Dd6) or cannons (18" heavy 6, S6, AP-1, D1). In either case, it must make one full shooting attack against every eligible unit (those in range, with line of sight, and no Characters unless they're the closest unit). One of the few Marine units that is BS4+ though. When it fires overwatch, it makes two attacks (so four missile attacks or twelve cannon attacks) against the charging unit.
    • This is really good against a wide range of armies, especially MSU (the more times this thing gets to shoot the better) and gun-lines where an entire army is packed closely together. Combine this with iron hands and you have an interesting little distraction for the enemy that's the same price as an Aggressor Squad. Something to think about. Having the Drop Pod assault rule have fun plonking one down onto an objective and keep blasting away until destroyed.

Heavy Support

  • Devastator Squad: CORE. Due to everyone getting Split-Fire, you can feel free to mix and match weapons however you like; that said, it's still a good idea to use weapons with similar ranges in case you need to focus your shots on a single opponent. The Sergeant's signum will let one of them hit on a 2+. Finally, an Armourium Cherub can be taken to, once per game, give one model in the squad a second shooting phase. Needless to say, you should always take the cherub. These cover-camping queens should enjoy the extra wound more than other Firstborn.
    • Combine the Cherub and Signum. On turn one, in the Devastator Doctrine, use the Signum on a key gun (e.g. lascannon), and then use the Cherub to get the extra shot. The Signum will apply for the whole phase, meaning two powerful shots at BS2+ and with an additional -1AP.
  • Hellblaster Squad: CORE. Some pretty wicked dakka right here. Plasma incinerators are 30", rapid fire 1, S7, AP-4, D1, with the same boost and risk as other plasma weapons if supercharged. The assault version is -6" of range and -1S, but shoots three times, meaning it's got a better rate of fire from just over 15" to 24", and critically, even when both weapons are in range to shoot at max rate, the assault weapon does half again as much damage (3 rather than 2 or 6 rather than 4), meaning that even against a t8 target, the assault variant murders better than the rapid fire. The heavy version is the worst, because its base damage is 2 but it only supercharges to 3 total, not 4. Stick with the assault version.
    • A squad of five in an Impulsor with a Captain for safer overcharging or a Librarian with supporting powers makes for a powerful and mobile shooting squad. Null Zone is particularly deadly if there's a group or two of Hellblasters in range of the Librarian's unfortunate targets, considering their AP-4.
    • Don't get too excited about Combat Doctrines. You're already AP-4, so going to AP-5 only affects Sv2+ models which almost always have an invulnerable save.
  • Eradicator Squad: CORE. Queue up the Meet the Pyro Team Fortress 2 video. You now have a Primaris squad with melta weapons and Gravis armour. M5", T5, W3, Sv3+ means they're slow and strong. Gravis prevents them from hopping into a cheap Impulsor as well, so they're either hoofing it or getting into an expensive Repulsor. No matter what weapons they have, their Total Obliteration rule allows them to pick a unit each turn and fire twice if every model in that unit targets it and the unit hasn't advanced. Their melta rifles are effectively 24" meltaguns, but the entire squad can swap them for heavy melta rifles (24", heavy 1, S8, AP-4, Dd6+2, becomes Dd6+4 against a target within half range). One in three models can swap their gun with a multi-melta for +10pts that can still double-tap, meaning it quadruple taps when it fires twice.
    • Received an ever-so-slight price increase to 45pts per model in the 2021 FAQ. Still under-costed for what they can spit out.
  • Devastator Centurion Squad: Ridiculously ultra-heavy Marines with the firepower of a tank; people either hate or love them. They are slower and easier to kill individually than a tank, but have all the advantages of being Infantry; smaller size, gaining cover in certain terrain (like forests), can go to the second floor of buildings, etc. This unit can be the cornerstone of an army, but they don't have Core Keyword which somewhat reduces their appeal. Stock weaponry is a grav-cannon and a hurricane bolter, with the single cannon able to swap for two heavy bolters or two lascannons, and the bolters able to swap for a Centurion missile launcher (36", assault d3, S8, AP-2, Dd3, blast). Decimator Protocols allow them to move and fire heavy weapons without penalty and the Sergeant's Omniscope gives the entire team ignores cover if he's still alive. You can mix-and-match weapons within the team and combat-squad them to let you have one anti-tank and one anti-infantry squad in one Heavy Support slot.
    • Try to keep them out of close combat, though. Although they're strong and tough and have a fair number of attacks, (especially with Shock Assault), they don’t have any melee weapon. Contrary to appearances, those big hands are not power fists. Any specialized melee unit will tarpit you. You can always retreat, but you lose a turn of shooting then unless you're Ultramarines. Mind your positioning!
  • Eliminator Squad: CORE. The Primaris scalpel compared to the Primaris sledgehammer that is the Hellblasters or Gravis models. They have BS2+ and Camo-Cloaks that give them +2 to their saves for being in cover instead of +1. Their bolt sniper rifle gets three different ammo options; Executioners (36", heavy 1, S5, AP-1, D1, +1 to hit rolls and ignores cover), Hyperfrag (36", heavy d3, S5, AP0, D1, blast), and Mortis (36", heavy 1, S5, AP-2, D2, wound rolls of unmodified 6 inflicts an additional mortal wound). Eliminators can swap their bolt sniper rifles for a las-fusil for anti-light vehicle and anti-TEQ duties (36", heavy 1, S8, AP-3, D3) and the Sergeant can swap for an instigator bolt carbine (24", assault 1, S4, AP-1, D2, can target Characters). If the squad includes a Sergeant with instigator bolt carbine, the unit can move after shooting if they are not within engagement range of an enemy unit, allowing for move-shoot-move shenanigans which isn't a huge issue as you're only going down to BS3+.
    • Regarding bolt sniper rifles, you can pretty much ignore hyperfrags if you're not firing overwatch. Executioner rounds will be for the pesky units the rely on cover, like Scouts, Eliminators, Eldar Rangers, and Ratlings. Mortis will be your go-to for taking the heads off Characters though.
  • Thunderfire Cannon: Buy one Cannon, get a Techmarine free... ish, at 120pts for the pair. If the Techmarine moves further than 3" away from the Cannon, the Cannon is destroyed in a fit of extreme separation anxiety. If the Techmarine remains within 3" however, he cannot be targeted. The Thunderfire Cannon is a BS2+, T6, W4, Sv2+ model firing with a 60", heavy 4d3, S4, AP0, D1, blast weapon that does not require line-of-sight and will make quick work of GEQ units. You have the Thunderfire-unique Tremor Shells stratagem (1CP, -1 to wound rolls, enemy non-fly and non-Titanic units hit halve their move distance and suffer -2" to advance and charge distances). The Techmarine does not have the Techmarine keyword so cannot be a Master of the Forge, but can still heal nearby Vehicles like a regular Techmarine.
    • He's a good support unit to have, being a Techmarine that doesn't eat a HQ slot that comes with a decent support gun and a good support stratagem. Set him up with some Firestrike Turrets or Rapiers, and he'll be happy.
    • Remember the Techmarine has guns too, so don't forget to shoot them.
  • Firestrike Servo-Turret: An interesting new model which may be encroaching upon the Tarantula Turret. It looks like a static turret, but somehow has M3" despite being modelled without a way to move. T5 and W5 makes it reasonably tough against small arms fire, but incredibly weak against actual anti-tank. Crewed by a novitiate Techmarine, granting the model BS2+ and Sv2+, but nothing else that a Techmarine has (repair, weapons, keywords). Weaponry includes a twin las-talon (24", heavy 4, S9, AP-3, Dd6) or a twin accelerator autocannon (48", heavy 6, S7, AP-1, D2).
    • The las-talon is rather short-ranged and its main targets (tanks) will almost always have longer-ranged weaponry. The autocannons fix the range issue, but they're also on Suppressors who are more manoeuvrable and also shut down enemy overwatch.
  • Predator Tank: THE classic Marine battle tank. Not as up-armoured as they used to be back in the days of armour value, at T7 and W11 (only +1W over a Rhino). Come in two flavours, Annihilator (twin lascannon) and Destructor (48", heavy 2d3, S7, AP-1, D3). Either way, additional weaponry includes two sponson heavy bolters or two sponson lascannons, with a pintle storm bolter and hunter-killer missile on the top.
    • The Annihilator has the ever-strong twin lascannon, but the Destructor isn't THAT far behind it in terms of anti-tank with a more reliable D3, alongside being more efficient when targeting heavy infantry.
    • Let's look at units that can have four lascannons. An Annihilator with sponson lascannons is 170pts and a six-man quad-lascannon Devastator Squad is 168pts. Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, with the Predator being a single large unit with near-immunity against small-arms and the Devastators being able to use cover and terrain to their benefit. Alternatives include two lascannon Razorbacks (240pts), but for anti-tank, we both know you're waiting for Eradicators to be available on their own.
  • Vindicator: Actually up-armoured, that huge dozer blade isn't just for show! T8 and W11 is a respectable battle tank statline, on par with the Leman Russ. The Vindicator Siege Shield is a +10pt upgrade that grants the model +1 to armour saves against ranged attacks. Finally, the demolisher cannon is a 24", heavy d6, S10, AP-3, Dd6, blast weapon. Short-ranged, but it hits hard once it gets there, S10 means that it will wound everything on a 3+ or better.
    • The Vindicator has one less wound and better BS than an Imperial Guard Leman Russ Demolisher Cannon at 30 fewer points, BUT the IG Demolisher gets Grinding Advance, and benefits from Doctrines that are Vehicle-specific, not to mention Tank Orders. The stupidity of the fluff aside, they’re better against high-toughness multi-wound models, which almost every army has at least one unit of (Nobs, Wraithguard, Crisis Suits, Terminators & Primaris Marines, Ogryns), so one Vindicator can find a home in lots of local metas and is actually a cost-effective way of getting the demolisher on the field.
  • Whirlwind: The classic Marine artillery has two gun options, both of which are 72" range, blast, and does not need line-of-sight. Castellan is you anti-swarm, with heavy 2d6, S6, AP0, D1, and Vengeance being your anti-MEQ, with heavy 2d3, S7, AP-1, D2, and a cost of +10pts. Don't forget to combine with a Land Speeders Data-Link Telemetry to gain +1 to your hit rolls.
    • You have to choose which gun to take when you build the list. Which is better is strictly a question of wounds; Castellan is better against 1-wound models, while Vengeance is better against 2+. If you were taking a Vengeance, look at the Scorpius below.
  • Whirlwind Scorpius (FW): Costs 1CP to take, but is worth it if you're going to take a Whirlwind Vengeance. No longer has the fire-twice rule from 7th edition, but the Scorpius multi-launcher is 48", heavy 3d3, S6, AP-2, D2, blast and does not need line-of-sight. Outclasses the Vengeance in most regards against Marines.
  • Whirlwind Hyperios (FW Legends): The OG Marine anti-air artillery. The Stalker and Hunter rendered it obsolete, by being a cheaper GW model and being better at anti-air. 9th edition has given the hyperios launcher a new lease of life, with 48", heavy 2d3, S7, AP-2, D1. Like other Whirlwinds, it comes with blast and ignores line-of-sight. It gains +2 to hit rolls and becomes D2 against Aircraft. 2d3, BS2+ autocannon shots will do reasonable damage against enemy aircraft.
  • Hunter: Fires a surface-to-air missile instead of the flak attacks of the Stalker and Hyperios. 60", heavy 1, S9, AP-3, Dd6, gains +2 to hit rolls and becomes Dd6+6 against Aircraft. Two of these ought to be taking out an Aircraft each turn.
  • Stalker: The volume-of-fire AA option. Two icarus storm cannons, each firing at 48", heavy 3, S7, AP-1, D2. Against Aircraft, you make two hit rolls instead of one and gain +1 to hit rolls. That's twelve BS2+ (i.e. 10 will hit) autocannon attacks if both guns target one Aircraft, so better against the lighter Flyers.
    • Of course, much of the previous is very rosy sounding. If everything goes right - twelve hits, twelve wounds, twelve failed saves - you do 24 damage. However, that's only if you're extremely lucky and firing at Aircraft, but many Flyers are T7, meaning you only wound half the time. The AP means you will only get through their armour save roughly half the time. You will do 4-6 damage the majority of the time. Still, as cheap as chips for a vehicle this tough.
  • Land Raider: The mass transport and massive tank of the Firstborn. With the Vehicle changes, in addition to ignoring the heavy weapon penalty, it now also a horrible idea to try to tarpit them as they can still shoot. All Land Raiders can carry Terminators (two transport slots), Jump Pack models (two transport slots), and Centurions (three transport slots). They can all be equipped with a storm bolter and hunter-killer missile, and all but the Helios can take an additional multi-melta.
    • Gentle reminder of the Land Raider Excelsior (Legends) in the HQ slot. Ten transport capacity, Sv2+/5++, Captains Rite of Battle Aura, two twin lascannons, and a grav-cannon. Has 8th edition Smoke Launcher and Machine Spirit rules, but I don't think anyone will begrudge you using them as Keywords in 9th edition style.

Carrie ten models. An effective all-rounder with anti-vehicle capability, 8th edition introducing unlimited splitfire benefitted this Land Raider the most. Capable of using its lascannons to pop a vehicle and then following up with the heavy bolters to wipe out a MEQ squad. While its transport capacity is still rather small compared to the other Land Raider variants, it still has just enough room to drop a trio of Assault Centurions and a Character or a 5-man squad of Assault Terminators. With T8, 16 wounds, and a 2+ armour save it'll be a tough nut to crack even with anti-armour weaponry.

Carrier sixteen models. As ever, the Hurricane Bolters will shred any infantry within 12" - you have twenty-four bolter shots supplemented by another 12 assault cannon shots. The Assault Launchers also help in regards to transporting and supporting its cargo, as it gives access to the stratagem. Its transport capacity makes it your best choice for transporting Terminators, Crusader squads, and other larger units.

  • Also, all those guns can fire without penalty, even if you're moving at maximum speed. Somewhere, a Black Templar wipes a manly tear away as he remembers the words "defensive weapons."
  • Now that Chapter Tactics apply to every Space Marine unit, Imperial and Crimson Fists could have a double hurricane bolters with an additional hit on a 6. Enjoy your 20 bolter HITS on rapid fire range!

Carries twelve models. Similar to the Crusader, but trades off the hurricane bolters' volume of shots for the flamestorm cannon's greater strength, higher AP, and improved damage per shot. While you'll have to get in close to make the most of it, the Frag Assault Launchers let you use this to your advantage as you burn down the heavier infantry. Though the flamestorm cannons can threaten lighter vehicles, you should still add the multi-melta to be on the safe side. Can easily cockblock a charging unit with 2d6 automatic flamestorm shots, and no-one is going to risk charging it to tie it up in melee. Enjoying another price drop and 12" Flamestorm cannons!

  • The flamestorm cannon can, because of flamer autohits, crisp some flyers if you are close enough. Consider if it is worth putting your Land Raider in the open.

The Proteus has two sponson twin lascannons like the vanilla LR, but it can choose to take a multi-melta or twin heavy flamer instead of a twin heavy bolter option (there's also an option for a single heavy bolter, but why would you even use that). But its main draw is the Explorator Augury Web; taking it reduces the Proteus' transport capacity to 6, but it prevents anyone from deep striking within 12" of the Proteus. Conveniently enough, that happens to be melta range for the multi-melta so suicide melta squads won't be able to get near it. For a more aggressively inclined Proteus, you can take the Heavy Armour instead to give it a 5+ invulnerable save.

  • A Proteus with twin heavy bolters is 285pts, the exact same as the vanilla LR. However, the Proteus costs 1CP to take due to Martial Legacy, so get the most out of it and grab one of the two unique wargear items.

The rage-inducing and expensive Achilles is back in a big way in 9th ed. A low cost of 320pts with volkite and 360pts with melta, T8, W16, Sv2+/5++ for good measure makes this model insanely tough. The Achilles is armed with a hull-mounted quad launcher with two ammo types; shatter shells (24", heavy 4, S8, AP-2, D3) and thunderfire shells (60", heavy 4d3, S4, AP0, D1, blast and does not require line of sight). Sponson options are two twin volkite culverins (45", heavy 8, S6, AP0, D2, wound rolls of unmodified 6 inflict an additional MW) or two twin multi-meltas. Both sponsons are frankly solid options and do quite well against their desired targets. You have the option for a storm bolter and a hunter-killer missile but NOT the single multi-melta like most other LR's get access to. The only area it lacks is its transport capacity of 6, with Jump Pack and Terminator models taking up two spaces. Centurion and Wulfen models are mentioned, but no unit with those keywords is small enough to fit in, and Primaris aren't allowed as per usual. Good for a Character and a MSU Infantry unit, but don't expect much more.

Carries ten models with the usual Jump Pack, Terminator, Wulfen models taking up two and Centurions taking up three spaces. Its only stock weapons are two QUAD heavy bolters, so 24 D2 attacks will delete Marines on a hitherto-undreamt of scale. Optional storm bolter, hunter-killer, and multi-melta available. FW still somewhat took it out back and kneecapped it, as it no longer gives CP support and doesn't grant ignores cover, making it functionally a differently-armed vanilla Land Raider as it also doesn't cost a CP to take due to the lack of Martial Legacy.

Carries six models, so effectively no Centurions or Wulfen. Like the regular version, this model also has twin lascannons, but it brings along a Helios Launcher instead of twin heavy bolters. 48", heavy d3, S7, AP-2, D2, blast with +1 to hit rolls against Aircraft make this a rather crap AA-weapon, especially at 260pts. You have to ask yourself if you wouldn't be served better by a quad las Predator and Stalker or Hunter (280-285pts for both).

  • Repulsor Tank: The Primaris flying Land Raider, drop kicked into the Heavy Support slot with the new codex and trading a little armour for absurd more firepower. Holds 10 Primaris Marines (models with Gravis armour count as two) and carries a fair number of anti-tank or anti-horde weapons to protect its passengers. Has a dizzying array of weaponry. Main guns are a heavy onslaught gatling cannon (30", heavy 12, S6, AP-1, D1) which can be swapped for a twin las-talon (24" twin lascannon) and a twin heavy bolter that can be swapped for a twin lascannon. Secondary weapons are... Well, fucking confusing to keep track of, so see below. However, its costs can rack up quickly, so unless you plan to field a lot of Primaris Marines you're probably better off taking a Land Raider variant. It also access to the Repulsor Field stratagem for some shenanigans.
      • Ironhail heavy stubber (36", heavy 4, S4, AP-1, D1), swappable for onslaught gatling cannon (24", heavy 8, S5, AP-1, D1). Also an option for an additional ironhail heavy stubber.
      • Icarus ironhail heavy stubber (36", heavy 4, S4, AP-1, D1, +1 to hit rolls against Aircraft), swappable for a fragstorm grenade launcher (18", assault d6, S4, AP0, D1, blast), icarus rocket pod (24", heavy d3, S7, AP-1, D2), or krakstorm grenade launcher (18", assault 1, S6, AP-1, Dd3).
      • Two storm bolters, swappable for two fragstorm grenade launchers.
      • Auto launchers (grants the Smokescreen keyword), swappable for two fragstorm grenade launchers.
    • If you're just looking for lots of lascannons or horde-clearing weaponry, there are definitely cheaper (if somewhat slower) means of getting them on the table, like a Devastator Squad or Redemptor Dreadnought. Anti-armour setups, in particular, have the issue that the las-talon has only half the range of the twin lascannons, which means it'll only be able to unleash half its anti-armour firepower at its farthest range. At that matter, most of its other weapons struggle with an equally short range compared to most vehicle-mounted weapons, so it will likely need support when dealing with long-ranged attackers.
    • Defensively, it's nearly identical to a Land Raider; although its armour is only a 3+, it has the same number of wounds as a LR and does a good job at discouraging charges with its Repulsor Field strat (-2 from any charge rolls). The optional Auto Launchers supplement this with an extra -1 to hit on opponent shooting rolls if the Repulsor doesn't shoot.
    • In terms of pure output, for anti-tank take the las-talon and twin lascannon, for anti-horde take the heavy onslaught Gatling cannon and twin heavy bolter, and for balanced take the heavy onslaught Gatling cannon and twin lascannon.
  • Repulsor Executioner: Jury's out on this one. Capacity of six with some big guns, thankfully less complicated to list here than the Repulsor. Fixed guns are a heavy onslaught gatling cannon (30", heavy 12, S6, AP-1, D1), twin heavy bolter, twin icarus ironhail heavy stubber (36", heavy 8, S4, AP-1, D1, +1 to hit rolls against Aircraft), two storm bolters, and two fragstorm grenade launchers (18", assault d6, S4, AP0, D1, blast). You have an option of two main guns; the macro plasma incinerator is the largest Marine plasma weapon, at 36", heavy d6, S8, AP-2, D2, blast, may gain +1S and +1D but hit rolls of one inflict one mortal wound against this model) and the heavy laser destroyer is one of the larger Marine las weapons (72", heavy 2, S12, AP-4, Dd3+3). Both main weapons gain +1 to hit rolls, thanks to this models Aquilon Optics rule.
    • Whenever you make such an investment on big units, you must consider everything you are paying for. While the heavy laser destroyer is a very potent weapon that will serve you well, this particular weapon loadout will require a play style that ignores most of the other benefits of the unit by hanging back and remaining fairly static. However, taking the Plasma loadout saves points and requires closer positioning of the tank, thus placing it in more danger. That may seem foolhardy, but this vehicle is loaded with close/mid-range weaponry that complements the plasma very well, while still being able to deliver a six-man Primaris Infantry unit on top of Repulsor Fields. This writer regards the Executioner as a very gun-laden Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), not a true Main Battle Tank (MBT). You can take an MBT's weapons loadout, and that may certainly be necessary at times, but this tank's true calling is in direct support of infantry.
    • Counter opinion: You're paying a massive number of points for a large unit without an invulnerable save. W16 can be stripped off by a lucky volley from some Hellblasters, or anything that will kill eight Marines. Combined with the medium range and transport duties this thing should be doing, there is just too much risk. The model is cool and there are definitely some niche uses for it, but you can get an Impulsor and a Gladiator Valiant for the same points for mostly the same job.
  • Gladiator Tank: The Primaris Predator. Up-guns the Predator with +1T and +1W, making it slightly more durable, but its price comes at the cost of having more guns. Two loadouts are in the mid - short-range arena, which should reward aggressive playstyles under the new vehicle rules, however, durability may still be a concern. All have the same options, of picking an Auto Launcher (Smokescreen keyword), ironhail heavy stubber (36", heavy 4, S4, AP-1, D1), and icarus rocket pod (24", heavy d3, S7, AP-1, D2).

Close-range tank-hunting. Twin las-talon (24" twin lascannon) and two multi-meltas give it a lot of firepower with the same range. It is expensive, but it has eight shots at Dd6 or more. Well worth taking the auto-launchers to scoot forward 10", use the stratagem for the -1 to hit rolls, then scoot forward again and start blasting. However, 250pts is only 35pts less than standard Land Raider, which is far tougher and delivers four Dd6 shots at twice the range.

Mid-range anti-infantry. Twin heavy onslaught gatling cannon (30", heavy 24, S6, AP-1, D1) and two tempest bolters (30", rapid fire 4, S4, AP-1, D1). That's roughly enough to kill an MSU MEQ squad and will easily mulch larger GEQ blobs. Effectiveness peaks when you get to within 15" of a target to double the number of attacks with its tempest bolters. 230pts and like the Valiant, a Land Raider Crusader does the same job except far tougher.

The cheapest, with long-range precision anti-tank fire. Heavy laser destroyer (72", heavy 2, S10, AP-3, Dd3+3) with Aquilon Optics for +1 to hit rolls and two storm bolters or two fragstorm grenade launchers. The sensible 200pts option.

  • Sicaran Battle Tank (FW): A series of Relic tanks, having an improved rhino chassis with W14 and Sv2+. The downside is they have a Martial Legacy, so they cost 1CP to even bring. In addition to its main gun and a single Heavy Bolter, you can grab 2 sponson-mounted Heavy Bolters or 2 Lascannons, a hunter-killer missile, and a pintle-mounted Storm Bolter, if you crave more dakka.

The Sicaran has transitioned smoothly into 8th and 9th ed. It's armed with a nasty accelerator autocannon (48, assault 8, S7, AP-2, D3) but unfortunately lost its ability to ignore hit modifiers. Make good use of the assault weapon on its main gun by zipping around and firing while advancing.

The Venator trades the regular Sicaran's quantity of consistent shots for vehicle annihilation; 48", heavy 3, S12, AP-3, Dd6, rising to D6 if the tank remained stationary. finish off whatever survives with the hunter-killer or the sponson lascannons.

The Punisher says "fuck GEQ's"; 36", heavy 18, S6, AP-1, D1. Enjoy making Orks and Tyranids and Tau and Guard and Eldar cry.

Another Sicaran variant, acting like a bigger Whirlwind Scorpius, this one is armed with a multi-launcher; 48", heavy 2d6, S6, AP-1, D2, blast and ignores LOS. If you're taking an Arcus over a Scorpius, you best make the most of that 1CP cost by sticking sponsons on too.

Its Omega Plasma Array has two modes; in its normal mode (36", heavy 6, S8, AP-3, D2) it can easily wipe MEQs. It has the standard Imperial plasma overcharge (+1S, +1D, suffer one mortal wound on hit rolls of UM1) which allows it to melta light armour and TEQ's as well as support against the heavier Vehicles.

  • Rapier Armoured Carrier (FW): A heavy weapon platform that comes with one bolter Marine babysitting it. T5, W5, ad Sv3+ make it somewhat like a Centurion. Give it one of the below weapon options;

It's four heavy bolters welded together. 85pts for this vs 130pts for a heavy bolter Devastator Squad. The Devastator Squad has twice the W and the ability to use Fortifications and Transports, while this model with it's higher T can ignore small arms fire more easily.

Comes with two firing modes. Shatter shells (a.k.a. fuck TEQ's) are 24", heavy 4, S8, AP-2, D3. Given their lack of blast and non-random number of attacks, it's hard to not imagine this as just being a trebuchet launching a weight. Thunderfire shells are 60", heavy 4d3, S4, AP0, D1, blast and ignores LoS. At 120pts, it costs the exact same as a Thunderfire Cannon and it's Thunderfire shells even have the exact same profile. The differences are that this unit gains a second weapon profile and the Thunderfire cannon is tougher (+1W, +1T, Sv2+) and comes with a Techmarine baked into the cost.

The other expensive option clocking in at also 120pts. 36", heavy 3, S10, AP-4, Dd3+3 makes this the anti-Monster/Vehicle Rapier. Cheaper than a four lascannon Devastator Squad, and does more damage (Dd3+3 vs d6).

The big daddy of the man-portable grav-cannon. 36", heavy d6, S6, AP-3, D2, blast and becomes D3 against targets with Sv3+ or better. Only 85pts though.

  • Mortis Dreadnought (FW Legends): Your go-to dakka dread. It costs 5 points more than a standard dreadnought, with the exact same profile, but it brings the option to double up on weapons the regular dread can't. You can take a pair of twin bolters, autocannons, or lascannons, or a pair of regular missile launchers, assault cannons, multi-meltas, or heavy plasma cannons. All good choices for laying down firepower, with the best guns depending on what you plan to shoot and how many points you can spare.
  • Deimos Pattern Relic Predator (FW Legends): Take a Predator, give it an extra wound, and slap the Relic keywords and Martial Legacy rules on it. The huge difference is the access to turret weapons and the ability to also take sponson heavy flamers.

Plasma Destroyers fill in the usual plasma niche, but it's garbage. 36", heavy d3, S7, AP-4, D1, blast, it's the same as the plasma cannon on a Dreadnought. It can opt to gain +1S and +1D for the usual suffer-MW-on-hit-roll-of-UM1, but that's not going to happen because frankly you're not going to take this weapon.

Have you ever looked jealously at the Blood Angel Baal Predator? No, me either. 18", heavy 2d6, S6, AP-1, D1, auto hits means you can do shots of Tyranid and Ork players tears during the game. Don't forget, Deimos Predators can also take sponson heavy flamers.

  • Could see potential use with Salamanders, depending on upcoming stratagems that survived from 8th and if it can benefit from Vulkans aura or maximum-attacks-with-flame-weapons Warlord Trait.

The mac-daddy of melta weaponry. 36", heavy 2d3, S8, AP-4, Dd6, blast, +2D if within 18". This is most likely better anti-tank than the Annihilators twin lascannons.

The weapon that gets better with distance. Starting at 0-24", it is heavy d3, S6, AP-1, D2, blast. It gains +1S, +1AP, and +1D for every 24" further up to 72" (0-24", 25-48", and 49-72"). A good anti-tank addition to a gunline, but possibly not as solid as the las Predator.

  • Vindicator Laser Destroyer (FW): This thing has the same stats as a Vindicator, but brings to the battlefield the unique laser volley cannon. Both profiles have 36" and heavy 3, but the similarities end there. The volley fire is S9, AP-3, Dd3+3, and the overcharge profile becomes S10, AP-4, and a whopping D6. Similar to overcharged plasma, this model suffers one mortal wound on a hit roll of unmodified one UNLESS it remained stationary, then they can safely overcharge without fear.


Not often seen, Marines in 8th have tended towards static gun lines like Primarch + Devastators. Fortifications are not a serious part of any meta right now.

  • Hammerfall Bunker: Its appearance and functionality suggests it's a turret, not a bunker. Armed with a hammerfall missile launcher that fires superkrak (72", heavy 2, S10, AP-2, Dd6) or superfrag (72", heavy 2d6, S6, AP0, D1, blast) missiles. It's equipped with either a hammerfall heavy bolter array or hammerfall heavy flamer array. This means each turn, it makes one heavy bolter or heavy flamer attack against ALL enemy units within range. When firing overwatch, it effectively shoots within two heavy bolters or two heavy flamers.
  • Tarantula Sentry Guns (FW): 40pts for the twin heavy bolter and 50pts for the twin lascannon. There has been a change in the targeting rules, so you can choose the nearest infantry or nearest vehicle regardless of your gun (more useful for the HB variant that may want to hit a light vehicle occasionally).
  • Tarantula Air Defence Battery (FW Legends): Now 40pts each, their weapon has had a slight change. 48", heavy d6, S7, AP-1, D1, becomes D2 against Aircraft. Similar to other Tarantulas, they must target the nearest Fly unit, then the nearest unit if one is not available. Due to retards writing rules, this unit must target Assault Marines before an Aircraft, as it specifies Fly units and not Aircraft in its Target Priority.
  • Castellum Stronghold (FW Legends): In case you want to play an army comprised of buildings instead of tanks and soldiers. Starting at 600pts, this model consists of one Bunker (T8, W20, Sv3+) and three Annexes (T8, W12, Sv3+). This fortification grants Light Cover, Heavy Cover, Obscuring, and Defensible. 30 models can embark in the Bunker and 15 can shoot out of it, and 12 models can embark in each Annex while 10 can shoot out of it. After a fortification model is destroyed, roll a d6 before models disembark. On a 6, each unit suffers d3 mortal wounds, and the now-destroyed fortification model counts as Difficult Terrain, Exposed Position, and Unstable Position.
    • The Bunker has two weapon slots and each Annex has one slot. You don't have to take them, but weapon options are twin lascannon (+40pts), twin heavy bolter (+30pts), twin heavy flamer (+30pts), twin assault cannon (+40pts), multi-melta (+25pts), and castellum air defence missiles (+45pts, 48", heavy 2d3, S8, AP-2, D3, +2 to hit rolls against Aircraft).
    • The Bunker also has three unique options; castellum battle cannon (+40pts, 72", heavy d6, S9, AP-3, D3, blast), castellum Icarus quad lascannon (+85pts, 96", heavy 4, S9, AP-3, Dd6, +2 to hit rolls against Aircraft), and communication relay (+10pts, +1CP if your Warlord is embarked, so make them a cheap one with a long-range gun instead of a punchy-orientated one).
    • If there are no units embarked in the buildings, each weapon must target the nearest enemy unit or the nearest enemy Aircraft unit.

Lords of War

Well, well, well... The superheavies have seen some changes. For the most part they are all now T8, but their prices have been reduced by half in some cases. Further, fielding these units will heavy tax your command points as they are relics and require super heavy detachments.

As a reminder, every model in this list will greatly benefit from being Iron Hands with a babysitting Master of the Forge Warlord; Chapter Tactics ignore lost wounds on a 6+ and Vehicle double their wounds for the purposes of choosing which stats they have, and the Warlord will heal them 4W per turn.

  • Land Raider Variants (Chapter Approved 2017, open play only): What happens when Games Workshop meets Build-A-Bear Workshop. It has the typical Land Raider stats and keywords that are common to all official variants. (TC) refers to transport capacity and is modified depending on sponson and hull weaponry. Example; (TC -5) means subtract five from the current capacity.
    • Primary Sponsons and Initial TC: Pick one from the following list. It also determines the starting transport capacity, with all other options being modifiers. Two twin lascannons (TC 10), two flamestorm cannons (TC 12), or two hurricane bolters (TC 16).
    • Secondary Sponsons: Two lascannons (TC -5), two heavy bolters (TC -5), two heavy flamers (TC -5), nothing (TC no effect).
    • Hull Weapons: Twin lascannon (TC -5), twin heavy bolter (TC no effect), twin assault cannon (TC no effect).
    • Pintle Weapons: None of the following affect your Land Raiders TC and you can have any of them you like in any combination. Storm bolter, hunter-killer missile, or multi-melta.
    • Abilities: If you don't have any lascannons, you have the Frag Launcher keyword. If you have three or more single or twin lascannons, you gain the power overload rule (three or more hit rolls of 1 with lascannons in the same phase inflicts six mortal wounds on the Land Raider).
  • Land Raider Terminus Ultra (Legends): Now that the Smurfs have stopped being selfish pricks, this unit is available to all Chapters. Inexplicably in the Lords of War section, its statline is no different from other Land Raiders, but it will do a spectacular job of wrecking vehicles thanks to its eight lascannon shots per turn. Three hit rolls of 1 in one turn will cause you to take 6 mortal wounds, but the chances of that are so small that it's unlikely to be an issue. Even if it does happen, it won't be enough to decrease your base stats until you drop to 8 wounds or below, and with the toughness and armour save that comes with being a Land Raider variant that's probably not going to be an issue. Just be sure to watch out for massed Infantry.
  • Spartan (FW): The Spartan has always been a bigger and nastier Land Raider at heart, and this edition just makes it even meaner. A relic from the Legion days, it boasts an impressive BS3+, S8, T8, W20, and Sv2+. It comes stock with hull-mounted twin heavy bolters (which can be replaced with twin heavy flamers), two sponson-mounted quad lascannons, and anything trying to attack it in melee will have to deal with its crushing tracks, which "swing" at SU, AP-2, Dd3, but it's best not to rely on that since it's only WS5+ and A6/d6/d3. If the eight lascannons don't tickle your pickle, they can be swapped for laser destroyers that strike at 36", heavy 3, S10, AP-4, Dd3+3. The shorter range doesn't hurt it a whole bunch, since it's a transport and should be heading towards the enemy anyway. If you crave even more dakka, you can add a pintle-mounted heavy bolter, storm bolter, heavy flamer, or multi-melta. Finally, the Spartan has an enormous 25 transport capacity, including Terminators, Jump Pack Infantry, and Centurions, but not Primaris. If it explodes after losing its last wound on a roll of 6, it deals d6 mortal wounds to units with d6+6" before any embarked models disembark.
  • Typhon (FW): The Vindicator's big brother on steroids is a fierce siege engine, taking the Spartan chassis but drops the transport capacity and weaponry. As stock, the dreadhammer siege cannon is it's only gun, but it drops a 24", heavy 2d6, S10, AP-4, D3, blast attack. The dreadhammer can put a serious hurt on just about anything it's pointed at. In addition to the main gun, it can grab two sponson-mounted lascannons or heavy bolters, and can also take a pintle-mounted heavy bolter, heavy flamer, multi-melta, or storm bolter for extra dakka.
    • The short range of its main gun means it'll be attracting a huge amount of fire, so having a Techmarine sprint behind it (or better yet, a Biker Techmarine) to heal and an escorting squad would really help.
  • Cerberus (FW): An insane Titan-class laser weapon mounted also based on the Spartan chassis. It's exactly the same as the Typhon above, but swaps the dreadhammer siege cannon for a neutron pulse array kicks out 48", heavy 4, S14, AP-4, D2d3, that become D6 if it remains stationary. The longer range and special rule of this gun means it doesn't mind sitting well back from the front line.
  • Fellblade (FW): The Baneblade's exponentially meaner cousin and the king of the battlefield. If you get first turn with a Fellblade in your army and your positioning is good, you WILL win. Absolutely bristling with guns, it has a massively impressive statline of BS3+, S8, T8, W26, and Sv2+. Its enormous and versatile Fellblade accelerator cannon sports two shell types: HE shells slap heavy infantry with 72", heavy 2d6, S8, AP-3, D2 (FAQ on 7th Jan 2021 reduced the damage), blast shots and AE shells are 72", heavy 2, S14, AP-4, D6 to cripple tanks. As for secondary weapons, it has a hull-mounted demolisher cannon (24", heavy d6, S10, AP-3, and Dd6) and sponson-mounted quad lascannons that can be swapped for laser destroyers (36", heavy 3, S10, AP-4, Dd3+3). It also has the usual Marine Lord of War pintle options with a storm bolter, heavy bolter, heavy flamer, or multi-melta. Finally, it's crushing tracks attack in melee with SU, AP-2, Dd3, but they only hit on a 5+ and you get less attacks as you get crippled.
    • It's debateable if the AE shells or HE shells are better against Vehicles and Monsters. The AE shells are high S and D, but you only make two hit rolls and Captain Aura's no longer allow them to re-roll hit rolls of 1 since they lack the core keyword. AE shells will be better off against T7 or below models (Carnifex's, Eldar and Tau Vehicles, Imperium Transports, etc) since the S14 wounds them on a 2+, but against T8 models (Leman Russ, Wraithknights, Wraithlords, etc) the sheer amount of attacks from the HE shells that wound on a 4+ will be better than two attacks that wound on a 3+.
  • Falchion (FW): A Fellblade variant which shares the same statline, keywords, and sponson/pintle weapons, but swaps the demolisher cannon and Fellblade accelerator cannon for the twin Falchion volcano cannon; 120", heavy 2d3, S14, AP-5, D6, re-roll failed wound rolls against Titanic units.
    • The Imperial Guard Shadowsword has a much better volcano cannon, (heavy 3d3, S16, and D2d6), so you do rely on your sponsons to take up the anti-tank slack. The stock Shadowsword is 470pts vs the Falchions 600pts, and the Catachan <Regiment> Doctrine (re-roll one dice used when determining the number of attacks made with a Vehicle weapon) is one of the best Vehicle rules in the game.
  • Mastodon (FW): If the Spartan is a Land Raider with the dial turned up to 11, the Mastodon has broken the dial off and eaten it. One of the few T9 models in the game, with W30 and Sv2+, as well as two Void Shields that grant it a 5++ while they're still active. Each Void Shield has three "shield points" and each failed saving throw knocks off one shield point for each point of damage, in a similar way to wounding normally. Any excess damage is NOT carried over to the other Void Shield or the model itself (e.g, a lascannon that rolls a five for damage against a full Void Shield knocks off all three shield points, but the remaining two damage is not carried over to the other shield or the model itself). Once a Void Shield is gone, it does not return, but any remaining Void Shields with less than three shield points at the start of your Command Phase is returned to having three shield points. As for weapons, it has two heavy flamers, two lascannons, and crushing tracks. It also has two unique weapons; a skyreaper battery (48", heavy 8, S7, AP-2, D2, gains +1 to hit rolls and becomes D4 if the target is an Aircraft) and the siege melta array (24", heavy 6, S8, AP-4, Dd6, becomes Dd6+2 against a target within 12"). It also carries a whopping forty models, with Terminators, Jump Pack, and Wulfen models counting as two, Centurions counting as three, and can also carry up to two Dreadnoughts which count as ten models each. It still cannot take Primaris, and cannot take Deredeo or Leviathan Dreadnoughts.
  • Thunderhawk Gunship (FW): The standard air support and transportation workhouse of the Space Marines, in the fluff anyway, since this monstrous flyer will cost you an arm and a leg (in both points and real $). It has a big M20-50" stat, and the Airborne, Hard To Hit, Hover Jet, and Supersonic rule from the Codex Flyers. T8, W30, and Sv2+ also makes it one of the toughest Aircraft in the Imperium, if not the game. Weaponry is two lascannons and four twin heavy bolters, on top of the Thunderhawk heavy cannon (48", heavy 2d6, S8, AP-2, Dd3+2, blast) and Thunderhawk cluster bombs (pick a unit this model moved over, roll 6d6 if you picked a Monster or Vehicle or 1d6 for each model in a unit up to 18d6, and each 4+ causes one mortal wound). The cannon can be swapped for a turbo-laser destructor to wreck tougher Vehicles with 96", heavy 3, S16, AP-5, D6, and the bombs can be swapped for a hellstrike missile battery so you don't have to move over your target to hit them with 72", heavy 4, S8, AP-3, D3, and against Aircraft it becomes Dd3+3 and gains +1 to hit rolls. As for Transport, it can carry thirty FIRSTBORN AND PRIMARIS models! Wulfen, Terminator, Mk X Gravis, and Firstborn Jump Pack models count as two, Centurion, Firstborn Bikers, and Primaris Jump Pack count as three, and Primaris Bikers take up a whopping four. For a Small Price of 800 Points!.
  • Thunderhawk Transporter (FW Legends): A Thunderhawk variant designed for airlifting tanks. This unusual vehicle shares the statline of the Thunderhawk, but only carriers the hellstrike missile battery and four twin heavy bolters. In addition to fifteen models with the same restrictions as the Thunderhawk above, it can carry two Rhino-based Vehicles (Rhino, Razorback, Predator, Hunter, Stalker, Whirlwind, Whirlwind Scorpius, Vindicator, Vindicator Laser Destroyer) or one Land Raider (any flavour), Sicarius (any flavour), Spartan, Typhon, or Cerberus. Any embarked models do not count towards the fifteen-model transport capacity. These vehicles act exactly like other passengers and are subject to the usual restrictions for embarking and disembarking, meaning they can detach while in Supersonic mode at the end of the Movement Phase. It's much cheaper than the Thunderhawk Gunship, but its usefulness is somewhat questionable, cool as it may be.
  • Sokar Pattern Stormbird (FW): The largest Flyer Forge World offers to the Marines, but still dwarfed next to the Tau Manta. T8, W40, and Sv2+, with two Void Shields (see the Mastodon unit entry). It can carry half a Marine company, with a fifty-model capacity. Like the Thunderhawk, it can split those between Firstborn and Primaris models with the same restrictions according to armour type. Unlike the Thunderhawk, it can carry one Rhino which counts as twenty-five models (models embarked in the Rhino do not count towards the fifty-model capacity). Carries a hellstrike missile battery (72", heavy 4, S8, AP-3, D3, and against Aircraft it becomes Dd3+3 and gains +1 to hit rolls), three twin heavy bolters, and four twin lascannons.
  • Astraeus (FW): Your Titanic grav-tank and a common sight on the competitive scene. T8, W30, and Sv2+ with two Void Shields (see the Mastodon unit entry) are your main defensive stats. Fly gives you vulnerability against certain weapons but the Repulsor Field gives you the stratagem for defence against charges. The main gun is the twin macro-accelerator cannon, with a mean 72", heavy 12, S8, AP-2, D3 statline. Secondary weapons are two Astraeus las-rippers (36", heavy 2, S9, AP-3, Dd6) that can be swapped for two plasma eradicators (36", heavy d6, S7, AP-4, D2, blast and can gain +1S and +1D but hit rolls of unmodified 1 inflict a mortal wound against the Astraeus). Tertiary/defensive guns include a twin heavy bolter (swappable for a twin lascannon), storm bolter, and one ironhail heavy stubber (with the option to take a second).
    • Compared to the Fellblade, its main gun is almost strictly better under mathhammer due to the high number of S8 and D3 shots. Against a Knight the Fellblade's AE mode barely does 6 damage, with a fair chance of doing 0, vs the Astraeus' more consistent 6-9 damage. The TMAC is also a better version of the Fellblade's HE mode; guaranteed 12 shots vs 2d6 with one less AP and blast. Very effective against light/medium Vehicles (especially the usually flimsier Aircraft), as well as W3 Infantry such as Gravis and Terminator Marines, Tyranid Warriors, and Custodes. The secondary armament is only inferior with the eight Lascannons and Demolisher Cannon of the Fellblade outgunning the Accelerator Cannon itself when combined. It's a mixed picture in melee, with the Repulsor Field stratagem making the Astraeus harder to engage and hit but it lacks the option to mount any flamer for point defence; the Fellblade can mount up to three heavy flamers which will inflict significant overwatch casualties on attacking Infantry as well as crushing tracks to deal some damage back. The Void Shield gives it an important defensive tool that the Fellblade and most superheavy tanks lack so it ends up out-living the Fellblade in the long run by effectively having ~29 wounds. Most importantly, it's much cheaper than the Fellblade since it's not a Relic you don't have to pay the CP tax.


Dark Angels

Dark Angels Chapter Livery.jpg
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is no rest when the enemies of man still draw breath.

Thematically, these guys are bunch of plasma-fetishizing paranoid fucks. They are constantly on the hunt for certain hated enemies and will not rest until these foes are brought to justice at any cost. Alongside that, they are skilled in less mobile warfare. They utilize long-range lines of fire and holding fast when attacked.
On the tabletop, these guys have some really stratified tactics with the existence of the Deathwing and Ravenwing forces. With the coming supplement, it's becoming even more of an option to run a monowing detachment as you can have either bikers or terminators count as ObSec alongside their own specialized traits. Needless to say, mastering the First requires understanding what best to focus on and building around it.
If you are looking for brutal and unyielding terminators, swift but deadly bikers who deliver death from afar, or something in between, the Dark Angels has something for you.

Special Rules

  • Chapter Tactics - Grim Resolve: All units auto-pass their combat attrition checks, which is pretty cool. The bigger deal is that if they do not move at all during their turn (excluding any pile-ins and consolidation moves), they get to add +1 to the hit roll - note that this doesn't differentiate between melee or shooting. This definitely provides them a great boost in melee (not that you're allowed to charge), but it's at its most useful buffing BS2+ combi-weapons so they can fire in dual profile mode without penalty, on the rare occasion you're standing still and an enemy wanders into range.
    • The Inner Circle rule only reacts to having this chapter tactic, so if you swap out to Successor and don't choose Inheritors, all of your units with the Inner Circle rule will lose it. Same thing for Jink.
  • Combat Doctrine - Sons of the Lion: Unlike last edition, the Dark Angels are no longer restricted to any single phase. Now you'll have a trick for all of them, though focusing on one wing more than the others might limit their effectiveness. Note that this rule will stay in effect even if you pack in some Agents of the Imperium units in there.
  • Speed of the Raven: When the Devastator Doctrine's active, your RAVENWING models add +3" to their movement and can shoot in any turn where they advanced, though they are making these attacks at penalty as if they're firing assault weapons. This will absolutely be useful in getting your bikes up close and laying on the hurt right off the bat. With Superb Tactician, you can even keep a pack of them as a super-swift pack of destroyers for a few turns. That said, this gives nothing to your more dedicated heavy weapons like your Devastators and Hellblasters.
    • Fire Discipline: This triggers when Tactical Doctrine is active and lets any Infantry fire their Rapid Fire and Assault weapons at an enemy they are engaged with - but this is not without cause. When firing in this method, your boys in green are dropped to BS 5+. It's not quite the replacement for their improved overwatch, but it's damn sure to cut down on mobs.
    • Intractable: When the Assault Doctrine is active, your Deathwing Infantry/Dreadnought units can all re-roll to wound when punching an enemy model with 8+ wounds. This is pretty clearly more meant for your Dreadwing Knights, whom would absolutely be the first to be thrown against a tank or monster.
  • Unit Restrictions: Dark Angels cannot take Sternguard or Vanguard vets for any reason. Mostly because they have company vets that fill the same role. In addition, you can take only one DEATHWING captain and RAVENWING captain each in an army.
    • Options:
      • Primaris Captains have the option to get a special issue bolt carbine instead of the base bolt rifles. Why, you ask? Because this has the punch of the stalker carbine's AP-2 while still having the dakka of an auto bolt rifle. If you're looking for a shooty captain that can leave a mark on their enemy, then you can't do better. If you're just trying to stack all the bullshit, you can also buy a power fist for melee power.
      • Primaris Lieutenants can grab plasma pistols (but can no longer have both a bolt pistol and a plasma pistol as in 8E *sad*, no more mini Cypher/Moritat for you).
      • Terminator Ancients can grab claws or hammer+shield so he can have some power in a fistfight.
      • Company Veterans can grab shields if they don't have storm bolters.
      • If you have a Deathwing command squad, you can throw in a terminator ancient without taking up an extra slot. Neato because going Deathwing that much is gonna require them to go all-out.
    • Keywords: Librarians, Bladeguard and all units in terminator armor are Deathwing, though you can give this to more units via Rites of Initiation. All units on land/storm speeders, bikes (excluding scout bikers, but this overrides DW for HQs on bikes) and the Invader ATVs are Ravenwing
  • Inner Circle: Given to all Deathwing and Inner Circle units if you use the Grim Resolve Chapter Tactic. You gain a few special rules from it:
    • This unit automatically pass morale test
    • This unit is unable to Fall Back if in combat with a unit with the FALLEN keyword unless it's a Vehicle (fluffy, this rarely will bug you).
    • In any other cases, this unit must do a Leadership test by rolling 2D6 in order to Fall Back (unless the unit has VEHICLE, RAVENWING or CHAPTER MASTER as a keyword). Even this "malus" will rarely be a problem.
    • If this unit has the INFANTRY keyword, a wound roll of 1,2 or 3 always fail against them. And this is pure gold, making Terminator and Bladeguard extremely resistant.
  • First Company: When using a Vanguard Detachment comprised entirely of Deathwing and Inner Circle units, Termies of the classic, assault, Deathwing and Relic kind all count as having ObSec as well as the +3 CP givn if your warlord's in the detachment. All you'll need to make them a worthwhile force.
  • Rites of Initiation: For a certain sum of points, you can also confer the Deathwing keyword to the following units: Captains, Primaris Lieutenants with storm shields (Because bladeguard lol), dreads, land raiders, repulsors, stormravens, and any other transport that can carry terminators.
  • Jink: if you use the Grim Resolve Chapter Tactic, units that have this ability all gain a 4+ invulnerable save against shooting, as long as they advance in the movement phase. If they make a Normal Move they get a 5+ invulnerable save. Currently the only Ravenwing units that have 'jink' are the ones in the pdf index, so none of the Codex:Space Marines units that can have the Ravenwing key word get this (fingers crossed for the new DA Codex). Remember, you can still fire assault weapons after advancing at a -1 BS penalty. Good for meltaguns, flamers, and all bikes with plasma talons.
  • Second Company: The return of specialized army lists! In an Outrider Detachment that's wholly composed of RAVENWING units, your biker and outrider squads all gain ObSec and you get +3 CP if your warlord's in this detachment. Oh hell to the yes.

Crusade Additions

Secondary Objectives


  • Wrath of the Lion (2 CP): Trigger during the command phase when doctrines are active, meaning mono-marines only. Whenever a combat doctrine is active, any time a unit rolls a 6 to wound they improve the AP of their hit by 1. This stacks with the AP boost given by the doctrine, so you can really lay on the hurt.
  • Intractable (2 CP): Whenever a DA unit in your army falls back, your unit can shoot and if they're part of the Inner Circle, they can fall back without even needing to roll.
  • Deathwing Assault (1 CP): During the shooting phase, you can pick one Deathwing unit. They can add +1 to the wound roll if the unit had teleported in during the turn. This is going to be used a lot because you need every hit you make to land and there's no better time to do it than when your boys in white land.
  • Full Throttle (1/2 CP): A Ravenwing unit can immediately move up to 12" after advancing. This does nothing for units that want to charge, but it is very helpful for getting flamers up close and personal. Combined with Speed of the Raven, then this is absolutely critical for throwing Plasma Talons at turn 1. Costs 1 CP if your unit has 5 or less models, but costs 2 CP if the unit has more than 5 models.
  • Line Unbreakable (1 CP): At the start of the fight phase, select one Infantry unit. Until the end of this phase, the designated unit can only be attacked if the models attacking them are within engagement range. This means that tightly-packed clusters and hordes lose out on a LOT of attacks since the individual models are not within engagement range.
  • High-Speed Focus (1 CP): Whenever a Ravenwing Vehicle unit gets shot at, this gives them a 4++ invuln save. Sadly no longer usable on your bikes, but your land speeders would be more prone to the damage that you'd want this save on, like lascannons and meltas.
  • No Foe Too Big to Subdue (2 CP): Select a unit of Deathwing Knights during the fight phase. Any models with the mace of absolution who hit a Vehicle or Monster unit add +1 to wound and improves the AP by 1.
  • Marked for Command (1 CP): Your standard "grab special-issue wargear for a sergeant" stratagem, with the addendum of also working for Black Knights and Deathwing Knights.
  • Paragon of the Chapter (1 CP): Your standard "grab additional warlord trait" stratagem.
  • Honoured by the Rock (1 CP): Your standard "grab chapter relic to a Successor Chapter" stratagem.
  • Tactical Appraisal (1 CP): During the command phase, select one DA unit within 6" of the warlord (barring those with the Servitor, Agent of the Imperium or Unaligned keywords). This unit now counts as using whatever doctrine you want for the rest of the turn. This is absolutely a double-dip when stacked with Brilliant Tactician, except this one's less constrained.
  • The Hunt (2/3 CP): Before the game begins, you can move one Ravenwing unit as if it were your movement phase so long as the unit doesn't end up within 9" of any enemy models. This is the glorious return of scouting moves, though it's at a steep cost: It costs 2 CP if the unit has five models or less, but costs 3 CP if the unit has over five models.
  • Targeting Guidance (2 CP): During the shooting phase, select one enemy unit within 18" and visible to a Ravenwing Land Speeder or Ravenwing Storm Speeder. Until the end of the phase, all your Dark Angels units add +1 to hit them with their guns. This gives you a really powerful boost to your units, especially if you bring a talonmaster.
  • Swift Strike (2/3 CP): The return of the hit-and-run shenanigans. A Revenwing unit that just fought in the combat phase can immediately fall back from a fight. Costs 2 CP for a unit with five models or less and increases to 3 CP if the model exceeds five models.
  • Secret Agenda (1 CP): Hide one of your secondary objectives or agendas from your enemy when the game begins. They'll only learn about it once you score it. It's fluffy as all hell, but it's not likely to be worth a whole CP.
  • Stasis Shells (2 CP): During the shooting phase, one Ravenwing unit with a grenade model can fire once. This attack deals no damage on a hit, but the target cannot fall back unless it's a Vehicle or Monster.
  • Weapons from the Dark Age (2 CP): During the shooting phase, you can select one unit and improve the damage of their plasma weapons by 1. You might not see much use out of this due to the fact that your boys are now just as prone to blowing up with them as anyone else, but when used they will hurt.

