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====C-ROC Cruiser====
====C-ROC Cruiser====
The first Huge ship for Scum and Villainy. Originally intended as a custom configuration of the Gozanti-class cruiser , it was rejected for use by the Imperial Navy but found favor with both legitimate cargo operations and smugglers thanks to its superior speed and hauling capacity. It wasn't suited for use as a frontline warship, but  its armored sloping hull and heavy armament made it useful against the solitary Imperial vessels used to maintain law on the Outer Rim.
The first Huge ship for Scum and Villainy. Originally intended as a custom configuration of the Gozanti-class cruiser , it was rejected for use by the Imperial Navy but found favor with both legitimate cargo operations and smugglers thanks to its superior speed and hauling capacity. It wasn't suited for use as a frontline warship, but  its armored sloping hull and heavy armament made it useful against the solitary Imperial vessels used to maintain law on the Outer Rim.
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"You will pay for your insolence." -Maul
"Insolence!" [laughs] "We are pirates! We don't even know what that means!" -Hondo Ohnaka

The various independent agents of the Star Wars galaxy, ranging from bounty hunters to criminal syndicates. Third party organizations have always factored in heavily in Star Wars, notably the Jabba the Hutt subplot in the original trilogy as well as most of the dicking around worldbuilding of the prequel trilogy. This goes further in novels, comics, and video games as the various mercenary and pirate factions (and mostly just bounty hunters) get as much importance in plots as the Rebels and Empire/Republic and CIS do. Whether this is because they're easy plot hook fodder or because they're just so damn awesome (see:1980's-1990's XTREME fiction) is up for debate.

Scum & Villainy started with a combination of ships "borrowed" from the Rebels and Imperials and as such can mix and match strengths and weaknesses to a greater degree. Further waves have given them a collection of potent ships and a highly competitive market in low cost crew. The general "theme" of Scum can be said that they are very versatile, able to play in ways similar to both Rebels and Empire previous focuses, but also susceptible to those weaknesses as well - with a slight focus on nasty tricks and dirty surprise moves in their pilots and Illicit upgrade. Since the release of 2nd Edition, illicits have been severely limited.

S&V ships tend to come with some very nice upgrade cards designed to add more firepower, and as such tend to become the second army of the player who bought barely any of the other faction to go with their Starter Set ships.

Firespray-31/Slave 1


Created by a subsidiary of the company that built most of the non-TIE Imperial ships, it was designed essentially as a space police car to patrol and bring prisoners to the main prison of the Republic. Jango Fett stole one of the prototypes and blew up the others then named the last surviving model the Slave 1. Boba Fett later reclaimed it, and between the two the ship gained galaxy-wide reputation. The company then produced a fair number more identical to the original prototype, which were popular both among independent pirates and mercenaries. The ship lies on its back when landed, and becomes vertical when flying making atmospheric travel... interesting.

This was the Empire's counterpart to the YT-1300 before the Scum faction was released. It's just as durable as the non-character version, and has the agility, firepower, and almost the maneuvering of an X-Wing. Option-wise, it's one of the most flexible ships in the game. It has slots for bombs, cannons, crew, and missiles. Oh, and it also has a back arc that it can shoot out of at full power (but not with Secondary Weapons). As of 2nd Edition, it is now exclusive to Scum and Villainy.

Any of the bounty hunter pilots with no frills are tough to kill and not lacking in good old fashioned killing power themselves.

  • Has boost and red reinforce actions.
  • Bounty Hunter: Cheapest variety of Firespray.
  • Krassis Trelix: An ex-Imperial who got butthurt he was never promoted to pilot and became a slaver in the Outer Rim before he was killed by a warrior monk woman named Shada D'ukal for being an asshole. His Firespray-31 had a rust orange bottom and olive drab connectors to the wings, with the rest white. Can re-roll one attack die when using a secondary weapon. He can also fire them backward. Fun.
  • Koshka Frost: An Edge of the Empire OC. When attacking or defending against a stressed ship, you can reroll 1 die. Goes great with Fearless and 0-0-0.
  • Emon Azzameen: Older brother of the main character of X-Wing Alliance. He can drop devices with the Straight 3 and Turn 3 templates. And unlike Trajectory Simulator, his ability does not exclude mines. Skilled Bombardier gives a staggering range of options.
    • His title card Andrasta adds another device slot and the reload action.
  • Kath Scarlet: Lady pirate, in command of a band of outlaws which hit any target regardless of affiliation that strayed near their asteroid field. Her Firespray-31 is painted with a checkered white and red. She gets an extra attack die when shooting a ship that is touching a non-unique friendly, which is clearly meant to be used with Z-95 Binayre Pirates acting as Initiative 1 blockers.
    • Her title card Marauder adds a gunner slot and allows a single reroll when shooting backward.
  • Boba Fett: The most over-rated of over-rated characters in the history of fandom and edgelord extraordinaire. Asshole psychopathic clone of an asshole psychopathic race-traitor. His Firespray-31, the original, has a burgundy bottom with a very chipped away olive green revealing white. When attacking or defending, he can reroll 1 die per enemy ship at range 0-1. Since he wants to get right up in opponents' faces anyway, Fearless and Intimidation are pretty nice.
    • Slave I title brings back Imperial Boba's ability from 1E where he can set turn and bank maneuvers to their opposite direction after revealing his dial, helping him get close to enemy ships for his ability. Also adds torpedo slot.
    • Has a crew card that lets you place your ship on an obstacle at the beginning of the game, after all other ships are placed. Y'know, like in Empire.

M3-A "Scyk" Interceptor/"Heavy Scyk"/"Light Scyk" Interceptor

Scyk 1.jpg

Created as the welfare starter ship given to players in Star Wars Galaxies. A Mandalorian-made fighter, as fragile as a TIE/ln but with life support and weak shields plus a weapon system that can accept almost any conceivable upgrade. It had no hyperdrive and required large ships to carry it if not deployed from a planet or space station. Although the early Empire forbade independent armies or weapons development, the Mandos greased enough palms to make entire fleets before the rise of the Rebels caused a crackdown on them. It was one of the cheapest ships on the market, and buyers like Hutts and pirates could own a personal airforce easily. A second version that is better in performance was also produced called the "Heavy Scyk".

Very maneuverable, but it's almost as fragile as a TIE Fighter and has almost the same statline at 2 Attack Dice, 3 Defense Dice, only just winning out by having 1 Shield and 3 Hull. Like the T-70, the Scyk has Weapon Hardpoint which gives you a Cannon, Missile, or Torpedo slot, turning the ship into something of a glass cannon.

Gets good action options with Focus, Target Lock, Barrel Roll, and Evade.

Play like an Imp and take these in a cheap swarm with Serissu, or play like a Reb and take Heavies with ammunition. Just remember these do NOT survive straight gunfights.

