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What would happen if all the boards on 4chan were living in the same building? Some seriously fucked up shit, that's what...

This project has it's own website at 4chanhouse.org, with discussion boards and a taggable image gallery.

For a list of the boards who have a more complete bio then the ones listed below please visit board-tans. For old stories written by /tg/, see this page.

An archive of 4chan's /tg/ threads can be found here

Plus4chan's /coc/ has a thread here (old thread)

To Do List[edit]

  • create a promotional comic that will be posted on 4chan to get new ideas into the project
  • rewrite /tg/ threads here and here
  • organize current stories and post on the Writefaggotry page
  • coordinate compilation of character profiles to this page
  • keep this wiki updated

Story Arc Ideas[edit]

Cancer King Arc: Finale for a season. /tg/ moves into the apartment and meets the rest of the boards, the first half of the season is completely normal with a few exceptions (trv's postcards being one example). Halfway through the season, /trv/ sends an idol/mask to the house, /b/ interrupts a ritual and is fused with the spirit possessing the mask becoming the "Cancer King" and being able to summon minions. The other boards are granted magical powers thanks to /x/. Season finale ends with /x/ sealing away the idol/mask. And things going back to semi-normal for next season.

Season 2: Again first half just having fun with board interactions, then somehow an Elder God is released... (Old Man Henderson comes to help geting rid of it?)

Season 3: Takes place in 2010 when /r9k/ and /new/ gets removed. Shit gets srs. Some history behind the boards are revealed. /b/ steadily declines. At the end of the season, /pol/ is created.

Season 4: A lot of site tans get introduced due to /pol/ running around the internet and stirring trouble, much like old /b/. We get to see places beyond 4chan. /pol/ becomes the new villian.

Season 5: Various sites vs 4chan. There is some philosophy somewhere questioning the existence of the internet. /Pol/ has a vegeta like redemption arc?

Season 6: ???? /b/'s history and the history of the internet. The villian is ???

Season 7: Cyber warfare. There is danger beyond the internet. WW3 looms in reality. How will the internet save us? There is no Season 8. *BLAM* SCREW YOU 4CHAN, COMMISSAIR-KUN SHALL MAKE SEASON 8 IF HE WANTS’ TO!

4chan History: The residents of 4chan House are introduced in the same order the boards were opened. Major events are mirrored in-universe (i.e. front page redesign = house is renovated).

Slice of Life: Crazy-ass characters doing crazy-ass shit. Pick a few, toss them into a room, provide an optional scenario and props, and it just writes itself.

Cast of Characters[edit]

This character sheet is a brief summary of the stuff from the board-tans page. Each characters' page is more detailed. Some of the following may not be complete, or based on a consensus. At this point, there are too many characters, so enjoy your condensed list.

[ a / b / c / d / e / f / g / gif / h / hr / k / m / o / p / r / s / t / u / v / vg / vr / vrpg / w / wg ] [ i / ic ] [ r9k ] [ s4s ] [ vip ] [ cm / hm / lgbt / y ] [ 3 / aco / adv / an / asp / bant / biz / cgl / ck / co / diy / fa / fit / gd / hc / his / int / jp / lit / mlp / mu / n / news / out / po / pol / qst / sci / soc / sp / tg / toy / trv / tv / vp / wsg / wsr / x ] [ rs / q / qa ] [ /mlpol/ ] [ trash ] [ home ]

/a/ - Male. Crossdresser. Tsundere for /v/, /c/'s "nee-chan". Runs the manga section of the LGS.

/b/ - Male. Landlord. Novelty-seeking, contrarian, anarchic, gleeful, destructive, misanthropic, and occasionally obsessive. Can generally fit any character role ever, but usually keeps to himself.

/c/ - Female. Young blond loli. Very innocent, considers /a/ her "nee-chan" despite any actual relation. Gets along with everyone.

/d/ - Hermaphrodite, shapeshifter. Has a succubus form. Generally friendly, respectful, and tolerant. Sexual matters are always on the back of her mind. Runs a sex shop. She'll find you if she wants you.

/e/ - Female. Attractive, but not promiscuous. Often ends up in sexy situations through no fault of her own. Social butterfly. Huge fondness for /m/.

/f/ - Male. Black nerdy guy who knows both the location of the hood and where the party is at.

/g/ - Male. Glasses. Never sleeps. Unhealthy eater, and is skinny as result. Obsessed with and very competent with technology. Has a neckbeard?

/gif/ - Pleasantly plump individual with a beret and a thin hook mustache. Creates short films, most of which are erotic.

/h/ - Female. /h/ is a college student, who is a part-time bikini model.