Warlord Traits Stick to the central list if you're looking for supporting traits, the wing-specific ones only buff your warlord.

  1. Brilliant Strategist: During command phase, select one Dark Angels unit within 6" of the warlord. Until the next command phase, this unit now acts as if it's in the Devastator Doctrine (if you're in Tactical Doctrine) or the Tactical Doctrine (if you're in the Assault Doctrine) when making attacks. Azrael and Lazarus have this one.
    • With the 8E errata hosing down the gaming of the doctrines, this gives you the chance to keep a key unit at peak efficiency for a bit longer. That said, it means that your WT's pretty much useless for the first turn.
  2. Fury of the Lion (Aura): Any time your Warlord charges, was charged, or performed a heroic intervention this turn, friendly Dark Angels within 6" add 1 to their strength for that fight phase. Not bad. Asmodai uses this trait.
    • Stacks with Chappy Dread's existing +1 strength aura, which is cool if the dread is your warlord. Good if you want a 'Smash-Master' with Jump Pack & TH/SS on par with a Blood Angel's smash-captain vs toughness up to 5, and 8 though 10.
  3. Calibanite Knight: Your warlord will always wound on a 2+ when fighting an Infantry or Biker unit. This is primo material for your beatsticks and puts you pretty close to being Deathwing if you don't buy it for your warlord.
  4. Stubborn Tenacity: When your warlord dies, they won't be removed from the field until the end of the turn. This will absolutely be vital for keeping your auras up for one last shot or to make sure your powers stay in play until the end. Ezekiel uses it.
  5. Decisive Tactician (Aura): All Dark Angels Core models within 6" add +1 to advance and charge rolls.
  6. Honour of the First Legion: Your warlord can perform heroic interventions on enemies within 6" (and 5" vertically) of them.
  1. Watched: Once per battle in the psychic phase, the warlord can automatically deny a single enemy power regardless of whether or not he's in 24" denial range. Pretty good overall WT when facing psychic heavy armies like Chaos, Grey Knights and Tyranids. The unlimited range allows you to deny crucial powers like miasma of pestilence on Mortarion.
  2. Inorexable: Your warlord reduces all damage absorbed by 1 to a minimum of 1. Well, of course you'll want this if you just want an unkillable termie motherfucker. Belial uses this one.
  1. Lightning Fast Reactions: If your warlord is attacked, enemies subtract 1 from their hit rolls. This is especially important for your talonmasters since they're the most prone to getting blasted down by lascannons and missiles.
  2. Master of Maneuver: Your warlord can shoot and charge in a turn where he fell back, a pretty good rule with wide applications. Sammael always uses this regardless of what he rides.

Psychic Discipline: Interromancy

  1. Mind Worm: WC 6. An enemy unit within 12" of the Psyker takes a mortal wound, just like that. In addition, the targeted unit is forced to fight last in the following Fight Phase and must wait until all other units have taken their turn. Not bad.
  2. Aversion: WC 6. An enemy unit within 24" must subtract 1 from all their To-Hit rolls until the next psychic phase. Stacks nicely with other penalties, like the powerfist/powerklaw, the hard-to-hit rule on your flyers, or the Darkshroud's aura, No longer stacks because 9E caps at -1, but because it debuffs an enemy instead of buffing an ally, best used to help shut down a big incoming threat.
  3. Righteous Repugnance: WC 7. A friendly DA unit within 12" gets to re-roll all hit and wound rolls until your next psychic phase, which is pretty damn bonkers for your lone buffing power. This can make it worth considering shelving a lieutenant and bring a librarian instead.
  4. Trephination: WC 5. The nearest enemy unit within 18" eats d3 mortal wounds, making this a slightly cheaper smite. If your psychic test roll is higher than that unit's Leadership, then the enemy suffers all three MWs.
  5. Engulfing Fear: WC 6. Massive overhaul. Now you select one unit within 24" of the psyker; the entire unit now loses 1 point of Leadership, lose ObSec and (if the channeling test exceeds the unit's Ld) makes them incapable of performing any special objective actions, meaning that you can snipe out an objective from under their noses.
  6. Mind Wipe: WC 7. Totally overhauled. Choose a visible enemy model within 18" of the psyker; they now lose one aura ability until the start of the next psychic phase. While no longer capable of gimping the enemy to your favor, you now have the ability to shut down HQ deathstars, and armies that rely a lot on overlapping auras.

Relics & Special-Issue Wargear

  • Corvus Oculus: Talon Master only, add 6" to the range of all the talon master's guns and +1BS.
  • Standard of the Unforgiving Hunt: Ravenwing Ancient only, add 1 to the advance and charge rolls for Ravenwing units within 6" of the bearer. Like the Pennant of Remebrance it does not replace the normal banner, it just adds another aura to the ancient.
  • Blade of Burden: Deathwing Captain with a power sword only. Replaces your sword with S+2 Ap-4 D2 but a 6 to wound is 2 mortal wounds instead of normal damage.
  • Key of Achrabael: Deathwing only. Your guy now gets +1 to Strength and Attacks, which can make them quite the smashing beast, especially if you sprung your Interrogator-Chaplain with Mantra of Strength for double the splatting.
  • Mace of Redemption: Replaces a power maul or crozius. This isn't as much a maul as it is a power fist on a stick, going from S+3 to Sx2 alongside AP-3 D2, perfect for nailing Marines. On top of all that, if the bearer attacks a Heretic Astartes or Fallen model with this mace, they will instead deal 2 Mortal Wounds on a 4+ to wound, the ultimate tool for penance.
  • Pennant of Remembrance: Deathwing Ancient only. During the command phase, you can nominate a friendly Deathwing Infantry Core unit within 6" of the bearer. Until your next command phase, that unit reduces all damage taken by 1. In case you wanted your terminators to be even more unkillable.
  • Shroud of Heroes: Attacks against the bearer subtract 1 from their hit roll. You can grab this on your Deathwing hQs and make them even harder to nail.
  • Reliquary of the Repentant: Ravenwing Biker units only. Gives a 3" aura that worsens enemy invulnerable saves by 1 (to a minimum of a 6+ so you can't just shut them off). Take against daemons or battlesuits with shield drones, anywhere else is a bit niche to consider.
  • Foe-Smiter: Special Storm Bolter with Assault 4, S5 AP-1 D2. This makes them effectively a buffed storm bolter that gives all the benefits of double tapping without being a terminator or parking your ass for a turn.
  • Eye of the Unseen: Another relic available to the Talonmaster as well as pretty much anyone else. This gives the bearer a 6" aura that reduces enemy Ld by 1 and any enemies engaged with him always fight last. This is a relic for more utilitarian beatsticks, as there's nobody that would not benefit these benefits.

As with the other chapters, Dark Angels gained access to the second table of relics just like every single other chapter. Some of these are viable candidates for the extra relic stratagem.

  1. Adamantine Mantle: 5+ Feel No Pain.
  2. Artificer Armour: 2+/5++. Useful on a character that does not have an Invulnerable save base, such as a Lieutenant or a Librarian.
  3. Master-Crafted Weapon: Add 1 to the damage characteristic of a single weapon the relic caddy is equipped with.
  4. Digital Weapons: 1 extra attack that does a mortal wound if it scores a successful hit.
  5. Heavenfall Blade: Finally back and available to all successor chapters. Replaces power swords (normal or MC), relic blades and executioner blades, and is actually available to Talonmasters at long last. It's a beefier power sword with S+2 AP-4 D2 alongside giving an extra attack like a chainsword, meaning that it's a very potent tool for handling bananas and other heavily armored foes.
  6. Arbiter's Gaze: Available to Talonmasters. This is another really gravy relic, letting you automatically hit on a 2+ in any circumstance (including Overwatch) and ignore cover.
  7. Atonement: New plasma pistol that never overheats. It's pretty much always there anyway with S9 AP-4 D2, so it'll pretty much always see a use.
  8. Bolts of Judgement: Available to Talonmasters. Make a single shot with a bolt weapon at AP-2 and D3 that wounds on a 2+ (6s required for Vehicle and Monster).

Special Units


  • Interrogator-Chaplain: Unlike last edition, the Interrogator-Chaplain gains one major perk that other gets: They are the only ones that are in the Deathwing, and thus get all the benefits afforded to them like leading Bladeguard Vets around despite being a head shorter and not fitting inside repulsors. He gets an extra wound like his primaris brethren, and comes with the ability to always consider enemy units within 6" of him as at half-strength when doing a Combat Attrition test, which is actually a nice boost and is also 100% useless against other Space Marines. His weapon and wargear options differ, too. Firstly, he may take a Power Fist without having to swap his Bolt Pistol for it, so you can rock around with a Crozius and a Fist and a Pistol if you really want to (although this is extremely inefficient). Also, you may swap that pistol for a weapon on the melee weapons list, something regular chaplains are unable to do, though this is rather redundant unless you are looking for something very specific, like a sword or hammer, since simply adding more weapons does not grant you any more attacks; if you want to swap it, buy a better pistol.
  • Interrogator Chaplain in Terminator Armour: With the wounds bump all marines got, you now have a model with six wounds and a 2+/4++ save. Other than this and the Aura of Dread, you're pretty much the same as a base chaplain. You might want to pack him with termies if you plan on chopping through herds, but the aura is useless against the monsters that the knights will throw themselves towards.
  • Talonmaster: Lieutenants of the Ravenwing, Talonmasters fly in Land Speeders with a Twin Assault Cannon and a Twin Heavy Bolter. In addition to the re-roll 1s to wound aura, he can pick a enemy and all friendly RAVENWING Core units ignore any cover the enemy may have while they are within 6" to the Talonmaster. This is particularly nasty with overcharged Black Knight Plasma Talons, who are now practically guaranteed to wound and ignore saves of 4+ or worse. They are also characters, meaning that despite being vehicles, they have "Look out sir!".
    • 18 AP-1 shots ain't something to sneeze at with a max reach of 36". You'll usually skip Grim Resolve but you have Jink. If you need it you're either going for a last-turn objective grab, have the impeccable mobility trait, or screwed anyway.
    • The 9E supplement proved to be rather generous, as you actually have a decent choice in relics and all of them can give you some decent edges.
  • Deathwing Strikemaster: The lieutenants of the Deathwing, clad in terminator armor since your base ones never can. He pretty much exists to compensate for the fact that Belial can no longer change his loadout, so now you have this bloke who can pretty much take whatever melee weapons he sees fit including the mace of absolution. He is absolutely more made to act as a beatstick, as his role feels a bit redundant against certain foes once Intractable comes into play.
  • Interrogator-Chaplain on Bike: (legends) It is an Interrogator Chaplain. On a bike. Gains an extra T and W from the bike putting him back above his bike chaplain brother. However unless you want the leadership debuff, the regular bike chaplain might be better being 22 points cheaper base with only one less wound. Still better than the terminator armour equipped version and in competition with a jump pack equipped version.

Special Characters

  • Azrael: Azzy is no slouch in melee, and can slug it out with all but the best of the enemy combatants. His Sword of Secrets gets five attacks that strike on a re-rollable (see below) 2+ at S6 AP-4 D2, plus deals additional Mortal Wound each time any to-wound roll results in a 6+. The Lion's Wrath is an improved combi plasma with a AP-1 D2 bolter part and an S8 AP-2 D2 plasma part that can be fired in both modes endlessly and at the same time, only causing him a -1 to hit if you do decide to fire both; overcharging is not something he'll ever worry about.
    • As Chapter Master, he gives his army +2 command points if they are battle forged and he is the warlord, and grants one Dark Angels Core or Dark Angels Character the ability to re-roll to hit each turn on top of the captain's aura. Speaking of auras, the lion helm is still there, granting a 4++ invulnerable save to every Dark Angels infantry and biker unit within 6", which is a welcome change, while he now gets a Watcher in the Dark to provide a shot to deny psykers (with a re-roll if the power was used by a Chaos Psyker unit). Since you cannot attach him anymore, just hug him to a couple of units you need to keep safe and create a bubble of protection. Because he no longer gives as much of a benefit to vehicles anymore, this is an opportunity to take advantage of new potential strategies, such as running Azrael up the board with a squad of Hellblasters. Or Aggressors! Terminators work well, but Aggressors are perhaps the greatest "walk up the board" unit, as they can blast things with a ton of shots and still roll with power fists when its time to finish off stragglers. Finally, they can walk and shoot free of penalties, and fire twice once you find a choice position. Bring some apothecary/ancient back up and hold the center of the table with confidence!
  • Belial: He's still an excellent duelist, the Sword of Silence wounds non-vehicles on a 2+. The Sword has the stats S6 AP-3 D2 so its role has a TEQ slayer remains at the fore, and it also reduces the hit rolls of any attacks coming his way by 1, a handy little buff that can make him almost untouchable when combined with his WT. Combine with Aversion on a TH/PF terminator unit, or PK toting Meganobs, and watch them trying to hit you on 6+. His Storm Bolter is more of a "sidearm", firing 4 shots all the time that gives him a little bit of ranged power and Overwatch protection if someone tries to charge at him.
    • Belial also buffs his army a little bit: A single Deathwing Core and Character unit within 6" can re-roll all hits as if he were a chapter master. And this is on top of his aura as a captain.
    • Legends allows Belial access to the TH/SS or Lightning Claw combinations, though don't expect everyone to let you use them. And RAW "Parrying Blade" now affects Belial no matter what he's running — why yes, I would like to force my opponents into a -1 to hit while still rocking a 3++.
  • Sammael on Corvex: Sammael is most definitely the fastest and shootiest hero in the Dark Angels army and is a very comfortable melee combatant too. On his Jetbike he can fire off a magnificent EIGHT bolter shots every turn AND 1d3 plasma cannon shots all on rerollable 2+, meaning he can throw out the same firepower as a five-man tactical squad all by himself. In melee: he has a bolt pistol for point-blank shooting and can swing the Raven Sword five times on a 2+, which acts like a +1 strength master-crafted power sword (so S+2, AP-4, D2) that has the additional effect of increasing his strength to 8 any time he charges and wounding those MEQs on a 2+. Also, for the fact of being on a jetbike, he can move 14" and gains toughness 6. Yes, he has poor old power armour but with a 4+ iron halo it's not a huge deal. Also, the Corvex is still sexy AF, so go ahead as you wish! The plasma cannon is kind of meh, since it almost always gets penalized by moving, but Blast does at least mean that it'll manage small clusters of Marines. Like Belial, Sammy also gets the ability to give a Ravenwing Core or Character unit within 6" re-rolls to hit on top of Rites of Battle.
    • Sammael on Sableclaw (Legends): Sadly relegated to the Legends block as of the new supplement. A bit more expensive than the Jetbike, but comes with a lot more dakka: a twin Heavy Bolter and a Twin Assault Cannon for 6/12 shots respectively. He also still fights just as well with the Raven Sword if he gets engaged. Enemies can no longer shoot at him even if he is not the closest target, as he has 7 wounds now, and still has the 4++ invulnerable save to protect himself with. The primary issue he has is that the weapons he fires are all Heavy, so if he moves he drops down to hitting on a re-rollable 3+ (and with the FAQ to re-rolls, he can't re-roll 2's to hit when moving), and he cannot advance and shoot (unless you use the Strategem), so he doesn't have the same reach as Corvex.
    • When compared to non-primarine Kor'sarro Khan, Sammael is now slightly inferior in a straight-up fight, due to Khan's double strength modifier allowing him to wound Sammael on a 3+, but Sammy's extra attack pulls him back up, so the difference between them adds up to a 0.16 wound/turn difference, assuming Khan rolls average damage. This is not a true test though, since Sammael has more than twice the shooting potential of Khan (and pretty much any other character in the game too), does better against the "average" mook, and can FLY.
    • Often overlooked but stated above, Sammael has the FLY keyword, meaning he can cruise over enemy units and to get to weaker units and fuck up enemy flyers as nearly almost all of them are T7 and below. Not to mention to fall back and unload his range arsenal on some heretics. Thanks to him flying he has some great utility that is nearly always forgotten.
  • Asmodai: At long last, the Blades of Reason have ceased being the Master of Repentance's greatest weakness. now every time he fights, he can make one attack with them - While they remain very miserable with S+1 AP0, the swing can now deal 2d6 damage, pretty pointless unless you are doing something crazy, like going mano-e-mano with Imperial Knights or heavy tanks, where the Crozius' strength bonus and armour penetration doesn't really matter as much and you're fighting with luck and sheer balls. His litanies prove to be particularly special, as he adds a +1 to his inspire checks and his litanies add +3" to their range - all added on top of his basic rules as a chaplain. When coupled with his aura of dread, Asmodai acts as real force multiplier in assault, rather than directly contributing in a fight.
  • Ezekiel: Even better than last edition and the same points cost as well. He buffs with friendly Dark Angels Core or Character units within 6" granting a bonus attack, but this won't mean anything when factoring in Shock Assault. He got himself a 4++, while also getting weapon upgrades. His sword, Traitor's Bane, is S+2 AP-3 D1d3, but against psykers it has a flat 3 damage. Then his pistol, The Deliverer, got an upgrade: it's a bolt pistol with AP-1 and D2, which is not too shabby. Finally, he can cast 2 psychic powers a turn from interromancy, of which he knows 2 powers; this is given a flat upgrade by giving him the ability to add +1 to any casting rolls on Interromancy powers. This pairs well with his psychic hood. Overall, not the psychic powerhouse that the ultramarines or space wolves have, but he is great in his own right, he is good in combat too, has an invulnerable save unlike the aforementioned (although one can get one for some points, while this guy comes stock with it) and has some sturdy psychic potential of his own.
  • Master Lazarus: While his fluff absolutely sucks is complete dog shite, Lazarus is good in melee, especially against psykers. Enmity's Edge gets five attacks that strike on 2+ and re-roll 1's at S6 AP-4 D2, plus doubling damage against psykers. As a Master he grants a re-roll to hit rolls of 1 to all DARK ANGELS units within 6", and speaking of auras, Lazarus has the Spiritsheild Helm (which is not at all a replacement in waiting for when they kill off Azrael), granting Lazarus a 4+ save against all mortal wounds and 5+ save against all mortal wounds to all DARK ANGELS models within 6" of him. A potential strategy would be to run Lazarus with Azrael, Veterans, and a Deathwing Ancient with the Pennant of Remembrance. This would provide a 4++ invulnerable save, 5+ feel no pain, then bodyguards on 2+. The Veterans can then ignore the mortal wounds on 5's. Add in Transhuman physiology for some extra durability!


  • Deathwing Terminators: Elite Terminators with the ability to customize their loadout to suit your needs. So you can have a combination of ranged guys with melee dudes and have a squad for all occasions and being Inner Circle they thankfully pass all morale checks they are required to make, so they don't have to worry about losing extra guys as a result of a poor leadership check. What's more is that even the basic guy is the same points cost as a normal "codex" terminator (33 points, 38 with the standard Bolter/Fist combo). However, they don't have the ability to deploy Teleport Homers to the battlefield and leap to it in an "emergency" as vanilla Terminators do; but the benefits available to Deathwing outweigh any lost rules from codex Terminators. They can now combat squad, so you can essentially have Terminator Assault squad and a regular Terminator squad in the same slot if you like, although any Watcher in the Dark has to be assigned to one unit or the other.
    • The changes to power weapon rules means that the Sergeant may actually want to keep his sword in this edition, rather than it being a useless hunk of crap. It is worth giving him LC to make use of his 3 attack base or giving him a TH/SS combo.
    • One dude in every five can take a heavy weapon as normal, but their list also includes the Plasma Cannon, it's okay compared to the Cyclone Missile Launcher, due to being 250% cheaper, and thanks to Grim Resolve, you have easy access to +1 to hit but does nothing to stop rolling 1s. If you have the points, then taking a Cyclone would be better since you still get a Storm Bolter too. The Assault Cannon is also a good choice as it excelling at cutting through hordes, which the rest of the squad is forced to equip itself to fight, with their storm bolters.
    • Note that by taking a 5 man Terminator Assault Squad and 5 man Terminator Squad as a Combat Squaded 10 man squad, the Terminator Squad will be able to take an additional Heavy Weapon, courtesy of the five models in the Assault Squad.
    • Deathwing Terminators can take a Watcher in the Dark, allowing them to take a Deny the Witch test once per game, rerolling the test if the enemy is a Chaos Psyker. It's pretty cheap for only 5 points and it can really be useful against armies that excel in psychic such as 'Nids or Chaos. However, it's pretty useless against armies with little to no psychic such as Tau or Necrons.
  • Deathwing Command Squad: Those same dudes written above, but with 3 main differences: Can have 2-5 models in a unit; They have the Bodyguard rule; They do not occupy a slot if a Deathwing Terminator Captain is included in the detachment. Similarly, if they are included, you can also take a Deathwing Champion and Apothecary without taking a slot.
    • This is a quite interesting unit, that with the new way of how Look Out, Sir! and Bodyguard work, they can help your characters to survive longer, even just one single model of this squad can protect them in any possible case. And if you do not use characters near them, it is still a possibility to add a small number of Terminators (they cost a little more, but obviously even a 4 men squad is cheaper than a 5 man squad, with a difference of just 2ppm).
  • Deathwing Knights: Deathwing Knights are still excellent melee specialists, being improved versions of Terminators with Shield and hammers. Their Maces of Absolution are still scary, striking at S8 AP-2 and doing THREE damage each, basically Thunder Hammers but with no drawbacks to accuracy. This means a squad of these guys can theoretically take out any high-value target in one turn of combat. The problem is a 5 man squad only produces 16 attacks like regular terminators and damage does not carry over from dead models, meaning they are liable to become swamped by hordes. What they really need is back up from external abilities that grant rerolls, dice modifiers or additional attacks. Strangely enough, compared to the last edition these badass Knights aren't effective as hordes as they use to be. Let their brothers deal with chaff and let these guys deal with the heavy stuff.
    • The Knight Master's Flail of the Unforgiven is an exception to the normal rule, excess wounds inflicted on one model do carry over to the rest of the unit, and with his base value of 3 attacks at S6 AP-3 and 2 damage, he has the potential to take out six guys all by himself; making him the guy to deal with hordes while the rest of his unit knock lumps out the biggest thing in front of them.
    • Deathwing Knights also get a Watcher in the Dark for the ability to nullify a psychic power affecting them once per game. The same tactics for the watcher apply here as well.
    • An argument could be made as to whether a squad of Knights is any better than a squad of TH/SS Terminators in the long run, now that Thunder Hammers no longer need to strike last: They both have the same basic profiles and a 1+/4++ save and hit at S8 and do three damage. A squad of Deathwing Terminators generally hits harder due to the increased armour penetration and can also customize itself to varying purposes, such as by adding a Cyclone Missile Launcher. Deathwing Knights do have the advantage of accuracy; being able to hit on 3+ and cost four points less per man (the Mace & Flails are free, so that's 35 points per man plus 2 for the storm shield for a total 37, whereas Hammernators cost 23 points per man, plus 18 for the hammer and shield for a total 41) Maces do absolutely fine against enemies with either poor regular saves or good invulnerable saves, as the increased penetration of the Hammer is lost against anything with a save of 5 or worse OR an invulnerable save of 4+ or better, so in those cases the Deathwing Knights are undoubtedly better.
    • These guys are great but do need some support from characters. An Interrogator-Chaplain will make them even more deadly with his rerolls and if you don't mind the investment, you could get a Deathwing Ancient to follow them too. All of the above can teleport in together, or you could fit them in a Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer or a Storm Raven for more mobility and firepower support.
      • Consider running a Librarian (terminator armour or otherwise) with the knights. Righteous Repugnance gives you re-roll to hit AND to wound, which is actually better than the chaplain's aura! Just remember, casting isn't guaranteed to succeed (unlike the aura, which is always on) and even if you pass, your opponent can attempt to deny the power with a psyker of their own.
    • With Ritual of the Damned, cackle like a madman when you place a Deathwing Knight squad outside of 6" of an enemy unit. Unlike the similar Grey Knight teleportation doctrine, but much like the Custode Vexillia Teleport Homer, Combined Assault makes no restriction on charging. Have fun!
  • Deathwing Champion: The 1st Company Champion is still here, and capable of cutting guys in half with that halberd of his, though his rules have turned him into a bit of an inconsistent oddball, so his focus has changed. He strikes at S7 AP-3 and does 2 damage, that S7 means he wounds T4 on a 3+ (rather than a 2+ back in 7th). He can reroll failed to-hit rolls against Characters, but his halberd grants him 3 extra attacks against a unit that contains 10 or more models, so it's as if he can't decide whether he wants to take on single opponents in honorable combat, or get stuck into bodyguards. But he's pretty good at both though.
    • Deathwing Champions are a one-per-army deal, so you can't have multiples.
    • In terms of close combat damage against lone characters, the three Champions fall pretty close to each other. The Deathwing Champion has one higher AP, but often a character has some form of invulnerable save, which will make AP less of concern beyond 3+. The deciding factor will be mainly their prices and the rest of the army; you can field almost 2 Company champs for the price of a single RW/DW champion. However, it would be a waste of a Rhino/Razorback trying to keep up with an RW HQ, and pairing the Greenwing champion in with guys in Termi-armor would just look retarded.
    • If for some reason you -really- want his 2+ to wound against MEQs again, pair him with a Chaplain Dreadnought. Be mindful of the cost, though.
    • Does face a bit of competition from other Deathwing characters (despite being a similar point price) and without actually being an HQ. The lack of any shooty weapon also hurts (admittedly shooting isn't the Deathwing's main job but a Storm Bolter couldn't have hurt to have). Additionally, the bonuses against characters look good until you realize that he hits on 2s anyway, so re-rolling hits is the same as re-rolling 1s. The same explanation for the extra AP. Weapon is basically equal to the 8th Edition Heavenfall Blade relic.
  • Deathwing Apothecary: So somehow being a member of the 1st Company makes Deathwing Apothecaries inferior. The fact that they have no melee weapon at all means these guys just suck in close combat. But that just means you aren't tempted to do anything that an apothecary shouldn't be doing in the first place, his job is to heal allies, not get stuck in with the beatsticks.
    • As with their non-termie counterpart, these guys don't take up a slot if you also have a Deathwing command squad.
    • The Deathwing Apothecary does have some advantages over other Apothecaries. While the movement is much slower, it can Deep Strike, has a more reliable Invulnerable save, and more importantly, has a 2+ save rather than a 3+. He also has a stormbolter, letting him add some ranged firepower to whatever unit he's supporting.
    • The challenge to viability is that he doesn't heal any more than a regular apothecary, yet costs more. And since the cost of the apothecary limits your inclusion of other models (because you could buy them instead), he has to heal a lot more to justify himself.
  • Ravenwing Apothecary: Again, you lack any melee weapons and are stuck with a grenade launcher or plasma talon. But keeps up to keep your bikers Heathy and resurrect the fallen.
    • If you include a unit of Black Knights, this guy doesn't take up a slot.
  • Ravenwing Champion: For when you want to kill things fast, not tanking blows. Thanks to being Ravenwing, he's not only super-fast but also possesses an invulnerable save via Jink. Seeing as he's stuck with a power sword as a weapon, you're more than capable of facing MEQ units by virtue of ripping past their armor but expect to struggle the moment you face a monster or high-Toughness enemy.
    • If you include a unit of Black Knights, this guy doesn't take up a slot. He is a once-per-army deal though.
  • Ravenwing Ancient: Because no command squad's complete without one and GW was too lazy to stat a normal biker ancient.
    • If you include a unit of Black Knights, this guy doesn't take up a slot.

Fast Attack

  • Ravenwing Black Knights: These guys are in a constant battle with the White Scars for the crown of best bikers in the Imperium - well, in the fluff, anyway; in 9E, Ultramarines are the best Codex marines at bikes, so that's the comparison that it makes sense to draw: Ultramarines bikes can Fall Back from melee and still let loose with their guns. Ravenwing Black Knights are roughly on the same level. Let's start with the bike: they come equipped with Plasma Talons, which are Assault 2 plasma guns that fire at 18" range. Being an Assault weapon means they can advance in the movement phase and still fire their weapons at -1 to hit, so no having to choose between moving fast or shooting, Black Knights can do both while also gaining the 4+ invulnerable save that Ravenwing get. In close combat, they are no slouch, either: being a form of veteran, they have two attacks each and strike with Corvus Hammers, which are S+1 AP-1 d2 weapons, so they can quite happily punch apart heavy targets up close and personal if they need to; this is on top of the fact that they also carry a bolt pistol, so where other bikers have the choice between a pistol OR a close combat weapon, Black Knights can have both and can shoot their opponent at point-blank range after tearing them apart with those pick-hammers. - Just remember, you can't advance and charge, so don't try to go TOO fast. Also, they have Meltabomb. Black Knights are also members of the Inner Circle now as well, meaning they are now completely immune to morale issues and can only be wounded better than a 4+.
    • One in three Black Knights can take a grenade launcher instead of their Plasma Talon. This has less useful, HOWEVER, there is a Stratagem that allows a Ravenwing Grenade Launcher that can cause D3 Mortal wounds to an enemy, similar to Hellfire Shells although it probably isn't worth it as the Plasma Talon is overall better. The grenades still have some utility, since Frag grenades is a d6 blast allowing you to attempt to tackle low toughness/armour hordes, while Krak does d3 damage per wound allowing you to take down big enemies even more quickly. Both grenades can also fire out to a range of 24", which is important to remember if you find yourself out of range of the plasma talons, or better yet, decide to shoot some grenades off at a different target more suitable to the weapon. As of the codex, Plasma Talons and Grenade launchers are free; built into the cost of the Black Knight.
    • This unit got a bit of a bump up as of the 9E Index Astartes, going to 40 points a model. They've also become something of a Ravenwing Command squad, though they still take up a slot of it - what they do is allow you to take a Ravenwing Apothecary, Champion, and Ancient without having to use up Elite slots.
  • Ravenwing Darkshroud: A souped-up Land Speeder, having +1T and +3W over the regular ones. Its main shlick is the Icon of old Caliban rule, which provides a -1 to-hit aura for Dark Angel units within 6" against shooting - including the Darkshroud itself. You'll pay minimum 130 points to get almost the same defensive bonus that several sub-factions get by default, but hey, it's still better than nothing. Plus it's damn fluffy. Not much in the way of offensive potential though; it comes with a stock heavy bolter, which is almost never worth upgrading to an assault cannon. Most of the time you'll want to advance for the 4++ save anyway, and since its 12" speed makes it a tad bit slower than the RW bikers, Knights, and Land Speeders it supposed to protect. Stacks nicely with other penalties of all kind (Shroud of Heroes, Aversion, Hard to Hit, advancing, moving with heavy weapons, etc), as well as other bubble-characters like Ezekiel and Asmodai for old-fashioned prefix-star shenanigans. The 'Icon of old Caliban' rule does not stack, so any -4 to-hit if you take 4 of these babies. Watch out for long-range guns that hit on fix numbers (Dark Reapers), or those who get bonus against models with the FLY keyword (Onager Dunecrawlers with the Icarus array)- your Darkshroud will be a primary target for them.
  • Ravenwing Land Speeder Vengeance: This is Fast Attack now. At T6 and 9 wounds this is more survivable than the basic land speeder, as anti-infantry weapons only wound it on a 5+/6+. The plasma storm battery is a Heavy D6 Plasma cannon with 2 damage (or 3 on supercharge) which you can supercharge at the risk of suffering 3 mortal wounds and burning out the weapon for the rest of the game. This is probably the one plasma weapon you want to overcharge regularly so getting some re-rolls nearby might be a good idea. Very good for hurting big multi-wound models. The Land Speeder Vengeance also lasts longer with the 8th edition vehicle changes, as its own weapon no longer has a good chance to kill itself (unless you move and supercharge it). But the Ravenwing Support Squadron shall be missed and mourned.


  • Nephilim Jetfighter: The Nephilim is still flying high after its much-needed buffs last edition, keeping most of its damage output against ground targets while gaining even more against enemy aircraft. Blacksword Missile Launchers fire a pair of S7 AP-3 D2 shots each turn, and count as D4 against enemy Aircraft. It swapped Strafing Run for Air Superiority, giving it +1 against aircraft. Of course as a member of the Ravenwing it has the ability to Jink, giving it a 5+ invuln every time it moves (it must always move) or 4+ if it advances. The Avenger Mega Bolter still chews up things with Heavy10 S5 AP-1 D2, or you could swap that for a Twin Lascannon for some vehicle hunting. All of this wrapped in a solid flyer statline with T6 and 11W with a 3+ save and Hard to Hit, which forces enemies to shoot with -1 to hit, means that the Nephilim is still a fine support unit with plenty of reach on the battlefield.
    • Additional Note: The Darkshroud can add a further -1 to hit, too bad those don't stack in 9th edition anymore.
  • Dark Talon: The Dark Talon has been tweaked once again, and is still a great source of mortal wounds. Rift Cannon is no a Heavy D3 Blast S12 weapon. It has no AP or Damage, because the target instantly takes 3 mortal wounds per successful to-wound roll. Stasis Bomb has its damage nerfed to d3 mortal wounds, but prevents anything (except Vehicles or Monsters) from falling back during its next turn. Great for screwing up T'au plans. The Dark Talon also has two Hurricane Bolters which means 24 SHOTS at close range!!! While just the standard Bolter profile they are still excellent for clearing out light infantry units, and are no longer useless against the vehicles the Dark Talon often hunts. The Hover Jet special rule will prevent the Dark Talon from flying off the board and entering reserves, allowing you to bring it back into the fight after flying off away from the fight. Now a total 210 points.


White Scars

White Scars Livery.png
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only the hunt unending.

Thematically, they're the archetypical steppe nomads but turned into a post-human military force. These guys are the ones if you want your warrior-monks asian instead of western.
On the tabletop these guys are the fast, melee marines, with the speed to keep up the pace, strong bikes to keep up the pressure, and the rules for relentless punishing assault. Your units will be as fast as genestealers without being as frail as them. Furthermore, their charge is devastating and their rules turn ongoing combats into repeated charges.
If you want your army to hit as fast and hard as a lightning bolt, then ride with the White Scars and unleash the storm.

Special Rules

  • Chapter Tactics - Lightning Assault: Units with this tactic can charge even if they advanced or fell back. Furthermore, they don't suffer the penalty for advancing and firing assault weapons.
    • Advance + Charge is huuuuge. Not talking about infantry's effective 3d6" charge range, no. This is for 12" Rhinos that end up with a 22.5" average charge threat range, whose cargo can then disembark, shoot after the rhino falls back, then charge overwatch-free when the rhino charges back in. This is for turbo-boosting bikers of 27.5" threat range.
    • Charging after falling back is especially useful to units that proc Mortal Wounds on a charge, your own Deadly Hunter Warlord (and Ironclad Dreadnoughts and Assault Centurions), on top of triggering Shock Assault and guaranteeing your units hit first. It also allows ranged support to help a unit from afar before it charges back into the fray. Even better when you have a Rhino to absorb overwatch.
  • Combat Doctrine - Devastating Charge: While the Assault Doctrine is active, melee attacks performed by a unit that charged or performed a Heroic Intervention deal 1 more damage. If this triggers, you'll have already activated Shock Assault, so even a simple chainsword will be able to shred most two-wound infantry. This is kind of bonkers, but useless against most non-marine units. Shoot 1 wound models the first two turns, then clean house with Assault Intercessors come turn 3!

Crusade Additions

Secondary Objectives


  • Wind-swift (2 CP): Select one non-Artillery White Scars unit that made a normal move or fallback, it can make an additional Advance move, but can't shoot, charge or use psychic powers either. Can be useful if you need an aura ability like an Ancient's or Chaplain's right fucking now. Allows bikers to move 34" onto objectives or whatnot, though they will be functionally useless afterward.
  • Fierce rivalries (1 CP): Your first charge for a White Scars that phase rolls the best 2 of 3d6. Game on, Blood Angels.
  • Strike for the heart (2 CP): One of your White Scars can consolidate D3+3", or D6+6" if every model in that unit has a move characteristic of at least 10". Not only can you hit hard and fast, but you can also drag nearby squads into the melee.
  • The Eternal Hunt (2CP, Single Use): Use this strat at the start of the movement phase if the Assault doctrine is active. Until the start of the next battle round, White Scars Pistols and melee weapons gain additional -1AP on unmodified wound rolls of 6. Getting AP-2 and 2 Damage in melee.
  • A mighty trophy (1 CP): Use it when a White Scars kills the enemy warlord with a melee weapon. Your White Scars now autopass morale tests.
  • Born in the saddle (1 CP): A White Scars Biker can advance and shoot. A large number of Bolter fire and Cover a massive amount of ground, why not.
  • Butchered Quarry (1 CP): When an enemy falls back from a White Scars Infantry or Biker unit (that isn't within 1" of yet another enemy unit), your squad makes one attack with a melee weapon at the falling back unit. If they yet live, your squad can follow them 3", as long as that move doesn't take them within 1" of another enemy unit.
  • Ride Hard, Ride Fast (1 CP): Use it on a White Scars unit that just advanced. Enemies shooting at it get -1 to hit until the start of your next movement phase. Unstoppable -2 to hit Smoke Launcher'd transport.
    • Under 9th negatives to hit are capped at -1, so unless your opponent is getting bonuses to hit that you also want to counter, you're better off with just the smoke launchers. Still useful on its own.
  • Hunter's Fusillade (1 CP): When a White Scars unit advances, their Heavy and Rapid Fire weapons can be fired as if they were Assault (keep in mind Rapid Fire 1 becomes Assault 1)
    • Extra effective on Heavy weapon squads as you don't lose anything in the shift to Assault, they will also benefit from the Tactical Doctrine in turn 2.
  • Feinting withdrawal (1CP): A White Scars unit that falls back can still shoot.
  • Chogorian thunderbolts (1 CP): White Scars Biker When one of your squads finishes a charge move, for each model in your squad select one enemy unit within 1" of that model. Roll a d6 and inflict 1MW on that unit on a 6. Doesn't say you can't select the same squad many times - true, but obviously, in matched play, it can only be used once per phase.
  • Lightning debarkation (1 CP): A White Scars transport that doesn't have the Flyer Battle Role can disembark its cargo after it has already moved, though they cannot charge that turn. Aka pay 1CP to give a transport the Impulsor's rule.
  • Quarry of the Khan (1 CP): If your WS warlord is on the field when you first generate a Tactical Objective, this strat guarantees your it is Kingslayer, which your warlord is good at. Unsure how this works in 9th?
  • Encirclement (1CP): During deployment, set up a non-artilary or Building White Scars unit in outflank instead of on the battlefield. At the end of one of your movement phases, that unit can arrive within 6" of a battlefield's edge and more than 9" away from enemy models.
  • Khan's Champion (1 CP): Give one of your "sergeant"s a Master-crafted weapon/Digital weapon/Headtaker's trophies/Stormwrath bolts. Remember all relics in your army must be different and handed to different characters.
    • Stormwrath bolts restrict the weapon to "make a single shot with this stats", but it DOESN'T changes a profile's rules: an Eliminator Sergeant can snipe characters with Stormwrath bolts with +2 to hit that ignore cover/inflict a MW on a 6+ to wound. Unsure an Armorium Cherub could reload a Devastator sergeant's boltgun, but his Signum would give him BS2+.
    • The other three SI wargear are melee-oriented; a Master-crafted power weapon or Digital weapon for Vanguard Vet/Primaris sarges. A Reiver with Headtaker's trophies, however, can inflict -2Ld on his own.
  • Tempered by wisdom (1CP, Single Use): You can generate a second warlord trait for one of your WS characters that aren't a named character, from the White Scars Warlord Trait table. All warlord traits must be different.
  • Gift of the Khans (1CP, Single Use): After nominating a WS Successor character as your warlord, you can give one Relic of Chogoris to one of your WS Successor characters instead of giving them a relic from the regular SM codex or a Special Issue wargear.

Warlord Traits

  1. Deadly Hunter: Each time he successfully charges, roll a D6. On a 4+, one enemy unit takes a mortal wound. And his Chapter Tactic allows him to charge after falling back, triggering the mortal wound again and again and again.
    • Competes with Chogorian Storm, assuming you can't afford a thunder hammer for your melee hero/need to take down things that a thunder hammer can't solve but MWs can.
  2. Chogorian Storm: +1d3A when he makes a charge or heroic intervention, aka WS' Smash Captain.
  3. Trophy Taker: Whenever this warlord successfully kills a character, he gains +1A until the end of the battle. Kor'sarro Khan comes with this. Skulls for the Golden Throne!
    • Weak compared to other traits as you have the difficult task of your melee character killing a character before gaining benefits, not to mention having to kill two to beat out other traits that give additional attack. Skip.
  4. Master Rider: Biker warlord only. Reroll charges, -1 to be hit if he advanced.
    • Improves the durability of an already durable choice, especially against the pervasive snipers.
  5. Hunter's Instincts: +1 to wound and hit vs vehicles and monsters.
    • Improves your smash captain's tank and Primarch hunting capabilities. As of 9th, you do have to kill the turn you charge them, or else they will kill your warlord back.
  6. Master of Snares: On a 4+ enemies stuck in can't fall back unless they contain a model with a minimum move characteristic.
    • A lot of shooting infantry don't want to stay in melee with a space marine for any amount of time. This also prevents other enemies from shooting your warlord once he gets stuck in.

Psychic Discipline: Stormspeaker

Stormspeaker contains several standout powers that can combo together to spectacular effect. The discipline relies on lashing your opponent with blasts of wind and lightning, shielding your units from enemy fire, and speeding your units into the enemy's lines while hampering the ability of their units to advance and charge.

  1. Blasting gale (WC7) Maladiction: Targets an enemy unit with 18". The target cannot advance and rolls one fewer die for charges. Stacks with Tenebrous Curse, too!
    • This can be a bit tricky to use and requires a good understanding of your opponent's move values. Very good for handicapping units that rely on the ability to charge after advancing.
  2. Lightning call (WC7): Witchfire The closest enemy unit within 18" takes d3 mortal wounds. Then roll a die. On a 4+, deal one additional mortal wound. rinse and repeat until you fail, with the target going up by one each time (5+ on the second roll, 6+ on the third).
  3. Ride the wind (WC6): Blessing +2" to advance and charge. Due to the psychic phase happening after the movement phase, it will be rare to get used out of this power in both phases. If your opponent tries to fall back, you can hopefully catch them thanks to the bonus from the advance rolls (provided the unit isn't shot off the table first).
    • This is a very solid power that works well with a wide array of White Scar units thanks to the Chapter Tactic. Great for helping deep striking units make that 9" charge.
  4. Storm-wreathed (WC6): Blessing Select a friendly unit within 12", enemy units cannot fire overwatch on it. In addition, roll a die for each model that charged and got within 1" of an enemy. On a 6, it causes a mortal wound.
    • The Mortal Wounds are a nice bonus if they happen, but the real benefit is the ability to turn off overwatch, especially if your are facing auto hitting weapons like flamers.
  5. Spirit of chogoris (WC6): Maladiction Enemy unit has -1 leadership and -1 on hit rolls. This is yet another solid power. Combine with Ride Hard, Ride Fast for an additional -1 to hit penalty. Can no longer stack -1 to hit rolls in 9th.
  6. Eye of the Storm (WC6): Witchfire Roll a d6 for each enemy unit within 12". Add 1 if the enemy has fly. On a 4+, cause a mortal wound.
    • A very good one for a close support librarian. Keep him out of unfavorable combat via screens, give him a jump pack for supreme positioning, and a combi weapon for some fire support and he'll make his points quickly especially in the MSU meta.

Relics & Special-Issue Wargear

  • Banner of the Eagle: Ancient only. +1S to friendly White Scares Core units within 6".
    • Hard for Foot Ancients to keep them up with bikes unless you use Wind-swift or an at the right time terminator Ancient.
    • you would use this with the foot guys. this will push them to wound other marines on 3+.
  • Glaive of Vengeance: Kahn spear that is always Sx2 AP-3 D1d3, even if it didn't charge.
  • Hunter's Eye: One white scars unit within 6" of the bearer gains Ignore Cover.
    • you may still take a gun line As a melee faction or having a big gunboat, or fire a lot of bike twin bolters at a Eldar ranger , so extra Ap.
  • Mantle of the Stormseer: Psykers only. The bearer adds +1 when attempting to manifest the Stormspeaker discipline.
  • Plume of the Plainsrunner: 6" aura of +1 to White Scares Infantry advance and charge rolls.
  • Scimitar of the Great Kahn: Replaces a power sword/master-crafted power sword/relic blade. +1S AP-3 D2. Unmodified wound rolls of 6s do D4 (D5 during the Assault doctrine wtf!).
  • Wrath of the Heavens: Biker model gets a Jump Bike. Movement characteristic becomes 16" and basically can advance as if it had FLY.
  • Adamantine Mantle: Fnp5+++. "Not dying" is good for everyone, but (smash) captains/Primaris are the ones with the most wounds to proc it with.
  • Artificer Armour: 2+/5++. Most useful for Lieutenants and Librarians, who lack invulns.
  • Cyber-Eagle Helm: White Scares Core units within 6" hit Overwatch on 5 and 6.
  • Digital weapons: Do an additional attack when the model fights. If it hits, the target suffers a mortal wound. Yet another source of MW for a Deadly Hunter warlord.
  • Equis-Pattern Bolt Pistol: Upgrades a bolt or, interestingly, a Heavy Bolt pistol to full brrrt Pistol 5 S4 AP-1. Your infantry can advance and charge, but pistols can't advance and shoot. They can, however, shoot into melee provided the shooter is in the melee, and supplement your already potent assaults, provided you don't fall back, which you usually will.
  • Headtaker's Trophies: -1Ld to enemies within 6" of the bearer. Very spooky with just a mere couple Reivers.
  • Master-Crafted weapon: +1D to a weapon, and it's now considered a relic (so now some WTs no longer affect it and such).
  • Stormwrath Bolts: Pocket autocannon. You can choose the bolt weapon it's being used on to make only one attack at S7 AP-1. If the target is a monster, it also gains D1d6.

Special Units

  • Khan on Bike: Cannot be customized, but comes with a unique Khan's Spear (S+1, AP-3, Dd3, becomes Sx2 after charging or Heroically Intervening) and a Buckler (+1 to armour saves).
    • If you want a Sv2+ Captain with a big weapon, Khans are a good alternative and cheaper than a Captain on Bike with a powerfist and storm shield.
  • Kor'sarro Khan: For personal combat he has an eagle that plucks out 1 MW on a 4+ and his dualist blade Moonfang (5A S6 Ap-3 D3, reroll damage and wound roll against characters). his best ability is Granting +1 to wound rolls to his chapter's units that charged that turn like Blood Angles. On-foot units with mid-strength weapons like Vanguard Veterans with Power Axes and Lightning Claws assault terminators get the most benefit. His buff to wounding is by Unit, so large units of Assault Marines can carry his buff wide. Wide, stringy assault units strung out before multiple enemy units, like three tanks, are great. They charge one of the enemy units and then use their pile in to get within 1" of the other units. On a turn, they charge they can only target the unit they charged. The next turn, those enemy units are locked in melee, and unable to shoot.
    • hats the catch? Figure a way to get him to melee. No bike, can't use a drop pod. A Repulsor is expensive and prone to being a fire magnet. Impulsors might work but they can't carry Aggressors, and their meanest occupants are Vet Intercessors and Reivers. Vanguard Vets, Deep striking terminators, and Bikers can catch up to him, but not vice versa, so you either commit with a Repulsor or you give him glorified tactical as a retinue.
      • Alternate opinion: Vet intercessors have 4 attacks a piece with 5 attacks on a thunder hammer sergeant that can be mastercrafted up to damage 5 in assault doct that can swing twice. The real downside is that he only provides a re-roll 1's bubble that can't be upgraded to a chapter master re-roll all bubble because he is named. With the new Bladeguard and Assault Intercessors, he gets absolutely brutal.
      • Alternate alternative: You can use the encirclement strat to put him in the reserves and deepstrike him along the edges of the map.
  • Kor'sarro Khan on Moondrakkan (Legends): On his discontinued bike, he naturally pairs with melee high-speed assaulty units. His buff applies to all WHITE SCARS, so the marines he travels well with are the many Infantry Fast Attack options. Jump Pack Assault, Veteran Vanguard. and Bike Squads with Chainswords carry his force multiplier far and fast, and the last one is a perfect fit for the Born in the Saddle Stratagem. Do note, he can only have a bike if taken from the Legends.

Forgeworld Characters

Mantis Warriors

  • Successor Tactics: Guerrilla tactics are much benefited by Inheritors of the Primarch here, and the White Scar's Tactic is generally superior in every aspect than any combination of Successor tactics when coming to that end. That being said, if you are trying to squeeze every bit out of Ahazra you can, Knowledge is Power can help preserve his "ignore first Perils" bit around for as long as possible.
  • Ahazra Redth (Legends): Chief Librarian; can ignore his first Perils of the game, has a 5++.


  • Jumppack: not as fast as bikes but still fairly fast when advancing and charging and ignoring terrain when moving.
  • Primaris Devastating Charge and Lightning Assault make Primaris close combat viable.
    • Assault Intercessors: good at clearing chaff, somewhat inferior to ABR intercessors if not in combat as they gain +1A and -1AP in exchange for losing 3 S4 AP0 shots at 24".
    • Incursors - With the Gene-Wrought might Stratagem, on the charge, every 6 to hit is 2 automatic wounds at D2 -1 AP.
    • Inceptors - completely disposable source of mortal wounds. Run a unit of 6 with assault bolters. shred infantry, mortal wounds, tarpit, repeat. also, Strike for the heart makes these guys tarpit 6+d6 when consolidating
    • Primaris Chaplain on Bike returns a legends unit to legal play. has a bigger base and keep up with advancing bikes to spread their litanies. Dreadnought-seeking missile in close combat with the Benediction of Fury relic, Sword of the Imperium WL trait and Mantra of Strength litany.
  • Bikes: White Scars signature and have a lot of abilities revolving around it. Bikes are one of the fastest units, being able to Advance 20" + 2d6" to charge. Scouts can fire and advance, while Space marines are more durable. Outriders are great to include, killing an average of 3 marines in 1 turn of combat once the assault doctrine kicks in, and they can fall back and re-charge repeatedly to keep proccing Devastating Charge and Shock Assault.
  • Speed of the foot: on foot your ground troops can cover 6" + d6" + 2d6". Impulsors can jet troops 20" easily while providing some defense (good for moving in your melee heavy hitters).
  • Assault Terminators: With the proper support, White Scars have probably the fastest terminators in the game. A terminator librarian with the Plume of the Plain Runner Relic and the Ride the Wind Power will let your assault terminators make a charge on a 6+. Activate the Fierce Rivalries stratagem, and now they need a 6+ on 3d6. If that was not enough, you can use Fury of the First to make them hit harder. Even if your opponent falls back, your terminators can still advance and catch them, making up for one of their traditional weaknesses.
  • Leviathan Dreadnought: Take a Leviathan and use Encirclement. Congratulations you now have a 14 wound, 2+/4++ monster on your opponent's board edge. Shoot something and use Fierce Rivalries to all but ensure your charge. You did bring a melee weapon right?
  • Encirclement: Using a big threat, you can put your opponent in a difficult position by forcing them to decide between holding the rear, thus losing their chance to hold midfield objectives, or risking a deathstar appearing behind their lines and causing havoc.
  • Bladeguard Veterans can be brutal elite-killers in close combat. A unit of 3 can put out 13 S5 AP4 D3 attacks in the assault doctrine, killing an entire squad of marines in one round, while rocking a 3W 2+/4++ defensive profile to shrug off overwatch.
  • Lightning Claws rip and tear. One model with 2 lightning claws puts out 5 S4 AP3 D2 attacks in the assault phase on the charge, rerolling wounds. Kills 2 marines on average in one round.