  • G4R-GOR V/M: (H&A) Gar-Gor? Vim? An init 0 droid built around blocking. When he defends, each other adjacent ship takes an automatic crit. It's good to have a Quadjumper able to tractor enemy ships into Range 0 of him. Be sure to put R5-TK onto a ship that can double-tap and get instant double-crits against anything he's touching.
  • Sunny Bounder: Quite the oddity, a unique pilot with a whopping Init 1. Probably because she's actually a swoop racer and legbreaker, not a pilot. Has a very gambling ability, once per round after rolling or rerolling, if all your dice have the same result showing, you add one. This lets you pull some crazy moves out of your ass if your dice are hot, or can be combined sneakily with rerolls to give you an extra die if you blank out. She's cheap enough you might consider it over a generic just to get lucky sometimes.
    • Acquire target lock, fire, get all hit results, ability adds another hit, use target lock to reroll one die, get a hit, ability adds another hit.
  • Cartel Spacer: Your basic, Init 1 generic.
  • Inaldra: The Tansarii Point commander, who is somehow not as good as her other pilots. Her ability is to suffer 1 damage when attacking or defending to reroll any number of your dice. Her ability doesn't seem very attractive for such a fragile ship, but she can come through in the clinch.
  • Tansarii Point Veteran: Members of the Car'das smuggling cartel who defeated Black Sun at Tansarii Point Station. Their Scyks are silver with a brick-red front. Init 3 generic with Talent.
  • Laetin A'shera: An NPC in Galaxies, just a pilot for the Car'das. His Scyk is mostly silver with flaking green on the wings and orange lines on the front. When he performs or defends against a missed attack, he gains 1 evade token. Cluster Missiles and Munitions Failsafe is hilarious on him. And Juke. Definitely Juke. Or Snap Shot. Snap Shot has a decent chance of getting a bonus evade before Engagement even begins.
  • Quinn Jast: A relative unknown pilot, other than they are a lady. Dr. Quinn Missile Woman can receive a Weapons Disabled token at the start of the Engagement phase to recover a charge on any upgrade. There's torps and missiles, obviously, but the charged Mods and Talents certainly deserve a look.
    • Afterburners + Fearless = Witnessed
    • A recoverable Stealth Device can cause RAGE on the other side of the table, especially if Serissu is backing her up.
    • Crack Shot, obviously.
  • Genesis Red: Another Galaxies NPC, a male crimeboss on Tansarii of an unknown species. His ability grants him a number of evade and focus tokens equal to the ship he target locks when he locks them, making him a great hunter for token stackers. Pretty much any ordnance is good on Red.
  • Serissu: A female Bothan who died to bring you this information gave players learning to fly in Star Wars Galaxies a tutorial before giving them a Scyk on Tansarii. Hers is silver with a burgundy front. With her, you get a defensive version of Howlrunner where she can let range 0-1 friendlies reroll a single defense die.

Z-95 Headhunter

Headhunter 2.jpg

Another ship that came before the prequel trilogy, it was the beginning of what would later be the most popular line of fighters in the galaxy. Incredibly small and armed with a trio of laser cannons on its wings, it was the cheapest fighter on the market for long period of time and even after variants like the Scyk and the T-65 X-Wing which represented either a cheaper or better alternative the Headhunter remained popular due to how damn customizable it was. Against the T-65, it was worse in almost every respect from attack to defenses to maneuverability although compared to the rest of the competition on the open market it was the best for the cost. The base Headhunter can be modified until it no longer looks like a small fighter, can look identical to an X-Wing, and can be outfitted with almost any equipment conceivable and even has upgrades available to turn it into a small shuttle craft. It stayed alive and kicking until well after the era of the New Republic.

Yes, Scum get access to the Z-95 as well. Thanks to a FAQ from Fantasy Flight, you can use your Rebel-painted Z-95s and maneuver dials in the Scum faction, so long as you have the correct pilot cards and base tiles (tl;dr - as long as you bought the Most Wanted pack). Everything said about the Rebel Z-95 applies here, except all Scum Z-95s get access to Illicit Upgrades.

  • Binayre Pirate: Kath Scarlett's gang. Use double-cockpit fighters painted in red checker patterns. Initiative 1 allows them to serve as blockers to setup Kath's ability. Inertial Dampeners and Deadman's Switch are both good choices for the Illicit
  • Black Sun Soldier: The spacers of the Black Sun mafia organization. White with some black markings, plus the Black Sun symbol on the wings. Init 3 generics with Talent slots.
  • Kaa'To Leeachos: A Nikto bounty hunter who was once an enforcer to a Hutt slaver, then a killer of Jedi on behalf of the Empire. Killed when he betrayed the Pyke Syndicate. His Headhunter is decorated in orange on white. He gets the ability to pull Focus or Evade Tokens from other friendly ships at Range 0-2 and assign them to himself instead. Combine with Palob Godalhi, who can pull Tokens from the enemy.
  • Bossk: (H&A) Our favorite reptilian sadist can now fly the Nashtah Pup without having to lose the Hound's Tooth! Has the same ability as before, but the "Pursuit Craft" ship trait allows him to get a lock on whatever Hound's Tooth is locking whenever he deploys. Not game-changing, but definitely cool.
  • N'Dru Suhlak: An ex-Rebel who was trained by Wes and Porkins, became a bounty saboteur (basically a bounty hunter hunter hired by people with a bounty on their head). His Headhunter was painted a dark gray, with flames and a sharp-toothed face painted on the nose plus yellow-orange paint on the front exhaust. If there are no friendly ships within Range 1-2 of him, he gets an extra attack die making him the ultimate Lone Wolf. For extra fun, equip him with Lone Wolf for a single blank result being rerolled on attack and defense if no friendlies are within range 1-2.


Scum Y-Wing 2.jpg

Originally designed for the Republic in the Clone Wars, the Y-Wing series began as a simple assault craft was used to disable the capital ships of the CIS and provide cover for other Republic fighters although it was fielded somewhat rarely. When the Empire discontinued it to focus exclusively TIE models the Y-Wings ended up on the open market. Most buyers were pirates looking to intimidate their foes, although the Rebel Alliance also got into the action to directly take on Imperials rather than perform hit and runs forever. They can also be found quite often in planetary defense forces. Although an absolute bitch to maintain and expensive as hell, Y-Wings never fell out of favor until long after the New Republic was no longer new. Aces swear by them, and as time went on they were seen as a kind of classic that could never be replaced or truly improved on where it counts.

The same tactics for the Rebel Y-Wings also apply for Scum, as they are identical barring the different unique Astromechs and the Illicit Upgrade slot.

  • "Genius" remains a classic.
  • Crymorah Goon: The Crymorah Syndicate worked with the Empire for a time, then supported a pirate crew's raids on Imperial supply lines, got their shit stomped by the Empire, then popped back up again. This is one of their goons. Init 1.
  • Hired Gun: A bit braver thug who isn't afraid of knocking over an Imperial convoy for credits. Has a green camo design over the white. Init 2 Elite generic.
  • Drea Renthal: A matronly pirate captain who tried to reduce casualties whenever possible, and had a soft spot for Lando despite the age difference. She utilized Y-Wings with other heavy craft and capital ships to destroy a large chunk of the Imperial fleet when they opted to wage war with the Hutts by destroying Nar Shadaa, even capturing a disabled Carrack Light Cruiser to be her flag ship. Her Y-Wing is white with simple yellow around the cockpit. Being a commander, generic allies can reroll one attack die if the defender is in her firing arc. This applies to her turret arcs, so bring one along even if you don't plan to shoot the thing.
  • Kavil: Leader of the Kavil's Corsairs pirates, he was a badly scarred man who became a privateer for the Imperial Remnant before Moff Leonia Tavira (yep, a female Moff) took direct leadership of his men and gave Kavil the boot. His Y-Wing has a metallic lilac paintjob around the cockpit with white everywhere else. His ability says he gets an extra attack die when performing "a non-forward arc attack." Effectively, this applies to turret attacks and bullseye-requisite torpedo, even when they're firing forward. I know, it's confusing at first. He should always have an equipped turret and a gunner that supplements it. His high Initiative can make the most of Hotshot Gunner's ability. Veteran Turret Gunner and R3 can also be fun to use.