/hr/ - Close friend of /p/, makes prints for him and is a photoshop master.

/k/ - Male. Weapons master and paranoid gun enthusiast. Tall and lean, always ready for a fight, to the point of wearing a tactical vest everywhere. In a relationship with /an/.

/m/ - Male. Bishonen, but with a rugged and hotblooded, look. Long, red hair with go nagaideburns. Adored by the grown-up females, especially /e/, which he is oblivious to. Hangs with /toy/. Lives for a challenge. Has a thing for gynoids. Gearhead. Wears overalls but no shirt.

/o/ - An old (mid 60's) grey haired man. Very slim build and a bit short(5'9"). Very bitter former racer.

/p/ - Always taking pictures, kind of a voyeur. Loves motion blur and spending 10,000 hours in Photoshop.

/r/ - Male, Pale-skinned, average to thin build. Snake-like face, with a hat or bandanna. Wears bomber jacket and always totes around a messenger bag. He can get you what you need. Probably.

/s/ - A sexy beautiful woman.

/t/ - Male. Pirate. Scar over right eye and on left cheek, presumably because of battles with the law. Has a parrot that squeaks out phrases such as "MOAR!" May or may not have small or large boat. (It's a Nice Boat regardless.) Is in a relationship with /rs/.

/u/ - Two females. Reclusive, mysterious, perverted, and of course lesbian. rarely leaves their room, and only one at a time. Likes to hang out at the LGS. Enjoys "accidentally" touching /e/ and other females. Is not attracted to /a/ for reasons she doesn't know.

/v/ - Male. Tsundere for /a/. Almost always angry at something. If he's not angry, he's complaining. If he's doing neither of those, he's playing the vidya obsessively. Judgmental, volatile, and argumentative. Has eventually grown to be more like /b/.

/vg/ -

/w/ -

/wg/ -

/i/ - Female. No older the 8, constantly drawing. Three blond pigtails. Not innocent like /c/, but is energetic. Is easy to frighten. Treats /ic/ like an older brother.

/ic/ - Male. A professional artist whose credentials are disputed. Large (fat), red hair, no shirt, cigarette, and bottle of hard alcohol. Brutally honest to the point of being offensive. Acts like an asshole to /i/ who he grudgingly accepts as a student.

/r9k/ - Male. Possibly android. Very ronery, hates everything but mostly /b/. Tends to wax philosophical.

/cm/ - Male. Blue/purple hair with cat ears. Wears shorts, sleeveless shirts, and a scarf. No older than 12. Slightly disappointed he has to hang around with a bunch of girls most of the time. Looks up to /y/.

/y/ - Male with shoulder-length blond hair and red eyes. Dick Nazi. Spurns /cm/. Prone to pop up whenever a male-on-male homosexual situation occurs, dick in hand.

/3/ -

/adv/ - A therapist. Or a dog, maybe. No, you don't understand!

/an/ - Female. Practical and tomboyish with fondness for creatures, but not a vegetarian. In a relationship with /k/.

/cgl/ - Female. College-age cosplayer with pink hair, a perky attitude, and a nose for drama. Vindictive.

/ck/ - Female. Upbeat, motherly and nurturing. Head cook at and owner of TGINF. In a relationship with /co/. You better eat that meat, son.

/co/ - Male. Manchild, theatrical (song and dance and speech) but helpful and has a strong sense of justice. Best friends with /tg/ and in relationship with /ck/. Known to hang out with /a/ and /v/, but has gotten pretty sick with how gay they are for each other. /co/nrad is his superhero form. Older brother of /mlp/.

/diy/ - Male. Young, with a red swoony pompadour and welding (or safety) goggles. Wears a tool belt, a red flannel shirt, suspenders, cargo jeans, and hiking boots. A true MacGyver of our time. Amicable, friendly, hardworking, and slightly paranoid.

/fa/ - Male. Homosexual. Well-dressed, almost always with sunglasses. Reluctantly gay for /fit/. Skinny to the point of starvation. Wears a Hitler youth hair cut, and is argumentative and judgmental, but slightly more subtle than /v/.

/fit/ - Male. In great shape, and stronger than most men. Friends/training buddies with /sp/. Inexplicably attracted to /fa/. Loves oats and squats. Are you 'mirin his gains yet?

/hc/ -

/hm/ -

/int/ - Female. Black, but wears white. Classy, probably.

/jp/ - Female (?) NEET. Black hair, in twin braids. Wears frilly hats and dresses. Doesn't speak Japanese, but is obsessed with Japan. True to NEET nature, stays indoor most of the time, cuddled in a blanket, wearing oversized swirly glasses.

/lit/ - A sweatervest wearing librarian of some sort?

