238th Gue’vesa

From 1d4chan

Chapter 1

Here we were, fighting our fellow man. We have the same biology as our distant bellicose cousins. We were the 238tg Gue’vesa, we are all descendants of Imperial Guard who came to their senses and joined the Tau and fight for the greater good. We have been trained in the ways of the Imperial Guard and have been outfitted with the best technology and weapons available.

I was commissar Joe Brad and leader of the 238th Gue’vesa. The Imperial Guard were charging through the dense wilderness of Crozack within the Vio’la system. We were at an advantageous position on the hill where our pulse rifles could pick off most enemies. We formed a line near a dilapidated farmhouse on the hill which provided cover with a 120yd field in front of us. I was down near an old stone fence helping inspire our troops.

Suddenly the Imperials charged, they ran fast and hard but our pulse rifles evaporated most of them. The few that did get into hand to hand range were to meet a similar fate as their once charging compatriots. The Imperisls didn’t try anything like that for a while,but eventually they came. They were rushing us. I knew my men were on the verge of breaking, hell, I was. My parents had told towards me tales of great leaders saying morale sustaining speeches. I bellowed, “Fight men, Fight for the Greater Good! Fight for the nation that adopted us, the orphans of the Imperium! Fight for the civilians who just want to farm!! Fight for the Etherals!! Fight for your lives!!! Fight for the Emperor!!!

“FOR THE EMPEROR!!!” Was echoed across the battlefield, every man there yelling it out, even the heathen Imperials. They probably thought that it had been one of their commissars, but it was us, the Gue’vesa. We are devout believers of the Emperor, though we are not as tribal as the Imperium is about it, and proud of it. “BLAMM

Dazed I looked up at the distant star, flashes of light like meteors during a meteor shower. I felt a shadow fall over me, finally one of the moons would rise and it would be dark again. The moon really did have a face, just like how Mom and Pop said.

Wait, that isn’t a moon, it is a face! I grabbed my gun and fired. Instantly the face disappeared. A fellow comrade started helping me up, then he was gone to help others. I honestly hope he is okay, I hope that for all my men. I didn’t have time to dwell on him now though, Imperials has reached our lines. I pulled out my sword, Catachan iron scimitar, it had been my fathers before me and his commissar before him. It had been in many different hands, it might be old enough to have used during the Age of Strife with such a long line of owners, though with the average Imperial Guardsmen lifespan, it hadn’t been made too long ago. The first guardsmen that reached me I gutted and the next I decapitated.

Finally, this assault was over, the Imperials were breaking and I was still standing. I realized I don’t know what happened when I got shot, I’ll run a check. “Both legs” “Check” “Both arms” “Check” “Torso” “Check” “Eyes” “Shit, I can’t see through my right one!”

I’ll go to the medic, he might be to fix me up. Thankfully, the shot had only hit my helmet, I had fought without the right side of my helmet. The reason U couldn’t see through my right eye is the flash the laser caused. The weapons of the Imperium are only flashlights compared to the might of the Tau. I would get rid of my injury, but probably not the nicknames.