HWK-290/Moldy Crow

HWK-290 1.jpg

A Corellian craft made as the more personal and luxurious alternative to the bulky and blue collar YT series, it was introduced during the many trade fiascoes that characterized the pre-Clone Wars Republic. It never quite caught on, although like all Corellian ships it was beloved by smugglers and pirates. It was released again during the Galactic Civil War and remained in production until the end of the New Republic.

Rounding out the trend of Scum reusing ships from the Rebels, we have the HWK making a reappearance. Everything said about the Rebel version holds true, except that instead of being based around buffing your ships, criminal HWK-290s inflict debuffs on your opponent. Comes with an Illicit upgrade slot in addition to the Turret and Crew slots that the Rebels get. Despite Roark Garnet not being available to the S&V faction, the Moldy Crow Title can be taken by them as well. It did belong to a Hutt for a while...

  • Lando or Chewbacca can be solid choices for any pilot with the Moldy Crow title, as you'll rarely be short on green tokens for him to use.
  • Afterburners can help close the distance if you're trying to jam somebody.
  • Spice Runner: Just your general low class smuggler.
  • Torkil Mux: An employee of Jabba the Hutt's that skimmed a bit off the top, used a species of sentient plant as slave labor mining gems. When Han Solo and Chewbacca delivered a shipment of plants in exchange for gems he shorted them the payment Jabba promised, so they stole his ship where he had stashed his stolen goods and took it as an opportunity to give it to the plant people while proving to Jabba he'd been cheated all these years. At the start of Engagement Phase, you get to choose one enemy ship in your firing arc, and knock it down to Initiative ZERO until the end of the Combat Phase. Hilarious for the look on your opponent's face when PS 1 swarms get to shoot first. The Moldy Crow title widens the coverage of his ability.
  • Palob Godalhi: Another Moldy Crow owner, helped his father with the anti-Empire resistance on the planet Teth and gave his ship to the Rebels, who gave it to Kyle Katarn. Wrote the history books about the Galactic Civil War during the New Republic era. This guy clocks in at Init 3 and can steal a Focus or Evade Token from an enemy ship in his firing arc at Range 0-2. Just like Torkil, Moldy Crow improves his ability's reach.
  • Dace Bonearm: A bounty hunter, and companion of the assassin droid IG-72. Got the nerf from his 1E days. He has 3 recurring surges. When an enemy ship range 0-3 gets an ion, he can spend all 3 surges to just dump 2 more ions on them. He can basically guarantee that an ally's ion attack will disable a large ship in one shot. Once every three turns. Dace with a Y-Wing buddy makes for a perfect bro-op.


StarViper 2.jpg

The StarViper, technically the "StarViper-class Attack Platform", is another Mandalorian-made ship. The head of the Black Sun crime syndicate, Prince Xizor, paid for them to design a new class of ship incorporating many new technologies like a complex system of microthrusters on wingtips, folding S-coil wings which continually moved while flying like an alien bird or insect of some kind, multiple independent energy systems, and a super complicated targeting system so absolutely anything installed on the ship could be used quickly and effectively beyond what would ever be possible (for a non-Force user anyway) otherwise. Unlike most ships which spread out horizontally, the Virago was tall and thus was an entirely different thing than what most pilots were capable of dogfighting. It hybridized the role of weapons platform with a heavy fighter and also agility that outmatched A-Wings or TIE Interceptors. Once it was completed Xizor then purchased the rights to distribution of the craft so no other would ever be made other than his own, the prototype which he dubbed "Virago", although later several much cheaper variants were made for those in the Black Sun as rewards for service. If you're wondering why the Star Wars version of the mafia would want a unique ship that nobody else can use, the answer is "because their boss is an egomaniac with money to burn". When Xizor and the Virago were blown up by the Executor, the Mandalorians took advantage of their agreement being void and promptly began making as many as possible. They sold to absolutely anyone who wanted one, although their primary buyer was the Zann Consortium, 1/3 of the galactic mob organizations which controlled the galactic underworld (with the Black Suns and the Hutts being their rivals). The Mandalorians also constructed an entire fleet of StarVipers just for themselves to use against their Imperial oppressors towards the end of the Galactic Civil War.

Coming back around to unique Scum-only ships, the StarViper is a ship from the Shadows of the Empire series of toys, comics, an N64 game, and novels that dominated Star Wars media in the 1990's. Comes with a solid statline of 3 attack, 3 defense, but only has 1 Shield to its 4 Hull making you more vulnerable to Crits than most fighters of similar cost, though it has an excellent set of maneuvers and built-in Boost and Barrel Roll on top of Focus and Target Lock. Starviper was the first ship to have Segnor's Loop. Combo with Advanced Sensors to Boost or Barrel Roll first, and you can wind up in some good flanking positions. If that wasn't enough, the Starviper uses the bank template when barrel rolling, and you can decide on-the-fly which way it curves.

  • The Virago title gives an additional Mod slot, another shield, and two surges that can be spent on a red boost during the End Phase.
  • Black Sun Enforcer: A Black Sun grunt, in a StarViper painted in white with black Black Sun designs and green highlights.
  • Black Sun Assassin: An interstellar hitman for Black Sun, this guy is actually good at killing people and it shows. A typical "elite" generic.
  • Guri: Essentially a Replicant from Blade Runner, a tech first attempted by the Rebel Alliance which was then successfully done by two Imperial researchers who sold their results to Xizor who had Guri constructed as his perfect human waifu. Guri ran the Black Suns on behalf of Xizor (to the point she was believed to be the Princess of the Black Sun) so he didn't have to risk assassination, combined with her programming as an assassin to eliminate his rivals in Villainy, in business, and even nosy Imperials. Sought out her creators after Xizor kicked it and later became a mercenary for the New Republic, teaming up with Dash Rendar and Kyle Katarn (making a nice happy Expanded Universe family for a short time). Eventually she allowed the Republic to copy her and create a small force of Guris to act as the agents of the Republic against the Imperial Remnant and the criminal underworld. Her StarViper is unpainted. She gets a free Focus Token if there's at least 1 enemy ship at Range 0-1 at the start of the Engagement Phase, which can let you trigger a lot of fun combos or weapons without having to worry about saving the focus for defense. Fearless and Static Discharge Vanes capitalize on her choppiness, and Virago can help her close the distance while keeping her shielded from the ensuing point-blank shots. She is one of the only pilots that can get Calculate and Focus without upgrades or outside help.
  • Dalan Oberos: A human bounty hunter from Chronicles of the Gatekeeper. His ability is, you can turn 90° after fully executing a maneuver for a stress, making him very squirrely. Afterburners have the same timing window as his ability, so he could maneuver, turn, boost; or maneuver, boost, turn. If you use Advanced Sensors to get a barrel roll in before you do all of that, you may as well get Outmaneuver, because there's no way that isn't kicking in every single round.
  • Prince Xizor: A Falleen (chameleon people with pheromone powers) who was head of the Black Sun mob which controlled 1/3 of all criminal activities in the galaxy. His ability basically turns all of your ships into his bodyguards, giving you the option of putting an uncancelled Hit or Crit result onto friendly ships at Range 0-1 when he defends. Especially handy if your Shields go down and you eat a Crit, but that cheapass Z-95 nearby still has Shields although Y-Wings make the perfect escort to take the hits since they are cheap and somewhat durable.