Space Wolves

Space Wolves Chapter Livery.jpg
In the grim darkness of the far future, the wolves are the fiercest predators.

Thematically, these guys are fucking furries a bunch of angry space Vikings who respect their own strength and culture rather than any book. Their way of organization is rather unorthodox but no less effective.
On the tabletop, these guys focus on the assault. Though they aren't White Scars swift or Templar strong, they have a means of tying the enemy up in combat by any means necessary and an emphasis on using melee characters. It also helps that they're good in combat.
For the All-Father and Leman Russ!

Special Rules As a general rule, you're Blood Angels but worse in terms of your rules. Look to your special units and unit options to find a way to shine.

  • Hunters Unleashed (Chapter Tactics): If a unit with this ability charged, was charged, or made a Heroic Intervention this turn, it gains +1 to hit rolls in the Fight Phase. In addition, all units can perform Heroic Interventions like a Character.
    • Much worse than the Blood Angels chapter tactic, particularly in light of how much better their Doctrine bonus works than yours does: baseline, a Blood Angel with most melee weapons that don't have an accuracy penalty will just outperform you against most targets. You'll often pull ahead with the penalty ones - a thunder hammer or power fist in your hands is usually better than in theirs - but your secondary benefit doesn't help characters at all, and you'll struggle to fill units with those weapons cost effectively, unlike Blood Angels, whose secondary benefit makes them much better at getting into melee intentionally than you are - your benefit instead makes you better at getting charged, since if you have a bunch of units close together, charging any one of them will force the enemy into melee with all of them.
  • Savage Fury (Specialist Doctrine): While the Assault Doctrine is active, an unmodified roll of 6 to hit in melee will grant an additional hit.
    • The big problem here relative to Blood Angels is that this benefit acts like +1 to hit only better (as it stacks with +1 to hit and plays even more nicely with chapter master re-rolls), which means diminishing returns - a WS2+ model with a Thunder Hammer is now going to act like it's WS1+, which is only 20% better - whereas Blood Angels get +1A, which is usually more than 20% better, since most of the army is A4 or less. Your bonus doesn't require charging or anything, but your plan was already to wait for the Assault Doctrine and charge, not charge in before that and hope to stay in melee.
  • Berserk Charge: One of your two Blood Claw rules, including Skyclaws and Swiftclaws (pg. 45 of the Space Wolf Expansion). If the unit benefits from the Hunters Unleashed Chapter Tactic as a Space Wolf or a Successor, the unit gains +1A if they charge (excluding Wolf Guard).
  • Headstrong: Second part of your Blood Claw rules. If the unit doesn't include a Wolf Guard, it must charge the closest eligible enemy unit.
  • Swift Hunters: On your Fenrisian, Cyber, and Thunder Wolves. Can advance and charge, and adds +1" to pile-in and consolidation moves.
  • Options:
    • Primaris Lieutenants can replace their auto bolt rifle with a carbine, which trades A3 AP0 for A2 AP-2, and master-crafted power axe.
    • Techmarines can replace their bolt pistol and axe with a helfrost pistol and tempest hammer - the tempest hammer is just a thunder hamer with one better AP at AP-3, while the helfrost pistol is either Pistol d3 (Blast) S4 AP-2 D1 or Pistol 1 S6 AP-4 D3, both at 12", and you can't both perform this swap and take a servo-harness. Right now the whole thing is badly overcosted, mostly because you have to buy both at once, and the pistol is like a combi-melta but worse - meaning for fewer points, you can take a combi-melta and power fist, and generally get better performance overall.
    • The heavy weapons guy in a Scout squad can take a Special weapon instead, and an extra scout can swap his bolter for a power sword, power axe, or plasma pistol, but Scouts are worthless now.
    • Dreadnoughts (basic and venerable) can swap their melee weapon for a Great Wolf Claw, which is a no-brainer - you lose a point of AP and 2 of Strength for re-rolling wounds, which is easily worth it - or venerables can swap both the melee arm and the gun arm for a Fenrisian Great Axe and Blizzard Shield (4++). The axe can behave like a normal CCW, at 2 less S but 1d3 more D, with a melee penalty you'll ignore, or double attacks at SU AP-3 D1, functionally turning your venerable into an ironclad with extra durability and versatility in melee, but less dakka.
    • Helfrost Cannons are added to the Dreadnought Weapons list, which before Forge World means just basic and venerable dreads again, for the gun arm. It has two profiles, both 36": in Focused mode it's a multimelta but worse, hitting at d3+3 damage but only shooting once, while in Dispersed mode it's a plasma cannon but worse by 1 S, AP, and D. Since it costs the same as a multimelta, take that instead.
    • Your bike squads special weapons dudes can take plasma pistols instead of special weapons, if you want to be a moron.
  • Unit Restrictions: The Space Wolves cannot take the following:
    • Apothecaries (replaced with nothing - unlike in prior editions, your chaplains have no apothecary abilities).
    • Tactical Squads (replaced with Blood Claws and Grey Hunters).
    • Assault Squads (replaced with Skyclaws).
    • Devastator Squads (replaced with Long Fangs).
    • Sternguard Veterans and Vanguard Veterans (replaced with Wolf Guard, who aren't really either - they're closer to company vets with jump packs than anything else).

Crusade Additions

Secondary Objectives Purge the Enemy

  • Glory Kills: Score 2 VP if you slay an enemy Character or 3 VP if you kill a Monster (or 1 VP if you deal 3+ wounds to either without killing). Note that these can't overlap, so Hive Tyrants and Daemon Princes won't give you 5 VP on a kill.
  • Heroic Challenge: At the start of the game, you and your enemy must select one Character or their warlord to become sworn enemies. You score 5 points if the enemy character is killed, 5 more if it's in melee, and the last 5 if it was caused by your character. In short it's a Slay the Warlord type deal with more restrictions, but you'll be game for it.

No Mercy, No Respite

  • A Mighty Saga: Score 2 VP each turn (max 5 per turn) for the following: Your warlord wounds an enemy Vehicle/monster, your warlord slays a Vehicle/Monster, your warlord slays an enemy character, your warlord kills 5+ models in a turn, or your warlord is within range of an objective in the enemy DZ. Why yes, it makes your warlord super-important, but they were pretty selfish bastards anyways.
  • Warrior Pride: 3 VP if two or more of your units are either engaged with an enemy or made a charge. Pretty much a no-brainer here.


  • Cunning of the Wolf (1 CP):You select one INFANTRY unit to gain the outflank rule. Congratulations, you got outflanking back. Enjoy watching your opponent's backline melt. For only a single command point to spend on each unit you do that for. Hell yeah! Shenanigans will ensue for armies with similar abilities (aka. Eldar, Blood Angels, Raven Guard etc.), prepare for hilarity.
  • The Emperor's Executioners (1 CP): In the Fight phase, a Space Wolves unit can reroll hit and wound rolls against Thousand Sons unit in melee.
  • Savage Strike (1/2 CP): When a Space Wolf unit is selected to fight the turn it changes, add +1 to wound for each time it fights this phase. 1cp of a unit of 5 models or less and 2 for more than 5.
  • Healing Balms: Instead of just being a full-on ability to heal like an apothecary, this gives the Wolf Priests their means to restore d3 models to the appropriate Space Wolf Infantry, Bikers or cavalry within 3". A serious nerf since Space Wolves still can't use apothecaries for actual healing.
  • Vicious Executioners (1 CP): One Wolf Guard unit during the fight phase gets to deal a MW on top of any normal damage when they roll a natural 6 to hit.
  • Pack Hunters (1 CP): During the Charge phase, pick an enemy currently engaged with a Space Wolf unit, Space Wolf Calvary and Space Wolf Beasts roll 3d6 drop one when charging that enemy, and they reroll their teeth and claw attacks against them.
  • Relentless Assault (1 CP): Lets a Space Wolf unit consolidate an extra 3". Not cumulative with other rules.
  • Cloaked by the Storm (2 CP): In the Psychic phase, when Space Wolf psyker manifests a power from the Tempestas discipline, he imposes a -1 penalty for all ranged attacks made against Space Wolves units within 6" of it until the next Psychic phase. Expensive, but now you can buff your army without ever using a buffing power.
  • Deed Worthy of a Saga (1 CP): When a character without a Warlord trait fulfills a requirement listed for a saga, they gain that saga's aura for the rest of game.
  • A Trophy Bestowed (1 CP): Lets a Space Wolf successor chapter take a chapter relic instead of being stuck with just the special-issue wargear list.
  • Thane of the Retinue (1 CP): If you have a Space Wolf Warlord, a sergeant or pack leader can take a special-issue wargear.
  • Warrior of Legend (1 CP): Put a second WT on your Warlord. This second WT must be from the Space Wolves codex and they gain the associated deed. Worth noting that the first trait could be from the Space Marine codex.
  • Bestial Nature (1 CP): In the Command phase, a Space Wolf Space Wolf INFANTRY, Cavalry, or Bike unit is treated as being in the Assault phase.
  • Counter-Charge (1 CP): This allows one unit to perform a Heroic Intervention against an enemy charge, letting them move 6" to do so. This little gem is useful in protecting more vulnerable forces by throwing more durable (or disposable) forces against the enemy.
  • Keen Senses (1 CP): Use this stratagem in the Shooting phase. Choose a SW unit from your army; they suffer NO penalties to hit this phase. Those Alaitoc Shadow Specters will hate your guts. Time to break out the BIG guns. Use this broke-ass stratagem on leviathans, fellblades, and tank destroyers. The more guns the better.
    • This stratagem lets you turn your Long Fangs into Dark Reapers, meaning you can have move without suffering any minuses to hit. This makes any unit you wish had Power of the Machine Spirits that much faster.
  • Runic Wards (1 CP):

Warlord Traits

Most of These Warlord traits are selfish by nature, boosting up the ability of the badass, but also supportive later in game. Completing the Deed of Legend (DoL) unlocks an Aura that is slightly weaker than the Warlord Trait.

  • Beastslayer: Add 1 to hit and wound rolls made against monsters and vehicles and +1 attack when within engagement range with one.
    • DoL: Very straightforward, just use the Warlord to slay a Monster or Vehicle. This can be done with the character's ranged weapons.
    • Aura: Space Wolf Core units gain +1 to wound rolls when attacking Monsters and Vehicles in melee.
  • Wolfkin: Warlord always counts as having charged for Shock Assault and gains +d3A from it instead of +1. This is Canis Wolfborn's designated trait.
    • DoL: Kill any enemy model in melee with your Warlord. Ridiculously easy to complete.
    • Aura: Space Wolf Core units within 6" always count as having charged for Shock Assault.
  • Warrior Born: Warlord always fights first in the Fight Phase when in engagement range of enemies. This is Ragnar Blackmane's and Krom Dragongaze's designated trait.
    • DoL: Kill an enemy Character in melee with your Warlord.
    • Aura: Space Wolf Core units within 6" of this model and within engagement range of enemy units also fight first.
  • Hunter: +1 to advancing and charge distances, and the Warlord can charge after advancing or falling back. This is Harald Deathwolf's designated trait.
    • DoL: Successfully charge an enemy unit.
    • Aura: Space Wolf Core units within 6" can charge after advancing or falling back.
  • Majesty: Gain an extra 3" to all Captain, Lieutenant, Chapter Master, and Chaplain abilities and auras, to a maximum of 9". This is Logan Grimnar's, Bjorn the Fell-Handed's, and Ulrik the Slayer's designated trait.
    • DoL: Be within range of an objective that is more than 6" away from your deployment zone.
    • Aura: Space Wolf Core units within 6" automatically pass morale tests.
  • Bear: Gain a FnP on a 6+ and enemy attacks can't re-roll wound or damage rolls against this warlord. This is Arjac Rockfist's and Njall Stormcaller's designated trait.
    • DoL: Lose a wound.
    • Aura: Space Wolf Core units gain a 6+++ FnP.
      • Particularly useful since you can't take an Apothecary and this 100% works on Dreadnoughts; best on librarians (including Njal), since this both makes your librarian resistant to Perils, and means you can use Perils to help the aura trigger faster.

Psychic Discipline: Tempestas

Your Space Wolf and Successor specific psychic discipline.

  1. Living Lightning (WC6, Witchfire): Deals d3 mortal wounds to the nearest visible enemy unit within 18". then on another roll of 2+ the closest other enemy unit within 6" of the target also takes a mortal wound, D3 on a 5+.
    • This power beats Smite (1.79 mortal wounds dealt): 1.44 to the primary target, 0.85 to the secondary, , 2.29 total. It does very slightly less than the Iron Hands spell Machine Flense, but hits the nearest instead of any vehicle the caster wants.
  2. Murderous Hurricane (WC6, Malediction): Target a visible enemy within 18"; until your next Psychic phase, they can't overwatch unless in terrain and can't fight until all the Space Wolves finish their rounds.
    • In most situations, worse than Tempest's Wrath, but particularly useful on something charging you you don't want to be in melee with.
  3. Tempest's Wrath (WC6, Malediction): Until the start of your next Psychic phase, an enemy unit within 24" has -1 to hit. Copied and pasted from Aversion from the Interromancy discipline, but effectiveness beats originality.
  4. Instincts Awoken (WC6, Blessing): Until the next psychic phase, a Space Wolf unit within 18" is treated as being in the Assault Doctrine instead until your next Psychic phase, or get a stackable -1 AP on wound rolls of 6 if already in Assault.
    • Significantly better in rounds 1 and 2 than in round 3; definitely consider putting this on a librarian in a drop pod with a squad of angry boys (you'll want your other power to be Tempest's Wrath, most likely).
  5. Storm Caller (WC6, Blessing): Until the start of your next Psychic phase all friendly Space Wolfs within 6" gain the benefit of being in light cover. A strong buff for an assault army that's particularly valuable because you can get multiple units under the bubble. Don't forget to add the Cloaked by the Storm Stratagem to buff them further!
  6. Jaws of the Wolf World (WC7, Witchfire): Pick an enemy unit within 18". Roll a D6 for each model, with +1 to rolls if the test passed on a 9+. On a 6+, inflict a mortal wound.
    • Deals slightly more than 1/7 of a mortal wound per model in the unit, which means at 13 models or more, this power outperforms Smite.

That means there are basically 3 collections or spells:

Living Lightning and Jaws of the World Wolf are situationally Smite but better, for mortal wounds sources. Storm Caller and Tempest's Wrath are good protection, while Murderous Hurricane is far more situational protection. Instincts Awoken buffs you in melee, primarily on the first two rounds - by round three gets nearly useless.

Relics & Special-Issue Wargear

  • Armor of Russ: Bearer gains a 2+ armour save, 4+ invulnerable save, and one enemy unit within engagement range of the wearer unable to fight until all other Space Wolves unit in the Fight Phase.
    • No restrictions on who can take it, so give it to a Primaris or a Battle Leader since they don't normally have a way of improving or even gaining an invulnerable save.
  • The Wulfen Stone: Friendly Space Wolves Core units within 6" of the bearer reroll changes and once per battle, as a Space Wolves unit gains Savage Fury and triggers it on a 5+.
  • Fireheart: Replaces a plasma pistol. R18", S9, AP-4, D3, no overheating.
  • Black Death: Replaces a power axe or master-crafted power axe. S+2, AP-2, D1, Bearer gains +d6A.
    • Makes your character a decent GEQ blender. If you're giving this to anyone, make sure they're on a Thunderwolf; the pups additional teeth and claw attacks mean they'll want to have similar targets.
  • Mountain-Breaker Helm: After the bearer finishes attacking but before consolidating, you can roll a d6 on an enemy within 3". You deal d3 MWs on a 2+.
  • The Storm's Eye: Librarian only. After using your first Tempest power in a Psychic Phase, roll a d6 for every enemy unit within 12". They take a mortal wound on a 4+.
    • A lovely way of dishing out the MW, RAW this also smacks Characters without the usual -1 modifier most similar powers have. Terminator Librarian with storm shield from Legends is best for this for the Deep Striking to get within range and have the survivability once you get there.
  • The Pelt of Balewolf: -1 to hit and wound rolls by enemy melee weapons.
  • Adamantine Mantle: When this model loses a wound, roll a D6; on a 5+, the wound isn’t lost. Not that great in an army with access to so many rolls to negate wounds.
  • Artificer Armour: Gives a model a 2+ armour save and a 5++ invulnerable save.
  • Master-Crafted Weapon: Give a weapon +1D. Good on a thunder hammer for D4 or on weapons with variable damage (force weapons and chainfists) to guarantuee at least 2D.
  • Digital Weapons: When you fight, you make one extra attack that scores a mortal wound if it hits. Not terrible, but your Characters are pretty much renown for how hard they punch stuff. It's better to invest relics in durability or supporting other troops.
  • Morkai's Teeth Bolts: Markerlight, Space Wolf edition. One bearers bolt weapon can make one hit roll and any unit attacking that target re-rolls wound rolls of 1.
    • RAW ANY unit gains this buff, not just Space Wolves. Expect this to be FAQ'd.
  • Wolf Tail Talisman: Bearer ignores MW on a 4+ during the Psychic Phase.
  • Frost Weapon: Replace all the Frost weapon options. Can give a lighting claw (single or pair), power axe, master-crafted power axe, power sword, or master-crafted power sword +1S and +1D and treat it as a Chapter Relic.
    • Lightning claws: Sticking it on these bumps you up to the ever useful S5, so you wound MEQ's on a 3+ and insta-kill them on account of being D2.
    • Power sword: Now this bumps you to S6, thus wounding T3 models on a 2+. Still not as good as frost lightning claws, but this is often your only choice for Primaris characters, who can stack in with the in-built master-crafted bonus to get to D3, making it very good against Custodes, Terminators, and Gravis-armoured units.
    • Power axe: Eh, take a something else. S+3 resulting in S7 is an awkward value. Against T5 and below (i.e. most models), you wound on a 2+/3+ but the frost sword gets AP-3. Against T7 and T8 models, you wound on a 4+/5+ but the powerfist wounds on 3+/4+ and doesn't eat a relic slot.
  • Runic Weapon: Librarian only. Gives +1 to Deny the Witch rolls and a force weapon gains +1S and is considered a Chapter Relic.
    • Similar to the frost weapon explanations above with regards to strength values, you'll get a lot of use on force swords getting bumped to S6, but force staves do go to S8 for a diet thunder hammer.

Special Units

  • Wolf Guard: Many of your firstborn infantry can take a Wolf Guard Leader in addition to the normal pack leader. Often they are the models to give the unit the +1Ld. Comes in power armour or Terminator flavour. Either options give you effectively two Sergeants that can take the appropriate weapons like power axes or combi-weapons.


  • Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf: The melee version of a Biker Captain. While slower at M10", they can advance and charge in the same turn. The doggy adds 3A at S+1, AP-2, D1.
    • Note that if your primary desire is combining mobility with number of attacks, Harald Deathwolf does this better, not least due to having Outflank.
    • As this model has the Captain keyword, they can become a Chapter Master and take a storm shield and the Angel Artifice relic (Sv2+, +1T, 4+ invulnerable). Your statline becomes WS2+, BS2+, S4, T6, W8, A4, Ld9, Sv1+/4++. Adding the Imperium's Sword (+1A and +1S on the charge) or Bear (6+++ FNP, and as soon as you lose your first wound, it turns into an aura) Warlord Traits truly turns you into the Space Wolf Smash Fucker.
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader in Terminator Armour: Finally, a Lieutenant in Terminator Armour, shame it's exclusive to the Wolves. 85pts compared to the power armoured 70pts. Gains a 5++ invuln, a storm bolter, and a power sword as default wargear.
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf: Lieutenant riding a Wolf. Has all the benefits as the Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf above, but attached to a Lieutenant instead.

Named Characters

  • Logan Grimnar: Everybody's favourite Santa returns once more to the HQ slot but he's no less a killing machine than before. He comes equipped with Terminator armour, a 4++ invulnerable, a storm bolter and a big ol' axe, and is a venerable mountain of wounds, attacks and MANLINESS. He gained the Chapter Master keyword and ability (one Space Wolf Core unit within 6" re-rolls all failed hit rolls). He always counts as having completed his Warlord Trait, so his Chapter Master and Captain abilities are extended to 9", and Space Wolf units within 6" automatically pass morale tests. The Axe of Morkai now functions as either a thunder hammer without the hit penalty (not that your WS2+ models take the penalty to begin with) or an S+2 AP-3 D1 make-two-hit-rolls-for-each-attack GEQ blender. All for a neat 155pts.
  • Logan Grimnar on Stormrider: For a mere 25pts extra, he can take his sled. Bumping his stats to T6, W14 (making him lose Look Out, Sir), and M10"/7"/4". He also gains 6A with the Thunderwolves' teeth and claws (S+1, AP-2, D1), because fuck GEQs. He can also advance and charge like other Thunderwolves. Beware though; he swaps Infantry for Chariot, so some rules, abilities, or stratagems may not apply to him.
  • Arjac Rockfist: "Mjolnir Foehammer to me!"*cough* The Anvil of Fenris is your Wolf Guard Battle Leader in Terminator Armour. His standard Lt. aura is mostly a secondary role; his primary one is flattening enemy Characters and Monsters. S5 and A4 puts him above other WGBLs, in conjunction with his buffed thunder hammer which he can YEET at an enemy unit. R12", assault 1, S10, AP-3, D3, gains +1D against Character or Monsters, with the melee profile being that same S, AP, D, and rules. His Champion of the Kingsguard rule lets him re-roll failed hit rolls in melee against Characters as well, meaning it's the same as re-rolling 1s to hit since he's WS2+. He's also the only Marine so far to have kept an 8th edition storm shield, meaning he also has a 3++ invulnerable save.
    • He's 120pts compared to a Battle Leader Hammernator's 105pts. For those 15pts, you gain what amounts to a meltagun, +1S (which is +2 after you account for the hammer), +1A, trading 1+/4++ for 2+/3++ (which is usually better), and an excellent character smasher. The only reason you'd take a generic Battle Leader in Terminator Armour is for relics or a Warlord Trait of your choice instead of Arjac's fixed Warlord Trait (the Bear, which is the 6+++ FNP that turns into an aura when the warlord loses his first wound), or if you really wanted to trade his melee prowess for long-range prowess, i.e. a storm bolter.
  • Njal Stormcaller: Sticking the Tempest that Walks inside a suit of Runic Terminator Armour is a no brainer. At 140 pts he's got an extra wound, 5++ and the ability to deep strike. Along with his improved stat line Njal knows 3 Tempestas powers along with Smite so he can pick and choose which 2 he wants to cast with +1 on he psychic tests. He can also deny 2 enemy powers per turn with a re-roll on all of the attempts, combined with his psychic hood this gives you a damn good chance of denying an opponents powers which really matters with all the Smite spam out there this edition. Nightwing is still underwhelming but Assault 3 strength 3 shots are better than nothing. Play aggressively and drop him with another deep striking unit so he can support them, throw out Powers and shut down enemy casters.
  • Bjorn the Fell Handed: Now that Bray'arth got taken out back and shot in the kneecaps by FW, Bjorn is roughly tied for toughest non-Leviathan Dreadnought now. T8 W8 Sv3+/5+++ fnp and Character makes him very hard to kill. He's kept his Captain re-roll 1s to hit aura but hasn't got the Captain keyword, meaning you can take him and a captain and a chapter master if you really want, and gained Duty Eternal from the Codex, meaning any damage he does suffer is reduced by 1. In melee, he packs five S12 AP-4 Dd6 re-rolling failed wound rolls punches, before you calculate shock assault. For shooting, he comes standard with a heavy flamer and assault cannon, the latter of which can be switched for a heavy plasma cannon, multi-melta, twin lascannon, or helfrost cannon. At M6", he has a fairly nippy power-waddle as well, and he's only 175pts with the assault cannon.
    • He's an excellent addition to gunline armies compared to a regular Captain. The same aura, better shooting, tougher, and a better deterrent against enemies who get too close.
  • Harald Deathwolf: This guy, right here. Exceedingly tough at T5, W7, 3+ armour, storm shield provides +1 to armour saves and a 4++ invulnerable, and his Mantle of the Troll King lowers any damage received by 1 (suck it, Dreadnoughts). He's a thunderwolf captain that can outflank, and has the same leadership-sharing aura chaplains have, but with a different name. His former frost axe is now a masterwork power axe with a buff on it, coming out at S+2 AP-2 D2 and unmodified wound rolls of 6 inflict an additional MW.
  • Canis Wolfborn: Dog Dogborn has returned as a Thunderwolf "Company Champion" with Frost lightning claws (S+1 AP-2 D2 re-roll failed wound rolls) instead of the master-crafted power sword and combat shield on a real company champion. His unique aura boosts him to a borderline auto-take if you have a Thunderwolf Deathstar, as he grants +1A with Thunderwolf and +2A with Fenrisian Wolf teeth and claws (he works on Ragnar's chariot, but only adds +1A, not the +2A you'd expect from it having two wolves); he won't buff them as much as a captain or lieutenant on a thunderwolf will, but he's a reasonably solid third buff to them. That being said, he's a glass cannon at T5, W6, Sv3+, and no invulnerable save - his only nod to durability is that he has outflank, letting him keep up with Harald. He has a bolt pistol and frag and krak grenades, but his BS is a laughable 5+, so that's a marginal downside compared to a real company champion.
  • Krom Dragongaze: A fairly inexpensive but fluffy alternative to a regular footslogging Wolf Lord/Captain. At 90 pts he boasts an extra attack, his Wyrmclaw is a +3 strength, AP-2 D2, and he reduces enemy units' combat attrition tests within 3" by 1. Awesome model, and offers something different from the usual Wolf theme. Cheaper than similarly equipped Wolf Lord, making him the budget choice.
  • Ragnar Blackmane: Got Primarised in the last edition. As expected he gets the extra wound and attacks (he is A7) that all Primaris have, but more conspicuously he replaces Shock Assault with his old Berserker Rage, giving him 3 attacks when Shock Assault would trigger instead of one. Additionally, he lets nearby Space Wolves within 6" make a consolidation move of 6" instead of the usual 3". And he has a re-roll charge aura for friendly SW non-vehicles within 6”. Get this guy in an Impulsor with either Incursors, Reivers or Veteran Intercessors (Give the Sarge something tasty) and then RIP AND TEAR, UNTIL IT IS DONE! Put short, this guy is a beast, but you'll probably want an Impulsor to get him where he wants to go, along with some Bladeguard Veterans.
    • Ragnar Blackmane (Legends): His non-Primaris form comes in at 100 points, which is starting to hit the pricey side for a footslogging Lord. He's got an extra attack but has lost his Furious/Berserk charge bonuses of previous editions so isn't quite the whirlwind of charging death he used to be. His War Howl now grants all units within 6" re-rolls to failed charge rolls, Insane Bravado doubles his heroic intervention range and his Frost Sword hits at S5 AP-4 D2, chewing through anything without a decent Invulnerable save. If you're using a number of deep striking units Ragnar's a decent bet to support them in a pod, allowing anyone around him a better chance of hitting that first turn charge with his re-rolls. More expensive than a Smash Lord, and re-rolling charges is something Wulfen give.
  • Ulrik the Slayer: Ulrik's a named Master of Sanctity with +1 to BS, W, and A, 9" to his Leadership-boosting ability, and the Slayer's Oath, which greatly improves his support ability provided he's managed to kill a Character or Monster (which isn't terribly likely, especially with his low mobility). Slayers oath now allows all Litanies cast to auto-cast instead of wounding bonuses, so he is more a buffer instead of a beater. Also has an AP-2 Crozius, for an almost relic blade.
    • Even though he is footslogging, he has options to get where he is needed, and can seriously buff other units when he gets there. He is currently 30pts above a regular wolf priest.


  • Grey Hunters: CORE. Tactical Marines, Space Wolf flavour. However, these guys are geared mostly towards assault. Each and every one can take a chainsword for 1pt each, and 5pts gets them a Wolf Banner, which lets them re-roll 1's when advancing and charging. They lack the ability to take heavy weapons, instead being able to take one special weapon per five Grey Hunters. Unlike regular Tacticals, your Sergeant is Ld7, and you have to pay extra for the Wolf Guard Pack Leader in either power armour or terminator armour to get Ld8. The Grey Hunter Pack Leader can replace their chainsword with a power axe, sword, or fist, and the WGPL can replace their weapons with any melee weapon, combi-weapon, or storm shield.
    • One of the more popular and effective ways of running these guys is a 6-man unit that includes a Wolf Guard Pack Leader with a Combi-Plasma, a marine with a Plasma Pistol, and a marine with a Plasma Gun. That's 5 Plasma shots and 6 Bolter shots on a 128 pt troops choice. Stick them in a Razorback (Assault Cannons are fun). This setup allows Grey Hunters to reliably hunt MEQs, TEQs, charge weak models with Chainswords, and sit on objectives, making them one of the most versatile troop choices in the game.
    • Due to the changes to Blood Claws and the introduction of Assault Intercessors along with Phobos units, the above strategy may be the most reasonable. Like other Tactical Marines, the only pressing use of Grey Hunters is access to assault weapons (they don't even get heavy weapons). Everybody else is either tougher, faster/sneakier, or more deadly on the charge.
    • Until it's FAQed, the terminator Wolf Guard doesn't have his 5+++ invuln, as it's missing from the Long Fangs datasheet.
  • Blood Claws: CORE. Instead of starting as scouts, Space Wolves start you off as Diet Assault marines. 1A base + 1A from Shock Assault + 1A from Berserk Charge (the babysitter doesn't get this) + 1A from chainswords makes them brutal on the charge. They also have a rule where if they charge, the closest enemy unit must be one of the charge targets - a problem shared with Skyclaws, Bike Squads, and Attack Bikes. This isn't an issue most of the time, as that's where they want to be, but if you give them a Wolf Guard babysitter, this problem goes away entirely.
    • Remember, the whole unit is a Blood Claws unit, so buffs like Lukas or Wulfen resolve against the Wolf Guard model, too.
    • You can stuff three 5 man squads with a power-armoured Character into a Land Raider Crusader. Solves troops requirements for battalions, takes up 1 model for deployment rather than 5, and altogether serves as a top-notch horde/chaff removal tool allowing other units to move about more freely. Excellent place to make use of a stalker pack if you have the CP.
    • Functionally, these guys are very similar to Assault Intercessors, being 1 point cheaper per model but without heavy bolt pistols and the need for HQ support, yet they can access a much more diverse selection of transports and can take better Wolf Guard options/buffing opportunities. Both units dish out 4 attacks on the charge with Astartes Chainswords, at WS 3+, with 2 wounds.
    • Do you like Orks? These guys allow you to play Space Marines as if they were Orks. 16 Blood Claws will provide you 32 power armoured wounds on a single unit, making it difficult for your opponent to claim objective markers and unit killing objectives. Additionally at that size, even if a lot of the pack dies, a bunch will reach melee and make anybody suffer. Take three units of these for way too much wound saturation for your enemy to be able to effectively counter you.
    • Until it's FAQed, the terminator Wolf Guard doesn't have his 5+++ invuln, as it's missing from the Long Fangs datasheet.


Many units from Codex Space Marines gain Wolf Guard. This is important for certain rules and stratagems that only affect Wolf Guard. They're listed below;

  • Company Champion.
  • Ancients of all flavours.
  • Company Veterans.
  • Intercessor Veterans.
  • Bladeguard Veterans.
  • Terminator Veterans.
  • Terminator Assault Veterans.
  • Relic Terminator Veterans.
  • Wolf Guard: The Space Wolf equivalent of the various types of Veterans, Wolf Guard lack any sort of bodyguard ability or special weapons. Instead, you have your pick from combi-weapons, melee weapons, plasma pistols, and storm shields (the only caveat is they can only have one combi-weapon each). They also have the option of taking jump packs for 2pts per model.
  • Wolf Guard Terminators: Similar to their power-armoured little brothers, Wolf Guard Terminators can mix-and-match close combat and ranged loadouts, and can equip each Terminator with combi-weapons (much like Chaos Terminators). Mixing and matching mean you can protect your assault cannon Wolf Guard with a few storm shield-wearing Wolf Guard.
    • One alternate way to look at the Terminator Wolf guard is as an exceedingly tough dakka squad; equip each one with a storm shield and combi-weapon, and you've got a 1+/4++, 3W deep striking unit with exceptional ranged output.
    • As for melee, mix and match to your hearts content. Lightning claws, hammernators, sword and board, you name it.
  • Wolf Guard on Bikes (Legends): One option that fills a similar role to Thunderwolves in a fast moving shock unit, but a bit more geared towards shooting than stabbing. Each model can take a combi weapon and any combination of melee weapons, shield, or bolt/plasma pistol.
    • Like the Wolf Guard Terminators, this can become yet another tough dakka squad. Two storm bolters and a couple storm shields mixed with melee weapons makes for a lot of shots with each model pumping out eight bolter shots at 24". A couple storm shields bump the squad to 2+/4++ and melee weapons help in case they get caught in an enemy charge.
  • Hounds of Morkai: For whatever reason, the furries now get a special Reiver squad made to kill Psykers (hardly surprising given the beef against the Thousand Sons and Grey Knights). These guys have a fixed load-out of grapnels, pistols, and combat knives, so no Deep Striking. Either cram them in a Transport or Outflank them with grapnels. They can always target Psykers with shooting, even if they're Characters, and they gain +1 to hit rolls and +1D against them too. In terms of defence, this unit has a 4+ save against MW's caused in the Psychic Phase, and casters within 18" suffer -1 to Psychic Tests, rising to -2 if they're within 6". With that said, they've lost Terror Troops and Shock Grenades.
  • Lukas the Trickster: WS2+, W5, A5, and a S+1, AP-2, D2, re-roll failed wound rolls melee weapon, he's no slouch in combat. He also has a plasma pistol, so don't overcharge it unless you want to risk becoming a cartoonish pair of smoking boots on the ground. He can also never be wounded on a roll of unmodified 1-3, so fear powerfists a little less. He also has a lite version of the old Chapter Master aura, in that Blood, Sky, and Swift Claw units within 6" can re-roll all failed hit rolls. If he's killed in melee, both players roll off; if you win, the enemy unit that killed him suffers d6 MW's. Finally, the bad stuff, he can never have a Warlord Trait and ALL Space Wolf units within 6" suffer -1Ld.
    • Lukas saw a deep discount going into 9th, dropping from 110pts to 80pts.
    • You may think cramming Lukas and three five-man Blood Claw Packs into a Crusader is a good way to go. You wouldn't be wrong per se, but they will easily be one of the most cowardly Marine units at Ld6.
  • Lone Wolf (Legends): He's now more expensive than a Primaris Lieutenant, with a worse statline and zero buffing ability. He DOES have better wargear, and rerolls 1s against monsters and characters, but is awkward to transport, expensive when geared up, and he takes up one of the most crowded parts of your FoC. In the past, his utility was found in being cheap enough to be disposable while still being a credible threat to lone characters and monsters, and now with 3 attacks at 75+ points, he's neither. Hard skip. His one redeeming factor could be his one chucklesome ability to ignore the loss of his last wound, rolled per hit, which makes him acceptably good at tying up high damage, low attack volume models.
  • Lone Wolf in Terminator Armour (Legends): He's less terrible than his PA equivalent, but now costs more than a Wolf Lord. Teleport this bad boy next to the enemy and hope he gets his charge off. If not, your opponent will have to dump a fair bit of firepower into bringing him down, and as a character, that's only if he's the closest unit to them.
  • Wulfen: One of the best melee units from 8th, the Pack Leader can now swap out their weapons to match their companions. They cannot perform actions, so don't expect them to help with VP in that way. S5, T5, W2, and a 4+ makes them a little survivable, but not much. Not too much of an issue once they've gotten stuck in with melee as they always make an attack before being removed from the field. This unit always counts as being in the Assault Doctrine (thus always benefitting from the extra AP on melee weapons as well as the exploding 6's with melee attacks if you have an all-Space Wolf army) and as always having charged for Shock Assault. Finally, Space Wolf Infantry, Biker, and Cavalry units within 6" and Blood Claw units within 1" always re-roll failed charge rolls. So, 3A base + 1A from always having counted as charged. How are you using those attacks? Wolfen claws only give them AP-1, but frost claws are S+1, AP-2, D1, give +1A and re-roll failed wound rolls, and they only cost 5pts each. So unless you're lobotomised, the frost claws are effectively the basic weapon. They can be swapped for the MEQ-mulching great frost axe (S+3, AP-3, D2), but we both know you're here for the thunder hammer and storm shield combo. It does get expensive quickly however, pushing them to 41pts per model. That being said, it is always worth having at least two in your squad, as you're only sv4+ but become Sv3+/4++ with the inclusion of the shields.
  • Wulfen Dreadnought: The Furioso Dreadnoughts aren't the only melee specialist dreads now. Only has a single storm bolter or heavy flamer as standard, but its paired axe and wolf claw make it a death machine in melee and it can re-roll failed charges. Going for single-wound infantry? Flamer and axe, since he gets to swing eight times with it. Going for anything else? Flamer and claw, since you re-roll failed wound rolls and always deal 3 damage in melee. Be careful about which armies you pit him against.
    • If you take the claw and shield combination, you actually end up with two storm bolters, any of which can be swapped for a heavy flamer. If you decide on the storm bolters, remember he's only BS5+.
  • MURDERFANG: What Bjorn is to Venerable Dreadnoughts, this guy is to Wulfen Dreadnoughts. As a Character with fewer than 10 wounds, Murderfang can only be targeted with ranged weapons if he's the closest enemy. With a decent screen of infantry and good use of his Murderlust ability, getting him into close combat unharmed is almost too easy. His weapons are the Murderclaws (Sx2, AP-3, D3, re-roll failed wound rolls), a storm bolter, and heavy flamer. Ignore the bolter, you're BS5+. As a Wulfen, he cannot be your Warlord or perform an action. However he gains a the Duty Eternal ability and +3A from Shock Assault instead of +1, so he's swinging his claws eight times if he charges.

Fast Attack

  • Fenrisian Wolves: Fast and do some damage now that they fight at AP-1, but still die to a stiff breeze (T4, W1, Sv6+). Very cheap FA chaff, they gain more leadership the more wolves you have in a unit, but it's still pretty crappy. If you want them to get into combat and do some damage you'll need a Wolf Priest to shepherd them, otherwise, leave them as fodder.
    • These guys are basically our only good screening option if you don't want to ally with another Imperium faction. A unit of 10 or 15 dogs is cheap and makes for a fairly decent screen to help us against smiting and mortal wound spam. Consider taking them if you have a hole to fill in your list. These guys have AWFUL leadership though, and you are very likely to lose just as many models to moral as you are to shooting, which is not what you want from a screen. Don't expect these to be as effective as a Conscript conga.
  • Bike Squad/Attack Bike (CORE): Your Bike and Attack Bike Squads have the swiftclaw keyword, which means they also get, in a Space Wolves detachment, Berserk Charge and Headstrong, just like Blood Claws and Skyclaws do, only you have no way to attach a Wolf Guard model to fix headstrong. This doesn't really change anything about how they play, since your bikes are still fundamentally built for ranged combat.
  • Skyclaws: CORE. Skyclaws are essentially Blood Claws with jump packs, but their extra attack when charging gives them an edge over other versions of Assault Marines. You can fit three special weapons in the base squad, with a combi if you give them a babysitter (and the babysitter costs less than he does in a Wolf Guard squad, base).
    • At least right now, there's no good excuse for fielding them: the minimum two Skyclaws who are stuck with their base loadouts mean that anything this squad can do, Wolf Guard with Jump Packs can do better. The closest the competition gets is flamers - Skyclaws are 145 points for 3 flamers and a combi-flamer (plus two assholes with bolt pistols), while Wolf Guard are 155 points for 5 combi-flamers, and the latter is so much more points efficient it should be immediately obvious to you.
  • Thunderwolf Cavalry: CORE. Remained somewhat the same from 8th, but losing wolf claws is a smidge of a kick in the teeth. The teeth and claws give three extra S5, AP-2, D1 attacks per model, a slight increase from AP-1 last edition. Shove storm shields on them to bump them up to an amazing standard of survivability. Their Swift Hunters rule allows them to charge after advancing, giving them a 13" - 28" threat range, and the Wolf Guard Keyword gives you access to some WG-only stratagems and Character Auras.
    • By themselves, these guys are pretty good, but they do need to be combo'd to becomes the murder machines of 7th. Harald Deathwolf grants them Ld9, Canis Wolfborn grants them an extra attack with teeth and claws, Wulfen let them re-roll failed charge distances. Wolf Priests and Rune Priests on Bikes give them the usual benefits of those to Characters.
    • You could give the Pack Leader a Frost Weapon upgrade for 1CP on two lightning claws; That would give him A6 on the charge with S5, AP-2, D2, hitting on 2s and full re-rolls to wound.

Heavy Support

  • Long Fangs: The Space Wolves version of Devastators, only older and wiser. 9th has boiled away their unique hunter rule, and you're now just a Devastators all with Ld8 through the whole team and can take a Wolf Guard with or without Terminator armour as an extra weapons platform. The armourium cherub lets one model shoot twice once per game, and the signum lets one model shoot at BS2+ once per turn. The Long Fang Pack Leader can still take a special weapon in place of a boltgun though, so that's something.
    • Combine the cherub and signum. On turn 1, use the signum on a key gun (e.g. lascannon) and then use the cherub to get the extra shot. The signum will apply for the whole phase, meaning 2 powerful shots at BS2+.
    • The terminator Wolf Guard does give extra firepower and mass, being able to raise to the pinnacle of Terminator-mounted dakka; storm shield, any combi-weapon you want, including a storm bolter, and cyclone missile launcher. It's a good model to use the signum and cherub on, netting you 4 BS2+ Storm Bolter shots and "4" BS2+ frag or krak missiles in one turn (due to how Blast works, against a unit of size 6-10, a cyclone frag is worth about 1.76 frags rather than 2; fired twice, it comes to 3.52). This is somewhat expensive though, with this model raising to 58 points (an actual pair of missile launcher long fangs will cost you 66 points and only one of them can be signumed/cherubed). Also, until it's FAQed, he doesn't have his 5+++ invuln, as it's missing from the Long Fangs datasheet.


  • Stormwolf: The Stormwolf is the Space Wolves equivalent of a Stormraven Gunship, only it's a bit more expensive, holds 16 models and no dreadnoughts, and has better guns. The flying refrigerator (wolf snout?) looks a bit doofy, but don't be fooled: this thing rocks. With the default lascannons/helfrost/heavy bolter loadout, the Stormwolf can handle a variety of threats with ease, and you have the option of dropping the heavy bolters for skyhammer missiles to deal with flyers or two twin multi meltas to kill the bigger stuff (although this option will cost you a whole lot of points). With it's Flyer mobility you can feel a lot more comfortable sinking points into it though as it can essentially deliver 2 Long Fang squads worth of Heavy Weapons exactly where you want on turn 1. Build your heavy support around this beast and equip it to your needs. The Stormwolf works fairly well on its own, and it might even be preferable to not put infantry inside because it's already going to be a massive target on the table, but the option is there should you want to stuff a bunch of Blood Claws or Terminators inside.
  • Stormfang Gunship: The Stormfang is extremely similar to the Stormwolf and fills pretty much the same role but with a few minor differences. The Stormfang sacrifices most of its transport capacity for a bigger version of the Helfrost Cannon, which lets it shoot once more on Focused mode and D3 more times on Dispersed mode. Dispersed mode is also D 2, unlike regular Helfrost Cannons which gives it huge wound potential against heavier infantry. Additionally, it comes with two Stormstrike missile launchers base, but it can upgrade to two lascannons instead, which you should always do so you can wound basically every vehicle in the game on a 3+. Otherwise, it's the exact same as the Stormwolf but a measly 2-10 pts more expensive depending on whether or not you took the lascannons. If you weren't planning on stuffing infantry inside then it might be worth the upgrade if you have the spare points, the extra hits can be very valuable.


  • The UPGRADE HAMMER AND ANVIL: This build simply takes leverage on increasing the number of attacks available to your units. Built around a character (probably a Wolf Lord) with wulfenstone and saga of the wolfkin, along with Arjac Rockfist and 3 units of Wolfguard. They could be outflanked, etc, or deep strike in, if terminator variant (this is the easiest to build, because Arjac is in a termi suit). This will give them +3 attacks on the charge. 15 wolf guard with 5 attacks each (8 on the Pack Leaders) with thunder hammer and storm shields will make your opponent sit up and take notice. You can add a unit of Wulfen for the saga's less aggressive cousin, giving you the same +1A it grants on the very rare turns where you neither charged nor were charged but are in melee; without the saga, the Wulfen also supply the +1A on turns you were charged. For bonus spice, take along a rune priest with the Armor of Russ; Always Strikes Last will usually let you delete anything you're in melee with before it gets to swing, even if you didn't get the charge off, and between Tempest's Wrath and Storm Caller, you should be incredibly durable.
    • Note: This can be done in a variety of combinations, too. You have about 300 points left to play with for as many dogs as you can fit in. You can have 5 units of 10-12 Fenrisian wolves, 3 thunderwolf cavalry, all with an extra attack, hammers and bites, and still have room for 4 x 5 man wolf guard units with frost axes storm shields with arjac and wolf lord all with Jet packs with 4 attacks EACH! What does the opponent shoot. The 70 wolves and cavalry running toward them using cover etc, or the turn 2 deep strike into cover of 4 units of wolf guard.
    • If you swap out Saga of the Wolfkin for Saga of the Hunter, and swap Arjac for a Wolf Guard Battle Leader on a bike, along with a Wolf Lord on a bike and a Rune Priest on a bike, you'll be able to make White Scars drool. Take along plenty of Wolf Guard on Bikes with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields; a minimum unit of them will have 16 attacks within range of the Wulfenstone, and the Saga of the Hunter (just charge with your Warlord first, to turn his trait into an aura buff) will let the entire deathstar (provided it's within 6" of the Warlord when it charges) charge after advancing, for 20" of sweet, sweet melee threat. Of course, you can keep Saga of the Wolfkin - it's harder to activate, but once it's up, you've traded threat range for quantity of attacks, which is usually going to be better, once you're in the thick of things.
  • Razor Wolves: This is an old classic, and it's now better than ever. Take a battalion with AT LEAST 4 min Grey Hunter squads and shove them all in assault cannon razorbacks. This is your core, now you can do what you want.
    • You're probably thinking that's a lot of dakka, and you're right! that's why for our HQ slots we are gonna take both a Wolf Lord and a Wolf Guard Battle Leader, put them both on bikes, take storm bolters, and run them up with your Razorbacks to re-roll ALL THE ONES. This is all going to set you back around 900pts.
  • -The Support- : This is your empty Stormwolf. Don't bother using it as a transport, it's just a gunship with some empty seats, and you don't want to park this thing to let guys out. The most efficient way to take this is with the Skyhammer missiles, which are actually cheaper than the Heavy Bolters (We have assault cannons, we don't need HB's) which give us all the anti vehicle we need at a MUCH lower price than the multi-meltas. They ARE worth the points, but your opponent WILL shoot their entire army at this thing until it goes down if you take them. Don't expect this vehicle to live to see turn 3 if you take the melta's. With the points we saved on the flyer, we can safely take a squad of Longfangs with 4 Lascannons without feeling stripped of cash. these 2 units should be all the heavy support you need and this altogether leaves you just under 180 points for a 1500 list. Anything else you add to this list pretty much depends on what points you are playing, if it's a 1500 point game, just upgrade your everything with plasma's and power weapons.
  • Fluffy List: If you prefer to goof around with big doggies than tanks and bolters, this is the list for you. Take an outrider detatchment, take Logan on his sled as your warlord, take 2 4-5 man units of thunderwolf cavalry and run them up opposite sides of the board with a group of 15 Fenrisian wolves each and then either ally with Astra Militarum or take a load of heavy support. You could take a spearhead for this with a wolf guard on thunderwolf to add to Logans aura buff or a rune priest on bike as your hq, and spam preds, long fangs, dakka dreadnaughts, stormwolfs etc. If you can bear with the awful models, Wulfen would add some value to this list. Not very competitive, but way more fun than it should be.
  • Ally with Guard: The 8th ed codex has made Astra militarum REALLY strong, and with the ability to take just heavy supports and a HQ, you can pull off some really gross stuff as allies. Take a Cadian spearhead and 3 heavy support squads with 3 lascannons each, and a company commander as your hq to order them to reroll stuff. This is gonna give you a command point and 9 lascannons for a total of 246 points. You can pretty much put this in any list and get away with it. Feel free to take a few Basilisks or a Manticore while you are at it, or buy 50 conscripts and a commissar to hold your side of the board while all your furries run into the enemy deployment.
  • Parking Lot - Wolf Edition: Same principle as the Dark Angels parking lot, but instead using Bjorn and Murderfang as your staple units, basically you take the following Characters and just hide them behind a wall of Razorbacks and Wolf Guard/Grey Hunters for high value ranged damage output and having high melee damage potential while also giving everything some great buffs: Bjorn, Murderfang, Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Rune Priest with Storm Caller, Primaris Ancient. Combine this with one or two distraction units on the flanks and target priory becomes very hard for your opponent while you are able to capitalize on a very strong ranged early game which can in theory protect your two Character Dreadnoughts long enough to get stuck into something big together and easily take down the largest of foes, even if they do go down you should hopefully be able to make very effective use of ONLY IN DEATH DOES DUTY END to take down something with you.
  • Cunning of the Wolf: Chapter Approved has given us outflanking, in the form of the 'Cunning of the Wolf' stratagem. Grey Hunters can arrive uncomfortably close to your opponents units, pour plasma into them, and then get stuck in close combat. If you get your angles right, you may even be able to target characters. 1 or 2 squads arriving in this fashion is a decent (and fluffy) addition to most armies, but it can also be good to build entire lists around this stratagem. Bring 3 or 4 full plasma squads like this, along with chainswords and power/frost weapons, and watch your opponent's back line melt. Use the rest of the points to compensate for your lack of anti-armour and tougher units - Stormwolfs/fangs, terminator squads, and jump-pack WGBLs synergizes well.
  • The Air Pack: Bring 3 Stormwolf's or Stormfang's, a Lord w/ Jump Pack, Battle Leader w/ Jump Pack, and Rune Priest w/ Jump pack. The Rune Priest needs to know Storm Caller and you need to spend 3 CP on Cloaked by the Storm. Advance the characters so that they can keep up with the gunships for 1-2 turns. Then move the gunships out of range or put them in hover depending on the opponent. Put some Bloodclaws or Wulfen in those Gunships to help with the assault. This requires positioning, but you can have 3 gunships with re-rolling 1's to hit and wound, with Cover and -2 to be hit. It is expensive, both in points and CP, but it is a pretty fun list, and your opponents will despair at hitting those -2 and in Cover gunships.

Imperial Fists and Crimson Fists

Imperial Fists Livery.png

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only defiance eternal.
Stubborn to a fault, the Imperial Fists are paragons of bolt marksmanship and peerless urban fighters and siege specialists.
On the tabletop, this is represented by their bonuses to shooting and mastery of cover use. Where their enemies find no respite, the Imperial Fists dig in whilst letting loose precise bolter fusillades and crippling heavy weapons barrages. Success not out of tricks or outlandish tactics, just shooting like a supersoldier ought to.
If you want marines with fearsome firepower and wish to reduce your enemy's army to mauled infantry turn one, then play as the Sentinels of Terra and fight until the bitter end.

Crimson Fists Livery.jpg

In the grim darkness of the far future, the sons of Rynn will always rise from the ashes against the enemy of mankind.
Thematically, these guys are Red And Blue - as the very first Space Marines and the poster boys of Rogue Trader, the primary colours - red and blue (with yellow for gunfire and explosions) - were cheap and striking to print in colour (in 1987 anyway). They’re generally cool guys and renowned for their stubbornness and tenacity, and knack at surviving pretty much anything.
On the tabletop, these guys are good at blending hordes with their shot multipliers and sustained fire output - very important in 8th, aka the Horde Edition. They perform better when outnumbered and in small squads, and their Intercessors and Tacticals aren’t as useless as other Chapters - nice and fluffy.
Stand firm against the numberless hordes of evil and survive anything the galaxy throws at you.

Special Rules

Unlike other supplements, the Imperial Fists share theirs with their Crimson Fists successors. Crimson Fists thus have a full list of relics and stratagems (and Imperial Fists don't), but have their own chapter tactic and half a warlord trait table. They're still Fists, just with some "heroic last stand" tones.

