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The Day

Wednesays are crappy, gay, boring, retarded, fucked-up blow-your brains out and basically a day of douche-baggery.

Bad Things That Happen on Wednesays

  • No relations
  • You can't drink
  • Not much promotions for you
  • School
  • Unexciting shit
  • No fun
  • Crappy sitcoms(like Icarly)
  • Your boss becomes a massive testicle face.
  • Nerds complain 'cause they can't play that goddamned computer shit

Good things

Even though Wednesays suck,some goodstuff can happen.

  • Lots of emos will attempt(and proceed)to kill themselves.

In Conclusion

Wednesays suck.

Interesting Notes

There are in fact, other days of the week, they include