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Large mug of beer
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Lesser Goddess
Pantheon Oerth (Oerdian)
Portfolio Autumn, Brewing, Harvest, West Wind
Domains Air, Chaos, Creation, Good, Liberation, Plant
Home Plane Arvandor (Arborea)
Worshippers Brewers, farmers, vintners
Favoured Weapon Club

Wenta, the Alewife, and Harvest Daughter, is the Oeridian goddess of autumn, the west wind, harvest and brewing. She's one of Procan's daughters, sister to Velnius, Atroa, Sotillion, and Telchur, and cousin to Merikka.


The Alewife appears as a buxom, rosy-cheeked woman with straw in her hair, carrying a large mug of beer with her.


Wenta is mainly worshipped by farmers, who worship her alongside her siblings, and brewers and vintners honor her. Alewife's clerics are friendly and outgoing by nature, being unafraid to greet and share a drink with strangers. Many of them work as brewmasters or travel the world, looking for new spirits to taste, and help the local communities in directing the harvest procedures and organizing gatherings to drink in. They also don't use regular holy water, instead using blessed beer or ale.


The cool winds of autumn are Wenta’s sign that it is time to reap. Winter’s cold can be delayed with the warmth of ale and beer, and brewing deserves as much care as you would give your lover. A day of hard work in autumn is repaid with pleasantly cool nights, good friends, and plenty of good drink to loosen your tongue and quicken your heart.

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