/mlp/ - Female. Obsessed with My Little Pony, but tries to hide it, badly. Loves attention of any kind. Younger sister of /co/.

/mu/ - Male. Semi-reclusive musician. Works as a DJ at a night club, loves metal and everything vaguely related to it. >metal >impling /mu/ is 12 years old

/n/ -

/po/ - A young female graphics designer with round glasses and brown shoulder-length hair in a ponytail. Cheerful and comedic. Nobody realizes she exists.

/pol/ - (not invited after the incident)

/sci/ - A younger and more edgy Carl Sagan with sharp facial features and shoulder length silver (purple?) hair.

/soc/ - Slightly overweight ginger with curly hair. Notable for being one of the most hated individuals in the cast, rivaling /b/.

/sp/ - Male. Large and black, belligerent and spiteful. Former steroids user and athlete, possibly suspended from sports because of use. A duo of 'football' players, one from Europe, and one from America. Amicably, but slightly deranged.

/tg/ - Male. Somewhat skinny, longish hair. Obsessed with D&D, WH40k, and some other tabletop games. Is in a relationship with /x/. Has steampunk goggles and a right powerfist.

/toy/ - Female. Tomboy teenager. Likes collecting and playing with toys.

/trv/ - Male. Appearance is unknown. Currently wandering the world, communicates by way of conveniently placed postcards.

/tv/ - Male probably. Always obsessed with a new actress, writes Supernatural fanfiction.

/vp/ - A duo of pokemon trainers.

/x/ - Female. Left eye is red. Wears no pants, rainbow thigh-highs, and a black tank top with a skull. Intelligent, creative, and paranoid, to the point of insanity. Dabbles in witchcraft, picked on by /b/, and in a relationship with /tg/.

/rs/ - Male. Hot librarian, glasses, short hair. Thin build. Possibly Bisexual.

Moot - A white cat. Not directly involved in the 4chan house, but seems to always be there. Pink bow.

/ñ/ - Male. Does not live in 4chan House, but stops by to do yard work. Speaks only in Spanish, wears a sombrero and poncho. Is somewhat wary of "los hombres locos de Casa Cuatro-Chan."

/j/ - The janitor. A truly mysterious figure, even more so than /po/.

/yg/ - A yogurt brand.

/z/ - A hive of wasps in the shape of a dick in a tree on 4chan House land.

/5/ - Male. A crazy Russian bum on acid who stopped by for a few months and was tolerated, but eventually just died.

/l/ - Male. Creepy man in trench coat. Likes little girls

/sm/ - Male. Slightly creepier man in trench coat. Likes little boys.

/g/ - Female. Teenage, black hair, short. Has obsession with blood and gore, can be deadly. (Dies in some sort of blender accident, witnesses say she seemed to enjoy it.)

/new/- Does not exist. Do not believe he exists, it'll only make things worse.


4Chan House[edit]

This is where the boards live. 4chan House is a bastion of insanity in an otherwise relatively normal location. A former orphanage, it has been converted to an apartment. The house has four floors and a basement. Each floor has 12 rooms and two bathrooms. Each floor has a common area. (Tentative layout: basement has a multimedia commons/gaming room, ground floor is lobby, second floor is dining, 3rd floor is kitchen, 4th floor is a second game room.) The rooftop is flat. The house has two elevators and two spiral staircases. It is shaped as a "U" with the flat part of the U going out towards the street. The entrance to the lobby is in the alcove, which is also part of the yard.

4chan house is set on one of the outskirt towns of a major city. The major town would be similar to a large urban center such as NYC or San Francisco. The 4chan house is in a location that is not quite urban, and not quite a suburban jungle either. A shopping center is a few blocks away from the 4chan house, this is where various shops the boards own are located (i.e. /co/'s store, /ck/'s diner...) The area is fairly well-off, in order to accommodate "all the shit we want to put into the house" and parts for /m/'s mech.

Somehow trans-dimensional in that it grows rooms for new occupants. This is initially disconcerting, but, compared to the other stuff that goes on inside, new rooms spawning is rather tame.

The LGS[edit]

"Local Gaming Store." Owned by /co/ this is where /tg/, /a/, and /v/ work.

TGINF (Thank God It's Not Friday)[edit]

Diner owned by /ck/, also /e/'s place of employment. A hangout for all the boards.

/d/'s Sex Shop[edit]

/d/ runs a sex shop with /h/ (and possibly /u/) as her employee(s). The location exists primarily for use with /d/ stories/jokes.

It's not really a hangout, so much as a place for some of the more "naughty" boards to visit on occasion, or for some of the other boards to stumble into.