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Actual projects[edit]

Homebrew Games![edit]

  • /tg/'s homebrews - Glorious homebrew games of all shapes and sizes, and in various stages of completion.
  • /tg/ 40,000- the myriad Space Marine Chapters, Imperial Guard Regiments, and numerous other factions that /tg/ has homebrewed into the 40k setting.


You could ask the wiki itself what needs work done.

More games[edit]


We already have Warhammer Fantasy Battle, thank you. -Ragnasal
That's a minis skirmish game; there is no Warcraft minis game AFAIK. "WoW Tabletop" could mean either the board game from Fantasy Flight, or the d20-system RPG from S&S Studios. Probably the former, since it got good reviews, and I haven't heard dick about the latter. Neither of them even LOOK like Warhamster Fantasy Battle, even if the orcs in both games are greenskins. -notBrandX



Tabletop RPGs[edit]


1d4chan could use your work on the many articles about Warhammer universes, including the ones on the most basic topics. It could also use help on the tactics pages that have started to be written up.



Warhammer Fantasy Tactics Articles
Forces of Order: BretonniaDwarfsEmpireHigh ElvesLizardmenWood Elves
Non-Aligned Forces: OgresTomb Kings
Forces of Destruction: BeastmenDaemonsDark ElvesOrcs & GoblinsSkavenVampiresWarriors of ChaosChaos Dwarfs


We sure need more informative articles on these topics:

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Classes
Player's Handbook: Barbarian - Bard - Cleric - Druid - Fighter - Monk
Paladin - Ranger - Rogue - Sorcerer - Wizard
Player's Handbook II: Beguiler - Dragon Shaman - Duskblade - Knight
Complete Adventurer: Exemplar - Ninja - Scout - Spellthief
Complete Arcane: Warlock - Warmage - Wu jen
Complete Divine: Favored Soul - Shugenja - Spirit Shaman
Complete Psionic: Ardent - Divine Mind - Erudite - Lurk
Complete Warrior: Hexblade - Samurai - Swashbuckler
Dragon Compendium: Battle Dancer - Death Master - Jester
Mounteback - Savant - Sha'ir - Urban Druid
Dragon Magazine: Sha'ir - Deathwalker - Fleshcrafter - Soul Reaper
Dragon Magic: Dragonfire Adept
Dungeonscape: Factotum
Eberron Campaign Setting: Artificer
Heroes of Horror: Archivist - Dread Necromancer
Magic of Incarnum: Incarnate - Soulborn - Totemist
Miniatures Handbook: Favored Soul - Healer - Marshal - Warmage
Ghostwalk: Eidolon (Eidoloncer)
Oriental Adventures: Samurai - Shaman - Shugenja - Sohei - Wu jen
Psionics Handbook: Psion - Psychic Warrior - Soulknife - Wilder
Tome of Battle: Crusader - Swordsage - Warblade
Tome of Magic: Binder - Shadowcaster - Truenamer
War of the Lance: Master
NPC Classes: Adept - Aristocrat - Commoner - Expert - Magewright - Warrior
Second Party: Mariner - Mystic - Noble - Prophet
Class-related things: Favored Class - Gestalt character - Multiclassing
Prestige Class - Variant Classes - Epic Levels - Racial Paragon Classes

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Completed Projects[edit]

General D&D articles[edit]

Date started: 2 July 2008

Date completed: 8 August 2008

I bring to your attention that D&D and Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition articles are still stubs.

Moreover, Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition and Advanced_Dungeons_and_Dragons also could use much more info.

I suggest pausing your work on less significant articles and getting the shit done.

Fatum 00:01, (UTC)

Are these still necessary to work on? --Anonykota 19:06, 3 August 2008 (UTC)
Yes -- 03:13, 7 April 2011 (UTC)