Wood Elf

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Wood Elves (Wood fey, tree huggers) are an established sub-variety of Elves that are present in several major fantasy universes and are known to have several common traits that make them almost an archetype in themselves from other elves in fantasy. They have a close deep bond with nature; make their homes within woods and forests and are very territorial about their lands, to the point of being hostile to those they perceive as outsiders (i.e. everyone else); their signature weapon is the bow; and they can often communicate with animals and plants, often to the point of bending them to their will.

Despite possessing many similar traits (authors copycatting each other quite often), many wood elf races possess their own unique traits and backstory.

Warhammer Fantasy

In Warhammer Fantasy, the Wood Elves are an offshoot of the High Elves who were royally screwed over by the latter in a series of wars before the Highies legged it back to their island. Saying screw this they instead ventured deep into the magical forest of Athel Loren where the trees could talk and strange spirits were everywhere. Although the forest first resisted them, it has since grudgingly accepted the elves and made them it's own. Now the Wood Elves are the guardians of the forest and protect it with arrow, cunning....and the willingness to be as damn sneaky as they like.