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"Under the red sun have the Angels been raised, under the red sun do the Angels fight, and under the red sun shall the Angels die." -Brother chaplain Corterus of the 15th company

“From the gene-seed of our primarch Sanguinius to the teachings of our chaplains, we had learned through the imperial teachings of the god emperor infallibility of which divine traits was clearly shown upon our creation. I remember my brothers and I kneeling at first sight of what we all knew was the one true leader of humanity, for we are the blood angels and we shall be his spear to the mutants or Xenos alike. Standing in a stormraven I can clearly remember the first time I had laid eyes upon my primarch, he stood in what could be only a feral world yet there was a sense of nobility to him that was clear even trough the dust of Baal.” -Captain Caslor of the 5th company

15th Company[edit]

 The 15th Company is a fan made company of the Blood Angels Chapter. To see the 15th company's wargear as well as their heraldry visit 15th Equipment

 Originally created at the beginning of the Great Crusade as to witness the transfer of leadership from the Emperor to Sanguinius after he was discovered upon Baal Secundus. Upon witnessing the primarch's ascension into command what was once an unknown chapter became the sons of Sanguinius without resistance, almost mirroring the first meeting with the Emperor himself the 9th chapter adopted the name "Blood Angels" soon after. The pre-heresy Chapter marched with the sound of 120,000 feet all to the beat of the primarch's heart tho strange occurrences began to rise in prominence such as the Red Thirst and the Black Rage of which are both known to be key factors within the chapters strength as well as their burden. With only a few occurrences of the genetic defects within the soldiers gene-seeds causing the iconic rage it was easy to mistake as battle lust, during this time a Company of Marines had begun to experience yet even stranger genetic defects. 

Begining of the end

 Tho spared the horrors of the black rage due to its yet small outbursts the 15th company began to suffer horrific visions while unconcentrated or at rest, these visions would persist until the one in question could rid themselves of whatever serenity that triggered them to lower their guard. In the beginning, it was diagnosed by apothecaries as just mental damage caused by warp travel and overstimulation but with time came answers no legionary wished to learn of, the warp edged at the minds of the genetically damaged company when they would let down their mental guards. Seeing the end of company, brother-captain Caslor led his brothers into countless battles for the sole reason of preserving what sanity they possessed at the cost of their bodies. Pushing out further into deep space than any other of their peers the 15th company drove the word of the emperor into countless worlds within their path. Known to the imperial citizens they saved as the "Legion of sacrifice" due to their tendency to sacrifice life and limb to save even a single life, unbeknownst to the common citizens their acts of pure sacrifice and honor were more akin to suicide attempts with a justifiable reason if they fell in combat.