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They can torture me...if you know what I mean...

Wyches, also known as Hekatarii, are the gladiatorial warriors of the Dark Eldar. Every Wych belongs to a Wych cult that, when not participating in raids on realspace, fights in arena duels with captured aliens, beasts, and other Dark Eldar for fun and profit. Ruled over by their Succubi, Wyches are pumped full of Combat Drugs before sending them off in battle. In a sense, think of Wyches as the Dark Eldar equivalent of the Eldar Howling Banshees, but whereas the Banshees are your typical modestly dressed, grade A, model female college student who won't do anything degrading, the Wyches are stereotypical "sorostitutes" who give education and tradition the middle finger while being all about "sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll". Like every other Dark Eldar, except with less clothing.

Larger groups of Wyches are led by a Hekatrix. These elite wyches, from time to time, form a clique of murderesses known as Bloodbrides. These Bloodbrides are under command of a Syren who answers only to the high command of their Wych cult. Bloodbrides are known to have fierce rivalries between each other but when it is time to raid other races they unite their bloodthirsty powers on battlefield. As Bloodbrides are the elite among Wyches they are granted a greater number of special weapons than "normal" Wyches. The newest inductees of a Wych cult and the freshest babes on the battlefields are called Debutantes who are often eager to make their mark on looking as Hawt and deadly as possible. They are usually bound to an archon; and there have been instances of wyches becoming archons themselves (especially defeating female archons where it seems to have been the usual practice of that kabal, but keep in mind this is the general idea of career advancement in deldar society.) Beastmasters are also part of the Wych Cults.

Those guardians are not long for the world.

Wyches are close combat specialists and often carry very little equipment, relying on pure speed, agility and shall we say....distractions as much as possible. Seriously when we meant they wear g-strings, bikinis and high thong leotards in battle, we ain't joking. Don't be surprised when your Guardsmen stand agape with their jaws hitting the floor (just after a Wych performs an impossibly elegant somersault to cut their jaws off, of course). If you wanna see more NSFW images, see here:

Contrary to popular belief, Wyches are not exclusively female. Beastmasters, for example, are typically male. Reaver Jetbike riders may also be either male or female. Finally, if you squint at the models in the current Wych sprue, it does appear that a minority of them are indeed male. While it is true that most members of a Wych Cult are female, for it is easier for them to attain the poise and grace their craft demands, talented male Wyches are still sometimes found fighting alongside their female counterparts. The males also ensure that their Wych Cult is able to sire strong offspring. However, while they are valued, males rarely attain high rank in a Wych cult. That being said, due to the proclivities of most fa/tg/uys nobody really talks about or draws art of male Wyches. Therefore, someone unfamiliar with the lore could easily get the impression that all Wyches are merely female Elf Strippers in Space, and that the males simply don't exist. The truth is that in-lore, all Wyches have refined the violence of combat to a stylized art form that very few can compete against (even their skimpy attire has non-sexualized reasons for existing - they only armor the side they most often turn towards their foes and the better the fighter, the more skin they show as a taunt to the enemy).


Wyches are typically armed with a wide variety of at least one close combat weapon and a short-ranged weapon. Knives, short swords, and splinter pistols are standard issue but they also sometimes employ Cult weapons such as Razorflails, Shardnet and Impalers, Punch Dagger, Vambrace Blade, Weighted Flails and Hydra Gauntlets.


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