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An example card from 1kBWC

1000 Blank White Cards is a party game for three to six players. Before and during the game, players create their own cards consisting of a title, a picture, and a point value or rule. Being extremely cheap (requiring only index cards and pens) and fairly non-competitive, it is an excellent game for creative and artistic players.


Before play, a deck of 20-30 blank cards is created, and the players each receive 5-6 blank cards to fill out. Each card consists of a title, an illustration related to the title, a point value (from -1000 to +1000 in 100-point increments), and optionally an additional rule or instruction. The cards are then added to the pile. If the players have a deck from a previous session, they add 20-30 cards from that deck to the new one (new games simply add another 20-30 blank cards).

During play, a player may use a card on themselves, another player, or the table as a whole (which affects them as well). Cards may have permanent effects and remain in play until nullified or otherwise removed; otherwise they are discarded. If a player has a blank card, they may fill it in before using it. The game ends when the deck runs out of cards, and the winner is the player with the most points.

When the game is over, a stockpile of cards is created from the best in the deck, and can be used in future games. The full text of the game rules can be found in the External Links section.

1000 Blank White Trivia Cards[edit]

A variant on 1kBWC made by the nerds at Invisible City. Every player gets a dozen blank white cards and a pen. They each write down one trivia question on each card with an answer. On a player's turn, they ask someone else for a trivia question. Answer it correctly, get +1 point. Fail, and all the other players get a chance to answer. If none of the other players get it right, the person who wrote the question loses -2 points. You want to write trivia questions that are difficult, but not TOO difficult.

On /tg/[edit]

An ineffective attempt at 1000 Blank White Promotions

1000 Blank White Cards threads usually involve creating cards in MS Paint and posting them, either giving themselves point values or canceling out other players' cards. Given that 90% of all players are simply Anonymous, it's usually a simple excuse to draw a lot of meme-related, silly pictures.

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