  • Imperial Fists and Successor Chapter Tactics - Siege Masters: Enemy units do not receive "the benefit of light cover" against attacks made by models with this tactic. If the attack was with a bolt weapon, an unmodified 6 to hit scores an additional hit. Yellow IS shootier.
    • Exploding 6s is mathematically the same as an additional point of BS but better, since it both stacks with actual +1s to hit and doubles your Overwatch. Works particularly well with a Chapter Master's re-roll (remember, you can re-roll a 5 if you really want that 6) and other mechanics that also trigger on 6 to hit (re-rolling for 6s is even better when that 6 also grants an autowound or -1AP or what have you).
  • Crimson Fists Chapter Tactic - No Matter the Odds: Add 1 to hit rolls for a unit shooting at an enemy that has at 5 more models than the attacking unit has (e.g. a unit of 3 models gets +1 against any unit of 8 models or more). When using a Vehicles count as 5, in both directions. Additionally, for attacks with a bolt weapon, an unmodified 6 to hit scores an additional hit.
    • Exploding 6s is mathematically the same as an additional point of BS but better, since it both stacks with actual +1s to hit and doubles your Overwatch. Plus, scoring more shots than the weapon is actually capable of is always neat. This also means you suffer less from -1s to hit, including Auspex Scanners.
    • As if you needed an incentive to run Multiple Small Units. It works on your damaged units too, as well as low count units (Company Vet pairs).
    • Aggressors, Inceptors, and Centurions are perfect for the CF: they are three-man squads with a fuckton of bolt shots.
  • Combat Doctrine - Legacy of Dorn: Heavy Weapons with a strength characteristic of 7 or more gain +1 damage when targeting Vehicles or Buildings (although good luck finding a non-vehicle building to shoot at) in the Devastator Doctrine. No nonsense, strike some of the important targets turn one at range. But only turn one, due to the changes to Combat Doctrines. **Does nothing against monsters.
    • Without S7+ bolt weapons, it's hard to find synergy with your chapter tactics, so you might want to swap out to a Successor - Master Artisans and Stealthy, for example.

Specialist Detachments

It benefits Captains, Centurions, Dreadnoughts, and Vindicators. Note that only IMPERIAL FISTS can take this, and not any of their Successors. Easily worth paying 1CP to get access to it if you need to kill Knights or Forgeworld vehicles, despite not providing access to a relic or even warlord trait (GW FAQed it away rip).


  • Seismic Devastation (1CP): Pick one SIEGEBREAKER COHORT unit at the start of any Shooting or Fight phase. When it makes an unmodified wound roll of 6 against a VEHICLE, you deal an additional mortal wound to the enemy model.
    • Enables your anti-infantry Centurions to also kill a Leman Russ KILL KNIGHTS AND LEVIATHANS. Assault Centurions with flamers deal a bit more wounds, but they have to be within 8" of the enemy instead of 24", so, pass. Bolter Discipline, baby! Redemptor Dreads with Onslaught cannons aren't as killy as Centurions, but they're noticeably cheaper.
      • Three HB Centurions (210 pts) inflict an average of 14.7 unsaved wounds to a 14W 303 pts Leviathan (2+/4++) protected by Duty Eternal(halves damage - denies your Doctrine). That example uses the most basic of boosts: rerolls of 1s to hit and wound, provided by a nameless captain with Eye of Hypnoth (or a Lt). You could combine it with Tank Hunters and Bolter Drill stratagems on Heavy Bolter/Hurricane Bolter Centurions, for +1 to wound, 2D Heavy Bolters, 6s to hit result in 3 hits rather than 1, if you want those three Centurions to kill something like a boosted Knight.
  • Structural Demolition (1CP): When your SIEGEBREAKER COHORT units destroy a building, enemy models embarked on it roll 2d6 when exciting instead of d6.
    • Kinda lame to be honest, considering that very few players actually take Fortifications in their lists. In fact, this kinda gives them more of a reason to not use them, and some things like Altars of Khorne don't even have a wounds stat. Don't expect to use it very often.

Primaris Characters (Ancient, Apothecary, Captain, Chaplain, Librarian, and Lieutenant), Intercessor squads, Reiver squads, and Hellblaster squads in that detachment gain the liberator strike force keyword. The other side of the coin where it comes to Primaris detachments. It mentions all those squads, but the real stars here are the Hellblasters, as it is a ranged detachment.


  • Heroes of Rynn's World (1CP): Use at the start of the shooting phase and pick a LIBERATOR STRIKE FORCE unit. All unmodified hit rolls of 6 count as 2 hits instead of 1.
    • A few extra shots isn't much, so use it on Hellblasters to make it count. It's +1 to +3 dead guys on a 5-man squad firing two shots, depending on the enemy and buff auras nearby.
  • Paragons of Dorn (1 CP): At the end of your opponent's shooting phase pick a LIBERATOR STRIKE FORCE unit that was targeted this phase, they can then fire as if it were their shooting phase. Annoying because you have to get shot first.
    • Again your Hellblasters will destroy anything that doesn't kill them. Add an Ancient and an Apothecary so that actual casualties don't go to waste.

Warlord Trait

  • Expert Instructor: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 for friendly LIBERATOR STRIKE FORCE units within 9" of your warlord.
    • Useful for a Lieutenant Field Commander for the double aura. Give the Eye of Hypnoth to the Captain, and now you have two double auras. Alternatively you can pick a Librarian or Chaplain (there's no Primaris Techmarines yet), and give them the double aura to boost a Hellblaster unit with Recitation of Focus / Tectonic Purge and Fortify.


  • The Vengeful Arbiter: 12" Pistol 2 S5 AP-1 D2, and successful hit rolls cause more shots at the same target (additional shots can't generate further hit rolls). Boo, relic pistol.
    • It goes with the ranged theme, functionally giving your character a 12" D2 Heavy Bolter as a pistol. Then again, 12" is but the prelude to melee, and your other relic is basically a Thunder Hammer without unwieldy - one of the best relics in the codex in fact, and one of the few a Primaris Captain can use.

Crusade Additions

Secondary Objectives


  • Bitter Enemy (1 CP): In the Fight Phase, re-roll any Hit and Wound rolls against Iron Warriors. The fluffy stratagem everyone seems to get. If it comes up, have fun with it.
  • Bolster Defenses (1 CP, Single Use): At the start of the movement phase, select an Imperial Fists Infantry unit entirely on or within a terrain feature. As long as they remain stationary, when resolving an attack against them, add 1 to their non-invulnerable saving throw.
    • That's the wording. Notice it doesn't say "in the shooting phase", just says attack; if the enemy charges them, they get +1 to their armour save in melee - they're on YOUR turf. By using a Drop Pod, Impulsor or infiltration (Phobos) your unit can begin earlier on the enemy's ground and it becomes PROTECT THE BEACH-HEAD!
  • Sappers (1 CP): In the Shooting or Fight Phase, a unit adds +1 to Hit and Wound against a Building. No one uses buildings, and you already have Combat Doctrine if they do. But if someone brings a Noctilith Crown or a Landing Pad, and you were too busy turn one to get it, go break it.
  • Bolter Drill (2 CP): In the Shooting Phase, one Imperial Fists unit counts hit rolls of 6 with a Bolt weapon as two hits. That's three with the chapter tactic. A tad expensive, so throw it high dakka units like Aggressors, Inceptors, Centurions, Infiltrators (6s auto-wound), FW Quad-Heavy Bolter units (Fire Raptor, Land Raider Proteus, Rapier Carrier) and the like, pray for sixes, and unleash the BRRRRRT.
  • Tank Hunters (2 CP): Pick one enemy Vehicle. Until the end of the phase, a (1) Imperial Fists unit gets +1 to wound against it. Pop this when the enemy has a piece or armor that absolutely must die, and the combat doctrine just isn't enough for you (or you're trying to destroy it in melee).
    • Anti-infantry guns will wound almost any vehicle on a 4+, and Lascannons, Vindicators and Heavy/Macro Plasma Incinerators will wound almost any vehicle on a 2+.
  • Praetorian's Wrath (2 CP, Single Use): At the start of the movement phase, when the Devastator Doctrine is active, 6s to wound with heavy weapons and grenades gain an additional -1 to their AP until the next movement phase. Note that the wording here means that it applies in Overwatch.
  • The Shield Unwavering (2 CP): At the end of your turn, give an Imperial Fists Infantry unit within 3" of an objective +1 attack and +1 to (non-invulnerable)19/11/2019 FAQ saving throws until the start of your next turn. Combine with Bolster Defenses or Pain Is A Lesson when the point must be held at all costs.
  • Pain Is A Lesson (1 CP): Give a 6+++ Feel No Pain to a non-vehicle or servitor unit for a phase.
  • Close-Range Bolter Fire (2 CP): Turn a unit's Bolt weapons into Pistols for a Shooting phase. They actually gain the Pistol type, so while Storm and Hurricane Bolters miss out on the double shooting, squads can use their guns alongside their actual pistols, and they get a boost in the Assault Doctrine.
    • Everyone benefits, but who benefits more? 1) Units who would like to fall back, so that's Heavy Bolter Centurions and Devastators (and Rapier Quad Heavy Bolters because it isn't restricted to infantry). 2) Units who want to be in melee but don't want to miss out on their dakka, like Auto Bolt Rifle Intercessors and Autobolt Aggressors. Assault Bolter Inceptors also belong in one of the two.
*Stubborn Defence (2 CP): Use at the start of the battle if your Warlord is on the battlefield. You can’t discard Storm or Defend tactical objectives, but scoring them gains you an additional victory point.
  • Clearance Protocols (2 CP): During the Shooting Phase, ten models in a unit can hurl grenades instead of one. Most noticeable on Assault marines and Vanguard Vets, who have an easier time closing the distance and aren't missing out on their guns. Still niche.
  • Champion of Blades (1 CP): Give a successor chapter a Fists relic, the standard stuff.
  • Gift of the Phalanx (1 CP): Give a Sergeant a Master-crafted Weapon, Digital Weapons, the Fist of Terra, or Gatebreaker Bolts.
    • While the Fist of Terra is good and you might want that on a character, they have other relic weapons they can wield, including Thunder Hammers. A Veteran Intercessor with the fist (6A) can join those characters. An Eliminator Sergeant's Bolt Sniper Rifle delivers Gatebreaker Bolts at BS2+ S5 and each of those wound rolls will inflict a mortal wound on a 6 to wound. The Infiltrator Sergeant's Marksman Bolt Carbine makes those three wound rolls auto pass if the hit was a 6. On top of generating another hit roll, like the Fists they are.
    • Master crafting a sergeant's blade is okay, but what about a Centurion Sergeant's D2 Hurricane Bolter? It's a Fist strategy because 6s to hit generate extra hits, so statistically, it's Rapid Fire 7 D2.
  • Sentinel of Terra (1 CP): Give a non-special character Warlord an additional Warlord Trait. Combine Indomitable and Stubborn Heroism for an incredible wall.

They get two extra Stratagems, in addition to the previous ones:

  • A Hated Foe (1 CP): For one phase, a unit rerolls all wounds against Orks in either the fight or shooting phases, meaning it's not locked to melee.
  • Slay The Tyrant (1 CP): For one phase, a unit gets +1 to hit against Characters. Boosting a single sniper unit could be a bit lackluster but could be useful for units who get to target a character, especially in melee. Especially when using unwieldy weapons, or to offset enemy -1 to hit tricks.

Warlord Traits

  1. Siege Master: Add 1 to wound rolls against Building and Vehicle units. Great on a slam captain or anyone else that’s going to be in melee against Knights or tanks. This is Tor Garadon’s required trait.
    • The Imperial Fists can have one of the mightiest Smash Captains of them all: Combine Siege Master with The Imperium's Sword (rerolls charges, +1S +1A). Then give him a relic Thunder Hammer or the cheaper Fist of Terra and now he's wounding Knights on a 2+.
    • Fist Warlords aren't restricted to melee. Siege Masters can wound most vehicles on a 4+ with mere bolters. MC Auto Bolt Rifle > MC Stalker Bolt Rifle.
  2. Indomitable: This warlord can only be wounded on a 4+. Essentially the opposite of the above, rather than being good at killing Knights this trait makes you good at not being killed by Knights (or other Smash Captains). This is Captain Lysander’s required trait.
    • Better for T4 characters than for Gravis Captains; Gravis gives up the option of a 3++ for a T5 that would prevent them being wounded by S8 on a 2+, but this trait does away with silly maths. Only S5 Power Axes and Bolt Sniper Rifles would make a difference here.
  3. Fleetmaster: Once per battle, at the end of the Fight phase and if this warlord both remained stationary and didn't do any attacks, select a point on the battlefield and roll 1d6 for each unit within d6". On a 4+ (subtracting 1 for characters), deal d3 MW to that unit. So, give up a Warlord's trait and turn to do what an Orbital Comms Impulsor does.
    • Then again, it can be combined with an Orbital Comms Impulsor and Orbital Bombardment for 3d3 MW on the enemy's formation / spam 1d3 MW across the board. Rather punishing for MSU armies.
  4. Stubborn Heroism: The warlord halves incoming damage (rounding up), but cannot fall back. Combine this with Indomitable, and take the Adamantine Mantle on a Gravis Captain for a character who isn’t going anywhere.
    • He won't die to the big stuff, but keep anti-horde measures at hand should you need them - a Terminator / Aggressor retinue can use Close-Range Bolter Fire.
  5. Architect of War: When resolving AP-1 attacks against friendly Fists within 6" of this warlord, add an additional 1 to the (armour) save roll if that unit is "receiving the benefit of cover" (meaning IW and other IF nullify this trait). Do keep in mind some cover affects melee too now. While situational, enemy Bolt Rifles and astartes chainswords start at AP-1, so it can be a common situation indeed.
  6. Hand of Dorn: If your army is battle-forged, gain D3 command points before the battle. Simple, powerful, always worth taking, even if it requires spending a command point for Sentinel of Terra.
  1. Tenacious Opponent: If there are at least 5 enemy models within 6" of your warlord in the fight phase, he gains D3 extra attacks.
    • Have him fight before killing models with other units; Eight attacks on a good roll place him among the most damaging captains. Combine it with The Imperium's Sword or Champion of Humanity to make him even deadlier.
  2. Refuse to Die: Unlike Robutte Girlyman you don’t need magical armour given to you by Cawl and some filthy heretical Eldar. Once your warlord loses his last wound, roll a d6, and on a 4+ he comes back with 1d3 wounds remaining as close as possible to your original position and at least 1” away from enemy models.
  3. Stoic Defender: All Crimson Fists Core units gain Objective Secured within 6” of your warlord, and any unit that already had that rule (your Troops) count as double their model count (5 tacticals count as 10) when determining models securing an objective, so you can steal objectives even if you're outnumbered by guardsmen. Especially hilarious when it's a sudden deepstriking ObSec captain stealing it away from non-troop enemies. Better than the vanilla codex version.

Psychic Discipline: Geokinesis

  1. Tectonic Purge – WC6: Any enemy units that start their charge within 12″ of the psyker must subtract 2 from the result. A strong defensive buff, this trait can combine with the debuff from a Repulsor to make even a Blood Angel unit think twice about charging out of deep strike, or work alone to help keep a unit of Centurions safe. The only major downside is the enemy needing to start within 12″, meaning the Librarian needs to be near the front lines. Combine with Tremor Shells to make charges basically impossible for an enemy unit.
  2. Wrack and Ruin - WC6: One visible enemy <building or unit that's wholly in or within a terrain feature> within 18" has to roll 9d6, and for each 5+ (4+ if it's a building) they suffer a mortal wound. Hardly impressive, but it might let you blow up a Tidewall, bang up a Webway gate, or smack a few cover campers.
    • Will outperform Smite, with the caveat that its targeting is heavily restricted.
  3. Iron Inferno – WC6: Select a point on battlefield within 18″ and visible to psyker. Roll one D6 for each enemy unit within 6″ of that point, deal one mortal wound on a 4+. Better than most area of effect powers, this doesn’t suffer from a penalty to damage characters or random radius. Still, only dealing one mortal wound per unit makes this need to hit multiple units to do much, making it far from a safe take.
  4. Fortify – WC4: Restore D3 lost wounds to one Imperial Fists Infantry or Biker model within 12″. Trivially low warp charge for some healing? Sign me up. Only downside is that Apothecary resurrection happens in the movement phase, so this can’t heal a model to full and allow the Apothecary to resurrect – but it can heal up a resurrected model to full.
  5. Aspect of Stone – WC5: Add 2 to psyker’s strength and toughness until your next psychic phase. Counters the positioning vulnerability in the use of Tectonic Purge, and turns a psyker into something of a melee threat; an assault can only be delayed so much. A librarian with a power axe becomes S8 using this power.
  6. Chasm – WC6: Select a visible enemy unit that cannot Fly within 18″ of the psyker. Roll 2D6; if the result is less than the lowest Move characteristic in the unit, it takes one mortal wound; if it’s equal it takes D3; if it’s greater then it’s flat three mortal wounds. Another power that can be used to snipe out a character, this power has a 58.33% chance to do a full three mortal wounds against something with the standard six-inch movement, and of course that only increases against slower units – things like Terminators or Death Guard spring to mind.
    • Starts outperforming Smite against M5 or less. Fuck Orks.

Relics and Special-Issue Wargear

  • The Spartean: Vastly improved from SM1, it upgrades a bolt or heavy bolt pistol, making it 18" Pistol 2 AP-3 2D with the ability to target Characters like snipers do. Can be given to a Primaris character (only Captains can take power fists) to help eliminate characters.
  • Eye of Hypnoth: Imperial Fists core ranged attacks within 6" of the bearer re-roll 1s to wound. So, a limited Lieutenant reroll...but that still frees up 60-70 pts and a HQ slot for a Chaplain or Librarian. Great for a ranged Captain baby-sitting a gunline, especially since Phobos Lieutenants cannot infiltrate.
  • The Banner of Staganda: Imperial Fists Ancient only. Melee attacks made by CORE units within 6" get +1 to hit. Excellent utility for a Termie ancient deepstriking near other termies, nullifying their fists' and hammers' -1 to hit. Give them Fury of the First and you get hammers that hit on a 2+! And it's not like you don't have a named Termie captain to tag along.
  • The Bones of Orsak: Imperial Fists Librarian only. When manifesting a Geokinesis power, you can re-roll the Psychic test. Geokinesis powers are easy, but can be useful if you want to truly rely on them.
  • Duty's Burden: Crimson Fists exclusive, replaces a master-crafted stalker bolt rifle or master-crafted auto bolt rifle, 30" Rapid Fire 2 S5 AP-2 D2.
  • Fist of Vengeance: Crimson Fists exclusive, replaces a powerfist, makes it full D3 with no penalty to hit. One of the best melee relics, especially with the thunder hammer nerfs - hits hard and cheap.
  • Adamantine Mantle: 5+++ Feel No Pain.
  • Artificer Armor: 2+/5++. As always, better on support characters that lack invulnerable saves like Lieutenants or Librarians.
  • Master-Crafted Weapon: Increase a weapon's damage by one and it counts as a relic, so it may no longer be affected by some WTs and such. Naturally, it cannot be used on weapons already named "master-crafted".
  • Digital Weapons: Gain an extra attack that deals a mortal wound if it hits.
  • Auric Aquila: 4++ invulnerable save, and 5+++ against mortal wounds in the Psychic phase. A better invuln, and especially good for the Librarian, as technically that'd ward against mws caused by perils of the warp.
  • Fist of Terra: Replaces a power fist, removing the penalty to hit and granting +1 attack. One of the better melee relics. Despite lacking a Thunder Hammer's guaranteed 3 Damage, the bonuses allow the wielder to effectively fight infantry whilst still being effective against bigger targets. And again, 31 damn points cheaper.
  • Gatebreaker Bolts: Gives a bolt weapon an alt-fire mode: make one hit roll that makes D3 wound rolls (allocated separately) at AP-5 D1. Since they are allocated separately, the single shot could kill three GEQ. Guess it gives characters with single-shot already master-crafted bolt weapons a bit more flexibility? The Heavy Intercessor Captain shoots it at S5 and thus has a better chance to wound MEQ than other characters' bolt rifles.
  • Warden's Cuirass: +1 Wound. Strictly inferior than the Armour Indomitus, though the only other source of +1W is the Angel Artifice exclusive to the Chapter Master.

Special Units

  • Captain Lysander: Lysander is a better TH/SS Terminator Captain; the Fist of Dorn being a S10 Thunder Hammer without the -1 to hit penalty, making up for the actual IF relic pistol. And the FAQ doesn't say it went down to AP-2 like other hammers. If you have T5 enemies, Lysander's the guy you schedule them a play date with. Makes nearby Fists immune to combat attrition tests, which aren't much of a concern for small units that already ignore attrition modifiers, but it's there. Do you know how to use a TH/SS Termie Captain? Then you know all there is to know about Lysander strategy.
  • Captain Tor Garadon: The original owner of the Spartean Bolt Pistol, now a named Primaris Captain in Gravis armor with +1 wound. He comes with a Grav-gun, making him pack just a bit more punch at range than the usual Gravis captain. He also has a Signum Array that gives a friendly Imperial Fists unit within 3" BS2+ at the start of the shooting phase (thus overriding a vehicle's damage bracket), which stacks nicely with his Captain's Rites of Battle aura. His Hand of Defiance isn't just an aesthetically bulky Power Fist, it's Sx3 AP-3 D3 (but still -1 to hit). Last but not least, his Siege Captain ability gives all his attacks +1 to their damage characteristic when he attacks a Vehicle or Building, so he can punch a Land Raider to death with attacks to spare or help whittle down a tank from afar. But he needs a Repulsor transport for that.
  • Pedro Kantor (Crimson Fists): More focused this edition than in the last several; he no longer benefits Sternguard especially, nor especially torments Orks, Pedro Kantor is a CC killing machine in 9E. His Oath of Rynn special rule is now a buff to give +1A to all friendly Crimson Fists CORE units within 6", on top of his Chapter Master rule. For his price and relatively small footprint, he can make a huge impact in any melee.
    • He's excellent when paired with -1 To Hit escorts, like TH/SS Termies/Vets or Aggressors. Add a Lieutenant and you'll be rerolling everything. Being a footslogger, however, you'll need to find him a way to the front line, but being firstborn he's got access to Rhinos, Raiders, and at the very least he's got an Assault 4 AP-1 Bolter to jog across the board. Do keep in mind Assault Intercessors would get +2A if you make them fight twice.
    • Kantor, being a 'Chapter Master' also lends himself to gun lines. His +1A helps your Marines punch back when onrushing hordes inevitably reach the Marines, Primaris hitting as if they were Vets with chainswords.
  • High Chaplain Thulsa Kane (Legends): Master of Sanctity with the most awesome name, +1A, and rather dodgy with -1 to be hit in melee like a Champion, and refunds CP on a 6 each time you spend them! Furthermore, instead of the Crozius, he uses Lifetaker, a S+2 power sword with D2, which becomes D3 against characters, not unlike a Champion. And he's also got a plasma pistol with an extra shot. Though he's an impressive beatstick that buffs the melee capabilities of everyone around him, he's a footslogging firstborn, so you need to put him in a good transport, like a Drop Pod or a Land Raider.
    • Successor Tactics: Imperial Fists tactics are trash for Executioners; their endgame is assault and Thulsa Kane helps them do that well. This guy is an awesome force multiplier when combined with the "Whirlwind of Rage" successor trait and some high attack volume units (like Vanguards with double Chainswords). Every 6 to hit generates an extra attack AND scores an additional hit. And while those extra attacks cannot generate any more attacks, they DO generate additional hits on consecutive 6s! Add his natural Chaplain ability to reroll failed hits and you literally drown your enemy in wound rolls. Put him in a Drop Pod and take "Hungry for Battle" as your second trait so he and his company actually arrive in melee after deep striking (though you wouldn't be able to use litanies that turn).
      • Even better with Incursor squads, whose Paired Combat blades score an additional hit on a 6. Combine it with Gene Wrought Might (1CP) to Auto Wound on a hit roll of 6. Exhortation of Rage means 6s generate an additional attack and Litany of Hate re-rolls any hit roll that isn't a 6. If you're fighting heretic Astartes, pop Death to the Traitors (1CP) while your at it. All up, each six we roll then explodes into 1 auto-wounds, two additional hits, and 3 additional attacks that can also roll 6s to get a further 3 auto-wounds (but no more additional attacks).


So you love bolters, hate vehicles, and forts trigger you despite never having seen one. What to do with all this?

  • Positioning: Shock Assault urges you to melee, your doctrine pulls you to range. But whatever you choose, you have to commit: unlike WS and UM, the stubborn Imperial Fists don't take falling back too well - Stubborn Heroism warlords wouldn't even think of it. Where other armies have stratagems to do complex feints, you simply gain true grit. You deny cover, but you're also geared to garisonning terrain features and objectives. Understand you're not fighting merely on a battlefield, but with it.
  • Attrition: Imperial Fists are balanced: they shoot well, can give the enemy a hard time closing in, and being space marines they don't suffer in melee like other armies do.
    • When the enemy is far away you can outshoot them: blow up their gunships and bastions, ignore their cover, dig in yours.
    • When the enemy comes to you, delay them: blow up their transports, omniscramble their deepstrikes, pin them with Tremor Shells, punish their charges with Fortress of Resolve overwatch, and turn them back with Repulsor fields and Tectonic purge.
    • When the enemy reaches your objectives, you can use Shield Unwavering and Bolster Defense to protect them, and Close-Range Bolter Fire when falling back isn't an option. Plus, your Banner of Staganda gives you more hitsm so you can use hard-hitting units better.

Black Templars

Black Templars Livery.png
In the grim darkness of the far future, there will be only war. Actual quote by Sigismund, he called it first.

The Great Crusade never ended for these guys. Not confined to a sector like other chapters, the Black Templars fight the enemies of mankind wherever they are.

On the tabletop, these guys are no-nonsense marines, geared to fight the enemy in honest melee with daring charges and skilled swordplay. There's the enemy, go kill it. Shrug off their psychic tricks, bolter and blade will carry out the day. So good at it that even charging right out of orbit can be a tactic - skip movement and psychic phases, shooting and fighting is where it's at. They also rely a lot on their chaplains.

Are all orks dead? Has chaos been defeated? Then chain your weapons to your gauntlets and take the fight to them . No pity, no remorse, no fear!

As it may be a while for a supplement to be made for these guys (if ever), GW released an Index Astartes FAQ-lite on Warhammer Community to tide things over.

Special Rules

  • Chapter Tactics - Righteous Zeal: Units with this tactic can re-roll charge and Advance rolls. They also get a 5+++ FNP vs mortal wounds.
    • All mortal wounds, not just those from psychic powers; this is basically Armour of Contempt but always active, all the time and not restricted to vehicles. A character about to die can fail to save a regular wound, and pass it onto a Company Vet as a mortal wound to try to save it again. A vehicle that fails a plasma roll has a chance to not lose a wound. What tries to counter TH/SS? Mortal Wounds SPAM. Well now your TH/SS are 1+/4++/5+++, simple as.
    • Simple yet effective, this and Shock Attack are your incentives for melee. With an individual 56.9% of making the charge, a massed deepstrike is less of a coinflip ― the probability of at least one of two units making a 9" charge is 0.569+(1-0.569)*0.569 = 81.4%. And you have a ton such units: Anything Jump Pack, Reivers, Terminators. Even melee Dreadnoughts will improve, as it makes charges vastly more reliable. But MSU everything: one of two 5-man units making the charge is better than 10 dudes standing around doing nothing. It also doubles the grenades they can use (especially Reiver Shock Grenades), and the unit left behind can prevent any characters that didn't make the charge from being sniped when the others do get into melee.
      • Of course, it's not restricted to a melee drop: a Rhino/Razor/Impulsor rush or a Land Raider Crusader boosted with Shock and Awe works too, and the Assault Doctrine isn't active until turn 3 anyways. Just doing the math so you don't need to cogitate it mid-charge.
  • Combat Doctrine - Knights of Sigismund: When the Assault Doctrine is active, units that charge/Heroically Intervene against non-Vehicles that roll an unmodified 6 to hit in melee auto-hit and auto-wound.
    • It's okay, albeit niche. Better than the baseline astartes, and it becomes more noticeable the tougher the target gets...but it's also easily surpassed by WS and BA, and it doesn't work on vehicles or when you're not charging. If you're fishing for exploding 6s, remember there's Exhortation of Rage, Gene Wrought Might and Grimaldus, as well as Death to the Traitors when fighting CSM.
  • Unit Restrictions: Adeptus Astartes Psykers cannot be from the Black Templars Chapter and can't take a Chapter Champion as you already have the Emperor's Champion.

Specialist Detachment - Sword Brethren

High Marshall Helbrecht, the Emperor's Champion, Company Champion, Captains (all flavours) and Company Veterans in this detachment gain the SWORD BRETHREN keyword, so you can do a mighty crusade! Neither Grimaldus, Crusader squads, Terminator squads nor Vanguard Vets are affected, btw.

  • This is the ONLY specialist detachment that affects a Chapter Master, a named one at that, as well as the Emperor's Champion unique character. Named characters still can't take this detachment's warlord trait, though.
  • You can use it on Company Veterans on Bikes, since they too have the Company veterans keyword, same as the Captain on Bike...buuut they are overcosted. Even more so than before, as in CA2018 they retained their old price while everything else got a discount.


  • Uphold the Honour of the Emperor (1CP): At the start of the Fight phase, pick a SWORD BRETHREN unit. Roll a D6 each time one of the models in that unit loses a wound, on a 5+ that model does not lose that wound.
  • Suffer Not the Unclean to Live (2CP): At the start of the Fight phase, pick a SWORD BRETHREN unit. All models in the unit get an extra attack and may reroll failed wound rolls.

Warlord Trait

  • Master Swordsman: +1A. Each time your warlord rolls an unmodified 6 to hit in the fight phase, the attack inflicts 2 hits instead of 1. Come my foes, get closer. I shall teach you to fear the Emperor!
    • Regular Captain WS2+ 4A+1 wielding a Thunder Hammer hitting a T4 4++ enemy becomes 5*(4/6+4/36)*(5/6)*(1/2)*(3)+5*(1/6+1/36)*(5/6)*(1/2)*(3) = 6.07 unsaved wounds. You can add the Teeth of Terra to get more attacks, and swap the hammer for a Relic Blade to combine it with Grimaldus and unleash a hurricane of attacks.


  • The Holy Orb: The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch finally returns. Once per battle, in your Shooting phase you can choose for the bearer to throw the Holy Orb instead of making a normal shooting attack. If you do so, pick a visible enemy unit within 6" of the bearer and roll a D6 for every 10 models in that unit (rounding up). For each roll of 2+ that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. Eh.

Crusade Additions

Secondary Objectives


  • Devout Push (1 CP): Use at the start of the fight phase, a Infantry or Biker unit can immediately make a Pile in move and, until the end of the phase, when that unit consolidates, it can move up to 6".
    • Borderline rules lawyering, but huge: Put a Bladeguard unit inside a 5++ Impulsor and move it 14", disembark the same turn 3", move further 6", advance average 4.46". You can not charge...but this isn't a charge, so pile in 3" going around the rules against charging, and denying overwatch to boot. You just reached melee from some 30.6" away.
    • A less gimmicky use is to pile in onto stuff you didn't declare a charge against, and to have an easier time surrounding a unit to prevent escape / force the enemy to use CP to disengage. Canticle of Hate also gives you +3" to each Pile in, meaning it is 6". And then you do the other Pile in when it actually is their turn to go. Tie up everything. The consolidation distance is unaffected.
  • Oaths of Honour (1 CP): Use during the fight phase. Select one Black Templar Scout unit that charged or was charged. They can reroll the wound roll of their melee weapons. Don't know why you're even using scouts in the first place (rip), least of all why you'd spend CP on fights with them.
  • Vicious Riposte (1 CP): Use during the fight phase. Select one Black Templar infantry unit. Until the end of the phase, when they roll an unmodified save roll of 6 (Can roll even if the attack's ap would make rolling Saves pointless), their attacker suffers a mortal wound. Can be of much use against Boyz and other such units that rely on massed dice instead of AP to get through armour.
  • Abhor the Witch (1 CP): Roll 1d6 when an enemy psyker manifests a power within 24". roll a d6. On a 4+, the psychic power is resisted. Doesn't even have to target you, you could deny an enemy boost.
  • Crusader Relics (1 CP): Differently from other Sergeant (or "Sword Brother") Relics stratagems, you can hand out only three: Witchseeker bolts (better when fired by a Primaris character's Master-crafted gun), Sword of Judgement (better wielded by someone with more WS and Attacks), and the Skull of the Cacodominus, which merely needs to be held. Your choice.
  • Tenacious Assault (2 CP): roll a d6 when an enemy infantry unit tries to fall back from your Black Templar infantry. On a 2+, they can't fall back. What the Emperor ties up in melee, let no man separate!
  • The Emperor's Will (1 CP): Use when a Black Templar Infantry Unit advances. They can still shoot pistols and charge that turn.
  • Shock and Awe (1 CP): When an Black Templar infantry unit disembarks from a Land Raider Crusader, they become immune to Overwatch and force attacks against them to be made at -1 to hit. Take big Crusader units geared for melee to exploit the Crusader's improved transport capacity, since this only affects one unit at a time.
    • Alongside Devout Push they are basically the only reason to use Crusader squads, since you cannot pile in onto anything you didn't declare a charge against, and Shock & Awe cancels any overwatch. Ferry a 15-man Crusader unit into range, declare a charge against the target and everyone around it, and not even Tau can prevent you from tying up anything nearby.

Warlord Traits

  1. Oathkeeper: Warlord can do 6" Horizontal, 5" Vertical Heroic Interventions.
    • Eh, it's ok. You certainly don't want your warlord to leave his squad unsupported when they get charged, but you should be the one who charges anyway. Emperor Champion's trait.
  2. Epitome of Piety: The Warlord can deny one power in the Psychic Phase, and gains a +1 on his roll to do so. Chaplain Grimaldus' trait.
    • Just in case you need a little more protection than what Righteous Zeal provides you with.
  3. Paragon of Fury: After the warlord makes a charge move, roll 1d6 for each enemy unit within 1” of the warlord; on a 2+ that model takes a mortal wound. Ok, but you can do better.
  4. Master of Arms: The Warlord Always Fights First.
    • Black Templars don't do fall back feints, and fighting first means the enemy cannot kill you because you killed them first. Though if you can't get stuck in because you're killing everything in the charge then pick something else-Nope its super powerful in 9th. You can heroically intervene and strike first in opponent turn, saving your inceptor brothers from foul Sanguinary Guard or any other flying-squidhelm-with-spear/mutant/heretic/living mushroom?
  5. Inspirational Fighter: When friendly Black Templars Core units within 6” of this warlord roll an unmodified 6 to wound for melee weapon attacks, improve the weapon’s AP by 1.
    • Biggest issue with this is that the AP boost cannot stack with the Assault Doctrine's, meaning you'll be lucky if you even manage to fight under this effect for at least one round.
  6. Front-Line Commander: Add 1 to the Advance and Charge distances of friendly Black Templars Core units within 6”. High Marshal Helbrecht's trait.
    • Remember it doesn't stack with Canticle of Hate, which doesn't affect advances and doesn't work if the user was in a transport, but does increase Pile In moves by +3". Which is like the Devout Push stratagem, but as an aura. Up to you to use a Front-Line Commander to do a turn 1 drop pod assault or be patient and wait for turn 2 with Chaplain support.

Relics and Special-Issue Wargear

  • Ancient Breviary: Chaplain only. When you roll for a litany for the bearer, you can roll 2D6 and discard either result.
    • Equivalent to being able to re-roll. Can give 97.55% reliability to Litany combos for a Master of Sanctity.
  • Aurillian Shroud: Once per battle at the start of the battle round, a model with this relic can activate it. If they do, until the end of the battle round, models in friendly Black Templars Core or Black Templars Character units have a 4++ invulnerable save while within 3” of the relic bearer.
  • Crusader's Helm: Increase the range of the model's aura abilities by 3", to a maximum of 12". Also, at the start of your Movement phase (so it doesn't work in deepstrike/transports), pick a friendly Black Templars unit with the Combat Doctrines ability within 6" of this model. Until your next Movement phase, the Assault Doctrine is active for that unit, replacing the current doctrine.
  • Skull of the Cacodominus: Once per battle, after a psychic power is manifested within 12" of the bearer, roll 1d6; on a 2+, the caster suffers 1d3 mortal wounds after the power is resolved. Alas, poor Cacodominus, I knew your psychic death screams well.
  • Sword of Judgment: Replaces a power sword or master-crafted power sword. S+1 AP-3 3D. Compared to a Thunder Hammer, hitting on a 2+ but wounding on 3+ is the same as hitting on a 3+ but wounding on a 2+.
    • Despite this using a relic slot (1CP) to do what a regular Thunder Hammer does, this relic sword costs TEN TIMES LESS points and can be wielded by Primaris characters, who can't use hammers. And Knights of Sigismund makes 6A with this relic deal similar damage to 5A with a relic hammer.
  • Witchseeker Bolts: Goes with a bolt weapon and you can shoot these instead of its normal ammo. You only get one attack, but the attack can target a PSYKER CHARACTER even if it’s not the closest model. Also, a hit on a Psyker causes an extra 1d3 mortal wounds. Put it on a Master-crafted Stalker bolt rifle for D3+1d3 to witches. So does a Master-crafted Instigator bolt carbine, but the RG FAQ confirms a Marksman's Honorus warlord does get +1D when shooting relic ammo.

Litanies of the Devout

To compensate for their lack of a Psychic Discipline, the Black Templars gain six unique Litanies for their Chaplains to use instead of the usual one. You are sooooo bringing a Master of Sanctity for them.

  1. Litany of Divine Protection: Target friendly black templars Core or Character unit within 6" gets a 5+++ FNP without being restricted to mortal wounds. Good, but suffers from not being a bubble.
  2. Psalm of Remorseless Persecution: Re-roll melee wound rolls of 1 for Black Templars Core or Character units within 6". Like having a lieutenant around, but worse.
    • Then again, the Lieutenant may be somewhere else. It would take both a Chapter Master and a Lieutenant (or Guilliman) to give the rerolls that a Master of Sanctity gives you in melee.
  3. Vow of Retribution: -2 leadership to enemy units within 6". Just don't. You're not a leadership bomb based army, and you should usually be trying to keep your chaplain near your own units more than the enemy.
    • But hear me out! Fear Made Manifest Master of Sanctity + Reiver unit. That's -5Ld on top of rerolling all melee and wounds of 1.
  4. Fires of Devotion: Target a friendly Black Templars Core or Character unit within 6". It gains +1A if it charges or makes a Heroic Intervention until the end of the turn. So, if you go first, it's not active during your enemy's half of the battle round unlike other litanies.
    • Black Templars are already great at making charges, and of course this stacks with Shock Assault. The only downside is that it's not a bubble, so you want to put it on a melee deathstar of some sort. It's much better than (and will stack with) Exhortation of Rage in practice, not that Exhortation of Rage was a great Litany to begin with. Since this one only works offensively, you want it on a faster Chaplain - the Litany does nothing when you are charged.
  5. Fervent Acclamation: +3" to aura abilities of Black Templars Core or Character units within 6" (max 9") (which applies to the chaplain, so really 9").
    • BELLOWING VOICE! Crusader Helm Captain, Vox Espiritum Lieutenant, TWELVE-INCHER Auras. Oh and it helps Helbrecht's, Grimaldus', and Cenobyte Servitor's auras too. As well as Standard bearers, Apothecary and the Aurillian Beviary. Positioning made simple, it allows Black Templars to footslog like they used to.
  6. Oath of Glory: Target one friendly Black Templars Core or Character unit within 6" to always fights first that turn.
    • Terrible utility. Good for ongoing combats (which you should not count on your opponent giving you); combine it with Canticle of Hate or Devout Push to charge and get stuck in. More importantly, you can try to keep them in place with Tenacious Assault. That way, you deny your enemy their shooting phase, and you still get to fight first on their turn.

Special Units


  • High Marshal Helbrecht: The big boss of the Black Templars. In addition to being a 9th edition Chapter Master with the Captain and Chapter Master Aura/Ability, all Black Templar Core units within 6" gain +1S, and S5 is a sweet spot in this edition. So when this guy rolls up in a Land Raider Crusader and then charges you with his S5 rerolling-hit-rolls homeboys with chainswords... you're dead. End of discussion. He himself is no slouch in combat, roasting things with a combi-melta and the High Marshalls Blade (S+2, AP-3, D2, gains +d3A if he charged or Heroically Intervened).
    • It almost goes without saying, but this makes lightning claws the vastly superior weapon vs MEQ and power swords wound on 2+ vs GEQ. He also makes power fists S9, but only the T8 main battle tanks would notice, so leave those TH/SS at home, and use the increased space for an Ancient and Apothecaries instead.
  • Emperor's Champion: This guy will brutally murder any enemy Character, taking the Chapter Champion role and cracking the dial to 11. He takes a HQ slot instead of being in the overpopulated Elites slot (unless you take a Company Veteran Squad). As for stats, he has WS2+, S4, W4, A5, and Sv2+/4++... For starters. Shock Assault gives him +1A on the charge and Sigismund's Honour +1S and +1A against Characters. Champion Slayer re-rolls hit rolls against and always fights first against Characters, and finally, Skillful Parry reduces enemy hit rolls with melee weapons against him by 1. He strikes with the Black Blade, a S+3, AP-3, D2 sword that re-rolls failed wound rolls against Characters and Monsters.
    • Monsters are the closest the Champion has to a weak spot, as his offensive boosts pretty much evaporate the moment he runs into a Carnifex or Maulerfiend.
    • Being entirely dedicated to be a beatstick, he needs support, most notably a Transport. Furthermore, his retinue will need support because he lacks an aura himself, and you both lack Librarians and cannot use Litanies out of a transport without spending a CP. Helbrecht is a great choice since he turns him S9 against Characters and also helps him get to melee. These two Characters would make any Transport a high-value target, so either put him in a one that is hard to kill (Land Raider Crusader/Stormraven), one that cannot be intercepted (Drop Pod) or just put them in a separate Rhino's.
  • Chaplain Grimaldus: THE guy for Black Templar's Black Tide lists, now a Master of Sanctity in all but name with two litanies (but only Ld9). Unmatched Zeal is basically the Exhortation of Rage litany (unmodified 6's to hit generate an additional attack with that weapon) but in Aura mode, so it always affects Black Templar Core within 6" instead of only a single unit a turn after disembarking. Furthermore, he can deny one power, meaning he gets two Deny the Witch rolls at +1 when he's the warlord. He comes with a standard plasma pistol (so overcharge at your own risk) and an Artificer Crozius (S+2, AP-2, D2).
    • If you bring Helbrecht and use Mantra of Strength, you could have four WS2+, S8, D3 attacks, which is basically a thunder hammer without unwieldy. Since that'd prevent him from using Litanies of the Devout, you could have his second litany be either Canticle of Hate to consolidate into everyone, or Exhortation of Rage (stacks with Unmatched Zeal, but for a single unit). Fervent Acclamation helps with the lot of Auras you can bring, but since the other litanies are okay-ish you can have some other Chaplain sing it, if you want to.


  • Crusader Squad: Got improved in the 2020 index. You have a unit of tactical marines that can also take up Scouts as cheap meat shields and now also let the unit use the Smoke screens. Going melee any Initiates can swap their bolter for an Astarts chainswords for free, and one of them can take a power weapon/fist/SPecal/or heavy weapon. Neophytes (scouts) can replace their bolter for either a shotgun or knife. When there are at least as many Initiates (marines) as Neophytes (scouts), the latter can re-roll 1s to hit in melee. Now they need to number 10 members to get both a Special and Heavy (or power) weapon.
    • Crusader squads only make sense (barely) when taken at 11-20 size and boosted with stratagems or litanies that target a single unit. changes to morals don't affect large units as much as smaller ones but blast weapons are now a thing. Chaplains (especially Grimaldus) help their morale at the same time they increase their lethality. So do Captains(Helbrecht)/Lieutenants/Ancients, and the Standard of the Emperor Ascendant/Rites of War Warlords makes them immune to morale, so 20-man Crusader squads love them, as they can't fit inside most transports.
    • On the opposite side they can actually be extremely useful in low point games even taken as five-man squads! Give the captain and an Initiate power fists, pop two squads inside a drop pod and watch them tear apart the usual single tank most players bring to a 500 point army. The chainswords are even useful for either causing some chaos from the rear after their job is done or slicing through the cannon fodder your opponent uses to separate your squads from their targets (gretchin anyone?). Basically, they're useless when taken on foot unless in huge numbers, but if you focus on mobility and need that sweet Battalion CP they can cause a surprising amount of pain with all your melee bonuses.


  • Cenobyte Servitors: Provide FnP 4+ for Mortal Wounds to Black Templar units within 6". They're cheap and don't take an Elites slot if you also took Grimaldus, but they're frail and not characters, meaning they can be easily removed. Furthermore, Black Templars already have a natural FnP 5+ vs MW so, if you use them, avoid giving up First Blood and hide them behind a Rhino.
    • Or just have them as decorative non-models, like Azrael's Helmet bearer.


  • MSU Spam: Black Templars aren't the best melee chapter (especially not when BA and WS exist), but they can reliably get lots of models stuck in, even right out of a deepstrike, which for other armies would need CP and special tricks to accomplish. Multiple small units mean more rolls and more sarges, but be sure to support them, with ranged weapons clearing keepaway units and dealing with targets your melee could struggle with, like vehicles. Keep near LoS blockers and use Suppressors/stratagems to deny what little overwatch/set to defend your enemy can use, so you can tie them up while you keep those crusaders coming!
  • Termie deepstrike charge: The ONE thing BT can do that other chapters struggle with is getting terminators into melee fast and reliably without paying for Land Raiders; others can get +1 or +2 to charge, but not a reroll. And you can get +1 or +2 with a Front-Line Commander or Wise Oratory Canticle of Hate, from a Captain or Chaplain you have to bring anyways, to alleviate the -1 to hit from the termies' weapons.

Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers

Blood Angels Pauldron.jpeg
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is always a risk of becoming blinded by rage.

Thematically, these guys are a bunch of poncy space vampires who constantly battle their own genetic curses. These curses turn out to be their greatest strengths, as they become genuine monsters made to Rip and Tear.
On the tabletop, these guys go pretty deep for both melee and speed. While they aren't bike-crazed like the White Scars, they have a stratagem that can make all their tanks faster on top of their bonus to charge distance. In melee, their chapter tactics make them hurt harder - especially if you decide to grab the Death Company.
If you plan on getting the first blow before the enemy, the Blood Angels are the best choice.

Flesh Tearers Livery2.jpg
In the grim darkness of the far future, blind anger can be a powerful tool.

Thematically, these guys are the edgier and far more violent version of the Blood Angels. While their founders sought to uphold their nobility in the field of battle, these guys aren't as inclined to keep to the stylishness.
On the tabletop, these guys go pretty deep for both melee and speed. While they aren't bike-crazed like the White Scars, they have a stratagem that can make all their tanks faster. In melee, their chapter tactics make them hurt much harder - especially if you decide to grab the Death Company.
If you hunger for ripping and tearing huge guts, pick the Flesh Tearers

Special Rules

  • Chapter Tactics - The Red Thirst: Add +1 to all charge and advance rolls. When a unit charges, gets charged, or make a heroic intervention, they can add +1 to their wound roll for the turn.
    • This makes your lot a bit zippier and choppier than most marines. This stacked with shock assault means that your guys will absolutely be able to lay on the hurt without hesitation.
  • Unit Restrictions: Blood Angels Ancients can't be upgraded to Chapter Ancients, which is a rule that doesn't seem to apply to their successors. Sanguinary Ancients carry chapter banners, but aren't chapter ancients themselves, so Blood Angels just don't have access to chapter ancients.
  • Chapter Tactics - Fury Within: When a unit rolls a 6 to wound in melee, the AP of their hit improves by 1. When a unit charges, gets charged, or makes a heroic intervention, they can add +1 to their wound roll for the turn.
    • Compared to the BA, this makes you far more vicious in a fight. Now that even chainswords can mulch light infantry, you can bet your ass that you'll find more uses with basic weapons as you reduce power armor into shreds, especially since it now stacks with Assault Doctrine.
  • Combat Doctrine - Savage Echoes: While the Assault Doctrine is active, add 1 to the Attacks of models that charged, were charged, or Heroically Intervened. Yes, this does stack with Black Rage and Shock Assault, so your Death Companies will be able to spit out a disproportionately high number of attacks for their unit size. Don't forget the regular marines: Scouts, assault troopers, and intercessors are rocking 4 attacks, 3 on tacticals. Makes for some added punch in the later stages of games when your scrapping over objectives with smaller squads and/or a single sergeant.
    • Turn 3 charges are absurd this time around. Hang back in LR crusaders or use Jump Packs and let loose turn three; frankly, it's like 7th when trying to add up and account for all the modifiers and +1s your marines will be under, but when you get it right, you will crush everything. If you're not tabled by turn 3, your deep strikers will utterly change the game if you combo everything perfectly.
  • Black Rage: Your death company rules. These guys can never fall back, gain another attack when charging or heroically intervening, and have a 6+++ FNP. However, they are incapable of doing any other actions, meaning they're less useful in a more objective-focused game.
  • Options:
    • Adds inferno pistols and hand flamers to the pistols list.
    • Adds heavy flamers to the heavy weapons list.
    • Assault squads can replace up to two flamers with plasma guns or meltaguns.
  • Death Company: In addition to the exclusive units, you can also consign a captain and two lieutenants to the black rage by spending a few points/1 PL. Doing so will give them all the benefits of doing so but now every buff aura must be exclusive to Death Company units. These HQs are also no longer able to accept the Masters of the Chapter upgrades but do not count against Company Command restrictions.
    • Death Visions: Each Death Company Character can opt to trigger a certain vision of Sanguinius's final moments, granting them a particular boost once per game.
      • On the Bridge of the Vengeful Spirit: Triggered if your "hero" sees an enemy Infantry Character or Monster Character. They gain an extra attack for every 5 enemy models within 6" of them and they can re-roll any bad hit rolls, turning them into a blender.
      • Grace of the Angel: Triggered if your "hero" is engaged with an enemy Infantry Character or Monster Character. This model gains a 3++ invuln save, making their survival much closer to guaranteed in any case, but especially if they're bogged down by hordes.
      • To Slay the Warmaster: Triggered if your "hero" sees an enemy Infantry Character or Monster Character. Instead of the standard combat phase, both you and your enemy must roll 1d6. If you win, one model of your choice suffers 3+d3 mortal wounds, likely enough to fell any Marine HQ and seriously wound hive tyrants and skorpekh lords.

Crusade Additions

Secondary Objectives


  • Descent of Angels (1 CP): Trigger after setting up a Blood Angels Core Jump Pack unit in the Reinforcements phase. This unit doesn't suffer any penalties to charge for this turn and adds +1 to hit this turn. Note this includes shooting, so inceptors like this just as much as acc units.
  • Vengeance for Sanguinius (1 CP): Your version of Death to Traitors. Whenever a Blood Angels unit is in combat with a Black Legion unit, you can re-roll all hit and wound rolls.
  • Refusal to Die (1/2 CP): Use in any phase after the Death Company are targeted with an attack. Until the end of the phase, when they take a wound, roll a D6; on a 5+, that wound isn’t lost. You can only use this once per turn. Return to previous levels of refusing to feel pain. Costs 2 CP for a unit with 5+ models.
  • Flesh Tearers only - Aggressive Onslaught (1 CP): Select one Flesh Tearers Infantry during the fight phase and give them an extra 3" pile-in distance. Quite helpful as this will guarantee that all your troops are in the heat of battle rather than standing around gormlessly and getting shot.
  • Angel's Sacrifice (1 CP): Nominate one Blood Angels character (barring any Dreads) during the fight phase. Anyone within engagement range with this character now must attack your designated martyr. This can prove to be particularly useful if you grabbed a Termie or Gravis captain to tank the blows.
  • Spiritual Might (1 CP): Your Blood Angels Psyker can cast an additional power this Psychic phase.
  • Visions of Sanguinius (1 CP): Use when a Deach Company character is chosen to fight. They can now trigger a second Death Vision if they already used one before or trigger two simultaneous death visions at the same time. Normal restrictions of not re-using Death Visions still apply.
  • Angel Ascendant (1 CP): One use. Generic "Give Sergeant Special-Issue Wargear" stratagem.
  • Angel Exemplar (1 CP): One use. Unlike stratagems that give another character a Warlord trait (which all marines get anyway), this allows your Warlord to have a second Warlord trait, which has to be a Blood Angels/Flesh Tearers trait depending on which chapter your Warlord is from. This could propel your Warlord into truly terrifying levels of smashy-dom - consider traits like Imperium's Sword combined with Gift of Foresight, for example.
  • Lucifer-Pattern Engines (1 CP): Use this stratagem before the battle to give a non-Dreadnought vehicle overcharged engines, meaning their Advance moves always add 6" rather than rolling..
    • Why hello Relic Sicaran...did you know red ones go faster? *primes red spray paint*
  • Honoured by the Arx Angelicum (1 CP): One use. Lets you give a Blood Angels relic to a successor. A copypaste in form, if not in name.
  • Red Rampage (1 CP): One use. When the Assault Doctrine is active, ALL Blood Angels units who roll a 6 to wound get an additional -1 AP to their pistol and melee attacks until the next Command Phase, which stacks with the Doctrine itself. With luck, that means your power swords can be AP-5.
  • Unbridled Ardour (1 CP): Use in the enemy's Charge phase to let a Sanginary Guard unit Heroically Intervene 6" by 5" as though it were a character.
*Forlorn Fury (1/2 CP):' Use before the first turn begins to give a Death Company a move of 12", as long as it doesn't take them within 9" of an enemy.  For Dreadnoughts or units of 6+ models this costs 2CP. 
  • Upon Wings of Fire (1 CP): Select a Blood Angels Core Jump Pack unit in your army. It immediately leaves the field and be set up again in the next Reinforcements phase so long as it's at least 9" away from an enemy model.
  • Flesh Tearers only - Savage Destruction (1 CP): Use when a morale test is failed for an enemy unit within Engagement Range of a Flesh Tearers unit. Until the end of the turn, subtract 1 from combat attrition tests for the unit. This could cause some serious losses to a large unit.
  • Chalice Overflowing (1 CP): Your sanguinary priest can trigger their blood chalice ability a second time. Awesome.