IG-2000 1.jpg

The IG series of assassin droids was created during the early years of the Empire, when the program for the IG-88 prototype was uploaded it became self-aware to a degree most droids only achieve after decades without a mindwipe and managed to expand its consciousness by replicating its own memory. This IG-88, which has since been known as IG-88A, immediately killed its creators then activated four other IG models. Three were uploaded with IG-88A's own programming to become IG-88B, IG-88C, and IG-88D with the same mind in different bodies. (The final IG, IG-72, mostly did his own thing after helping the other IGs escape; he rejected the IG-88 programming.) The IG-88s became bounty hunters, cooperating as well as working against the other primary bounty hunters in the Galactic Civil War era. The IG-88s' long term goal was a revolution where droids would kill all organics and all droids would share a group mind thanks to the IG-88 programming. The IG-88s spent the war alternating between hunting down other bounty hunters and taking over droid factories to upload the IG-88 programming into them. IG-88A primarily hid and communicated with the others, IG-88B was the primary bounty hunter, IG-88C and IG-88D were the bodyguards of A and decoys if needed. After taking over a probe droid factory he encountered Darth Vader, after which he developed some weird kind of murder-crush on him and altered his voice to be similar to the James Earl Jones one Vader had. Most of the IG-88s were destroyed at Cloud City, with B and C getting blown up by Boba Fett and D trying (and failing) to 1v1 Dash Rendar. IG-88A, on the other hand, sat on his ass like the fucking coward he was and spent most of his time hacking into Imperial systems and placing bounties on anyone who he thought could threaten him. Towards the end of the war he actually managed to upload his mind into THE FUCKING DEATH STAR II and took control of an entire fleet of droid-piloted ships and even droid Stormtroopers. He then had a jolly old time killing filthy meatbags and slamming doors in Palpatine's face until some black dude in a stolen ship blew up his Death Star, destroying the last of the IG-88s but leaving his personality extant in the God knows how many droids he reprogrammed across the galaxy... which were never brought up again. The IG-2000, the ship of the IG-88s, was built as a heavily modified Aggressor fighter (as they were popular ships for bounty hunters) in a factory where IG-88 had started a small droid revolution and contains the engine of a Nebulon Frigate. It was full of backup and redundant systems, and had maneuverability capacity only a droid who had nothing to fear from gravity or vertigo could achieve. It had two tractor beams and a small boarding party of droid probes, a prisoner hold with a medical bay staffed by a captive medical droid, and the communications software needed to enable IG-88 to take remote control of enemy ships or disable their systems.

The Aggressor is better known by its name, IG-2000. Don't let the fact that it's a medium ship fool you, the Aggressor has a loaded maneuver dial including a 3-speed Segnor's Loop and a 4-speed K-Turn. On top of that, it's got 3 attack, 3 agility, 3 Shields, 5 Hull, with Boost and Evade on its action bar alongside Target Lock and Calculate. The Advanced Droid Brain allows Iggy to get 2 tokens from Calculate. All of the IGs have Initiative 4 and can take Talent, Sensor, Bomb, Illicit, and two Cannon slots. The big drawback is price, with all 4 pilots costing 36 points base while encouraging you to take a whole mess of upgrades. The big seller here is the ultra-cheap IG-2000 title, which gives you the pilot ability of all friendly ships in play that also have the IG-2000 title. Combined with the price of the base ship, this is basically FFG printing a unique one-ship faction that flies lists exclusively with two pilots. In summary, great ship, but you pay for what you get.

  • IG-88D comes as a Crew upgrade that can grant grant all active IG skills to whatever ship he is on, as well as the Calculate action.
  • IG-88A: IG-88A, being the droid mastermind, can transfer one of his calculate tokens to a range 1-3 friendly ship that also has calculate. Given that IG gets two tokens from the action, this is a no-brainer. Nice to have alongside droid pilots, whether it be his fellow IGs, L3, or 4-LOM.
  • IG-88B: A staple in all IG-88 lists (and the version of IG-88 that showed up in the movies), B lets you immediately make a Cannon attack after you perform an attack that does not hit. Mind you, the initial attack could also be with a Cannon which goes great with options like Heavy Laser Cannon.
    • His ability can give dakka to Mist Hunter, Firespray, or a YV-666 with IG-88D onboard.
  • IG-88C: C gives you a free Evade Token every time you perform a Boost action, and you'll probably be boosting a lot with this ship. Great for making you that much more survivable.
    • Crew IG-88D can be used to great effect on Lando's Millennium Falcon, Firespray, or an HWK.
  • IG-88D: This slippery bastard lets you choose to use either the 3-bank, 3-straight or 3-turn template when you execute a S-Loop. Has amusing iterations with Boost from Advanced Sensors.



Yet another Corellian ship. Despite being a large-sized ship, the YV-666 is highly maneuverable and is capable of rapid vertical acceleration. Unlike the YT and HWK series ships, which were designed primarily as freighters, the YV is more of a traditional multipurpose ship on a fairly large scale with expansive decks. The bottom deck contains most of the ship systems including weapons and engines. Bossk's own, the Hound's Tooth, was mainly modified to have a hangar for his personal Headhunter as well as contain the facilities for his various hobbies which include slavery, skinning and eating rare and sometimes sapient beings, and collecting trophies.

The 666 is almost like a Lambda crossbred with a gunship. It's big, tanky, lots of guns, and room for passengers. It has two seats, which means you could roll Jabba's fat ass around. If you take anyone but the generic pilot, consider getting the Hound's Tooth title. When it's active it automatically deploys a special Z-95 Headhunter called the Nashtah Pup (which has an awesome brown paintjob like the daddy ship plus a red nose and a tooth paintjob on the top of the nose) upon being destroyed; on its own, it's a generic Z-95 (not included for some strange reason, so you need to already own one), but it retains the Pilot Skill and unique ability of the pilot of the Hound's Tooth so you can wring out just a little more use from them.

