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One of these is made by a 'eavy metal painter, other isn't. Guess which one!

'Eavy Metal is Games Workshop's dedicated painting studio. Their job is to paint some models for the codexes and box-art. They are masters of thinning their paints, and they recruit from the best, like Golden Demon winners. The style of painting used by GW (basecoat, (recess) shade, edge highlight, finer edge highlight) is commonly referred to as "'Eavy Metal Style", and is the bane of painters everywhere for the insane amount of time it takes to edge highlight everything.

The only real thing worth mentioning about 'Eavy Metal was Darren Latham, then he became a sculptor, now the people's painter Niel Green is the man of the moment tbh Joe Tomaszewski. Joe. Motherfucking. Tomaszewski.

As of 2015 Joe betrayed the team and turned to twiddling his thumbs as a profession. Now its all about Gary Birdlime the legendary Shraven.

It's a common mistake from those new to the hobby to try to copy the 'eavy metal painted model pictures on the box. This is pretty much a bad idea, especially if you don't understand things like "base paint", "thinning" or "drybrushing". If you have any doubts, remember: You can paint 'em however the fuck you want. Nobody begins as an 'eavy metal painter. But at least try to make sure that other people can look at the finished product without trying self-harm.

How do I become a heavy metal painter?[edit]

If you for whatever reason really really want a job at GW painting, it may be better to aim a bit lower for the army painting team (who paint the armies in the codices, go figure), that's where Duncan and the Warhammer Community presenters come from.

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