Warlord Trait

  • Speed of the Primarch: If the warlord is engaged at the start of the fight phase, they go first. Of course, you don't want to be stuck in battle because you have nothing that boosts your warlord outside of doctrines. However, this might let you smash an enemy before they can hit back.
    • Pretty nice if you choose to build a Blood Angels MURDERWINGS with Black Rage. You do have the relic jump pack and plenty of ways to increase attacks and make them explode.
    • Mephiston has this trait.
  • Artisan of War: Your warlord gains one of the following special-issue items: Adamantine Mantle, Artificer Armour, Master-Crafted Weapon, Digital Weapons. The fact that this stacks with any other relic is quite helpful, like combining the pinions with a MC weapon.
  • Soulwarden: Gives every BLOOD ANGELS unit within 6" a FNP of 5+ vs mortal wounds. Incredible against some armies, abysmal against others.
    • Astorath and Lemartes have this trait.
  • Heroic Bearing: Rites of Battle, Tactical Precision, Chapter master and Spiritual Leader abilities used by this character gain +3" range, up to 9". Also gains a 9" aura giving +1 Ld to BLOOD ANGELS CORE units.
    • Dante and the Sanguinor have this trait.
  • Gift of Foresight: Gives the Warlord a hit, wound and save re-roll each turn. Particularly nice for a Librarian Dreadnought to get the most out of their force halberd.
    • Corbulo has this trait.
  • Selfless Valour: Your Warlord can heroically intervene at 6″ instead of 3″. Not great, but not worthless, as you can set up for a quick one-two punch from your bodyguard and then your Warlord.
    • Both versions of Tycho have this trait.
    • Honestly if you're really looking to do this go play space wolves, you're more likely slamming your warlord into charges than being on the receiving end.
  • Merciless Butcher: Gabriel Seth has this. Gain +1 attack (max 3) for every 5 models within 3". Pretty much a necessity if you decide to go knee-deep in guardsmen or gaunts. Don't expect to get much from this one unless you face mob armies. Makes a damn good secondary warlord -- Hurl this guy at a horde with 5 bone stock DC and the fancy relic chainsword and you WILL see blood spilt. Let your main warlord perform his standard duties and survive the game.
  • Of Wrath and Rage: Every unmodified 6 to hit in melee grants you a bonus attack with the weapon you used. The fact that it needs a die roll of 6 to trigger it makes it harder to pull off, but when you do it's gonna be worth it.
  • Cretacian Born: No Overwatch or Set to Defend against the Warlord, and may re-roll charge rolls. Multi-charges are harder to pull off this edition, and unless this is on a Dreadnought you probably won't be able to contact more than one unit. Still, when it works it could be very good - this trait gets stronger at the same rate the enemy's overwatch potential grows, and the re-roll can help deep strikers get that charge off.

Psychic Discipline: Sanguinary

  1. Quickening: WC 6. Add re-roll the advance and charge rolls made by the Psyker, and make d3 additional attacks in the fight phase, until your next psychic phase. Remember, psychic is after movement, so this won't make you advance faster until the following turn; accordingly, a lot more useful for buffing a charge you're about to make, but still of somewhat limited use, since it's self only. Cast this and Wings on your librarian dreadnought and watch him zoom across the board to smack something. Highlander references optional. Never forget the attacks!!!!
  2. Unleash Rage: WC 6. Select a Blood Angels Core unit within 12", and if they roll a 6 to hit, they gain a bonus Attack. With the high amount of attacks certain units can kick out, this can be anything from awesome to unneeded overkill.
    • A normal attacker will receive the same benefit as re-rolling 1s to hit, i.e. a 7/6 multiplier of total hits landed, but the effects stack. Combined with re-rolling 1s to hit, Unleash Rage now provides a 43/36 multiplier (nearly as good as 6/5), and combined with a full re-roll to hit, a WS3+ attacker will get an 11/9 multiplier, so you get maximum bang for this buck by combining it with a Chapter Master or Chaplain's buff to re-roll all hits. The Chapter Master is far more reliable and compatible with deep striking.
    • Remember, you can't take any Core Librarians, so you can't ever cast this on yourself.
  3. Shield of Sanguinius: WC 6. Select a Blood Angels unit within 18" and gift them a 5++ until the next Psychic Phase. Death Company with 5++? Yes, please! Also useful on any and all vehicles; Librarian Dreadnoughts especially benefit from an decent invuln.
    • This one can be cast on the Librarian in a pinch, but of course it's more useful the more it protects, so that's a very niche case.
  4. Blood Boil: WC 6. Select an enemy unit within 18" and roll 2d6, comparing against the highest toughness value in the unit. If the roll exceeds that value, the unit suffers 1d3 mortal wounds. If the total is more than double, the mortal wounds become an automatic 3. Like most non-Smite powers, worse than Smite in the majority of cases, but as it has been improved from a 6" to 18" range it does allow for some mid-range character sniping now. After accounting for its worse chance to be cast, this only beats Smite against T2 or T1 targets, although it's only slightly worse against T3.
  5. Blood Lance: WC 6. Select a visible enemy model within 18". Draw the shortest possible line between the psyker and the model. Roll a d6 for each model (friend or foe) the line crosses; on a 5+, the model's unit suffers a mortal wound. This can potentially hit a unit multiple times, so it's best used on hordes with lots of models in them.
    • Because it is harder to cast than Smite, you need to draw the line over at least 8 models to probably do at least as well as Smite should have done, although 7 models isn't drastically worse than Smite.
    • Very similar to Fury of the Ancients from the Librarius discipline you also have access to, so here's the difference: Fury automatically deals 1 mw per unit, while this one is 1/3 per model. That means as soon as this power crosses over at least four models from the same unit, that unit will take more mortal wounds, on average, than it would from Fury. It also means that if all you care about is mortal wounds total, Blood Lance needs to touch 3 times as many models as Fury would hit units to break even, plus one to do better. This means Blood Lance is much better against one unit of many models (i.e. a horde) than Fury, while Fury is much better against many units of one (or very few) models each (i.e. character spam where all the characters are in a conga line for some reason). The other difference is how you draw the line: Fury lets the caster draw any line you like, while Blood Lance requires the line to be shortest possible, making it potentially harder to get the line you want unless you were very careful back in the movement phase.
  6. Wings of Sanguinius: WC 6. Praise the Angel, it's back! The psyker can immediately move or fall back as if it were your movement phase, but his Move characteristic is 12" and he gains the fly keyword for this phase.
    • Combining this with a jump pack or terminator (or drop pod - looking at you, librarian dreadnought) librarian will allow you to deep strike in, then move within 3" of the opponent for an inferno pistol shot, then charge with no chance to fail. Pay attention to which is actually better: Quickening will, on average, add 2 attacks if you succeed, which amounts to 1 4/9 attacks, while Smite will deal a scooch more than 1.79 mortal wounds, which is pretty much always better, even on a librarian dread. Hence, on the deep strike turn, your best bet will be Wings, then Smite if Wings succeeds, and Quickening if it does not.

Relics and Special-Issue Wargear

  • Wrath of Baal: Sanguinary Ancient only. Add +2" to the Move of friendly Blood Angels Jump Pack units within 6” when they make Normal Move, Advance or Fall Back moves.
  • Icon of the Angel: Gives all Blood Angels units within 6" re-rolls to their charges. Seriously?! Fuck YES!! And note that unlike most auras, this one isn't limited to affecting Core units, so use your imagination with that.
  • Visage of Death: Melee attacks against the wearer are at -1 to hit, and enemy units within 3" lose their Objective Secured type rules. A character with this backed up by a small Troop unit can really mess with your enemy's plans.
  • Hammer of Baal: Thunder Hammer with an extra AP and without the penalty to hit.
    • Only better than a Master-Crafted Thunder Hammer when both bonuses apply (assuming the target has enough wounds for D4 to matter, of course), and if the wielder can re-roll hit rolls, the Master-Crafted hammer is still better against Sv4+.
  • Gallian's Staff: Force staff with an extra AP that gives its bearer +1 to cast Sanguinary discipline powers.
  • Adamantine Mantle: 5+++ FNP. Not that great in an army with access to so many rolls to negate wounds.
  • Artificer Armour: Gives a model a 2+ save and a 5++ invulnerable save. This can allow your characters to survive much more, especially librarians which need to sacrifice a cast to get an invuln. Best put on a model with a decent amount of wounds but no invuln, such as Primaris Librarians/Lieutenants.
  • Master-Crafted Weapon: Give a weapon +1 D, and it’s considered to be a Chapter Relic.
  • Digital Weapons: When you fight, you make 1 extra attack using the “close combat weapon profile” and if you hit, you score a mortal wound. Meh. Not terrible, but your characters are pretty much renowned for how hard they punch stuff: it's better to invest relics in durability, supporting other troops, or making charges easier.
  • Quake Bolts: The Blood Angels special bolter ammo. Give this to someone and you can choose to shoot one of these bolts instead when firing a bolt weapon. When you shoot with these, make only one attack, but if you hit, the target is “felled” until the end of the turn and the attack continues. When you attack a felled unit in melee, add 1 to the hit roll.
    • Good to amplify the damage dealt by your melee units, especially if said units bring hammers or fists. The higher your chances to hit the better so slapping it on a character with nice BS or access to re-rolls makes it do more work. Notice you can only make 1 attack per shooting phase with these so you won't get better result by slapping them on a character with a storm bolter.
    • Did you know that bolt pistols are the greatest pistols? These unique rounds are proof. On a captain these will help you get another 1 or 2 hits with a power fist.
      • Alternatively, if you like Intercessors with Stalker bolt rifles, the range of those weapons lets a sergeant with these bolts support whichever combat looks like it will need it the most.
  • Archangel's Shard: Replaces a standard or master-crafted power sword with S+2 AP-4 D2, which is 1 better S and AP than the MC sword (which itself is 1 better D than the normal sword). Against Chaos units D goes up to 3, and against Chaos Monster units the damage is a mighty 4!
  • Fleshrender Grenades: Replaces frag grenades with some that are type Grenade d3 S5 AP-3 D2 Blast, Ignores Light Cover. These are reliably better than krak grenades against anything you'd throw krak grenades at, but there are plenty of targets where you'd rather you still had your frag grenades. You probably don't want this relic.
  • Gleaming Pinions: Replaces a jump pack. The bearer can charge in a turn in which he fell back, and gets to re-roll charge rolls. This allows you to reactivate all of your charge bonuses, allowing Smash Captains to keep swinging at full potential each turn. This is great because such a Captain can receive 3 or possibly more attacks on the charge depending on how you build them.
  • The Crimson Plate: Terminator model only. The wearer gets +1" M, can charge after advancing, and can make pile in and consolidation moves up to 4" away.
    • If you were going to take a Terminator Chaplain anyway, this will help them keep up with what they're praying for, but why were you going to do that? Anything else in terminator armor wants to deep strike, not footslog, so you'd probably prefer a jump pack and gleaming pinions.
  • Severer: Replaces an Astartes chainsword with a master-crafted/omnissian power axe (S+2 AP-2 D2, no extra attacks). Any unmodified wound roll of 5+ also inflicts an extra mortal wound.
    • This is deceptively bad because of how your chapter tactics work - with an S6 weapon, you'll never wound on worse than 4+ (so the ability to hurt anything on a 5+ won't come up), and on a 6+ to wound, you already have improved AP, so the extra wound being mortal isn't quite as useful. It's generally better than the chainsword it replaces, of course - the extra mortal wound on 5+ to wound means as soon as you have A4 or better, you're doing better than the base chainsword against anything in the game - but it can't compare to a master-crafted thunder hammer.

Special Units

  • Librarian Dreadnought: Our super special dreadnoughts have definitely seen an improvement. He was mostly spared from the 9th edition point increases and is at 150 points for storm bolter, or 155 with melta, 155 with flamer, this unit is extremely good, and in direct competition with Mephiston. Their stats are the same as every other dreadnought barring their character keyword (and the lack of core), making them hard to shoot, since they have W8 like your other basic dreads. Their force halberd has had a change, giving you an extra S8 attack with d3+3 damage on top of their Furioso fist. Has the same psyker stats as your other unnamed librarians, even the psychic hood. Sadly, can't drop his smoke launchers for a magna grapple, no matter how entertaining it would be. This model can be your warlord, and Gift of Foresight will help make the most of their force halberd. Regardless though, much like Slamguinius, Smashnought will pulverize literally anything without an invuln save; it all depends on whether you want to dish out 6-8 wounds or 12 or more. Finally, remember returning fire - once the dread hacks apart its first victim, its a safe bet to assume some big guns are going to wind up pointing in his direction and he will likely be out of his character bubble. When equipped with a meltagun, this guy becomes a brutally effective monster hunter. Consider: smite in the psychic phase, melta in the shooting phase, then charge and finish off what's left with punchy/stabby attacks. This guy is one of your prime candidates for Quickening + Wings of Sanguinius, giving you a net movement speed of 18", then a re-rollable charge with the Blood Angel +1" boost, then getting into melee with great combat weapons for typically 6 attacks; the only other Librarian you can field with a melee weapon on par with that Force Halberd is Mephiston. However, with no invulnerable save and T7, he probably can't take too much of a beating if he doesn't finish his target, although Duty Eternal is of some help with that.
  • Sanguinary Priest: Your standard unit modifier and helpful in all situations to any BA unit. Rather reworked in 9th edition, and will perform differently with certain units. Comes with a bolt pistol, chainsword, frag and krak grenades. During the Command Phase, allows a single Core or Character unit within 6" to count the assault doctrine as being in effect instead of the current doctrine for attacks they make until your next command phase - note that this rule is applied to the attack, not the model, so no extra attacks from Savage Echoes, and if you give it to a squad who is planning to shoot as well as fight they will lose the bonus from whichever doctrine would normally affect them. Like other apothecaries, can restore d3 wounds to a living model and provides a 3" 6+ FNP for infantry and biker units, and can bring a fallen model back to life using a stratagem. Works well with more expensive models like Terminators and Sanguinary Guard, keeping their health up as they make their way towards the enemy.
    • Jump Pack: 12" movement, JUMP PACK, and FLY, and Death from Above, for 30 more points sadly. Pairs well with Sanguinary Guard, Vanguard Vets, Death Company, etc. With the reworks on the blood chalice, they will tear through armour even more efficiently.
    • Sanguinary Priest on Bike (Legends): 14" movement, +1 T and W, and ability to Turbo-boost (and a compulsory Storm Bolter) compared to normal priest - as well as becoming a BIKER - for 25 more points. Sanguinary Priests, both regular and biker varieties, work amazingly with units armed with Power Swords. S5 AP-3 is a nasty profile that can put wounds on most things reliably, particularly since you will reliably have the Red Thirst up - you'll wound T4 or less on 2s!
Special Characters
  • Astorath: Master of Sanctitywith Jump pack. His axe is now S+2 AP-3 and flat 3 damage. He has basic Chaplain aura and an additional one that made death company auto-pass morale tests. Mass of Doom got some change in 9e. First it is not one use anymore. Second now it is a litany which if inspiring, select a Blood Angel Core or Blood Angel Character (excluding vehicles) within 6" of him. Roll 1D6. On a 1, a model in that unit is destroyed and the rest gain +1 to all hit rolls for melee attacks. On a 2-5, is the same as above minus destroy a model. On a 6, same as above but the unit also gains a 4++ invuln until your next command phase. So, just before your big death company charges, you can probably give them 2+ re-rollable attacks for maximum rape, and you only kill one of them with odds 1/6. Combine this with Librarians, Sanguinary Priests, and Ancients to get the maximum bang for your berserker buck.
    • Mass of Doom is no joke. Whatever Astorath says takes your Death Company WAY beyond enraged. Enjoy your renewed title as the premier alpha strike combo. Combined with the Red Thirst, your DC will become incredibly efficient in melee armed with power swords [which are now cheap as chips]. Against other MEQ, you're hitting and wounding on 2s and 3s with re-rolls and AP-3. With a priest or sanguinor (who also has deep strike), the buffs just keep building and building and building... there is really no comparison. Be careful, though, as you're going to wind up the same way as many iterations before, completely butchering the first target and getting left alone and likely facing lots of retributive firepower the next turn. Go play ultramarines if you want to be cool, calm, and collected.
    • While you can use Mass of Doom on your {{W40kKeyword|Character},} it is risky as you can lose said Character on a roll of 1 since the rule say one model in that unit is destroyed (and Characters have one model per unit). Ask yourself if +1 to hit roll in fight phase is worth 1/6 chance to lose said character.
    • Astorath can be overshadowed by Lemartes' ability to re-roll charges, but at least there are several ways to get charge re-rolls - a Sanguinary priest with a jump pack and the Icon of the Angel will not only help maximise the hitting power of your Death COmpany but gives everyone nearby a re-roll to charges! For Sanguinius!
    • Unfortunately, Litanies need to be used in your command phase, but the deep strike happens at the end of the movement phase, so you can't use it on a unit that is deep striking this turn, nor can you use it while deep striking Astorath himself. However, there is a stratagem which can get around this restriction in Codex: Space Marines.
  • Brother Corbulo: Corbulo is a Chief Apothecary/Sanguinary Priest. 25 points buys you the standard lack of ability to choose different wargear for a named character, but +1 BS with his Bolt Pistol and Grenades, +1W, and his melee gains +1S and -1AP due to him gaining +1A but swapping out his chainsword for Heaven's Teeth, resulting in no net change to attack volume. His Blood Chalice grants ALL Core and Character units within 6" the ability to use Assault doctrine regardless of which phase you are in - however, not only does this not increase their attacks (see the Sanguinary Priest notes above), but it IS mandatory - so anyone he's standing near will lose the benefits of the Tactical or Devastator doctrine if it's active. Maybe keep this guy inside a vehicle until it's time to unleash him? He has LOST the far seeing eye ability, however he can use the combat restoratives ability twice (not a big deal actually, as he just heals units twice instead of having a gimmick).
    • Like Mephiston and Tycho, this dude prefers to rock and roll without a jump pack.
  • Captain Tycho: Tycho changed a bit with the codex. Like usual, he is a captain with a master-crafted boltgun like other captains, but it has a meltagun strapped to it, and he has a 2+ save and doesn't like orks, gaining +1S and +1D against them. He also got back Dead Man's Hand for Melee purposes: S User AP-3 D1, which is a weaker power sword.
    • Like his psycho version, his greatest advantage is a low points cost, paired with a durability upgrade; actually building him from a Captain is impossible, but his melee weapon is approximately as good as a chainsword (it's worse against anything with low saves but High Toughness like Bladeguard or Aberrants), and his ranged weapon is indisputably better than a combi-melta (a Captain with a Combi-Melta will run you 2 more points than Tycho), so if you were going to field a footslogging combi-melta no-melee-upgrades Captain, this is the way to go, but why would you do that? His severe lack of mobility fails to impress.
    • Tycho the Lost: Edgy Tycho now doesn't help his friends. His re-roll aura no longer works for any non-DC units, but gains the Black Rage for a 6+++ and +1A on the charge, and drops 25 points in cost - but why would you do that? If your goal is paying HQ taxes cheaply, you can take a Sanguinary Priest for 1 point less, a Techmarine for 8 points less, or a Lieutenant for 10 points less, all of whom provide actual utility - and the Black Rage doesn't really impress on a model carrying a weapon that shabby.
    • With the red thirst, black rage, and AP-2, he will surprise you. If you assault the same model you shot with your melta gun in the shooting phase you stand a good chance of killing it, unless it's a vehicle or MC of course. In that case, let your boys in black prove why they brought thunder hammers into the equation. Also, Tycho the Lost is the only character with the Death Visions ability already on his character sheet, so that's another trick you can throw at your enemy. If he's surrounded by Orks and near an enemy character, On the Bridge of the Vengeful Spirit couls really shred through the horde.
    • Tycho the lost is a bargain no matter how you add things up; the problem is his questionable purpose in a BA army. Don’t use him as a frontline HQ or melee powerhouse, load him in a stormraven and place him behind your enemy or in an inconvenient position. He will take dedicated effort for your opponent to remove him and will hamper their main effort. He’s great at snatching far off objectives. Also does a great job of preying on vehicles or other weaker units. He’s also a great distraction. Get creative with him.
  • Chief Librarian Mephiston: The only named Primaris character for BA's, Mephiston is similar to last edition, with 6 Wounds and 5s for S, T, and A instead of 6s like the days of yore (or 4s for a standard librarian), but he makes up for it in other ways. His Sanguine Sword is now a Power Fist (Dd3) with no to-hit penalty; his other benefits include M7 (although he has no jump pack), BS2+ with his Plasma Pistol, a 2+ save, a 5+++ FNP, Denying 2 powers instead of 1, and knowing 3 powers instead of 2, but that last is particularly lackluster, as he can still only cast 2; you'll probably want to take Unleash Rage (or Quickening, if you want him to buff himself better since THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE MEPHISTON!), Shield of Sanguinius, and Wings of Sanguinius on him, then only cast the third power when you really need to get him into position. All of those benefits will cost you 80 points over a normal Librarian, or 75 more than a Primaris Librarian (which has the same W and A as him).
    • Mephiston has an excellent statline, lots of melee power, can buff himself and/or others well, and is priced decently. He makes a good HQ (although his warlord trait is lackluster). His only weaknesses are no way to generate anything better than a 5++, allowing basic power swords to hurt him, and no means to deep strike with other choppy units. Otherwise, he can perform any HQ role quite well. He's in direct competition with a librarian dreadnought, given how much of his special character oomph was directed into making him beatstickier.
    • Chief Librarian Mephiston (Legends): The now-outdated, non-Primaris version of Mephiston. Not much point taking him even if allowed, as the new Mephiston is better, unless you want to put him in an older transport.
  • Commander Dante: Despite being the "I'm too old for this shit" character, Dante is still a beatstick. Coming in with the classic wargear of The Axe Mortalis (S+3 AP-3 D2) and an Inferno Pistol, 2+, 4++, and a jump pack, Dante hasn't really changed much, but does have W6 and A6. A lucky lascannon can still kill him, but he is a whole bunch tougher against small or even medium arms fire. Dante loses out on his cool tactical and jump pack warlord rules and now has the standard Chapter Master re-roll command option which is... alright, and retains Rites of Battle, both of which gain range due to his Warlord trait. Since he's the fucking big cheese #1 space marine of all the Imperium, he can perform a single Epic Deed stratagem free of charge per battle, and gains an additional CP if he is your warlord. Further, his Death Mask of Sanguinius is so terrifying, every attack roll against this model is reduced by 1, not just melee swings.
    • For vanguards and assault marines, Chapter Master is great, but since the most commonly used Dante bodyguard, Sanguinary Guard, get re-rolls to hit within 6" of your warlord already, this is kind of shit, so you probably don't want to take them - instead, take Company Veterans with Jump Packs, for the same job, or don't make Dante your Warlord. Interestingly, now the Guard can keep their re-rolls and you can give it to someone else, not bad!!!
      • He is not and should not be used like Calgar, Abbadon, a hive tyrant, an Avatar, etc. Dante's main draw is his exceptional alpha strike potential. For best results, consider not deep striking him. Instead work up the board normally using your character status as protection, or jump out of a stormraven. You need to damage your opponent as much as possible in one turn, that means getting very close in the movement phase, inferno pistol in shooting phase, successful charge in assault phase with those juicy 6 attackse. Lower their damage bracket so they cant strike back as hard. If everything goes as planned, he is a top notch character assassin. Otherwise, Dante just doesn't have the staying power of other models in his weight class.
  • Lemartes: Lemartes is still the mad-capped berserker that we all know and love, with some differences in this edition. Gone is his crazy approach to getting wounded and getting angrier, but his wounds have gone from 2 to 4, and his base attacks are a respectable 4 on top of all the goodies provided by Black Rage. As Death Company are no longer fearless (disappointing), you do have the option to use Lemartes’ Leadership of 9 (immunity until 4 models drop) if within 6”, should your crazy marines need to take a leadership test; note that Lemartes can't buff non-Death Company, unlike Astorath or normal Chaplains. The best thing here, though, is that Lemartes allows re-rolls of failed charges for Death Company, on top of providing them with two of three litanies (which, again, he can't provide to non-Death Company). Quite handy when Jump Pack assaults will be at least 9” away to start with. At 120 points, this Death Company deep strike bomber is a bargain.
  • The Sanguinor: Our special snowflake is now a very pointy snowflake. Similar to Dante for 25 points less, with -1 wound and attack, but his weapon is AP-4 vs Dante's AP-3 and S+2 and causes an extra mortal wound on a 6 to wound, and he retains his aura of fervour, granting +1 attack to Blood Angels Core and Character units within 6" that doesn't stack with Shock Assault (which is like making Shock Assault always on, only worse if you have an ability that makes Shock Assault grant more than 1 attack, which Blood Angels don't currently have but Space Wolves do, so it might come up in the future), making him a natural fit with Sanguinary Guard/Vanguard Veterans as warlord. He may also fall back from combat and still charge that turn, has a 6" Heroic Intervention range, and is wearing a Death Mask. Perhaps his most noticeable ability is that after the enemy successfully charges you he can deep strike directly into melee with them and counts as having heroically intervened when he does so, which is a great way to ruin your opponent's day.
Successor Chapters Special Characters
  • Gabriel Seth (Flesh Tearers): Gabriel is a Captain with +1W and +1A and the new Chapter Master ability of selecting one Flesh Tearers Core unit or CHARACTER and allowing them to re-roll all failed hits (which doesn't matter for 2+ models, but is twice as good for 3+ models); his melee weapon is a Thunder Hammer with no inaccuracy penalty, and he carries a Bolt Pistol. His aura also lets Flesh Tearers CORE units within 6” to re-roll 1s. Whirlwind of Gore has been reworked and now states that at the end of the fight phase, if Seth is within engagement range of any enemy units, he may fight again. This pushes his output up to a potential 12 attacks (14 if in assault doctrine, Sup Kharn think your fucking badass??????). Lord of Slaughter has also been reworked. It is now a 6” aura that says CORE Flesh Tearers units who roll 6’s to wound with a melee attack do an additional point of damage. He also received a point increase up to 160. Rip and Tear! No seriously, this guy is very good now. Take him alongside Chainsword armed Vets or Death Company and maximize their D1 attacks like the White Scars. Functionally, Flesh Tearers with Seth now gain more A, better AP, better S, and more D. Every component of an assault weapon is increased.
  • Malakim Phoros (Lamenters, Forgeworld Legends): Holy fuck, how did THIS character become the most overwritten entry on this page? Yeeted into Forgeworld Legends, this guy is a 145 point Chapter Master with the usual 4++ Iron Halo, Captain Rites of Battle Aura, and updated Chapter Master ability. His statline is that of a Captains with +1A and +1W. Lord of Ruin rules lets him re-roll any wound roll of 1 and Rage Unto Death lets him fall back and charge. He has a 12" range inferno pistol, and the Glaive of Lamentation; S+3, AP-4, D3, -1 to hit rolls.
    • The Dec 2020 FAQ saw the removal of his Stealth-Armour rule, so he's no longer an angy Raven Guard wannabe. All his rules are for you to Rip and Tear, so cram him into a transport that allows him to do that.
  • Sanguinary Ancient: A single Sanguinary Guard character holding a banner that grants +1 Ld and +1 to hit with melee attacks to all nearby Blood Angel Core units. Oddly, as Sanguinary Guard (including himself) already get +1 to hit to all attacks while close to their Warlord, he may do better leading other units in a different part of the battlefield than hanging around with the other golden boys. Although this would mean that Sang. Guards with power fists can still be hitting on 2+, which is just sweet.
  • Death Company: Now blessed with 2W, Death Company function as your high output melee assaulters. 22 (25 w/jump pack)points get you 4 attacks on the charge and a 6+ FNP along with the Black Rage keyword, though with LD 7 and now only full squads of 10. They can all take (should take) bolt pistols or plasma/inferno pistols alongside fists and power weapons. For the heavy hitting duties they can also take two handed thunder hammers, out swinging hammernators. Keeping chainswords and adding Savage Echoes brings you up to 6 attacks, which will be at a minimum of AP-1 along with your typical +1 to wound from Red Thirst. However, for all this offense they are fairly vulnerable compared to other elites choices and require dedicated HQ support as they will remain LD7. They have lost some of the durability and fearlessness compared to previous editions, but they are by no means any less deadly. DC now seem to rely on support more than before specifically for morale. This does make some sense fluff-wise, mainly because these guys would be counter-productive and simply a hazard on the battle field without proper guidance.
    • Tried and true play styles will still work: Sanguinary Priests can get your units' weapons into Assault Doctrine turn 1 or 2, and Chaplains can buff with litanies. Hand flamers are no longer a great option at 5 points, but a couple of inferno pistols could give someone a nasty surprise. Jump packs are always a good idea as these boys gain bonuses only when charging (or being charged) and you need manoeuvrability for that charge. However, you may forgo equipping them with jump packs in order to save points. Try a 5 man squad with a Chaplain in Razorback. Altogether these three can take on any foe and will last fairly long with the right weapons loadout. Thunder Hammers on these guys is incredible, and will reliably injure absolutely anything.
    • DC and Lemartes will win you games. Don't pussy around though... Take 10 with bolt pistols and as many power weapons/fists/hammers as you can afford. Remember the jet packs and all of this gets re-rolls on charges. I'm telling you little can stand up against them.
    • Compared to Vanguard and Company veterans, who are your main competition, for one point you gain 1A and 6+++ though you become LD7. This makes DC your deathball super unit rocking up with HQs. All of your other elites with the exception of Sang Guard are perfectly fine working independently in smaller skirmishes.
    • DC, like Chaos Berserkers, have to worry about overkill. When you can generate so many attacks, you may find that many of them are wasted. Try multi-charging, though be sure to mitigate overwatch whenever possible.
  • Death Company Intercessors: Apparently, Primaris Marines CAN fall to the Black Rage. Thanks a lot, Cawl. Essentially Intercessors that trade Combat Squads for the Black Rage. They also lose their Sergeant, but one marine in the squad can be equipped like one, ditching their rifle for a Hand Flamer, plasma pistol, chainsword, Power Sword, Power Fist or Thunder Hammer). These guys are now a much better deal than in 8th - they now have 3 attacks base, and all can swap their bolt rifle for a heavy bolt pistol and Astartes chainsword. This brings them to SIX AP-1 attacks each on the charge, and even more if you can get to Assault Doctrine (super easy with an attending Sanguinary Priest). They are less mobile than regular Death Company with jump packs, but they hit even harder if you can get them into position.
    • There's currently odd wording on their datasheet, meaning that if you turn the squad into Assault Intercessors, you can't give one of them a sergeant weapon. Here's hoping for an FAQ.
    • You could stick 8 in a Repulsor with a Sanguinary Priest and Ancient. That's 16 wounds all with a 6+++ chance to dodge any D2 weapon hits, plus up to 56 attacks on the charge including Assault Doctrine plus usual BA enhancements (Red Thirst, Savage Echoes, etc). Certainly a big overall combo, but should work well centred on the board taking on the brunt of your opponent while everyone else gets into position for charges.
    • DC now have a stratagem to up their FNP to 5+++, which on a 2 wound 24 point model, becomes pretty damn tanky.
  • Sanguinary Guard: The latest iteration of Sanguinary Guard have are 30 points in their cheapest form, which amounts to 120 points stock. They posses 2W, 3A, a 2+ save, and jump packs along with free Angelus Boltguns and access to power fists and master-crafted power weapon equivalents. They are now genuinely cheaper and more cost effect than Terminators and only lack a 5++ and access to heavy weapons, Thunder Hammers, or Storm Shields. This places them into a niche role as a mid-weight, fast paced anti MEQs hunting squad ideally working in unison with your warlord. Vets and DC should form the bulk of your assaulting forces, Terminators and Aggressors serve as your heavy hitters, Sang Guard are your elite scalpels meant to take on other scalpel type units in ruthless deep strike assaults.
    • Sanguinary Guard have been simplified as far as options go. Each model is 30 points with an Encarmine Sword or Axe, or +5 points for a Power Fist. Axes shine against T5 (especially turn 3), swords are the generalist option, Fists are great for T7 and up. Next they each take an Angelus Boltgun for free AP-1 shots, or Plasma/Inferno pistols for 5 points for D2 or Dd6 shots if you prefer.
    • Heirs of Azkaellon is the real the game-changer for these guys - +1 to hit while near your Warlord makes them very accurate - combining with Captains and Lieutenants will mean they'll have a near-enough perfect hit and wound rating.
      • Fists and Inferno Pistols is 40 points a model, and frankly with Heirs of Azkaellon is one of the best TEQ busting units you can ask for, just remember the unit's effectiveness will drastically suffer if you ever leave the buffs of your warlord.
    • The boltguns might serve you if you try to fly them across the board instead of deep-striking, since the extra wound and save make them more durable than most choices. With a jump-pack Librarian to unleash their rage you might have a stronger unit than you think.
      • Their Death Mask leadership debuff is now traded for "Angelic Visage" and makes them -1 to hit in combat at all times. Excellent ability that will really help these guys stay alive.
  • Furioso Dreadnought: Although a 2+ to hit would be nice, as well as more than T7 toughness to differentiate from all other dreads, typical frag cannon loadout is still somewhat viable. Frag cannons are now 2D3 Heavy, Blast. Combined with S7 the frag cannon can engage hordes, multi wound models, and light vehicles equally well. Pair with a heavy flamer and make sure to assault with your giant fist to guarantee entire squads get removed each turn.
    • Magna-Grapple got reworked into making you roll 2d6 whenever an enemy Vehicle tries to fall back from your assault - if you beat that model's Strength value, you trap them. While not as obvious for normal Furiosos as it is for your DC ones, these still remain a good way to tie up a tank.
    • The Furioso is perhaps the most flexible unit in the game for Blood Angels, especially considering his 6" move and can be transported in a damn stormraven. This unit can move quickly and reliably, can bring both anti horde and tank dakka, and can do work in the shooting and fight phases, plus it is decently tough. Also possibly our best support unit. As mentioned it can shoot many different targets, move around quickly, carry many types of weapons, resist damage, and lend much needed heavy hitting melee support. Jack of all trades units are typically underwhelming, Furiosos, on the other hand, are genuinely dangerous all throughout the game and combine shooting and melee potential without sacrificing either. Lack of Core is a shame though.
  • Death Company Dreadnought: Your normal Furioso but angry. 2 fists/talons and black rage on a very durable frame. IF these guys do get into melee, they are gonna demand serious attention with 8 attacks when maxed out!
    • Magna-Grapple got reworked into making you roll 2d6 whenever an enemy Vehicle tries to fall back from your assault - if you beat that model's Strength value, you trap them. This makes them incredibly potent anti-vehicle weapons.
    • A hidden gem here. At its cheapest they are 130 points (135 with an extra heavy flamer instead of the storm bolter). Kept at your front lines they should be rushed headlong at the biggest, nastiest enemy you can find and expect them to put in work with 7 attacks on the charge, and +1 to wound. The interesting part is their ability to survive a decent round of shooting when you combine smoke launchers, Duty Eternal ability, and black rage 6+++ making the run up the board bearable. They should work well in pairs, being well priced and requiring your opponent to devote a majority of his shooting at them or else they will hurt his units.
    • You can stick these monsters into drop pods, and charge in! Now combine that with 8 attacks (on turn 3) at S12, +1 to wound, AP-4, D3, re rolls to wound with talons!! An expensive and late game play, but this load out can easily deal deal 15-21 wounds to anything without an invuln save, allowing you to smash most tanks and monsters easily. You can also drop them in turn 1 or 2, for 1 less attack and AP, but should still kill 1 medium tank/monster in a single assault. Expendable, durable, deadly... Exactly like the fluff and downright awesome!!
Heavy Support
  • Baal Predator: You thought Twin-Linked Assault Cannons were good before, now get ready for 12 shots! The dakka loadout of AC and heavy bolters now spits out 18 shots a turn. The flame cannon got buffed and now has a range of 18", and now that heavy flamers have a 12" range an all-burny loadout may even be useful. Overcharged engines are now better advancing, but you want to be shooting, so meh. Make no mistake this tank is FAST and likely faster than what your opponent expects.


Iron Hands

Iron Hands Livery.jpg
In the grim darkness of the far future, the Flesh is Weak.

Thematically, these guys are more machine than man Astartes, having a strong affinity with machines. With calculated Rage, they are unyielding, precise, and show no mercy.
On the tabletop, these guys are one of the most durable chapters for infantry and vehicles and have a strong affinity with heavy weapons and tanks. Makes you feel like Death Guard with everything having Feel no pain, Damage reduction, and vehicle stats take more wounds to degrade, experts at wielding heavy weapons of all types, and as an added bonus Optimizes gunfire and sword swing for both Cyborgs and tanks.
If you like big guns and bigger tanks, the Iron Hands is the Chapter for you.

Special Rules

  • Chapter Tactics - The Flesh is Weak: 6+++ Feel No Pain: roll a die when a model with this tactic loses a wound; on a 6+ that wound is ignored. This doesn't work with supercharged plasma since that slays models without wounding them(except the ones mounted on vehicles - spam those plasma redemptors). Also, models with a damage table are considered to have double the number of wounds. So not only is Steel Strong, but it's also reliable.
    • Being more difficult to kill is an obvious bonus to your Warlord, but unlike Guilliman, who is classified as a Monster, your <chapter> infantry Captain can be healed by an Apothecary. And then you add the Shield Eternal...yes, it's Smashfucker all over again.
    • Stronger than it first appears, because there is an interaction with units of multiple multi-wound models and weapons that deal more than 1 damage. After failing your save, you are allowed to roll for each lost wound individually. For example, a unit of 2 wound models being attacked by a D2 weapon is approximately 35% more durable. This is because if you save either one of the lost wounds (27.78% chance to resist exactly 1; 30.56% chance to resist at least 1) it takes a whole second shot to even try to kill that model, thanks to damage not spilling over.
      • This improvement is still best on 1-wound model units - the interaction above means it's not as worse on multi-wound as it first appears, and Iron Hands have some kick-ass Primaris units, but the ability is generally more noticeable the fewer wounds the model with it has remaining.
      • While your boost to survivability is around 20% to the RG's 25%, yours isn't situational, and even works in the melee Shock Assault urges you to be.
    • Vehicles also get a noticeable boost from this. Even before you account for the FnP effect, the slower rate of stat loss from damage will keep your tanks and dreads at full effectiveness for much longer than vehicles of other Chapters.
      • The boost's benefit also varies with Wounds, as GW tends to use the same algorithm to build all of your degradation tables. By and large, this reduces the tendency of wounds to be useless - for example, ordinarily going from W13 to W14 is not useful, because the extra wound happens in the middle band of the degradation table, compared to going from W10 to W11, where the extra wound happens in the top band. Under Iron Hands, both wounds show up on top. The effect is particularly noticeable on W11 and W15, and at its absolute worst when Wounds is a power of 2 - your W16 Land Raiders will get the least benefit from this compared to most other things you can field.
  • Combat Doctrine - Calculated Fury: Whilst the Devastator Doctrine is active (First round only), models with this ability do not suffer the penalty for moving and firing Heavy weapons. In addition, when resolving an attack made with a Heavy weapon by a model with this ability, re-roll hit rolls of 1.
    • not the so good as was in early 8th, but still useful start to your game. Your still going to need Captains for after the First turn. The first turn is when everyone is hidden from everyone else, so ignoring the heavy weapon -1 for infantry to move into position is good. With changes of Core, Getting back rerolling 1s to hit on vehicles is strong even though it's during the battle round with the least amount of visible target(benefits most units with Fly or don't care about line of sight).

Crusade Additions

Secondary Objectives


  • Mercy is Weakness (1 CP): Choose after a unit decides to shoot or fight. Select an enemy unit, and until the end of that phase, every Iron Hands model that attacks this unit wounds twice on unmodified wound rolls of 6. Enjoy.
  • Vengeance for Istvaan V (1 CP): Use in the Fight phase, when choosing an Iron Hands unit to fight. Re-roll hit rolls vs Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, and Word Bearers.
  • Wrathful Machine Spirit (2 CP): Used in the shooting or fight phase when a vehicle is chosen to shoot or fight; it can re-roll hit rolls for that phase. Went from a no to a yes with the 9th codex, let Iron Hand remember the fun of rerolling dice on a gun platform.
  • Reject the Flesh, Return to Monke Embrace the Machine (1 CP): Use in any phase when an Iron Hands infantry unit in your army is chosen as a target for an attack. FNP on 5+++. If it's a Warlord with All Flesh is Weakness, he gets a 4+++.
  • Engine Purge (2 CP): Use at the start of your movement phase if the devastator doctrine is active. Until the start of the next battle round, when resolving an attack made with heavy or grenade weapon by an Iron Hands model in your army, an unmodified 6+ to wound increases the AP of that attack by 1.
  • The Gorgon's Rage (1 CP): Use in the Fight phase, when choosing an Iron Hands unit to fight. Until the end of the phase, that unit adds +1 to melee hit rolls. If the target is emperor's children, enjoy an additional +1 to wound.
  • Optimal Repulsion Doctrines (2 CP): A unit during your opponents charge phase enjoys 5+ overwatch. If you're Iron Hands and not a successor, enjoy 4+. If you use this on a unit next to a chapter master then you'll have 3/4 shots hitting in overwatch, brutal.
  • Machine Empathy (1 CP): After a Techmarine heals a vehicle, that model can use that ability again. Remember, our vehicles' wounds count as double for the purposes of their bracket, so even a single repaired wound can bump up a damaged vehicle to a better bracket. While it's inconvenient that it only allows you to repair two different vehicles rather than double heal one, it'd definitely help if you're seeing these tanks/dreads taking a beating.
  • Methodical Firepower (1 CP): If the devastator doctrine isn't active, pick a unit. Now it is for this unit. No need to say how good this is on units with heavy weapons.
  • Souls of Iron (2 CP): Deny on 4+ within 24" of an Iron Hands unit.
  • Mnemonic Auto-Savant (2 CP): If your WL is on the battlefield upon completing a tactical objective, do not discard it. You can use it again in the subsequent round. Nice.
  • March of the Ancients (1 CP): Once per battle, after nominating a warlord, select a single Dreadnought in your army. That Dreadnought gains the Character keyword and adds 1 to its attack and Leadership characteristics. Beware that Dreadnoughts with 10 or more wounds can still be targeted, and Cogitated Martyrdom now doesn't protect vehicles. Still enjoy having a Venerable Dreadnought Rifleman who has the protection of being a character! Or, finally be able to screen that Ironclad Dreadnought as it runs up with the Seismic Hammer and Chainfist, appreciating the extra attack!
    • 9th has also added contemptor dreadnoughts to the list with the Relic version included.
  • Scions of the Forge (1 CP): Your sergeant gets toys! Yay! Special issue wargear to sergeants (chosen from m-c weapon, digital weapons, Teeth of Mars, and Haywire Bolts).
  • Bequeathed by the Iron Council (1 CP): Iron Hands relics for successors. Yay!!!
  • Paragon of Iron (1 CP): Bonus warlord trait for your non-named character. Must be from the chapter's list. The usual supplement special.
  • Cogitated Martyrdom (1 CP): Use at the start of an enemy shooting phase. An Iron Hands infantry unit can intercept attacks before rolling FNP for non-vehicle Iron Hands characters within 3". On a 2+, take a MW on the infantry unit.
    • Enjoy treating Intercessors as drones, especially the heavy ones. Particularly useful as your characters will be high priority targets for your opponent like the new iron father or anyone with the ironstone. Maybe use it for servitors. This lets you shove some poor sod in front of the Sniper-lascannon aiming for your characters.

Warlord Traits

  1. All Flesh Is Weakness: 5+++ FNP.
  2. The Will of Iron: Can deny a psychic power. If they can already deny, they can deny one more.
  3. Adept of the Omnissiah: Can repair vehicles like a techmarine, but only repair 1 wound. If you can already do this, you repair +1 wound.
  4. Merciless Logic: The Warlord's unmodified 6 (not 6+) to hit with any attack procs an extra attack with the same weapon, which can't proc this again
    • essentially multiplying his attacks by 7/6. Primaris Captains and the Teeth of Terra make good use of it, as they naturally have more attacks with which to proc the extra ones. For shooting, Biker and Terminator Captains have better chances, as they have two ranged weapons.
  5. Student of History: When consolidating, the Warlord can move up to 6", and doesn't need to move towards the nearest enemy. Malkaan Feirros has this as his warlord trait, and boy does it work well with him.
    • Great on smash captains if you want more mobility rather than hitting things, lets him run from enemy swings, or engage a bubble-wrapped character.
  6. Target Protocols: In the shooting phase, pick a friendly Iron Hands unit within 6" of the Warlord. They can re-roll one hit, one wound, and one damage roll that phase.
    • Good for ensuring that forgeworld death titan cannon destroys something while the techmarine babysits it.

Psychic Discipline: Technomancy

  1. Blessing of the Machine God (WC5) Blessing: Grants +1 to hit for a friendly Iron Hands vehicle unit within 12", like a Techmarine but with more range in exchange for only having a 5/6 chance to succeed. You need to get at least an 8 on the psychic test to use this on Titanic units, so better take the repairman if you want to buff that Fellblade or Astraeus.
  2. Objuration Mechanicum (WC7) Malediction: If manifested, select one visible enemy unit within 18". When that unit rolls unmodified 1s to shoot, it takes a mortal wound after it finishes the gun in question. Enjoy self-immolating bolter aggressors, Tau fire warriors, and Chaos havocs with miniguns.
    • While the actual output of this weapon depends on the number of shots the target unit makes, and penalties to hit won't affect it (although re-rolling will), one of the big values is forcing your opponent to decide if shooting with the unit is worth the mortal wounds it will suffer. It also has better scaling the more guns the unit uses to make those shots, since a given gun gets all of its shots before any mortal wounds happen, but mortal wounds will happen between guns.
      • Without any relevant buffs, the number of shots the target has to make to suffer at least as much as Smite would have - bearing in mind that this happens after it shoots, not before, as it would with Smite - is 19, so anything with at least that many shots - such as a Leman Russ Punisher, or 5 models within 12" with Storm Bolters, or what have you - will die to this power faster, with, again, the caveat that the mortal wounds won't happen until after each gun fires.
    • Point at plasma wielding squads for double the fun; now a roll of 1 on an overcharge will both kill the gunner and drop a mortal wound on one of its buddies. If you really want to cheese it, get something to force -1 to hit modifiers on your unfortunate victims and your opponent will just plain give up on shooting with them (it won't help this power hurt them, of course).
    • Naturally, this power won't have any impact on shooting weapons that don't roll to hit, like flamers.
  3. Fury of Medusa (WC6) Witchfire: Select an enemy model within 18". Draw a line 1mm wide between the psyker and target. For every enemy unit the line crosses, including the target model's, roll 1d6, adding 2 for vehicles; the unit takes a mortal wound on a 4 or 5, and 1d3 mortal wounds on a 6.
    • This needs to cross 4 non-vehicle units, 2 vehicle units, or 1 vehicle and 2 non-vehicle, in order to outperform Smite.
    • This is basically Fury of the Ancients, only instead of 6/6 mortal wounds per target, it's 4/6 per non-vehicle and 8/6 per vehicle, with the added major downside of having more variance (i.e. being more swingy). You're better off, if you can, taking a Librarius librarian with that instead.
  4. Psysteel Armour (WC6) Blessing: Select an Iron Hands unit within 12" of the psyker. Add 1 to non-invulnerable saving throws for it.
    • Because this stacks with all other armor save bonuses, this is particularly powerful in combination with the Stealthy successor tactic. To give you an idea of what it looks like at an extreme, this plus light/heavy cover plus a combat/storm shield on a base 2+ unit (such as terminators) takes you from 0+ to -1+, meaning even melta only reduces you to a 3+ save.
  5. Reforge (WC5) Blessing: Heal D3 lost wounds on a vehicle within 3".
    • This turns your Librarian into a much more expensive and much less reliable Techmarine, and you don't even get a range benefit.
  6. Machine Flense (WC6) Witchfire: Select a visible enemy vehicle unit within 18". It takes 1d3 mortal wounds. Then select an enemy unit that was within 6" of that vehicle and visible to it when the power was manifested (meaning the original target need not still be on the table). Roll 1d6 for each mortal wound the original target suffered. On a 3+, the secondary target takes a mortal wound.
    • After the cast, this will on average deal 2 mortal wounds to the target and 4/3 mortal wounds to the secondary target, meaning that this power actually does do more mortal wounds than Smite (1.79 for Smite, 1.44 to the target, 0.96 to the secondary target, 2.41 total mortal wounds dealt by this power, taking cast odds into account), assuming no bonuses to the cast are available.

Relics & Special-Issue Wargear

  • Aegis Ferrum: Primaris Model only. +1 Toughness, and the model takes 1 less damage (to a minimum of 1).
  • Axe of Medusa: Replaces a power axe. Gives it +3S, AP-3, and D3. Used to be a weak ass relic blade. Now it's actually an interesting alternative to the Burning Blade. For non-primaris only, primaris haven't earned the right to swing axes yet.
  • Betrayer's Bane: Replaces a Combi-Melta. The Melta part becomes Assault 2. Yay. You will probably never take this.
  • Gorgon's Chain: 4++ Invulnerable Save, and equipped model has -1 to be wounded against ranged attacks.
    • Can't be wounded on anything worse than a 3+. Sadly nerfed from its 7th edition incarnation, but now Smashfucker has a few new toys to play with above such as the Aegis Ferrum or the Iron Stone.
  • Ironstone: At the start of the battle round, select one friendly Iron Hands vehicle unit within 3" of the bearer of this relic. Until the start of the next battle round, when resolving attacks made against that unit, if the bearer is within 3" of that unit, you can reduce any damage suffered by 1 (minimum of 1 and not accumulative).
    • Another method of keeping the damage tables from getting to you never hurts. Give it to a techmarine and the vehicles he sticks near will never die. Sadly this no longer stacks with Duty Eternal.
  • Mindforge: Force Sword, Axe, or Stave. Your force powerfist of choice! Sx2 AP-3 D1d3, essentially a force powerfist. You get the hint that they want you to take non-captain characters?
  • Tempered Helm: Roll 1d6 for every command point spent whenever you use a stratagem. On a 5+, the command point is refunded. Only 1 command point can be refunded in this way per battle round (no limit on stratagems used outside of a battle round, i.e. before the battle begins).
    • Per the September 2019 FAQ, you can't use this to refund command points before the battle begins

The first four relics in the Special Issue Wargear section are copy-pastes for each Supplement, then there's a selection of unique mini-relics.

  • Adamantium Mantle: 5+ Feel No Pain. You have a Warlord trait that does the same thing. Even with Paragon of Iron to give a different character a 5+++, should the Warlord really be taking relics from the Special Issue wargear section instead of diving for the actual Chapter relics?
  • Artificer Armor: 2+/5++. Excellent on Lieutenants and Librarians who don't get invulnerable saves to start. Or, throw it on a Sergeant with Scion of the Forge.
  • Digital Weapons: Do an additional attack when the model fights. If it hits, the target suffers a mortal wound.
  • Master-crafted Weapon: +1 to the damage characteristic of one of the bearer's weapons, which is then considered a relic. D4 Thunderhammer baby!
  • Automedicae Bionics: Heal 1d3 wounds at the start of the turn. Actually a decent pick!
  • Dataspike: Roll 2 dice and drop the lowest result when healing vehicles. Generally speaking, this will turn 1d3 healing from average 2 to average 2.44, changes the odds of rolling at least 2 from 2/3 to 8/9, and changes the odds of rolling 3 from 3/9 to 5/9, in terms of your ability to repair a target enough to change wound brackets.
  • Haywire Bolts: Affects a bolt weapon. It can only do 1 shot, but when targeting a vehicle, an unmodified wound roll of 4 or 5 does d3 mortal wounds, and a 6 results in a flat 3 mortal wounds, in addition to normal damage. Can be useful for chipping off the last few wounds from a vehicle. You know, in case your Heavy Weapons under the Devastator Doctrine somehow didn't finish the job.
    • The additional damage is both mortal and additive, so the effect is more noticeable on a weapon with poor AP and D to begin with, and it happens on a 4 or 5 even if the shot failed to wound, so also more noticeable on low S, and for obvious reasons, you want to take it on a 1-shot weapon to begin with. Nothing else matters per se, so e.g. it'll have the same impact on a weapon of any range. More noticeable maybe, but no more effective. It's actually most efficient on a single shot weapon as you don't lose any of your initial firepower.
    • Could be interesting on a Primaris Lieutenant with a stalker bolt rifle. Or a sergeant armed with the same if you want to use the stratagem.
  • Teeth of Mars: Replaces a chainsword, SU AP-2 D2 A+1; becomes Sx2 AP-2 D2 A+1 when resolving attacks against vehicles.