  • Trandoshan Slaver: Trandoshans are a reptilian species known for regenerating entire limbs and being complete assholes. They absolutely HATE Wookies. The Slaver's YV-666 retains the brown metal although the front of the top decks is painted yellow and there are lines of green on the wings. The Slaver is your boring old Init 2 choice.
  • Latts Razzi: A Theelin woman who was introduced in the Clone Wars cartoon. She worked with various criminal types during the Clone Wars era including Bossk, Dengar, Aurra Sing, the young Boba Fett, and Assajj Ventress. She's last seen in canon as one of Jabba the Hutt's favorite bounty hunters. Init 3. At the start of Engagement, she can spend a target lock on a range 1 ship to give it a tractor token. She's useful to anyone wanting to take on anything, although characters like Talonbane Cobra who have offensive abilities and against low Agility ships like almost any Large ship and you have a winning combo. Not bad for the Hound's Tooth Title, since nothing prevents her from continuing her escapades from inside the Headhunter. Sticking on an Ion Cannon help set zippier opponents up for you close in for the range requirement. It's also worth mentioning that the ability can be used on friendlies if you need to push them out of a firing arc.
  • Moralo Eval: Another character from the Clone Wars cartoon. A Phindian (olive-green, long-limbed aliens) sociopathic saboteur. Worked with Cad Bane in an attempt to kidnap Palpatine, and was sent to prison after the mission failed. Moralo's YV-666 is painted brick red. Init 4. Twice per game, he can fly off the mat and reappear anywhere within range 1 of the side he flew off of. There isn't really anything he synergizes with, but he can setup some very interesting tactics. He can use the edge to feint, ambush, or simply GTFO.
  • Bossk: The posterboy Trandoshan, appearing as one of the bounty hunters in Empire Strikes Back. His YV-666 is the Houndstooth, which is brown with red lines and a tooth design on the top. When you perform an attack that hits, after the Neutralize Results step, you can cancel a Crit result to add two extra Hit results. Pair him with Greedo and you can convert a Hit to a Crit, and with the Hound's Tooth title he can keep on eating through Shields even if the ship gets blown up. If you simply must have somebody else in the gunner seat (Like Dengar), Marksmanship is a fair means of getting crits. While you miss out in inflicting the deleterious crit effects, it has the fucking awesome effect of ignoring Chewbacca's (fittingly) and Leebo's abilities.

Kihraxz Fighter

Khiraxz Art.jpg

Another ship from Star Wars Galaxies. Produced by a company technically aligned with the Empire, who did more planetary management of a highly xenophobic primitive human planet for them than shipbuilding. Took the fuselage from the X-Wing series as inspiration while adding an additional engine plus stabilizers under the nose to give it enhanced maneuverability. Otherwise, almost every ship was different due to the customization features available to the owners. Like the StarViper, it too was made exclusively for the Black Sun syndicate although unlike the StarViper a lot more made it into the open market prior to Xizor's fall. Kihraxz were purchased for aces who proved themselves in the Syndicate, to their specifications.

In a lot of ways, it's the Scum counterpart to the X-wing, albeit with a Missile and Illicit upgrade instead of a Torpedo and Astromech slot, as well as three Modification slots and differently distributed Shield and Hull point values (five Hull points and one Shield- so Crits will be an issue). It also has a slightly different maneuver dial that gives it an extra Koiogran turn at speed 5, Tallon rolls at 2, plus white hard 1 turns, plus anything other than hard maneuvers at 2 speed being green, at the expense of a straight speed 1 maneuver and 3 speed turns. Don't bother with staying in formation with them, they're better suited for flanking and pincer strikes. Not very surprising, given that criminals and pirates are not team players in any sense of the word.

  • Cartel Marauder: They maraud, for a cartel. Red front over metal paint job. Initiative 2..
  • Black Sun Ace: The guys this ship was designed for. Same paintjob as the Marauder, but with Black Sun symbols on the wings. Elite generic with Initiative 3.
  • Captain Jostero: A Pirate captain possibly originally from SWG, who was mentioned in the RPG book Suns of Fortune. He flies a Tiger-Stripe Kihraxz. His ability is to attack a ship once per round, when they suffer damage from a source that isn't an attack - such as bombs, Deadman's Switch, Feedback Array, asteroids, Gunner Dengar, etc. Init 3, no Talent.
  • Graz the Hunter: A generic NPC character from the FFG RPG. Same paintjob as the others, fittingly. Init 4. While attacking or defending, you can roll an extra die as long as you're behind the ship in question. Pitch a Cloaking Device and Outmaneuver on him so you can do it from behind.
  • Viktor Hel: Sounding like an 80s or 90s comic book character, Viktor Hel is a Corellian bounty hunter mentioned in the opening fiction for No Disintegrations. His ability is that if you defend and don't roll exactly 2 dice, the enemy becomes stressed. This means you can engage at Range 3, use Cloaking or Stealth Devices, or give him Trick Shot and fight through obstacles.
  • Talonbane Cobra: Unpainted fighter bar the Black Sun logos. Scrublord maximus who was shot down by the player in their first space battle in Star Wars Galaxies, although the equivalent would probably be the Tansarii Point Veteran at only Init 3. Yet somehow Talonbane is a 5 like Luke or Boba Fett. He can double all range bonuses when attacking or defending. Give him Fearless and he'll hammer-smash faces.

JumpMaster 5000 (JMP-5K)/Punishing One

JumpMaster 5000.png

Hey, look, it's the toilet-seat ship! The JumpMaster 5000 was a Corellian ship produced for the Old Republic prior to the Clone Wars, designed to boldly go where no man has gone before and explore the fringes of the galaxy in search of new systems, planets, and hyperspace lanes. The interior was designed to be exceedingly comfortable despite its size and the long voyage times, and contained only a single pilot and a crew member. The only fault with the design was an unreliable hyperdrive engine. When the peaceful efforts of the Republic gradually transitioned to the internal control of the Empire, they were decommissioned and wound up in the hands of civilians. Like all Corellian craft they were highly customizable, and ironically ended up fulfilling the same roles originally meant for the HWK series. The Punishing One was the ship of the famous bounty hunter Dengar, and was a highly modified JM-5K. Although still possessing the slow and somewhat unreliable hyperdrive of the standard craft, his advanced engines plus Ion Cannons (Which aren't represented in the game)) and various other armaments made it a capable dogfighter. Unlike most bounty hunters he didn't keep any cages in his ship, as he only took dead bounties or operated with other bounty hunters on the lucrative bounties worth the trouble of taking a foe alive. A portion of the craft was kept as the standard comforts, and the rest dedicated to maintaining Dengar's cybernetic parts.

The JM-5K is a Large ship with a turret, a Torpedo slot, the default Illicit upgrade, and a crew slot that can be switched with an astromech slot with the Punishing One title upgrade. Due to the awkward position of the engine thrusters, all left maneuvers are easier than right maneuvers. Uniquely, it can sloop left, but not right. Also, in addition to the slot swapping mentioned earlier, the Punishing One title adds an additional attack die against targets in his forward firing arc, rewarding good flying, and partly making up for how thoroughly this ship raped 1E's meta. Seriously, FFG blew this thing's fucking kneecaps off and it was still competetive.

