40k 8th Edition Alternating Activation

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SO 8th edition did a lot of cool things to ol' 40k, but they just couldn't let go of IGOUGO. Maybe most folks don't want to ditch it, but, by the Emperor, it bores me to tears. So here's my list of changes to make 40k 8th edition work with alternating activation. Sorta.


You go through the phases of a turn exactly as normal, except all of the phases work like the fight phase - one player picks a unit and does whatever that unit would do in the phase, then their opponent does the same. Repeat until all units have gone.

At the beginning of the game, you roll to see who is the first player, and that person has to activate the first unit in each phase of round 1, and all the other odd numbered rounds. The second player will activate the first unit in all the even numbered rounds.

The movement phase has a few changes particular to it:

1. Any sort of deep strike ability happens at the beginning of movement, not the end. Players alternate doing this until both players have deployed to the table all the units they want to show up from reserve that turn. There is no 9" limitation on placing these units. Only the regular 1" limit. After all, your opponent will have the chance to move away or shoot them if they want.

2. There is a universal stratagem that simply lets you pass an activation for one point.

3. Whoever finishes moving first gets a strategy point. This is mostly so they'll get a point to pass with.