Special Units

  • HQ
    • Malkaan Feirros: The Iron Hands' first named character and is a Primaris Techmarine Master of the Forge. Stat-wise he's like a Gravis Captain with 7 wounds, 5 attacks, a 2+ save, and a 5+ FNP instead of the Chapter's 6+ FNP, and offense-wise his Gorgon's Wrath is an AP-2 D2 Heavy Bolter, and his Harrowhand is a S+3 AP-2 D2 axe. Naturally, you want him for his buffing abilities, as awesome as his punch and durability may be. He gives all Iron Hands INFANTRY units (FAQ) within 6" a 5+ Invulnerable save. He's also a superior techmarine (which should be obvious being the Master of the Forge and whatnot) and repairs a flat 3 wounds to vehicles instead of d3 wounds (or 6W with Machine Empathy strat). He also has a Signum Array that gives a friendly unit within 3" +1 to hit with Ranged weapon at the start of the shooting phase, Practaly BS2+ on marines.
  • HQ
    • Vaylund Cal(Legends): Chapter Master/Techmarine. If you ever wanted to see the mechanized fusion of a Techmarine with a Chapter Master, this is the motherfucker for you. Also makes an excellent anchor for a Dreadnoughts, because he gives both a re-roll bubble, +1 to hit, and can repair vehicles. His price was dropped to 165, making him a clear pick over a tech marine with an upgraded captain. While slightly less flexible, it will save you a few points.
    • if you want to go Dreadnought Crazy, also brings a Cheif Techmarine with March of the ancients Warlord trait, and may also include a lieutenant and Chaplain for cheesy time with friends.


In the month following the release of their codex supplement but before the October FAQ nerf, the Iron Hands enjoyed an unprecedented level of popularity and brokenness. An article on Warhammer site Goonhammer reported a winrate of 71% overall in 234 qualifying games, far higher than any other faction had enjoyed since the launch of 8th edition. This helps to explain why, on October 17 of 2019, an initial, rather anemic FAQ was amended within hours to include a number of changes to try and get ahead of the situation. As a result of these nerfs, the tactical situational for the Iron Hands is in something of a transitional state. It remains to be seen if the changes will have their intended effect. In the mean time, here is a brief list of several of the most popular units from before the nerfs.

  • Stormhawk interceptors, Stormtalon Gunships, and Stormraven Gunships: A popular choice on several competitive lists. All three flyers pair well with the Iron Hands Chapter tactics, and units like the Stormhawk and stormtalon, which have heavy weapons but not power of the machine spirit, benefit greatly from both the Devastator doctrine and the chapter doctrine.
  • Thunderfire Cannons: Another popular competitive choice and almost an auto-take in an Iron Hands army thanks to the interaction between Devastator doctrine and the Chapter doctrine.
  • Repulsor Executioners: Initially broken as fuck due to the interaction between Feirros and the Ironstone. Now far less so thanks to the nerfs to both units, but still solid for all the expected reasons.

Ultramarines and Successors (Silver Templars, Tome Keepers, and Emperor's Spears)


In the grim darkness of the far future, courage and honor will yet win the day.
First among equals, the Ultramarines set the standard for everyone else, and are paragons of strategy. Appropriate, since their Primarch wrote the Codex Astartes.
On the tabletop, their tactical flexibility is represented by them having a special named character for everything and abilities to change the current Combat Doctrine. From being able to form a moving gunline that isn't hard countered by melee, or fighting like a collection of champions, the Ultramarines have an answer for every situation. Where the first casualty of any battle is the plan of attack, Ultramarine tactics are shielded by their inability to be tied up or tarpitted, and they can get extra CP to circumvent Space Marine's trademark thirst for CP.
If you want your marines to always fight on your terms, then march for Macragge and you shall know no fear.

Silver Templars Armorial.png

In the grim darkness of the far future, focus and fury shall bring down all foes.
The poster boys of Primaris-only chapters, the Silver Templars value martial prowess, fighting through the enemy so their champions can engage the enemy leaders. Naturally they are an UM successor despite being, you know, Templars.
By doubling down on the knightly themes, the Silver Templars show how a successor chapter isn't required to be the same thing as their primogenitor just with another color (just like other, darker templars). They accomplish this with rules that promote comitting to a direct fight instead of using feints to fall back from it, bringing down infantry and fighting with increased tactical precision.

Special Rules

  • Ultramarines Chapter Tactics - Codex Discipline: +1 to their Leadership characteristic (making 4-man units immune to morale). They also can fall back and still shoot, with a -1 modifier to hit.
    • Falling back's main purpose is to give the rest of your army a clear shot. Now, nobody can tarpit you. Plus, close-range weapons get easier to use: anything with a flamer will be able to use it with impunity, since it isn't affected by the -1 to hit anyway - get close, fire, charge/be charged and trigger Shock Assault, fall back, and flame again. It also gives your vehicles more flexibility, as they are no longer required to shoot only at the squad they're in melee with; better to shoot your Blast guns at -1BS than not at all.
  • Silver Templars Chapter Tactics - The Bond Martial: Your models' melee attacks auto-Wound Infantry and Biker units on unmodified To-Hit rolls of 6, and each of your units can re-roll a single To-Hit roll in each Shooting and Fight Phase.
    • These are the standard-issue Duellists and Master Artisan Successor Tactics, so you can check the tactics section on those for advice.
  • Tome Keepers Chapter Tactics: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 with bolt weapons and automatically pass Combat Attrition Tests.
    • These are the standard-issue Bolter Fusillades and Indomitable Successor Tactics, so you can check the tactics section on those for advice.
  • Emperor's Spears Chapter Tactics - Redden The Earth: +1" to advance and charge distances, and unmodified hit rolls of 6 with melee weapons while Shock Assault is active counts as two hits.
    • These are the standard-issue Hungry for Battle and Whirlwind of Rage Successor Tactics, so you can check the tactics section on those for advice.
  • Combat Doctrine - Scions of Gulliman: During the Tactical Doctrine, models can move and count as stationary as long as they didn't also fall back or advance during that movement phase. Not only does this mean Relentless infantry (in this respect, you basically have the Iron Hands doctrine but worse), but it also means you always get bolter discipline during turns 2-3, until you reach the Assault Doctrine, where you'll be in close range anyway.
    • Since you can't Advance and use this, the only general benefits are on Heavy weapons and Rapid Fire Bolt weapons.
    • This has no synergy at all with Ultramarines tactics (since it can't be combined with falling back), so ignoring other concerns, like relics, you're better off making a successor chapter. The most directly synergistic choices are Bolter Fusillades and Long Range Marksmen.

Specialist Detachment - Victrix Guard

  • Captains of all flavours, ancients (all flavours), Honour guards, victrix honour guards, vanguard vets & sternguard vets (including Tyrannic War Veterans) gain the VICTRIX GUARD keyword.
    • This is a MELEE formation; Sternguard were included only because their serge looks cool next to Calgar. Note that only ULTRAMARINES can take this, and not any of their Successors.
    • Consider a basic Vanguard Detachment of Captain w/ lightning claws and the Imperium's Sword Warlord Trait, Ancient, and two basic Vanguard Veteran Squads w/ lightning claw Sergeants. This will give you 12 bolt pistol attacks, 12 lightning claw attacks, and 27 chainsword attacks, with the melee attacks upped to 15 and 36 respectively if the Ancient is given the Relic Banner. All for just over 300 points. If you need a transport, a Land Raider Redeemer works, though it almost doubles the cost.


  • Fight Like Demigods (1CP): At the start of the Fight phase, pick a VICTRIX GUARD unit within 6" of a VICTRIX GUARD CAPTAIN. That unit's attacks get +1 to hit until the end of the phase.
    • Great with unwieldy Thunder Hammers and Power Fists, as they will remain WS3+ whilst enjoying the Captain's rerolls (instead of becoming coin-flip WS4+ and needing a Chaplain). Even with regular power weapons, becoming WS2+ for a single CP (that you can regain) is a good deal.
  • Strike First, for Ultramar! (3CP): At the end of the opponent's Charge phase, pick a VICTRIX GUARD unit that was charged or made a Heroic Intervention. They get to pile in and fight right away as if it was the Fight phase AND can fight normally in the actual Fight phase as well.
    • The BEST melee stratagem of them all. Now nothing at all can prevent the chosen unit from fighting, as it attacks even before those units with the "fights first" ability, and even before the enemy can use 'Counter-Offensive'. It's a Counter Offensive Counter Offensive that lets you fight twice, and that'd usually cost 2+3 CP, but the poster boys just have to be better than you.

Warlord Trait

  • Warden of Ultramar: Once per battle, in the Fight phase, you can re-roll wound rolls for attacks made by friendly VICTRIX GUARD units within 6" of this Warlord. Useful if you didn't bring or, more commonly, couldn't AFFORD to bring a Lieutenant along. Useless on Twin Claw Vanguards, however, power sword vets become very dangerous.

Crusade Additions

Secondary Objectives


Bland but reliable, Ultramarine stratagems are Tau-like in that they're focused towards shooting, teamwork and avoiding melee. Guess it's an Eastern Fringe thing.

  • Martial Precision (1 CP): Use this stratagem before resolving an attack made by an Ultramarines model from your army in your shooting phase, do not make a hit roll, it automatically scores a hit. Note that it only applies to a single attack made by any weapon, so don't go thinking that you can have a Captain automatically hit with all of his Thunder Hammer strikes. Use this against Eldar and other opponents who stack ridiculous amounts of -1 to hit. Can be good with a Las Fusil eliminator to make sure that one 3D shot really lands.
  • Vengeance for Calth (1 CP): Use when an Ultramarines unit from your army is chosen to fight in the Fight phase. Until the end of the phase, when resolving an attack made with a melee weapon in that unit against a Word Bearers unit, you can reroll the hit and wound roll. Potent, if you can find one of the three people playing Word Bearers that is.
  • Sons of Guilliman (1 CP): Use this stratagem when an Ultramarines Infantry or Ultramarines Biker from your army is chosen for the Shooting or Fighting phase. If that unit has a Troops Battlefield Role, until the end of the phase, when resolving an attack made by that unit, you can reroll a hit roll. Otherwise, until the end of that phase, when resolving an attack made by that unit, you can reroll a hit roll of 1.
  • Avenge the Fallen (1 CP): Use this stratagem when an Ultramarines unit from your army is destroyed by an attack made by an enemy unit. Until the end of the battle, when resolving an attack made by an Ultramarines unit from your army against that enemy unit, re-roll hit rolls of 1.
  • Courage and Honour! (1 CP): At the start of the Morale phase, add 1 to the Leadership characteristic of Ultramarines models from your army until the end of the phase.
    • May mean the difference between losing an expensive model and keeping it around. More efficient when used on Chaplain.
  • Tactical Expertise (2 CP, Single Use): Can be used at the start of any movement phase when the Tactical Doctrine is active; all Ultramarines whose Rapid Fire or Assault weapon makes an unmodified wound roll of 6 before the next battle round has the attack's AP improved by 1 (e.g. AP0 becomes AP-1).
  • Inspiring Command (1 CP): Use at the start of the Shooting or Fight phase. Select one Ultramarines Chapter Master, Ultramarines Captain, or Ultramarines Lieutenant model from your army. Until the end of that phase, the range of that model's aura abilities is increased by 3" (Max 9").
  • Cycle of War (1 CP): Use this stratagem at the start of the battle round if an Ultramarines Warlord from your army is on the battlefield and the Assault Doctrine was active during the previous battle round. The current active doctrine is changed so that the Devastator Doctrine is now active. When there's nobody left in assault range, pop this, move up your heavy weapons and perhaps pop a grenade or two - and more importantly, get a second chance to switch to the Tactical Doctrine. If the game is going to last at least six turns, that is. Essentially single-use, probably not worth it now that games are five turns exactly (though it may still find use if you want to hit Assault in turn three, then pop back to Devastator the turn afterwards).
  • Rapid Deployment (2 CP): Used at the start of the battle round before the first turn begins, select up to three Ultramarines from your army on the battlefield. Remove them from the battlefield and set them up again as described in the Deployment section of the mission (if both players can do this, roll-off to see who redeploys first).
    • Can be combined with the Lord of Deceit Vanguard Warlord Trait and redeploy your entire army. No need to go that far, but having a second chance at deployment after your enemy already committed to it can disrupt their plans even before the game begins.
  • Fall Back and Re-Engage (1/2 CP): Use this stratagem when an Ultramarines unit from your army falls back. That unit can shoot and charge this turn. If that unit actually has the Codex Discipline Chapter Tactic (it could be a successor), the hit roll penalty for falling back and shooting does not apply for that unit this turn, and this strat only costs 1CP instead of 2.
  • Defensive Focus (2 CP): Use this stratagem if an Ultramarines unit from your army is chosen as a target of a charge. Select up to three Ultramarines units that are more than 1" away from any enemy units and within 6" of the targeted unit. The selected units fire Overwatch at the charging unit as if they were targets of the charge. For the Greater Macragge!
    • Something something Eliminator sergeants with Instigator carbines moving after shooting Overwatch. The complete opposite would be to use this near a 'Nobility Made Manifest' Warlord to further reinforce the immune response effect. In which case, something something Aggressor double Overwatch. Notice how deadly it is to charge an Ultramarines gunline?
  • Squad Doctrine (1 CP): Use this stratagem at the start of your Movement Phase; select an Ultramarines Infantry or Ultramarines Biker unit from your army, and then select the Devastator, Tactical, or Assault Doctrine. Until the start of your next Movement phase, that unit gains the bonus of that combat doctrine instead.
  • Tactical Insight (2 CP, Single Use): Use this stratagem after generating your Tactical Objectives. If your Ultramarines Warlord from your army is on the battlefield. Immediately discard your Tactical Objectives and generate new ones.
  • Exemplar of the Chapter (1 CP, Single use): Use this stratagem after you nominate an Ultramarines model that is not a named character to be your Warlord. You can generate one additional Warlord Trait for them from the Ultramarines Warlord Traits table. Each Warlord Trait in your army must be unique. Give him Adept of the Codex if they didn't have it already; that'll make this Stratagem more than pay for itself. Finally, a reason to have a warlord other than Calgar or a named character.
  • Honoured by Macragge (1 CP, Single Use): After nominating a Warlord from an UM successor chapter, you may give one of their characters a Relic of Macragge instead of one from the main SM codex or a Special-Issue wargear.
  • Honoured Sergeant (1 CP): Before the battle, select one Ultramarines model that has the word "Sergeant" in their profile. They may take a Master-crafted weapon/Digital weapon/Hellfury Bolts/Sunwrath pistol, even though they are not a Character. All relics must be different.
    • While a Devastator sergeant can shoot Hellfury at BS2+, an Incursor one ignores all modifiers to hit, and an Eliminator/Scout Sniper one can shoot it at characters. The other 3 special issues are close combat-oriented. Also, while it looks cool, don't give a Sunwrath to the Hellblaster sarge, he'd be wasting his squad's range on a just-in-case relic. Nobody stops you from giving this to an Assault Centurion Sergeant, four strength 10 siege drills in the face for 4 damage.

They get two extra Stratagems, in addition to the previous ones:

  • The Swordsman's Strike (1 CP/ 2 CP): If a Silver Templars Primaris Core unit's making an attack against a Character unit during the Shooting or Fight Phase, they all get +1 to hit. The cost of this Stratagem varies depending on the number of models in the selected unit, 5 or less cost 1 CP, 6 or more cost 2 CP.
    • This basically turns a squad of your choice into Snipers-lite, except it also works in melee. Space Marines hitting on 2+'s bad news in everyones' books.
  • Claim Runes (1 CP): If a Silver Templars Primaris unit starts within Engagement Range of an enemy unit that outnumbers it during the Fight Phase, they all get +1S and -1AP with whatever weapons they're swinging!
    • Space Marines are pretty much always outnumbered, so this's a reliable one. It can be used to buff a regular squad, or make Powerfists, Thunderhammers, and Chainfists even nastier. Perfect for Lightning Claw units ('Nators/Veterans) who are knee deep in hordes, or, melee tank hunters attempting some T8 or T9.

They get two extra Stratagems, in addition to the previous ones:

  • Skovakarah Uhl Zaurn (1/2CP, Battle Tactic): An Emperor's Spears Core or Character unit that charged, was charged, or Heroically Intervened gains +1 to their wound rolls. If the unit contains six-or-more models, this stratagem costs 2CP.
  • Fight As Brothers (1CP, Battle Tactic): An Emperor's Spears Infantry unit that is within 1" of an enemy unit and one-or-more other Emperor's Spears Infantry unit can re-roll hit rolls in the fight phase.
    • Characters are also Infantry units, so a Character can count as the other unit to trigger this for their retinue.

Warlord Traits

  1. Adept of the Codex: When you spend a Command Point to use a Stratagem, roll a 5+ to get it refunded. Versatile, always active (as long as he's on the field and not inside a transport), and gives you more freedom when using Stratagems; it's one of the best traits you can get. Calgar starts with this one.
    • The rules limit CP regain to 1 per battle round, but "WT: 5+CP" is still damn useful, even more so with the bonus CP handed out by Calgar.
  2. Master of Strategy: Once per battle round, select an Ultramarines unit within 6" of the warlord. Until the end of the battle round, whenever models of that unit attack the Tactical Doctrine is considered to be active (this does not stop either of the other two Doctrines being active, so you can have two active at once this way). Librarian Tigurius and Telion have this as their trait.
    • Their best doctrine one turn ahead of schedule. Also when your army (but not your warlord) is committed to the Assault.
  3. Calm Under Fire: Friendly Ultramarines models within 6" of the warlord ignore the -1 to hit penalty to shooting when they fall back. More like Calm Under Melee. Sergeant Chronus come with this.
  4. Paragon of War: This warlord's unmodified wound rolls of 6s (ranged and melee) inflict mortal wounds in addition to all other damage. Balanced, offensive champion-type warlord. Captain Sicarius starts with this one.
  5. Nobility Made Manifest: 6" Aura of Heroic Interventions for friendly Ultramarine Infantry and Bikers. For The Greater Imperium. Guilliman starts with this one. The loss of Adept of the Codex hurts a bit, but you can always just pay 1cp to give another character Adept of the Codex, and that one out of Guilliman's 3 bonus ones will pay for itself.
    • If you mess with one, you mess with all. It achieves an immune effect by preventing your opponents from eliminating units one by one in melee, and stops them from surrounding a single friendly unit and taking hostages.
  6. Warden of Maccrage: This warlord's heroic interventions are 6" long. Why? Chaplain Cassius has this one.
  1. Accomplished Duellist: Your Warlord may fight first if they start within Engagement Range of any enemy units during the Fight Phase, and they can re-roll To-Wound in melee if they performed a Charge or a Heroic Intervention.
    • Striking first's always nice, re-rolling To-Wound's just the icing on the cake.
  2. Precision Commander: One Silver Templars Primaris Core unit, within 6" of your Warlord during your Command Phase, can re-roll a single To-Hit and To-Wound roll in each Shooting and Fight Phase until your next Command Phase.
    • Gives a chosen squad even more re-rolls, for when you absolutely positively need something taken down. Ideal on a devastator squad but also works on a melee squad with a melta and a power hammer or fist.
  3. Spiritual Synergy: A single non-Relic weapon your Warlord carries inflicts 1 Mortal Wound on an unmodified To-Wound roll of 6 as well as regular Damage.
    • No limitations, so this can go on anything. Make your Combi-Plasma or Combi-Melta the bane of everything.
  1. Bloodied But Unbroken: Warlord gains +1A and an additional +1A after they lose their first wound.
  2. Tribal Heritage: Once per battle, this Warlord can re-roll one failed hit, wound, OR saving throw, and if your army is Battle-Forged, one Epic Deed stratagem can be used on your Warlord for free.
  3. Sentinel of The Veil: Warlord always fights first and can make a 6" Heroic Intervention.

Psychic Discipline: Indomitus

  1. Precognition (WC5): Blessing Until the start of your next Psychic phase, this psyker has a 5++ invuln, and when resolving an attack made against this psyker, subtract 1 from the hit roll.
  2. Scryer's Gaze (WC7): Blessing If your army is Battle Forged you can immediately gain 1 CP. If you choose not to, once this turn, when resolving an attack made by a model from a friendly Ultramarines unit within 18" of this psyker, you can re-roll the hit, wound, or damage roll.
  3. Telepathic Assault (WC7): Witchfire Select one visible enemy unit within 24" of the psyker. Roll 2D6 and add 2 to the result; that unit suffers 1 mortal wound for each point by which the total exceeds the highest Leadership characteristic of models in that unit. You aren't gonna destroy a unit of Necron Warriors, but if you roll well everything leadership 6 and lower are gonna get fucked. Tried using it on an Ork player once, but he says Mob Rule counteracts it. (Ork player input: Mob rule explicitly states that the Ld Characteristic is REPLACED by any of the listed methods. They were correct. Do not cast this on boyz or units that are boyz-adjacent)
  4. Storm of the Emperor's Wrath (WC6): Witchfire Select the nearest visible enemy unit within 18" of the psyker. Roll a D6 for each model in the unit; for each 6, that unit suffers 1 mortal wound.
  5. Psychic Shackles (WC6): Malediction Select one visible enemy unit within 18" of this psyker. Until the start of your next Psychic phase, halve the move characteristic (rounding up) of models in that unit, and when a charge or advance roll is made for that unit, subtract 1 from that roll. A unit cannot be affected by both this and the Tenebrous Curse psychic power at the same time, but nothing is stopping you from locking down two different units. Also doesn't seem to say you can't use this and tremor shells, something to bear in mind.
  6. Empyric Channelling (WC5): Blessing Select one other friendly Ultramarines Librarian within 12" of this psyker. Until the end of this Psychic phase, when a Psychic test is taken by the target, add 2 to the total, and the target does not suffer Perils of the Warp on a roll of double 1 or double 6.

Relics & Special-Issue Wargear

Relics are now split into three categories. Relics of Macragge may only be taken by Ultramarines (unless you use a stratagem). Special-Issue Wargear can be taken by Ultramarines and their successor chapters. and the Silver Templars get their own relics.

  • Armour of John Konor: Terminator model only. 4++, halve damage rounding up. Calgar's clothes, for when you want yet another beatstick or cannot afford papa smurf himself.
  • Helm of Censure: Aeonid Thiel's helmet that started the tradition of serges wearing red hats. The bearer can re-roll 1 hit roll of 1 and 1 wound roll of 1 per attack (which usually means all hit and wound rolls get it - it's like having a captain and a lieutenant nearby). When attacking Heretic astartes or Adeptus Astartes, add 1 to both hit rolls and wound rolls in addition (damn).
    • While a librarian benefits lots (WS3+, Power Axe), the boost also affecting ranged combat and not replacing any weapon means a Captain's Combi-plasma/melta wounds a CSM Predator on a 2+, and can even shoot both profiles at BS2+ (although this will have worse performance than safely overcharging just the plasma profile).
  • The Sanctic Halo: Captain or Chapter Master only (in all his forms, including Primaris). Gives him a 3++ and can deny one power per turn like a Psyker. Fantastic for the warlord himself, as his most important job is staying alive so you can use Adept of the Codex. Denying psychic powers is also extremely useful since so many of them allow a Psyker to target a character and inflict mortal wounds that bypass their saves. Plus, you won't need to give up your ranged weapon for the Storm Shield, which is nice. Better than the Armour Indomitus to give your Gravis Captain a 3++ on his already sturdy frame.
  • Soldier's Blade: S+1 AP-4 D2 sword. Available to characters with either a power sword, master-crafted power sword, or, most importantly, a combat blade, making it one of the few melee relics for Phobos Characters. Otherwise, don't bother - the Burning Blade is better.
  • The Standard of Maccrage Inviolate: Ancient only, +1A to friendly Ultramarine Core and Character units within 6" of the bearer. Friendly UM units within 12" also autopass morale tests. To be carried by your deathstar's banner bearer.
  • Tarentian Cloak: The bearer has 5++, and regains D3 wounds at the start of the movement phase.
  • Vengeance of Ultramar: Rapid Fire 4(!) Storm bolter that re-rolls wound rolls against non-vehicles. Best when used by a Termie captain.
    • This can be vicious with the Paragon of War Warlord Trait. Almost guarantees at least ONE mortal wound. Also consider this build on a bike captain with the extra bolter shots... 12 dice at 24"
  • Armour of Zanaris: Silver Templars exclusive, Primaris only. AP-1 and AP-2 Attacks against the wearer are reduced to AP0, and Mortal Wounds are ignored on a 6+!
  • Banner of Echos: Silver Templars exclusive, Primaris Ancient only. Usable once per battle during your Command Phase, gives all friendly Silver Templars Primaris Core units within 6" of the bearer +1A until your next Command Phase.
    • Goes well with assault-oriented units obviously, and gels with both their Stratagems for some potent combos.
  • Druidic Talisman: Librarian or Chaplain only. Once per turn, you can re-roll a Psychic Test or Inspiring Litany Test. Not bad at all, gets more mileage out of the Chief Librarian or Master of Sanctity.
  • Beast-Hide Cloak: Attacks against the bearer suffer -1D (D1 minimum). Death Guard Disgustingly Resilient?
  • Horizon Blade: Replaces bearers power sword or master-crafted power sword. S+2, AP-4, D2, becomes AP-5 and D3 if the bearer charged or made a Heroic Intervention.
  • Adamantine Mantle: Fnp5+++. "Not dying" is good for everyone, but (smash) captains/Primaris are the ones with the most wounds to proc it with.
  • Artificer Armour: 2+/5++. Most useful for Lieutenants and Librarians, who lack invulns.
  • Digital Weapons: Do an additional attack when the model fights. If it hits, the target suffers a mortal wound.
  • Hellfury bolts: You can choose the bolt weapon it's used on to make only one attack, but it inflicts 1MW if it hits (and the shooting sequence ends).
  • Master-crafted Weapon: +1D to a weapon, and it now considered a relic (so now some WTs no longer affect it and such). 4D Thunder Hammer!
  • Reliquary of Vengeance: Once per battle (at the start of the fight phase), friendly chapter units within 6" of the bearer gain +1A.
  • Seal of Oath: Designate an enemy before the first turn begins. The bearer has a 6" aura for Ultramarine Core and Characters of re-rolling all hits and wounds against That Guy, failed or not.
  • Sunwrath Pistol: Cawl's plasma pistol of safe supercharge. But it's Pistol 2, so that's a double improvement.

Special Units


  • Marneus Calgar: Papa Smurf, nuff said. He now gets +1T thanks to his Gravis armour without the -1 to movement like the majority of Gravis units, as well as +1W and +1A from being Primaris, and he even gets to keep his 2+/4++ along with the halved damage. This makes him even more powerful than he ever was, although being a Primaris does mean that if he wants to actually get into combat he'll either need to footslog or pay for a Repulsor.
    • Something for consideration: Calgar, with the right supports, is actually a deadlier fighter in melee than Guilliman is. For starters, while Guilliman can feel the pain from larger foes and their absurd damage, Marneus can, for the most part, walk out less damaged and more annoying thanks to the halved damage. Assuming all damage is multi-wound rather than 1 damage, Calgar technically has 16 wounds, versus Guilliman's 9. In addition, while Guilliman can resurrect with D6 wounds, Calgar can receive near-constant healing through an Apothecary as he is an <INFANTRY> rather than a <MONSTER> (what, you thought Apothecaries can understand the anatomy of pseudo-demigods?). Excluding the cost of a Librarian and Victrix Guard (since Guilliman can benefit from those too) and you can have a better beatstick than Guilliman (though you do lose his super-aura). The only main weakness of Calgar in this regard is that he has slightly less toughness and strength (you ARE using Might of Heroes through Calgar's Librarian, aren't you?) than Guilliman, and he's stuck with D3 damage for his fists. TL,DR: Calgar is far cheaper for a super tough HQ and can benefit from other buffs where Guilliman can not. Calgar can certainly buff your army, but Guilliman does it better. However, Guilliman delivers more melee offense overall and functions better in situations devoid of support.
    • Somebody is really overestimating Calgar here. Against incoming attacks that are 2 damage, D3 damage, 3 damage, and D6 damage respectively, Calgar essentially has 16, 12, 12 and 14 wounds respectively (the results of D3 damage halved rounding up are 1, 1 and 2 and so D3 damage weapons average 1.333 damage against him). Now this is impressive, but the kinds of things you’re talking about fighting will usually force him to use his invulnerable save, which is a 4+, and so his effective hp is actually 32, 24, 24 and 28. Guilliman has 9 wounds on a 3++, so his effective hp is 27 in all scenarios, so the differences are actually minor against the bigger damage weapons without accounting for his revive ability, but between rerolling wounds and D3 mortal wounds on 6+ his melee output is potent enough to deal 7.778 wounds to Calgar in a single fight phase, ie basically killing him on average. How much damage can Calgar accomplish against Guilliman, or Calgar himself (Abaddon)? 2.6 wounds in both cases, 3.02 and 3.78 with the might of heroes. You may notice by this point that you’re paying half the points for less than half the melee power even with psyker support (at least in this case, but I think this is a decent benchmark). Add in that Calgar’s halve-damage durability is completely negated by things like the mortal wounds from snipers, and well...
  • Marneus Calgar in the Armour of Antilochus (Legends): His Armour of Antilochus grants a 4+ invulnerable save and halves all damage he receives (rounded up, so he's not immune to 1 damage weapons). The Bolter part of the Gauntlets of Ultramar aren't too bad since they deal 2 damage and have AP-1, but you will ignore both them and his relic blade because in melee they act like Power Fists without the -1 to hit. As is the case for all Chapter Master characters, he grants re-rolls for all to-hit rolls for units within 6". He can also deep strike, and having him as your Warlord in a Battle-forged army grants 2 bonus Command Points. While both his stats and buffing abilities pale by comparison to Guilliman, he can fill a similar role if you want to save the points and/or the Lord of War slot.
  • Marneus Calgar in Artificer Armour (Legends): Papa Smurf, before Swarmlord ate his arms, his legs, and half of his face. One less wound, no halved damage, and no ability to deep strike, and now, since the Codex sets Calgar in the Armour of Antilochus at 200 points, 35 points cheaper than the version in Artificer armour, you have no reason to ever take him in this form unless you're re-creating the battle at the Cold-Steel Ridge or something. Or you desperately need him to fit into a Rhino or Razorback.
  • Captain Sicarius: His power sword can do D3 mortal wounds if you roll a 6 to wound. His artisan plasma pistol now gets the benefit of overcharging without any risk of hurting him. He also can grant a squad Defenders of Humanity for a round. Overall, he is roughly the same if not slightly better in terms of melee, but can surprise an enemy via (for example) giving his Terminator retinue ObSec. He's alright for his price, though his special ability does require some forethought, especially since 9th really favors capturing objectives.
  • Chief Librarian Tigurius: Got beefy now, with only a 3+ save, no invuln, yet 5W and 4 attacks. He's still rather vulnerable, but can kick and punch almost as well as a Captain thanks to becoming a Primaris Marine. He does have a pretty nifty ability, however, as he can inflict a -1 penalty to all hit rolls against him or a friendly Ultramarine unit within 6" each turn, which helps him or any screening unit to survive. Can also be used on a unit holding an objective to increase its survivability, on a flyer for a -2 to hit for maximum trolling, and so on; this ability has quite a few interesting tactical applications. Is equipped with his rod, a power stave that gives +3 to strength, but you don't want him in close combat anyway, unless facing extremely weak close combat opponents. His mortal wound production from Smite helps against high wound models and hordes. His hood now adds +1 to psychic tests and denial on top of the re-rolls.
    • He can re-roll failed Psychic Tests (but not successful ones, even if they Perils), so his expected damage from Smite is 2.09, rather than 1.79, assuming he can live through Perils, which he can always do with his starting health. His Primaris version is better, and can re-roll any Psychic test, so you can re-roll double 6s to avoid Perils.
  • Chaplain Cassius: He grants a mortal wound against enemy units that kill an Ultramarines model within 6" on a 6+. 3+ Marines die often, so with big numbers in your army Cassius has some punch and hurts the enemy in their phase. Combine with a Company Ancient and Apothecary to make the marine shoot as he dies, confer a mortal wound, and be brought back to life to shoot the next turn. But with marines all getting 2 wounds, this ability will see a little less use.
    • Cassius provides two Litanies for your marines. Using the +1 to hit and +1 to wound litanies can give squads that can generally hit on 2s, and a minimum wounding of 5s.
  • Sergeant Telion: Telion makes Scout Snipers better. He is armed with a better Sniper Rifle, and Scouts within 3" add 1 to their roll to hit. Telion hits on a 2+, and also has the Ultramarine and Scout keyword. Rolls of one always fail, but modifiers are diminished by his buff to himself.
  • Sergeant Chronus: Stick him in a Rhino, Razorback, Predator, Stalker, Hunter, Whirlwind, Vindicator, or Land Raider. That Vehicle heals one lost wound per turn, gains Character, and is always BS2+ no matter the damage. If the Vehicle is destroyed, he pops out as... Well, as someone pretty useless. BS2+, W4, A2, and a servo-arm, but no Techmarine fixing ability.


  • Chapter Ancient: <Ultramarine>-exclusive Chapter Ancient. Becomes Sv2+, trades their bolt pistol for a power sword, and their Banner Aura is expanded to 9" for <Ultramarines>. Otherwise is the same as a Company Ancient with the Chapter Ancient Chapter Command upgrade.
  • Chapter Champion: <Ultramarine>-exclusive Chapter Champion. Becomes Sv2+, trades their combat shield and bolt pistol for Champions Blade (SU, AP-2, D1, +1A with this weapon). Otherwise is the same as a Company Champion with the Chapter Champion Chapter Command upgrade.
  • Honour Guard: The non-legends version has more restrictive wargear. To keep this section compact, please see the Honour guard entry far above.
  • Tyrannic War Veterans: Sternguard Veterans, with a unit size of 4-10 and no weapon options, BUT re-rolls failed hit and wound rolls against Tyranid targets.
  • Victrix Honour Guard: Prototype Bladeguard Veterans. WS2+, A4, and Sv2+ already puts them above their standard Bladeguard brethren. Ultima Storm Shields give them a 3++ invulnerable save and they don't use an Elite slot if your army is Battle-forged and in a detachment that includes Calgar. They can Heroically Intervene as Characters and can bodyguard for an Ultramarine Character within 3" (roll a 2+ if that Character loses a wound to give this unit a mortal wound instead). Seems too good to be true? They are; they currently only have power swords (S+1, AP-3, D1) compared to Bladeguards master-crafted power sword.
    • Far more durable, they also hit more often and more accurately... But being stuck to D1 sucks, and your army has plenty of D1 already.
    • While their damage is certainly not as strong as the newer Bladeguard, offense isn't why you're looking at the Victrix Guard. Rather, you're looking at them for a cheap yet sturdy character protector.
    • Calgar also lets them serve as action slaves; akin to the likes of Servitors and Crypto-Thralls. Although this is an expensive source of action slave, if your character ball is already supporting a static infantry squad near an objective (like (Heavy) Intercessors), it's not the worst way to use them.

Lord of War

  • Roboute Guilliman: The most effective unit in the Astartes Codex, even with his whopping 380 point cost. He possesses an impressive statline: WS and BS are both 2+, 8" movement, S6, T6, 6A and has 9 wounds, and if he is killed he comes back on a roll of 4+ with D6 wounds. His 9 wounds mean enemies have to observe the Look Out, Sir! rule and also takes cover behind a constant 2+, 3++. Shooting wise he uses the Hand of Dominion which is 24" rapid fire 3 S6 AP-1 Dmg 2, which is good but it's CC where you want Girlyman. In close combat he can either use the Hand of Dominion as Sx2 AP-3 Dmg 4 power fist or use the motherfucking Emperor's Sword at S+2 AP-4 Dmg 3 that on a roll of a 6 causes D3 mortal wounds on top of the 3 damage he already caused. In close combat he is one of the best characters in 8th, on top of that lucky rolls can lead to him dishing out a lot of extra damage through mortal wounds. With the new monster and vehicle rules, he can now also fire his bolter while in the engagement range. All of that is nice, however, where Guilliman truly shines is his buffs to the rest of the army. Any keyword Imperium unit within 12" adds 1 to advances and charges, re-roll hits of 1, and can re-roll failed morale tests. As the Primarch of the Ultramarines, he gives any Ultramarines Core and Ultramarines Character units within 6" re-rolls of any hit roll, and wound rolls of 1 as well. Guilliman himself is affected by his own aura, allowing him to add 1 to charges and advances as well as re-roll hits and 1s to wound. If all that wasn't enough if your army is battleforged you get 3 extra CP. He does everything you'd want a warlord to do, basically. The main reasons not to take him are points cost, wanting a different LOW, or not wanting to be seen as That Guy.
    • Be aware that since he has the Monster keyword for some odd reason, he tends to interact strangely with several other rules (e.g. taking Transports). Watch for anything that affects Monster units and be prepared to footslog.
    • With 9th if you bring Guilliman he has to be your warlord with his new Avenging Son rule, which is fine because you get those three extra command points on top of him refunding one of your detachments by being a Supreme Command Detachment, for a max of a whopping 15 command points in a 2k point game.
  • Captain Tarnus Vale (FW Legends): Provides a 6+ invuln to nearby Fire Angels vehicles, but isn't riding a bike or using a jump pack, so he'll never keep up with his charges unless he’s in a transport or said charges are artillery tanks, such as a Fellblade or Whirlwind. Works better with Dreadnoughts for the rerolls. He does have a power sword that has D2, and an 8" pistol 3 plasma pistol. Not to mention lots of vehicles sit in a parking lot. Like are you really gonna be zipping that predator up the field?

Successor Tactics: The Fire Angels are notable for their strict adherence to the Codex, so Inheritors of the Primarch is a perfect fit for them. Alternatively, if you want to build around Vale's Vehicle buffs and build a parking lot type army, tank boosting Tactics like Master Artisans and Scions of the Forge are good options.

  • Knight-Captain Elam Courbray (FW Legends): The only Forge World character in this list who showed up with a Jump Pack and a special power Sword D2 that reroll wound rolls. However, because how DARE you tell him what to do when he comes in from reserve, he teleports in like a boss, rather than falling from the sky like a pleb. Also, he will always try to attack Characters within 1" of him, even if you'd rather he attacked someone else, because, again, FUCK YOU.
    • You're better off taking a regular captain with a jump pack bolt pistol and a relic blade. You're paying 18 points more to get to reroll wounds on your S:+1 AP-2 D2 sword (worse than the relic blade at S+3 AP-3 D2, which is more likely to wound on the first roll given it makes the captain S6). That's all he has over the normal jump pack captain.

Successor Tactics: While Courbray is nothing you'd build an army around and not a whole lot is known about the Fire Hawk's specialization, they present a fluffy option for creating a more fleshed out Legion of the Damned. No options for universal FNP or Deep Striking, but general durability boosters like Indomitable, Stalwart, Stealthy (fluff it like the smoke rising off them giving them cover!) Or Warded is fine choices, and Fearsome Aspect is quite appropriate.

  • Chaplain Dreadnought Titus (FW Legends): Exactly the same as a normal Chaplain Dreadnought, but his FNP equivalent is a 5+, not a 6+, and he has fixed weaponry in an assault cannon, heavy flamer, and big ol' smashy fist. He's worth taking if you're playing Howling Griffons and already planned on taking a Chaplain Dreadnought, but otherwise unremarkable.

Successor Tactics: Griffons are known for their tactical flexibility and good sense, so most any blend of Tactics could be made to work. Titus himself, similarly, is just a solid all-rounder, though Chaplain Dreads inherently encourages a more melee-focused playstyle. A good pick for remaining fast and loose with what sort of army you want to bring.

  • Lieutenant Commander Anton Narvaez (FW Legends): Has interesting (if weird) wargear. He comes with a power sword that on a 6s to wound does a addtional mortal wound, an assault d3 S7 Ap-2 D1, and the Actinic Halo which gives him a 3++ save UNTIL you take an unsaved wound at which points it stops working and only gives a 4++. He honestly makes a decently shooty captain who has a decent buff (he provides the captain buff of rerolling 1s to hit, not the lieutenant buff to wounding) and is good for an all-rounder and doesn't cost much at all, use your command point rerolls on his invulnerable save to keep him alive all game and outside of mortal wounds he'll be exceptionally tanky... especially for a dude who's just supposed to be a ship captain.

Successor Tactics: Close range board actions are not well represented on the tabletop outside of Killteam, but we can make it work. Assault is the name of the game here, so Hungry for Battle and Rapid Assault are no brainers.

  • Captain Mordaci Blaylock (FW Legends): Terminator captain, with a D3 chainfist, a relic storm bolter S5 AP-2, and grants a 6+ FNP to all Novamarines Infantry within 6".

Successor Tactics: Another Codex hardliner, so Inheritors of the Primarch is probably your go-to here. Just as well, Braylock is brutal in close range where he can support similarly built units.

The following units do have a Relic, but they do not count towards Relic limits.


  • Captain Nasiem: A Primaris Captain with the Sunwrath Pistol Ultramarine Relic (12", pistol 2, S8, AP-3, D2) and a master-crafted power axe (S+2, AP-2, D2). His fixed Warlord Trait is the Master of Strategy from the Ultramarines supplement. In a Crusade Army, this models Captain of the Third company rule grants him the Master of the Arsenal Honorific without increasing his Crusade Points cost.
  • Epistolary Lykandos: A Primaris Librarian with a force stave (S+3, AP-1, Dd3). He comes with the Reliquary of Gathalmor Codex Relic (enemy Psykers within 18" suffer -1 to Psychic Tests and if they fail a Psychic Test they suffer d3 mortal wounds on a 4+) and Calm Under Fire Warlord Trait from the Ultramarines supplement.
  • Orator Sephax: A Primaris Chaplain with the Benediction of Fury Codex Relic (S+2, AP-2, D3). He has the Iron Resolve Codex Warlord Trait.


  • Ancient Kae: A Primaris Ancient with the Seal of Oath Ultramarine Relic (select one enemy unit after deployment, Tome Keepers within 6" re-roll hit and wound rolls against that unit) and Nobility Made Manifest Ultramarine Warlord Trait.


  • Ultra-build: Lends itself as a Jack-of-trades army, being decent both shooting and fighting. Pure Ultramarines does lend itself more to a moving gunline list, ignoring penalties for moving and falling back, and some improved shooting stratagems, along with some Heroic Intervention, mass Overwatch, and QCC characters and abilities. kind of lend itself likes a T'au/Kroot list that would not fall apart if they do get into melee as we are dealing with marines bodies instead of the more-pansy smurfs. They slightly better control over the combat doctrines has a preference for having units in the Tactical doctrine, with heavy weapons also benefiting, along with Eradicators, and several Forgeworld tanks gaining extra shots despite moving. A single detachment of Ultramarines or their successors can support many builds with a mix of man desperately different units.


Salamanders Chapter Livery.jpg
In the grim darkness of the far future, the flame of hope burns still.

Where other astartes shun their humanity, the Salamanders are the marines closest to mankind, and all the stronger because of it. To them war is not just fire, but the anvil where they are tested and reforged; power not for glory's sake, but to protect the Imperium.

On the tabletop, these guys are sheer strength. Their artificer gear makes them deadlier and hardier both, enabling them to survive closing the distance, where they can use their rules to inflict monstrous damage.

If you want to bring utter devastation at close range, then join the Salamanders into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war.

Special Rules

  • Chapter Tactics - Forged in Battle: A unit with this tactic can re-roll a single wound roll each time it shoots or fights (including overwatch). Your units treat AP-1 attacks as if they were AP0, reducing the very real threat of 2D heavy bolters and autocannons.
    • Still useful on all units, but less so with the loss of the to-hit reroll. As before, keep squads MSU, as it disproportionately benefits single hits spread out across your army. Still, it complements Lieutenant auras.
      • Most useful on weapons with lower strength that instead focus on AP and/or Damage to get work done, or that don't roll to hit, like Eliminator Mortis rounds and flamers.
  • Combat Doctrine - Promethean Cult: While the Tactical Doctrine is active, all flame and melta weapons gain +1 to wound. Honestly, did you expect anything else? Remember when GW said their rules wouldn't be summarized as "spam X"? Yeah, spam those.
    • Multimeltas are great, but don't generally *need* +1 to wound. Instead, you'll get the most use out of this on flamers and heavy flamers (during the turns this is active, both guns are AP-1, so feel free to use whichever).
      • That said, feel free to spam multimeltas - it's not like you'll notice the lack of an AP bonus from the doctrine on them.


  • Flamecraft (2 CP): In the shooting phase, a unit's flame weapons will always fire its maximum number of shots.
    • Good for a Land Raider Redeemer, flamer Aggressors, combi-flamer Sternguard, and Assault Centurions. Still great if less efficient on Invictors and Land Speeders with dual Heavy Flamers and on Bray'arth Ashmantle.
  • The Crucible of Battle (1 CP): In the shooting or fight phase, a Salamander Core or Salamander Character unit gets +1 to wound for that phase.
    • Veterans of the Long War for the pyro-marines. Works well with the Promethean Cult, and if you want to sink more CP into it, you can toss in Flamecraft for max shot flamers that wound marines on 3+* (wound roll modifiers have been capped at +1/-1 as well. Depressing).
  • Strength of the Primarch (1CP): Pick a unit at the start of the fight phase. They get +1S and any unmodified wound rolls of 6 do double damage. Almost custom made for bearers of relic blades (and actual relic blades) such as Captains, Judiciars, and the Chapter Champion, and can be combined with Anvil of Strenght to have two characters wounding marines on 2+ without a hit penalty.
    • More niche than Crucible most of the time, but you can use them together to potentially get +2 to wound and deadly 6's. Imagine this on Bray'arth when it goes off. Absolutely crazy on Thunder Hammers. One lucky '6' and the warlord is gone! Just three lucky '6s' and so too is that Landraider!
  • Rites of Vulkan (2 CP): At the start of the movement phase while in the Tactical doctrine, for the rest of that battle round, all Rapid Fire or Assault weapons in your army get an additional -1AP on natural 6's to wound. Only once per battle.
  • Vengeance for Isstvan V (1 CP): When facing Word Bearers, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, or Alpha Legion in the fight phase, one unit can re-roll all hit rolls.
    • Very situational, but fluffy and still strong.
  • Stand Your Ground (1 CP): When a Salamanders non-Servitor Infantry unit that didn't advance in your last Movement phase is picked as the target of an attack, they get +1 to their armour saves against D1 weapons for the rest of the phase.
    • Like "Unyielding in the face of death", but not restricted to Gravis, and can be stacked or spammed alongside it. With that and marines becoming 2W, guess small arms can eat dirt this edition.
  • Rise From the Ashes (2 CP): When a Salamanders Character dies, roll a 4+ and they pop back up with 1 wound remaining. Only once per character per game.
    • Opponent manages to take down your Warlord? Snipe the Techmarine playing Self Sacrifice meatshield? Get a lucky shot on your Smash Captain? Hit the undo button on that shit.
  • The Fires of Battle (1 CP): In the shooting phase or when firing overwatch, when a model is firing a flame weapon or melta, any unmodified 4+ to wound does a mortal wound in addition to normal damage (to a max of three Mortal Wounds). Only works for 1 weapon shot by 1 model, so no Aggressor MW spam for you.
  • Despite the Odds (1 CP): At the end of a turn where you didn't score any Tactical Objectives, if your Warlord is still on the table, generate a new Tactical Objective.
  • Immolation Protocols (1 CP): Turn all of one unit's flame weapons into Pistols for one shooting phase. Not a bad way of saving a shooty flame unit from melee.
  • Self Sacrifice (2 CP): Use at the start of the opponent's shooting phase and pick a Salamanders Infantry unit in your army that has more than five models and then one other unit that is wholly within 6". For the rest of the phase, your opponent cannot shoot the unit that is being shielded as long as they are wholly within 6" of the unit that is protecting them unless they are the closest unit. The unit that is doing the body blocking can't be hidden from shooting by psychic powers or other trickery. Best way to protect your assets like tanks or heavy weapon teams by putting a cheap troop unit in front of it.
    • It can outright steal target priority from your enemy - you take fire on your terms: let the bodyguard unit be in cover for a 2+ (or 1+!) save. Furthermore, while the unit must be eligible to be fired at, it doesn't say it cannot be under a -1 to be hit, such as Smokescreen Infiltrators, who are also keeping deepstrikers 12" away, or a unit blessed with Fire Shield or even Psychic fortress.
  • Born Protectors (2 CP): When a Salamanders unit is charged, pick another Salamanders unit within 12". That can fire overwatch in addition to the charged unit, and if the charge is successful, they can Heroically Intervene 2D6", but only towards that charging unit.
    • Tau Overwatch plus a Heroic Intervention? Fantastic, if situational. Can deter certain charges and anything that can change how your opponent plays have a place. This and Self Sacrifice make it tempting to take Salamanders as an ally detachment in any imperial army to protect your stuff.
  • Relentless Determination (1 CP): At the end of the Movement phase, pick one unit that did not advance or Fall back. It counts as stationary, and if it has a damage table, it counts as having double wounds to see which row of the table you use.
  • Exemplar of the Promethean Creed (1 CP): Your Warlord gets a second Warlord trait. Doesn't work on named characters or someone you gave a trait to with Hero of the Chapter. Lots of fun and interesting combos here.
  • Master Artisans (1 CP): Give a Sergeant a Master-Crafted weapon, Digital Weapons, the Drakeblade, or Dragonrage Bolts
  • Trust of Prometheus (1 CP): Give a successor a Salamanders relic

Warlord Traits

  1. Anvil of Strength: The Warlord gets +2 to his Strength characteristic (which happens AFTER 2x in 9th), enabling Power Fists, Thunder Hammers and Boltstorm Gauntlets to hit at Str10. This also allows Relic blades to strike at S8 like a power fist without the -1 modifier. Vulkan He'stan takes this.
  2. Miraculous Constitution: The Warlord gets a 6+++ FNP and regains 1 wound at the start of your movement phase. Vulkan lives! Compared to Iron Resolve, Miraculous Constitution yields more than one wound over time, assuming the enemy isn't murdering him in a single turn (Abbadon, Swarmlord, Thunder Hammers, etc..).
  3. Never Give Up: At the start of the battle round, pick a unit within 6" of the Warlord to gain Objective Secured for that round. Now strictly worse than Rites of War, but you can take this on a second character to have two floating ObSec threats.
  4. Forge Master: The Warlord gets +2 Toughness, meaning S8 no longer wounds him on 2+. With T6 (or 7 on Gravis/Bike characters), power swords wound only on 5+, and with relics like the Salamander's Mantle or the Angel Artifice (effective T8!) it'll now take anti-tank weapons to bring down this Warlord.
  5. Lord of Fire: Friendly units within 6" of the Warlord re-roll the number of attacks they make with flame weapons. Adrax takes this one.
  6. Patient and Determined: Once per shooting AND/OR fight phase, one of the Warlord's attacks automatically hit. Can make a thunder hammer more reliable, and more hits are always nice. Because of your likely native re-roll aura and a Salamander re-roll, you are very likely to get the overwhelming majority of your hits in. Also useful for making a safe auto-hitting shot with a Supercharged Plasma Pistol.

Psychic Discipline: Promethean

  1. Flaming Blast (WC6): Witchfire Pick a spot within 24" that the psyker can see. Each unit within 3" of that spot takes a mortal wound on a 4+. Could be useful for pinging the last wound off of a character if your Eliminators don't finish it off, or singeing several units that are all clumped up, but Smite is probably better most of the time.
  2. Fire Shield (WC6): Blessing A unit within 18" imposes -1 to hit against ranged attacks and -1 to charge distances.
  3. Burning Hands (WC6): Blessing Until your next Psychic phase, when the psyker is attacking with the base CCW, any hits cause a mortal wound instead of rolling to wound. If you plan to get your Librarian into close combat against something with a good invlun maybe, but you've already got a force weapon.
  4. Drakeskin (WC6): Blessing Pick a unit with 12" to get +1T until the next Psychic phase. Between this and Fire Shield, a Salamanders Librarian can make one target significantly more durable turn after turn.
  5. Fury of Nocturne (WC6): Witchfire Pick a visible enemy unit within 18" and roll 2D6. If you roll higher than their highest toughness, they take D3 mortal wounds. Worse chance of causing damage than Smite, but you can pick the target. Could be useful for sniping low T characters.
  6. Draconic Aspect (WC6): Blessing Until your next Psychic phase, all enemy units with 12" get -2LD. Potentially makes for a decent leadership bomb if combo'd with the Helm of Drakos and the Fearsome Aspect tactic and/or Fear made manifest trait.