  • L3 Crew is a decent choice for any non-titled JM-5K to make banking right easier.
  • Nom Lumb: (H&A) Probably an OC from the No Disintegrations splatbook. Init 1. When an attack is declared against him, he is forced to rotate his turret to an arc that the attacker is in. He's sort of a double-edged sword where he's pretty much guaranteed to have somebody in arc, but a smart opponent can control it pretty easily. Nom demands Gunner Dengar.
  • Contracted Scout: A generic Init 2. In 1E, it had a Talent slot, so the ability to fly three of them with deadeye, an astro unit, and a full loadout of torpedoes put them at pre-nerf phantom levels of overpowered - which is why Deadeye was nerfed to "Small Ship Only". You can still attempt to run x3 "U-Boats" lists, they just no longer are alpha strike monsters who eat rebel fighters for breakfast.
  • Manaroo: An Aruzan, a race of blue-skinned black-haired human variants with the ability to share their emotions telepathically with other beings, Dengar's waifu. Init 3. At the start of combat, you can assign all your green tokens to another friendly ship at Range 0-1. She is a boon and a half to support abilities that need tokens, like Lando and Chewbacca as crew.
    • Sticking Maul in the passenger seat can keep her able to fight even after she gives away her focus.
    • Giving her IG-88D while flying alongside IG-88A allows you to pass calculate tokens all over the place.
  • Tel Trevura: A minor criminal of some kind of an unknown race who shipjacked a JumpMaster 5000 at gunpoint, then crashed it on an asteroid to fake his death. Fett discovered he was still alive and brought him in, sharing 40% with the informant who tipped him off. This was early in Fett's career, back before anything short of 200% of a bounty was something he could accept without going on an omnicidal rampage. Initiative 4. When he dies for the first time, you can cancel all remaining damage, remove all damage cards and slap 5 facedown cards on him, and respawn on your side of the mat. Fun, even if it won't save you for that long.
  • Dengar: The cybernetic bounty hunter in Empire Strikes Back with toilet paper on his head. Never kept cages on his ship, since he only ever took dead bounties or operated with other bounty hunters on the few bounties worth capturing alive. Somehow Initiative 6 (with some people rationalizing it that he was a swoop racer in the old canon, despite Sunny Bounder being Initiative 1 for the exact same reason.). Once per round after you get attacked, you can make an immediate attack back on your foe in your forward firing arc. DAMN good, but situational, and obviously synergizes with the title upgrade. Best if taken with upgrades like Expert Handling that'll let you duck and weave to always have some punk in your face.
    • If you have Dengar in the Gunner seat, after you defend against somebody who's in any of your arcs, you can spend his recurring charge to give your opponent a choice: Remove a green token or let you roll an attack die, inflicting the result. He makes an excellent counter to Juke and because his revenge shot doesn't count as an attack, Captain Jostero can use it to make his bonus attack.

G-1A/Mist Hunter

The G1-A Starfighter was built by Byblos Drive Yards, an old manufacturer mostly known for making heavy-duty transports, freighters, and industrial mining and construction ships. The company used technology from one of its subsidiaries, Byblos RepulsorDrive, to make the otherwise bulky and clumsy G1-A capable of some surprising maneuvers. This, combined with its firepower, heavy shielding, room for eight passengers and metric ton of cargo, made the starfighter an attractive option for freelance pilots and bounty hunters. The only G1-A of note, the Mist Hunter, was owned by the Gand bounty hunter Zuckuss, who piloted the ship alongside his protocol droid partner 4-LOM. The Mist Hunter included modified repulsorlifts and a tractor beam projector. Zuckuss commonly kept the ship filled with ammonia so that he did not have to wear his breathing apparatus. The three prisoner cells in the ship were each individually airlocked so Zuckuss could control the atmosphere in each, mostly to keep oxygen-breathing bounties alive.

The G1-A is a small ship with Crew, System and Illicit upgrades, and the Focus, Target Lock and Evade actions. Much like how the Kihraxz is the Scum counterpart to the X-Wing, the G1-A is the Scum counterpart to the B-Wing, with 3 Attack, 1 Agility and 9 Hull/Shield (distributed 5 and 4, so it's slightly more prone to taking crits). The dial is, again, comparable to the B-Wing's, trading the 2-K turn for a 3-K and 4-K, and turning the 3 straight green and the 4 straight white. The Mist Hunter title gives you the barrel roll action and a cannon slot intended for a tractor beam. For reasons unknown, the G-1A has a white jam action. Very handy.

  • L3 is good for toning down the banks if you aren't flying 4-LOM.
  • Gand Findsman: The Gand are from the planet Gand, which features an ammonia-gas atmosphere. Because of this, all Gand who travel off-world are invariably seen wearing a specialized breathing apparatus, without which they would quickly suffocate in the nitrogen-oxygen atmospheres common to inhabited worlds throughout the galaxy. The Findsmen are shamanistic bounty hunters who track their quarry through diving omens via rituals based around the religious worship of the ammonia mists on their homeworld. All this arcane mumbo-jumbo doesn't seem to pay off, since they're Initiative 1 with no Talent.
  • 4-LOM: A protocol droid who overwrote his own programming to embark on a life of stealing and bounty hunting, mostly because that's much more exciting than translating the inane demands of rich people aboard a luxury liner. Init 3. After doing a full red maneuver (of which G-1A has many), he gets a calculate token. At the start of End Phase, he can stick 1 of his stress tokens on any ship range 0-1. The tractor beam allowed by the title is perfect for enemy ships into range. Also, since he favors red maneuvers so heavily, Elusive isn't a bad investment either.
    • Crew 4-LOM is interesting. After you roll dice on an attack, you can get two ion tokens to prevent the defender from using a type of green token of your choice. It's not a bad idea to bring along Electronic Baffle or Static Discharge Vanes.
  • Zuckuss: A Gand Findsman Bounty Hunter known as the 'Uncanny One' who combined his Findsman training with his innate Force Sensitivity to find even the most well-hidden quarry. Partnered up with 4-LOM and worked for both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, eventually joined the Alliance and finished his career hunting down whoever the New Republic needed found. One of the few Gand who could use first-person pronouns, since Gand only use those if they're so renowned that they can presume everyone already knows their name. Init 3 like 4-LOM. Can choose to roll 1 additional attack die, but the defender gets to roll an additional defense die. Red dice are a bit stronger than green dice, so this is usually a good deal.
    • Zuckuss as a crew allows you to get stressed while attacking to force the defender to reroll a defense die of your choice. Very handy with 4-LOM at the wheel.

Lancer-Class Pursuit Ship/Shadow Caster

Shadowport Hunter XWM.png

A bounty hunter ship introduced in Rebels, and recycled from unused concept art for the earlier Clone Wars series. The ship's design maybe looks like it belongs more in Star Trek than Star Wars, but some people love it for harkening back to the old pancake ships. In 1st Edition, the Lancer-class introduced us to the Mobile Firing Arc and "Rotate Arc" action.

Otherwise, the Lancer is a decently tough large ship, with an attack 3 forward gun and attack 2 turret, 2 agility, 8 hull, and two shields. It also has focus, target lock, evade and rotate arc, as well as a dial with an amazing array of green high-speed moves. It can equip one crew and two illicit upgrades, which gives it some flexibility in terms of nasty tricks. It also has some unique upgrades;

  • The Shadow Caster title allows you to assign a Tractor token to an enemy ship if you hit them with an attack in your mobile and forward arcs.
  • Shadowport Hunter: A ruthless contract killer for some criminal outfit, a generic with Init 2.
  • Sabine Wren: Sabine's second pilot card, representing her bounty hunting days when she was like 13. Sabine is Init 3, still. Her ability is different, however, adding 1 focus result to defense rolls when an enemy ship at range 0-2 is inside your mobile firing arc. If you're up against a swarm, Manaroo or Perceptive Copilot can be good to have.
  • Asajj Ventress: Despite being dead for like 15 years when these other pilots were flying around, the dark disciple returns as a Lancer pilot, who has Initiative 4 and a Force Talent slot. Asajj has a very nasty ability, spending a Force point to assign a stress token to a ship at range 0-2 in her turret arc at the start of Engagement unless they remove a green token. Combos well with the crew card Latts Razzi, which can heal an enemy's stress to give you an evade result when they attack.
  • Ketsu Onyo: Captain of the Shadow Caster, and a bounty hunter for Black Sun who decided to help her sister-in-arms Sabine out in the Rebellion. Kestu is an Init 5 pilot, with Talent slot. Her ability gives an enemy ship at Range 0-1 a Tractor Beam token (which reduces agility) at the start of combat if they are in both the normal and mobile arcs.
    • Crew Ketsu is pretty useful in any tractor build. You can prevent one enemy ship in your firing arc range 0-2 from remove its tractor tokens at the end of the round.

