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-4 Str Git Bak In Teh Kitchen1!!

-4 Str is a meme and trollbait from /tg/. The term is used as a shorthand way of saying that all women -- especially adventurers -- are significantly weaker than men, and ought to take a -4 modifier to their strength score. One can guarantee that by invoking these words a musclegirl image dump or a stupid argument will ensue, sometimes both.


Though its origins are shrouded in mystery, some evidence has come along to point to -4 Str's beginnings, or at least a very similar concept.

An oldfag says: "This meme is at least as old as 1978. Check page 15 of 1st ed. AD&D: a table for racial min/max for each stat and gender, but the only real difference is -1 Str for femme Dwarves, -2 Str for femme Elves, -3 Str for femme Gnomes and Halflings. All the other stats -- Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Chr -- are the same for both genders. Cue feminazi bashing of Gary Gygax."

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