Relics and Special Issue Wargear

  • Drake-Smiter: Replaces a Thunder Hammer. Doesn't lose the -1 to hit, but does get AP-4 and becomes 6(!) D on a 6 to wound. Forged in Battle can help you fish for that 6.
  • Helm of Drakos: Primaris only. Gives +1W and enemy units within 6" get -1LD. Thoroughly meh. The Mantle is a better defensive relic, and unless you're going all-in on Leadership debuffs, it's not worth it. That said, a Primaris Librarian with Draconic Aspect and the Fear Made Manifest trait can have an aura of -4LD in 6". If you're playing a Fearsome Aspect successor, you can bump that to -5LD in 3". Some Reivers nearby can bump that to a potential -6LD, then -7LD with Standard of the Emperor Ascendant, and make anything run in terror if your opponent forgets how to solve the problem with CP.
  • Nocturne's Vengeance: Replaces a combi-flamer. Both parts get -1AP and 2D with the flamer jumping to 12" range. It's a master-crafted combi-flamer that works out of deep strike to cook up the enemy well.
  • Salamander's Mantle: Now re-worked to be even better. It gives a straight -1 to wound the bearer. Combo with the Forge Master trait, and now anything up to S11 (S13 for Gravis/Bikes) wounds on no better than a 4+.
  • Tome of Velcona: A Librarian knows an additional power from the Promethean discipline (even if he took Librarius or Obscuration powers). More importantly, he gets +1 to Psychic tests for Promethean powers. Casting all your powers on a 5+ is nice.
  • Vulkan's Sigil: The character gets +1A, and once per game during the Fight phase, the bearer and all Salamanders Core units get +1A for that phase (bringing the bearer to +2A).
  • Wrath of Prometheus: Replaces a boltgun or master-crafted boltgun. No additional shots, but it gets +6" range, +1S, -2AP, and D3.
  • Adamantine Mantle: Fnp5+++. "Not dying" is good for everyone, but (smash) captains/Primaris are the ones with the most wounds to proc it with.
  • Artificer Armour: 2+/5++. Most useful for Lieutenants and Librarians, who lack invulns.
  • Master-crafted Weapon: +1D to a weapon, and it now considered a relic (so now some WTs no longer affect it and such). 4D Thunder Hammer isn't quite as appealing since your Relic is better, but why not put this on a Sarge with the right Stratagem?
  • Digital Weapons: Make an additional attack when the model fights. If it hits, the target suffers a mortal wound.
  • Obsidian Aquila: Friendly Salamander Core models within 6" get a 6+++ FNP. You now have a bubble of marines more durable than Iron Hands.
  • Promethean Plate: Wound rolls of 1, 2, or 3 always fail against this model. For when you've already got a model with the Mantle and want a second durable character to hang around. Can really neuter a lot of the deadlier melee attacks in the game.
  • Dragonrage Bolts: When firing a bolt weapon this model has, only make one attack, but if it hits you get 1d6 wound rolls, ignore cover, and -1AP. Turns a bolter into a long-range almost-flamer. Notably does not count as a flame weapon, so you don't get the +1 to wound from Promethean Cult.
  • Drakeblade: Replaces a power sword, master-crafted power sword, or combat knife. It's S+1 -4 AP, D2, and deals 1 mortal wound on an unmodified 6 to wound. Something for the Phobos characters to replace their crappy combat knife with.

Special Units

  • Vulkan He'Stan: Has a Captain's statline, with a 2+ save and a 3+ invuln. Comes with Heavy Flamer, and Relic Blade, and Storm Shield equivalent gear. He has the Captain Rites of Battle ability to let you re-roll hits of 1 for Salamanders units within 6", and his Forgefather ability lets a Salamanders CORE or Salamanders CHARACTER unit within 6" reroll any failed hits and wounds with flame or melta in the name, and with his own Gauntlet of the Forge (note that this affects vehicles and melta-bombs too now, but it doesn't affect the bolter part of combi-weapons). Great for tagging along with Sternguard or Company Vets in a Rhino or Drop Pod. Vulkan standing with a 5-man devastator squad, armed with 4 Multi-Meltas and a Combi-Flamer, is extremely productive, both for shooting hordes and high toughness targets. The forgefather rule made him a more support oriented HQ as his melee is mediocre compared to other named characters worth a similar amount of points (namely Shrike or Lysander). He got used to being an immovable object in 7th (2+,3++,5+++(FnP)) but in 8th all you need to do to is fail one 3+ invulnerable save and you take multiple wounds, or get saddled with Mortal Wounds he can't save against. Still, take him if you are a Salamanders player because his rules aren't by any means bad - and his model is awesome.
    • As long as he's your warlord, he also hits with a solid S8 thanks to his Warlord Trait.
  • Adrax Agatone: A Primaris Captain with a hand flamer that acts more like a stronger flamer (12" range and AP-1) and a D4 Thunder Hammer. His cloak reduces all incoming damage by 1, and his Unto the Anvil aura adds 1 to all wound rolls for melee weapons when Shock Assault is triggered. Obviously, he works nicely with Flamestorm Aggressors, especially when he's Warlord so they can re-roll how many hits those Aggressors make.
  • Bray'arth Ashmantle (FW): No longer indestructible with T7, W8, a 2+/5++, and a now a 5+ to ignore lost wounds. His two Dreadfire heavy flamers range have increased to 12", while damage has been reduced to 2. In close combat, his claws have him swinging 4 times at S16, AP-4, and 4 damage, and if you are locked in with someone during the shooting phase, his Burning Wrath is now a 2D6 shot auto hitting S4 pistol with a 2" range. Curiously enough the rule that used to prevent him from being your Warlord is now gone, although that comes alongside Forge World's questionable decision to make every character have the same Warlord trait (Inspiring Leader). He can't cause any harm until he gets within 12", so you either buy him a transport or have him be a walking 14" threat bubble. This all comes for the significantly reduced (but still chunky) price of 220 points (more if you buy a Dreadnought Drop Pod or Stormraven for him to ride in).
    • It's worth noting that he is a CHARACTER and hits almost as hard as a Volcano Cannon in close combat. The amount of panic he'll cause walking towards your opponent with a few cheap screening units in front of him (or even a few Rhinos) is well worth the price tag, as is the satisfaction when he finally hits the opponent's gunline and all hell breaks loose. On a side note if you can get your enemy to charge him on overwatch he is likely to butcher MEQs with his dreadfire flamers. As a Salamanders Character, he may also benefit from He'Stan's Forgefather ability.
    • With his reduced Toughness and Feel no Pain, more than ever he will be relying on units screening him as he gets into punching distance. His Dreadfire Claws will reliably tear T8 vehicles to pieces.
      • The Salamander Chapter Tactic and the updated Duty Eternal ability will also help with his compromised durability. Using Fire Shield Psychic power can help reduce incoming shots, Drakeskin to increase his toughness, or Might of Heroes to grant him an Extra point of Strength, Toughness and Attack.
      • Only in Death Does Duty End will let him fight even if your opponent manages to take him down while Rise from the Ashes will let him potentially get back up and keep fighting. Just have a techmarine nearby to patch him up.
      • Obviously, Ashmantle is a prime target for Flamecraft if you can get him close enough to use his Dreadfire Heavy Flamers, but that’s not all. Immolation Protocols pairs well with his Burning Wrath pistol attacks should any opponent be foolish enough to try and stick around in melee, and Born Protectors will discourage countercharges. Then there is The Crucible of Battle...
  • Pellas Mir'san (FW Legends): A captain. He comes with a combi-flamer, Cinder Edge (a D3 force sword), and Steelsilver, which lets you make an additional attack at S4 AP0 D1 equal to every model within Engagement Range. He also gets 2 more attacks when he's within the Engagement Range of any enemy Characters. He really wants to be in close combat chopping heads to maximize his usefulness. Probably plays best running with Vanguard or Company Vets kitted for close combat, but he'll likely need a transport to get to where you want him.
    • The Imperium’s Sword give Pellas more general melee ability by raising him to strength 5 and 6 attacks on the charge (8 if you get close to an enemy character) as well as a reroll for charge distances.
    • Alternatively, Champion of Humanity makes him an even better character hunter. He keeps the 8 attacks on the charge but gains a +1 on wound rolls, which can be further combined with Crucible of Battle for a +2 to wound.
    • The Salamander-specific Warlord Traits are, sadly, not quite as good as the base rulebook, but could have their uses. Anvil of Strength and Forge Master can both keep you alive longer and may be worth it depending on what you are fighting.
  • Harath Shen (FW Legends): As a Chief Apothecary, Harath deploys to the field armed with more than just a Narthecium. He has the same statline as a normal Apothecary, barring Leadership 9. He is armed with a Master-Crafted Power Sword and Bloodfire, a Plasma Pistol with 2 shots and +1 Damage. All of this will set you back 120 Points. Overall, he's a support Character who can increase the survivability of your Salamanders, but can also do some damage in combat if absolutely necessary; just keep him away from enemy Characters.


  • Real Deal MSU: Take 2 battalions, each with 3 tac squads armed with a single Lascannon. Salamanders trait gives each Lascannon crucial re rolls for hits and wounds, making these 6 Lascannons typically all the anti-armor you will need. Fills out battalions nicely, and leaves plenty of room for anti-horde and whatever heavy hitter Elites/HQs you desire to polish off any other pockets of durability your opponent has. This forces your opponent to usually shoot their anti-armor at 12 point tactical marines (because they're camping back in cover and ignore ap-1 requiring big guns to shoot them), thus helping reduce the barrage your armor and heavy infantry will receive. This may also force your opponent to surge forward into walls of flame weapons.
  • In keeping with the small unit size benefit, look at squads of Eliminators and/or Eradicators. Your re-roll ability allows units that rely on a few powerful shots to do their job. Eliminators hit 88% of the time and wound MEQ 88% of the time with re-rolls. Eradicators don't double their shots- they fire twice, meaning each set of three melta shots at gets their re-rolls. Statistically, with your re-rolls, there are very few pieces of armor in the game that won't be living in abject fear of a Salamander Eradicator squad.

Raven Guard

Raven Guards Livery.jpg
In the grim darkness of the far future, death comes from the shadows.

Thematically, these guys are THE specialist of covert operations and rapid deployment, striking their enemies before they can react.
On the tabletop, these guys are well-suited to picking off characters, either from long range sniping, mass Jump Pack assaults, or smash captains flipping entire units by themselves, and either way they're tricky to actually land a hit on. Thanks to a wealth of deployment and redeployment options, they will constantly be moving in to attack from multiple directions, and they are one of the few chapters that can reliably deliver Primaris units into close quarters without relying on transports.
If you want your marines to get the jump on the enemy then keep quiet, and stalk the shadows with the Ravens.

Special Rules

  • Chapter Tactics - Shadow Masters: Your units get the benefit of light cover if they're being shot beyond 18". If they're INFANTRY and happen to be entirely on or within a terrain feature (not just receiving cover), they benefit from dense cover in addition.
    • Of help to long-range attackers of all types, from Scout Snipers to ranged Dreads. One of the best chapter tactics available, as is basically good on everything, from units that can pick off opponents from afar to melee units that need to cover long distances to reach their intended targets, preventing them from being shot up quite as badly.
    • While it's a nerf from the old -1 to hit (it being restricted to far-away cover), a 2+ save still helps, and your vehicles get cover in the open. It's also worth noting that Vanguard Primaris means that there are now more units with Camo Cloaks, as opposed to just Scouts, and they'll all enjoy that +2 to saves at 18". Turns out that Salamanders don't have a monopoly on infantry that can ignore AP-1.
  • Combat Doctrine - Surgical Strikes: While the Tactical Doctrine is active, all your models add +1 to hit and wound rolls when targeting a character. Unlike most doctrines, this isn't restricting you to any particular method of fighting...though you can snipe a character earlier than you can reach it in melee. Naturally, sniper Scouts and Eliminators in particular will appreciate these bonuses, triggering Mortal Wounds on a wound roll of 5+.
    • This rule is an absolute nightmare for opponents running large, monstrous characters. Knights with relics, Greater Daemons, Hive Tyrants, Mortarion, and Magnus were already fire magnets, and this makes the situation far worse for them.
    • Melee you say? A librarian in Phobos armor, Lias Issodon, any model/unit with jump packs or terminator armor can get within 9" of a character by turn 2. If you went first (which you should be with low model count army and RG) Surgical Strikes can be activated turn two, right when your model's jump into melee. When using lias Issodon, Hungry for Battle tactic, or Master of the Vanguard WL trait you can net up to +3" to charges. This is a complex and risky combo, but you can soften up any characters with turn 1 snipers and then decapitate them with turn 2 deep strike charges. The best part is that you don't have to build around this combo, as you can opt out of melee or simply sit back and rely on shooting for a few rounds depending on terrain or any screens you cant clear, such is the versatility of RG. Keep your opponent guessing!!!

Crusade Additions

Secondary Objectives


If White Scars are the masters of speed, Raven Guard are the masters of deployment.

  • Infiltrators (1 CP): At the start of the first battle round, but before the first turn begins choose an infantry unit and move them. As long as you finish more than 9" from enemy models. Each unit can only be selected for this once per battle. As your turn hasn't begun you can use this multiple times on different units.
    • Best utilized on Jump Infantry, though as Concealed Positions also happens before the first turn, it can also be used to reposition an infiltrating unit.
  • Strike from the Shadows (1 CP): Lets you place a Raven Guard Infantry unit in ambush, allowing them to deep strike.
  • Strike from the Skies (1 CP): Start of the Charge phase. One Raven Guard Jump Pack unit can charge even if they advanced and adds 1 to the charge rolls.
  • The Raven's Blade (1 CP): Allows you to reroll all charge rolls against one enemy unit. Useful for removing an important enemy unit by charging several of your melee units into it simultaneously.
  • False Flight (2 CP): One Raven Guard unit can now shoot and charge after they fall back. There's plenty of utility here, from making a fighting retreat to double-dipping on any charge bonuses you get.

Compared to other chapters, the Raven Guard have only a few Stratagems that enhance their damage output, and they are either limited to once per turn or very narrow in scope.

  • Lay Low the Tyrants (1 CP): Use during the melee phase. Pick a Raven Guard Infantry or Biker unit. When they resolve a melee attack against a character that is not a vehicle or a non-vehicle unit with a model that has 4 or more wounds, add 1 to the wound roll. Stacks with Surgical Strikes, giving you +2 to wound against enemy Characters.
  • Vengeance of Istvaan V (1 CP): A Raven Guard unit can reroll all attack rolls in melee when targeting a Word Bearer, Iron Warrior, Alpha Legion, or Night Lord unit. Avenge the Drop Site Massacre. ”Come on you fucking pansies! Fight us face-to-face! For Corax! For Brothers lost! CHARGE!!!”- Master of Shadows Kayvaan Shrike, battle for Hope’s Pyre against Word Bearers.
  • Ambushing Fire (2 CP): Use at the start of your moving phase if the Tactical Doctrine is active. Until the beginning of the next battle round, all Raven Guard units shooting Rapid Fire and Assault weapons in your army improve their AP by 1 on an unmodified wound roll of 6. Can only be used once per battle.

While most armies have stratagems aimed at utility or defense, the Raven Guard emphasize disrupting your opponent's plans and making it harder for them to use stratagems, target your units, and take/score objectives.

  • Stranglehold (2 CP): Use during the first turn of the game to screw over your opponent's stratagems. You must have Raven Guard Scouts or Phobos units in your army. roll 1d6 each time an opponent spends a command point on a stratagem. on a 5+, the opponent must spend an additional command point or the stratagem is countered and cannot be used again this round. Only works during the first turn.
  • See but Remain Unseen (1 CP): Use this stratagem at the end of your turn. Select one Raven Guard unit that did not make any attacks. Subtract 1 from any hit rolls that target them. You could possibly be a dick and use this on transports working as meat shields for your army, you're not gonna miss a few WS 6+ attacks or less than 10 Storm Bolter shots. Works especially well if you position your units such that your opponent must engage the transport. Also makes an Infantry unit in terrain with Smoke Grenades ridiculously survivable at -3 to hit (>12").
  • Decapitating Blow (2 CP): Use when you kill the enemy warlord with a Raven Guard unit. For the rest of the game, enemy units are at -1 leadership.
  • Deadly Price (1 CP): Use at the end of your turn to boobytrap an objective. If an enemy unit tries to take it, roll a d6. On a 2-4, they take d3 mortal wounds. On a 5+, they take 3 mortal wounds instead. Can't be used on the same objective more than once per battle.
  • Force their Hand (1 CP): Tactical objective shenanigans. Force your opponent to discard a tactical objective and draw a new one. You need to have a bike or infantry unit on a objective in your opponent's deployment zone to use this. A lot of hoops to jump through to make this work.

All Chapters Supplements include some variation of the following three stratagems.

  • Masters of the Trifold Path (1 CP): Non-named characters can generate a second warlord trait. No duplicates. once per battle
  • Favored of the Ravenspire (1 CP): A Raven Guard Sergeant can take certain relics
  • Token of Brotherhood (1 CP): The standard successor relic sharing stratagem.

Warlord Traits

  1. Shadowmaster: The enemy can't fire overwatch against your warlord, enabling him to make the charge first, selflessly (and safely) screening his retinue from overwatch. Works on any kind of warlord... but it's obviously better on those who reroll charge ranges, like Shrike or a Jump Pack Captain with the Raven's Fury. Do keep in mind characters with auras that benefit the charge should charge last, or their retinues would no longer benefit from them...like Shrike's. (questionable now since overwatch is a once use ability, but T'au are a thing)
  2. Master of Ambush: At the start of the first battle round, but before the first turn begins, remove your warlord and 1 non-Centurion infantry unit and place them anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" away from the enemies deployment zone. 6 Aggressors??! Note that it allows a Chaplain to infiltrate together with Scouts, Vanguard Primaris units, and other Vanguard HQs without spending a CP.
  3. Swift and Deadly: Friendly Raven Guard units within 6" of the warlord can be chosen to charge even if they advanced. Jump Packs? No, lets try bikes!
  4. Master of Vigilance: When resolving an attack made by a melee weapon by this warlord, an unmodified hit roll of 6 inflicts a mortal wound in addition to any other damage.
  5. Feigned Flight: When this warlord falls back, they can move across models and terrain as if they weren't there. In addition the warlord may shoot and charge in a turn that they fell back.
  6. Echo of the Ravenspire: Once per battle, at the end of your movement phase, the warlord can vanish into the gloom if they are more than 6" away from any other models. When it does, remove it from the battlefield and set up the warlord again at the end of your next reinforcement step of you next move phase. Anywhere on the table that is more than 9" away from enemy models. Excellent on a Terminator or Gravis Smash Captain. This the new named character warlord trait that Shrike get now.

Psychic Discipline: Umbramancy

  1. Umbral Form: Warp Charge 5. The psyker gains a 4++ Invulnerable save.
  2. Enveloping Darkness: Warp Charge 7. One visible enemy unit within 18" cannot fire Overwatch and subtracts one from their hit rolls. Basically a psychic Shock Grenade.
  3. Spectral Blade: Warp Charge 5. Until the start of the next psychic phase, the psyker's Strength is equal to their Leadership. In addition, they have AP-4 when resolving an attack against a unit with a lower Leadership. In most cases, this will make your Librarian Strength 9, and you can guarantee the AP bonus by using one of the numerous Leadership penalty sources available (suddenly, Fear Made Manifest gets better as a warlord trait).
  4. Shadowstep: Warp Charge 7. One Raven Guard Character within 18" of your Librarian redeploys wherever he wishes while 9" away from the enemy. Once again, it can be used to send a Chaplain to support infiltrated Marines, or to teleport around a Terminator or Gravis Smash Captain.
  5. The Abyss: Warp Charge 6. Select one visible enemy unit within 18". Roll 3d6; for each each roll of 4+, the target takes a mortal wound. If any models are destroyed, then the unit suffers a -1 penalty to their leadership for the rest of the turn.
  6. The Darkness Within: Warp Charge 6. Select up to 3 enemy units within 18"; roll 1d6 for each unit. On a 4+, they take a mortal wound. If you rolled a 10 or higher on the psychic test, add 1 to the d6 rolls.

Relics & Special-Issue Wargear

  • The Armour of Shadows: Treat AP-1 attacks against the wearer as AP0. In addition, an unmodified hit roll against them of 1, 2, or 3 always fails (i.e. it's harder for elite units to hit you, but worse melee units won't notice). Watch as your opponent's WS2+ smash unit hits as well as a guardsman.
  • The Ebonclaws: Replaces Lighting Claws. SU AP-3 D1d3 A+1, re-rolls wounds.
  • Ex Tenebris: Replaces a mastercrafted stalker bolt rifle, mastercrafted occulis bolt carbine, or mastercrafted instigator bolt carbine. Replaces the profile with 36" Assault 3 S4 AP-2 D2, it can target enemy characters even if they are not the closest, and it adds 1 to its hit rolls and ignores cover. Was made by Corax and supposed to be given to Konrad Curze. Probably would have helped his shooting. Consider putting this on a Primaris Captain who's supporting your backline to snipe characters, or even better, a Primaris Lieutenant (+1 to hit increasing him to 2+ to hit) since he's cheaper and his buffs stack with the Phobos Captain, who also has a sniper rifle. Since it's a relic, it sadly does not stack with the Marksman's Honors trait.
    • The +1 to hit bonus stacks with the Combat Doctrine, allowing even a Lieutenant to ignore a -1 to hit penalty on other sneaky characters. So it's wasted on a Captain.
  • Oppressor's End: Replaces a combat knife with S+1 AP-2 D1 A+1. Against an enemy character, the damage improves to 3. Not shabby, but the only HQs that can this are the Phobos Captain and Lieutenant... and they'd probably rather take Ex Tenebris. Has worth thinking about if you are taking a Reiver lieutenant.
  • The Raven Skull of Korvaad: Once per turn, you can re-roll a hit roll, wound roll, or damage roll. In addition, if the model carrying this relic is destroyed by an enemy unit, you can add 1 to the hit rolls of any Raven Guard unit targeting that enemy unit for the rest of the game. Kind of begs for martyrs, which should be easy to find with Templars, but this does have its uses regardless.
  • Raven's Fury: Jump Pack model only. Can charge even after advancing, and re-rolls failed charge rolls. It also inflicts a mortal wound on its charge target on a 4+. While its extra speed might be ignored so your other Jump Infantry can keep up, and Champions don't have access to them, it is of great help to a Shadowmaster RG Warlord to get that charge.
  • Adamantine Mantle: FnP5+++. "Not dying" is good for everyone, but (smash) captains/Primaris are the ones with the most wounds to proc it with.
  • Artificer Armour: 2+/5++. Most useful for Lieutenants and Librarians, who lack invulns.
  • Digital Weapons: Do an additional attack when the model fights. If it hits, the target suffers a mortal wound.
  • Master-crafted Weapon: +1D to a weapon, and it now considered a relic (so now some WTs no longer affect it and such). 4D Thunder Hammer!
  • Korvidari Bolts: Select one bolter weapon from Codex Space Marines that model is equipped with, when that model is chosen to shoot you can fire a Korvidari bolt. The model's ranged weapon's range is increased by 6" and can target units that are not visible, but only one attack can be made with the weapon. Great on a Phobos Captain, as he only gets one shot anyways, or an Eliminator sarge to always use the best ammo despite being out of LoS.
  • Shadow Master Cloak: 3++ invuln save while completely within a terrain feature. Good on Lieutenants and Librarians for the same reason as Artificer Armour, the choice depends entirely on the availability of terrain.
  • Silentus Pistol: Models with a bolt pistol or heavy bolt pistol only, replaces it for a pistol 2 S5 AP-2 D2. It can target a character even without it being the closest and can add 1 to the hit roll.
    • Since it doesn't fully synergize with the Combat Doctrine (it gets the to hit and to wound bonuses but not the AP bonus), it works better on a Successor Chapter.
  • Shard of Isstvan: +1 attack, and when a morale test is taken for a chapter unit within 6", the test is automatically passed.

Special Units

  • Primaris Kayvaan Shrike: He’s been spoiled as a Vanguard Chapter Master. He’s finally got a gun (even though it’s a pistol), still has the Raven's Talons, the jump pack, and that fuck-ugly emo hairstyle. He now lets you re-roll all hit rolls as per the Chapter Master rules revision. His gun, Blackout, is an 18" AP-2 D2 bolt pistol that can target characters and do mortal wounds on 6+ like the usual sniper rifle. In addition, he now has 6 wounds and a 14" move. Combine all that with Winged Deliverance (re-roll charges for units within 6"), and... hoo boy. With the changes to the Infiltrator Comms Array, he now allows them to benefit.
  • Lias Issodon(Legends): Chapter Master. Lias is the king of Infiltration Fuckery. He has a 6" aura that adds +1" to all move, advance, charge, and fall back moves to all Raptors Core Infantry. His weapon Malice is a 30" Assault 3 S5 AP-4 D1d3 murdermachine with ignores cover for save, which he can fire after retreating from melee with Hit & Run. In addition to all of this, Lias essentially has a 1+ save while sitting in any cover. Plus he has a master-crafted power sword, just in case he needs to run interference to protect your ambushers from small opportunistic chargers. Tragically you can now only give him the +1 Ld bubble Warlord Trait from the core book.
    • now longer give 3 unit infantrntration ability. He is better used as a sniper character that runs alongside Footslogers with Chainswords.
    • Consider taking 3 sternguard Veteran squads. With Lias's rules and the Hungry for Battle tactic, your getting +2 to charges. Rumor has it they are getting another wound, meaning you can hurl anywhere from 30 to 60 wounds at your enemy and potentially 90 attacks... AFTER... you blast them with special issue boltguns and/or special weapons. This is all you need to bog down your opponent for the opening turns and eliminate their infantry. Take 1-3 more Chaplain Dreads with lascannons (who use recitation of focus) and tacticals (filling out battalions) to kick back in cover (using stealthy as your other tactic) and shoot anything else that is big. Don't make Lias your warlord, give that to someone else who is tucked away. This is honestly lazyman style SM as your just hurling bodies at the enemy like a damn Ork while everyone else claims objectives, survives and shoots things (not like an Ork).
      • You can reverse this tactic as well by hurling Tacticals into the fray first while Sternguards remain back and shoot out of cover. This gets you less wounds down the board with less attacks, Though Sternguards can take more special/heavy weapons and have longer-ranged boltguns. Sending Tacticals first allows you to sacrifice cheaper models while a better unit hangs back. However, Sternguards, or even Vanguards, can deliver far more punch and will survive longer.

Successor Tactics: Inheritors of the Primarch works just fine for them, and are perhaps even better built for them than their parent chapter! Inheritors are also absolute cheese on Issodon’s deepstrike force (put them down in cover and you have a group of 15 lascannon-toting Devastators who reroll all failed hits, with -1 to hit and a 2+ save, along with Issodon’s 0+ and -1 to hit). If you feel like mixing it up, however, Tactics like Preferred Enemy, Long-ranged Marksmen, and, of course, Stealthy are all fluffy and effective picks. Consider that the Hungry For Battle Trait, combined with the Master of the Vanguard Warlord Trait and Lias Issodon's built-in +1 to charge can give your reserve force a respectable 6" charge out of deepstrike, season with Raven's Blade for a re-roll to taste.

  • Tyberos the Red Wake: Chapter Master. An unholy, terrifying murder machine whose melee damage went through the roof in this edition. Comes with Hunger and Slake. Chainfist/Power Claw combo, 6 S7 Ap-4 D2 attacks that re-roll wounds. He grants all Carcharodons core and Characters units within 6" +1S including himself. Tyberos excels at fighting other marines and HQs due to his damage output. Keep an assault unit of some sort alongside him and together they should destroy any MEQ or TEQ unit with absolute ease. While VERY expensive Thunder Hammer armed Vanguard or Assault Termies become more effective at killing high toughness units when alongside Tyberos. ((The S10 they get from Tyberos' buff combined with the Thunder Hammers means they'll go from wounding T8 and T9 units on 4+ and 5+ respectively to wounding them on a 3+ and 3+ respectively (this means they can wound even a Knight or Warhound Titan on a 3+). A squad of 5 will put out 11 AP-3 Dmg 3 Strength 10 hits that can cause a maximum of 33 damage and they get to re-roll misses due to Tyberos. That's a potential of 48 damage in a single fight phase between them and Tyberos using Hunger (15 from Tyberos 33 from the hammer unit.
    • If Tyberos is your warlord, you should really be pumping everything you can into his attacks - his hitting power is strong, but his overall volume of attacks quite low by comparison. To start with, give him The Imperium’s Sword for +1A on the charge, which complements his existing +1A from Shock Assault. Cast Might of Heroes on him for another +1A and +1S, giving him eight attacks at S12 ap-4 dmg3. Finally, drop the Whirlwind of Rage successor trait and keep a Lieutenant nearby, and watch your sweet little bundle of death chew through an Imperial Knight every turn.
    • Since Sharkboy has no ranged weapons at all, not even a bolt pistol, any turn where he isn’t wrecking face in cc is a waste of his less substantial 160 points cost - so absolutely invest in a transport to get him up the board as quickly as possible. Bonus cool points if you play his favorite song while disembarking.

Successor Tactics: Whirlwind of Rage is an absolute must here, Tyberos benefits too damn much from it. Great choices for your second Tactic include Hunger for Battle, to get into melee ASAP, or Tactical Withdrawal, to keep Shock Assault up and working for you. Fearsome Aspect is a fluffy, if not as brutal option.


Objective Defense: The Ravens can defend an objective simply because of how difficult it is to hit them. You can take things to an extreme with just a couple vanguard troops: keep them close and have a squad use their smoke bombs (and thus not shoot) and use See But Remain Unseen. Next, have a Phobos Librarian use Shrouding on the other squad to force the enemy to target the -3 to hit squad. That's an auto-miss on BS4+. And Deadly Price stacks with Incursor mines, meaning your units can barely be shot at, and anyone who wants to contest the objective is greeted by a flurry of mortal wounds. On top of now being too close to Incursors. Happy haunting!

Aggressor Rush: The First Axiom of Victory is to be other than where the enemy desires you to be. Your enemy doesn't want Aggressors near his lines, or defending the objectives he placed. The First Axiom of Stealth is to be other than where the enemy believes you to be. Your enemy believes Chaplains cannot move quickly without giving up their litanies. 10,000 years later, Corax's tennets remain true. Risky, but devastating when your enemy isn't prepared to meet & greet six Aggressors buffed by a Chaplain. Add support to it, like a couple of Invictors, and your enemy simply won't be able to take care of your stealth ball of hate fast enough. The enemy HAS to move back to avoid the charge, and that more than 5" (Aggressor move) + 7" (average charge) = 12". Congrats, your mere presence FORCED the enemy back and gave you cover in the open (>12") to top it all!


DW Shoulder Pad final.jpg
In the grim darkness of the far future, there must be vigilance without end.

Peerless xenos hunters, the Deathwatch is the space marine MIB. Veterans drawn from across every chapter, they are geared to combat the alien menace even more so than their by-comparison-ordinary fellow superhumans, using Specialized Weapons And Tactics seen nowhere else.
On the tabletop, these guys are THE special forces space marines. While they have rules tailor made to fuck with xenos armies, they can fight any enemy by designating entire target-types for quick elimination, and their kill teams include diverse unit types and weapons with multiple profiles to give them the flexibility to tackle any situation.
If you want your marines to be tactical operators then join the Deathwatch vigil and suffer not the alien to live.

Probably the most complex army in the game to try and explain in this format. You may have an easier time understanding them on their dedicated army page.

Special Rules

  • Chapter Tactics - Xenos Hunters: The Deathwatch chapter tactic. Reroll melee hit rolls of 1 against Tyranids, Aeldari, Necrons, Orks or T'au Empire units. After deployment, pick a battlefield role (Troops, Fast Attack, Elites, Heavy Support, HQ, Flyers, or Lords of War), all units re-roll 1s to wound against anything belonging to that battlefield role (i.e. against all enemy HQs, or all enemy Troops, or all enemy Heavy Support, etc).
    • Rerolls are good, even if they would overlap with the captain and lieutenant's (which you now get). This also means you can pick a Chaplain and Librarian as your HQs and you'd still have rerolls, helps you circumvent the Rule of One for Captains, and if you really need to, Dreadnoughts can be made to provide aura buffs from time to time as well.
  • Combat Doctrine - Mission Tactics: Unlike the vanilla Marines, the Deathwatch can choose which doctrine to use each turn, but each one has a limited number of uses: 1 for Devastator, 2 for Tactical, 3 for Assault.
    • Helps you be less predictable...though in general you're still going to open with a ranged doctrine and switch to melee later in game.
  • Unit Restrictions: First things first, the Deathwatch is not really a codex compliant chapter, and thus cannot take Assault Squads, Biker Squads, Devastator Squads, Scout Squads, or Sternguard Veterans.
  • Exclusive options: While jarring, do note they have their own versions of those, as well as things only they get:
    • Firstborn Captains, Veteran and Veteran Biker Sergeants can use xenophase blades (S+1, AP-4, D1, ignores invulnerable saves).
    • Vanguard Veterans can take heavy thunder hammers, which have additional +1 AP and Damage, paying a little extra to become like relic hammers of old, but without actually using relic requisition.
    • Heavy flamers are added to the heavy weapon list.
    • Hand flamers and inferno pistols added to the pistol list.
  • Special Issue Ammunition: Got nerfed to be restricted to much fewer weapons than the previous edition. Mostly only Deathwatch boltguns and stalker boltguns carried by Deathwatch Veterans and the combi-part of Deathwatch combi-weapons gain them, as well as select Named Characters and the Watch Master. The rule of thumb is to choose the ammo that affects whatever the enemy has in abundance. The SIA has received a decent rework, probably to try and make players use more than one type of ammo (hellfire rounds were monstrously overpowered compared to the other ones). Models with the privilege of having the trademark Deathwatch gimmick pick their SIA before choosing targets.
    • Dragonfire Bolts: Each time an attack is made with this ammo, the target does not receive the benefits of cover against that attack. Better than the previous edition, but still not that great. You'll want this for units that gain rely on cover for a good armour save, such as Scouts with camo-cloaks and Eldar Rangers.
    • Hellfire Rounds: Attacks with this ammo gain +1 to the wound roll against non-Vehicle and non-Titanic targets. A monstrous nerf from last edition and likely going to be the least used this edition.
    • Kraken Bolts: This ammo grants +6" range (+3" if it's a pistol) and improves the AP by one. This is one of the few rules that is explicitly cumulative with Combat Doctrines. No longer restricted to a maximum AP value either, so enjoy AP-4 stalker boltguns in the Devastator Doctrine.
    • Vengeance Round: Add 1 damage to the wounds caused by bolt attacks.
  • Mixed Units: The Kill-Team rules. If you have a squad with mixed toughness scores (by adding Bikers to a Veteran Squad for instance), you use the majority toughness for the unit. If there is an even split, you choose. The unit as a whole is treated to only have the Infantry keyword for the sake of simplifying terrain interaction. Terminators, Bikers, and Jump Pack models retain their keywords only for the purpose of Bolter Discipline, Transports, or they make a unit of only them.
  • Kill-Team Specialisms: As added incentive for using Kill-Teams, you can also spend points to give them a upgrade. Only one unit in your army can have a given upgrade. This lets you re-roll wound rolls against specific battlefield slots.
    • Aquila: After picking a Battlefield Role for your Chapter Tactic, this unit can pick another role to re-roll wounds against.
    • Venator: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 (or all wound rolls if you picked this role for your Chapter Tactics) against Fast Attack and Flyers.
    • Malleus: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 (or all wound rolls if you picked this role for your Chapter Tactics) against Heavy Support, Lord of War, Dedicated transports.
    • Dominus: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 (or all wound rolls if you picked this role for your Chapter Tactics) against Elites.
    • Furor: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 (or all wound rolls if you picked this role for your Chapter Tactics) against Troops.
    • Purgatus: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 (or all wound rolls if you picked this role for your Chapter Tactics) against HQ.

Crusade Additions

Secondary Objectives

Battlefield Supremacy

  • The Long Vigil: Score 5 VP at the start of every turn after the first where no enemies are less than 6" away from your DZ while you have a unit within your DZ. Aircraft are excepted from these rules. You're pretty much running area denial here, so pop the transports where they arrive and prioritize any deep strikers.

Purge the Enemy

  • Cull Order: At the start of the game you and your opponent must select alternating battlefield roles (HQ, Troops, etc). During any turn where you have killed every unit with one of the roles you selected, you score 5 VP.

Shadow Operations

  • Cripple Stronghold: The real Black Ops shit. At the start of the game, your opponent picks one objective, preferably one in his DZ. For the duration of this game, your Infantry units gain a special action that they trigger at the end of the movement phase so long as any non-Aircraft models aren't within range of the objective. If the unit remains within range at the start of your next command phase, you win 6 VP.

No Mercy, No Respite

  • Suffer Not the Alien: 1 VP for every unit from a major xenos army you slay. Pretty cut and dry.


  • Death to the Alien! (1 CP): Used when a DEATHWATCH unit is selected to fight. Gain +1 attack when in engagement range with a Tyranid, Aeldari, Ork, Necrons, or T'au Empire.
  • Prognostication Volley (2 CP): Anti-Eldar. When a Deathwatch unit shoots at a Aeldari, ignore any Hit and Balistics modifiers. Suffer no Eldar tricks (except in melee), and can also be used to destroy their Aircraft.
  • Synaptic Severance (2 CP): Anti-Tyranid. until the end of the phase, a DEATHWATCH unit auto wounds on hit rolls of 6 against Tyranid Synapse units.
  • Adaptive Tactics (2 CP): Single Use. In the command phase, if you have a Watch Master on the battlefield, you can change the battlefield role for Xeno Hunters.
  • Atonement through Honour (1 CP): During opponent's change phase, a Deathwatch unit with a black shield can heroically intervene.
  • Sanction of the Black Vault (1 CP): Single use. A Sergeant can take Artificer armour, Master-crafted weapon, Digital weapon, Banebolts of Eryxia, or the Artificer bolt cache. An Eliminator Sergeant can aim BS2+ Banebolts at characters, and the Artificer Bolt Cache can increase a Centurion Sergeant's Hurricane bolter beyond merely master crafting it.
  • A Vigil Unmatched (1 CP): Single use. Give a DEATHWATCH character warlord an additional Deathwatch warlord trait. We've seen this before.
  • Brotherhood of Veterans (2 CP): For the turn, a DEATHWATCH unit can Replace Xeno Hunters with another Chapter or successor tactic. So versatile, it's not so much about how to use it but with whom and when, as by definition they buff common situations. That said, you do have the deathwatch-specific scenario of "I want to SHOOT a lot of Special Issue BOLTS" come up frequently. Hard to afford using it every turn unless you had CP regain from a Watch Master or an Ultramarines Paragon of their Chapter.
  • Disruptive Launch (1 CP): A DEATHWATCH unit with a jump pack model can shoot when they fall back.
  • Relentless Assault (1 CP): A DEATHWATCH unit with a Biker model can fall back and charge. Particularly handy since bikes are otherwise hampered by unit cohesion rules.
  • Priority Doctrine Adoption (1 CP): If running a pure DEATHWATCH army. A DEATHWATCH unit can benefit form a different combat doctrine.
  • Teleportarium (1 CP): You can set a DEATHWATCH INFANTRY unit, DEATHWATCH Biker or DEATHWATCH DREADNOUGHT in a Teleportarium chamber instead of placing it on the battlefield. Single use, two for Strike Force games, three for Onslaught sized games. PRIMARIS DEEPSTRIKE! And Centurions too.
  • Overkill (1 CP): Anti-Necron. After fighting or shooting at a Necron unit, that unit suffers -1 to reanimation protocols rolls made for those attacks. Can be used when shooting at them from long range too now.
  • Stem the Green Tide (2 CP): Anti-Ork. Use when a Ork unit changes a Deathwatch unit, they can fire overwatch and they take a -2" to charge roll if you kill a model. High-risk high reward: reducing enemy charge ranges is always useful, but you have to hit the orks in overwatch first, let alone kill them. Useful if you have a Captain nearby, but still a gambit against armored things like Mega-armoured Nobz. Useless if the ork charges with the transport first.
  • Targeting Scramblers (1 CP): Anti-Tau. Use after an enemy T'au unit has resolved all attacks in the shooting phase agenst a Deathwatch unit, remove all markerlight tokens from it.
  • Shroud Field (2 CP): During the first battle round, Corvis Blackstars can't be targeted with shooting unless it's the closest target. Most people deploy their anti-air batteries in the back, forcing them to target your Blackstar at -1 to hit.
  • Clavis (1 CP): During fight phase, Select a vehicle within 1" of a Watch Master. The Vehicle suffers D3 mortal wounds and it fights last. Good for dealing that last bit of damage to destroy it or bring it down a wound bracket, and then letting your guys beat it up before it can retaliate. Useful against Dreadnoughts and Daemon machines, but it does expose your Watch Master.
  • Special Issue Loadout (2 CP): During your shooting phase, one Deathwatch infantry's bolt weapons (except sniper rifles) gains Special issue ammunition but their type is changed to Heavy 1 until the end of the phase. Most useful to your Intercessor's and Heavy Intercessor's heavy bolt rifles. Full 3D Troop guns, marine creep must be nasty to other factions tbh.

Psychic Discipline: Xenopurge

  1. Peremorphic Resonance (WC6) Blessing: A Deathwatch unit within 18", until your next psychic phase, hits on 5+ on Overwatch and fights first, in addition to gaining +1 to hit in melee.
  2. Fortifed With Contempt (WC6) Blessing: A Deathwatch infantry or Deathwatch Bike unit within 18" gains a 5+++ FNP.
  3. Neural Void (WC7) Malediction: One enemy unit within 18" loses an attack and can only charge the nearest enemy unit.
    • A really useful power, especially powerful against melee armies/units. With clever positioning you can force a debuffed enemy unit to either charge your CC kill team, or not charge at all.
  4. Psychic Cleanse (WC6) Witchfire: Roll a die for each enemy model within 9", on a 6 they take a MW.
  5. Mantle of Shadow (WC6) Blessing: A Deathwatch infantry unit within 12" can't be shot at unless they're within 12" of the firing unit or are the closest eligible target, so long as they don't shoot or charge.
    • Useful for protecting either a backline unit that isn't shooting for whatever reason, or a unit doing an action this turn. The main limitation is that if the unit charges or shoots, the power is broken. Use with caution.
  6. Severance (WC7) Malediction: One enemy Deathwatch Character within 18" suffers a MW and a 3" reduction on the range of their Auras. If the psychic test was greater then their Ld, their subordinates can't benefit from their Auras at all.
    • The singular mortal wound isn't great, but shutting auras down can be really helpful. Good if you know there's a buff character being the lynchpin for your enemy's army. Note that it says enemy units cannot benefit from the total aura shutdown, so debuff auras will still affect your guys, even if the range of the aura is reduced.

Warlord Traits

  1. Vigilance Incarnate: each command phase, pick a battlefield role, Deathwatch CORE units within 6" reroll wound rolls of 1 against those units. Watch Captain Artemis gets this trait. This is quite a save as this lets you double-dip a bit with your chapter tactics.
  2. Paragon of their Chapter: Pick Chapter Warlord Trait from Codex Space Marines (you can't pick one from a supplement). Note you have to pick one from the chapter your character is modeled from (unless he's a Blackshield). Successor chapters must choose the WT of their parent chapter.
    • White Scars - Deadly Hunter: When the Warlord makes a charge move, choose one enemy unit within 1" and roll a D6. It suffers a Mortal Wound on a 2+.
    • Space Wolves - Beastslayer: Extra attack and +1 wound and hit when fighting a monster or Vehicle. Use a S8 weapon to wound most infantry and even vehicles on a 2+.
    • Imperial Fists - Architect of War: Nearby core in cover treat AP-1 attacks as AP0. Lessens the effect of common AP-1 multi damage weapons. The only AURA guy.
    • Crimson Fists - Refuse to Die: Come back to life on a 4+ with D3 wounds.
    • Black Templars - Oathkeeper: 6" heroic intervention. Not being left out is good, I guess.
    • Blood Angels - Speed of the Primarch: Always fight first. And you're the faction with Heavy Thunder Hammers and invuln-ignoring swords. Now Your Teeth-of-Terra-captain or Black-Mace-chaplain can make a Heroic Intervention and kill most deepstriking chargers before they can even land a swing on your precious Kill Teams. You can multiply this strategy using Veil of Time and Premorphic Resonance. With 3 lethal always-fight-first units your 48 inceptors can spread to kill while being nearly unchargeable.
    • Flesh Tearers - Merciless Butcher: +1d3 attacks if 5 or more enemy models within 3" of the Warlord.
    • Iron Hands - Adept of the Omnissiah: Repair vehicles like a Techmarine or add +1 to any recovery rolls if you're already one.
    • Ultramarines - Adept of the codex: Refund 1 CP on 5+. You always need more CP.
    • Salamander - Anvil of Strength: +2S. You're fighting T3 mortals and you want to reach S6 or you took a Relic Blade and want to wound MEQ on 2+. That's about it.
    • Raven Guard - Echo of the Ravenspire: Once per game remove the WL from the board at the end of your movement phase and deepstrike him at the end of your next one. Lets your warlord keep up with your Spectrus team when they do their own "Guerilla Tactics" teleport.
    • Dark Angels - Brilliant Strategist: Select one friendly unit within 6" of the Warlord. Until the next Command phase, that unit counts as being in the Devastator Doctrine if the Tactical Doctrine is active for your army, or in the Tactical Doctrine of the Assault Doctrine is active for your army.
  3. Nowhere to Hide (Aura): Select an enemy unit at the start of each Shooting phase. That unit cannot claim cover against attacks made by deathwatch core units within 6" of the Warlord. Keep him near your guns that don't get Dragonfire bolts, or stack their effects with other ammo. Codicier Natorian uses this trait.
  4. Optimised Priority (Aura): deathwatch core and character units within 6" of the Warlord can shoot without their Action failing. Aura of free "Uncompromising fire", so you can get VP without giving up special bolt fire. Used by young Cassius.
  5. Castellan of the Black Vault: The Warlord can take one of the following in addition to any other relics: Master-crafted weapon, Artificer Armour, Adamantine Mantle, Banebolts of Eryxia, special issue ammunition cache. Can be useful now that relics are limited by army size, and even allows you to take two relics on the same character.
  6. The Ties That Bind Us (Aura): deathwatch core units within 6" of the Warlord re-roll morale checks. In addition in command phase pick one deathwatch core unit within 6" of the warlord to gain Objective Secured; if it already has it, each model in that unit is treated as two models for the purpose of deciding who controls the objective.


  • Beacon Angelis: Once per battle, if the bearer did not arrive from reserves, at the end of your movement phase, you can teleport a Deathwatch Infantry or Biker unit from any point on the battlefield or from reserve to within 6" of the bearer and more than 9" from enemy models.
  • Dominus Aegis: A buffed shield. +1 to armour saves and all friendly Deathwatch Core and Deathwatch Character models within 6" gain a 5+ invulnerable save.
  • The Osseus Key: Watch Master only. Enemy vehicles get -1 to hit and -1 to attack if they are within 12" of him.
  • Thief of Secrets: Ap-4 Power Sword that ignores invulnerable saves and is D2 against the alien races (Tau, Tyranids, Orks, Necrons, or Aeldari). A master-crafted Xenophase blade would be D2 against everything, but this can give a Xenophase blade to those who can't take it.
  • Tome of Ectoclades: Once per battle, during the command phase pick an enemy datasheet, all Deathwatch Core within 6" reroll wounds against units of that datasheet until your next command phase. Easier than using multiple specialisms, WT and stratagems to give full wound rerolls to multiple units to kill a single, but crucial, enemy model.
  • Adamantine Mantle: FnP 5+. "Not dying" is good for everyone, but better the more wounds you start with.
  • Master-crafted Weapon: +1D to a weapon, and it now considered a relic (so now some WTs no longer affect it and such). 5D Heavy Thunder Hammer! If used on a weapon with multiple profiles (like combi-weapons and the Vigil Spear) it affects both profiles. It also makes a bolt weapon reach 2D without using Vengeance rounds, so you can combine it with other effects.
  • Digital Weapons: Do an additional attack when the model fights. If it hits, the target suffers a mortal wound.
  • Artificer Armour: 2+/5++. Most useful for Lieutenants and Librarians, who lack invulns.
  • The Blackweave Shroud: In case you really need to tank things up and don't expect high AP, you can grab this. The bearer adds +1 to their Toughness and a 4+ FNP against any Mortal Wounds, protecting against S5 (power swords) and S8 (power fists, melta, plasma), as well as psychic nonsense. Watch masters with their innate 2+ armour save are pretty fond of this relic.
  • Spear of the First Vigil: Upgraded Vigil Spear with +1S and flat 3 damage. Becomes killer S8 in the hands of a Salamanders Paragon.
  • The soul fortress: Librarian only. 24" Hood and can ignore all modifiers for a psychic test.
  • Banebolts of Eryxia: Let a bolt weapon fire a single shot with S6 Ap-2 D3.
  • Vhorkhan-pattern Auspicaction: Deathwatch Core units within 6" gain +1 to hit against enemies with fly.
  • Artificer Bolt Cache: A bolt weapon gains special issue ammunition.
  • Eye of Abiding: The bearer can ignore any and all modifiers to hit, wound, WS, and BS, and the enemy can't use invuln saves against attacks on a 6 to wound.

Special Units


  • Watch Master: Your 'Chapter Master', with natural 2+ save on top of his usual stats, including the ability to give full re-rolls to a single unit in the command phasecan they take master of the codex?. A contrast in a flexible force, his wargear is fixed to the Vigil Spear, his clavis became a stratagem, and most importantly he's restricted to walking, so he needs a transport to put that spear to use.

Special Characters

  • Watch Captain Artemis: Hailing from the days of Inquisitor, Artemis is our only special character. Regular Watch Captain but also has Unstoppable Champion (FnP 6+). He's armed with the Hellfire Extremis (a Combi-Flamer whose flamer bit wounds non-vehicles on a 2+), a Master-Crafted Power Sword, and a Stasis Bomb, which is a one-off grenade that does D6 mortal wounds on a hit... which can no longer blow up in his face, which one of the few good changes GW made to Deathwatch this edition. An interesting alternative to a standard Watch Captain, but he is pricey at 105 points with all of his special gear. Make that Stasis Bomb count! Use your Command Re-roll if you get a mere 1 on the mortal damage.
    • In terms of cost, a Captain with Power Sword and Combi-flamer is 86 points to Artemis's 105. You're paying 14 points for a 6+ FNP, a 2+ anti-not-a-vehicle flamer upgrade, and a fuck-you grenade. I'd say it's worth it, but only if you want that kind of kit - Artemis is good for killing infantry and exactly one tough thing up close, and he doesn't have a jump pack to get him in range with his more effective weapons. He's only useful if you can get him up the table. Put him in a Corvus Blackstar with a squad of Veterans outfitted with close-range weapons and he'll pay for himself quickly by one-shotting an enemy HQ.
  • Chaplain Cassius: Took a time machine and now back in Deathwatch. Merely a chaplain with a Deathwatch bolt pistol, an Upgraded Crozius, and +1 on litany rolls.
  • Codicier Natorian: Named Librarian, with a -4 Dd3 force sword and get +1 to cast Smite and Witchfire psychic powers. You're effectively paying 10 points for +1 WS, a slightly better sword, and the small buff to casting. Problem is he doesn't have an invulnerable save, so it'd probably be a better idea to keep him out of melee.


  • Deathwatch Veteran Squad: Not the actual kill team, just the Vets, the best if what you want is to keep it simple, praise Emps and pass the Special Ammunition. They have nice Leadership values and 2 attacks base, and come stock with Power Swords and bolters with Special Ammunition. Up to four of them can take heavy weapons (pretty much overwriting the absence of both the Sternguard and Devastator squads), any of them can take heavy thunder hammers, one of them can be a Blackshield, and the sergeant can pick up a combat shield if he didn't swap a weapon for a storm shield. While for melee they have the same limitations of a footslogging squad, you do have some neat transports, like the Blackstar.
    • They get some cool multi-use Deathwatch weapons. Stalker-patter boltgun is an improved Deathwatch bolter with -2AP and D2. The Deathwatch shotgun has a S5 mode, -1Ap D2 mode, or 8" FLamer mode. Deathwatch Frag cannon fires 12" 2d3 D1 Blast krak shots or is a 24" D2 Autocannon. Infernus Heavy Bolter is if you turned a heavy bolter and heavy flamer into a combi weapon.
    • Storm bolters, sadly, no longer have special-issue ammo. However, they are your most cost effective source of sheer dakka, and with Bolt Discipline that's four shots per marine. Same as bikers, without SIA but for less cost.
    • Black Shield: Now they can take a heavy thunder hammer, and they do have an extra attack over their Veteran friends. He also gets an additional +1 A if he is armed with two melee weapons. If you just thought about adding Two lightning claws in order to get +3 attacks, with re-rollable wound rolls for a total of 6 attacks, and 7 attacks on the charge... congrats. you're not the only one.


The Deathwatch signature units. A strange way to hybridize models forms multiple different units to create a unit with mixed strengths and gear. You take a base unit then add models from other units.

  • Fun thing: if you combat squad a unit, they still count as troop choices, so they have Objective secure. Extra level of eliteness when your bikes and jump packs get priority on objectives.