Fang Fighter

Swx55 preview.jpg

Also (and formerly) called the Protectorate Starfighter, this is another mandalorian fighter design primarily used by a branch group known as the Journeyman Protectors. The Protectors generally seem to spend their time avoiding dealing with the core mandalorians and telling people who enter their space "fuck off, we're full!", but some of them trained Clone pilots in the Clone Wars. The Protectorate fighter features pivoting wings, a narrow attack profile and a hidden torpedo launcher - meaning they're ideal at getting into close range and destroying the enemy, and they have potent maneuverability to do so.

In terms of role, the Protectorate is similar to Interceptors or A-Wings, with 3 attack, 3 agility, 4 hull, no shields and focus, target lock, boost and barrel roll actions, and only the Torpedo upgrade. But, it operates slightly differently due to its built-in ability, "Concordia Faceoff" which changes a defense result to an Evade when you defend if you're at Range 1 and both ships are in each others' forward arcs. Combined with some of the pilot abilities and the Scum-Only Talent "Fearless" (which operates like the Title, but for attacking), Fang Fighters don't necessarily arc dodge, but rush right up into the teeth of the enemy shouting "WITNESS ME!". The Protectorate dial is full of speed, also has access to a pair of 2-speed T-rolls and a K-turn for some good turning around. Or you can just take a 1 turn "white" or 2 turn "green".

  • Like the A-Wing, there is no mod slot.
  • The go-to Talent for this ship is obviously Fearless, but Daredevil can be a worthy pick as well.
  • Zealous Recruit:The Init 1 generic. Think of them like warboys from Mad Max, just ready to rush in there and ride eternal, shiny and beskar.
  • Skull Squadron Pilot: An elite generic, they make quite a jump with Init 4 and a Talent slot.
  • Kad Solus: Kad is a mandalorian mercenary and pilot appearing in one of FFG's RPG adventures. His ability gives him 2 focus tokens when he performs a red maneuver (so when he turns around or turns with a Damaged Engine).
  • Old Teroch: This old Mando is a pit fighter and mercenary who also appears in the same adventure as Kad. Teroch appears to be the Protectorate's answer to 1E's Carnor Jax, as his ability discards all green tokens of an enemy ship in range 1 that has you in arc at the start of the combat phase. Sometimes called "Sweet-T", probably for all the tears he will cause.
  • Fenn Rau: A real fight the power guy, Fenn leads the Protectors, flying in Skull Squadron in the Clone Wars and smoking A-Wings in the GCW before he was captured by the Rebels as a hostage. He's a flashy Init 6, a real ace for Scum. His ability lets him roll 1 more die when attacking or defending at Range 1, which can combine with Concordia Faceoff and Fearless to turn him into a deadly fighter who just rolls up to range 1 of an enemy and blows them out of the water.

Quadjumper/Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug


The Quadjumper is a ship from the ST era, basically a space tugboat. However, it also has some design flexibility and is low cost, meaning criminal types (eg., S&V) like to take them and give them illegal modifications to act as pirate ships, scavengers and smuggling vessels. The ship has a fairly unique design with four large engines, and very briefly appeared on film before it was toasted by TIE/fos. While it doesn't pack weapons normally, it can be modified with them by unscrupulous types.

As a ship in the game, the Quad is pure troll. It has a humble 2 attack and 2 agility, and 5 hull with no shields. It features focus, barrel roll, and red evade on the action bar, and by default has crew, device, illicit and the tech upgrade - the first scum ship to field tech. While not fast, it has a wide variety of low-speed maneuvers which make it good up close. It also is unique in that it is the first ship with "Reverse" maneuvers, which work just like they sound, measuring from the back guides of a ship and moving it away - perfect to keep an enemy right in front of you. The Quadjumper has 1 straight and 1 bank reverses. It also has a set of 2 sloops if you need to keep the enemy close that way. It comes with Spacetug Tractor Array. As an action, it can give a tractor token to a ship in range 1 or 2 tokens if the ship is also in your bullseye, allowing you to fuck with medium ships.

  • Pattern Analyzer is a great tech upgrade choice, as you can reverse or sloop before tractoring somebody. Seasoned Navigator makes it even more potent.
  • Cloaking Device is also good. It doesn't prevent tractoring and gives your Quadjumper a chance to survive longer than in the movie.

  • Jakku Gunrunner: Your basic Init 1 pilot. A gun smuggler who uses the Quad to haul their loot. The low initiative is good for slapping a tractor or two onto somebody before they have a chance to move.
  • Unkar Plutt: That cockney fat-fuck alien who has stolen the Falcon. Init 2, no Talent. His ability forces all ships he is touching to be assigned a Tractor Beam token at the start of the engagement phase. Obviously made for blocking.
    • Crew Unkar allows you take one damage to perform a white action are partially executing a maneuver. You can't use it to tractor the guy you just bumped into.
  • Sarco Plank: An alien scavenger who is a bit of a jerkface. Also Init 2 sans Talent like Unkar Plutt. His ability allows you to roll a number of defense dice equal to the speed to moved this turn instead of your agility - which can be used to situationally get a boost when you go 3, or possibly ignore agility-reducing abilities.
  • Constable Zuvio: Local lawman on Jakku. Init 4 and the only Quadjumper pilot to sport a Talent slot. His ability allows you to launch a device from your front guides, perfect for dropping some nasty mines right in somebody's face.

Scurrg H-6 Bomber

The Scurrg first appeared as Captain Nym's vessel in the vidya, Star Wars: Starfighter. In XMG, it's Scum's heavy bomber that can take a bomblet generator and, with the title, Trajectory Simulator. For the most part, it's what you'd expect from a heavy bomber: low agility, clunky-ass maneuver dial, 6 hull, 4 shields, but with a front gun that packs a decent punch of 3.

This thing was the straw that broke the back of 1E's meta. In a game where turrets, bombs, and Scum astromechs were all game-breaking cheese, FFG decided to not only release a ship that combined all three, but also include a pilot that ignores the only real disadvantage of bombs.

  • The Havoc title swaps out the crew slot for a sensor and astromech for a nominal cost. If you do, it's basically a given that you'll bring Trajectory Simulator.
    • Go full Ork with "Genius" and Ablative Plating.
  • If you didn't take the title, L3 can give some much-needed green to the maneuver dial.
  • Lok Revenant: One of Captain Nym's boys took his ride out for a spin. Init 2 generic.
  • Sol Sixxa: A not-quite-trando with a hate-boner for the Trade Federation. His people feared that he would turn on them if he were to defeat the Space Chinamen. They hired Nym to take him out, but they ended up teaming up to stomp some battledroids together. He has the ability to use bank and turn templates when dropping (but not launching) devices. A Skilled Bombardier is a must for him.
  • Captain Nym: One of the playable characters in Star Wars: Starfighter. During the events of Phantom Menace, he was a pirate that was kicking over Trade Federation convoys for the lulz until they kicked him out of his base and he joined up with Naboo forces. He went back to piracy, but would occasionally play good guy. Init 5 BAMF. His pilot ability allows him to use bombs and mines as cover and can prevent 1 friendly bomb or mine per round from detonating. Got a great place for a mine, but it's right in the path of a friendly? Nym's got you covered.

M12-L Kimogila Fighter

Another Galaxies ship, it's essentially Scum's Missile Boat crossed with a sledgehammer. The Kimogila introduced bullseye arcs in 1E and retains the associated ability, now called Dead to Rights. If you're attacking somebody in your bullseye, their dice cannot be modified with green tokens. This spells doom for interceptor-grade ships caught in the crosshairs. Even if they dodge out of the way, they're stuck without a focus/evade unless they have good action economy.

Statwise, it's a quintessential tank with an attack of 3, 1 agility, 7 hull, and 2 shields. It's a slow, lumbering beast. The only maneuver faster than 3 is the K-turn. There's slots for torps, missiles, an astromech, and illicit. The only astros that really work here are R3 and R5. The action bar is loaded up with focus, target lock, red barrel roll, and white reload. Despite the barrel roll being red, it's pretty much always worth a stress if it means lining up a bullseye. Or just take Expert Handling. The reload action means you can also have Saturation Salvo, which lets you spend a surge from your munitions to force rerolls of up to two defense dice. If you go this route, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring Overseer Yushyn's Mining Guild TIE along for the ride so you can keep reloading without losing your attack.

  • Cartel Executioner: The only generic pilot for the dumb muscle ship is oddly proficient. Initiative 3 with Talent slot.
  • Dalan Oberos: It's the dude that flies a Starviper like it was thrown in a tumble dryer. At the start of Engagement, he can spend one of his two nonrecurring surges to drain a shield from a ship in his bullseye. Init 3.
  • Torani Kulda: Rodian NPC from the Lords of Nal Hutta splatbook. When she attacks, each enemy ship in her bullseye suffers 1 damage unless it removes a green token. It won't trigger often, but if you brought Cluster Missiles, you can use it twice in a round.

Modified TIE/ln Fighter

Mining Guild TIE.png

Due to its close connections to Sienar Fleet Systems, the Mining Guild was able to get its hands on the TIE fighter design for its personal use. The Mining Guild modified their TIEs to be better at defending their operations: by removing two of the solar panels on each wing, the fighter's engines would be weakened somewhat but the pilot would have better peripheral vision. This allowed the modified TIEs to function more effectively in the asteroid fields the Guild operated out of.

The Modified TIE/ln Fighters can perform all of the maneuvers their Imperial counterparts can use, but they have reduced speed due to the modifications made to them. However, they compensate with their inherent ability to ignore asteroids while moving, which allows them to pull off movement tricks that would get a standard TIE destroyed.

  • Trick Shot is a safe default option for the talent slot, given that you're likely to spend a lot of time with your face in rocks.
  • Mining Guild Sentry: Ultra-cheap Init 1 generic.
  • Mining Guild Surveyor: Slightly better elite generic, Init 2.
  • Overseer Yushyn: Mining Guild boss and Captain Planet villain, ordered his men to kill space whales because the gas he wanted was their food source. Init 2, no Talent. Once per round, when a friendly ship at range 1 is about to be disarmed, Yushyn can opt to have them get stressed instead if they aren't already stressed. He makes a great partner for Quinn Jast or Foreman Proach.
  • Captain Seever: The screechy trando on Rebels that Ezra locked in a closet. Died in a tragic smelting accident. Init 3 with Talent. When he attacks or defends, if he's outside the enemy's bullseye, before dice are rolled, he can spend his recurring Surge to give the enemy ship a jam token.
  • Ahhav: SPLIT YOUR LUNGS WITH BLOOD AND THUNDER! WHEN YOU SEE THE WHITE WHALE! Gets a bonus die when attacking or defending against a larger ship. The artwork features space whales, in case you didn't get the obvious reference to Finding Nemo.
  • Foreman Proach: A trando slave master named for Pat Roach, the buff dude that gets propellered in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Before engaging, he can disarm himself to put a tractor token on one enemy ship in his bullseye range 1-2. Init 4 with Talent.

YT-1300 Light Freighter/Millennium Falcon and Escape Craft

The good old (new?) Millennium Falcon again, this time representing its depiction in Solo: A Star Wars Story while it was still owned by Lando Calrissian. This version of the YT-1300 replaces its primary weapon with a double turret that lets it cover its firing arcs more effectively. Unlike Han, Lando made considerable use of the escape craft built into the front of the ship, which is reflected in the "Lando's Millennium Falcon" title; this allows the escape craft to dock with the Falcon and grant it the use of its shields and any pilot ability it might have. The Escape Craft can also operate as an independent craft much like the Ghost and the Phantom. It also grants an extra die when attacking stressed ships.

  • There's no pilot card for Chewbacca, but he has a crew card that lets you spend a focus token to flip a faceup damage card at the end of a round.
  • Tobias Beckett can change the position of one obstacle after all forces are placed. This can sync with Han & Qi'ra, or just sabotage your opponent's starting formation.
YT-1300 Pilots
  • Freighter Captain: Boring Init 1 generic.
  • L3-37: A self-made, EXTRA THICC droid, Lando's co-pilot, and an aspiring revolutionary, she was integrated into the Millennium Falcon's navigation system after being irreversibly damaged. Init 2. Any time her ship isn't shielded, she reduces the difficulty of bank maneuvers by 1.
    • L3 as a crew can flip her card while defending to force the attacker to reroll all attack dice. When her card is flipped, she integrates into the ship to achieve MAXIMUM THICCNESS and bestow it with her pilot ability.
  • Lando Calrissian (Solo): Init 4. Ever the gambler, if Lando isn't stressed he can take a stress token in exchange for rerolling any dice that come up blank. Consider pairing him with a co-pilot that can get rid of the stress tokens in order to let him get more re-rolls.
    • Crew Lando can spend a green token to reroll ANY two dice.
  • Han Solo (Solo): Han was a maxed out Init 6 BAMF even in his youth. Any time he defends or performs a primary attack, he gets an extra die if there's an obstacle in the way of the attack. The more asteroids and debris fields you have to exploit, the better. If you have Qi'ra onboard, you can flat-out ignore any obstacle you're locking, but still benefiting from Han's ability, because fuck you, that's why.
    • Han as a gunner allows you to perform a red focus action right before engaging, making him a great choice for pretty much anybody except Lando.
Escape Craft Pilots
  • Autopilot Drone: Init 1, though it's more of a suicide bomb than a pilot. It loses a surge every round it's not docked, and when its surge count drops to 0, it self-destructs to deal 1 critical damage to all ships at ranges 0-1. Don't forget the Rigged Energy Cells for a bigger boom!
  • L3-37: Same ability as her Falcon profile, and with Co-Pilot allowing her to share her skill with the Falcon Init 2 isn't as much of an issue.
  • Outer Rim Pioneer: Generic dude with Init 3. He can allow friendly ships at 0-1 range perform attacks at range 0 of obstacles.
  • Lando Calrissian: Same as his Falcon ability.

C-ROC Cruiser

The first Huge ship for Scum and Villainy. Originally intended as a custom configuration of the Gozanti-class cruiser , it was rejected for use by the Imperial Navy but found favor with both legitimate cargo operations and smugglers thanks to its superior speed and hauling capacity. It wasn't suited for use as a frontline warship, but its armored sloping hull and heavy armament made it useful against the solitary Imperial vessels used to maintain law on the Outer Rim.