Kill Teams: The Kill-team rules. If you have a squad with mixed toughness scores (by adding bikes to a veteran squad for instance), you use the majority toughness for the unit. If there is an even split, you choose. The unit as a whole is treated to only have the infantry keyword and for the sac of simplifying terrain interaction, With Terminators, Bikers, and Jump Pack models retain their keywords only for the purpose of Bolter Discipline, Transports, or they make a unit of only them.

  • PROTEUS KILL TEAM: Kill-Team Classic. One of your four Kill-Team options, and what may well be the most complex unit in the whole Emprah-damned game. The Hammer to your Intercessors' Anvil, the unit starts at 5 Vets, a Kill Team's core. So far, so good. Adding models is where things begin to get odd since vets aren't your only choice. You have a plethora of transport options, including the bike-carrying Corvus Blackstar and teleportation, so that won't be much of an issue. Each model other than veterans adds a possible stratagem to use on your entire unit:

The default models, yet the best if what you want is to keep it simple, praise Emps and pass the Special Ammunition. Deathwatch Veterans and their Sergeant share stats with a regular Veteran team. They have nice Leadership values and 2 attacks base. Up to four of them can take heavy weapons (like a different Devastator team), any of them can take heavy thunder hammers, and the sergeant can pick up a combat shield.

  • As of current pricing, the weapon they can take most priced to move is an Infernus Bolter, which, even fired on the move, will radically outperform anything else than take when shooting at targets within 12".
  • This is also currently probably your best option for tanking: 25 points will get you a storm shield and DW bolter, vs 23 for a Vanguard Vet with SS and bolt pistol or chainsword, and the bolt pistol's output is so anemic, the DW bolter is probably worth 2 points.

Like the Elites version (up to three with special weapons); has ObjSec. It can deep strike, but only if its whole unit can, so that will only come up if you combat squad your termis out into their own unit. What does work just fine is that you can put a teleport homer on one, which is currently free, and that will work just fine, letting you scoop the unit up and putting down as per the homer rules. Just remember that if the termi carrying the home dies before you use it, it's gone.

  • You can field a TH/SS/Cyclone loadout, but now your model costs 63 points, which is a lot to lose because you're tanking with it, even if 1+/4++ W3 is reasonably tanky. The Cyclone is currently your most efficient way to bring heavy firepower - 1 Cyclone termi is cheaper than 2 missile launcher vets - but you're better off putting a storm bolter and a free melee weapon (probably a power sword, although a power aze can be better for murder chaff) on him and letting a base vet tank hits more cheaply.
  • At least as of right now, this is the only reasonable choice to make - base vets can carry heavy flamers more cheaply (and have better choices to take to boot), base vets with heavy bolters will outperform their weight in assault cannon termis, and base vets with plasma guns will outperform plasma cannon termis (especially once you remember they'll sometimes kill themselves).

14" move, T5 2W, with a Twin Bolter and a melee weapon (taking the bolt pistol is stupid). All of which is wasted unless you combat-squad 2-3 of them alongside two Vanguard Vets, which lets you tank with T5 2+/4++ VVs while the bikers get shooting done. This is useful since the Relentless Assault stratagem lets them charge even if they fall back. They're not bad by any meaning of the word, it's just that terminators are better, and V-Vets are cheaper. Bear in mind that these guys take up 3 spaces in a Blackstar, so 9 vets and a biker can't bring a character along with them.

While he lives, the entire unit has access to a stratagem so they can fall back and shoot. Doesn't have Fly, so various AA things don't get +1 to hit while shooting him or his squad. If you brought one for the stratagem, don't give him a Storm shield to tank wounds - if he dies, you lose the bonus. Now what? Give the storm shield to a regular no-name Vet, it's not like they gave up shooting to get the invuln.

  • Note that he's (currently) a point cheaper than a Deathwatch Veteran, so any loadout both he and a normal Vet can take is cheaper on him if they pay the same cost for the item. In general, he pays Vanguard Veteran prices for things, so the cheapest way to field something both choices can take will vary as GW updates points costs - for example, right now he costs more than a normal vet if you give him a heavy thunder hammer, but less with any two pistols. There are two things of potential interest to give him right now:
    • Hand Flamers: A pair of Hand Flamers is, right now, the same cost as a Heavy Flamer (so a point cheaper on a Vanguard than a normal Vet), and 7 S3 AP 0 hits is often better than 3.5 S5 AP-1 hits, particularly if you can fully re-roll wounds. Of course, an Infernus Bolter is still more efficient currently.
    • Storm Shields are currently cheaper for Vanguards, by 1 point, so a normal Vet with a Storm Shield and DW Bolter is 25 points to a VV's 23 for a Shield and Chainsword or a Shield and Bolt Pistol, so if literally all you want is the cheapest 2+/4++ you can field, this guy is currently it.

Sample unit builds: Kinda straightforward, actually, since this unit only really has three weapon options: bolt weapons, power weapons, special weapons. Yup, dismiss pistols - they become less of an option when squad members allow you to fall back and charge again. Three tenets here: what you want them to do, how you want them to do it, and transport options. As in, if they bring a Biker, they're forced to ride a Blackstar.

Here's an example build to get you started.

  • Give the sergeant a DW Combi-Flamer, a chainsword, and a combat shield - he's backup tank if your primary tanks die, and until then he's a lightweight version of your 4 base vets.
    • You can drop the chainsword and pay a point to swap the combat shield to a storm shield, but that gives up a surprising amount of close combat punch for not a lot more tankiness.
    • You can also swap the chainsword for a lightning claw if you want to add some points efficient melee punch, but remember, this is a ranged unit - you're better off saving the points and playing intelligently to avoid being in melee, if you can.
  • Give your 4 base veterans Infernus Bolters.
  • Take 3 termis with Cyclone, Storm Bolter, and Power Sword (or Power Axe, if you prefer).
  • Take 2 tanks. Given current prices, these are your choices:
    • Base vet with storm shield and DW combi-flamer, for most output while waiting for your tank to die. 30 points.
    • Vanguard Vet with storm shield and chainsword or bolt pistol, for cheapest tank you can field. 23 points.
    • Base vet with storm shield and DW bolter, for a compromise of output vs being as cheap a tank as possible. 25 points.
    • Vanguard Vet with storm shield and hand flamer, for a slightly more expensive compromise with, surprisingly, slightly better output, in general. 28 points.
  • Kill team Cassius: A fixed setup of an Aquila Kill-Team specialism (Sergeant w/ bolter, one vet w/ plasma pistol+power sword, one vet w/ bolter+chainsword, one vet w/ a combi-melta, one vet w/ a frag cannon, biker with bolter+power sword, terminator with heavy flamer+power fist with meltagun strapped on, one vanguard w/ lightning claws and another vet w/ chainsword+hand flamer). While it doesn't have anything standout, it does benefit from the terminator's teleport homer and auto-passes any morale checks.
  • FORTIS KILL TEAM: The Primaris Killteam. Intercessor Squads mixed with other Primaris units to form Fortis Kill-Teams. they no longer have SIA, so you have to use them like normal Primaris units but the fact that individual models can individually pick which version of their weapon they want and add models from more expensive to give a balance of more power while cutting costs or create two unique 5-man squads for different jobs using only 1 troop slot. Take 5 Intercessors, then add other flavors of Primaris Marines to match the role you have in mind for them:

The shooty core of the team. Your going to have 4 of them plus a Sergeant and, unlike the base squad, you're free to give any bolt rifle to any intercessor without forcing the rest of them to follow suit. The sarge has become better in melee with access to buffed chainswords, power swords, hand flamers, and thunder hammers.

The choppy primaris marines. The Intercessors can hold their own in melee with 3 attacks each.They give cheap chopyness but the Intercessors portion prefers shooting. You could use combat squad to separate from the guns portion and make a separate melee squad with the Outriders.

Pay extra for a bike ridden by a primaris. Has extra durability and makes more attacks. This gives the entire team the bike's Devastating Charge rule, but only for as long as the biker remains alive.

    • If you take 5 your can combat squad them to have an Outriders squad bigger than 3. and if so they will also have priority on objectives because they still count as troops.

Does not add any extra rules of its own. It does, however, add a lot of extra firepowers, and the Hellblaster definitely benefits from being in a unit full of models far more expendable than itself. This is particularly helpful if you plan on camping an objective, as you can exploit their status as Troops in order to just blast enemies with plasma.

Sample Unit Builds: As there aren't quite as many potential combinations to work with for these guys as there are for their shorter cousins, here are some example Primaris kill-team loadouts to consider using:

  • 5 intercessors plus 5 outriders: You get a unit of 5 intercessors to hold objectives, which is ok, and also get a monstruous 5 outrider unit that can hold objectives if they wish to. It's the biggest outrider unit you can field for now, and with the ability to hold objectives, they can steal lightly defended objectives and keep them for quite a while.
  • 5 intercessors plus 5 hellblasters: The hellblasters with heavy bolt rifle can shoot from afar while the hellblasters can bring on the pain. And if you get hit, just prioritize the intercessors to save points.
  • INDOMITOR KILL TEAM: The Gravis armored Kill Team. These big boys are your most durable option when it comes to kill teams, having Toughness 5 across the board for extra survivability. In addition, they might have the most shooting attacks per model of the Primaris kill teams, with loads of options to tear through GEQ and MEQ units. Sadly, the one thing that their let down by is their speed; unless you stick these guys in the Teleportarium, they aren't going anywhere quickly. Still, plop them down on the objective and laugh as your opponent cries salty tears while struggling to shove them off of it.

The thickest of the intercessors, these big lads are the core around which you will be building your most durable unit. While expensive in terms points per model cost, they more than makeup for it with their weapons, which are STR 5 versions of the normal bolt rifle variants. Just don't stick them in melee, though, as they have 0 options outside of punching people.

With the loss of their special rules, these guys have lost their coveted top spot on the throne of Primaris units, but they are still some of the best objective holders and assault units available to the Space Marines. Combat squad these guys, stick them with a Gravis Captain, and watch them work wonders together.

These guys have also sadly lost their Meteoric charge rule, but they are still very good flanking units; combat squad them together and plop them down with some units from the Teleportarium, and rip the enemy a new one with either Assault Bolters or Plasma Exterminators.

The only unit in this squad with an actual special rule, and GW says only they can use it! Well, actually this one is kind of understandable. These guys are your means of combatting a glaring weakness in the Deathwatch's arsenal: mid-range anti-tank weaponry. Being able to fire at the same unit twice with their Melta Rifles means that whether in line with the Heavy Intercessors or moving forward with the aggressors, these guys can take care of your tank problem.

Sample Unit Builds: Given that these thick lads are all T 5, any loadout you could take will be a tough nut to crack for your opponent. Here are some example Indomitor Kill Team loadouts:

  • SPECTRUS KILL TEAM: the Phobos Kill Team, for when you want maximum Sneeki Breeki. Being able to deny deep strikers, ignore all penalties to hit, and/or just flat out ignore cover, these guys are the stars of the new Kill Teams. Starts off with 4 infiltrators and an infiltrator sergeant. From there, you can add in up to 5 more dudes, of the following:

Your basic vanguard marines. Capable of either taking a comms array, which means the squad always counts as being within aura range of your Phobos captains/lieutenants, or a helix gauntlet, which turns the first failed save into 0 damage. Other than that, each also has a Marksman bolt carbine, which is a boltgun that on a 6 to hit auto wounds as well.

Similarly armed to the Infiltrator, but instead of the auto wound gimmick, their guns ignore cover instead. 1 Incursor can take a haywire mine, which once per game, when an enemy unit charges the squad, on a 2+ that unit takes d3 mortal wounds, or 3 if that unit was a vehicle. The Incursors themselves can ignore negative BS modifiers, but this ability does not transfer to the whole squad, unlike the infiltrator comms array/helix gauntlet.

Gives the whole unit a fear aura of -2Ld to enemy units in 3". Also does NOT have concealed positions, so if your kill team has one of these scary marines, you have to deploy normally. In terms of loadout, they're in an interesting place, as the infiltrators/incursors are way better at shooting, and the unit as a whole doesn't want to be in close combat, so the knife will be wasted. Should probably give this guy a pass unless you plan on combat squad them for maximum deep striking shenanigans.

Let's face it, this is why you took a Spectrus kill team. Armed with either the delicious bolt sniper rifle, or the not quite as strong as a lascannon, but more reliable Las Fusil. Unlike vanilla marines, you can mix and match as to which eliminators carry what, allowing for way more versatility. Also come equipped with camo cloaks, which is an additional +1 to armour saves if they're in cover, and the eliminator is taking the brunt of the attack; probably not a good idea as you want these guys alive. If you're taking 5 of these snipers (and you should, they're amazing), then take the Comms array on one of your meat-shield infiltrators, so you're always in range of those sweet sweet auras. For 275 points, that's a 10 man squad, 5 of which are some of the best snipers in the game, a guy who's buffing them to high hell, and 4 meat shields. Dodge this bitch.

Sample Unit Builds: While there aren't quite as many potential combinations to work with for these guys as there are for their shorter cousins, Spectrus Kill Teams have extremely versatile sniping units, able to assassinate characters from long range and just generally make your opponents day worse. here is some example Spectrus kill-team loadouts to consider using:


  • Deathwatch Terminator Squad: Sitting at 33 points per model, like Assault terminators, yet has the same loudout flexabily like a relic squad but more so. making the squad very adaptable. Starts at 5 models, but up to three models can take assault cannon, heavy flamer, Plasma Cannon, or cyclone missile launcher with a storm bolter. They can also rock TH&SS, which is something to consider, even in mixed units, like a damage sponge.
    • Also note you can tinker around with normal power weapons to save on points or focus on hordes.
    • Deathwatch Terminators can become one of the most versatile units, even by Deathwatch standards. A 5 man squad can be, for example, 1 TH/SS, 1 Assault Cannon, 1 Heavy Flamer, 1 Storm Bolter and Cyclone Missile Launcher, 1 Sergeant with Storm Bolter, and close combat weapon of choice. And if you have the points left, all of the last 4 guys can take an additional Melta on their Power Fists No they can't, they lost that in the index, and didn't get it back in the supplement. This gives them many different weapons and options for their Storm Bolters due to SIA, and they are no slouches in close combat. They simply do everything.
    • Stick to the basics, much like veterans. Take storm bolters and power swords for a cheaper unit that can hurt hordes at both range and melee, fists if you plan to fight multi-wound units.

Fast Attack

  • Veteran Bike Squad: Their twin boltguns have lost access to Special Issue Ammunition and they lost the teleport homer, because GW's balancing department is run by idiots. Where they shine, however, is close quarters. Each can take chainswords or power weapons.
    • Something worth noting is that they gained an attack bike for their troubles... yeah no don't take this unless you like theming; these guys are not worth their points to just add a multi-melta or heavy bolter on wheels


  • Corvus Blackstar: With a cost reduction and some new rules, the Blackstar is a solid choice for getting your marines around in style. A hover-jet stealth bomber, it's quick with a massive 45" move, has some good weapons, and can carry 12 models of various types, with terminators and jump pack models counting for 2 and bikers 3. Watch as it comes out of fucking nowhere and drops a melee kill team into your opponent's backfield, unleashes a blistering firestorm on another unit, AND bombs some bitches it flew over for good measure. It is armed with Twin Assault Cannons which cause havoc for blobs, while it's 2 Stormstrike missile launchers are a serious threat to vehicles with 72" Heavy 1 S8 AP-3 D3. The cannons can be swapped for Twin Lascannons and the missiles for Blackstar Rocket Launchers. The rockets are decent at taking out flyers, but that's about it. The Blackstar can also take a Hurricane Bolter (a Rapid Fire 6 Boltgun)which is cheap as chips and shits dice, an Auspex Array (which lets you re-roll 1s against non-flyers) and the Infernum Halo-launcher; ‘If an enemy unit that can Fly targets a supersonic model with an infernum halo-launcher in the Shooting phase, your opponent must subtract 1 from the subsequent hit rolls.’ The Blackstar also rocks a delightful Blackstar Cluster launcher, which lets you bomb a unit you flew over. For every model in the unit (up to 10), roll a die and, on a 6, that unit takes a mortal wound. It's very useful as a transport and as a support unit to cover your guys on the ground.


Tactics and Strategy

Army Building

Army Composition

Balance cool minis and Your Dudes with an answer to "how do I kill Russes, termies and gaunts?". Especially, how do you plan on killing those dudes wielding marine-killing D2/D1d3 weapons. Answer these questions first, then you can begin thinking about what you want to bring to the table.

Deciding on what units to take generally comes down to what you want your force to accomplish on the tabletop. One school of thought is to avoid having too many various “types” of marines in one force, instead focusing on using lots of similar profiles in order to force opponents to attack units using suboptimal weapons. Using very little vehicles and lots of Infantry “wastes” your opponents anti-tank shots, for example. Or by having lots of heavy infantry and armour means that the small arms fire directed at you will be less effective. Other schools emphasize the modular nature of Space Marines and prioritize the taking of multiple styles of Marine units in order to more effectively deal with various threats. These two schools are extremes, and good list building most likely lands somewhere in the middle.

The goal of making an army themed around a specific profile type is to reduce the effectiveness of your opponents shooting- an all-infantry army being more effective against anti-tank weapons is an obvious example, but similar principles apply to things like multi-wound attacks being overkill against single-wound units. However, this idea has one catastrophic flaw which should always be kept in mind: when the opponent is able to counter your chosen style and you don't have any units not of that style, they will counter you hard. Try to figure out what your enemy will be likely to use ahead of time so you don't pay for putting all your eggs in one basket!

The T5 family is all bikes (Scout bikes, Attack Bikes, Outriders, Invaders, standard bikes), and Gravis units (Heavy Intercessors, Eradicators, Inceptors and Aggressors). They'll be able to take a beating and things like Pedro Kantor+Aggressors are a powerful combo, but Bikes and Gravis-armoured Primaris Marines don't synergize very well with each other and you might end up leaving half your army behind if you don't pay extra for Repulsors (and it has to be Repulsors, Impulsors don't carry Gravis-armoured units).

Finally, think about your own play styles and how you prefer to command an army. It is important to determine before hand how you intend to play the game and generate an army fittingly. Marines have by far the most expansive and complex codex which means we have units for every situation. Once you master yourself you must master the codex, as again, Marines have an incredibly diverse and complex ruleset, and you need to understand each action you can take in each stage of the game. After you have done these two steps, you can finally chose a Chapter Tactic. Marines can march right into close combat, kite enemies in mid range gunfights, and hold firm at range with powerful heavy weaponry all equally well.

Picking your chapter

As there as so main chapters there is a section going over which ones are better at what things. Many chapters can do similar things and get the same buffs on a single unit but the true difference is which chapter abilities are individual, Auras, or army-wide.

  • Ultramarines: Lends itself as a Jack-of-trades army, being decent both shooting and fighting. Pure Ultramarines does lend itself more to a moving gunline list, ignoring penalties for moving and falling back, and some improved shooting stratagems, along with some Heroic intervention, mass Overwatch, and CQC characters and abilities. Think of it as a T'au/Kroot list that wouldn't fall apart if they got into melee as we are dealing with marines bodies instead of those pansy Blueberries. They have slightly better control over combat doctrines with a preference for the Tactical doctrine, with heavy weapons also benefiting along with Eradicators, and several Forge world tanks gaining extra shots despite moving. A single detachment of Ultramarines or one of their successors can support many builds with a mix of different units.
    • Silver Templars: They take all the melee tools the Ultramarines have and double down on it. They also have a propensity for taking big power weapon on sergeants as they had the per nerfed Salamander rerolls for melee attacks. Being Ultramarines successors, they want to make a melee-focused army but they also still get all the Shooting tricks from your parent chapter, so no reason not to also have big weapons.
  • Iron Hands: Has an affinity with Vehicles, durability, and some bonus to attack roll in melee and shooting. Iron Hands are the chapter that keeps their vehicles operating at max capacity for a long time, even giving back the shooting bonus that was enjoyed before the 9th codex. In addition, Iron Hands are well suited for protecting their characters, Dreadnoughts, and come with some extra Deny the Witches. Whether it's from vehicles or infantry attacking stratagems for improved firing and chainsword lines.
  • Imperial Fists: Your a Siege tactics army, Wanting to sit back behind a fortified position and drawn the enemy in bolter rounds while destroying all Building, Vehicles, and Cover they could hide behind. Fists are about taking a lot of bolter welding units like Heavy bolters and hurricane bolters on vehicles.
    • Crimson Fists:
  • Raven Guard:
  • Salamanders:
  • Deathwatch:
  • White Scars: has a need for speed, with most of their ability focusing on movement, ignoring the downsides of advancing, getting into combat quickly. White Scars are about covering as much ground as you can and then start cycle charging. Although there is an emphasis on bikes, it also works with jump packs and transports. Most Bike units should be able to reach enemies by at least turn 2, but after that, all melee weapons can have 2 damage which works out for when engaging Vehicles and MEU.
  • Blood Angels:
  • Dark Angels:
  • Space Wolves:
  • Black Templars:

Bringing Allies

In general, you use allies to cover your weaknesses, such as the marine's usual lack of hordes or particularly heavy vehicles by bringing in guard, skitarii, or knights, but be aware that you will sacrifice the HUGE benefits of Combat Doctrines unless the other detachments are also drawn from Codex: Space Marines- and even if they are, you'll lose your Chapter-specific Combat Doctrine boost if its Chapter Tactics are different. Adding this to not only the CP cost of taking an allied detachment but also the sheer variety of options you have as the posterboys, there's almost no reason to bring anything other than an inquisitor (with their risk-free, no downside but costly ways of being brought) in your marine list.

Specific Mixes

Specific combinations are mainly dependent on your chapter trait but there are some combo's that are great for any army some examples are shown below:

  • Grav-Bomb, stick some grav-cannon devastators or grav-centurions in a razorback, stormraven or rhino with a captain. Yeet it up the board ideally keeping out of LOS or at least partially obscured, then drop off your devastators or centurions in cover somewhere just in range of a nasty enemy unit ideally a centrepiece unit with a high armour save (at least 3+). Then drop the 1cp stratagem to re-roll all wounds and damage rolls for the unit and if your using devastators use the armorium cherub too. That's 4 shots each at strength 5 AP -3, hitting on 3+ rerolling 1's and re-rolling all wounds and damage rolls. Usually this is enough to make targeting your devastators a priority for your opponent and in all likelihood they're going to take heavy casualties but the unit will have easily made back its points by then and seriously disrupted your opponents army.
    • If you're Iron hands or a successor then you can move these guys without any penalty to hit and re-roll 1's without a captain so that's something to consider, only works in the devastator doctrine though.
    • Effective against hordes as well so this combo is still good against swarm lists and those army's will have a hard time dislodging your guy's from a ruin.
  • Captain and hellblasters, pretty self explanatory stick a bare bones captain near a 10 man squad of hellblasters and fire on overcharged with only a 1 in 36 chance of dying each time you fire, generally works best if you use a impulsor as this allows you to move a fair distance BEFORE DISEMBARKING to shoot with no penalty to hit, if you're within 15" then that's 20 shots at s8 AP-4 which is enough to cripple or kill almost anything without an invulnerable save.
    • Although this unit is a serious threat to your opponent it's unlikely to be killed off early, an impulsor's fairly tough anyway if you give it the shield dome equipment and hide it behind a wall it becomes incredibly difficult to remove turn 1. Not to mention that if you have the right threat saturation in your army then your opponent is unlikely to shoot this thing anyway.
  • Aggressor auspex scan, when playing against an opponent like daemons, orks or tyranids it's pretty common to have a swarm of infantry pop up to charge you out of deepstrike, ordinarily this can be a real problem as many of the units available to these armies have ways of getting a very easy charge. This trick's for just such a situation. When you deploy your units leave a nice gap behind your lines where an enemy infantry unit could deepstrike just in range of your agressors ideally a unit of six that hasn't moved, when your opponent tries to deepstrike his infantry play the 1CP stratagem to shoot all your aggressors at his guys TWICE at a -1 penalty, (you should have a chapter master in range anyway so that's not too big a deal) even with a 5 man aggressor unit you should annihilate any light infantry that tries to deepstrike for just 1 cp.
    • With iron hands chapter tactic then you can pretty much get the same effect on normal overwatch, for 1CP you overwatch on a 4+, 75% accuracy near a chapter master.
  • Aggressor Bombs. Can be done with any chapter really, even Forge World offshoots and codex deviants like BA, DA, SW, and DW. Take 6 along with and apothecary and ancient. Find some way of providing a FNP or Invulnerable save and plant them in cover. Makes for an extremely durable T5, 18 wound unit that can shoot/fight whenever it looses models and can regain slain models. Finally, it creates a roughly 3 dead zone on the board, as enemy units that get near it will be zapped with upwards of 100 Bolter shots. Finally, you can another two squads for another 36 T5 wounds. Finally all of these models come with 3 attacks base and powerfists...

Character Buffing

For those of us that want a pure marine army it is important to double up on your force multipliers at every opportunity. The Troop Tax is no more; it is replaced with the HQ tax. Use your HQs to their maximum. And while HQs and the Lord of War Guilliman improve your hitting and wounding, units inside the elite slot have created a new dynamic for Marines. The Marine Formula -- a Unit and it's accompanying support Unit, goes for all the non-character models.

  • Ancients are must-takes in infantry-heavy Space Marine armies. Ancients enable out of turn shooting from models you'd otherwise be removing from play, even on your opponent's turn and help reduce the toll of Alpha Strikes: getting shot off the board Turn 1 is a thing, and Ancients help you recoup some of your losses by returning fire as models die.
  • Apothecaries are best described as a trap, unless you're looking to fill out slots for detachments. the inability to revive heroes, the bad odds at returning lost models, and the loss of the once cool 5+ FnP in earlier editions is down right heartbreaking. maybe with the Chief Apothecary upgrade they could have a use, but in general avoid them.
  • Build around your Warlord! HQs like Kantor, Shrike, Vulkan, and Khan can drastically change your army's peak efficiency. Using Vulkan around loads of Melta toting marines is more efficient than Kantor around the same loadout. Conversely, Kantor with dedicated heavy assault troops (Assault Centurions, Assault Terminators with Thunder Hammers, Vanguard Veterans with Thunder Hammers, etc.) can take out a Knight in one turn of CC. Without Kantor, they only accomplish 50% of the damage.
  • Another popular combination is a Captain (ideally upgraded to Chapter Master if you can spare the points) and Lieutenant; the Captain allows hit re-rolls of 1 while the Lieutenant allows wound re-rolls of 1. Hellblasters and Devastators in particular really benefit from being inside these auras. Chapter Masters and Lieutenants are essential for getting accurate firepower; other armies lack accuracy but make up for it with volume of fire. Marines will usually have a low model count and so need each shot to work.

Sergeant Equipment

Most of your regular Infantry and Bikers have a Sergeant that takes items from the Sergeant Equipment List. This includes your Tactical/Scout/Assault/Devastator Squads, your Company/Vanguard/Sternguard Veterans, and your Bike Squads and Company Veterans on Bikes. If you don't have specific wargear in mind, ALWAYS take a Storm Bolter and Chainsword instead of leaving them with their default options. This 2-point upgrade adds the same amount of dakka as an entire 13-point Tactical Marine/11-point Scout.

  • Veteran Sergeants all have 3 attacks, so investing in a nice melee weapon is often worth the points, even if you don't intend to use them in assaults. A 16-point Thunder Hammer presents a very serious threat to pretty much any multi-wound model, be it Infantry, Monster, or Vehicle. Taking a Thunder Hammer in this instance is as much about limiting your opponent's options as it is about directly inflicting losses, though landing even a single blow will more than make your points back if you pick the right target (putting it on an Intercessor Sarge helps here since they get one more attack than the other types).
    • Saying that, remember that most power weapons are only 4 points in 8th. So when low on points left, consider a Power Sword or something like that to cut through armour if you find yourself in combat.

Transport Tips

  • Razor Rush: Razorbacks hauling troops are way better in 8e than they were in 7e, and in 7e they were free. The unit inside the razorback should do something complementary to the razorback, while maintaining a similar weapons range. If inside a laserback, consider a plasma tactical squad. A razorback with heavy flamers would benefit from a melta/combi-melta tactical squad, or even an assault squad to offer a bit of melee counterpunch. In this MSU approach, it is better to diversify your squads. So while one can bring devastators with 4 multi-meltas inside a razorback (5 if you're using FW's infernus razorback to take another multi-melta), that razorback is going to draw too much attention and those devs are likely to be stranded.
    • Non-Ultramarines watch out. While spammable, Razorbacks aren't disposable. It can be infuriating to not be able to use a twin assault cannon because an enemy managed to touch the transport. Protect your boxes! 9e vehicle rules mean that twin assault cannon will always shred the canon fodder that locks it!
  • STEEL REHN Revisited: The ability to deep strike on the first turn in Matched Play using Drop Pods is a significant boost to the Space Marines' offensive ability. We shouldn't need to go into detail about what this means for youplease do, this is a tactics page, but needless to say it lets you take the fight to the enemy much sooner than most armies can. Seriously though, this can get a bit stupid, this writer has killed entire 2500 point armies in two turns by stuffing the entire army in drop pods, suffering something like 6 models as casualtiesHow?. Yes, 6 MODELS, not units. Whilst this is ridiculous and broken, it does limit you to non-bulky infantry. You will lack termies, Dreads, or any large vehicles, so play with caution. Of course you could just bring some cheap backfill units, like artillery (Whirlwind anyone?lmao) to counter this issue. Advised only to be done when you really, really need to win or teach someone a lesson. You will lose friends, you have been warned.

Command Points and You

If you are gonna go for an all-marine army with CPs, it's gonna be hard to balance multi purpose, jack-of-all-whatchamacallsits with specialized elites, HS, Fast attack and HQs in brigades and battalions. Dodging the Troop Tax is viable with the Outrider, Spearhead and Vanguard detachments, but doesn't give as many command points, and CPs are like Psykers, they may do a little, or they may wreck your shit, and it's good to have a few just in case.

  • You can build a Space Marine Army around 6 troop choices and burning Command Points. You'd likely need to go cheap on Fast Attack units. In this approach every turn you should use Hellfire Shells, Flakk Missiles and Expert Marksmen. If your model dies, but gets one last shot off with an Ancient, use the Flakk Missile and Hellfire stratagem for Mortal Wounds in your opponent's turn. Use Scouts to control how your enemy deep strikes, and use Tacticals to zone off your Deployment Zone. With a large pool of Devastators in your Deployment zone rerolling because of Lieutenants and Captains, when the onrushing hordes reach your army use characters to defend them, and use Honor The Chapter for a game winning Counter Charge by your heroic character. Use the Standard of Emperor Ascendant to maximize this shooting. Because this build takes up a lot of points and few/no vehicles consider using Assault Weapons on your Tactical Marines so they can Advance every turn. If you prefer this playstyle you should really consider allying with some Imperial Guard/Admech since they provide CPs and infantry screens for far cheaper.
  • As hinted at above, allying with Guard/Admech for CPs is significantly less viable than it once was, with marines losing many of their faction specific rules if they soup another faction in. Also, with all the buff they've received, marines can make a low CP list work much more easily than they once could, to the point where its just not worth it to lose combat doctrines to get allies and CPs.
  • If you're struggling with CP and you would (obviously) rather stay with a pure Marine army, consider trying Ultramarines; two of their best characters grant free CP just by being the Warlord, and one of their unique WTs offers them a way to recycle CPs.

On Primaris Marines

As these are the primary new toys given to Space Marines, a bit of caution should be taken when using them, especially when considering making an Ultima Founding Chapter, or using chapters who have been heavily supplemented by these new Chadmarines. The first and absolutely most important thing is that these guys are specialized to an extent that is jarring in comparison to other units in the codex. Almost every Primaris unit is a one trick pony, being very good at one role and struggling to do anything else:

  • For the most part, the characters take their roles deathly seriously, having no options that deviate from their purpose (if they even get options, that is- many of them don't even have that). They also have far fewer ways of accessing a 2+ save, so they have to be more careful around weapons whose AP is -2 or better. On the other hand, their profiles are a flat upgrade over an identically equipped normal character and they can be very nasty in close combat.
  • Aggressors are short-ranged shooting DISTRACTION CARNIFEXES that particularly rip apart light to medium infantry from short to mid-range and hit hard in melee, but their guns have to rely on the sheer quantity of the shots they put out against anything with a Toughness score greater than 5 and are sluggish enough to be at risk of getting blasted away before they get into the 18" range that most of their weaponry uses.
  • Reivers are ranged or melee harassers with a powerful grenade capable of disrupting enemy units, some powerful deployment methods, and the potential to cause the worst problems for morale, but fare poorly against anything with morale boosts (or morale immunity, either inherently or due to small unit sizes) or armour saves above a 5+.
  • Inceptors rely on their ability to deep strike and gun down their preferred prey (light infantry for Assault Bolters, everything else for Plasma Exterminators) but also suffer from range issues on top of poor melee ability, Suppressors combine the Inceptor's mobility with a long-range weapon whose secondary ability is ideal for softening up a unit you want to charge, but their autocannons aren't so hot against vehicles and they have subpar melee as well.
  • Infiltrators and Incursors are expensive and not that good against heavily armoured foes, but they are superb for quickly taking and holding objectives. Both can infiltrated and use smoke grenades to be hard to hit. The Infiltrators can bring in a mini-apothecary or count as being in range of a Phobos Captain/Lt.'s aura even if the Captain providing it is on the opposite side of the board, all while having a decent chance to wound even high-toughness units. The Incursors, on the other hand, are slightly better in melee, ignore cover with their guns, and ignore debuffs to hit in the shooting phase while also providing a source of mortal wounds from their haywire mines.
  • Eliminators can serve one of two functions. They can either pick off high-value infantry and characters even without a clear line of sight, or they can blast vehicles from afar with what's basically a shorter-ranged but more reliable lascannon. Either way, they can infiltrated to move into optimal positions and are a bitch to hurt with shooting when in cover. While they too are weak in melee the sergeant's optional instigator bolt carbine can act as a panic button if they're ever charged.
  • Eradicators are essentially Fire Dragons with a Primaris's stats. You might not have a Wave Serpent to get them deployed cheaply, but they're much more likely to survive footslogging anyway. With the extra shot they get from focusing on one target, they're most effective against lone vehicles and superheavies.
  • Outriders and Invader ATVs are your Bikers and Assault Bikes. Use them in the same way you would use their Firstborn equivalents, though kitting them out for melee might be wise given that Primaris have no other fast choppy units.
  • Hellblasters and Intercessors are the exceptions that prove the rule, with the former acting as a solid MEQ/TEQ-killer that can also double as improvised anti-vehicle if needed and the latter being a more expensive but resilient Troops choice that's great at holding down backfield objectives. The two new Intercessor variants give them added roles as your main melee unit and a source of long range anti-infantry firepower which doubles as counter to light vehicles, respectively.
  • Bladeguard Veterans are the closest thing you have to Assault Terminators. On the one hand, without Thunder Hammers they don't do quite as much damage and their invuln is only a 4++, but on the other hand they have a 2+ armor save (unlike the majority of Primaris infantry) and can still shoot things. It also helps that they don't have the reduced mobility of a (non-Tartaros) Terminator and work well with an Impulsor transport.
  • Though the Repulsor does somewhat open them up to versatility, it pays significantly for multi-tasking and is often best for clearing out hordes; the Repulsor Executioner is its vehicle-killing cousin that shares the double-shooting trick of the IG's Leman Russ tanks. The Impulsor, on the other hand, has less transport capacity and can't carry Gravis-armoured units like Aggressors, but it's much cheaper and can be equipped for either greater resilience or for extra firepower. The Assault Vehicle option also opens up potential for some techniques that don't work with other transports.
  • The Gladiator is your answer to the Predator, with three different modes to use depending on what you need it to do: generalist/long range anti-vehicle, short range anti-vehicle, and anti-infantry. Same goes for the Storm Speeder, which also fills your anti-aircraft role in its Thunderstrike configuration.

These guys are truly Aspect Marines and should be treated as such, even in a full army of the true scaled bastards.

Using Tactical Marines

Tactical marines are now 2W 1A, meaning their Primaris counter parts will outdo them in melee. Tactical marines however posses a wide range of tactical flexibility by being able to take up to three specialized weapons in a squad of 10. They are often used MSU with a single heavy or special weapon selected for a single purpose. The Sarge will less often be seen taking a close combat weapon to aid in melee, or combi-weapon to directly supplement the squads heavy/special weapon(s). They are also now our cheapest troop choice and the only troop choice able to take dedicated ranged anti-tank weaponry. Common loadouts and play styles:

  • Pocket Lascannons: 5 with a lascannon to hold objectives, damage vehicles, and remain stationary in the backfield, ideally in cover.
  • Rhino Rush: 10 with either melta, or flame weapons. Used to move directly towards the enemy and engage tanks or infantry with a hardy 20 wound unit, plus the effectively disposable Rhino. They can take the new multi-melta and two melta guns (one combi) or two flame weapons and a melee weapon. This option doesn't lean on supporting units as much as the Razorback rush.
  • Razorback Rush: Usually a plasma gun/cannon and combi-plasma or grav gun/cannon and combi-grav set up with 5 marines. Next the Razorback with probably use Twin Lascannons or Assault Cannons, and the two units will hunt units in tandem. This option allows an accompanying Captain or Chaplain to aid the ranged weaponry and protect against plasma overheating.
  • Razorback Harass: A 6 man squad with potentially flame weapons or non at all riding in a Razorback with twin Heavy Flamers or Assault Cannons. This allows for a fast, relatively cheap unit to put pressure on an enemy flank at close to mid range, backed by an infantry unit for any prevailing melees and/or the seizure of objectives.

In the end, the humble tactical squad should not be the linchpin of your army on its own. It should, however, perform a specific task that affords your primary units the ability to maneuver into position and dealing crippling damage. Tactical squads can also be used to supplement, not supplant, another more specialized unit in your army where the situation deems necessary or act as an emergency replacement if said specialist unit is unexpectedly taken out. Finally, they are our cheapest source of troops for contesting objectives.

Imperial Fear bomb

with so many ld modifiers you can stack penalty from different detachments to stacking up to like -15Ld. Obviously you don't need that much spooky (but of course can be hilarious when used correctly), especially not against things like Orks, but already -4Ld renders Plague Marines as cowardly as Conscripts, and models that flee don't proc FnP-equivalents. Best used by a Fearsome Aspect chapter so you don't have to commit like 5 units to a single enemy. Of almost no use against the bunch of Eldar morale immunities out there...but ironically among imperial, only the DA, some successor chapter tactic nobody will use, the Valhallan relic, a single IG psychic power, and that IG trait nobody uses, because it's not Master of Command, can offer the morale protection needed to survive an Ld bomb. Night Lords, eat your hearts out.

  • with 9th changes, Fear bombs are less effective. No longer a unit is destined to die during the moral phase after only a portion is killed. Fear bombs only need to stack enough penalty for the moral test to proc as a means of killing additional models instead of a guaranteed wipe.
  • Here's a list of the Imperial units that stack with Fear Made Manifest:
  • Adeptus Astartes (-5Ld): Besides the Fearsome Aspect chapter trait (-1Ld), Fear Made Manifest Warlord trait (-1Ld), Reivers (-2Ld) and can deepstrike. Being Phobos, they also work alongside a Hallucination Phobos Librarian (-1Ld), who can infiltrate. Master of Sancatry's The Emperor's Judgment (roll 2d6 for moral). These sources of debuffs can quickly arrive wherever you need them.
    • Black Templars (-2Ld): Chaplain Vow of Retribution.
    • White Scars (-2Ld): Spirits of Chogoris, Headtaker's trophies relic.
    • Raven Guard (-2Ld): Decapitating Blow, The Abyss.
    • Salamander (-3Ld): Helm of Drakos, Draconic Aspect.
  • These other Imperial allies also give Ld debuffs but prevent the SM detachment from using Doctrines. Pass, unless they are your main detachment and SM, are the allies.
    • Dark Angels (-3Ld): Interrogator Chaplains have a natural -1Ld aura, they have the Eye of the Unseen relic for further -1Ld, and Interromancy's Mind Wipe inflicts -1Ld (and will proc more often with your help), along with other Ld powers. That's -3Ld from two characters with Jump Packs.
    • Blood Angels (-1Ld): The Sanguinor has a natural -1Ld aura, as does anyone wearing a Sanguinary Mask.
    • Inquisition (-1Ld): Psykers Terrify inflict -1Ld from 18" away, and disable overwatch.
    • Astra Militarum (-3Ld): Psykana's Terrifying Visions inflict -2Ld from a safe 18" away. Armageddon Officers can also bring the Skull Mask of Acheron to spook nearby enemies. Bringing them in a Supreme Command/Battalion is not only cheap, but gives you CP. Bringing them in a Spearhead detachment grants you access to Russes with Objective Secured and Basilisks. Versatile, powerful and easy to use at range. Complements your close-and-personal units.
    • Adeptus Mechanicus (-2Ld): Sicaran Infiltrators are the Mechanicum's faster Reivers, and Metallica has a -1Ld Stratagem.
    • Questoris Knights (-2Ld): The Fearsome Reputation trait inflicts -1Ld in a huge 12" aura around the Knight warlord's huge base (which can be an extra warlord using a stragatem), and a total of -2Ld to enemies within 6" of it. And bringing a Knight as an ally isn't something unheard of.

March of the Dreadnoughts

With the introduction of Core keyword, a lot of vehicles parking lot list are now dead, but there is one vehicle that has Core, Dreadnoughts. With the improved Techmarines and able to still interact with all the buff heroes, in additional to duty eternal being built-in, Dreadnoughts look to be a powerful attack platform at close and long ranges.

Matchups and Counterplay

This is where matchups and counter-play is discussed. Feel free to add what tactics and strategies have worked against specific armies in your own personal experience. For simplicity's sake, let's assume that these are mono-lists and are not relying on allies (AKA Soup).


  • Space Marines:
  • Blood Angels: Blood Angels are very hit or miss. If you're playing a melee Marine faction, skirmish with them. White Scars in particular can practically instantly kill any Blood Angels unit with a squad of Vanguard Veterans on the charge. If you're playing more long range shooty, mow them down, might be difficult with the jump packs, but try anyway. If you're playing a bit of both, like Salamanders, feel free to just take the midpoints. Salamanders and Inner Circle Dark Angels in particular are incredibly strong against Blood Angels when it comes to contesting the mid points.
  • Dark Angels: You beat these guys by playing the objectives. If you want to take potshots at them, do it. If you want to rush them with Vanguard Vets, have fun, but at the end of the day, they're slow and you're fast, or they're fast but have very little else going for them (in the case of Ravenwing). Just claim the objectives and stay calm.
  • Space Wolves: These guys can intervene and are just, in general, incredibly strong. Very strong counter assault in particular. If you're playing melee, this is where you need to bring out some guns. Inceptors in particular are good at dealing with Space Wolves. Remember to Deny your opponents spells.
  • Deathwatch:
  • Grey Knights: These guys have strong shooting and eternal deepstrike. Screen well, and use your higher efficiency units to deal with them.
  • Imperial Guard: These guys have big guns and bad infantry. Kill the infantry with your infantry. Remember your marines have melee. Then use your amazing anti tank to finish off their no-invuln vehicles.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: Stay out of sight and grab objectives when you can. If you have more firepower or some consistent way to kill them, do that. Games with the Adeptus Mechanicus quickly devolve into murder.
  • Adeptus Ministorum:
  • Adeptus Custodes: Take the objectives and out efficiency the infantry. Shoot the vehicles with everything you have.
  • Imperial Knights: Anti-tank them out. If you can deal with one knight, you can deal with the rest.


  • Chaos Space Marines: Some matchups will play out like a mirror match depending on the Legion traits, but Chaos Space marines have a better combination of USRs, as Death to the False Emperor will come into effect more often than ATSKNF. Like you, they have the shock assault and Bolter Discipline rules, making World Eaters armies horrifying on the charge.
  • Chaos Daemons: They often come in four flavors. Khorne Daemons hit like freight trains on the charge with all of their characters granting re-rolls on failed charges, and by paying command points to get Banners of Blood, they will often make their charges out of deep strike. Their shooting is a joke and basic Bloodletters are surprisingly fragile at T3, but a Khorne player worth their salt will make sure to lock you down to prevent you from capitalizing on it. Nurgle is obscenely tough to kill with the Disgustingly Resilient rule but like the Death Guard it's fucking slow. Slaanesh is fragile, but they are very fast and you will likely be staring turn 1 charges in the face if you don't back your shit up as far back as possible. Tzeentch is arguably the easiest to deal with as they are only good at range, and your ranged abilities will exceed theirs. Just remember to take librarians to deny some of their smites. Thunderfire Cannons and anything with an Assault Cannon will do well to hack up their infantry, and good lord deal with any greater daemons before they get close otherwise you're fucked, no other way to put it. Iron Hands and Ultramarine Chapter Tactics will do you well here, overwatching on a 5+ combined with a 6+ shrug will let you weather the storm, and Guilliman's aura will make a Daemon player (or any opponent, really)cry.
  • Death Guard: Mortal Wound spam out the ass, lots of rerollable wounds, and Disgustingly Resilient making their units extra-hardy. Fun times abound! They have the stronger Chaos Primarch, Mortarion. Morty is also known as that guy who absorbs all your fire even when he doesn't have any buffs to support him before ramming his rusted, STD-infested scythe up your army's gaping sphincter. Good thing they're slow as shit. Use that to your advantage.
  • Thousand Sons: They have the weaker Chaos Primarch, Magnus the Red. Magnus is also known as the guy who dies in 1 turn of shooting even if he receives all of the defensive buffs first. However, "weaker" should still not be misinterpreted as being the same as "weak", because he can still rip and tear with the best of them. Thousand Sons are an army that relies on their psychic phase more than anyone aside from Daemons and Grey Knights, and they've got access to way more powers than either of those. Their Tzaangors can create a nasty suicide unit by either moving forward with Warp Time, or deep striking in front of you and then charging.
  • Renegade Knights: See Imperial Knights above. They share a lot of traits with them, but favor melee to a greater extent and can mix and match weapon types to a degree.
  • Renegades and Heretics (FW): This will play out much like a Guard match, but the difference is they still have access to morale-immunity on their hordes of renegades. Take Scout Snipers and assassinate their Enforcers like you would a Company Commander/Commissar!


  • Tau: Tau vs. Marine matchups exist in a weird space as Tau are both devastating at range, and a pain in the ass to charge with their bonuses to overwatch. At the same time, space marine armies (regardless of composition) are strongly middle-range armies. Part of surviving tau is closing in with the enemy with multiple units to force the split of overwatch. Youre not going to outshoot them, and while you should beat them in close combat, you're not a close combat army either. While they have indirect fire options, a huge part of their mechanics rely on line of sight, so cover becomes remarkably important. Tau guns are strong but are usually wielded as BS4+, so anything with minuses to-hit (like Raven Guard units) will fare well against Tau. Ensure to remove supporting drones with bolters before shooting your lascannons at the battlesuits, or your shots will likely be wasted. Sniping buffing characters like Fireblades and Ethereals will make your life easier. Most importantly, Tau often castle up to make the most of their synergies. If they do, don't try take them head-on, instead just play the mission and win on victory points!
  • Craftworld Eldar: These guys have seen better days. In general, you won't have much difficulty killing their infantry; a universal T3 with an average 4+ save at best won't protect them from even your most basic weaponry. Even their elite melee-dedicated aspect warriors, like Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions, will struggle to deal damage to any of your infantry (even your unspecialized tactical marines will very likely win in combat against them). Craftworld infantry might be faster than your marines, but you'll be able to start picking them apart long before they can get close enough to try to return the favor. The only few units you'll need to keep half a tab on are their psykers, wraith units and vehicles. Psykers are the bread and butter of an eldar army; if you shut them down with your own psykers or simply snipe them early on, the eldar army's cohesion and combat effectiveness will crumble. Wraith units are tough even by marine standards and are capable of doing immense damage to infantry and vehicle alike, but they are slow and have very limited range. Keep your distance and use high strength, multi-wound weaponry (like plasma) to quickly burn them down. Lastly, their vehicles function like literal glass cannons. They can do staggering damage if they get the first shot on you, but they'll crumble into dust if you fire a multi-melta shot or two at them. TL;DR, thank the eldar player both for giving you his aspect warriors and for the win. ALWAYS KILL DARK REAPERS, they have 48" 2 shot D2 weapons which all of your infantry are vulnerable to,
  • Dark Eldar: This faction is a bit special in that their codex more or less divides itself into three armies so here's an entry for each.
    • Kabals: Death of a thousand cuts. Most of their units will whittle you down with splinter fire since your T 4 doesn't mean a thing to them, and they have a startling lack of multi damage weapons outside of Dark Lances and the like making Primaris units quite useful as short of disintegrators they don't have any cost effective solution to bringing them down. Moreover their infantry fold under bolt fire like guardsmen and are quite afraid of it; luckily Venoms also crumple easily under massed bolter fire, Raiders and Ravagers are slightly tougher but will quickly fall apart under heavier firepower however. That being said, do not underestimate the speed or cost-effective anti-tank their vehicles can bring.
    • Wych Cults: One of the two combat heavy sides to the DE with terrific invuln saves in combat, avoid melee if you can even with your own dedicated CQC units as they will get bogged down pretty quickly and your more ranged units will either be killed or mauled quite badly. However, the good news is outside of combat they're essentially useless and like the one above massed bolt fire will work wonders, even against their transports, and Assault Cannons are just their worst nightmare. Be prepared to fall back as often as you'll be able to open up their units to your fire, but hey, you're the Imperium: when is Guns O' Clock not the solution?
    • Covens: The other combat heavy side that relies on being obscenely tough. Everyone gets an invulnerable save, be it close combat or at range. Quick, but not as fast as the Wyches, so finishing them off with well placed charges can be effective. They can also bring a fair amount of beefy monsters and can harm your Primaris marines a fair bit more reliably. The best way to beat their invuln saves is by swamping them in Bolter fire which doesn't care about armor.
  • Harlequins: Death of a thousand honks . . . wait. In all seriousness though these lot are FAST, like insanely fast, like genestealer fast! Okay maybe not that fast, but still they will be in your lines turn 2 at the latest. Unfortunately for you they can and will shred Marines faster than you can blink, so avoid melee like the plague. Good news is even though they all have a 4++ or better, they're still T 3; so massed bolters will wipe out whole units at a time. Bad news is they'll make sure they have transports, which have 4++ and a -1 to hit so taking them down quick will be a challenge. Mortal wounds will bypass those well enough or a well positioned librarian with Nullzone can lead to you wiping out most of their army in one go.
  • Ynnari: This particular faction of space elves can be a bit tricky to plan for, but invariably the weakest of the them all. The bad news is they are already tailormade to fuck you up as MSU is their preferred targets, the good news is they're a semi decent close combat army at best so the usual tactics apply. To really shut them down however it's best to bring some psychic denial to stop the new hotness for them Unbind Souls their version of Doom that'll only apply in combat, which means librarians or Black Templars. Next to worry about is their few key strategems which can make any of their characters get back up on a 4+, or the two separate ones they have to give reroll to wound against your units. Be warned you'll probably be facing dual battalions which means lots of elves, hope you brought your bolters.
  • Tyranids: You need to get on the objectives as soon as possible. If you fail to get on the objectives, the tyranid player will not and you will lose on points.
  • Genestealer Cults: Imperial Guard with Tyranid flavor, or Tyranid with Imperial Guard flavor? In all seriousness, deepstriking Genestealers with armoured support to back it up sounds like a very daunting prospect. As with Nids, avoid melee with anything that has a Rending Claw, Rock cutters/saws, or power hammers if possible. Remember to zone out ambushing units with Scouts. If you're planning on mixing in the new Primaris Vanguard units, remember that Infiltrators and the Phobos Captain can deny deep strikes within 12", making them and scouts your best friends against GSC by pushing them out of charge range. Ultramarines or Imperial Fists work well because the smurfs can fall back and still shoot, and the Fists can ignore cover (which a GSC player worth their salt would spring for). Unfortunately if you're reliant on offensive Librarians for damage, a single Magus will make you cry by giving all GSC units within 6" of it a free Deny the Witch. If that wasn't enough, Jackal Alphuses and Sanctuses will then proceed to heap the pain on characters with their Silencer sniper rifles (AP-1, d3 damage and forces perils on psykers that lose a wound to the shot). Kelermorphs are also bonkers since even if they don't have the relic pistol Oppressor's Bane they will snipe a non-screened Librarian, Chaplain, or Lieutenant with ease.
  • Necrons:
  • Orks: You shouldn't really need any help killing Orks, but just in case: the most important thing is target prioritizing. Take a lot of infantry mulching guns and unload into the massive units of Ork Boyz your opponent brought, and focus your anti-armour guns on popping their transport open. If you have any dedicated melee units of your own, don't rush into combat; that's playing right into the Ork players hand. Hold them back and let your guns soften the enemy up before intercepting them when they get too close. Also, keep in mind that 'ere We Go! allows orks to pull off charges from a surprising distance, so don't let that catch you off guard. Finally, if you must go toe-to-toe with a Warboss, make sure your character has a Storm Shield: Warbosses hit like a freight train and the Ork player can use the stratagem Orks is never defeated to guarantee that the boss gets a chance to fight. Orks are a volume army (both in T4 wounds and S4 attacks)... snipers picking off key buffing characters and the Warboss can cripple them.