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7th Edition is a very modular edition: Custom Detachments, new psychic powers, or changes to universal special rules. These are all easy to include without much hassle.

Of course, you can also share your typical house rules for the 7th edition of Warhammer 40k here.

So be creative and show that /tg/ gets shit done.

General House Rules[edit]

Alternative way to generate Warp Dice[edit]

The reason for this change is simple. It allows player to field armies without psykers and still be able to do something in the enemy psykic phase.

Follow the steps in that order to generate warp dice:

  • The active player generates warp dice equal to the combined mastery level of his psykers.
  • The passive player may use the combined mastery level of his psykers or half of the warp dice the active player currently has.
  • The active player then rolls a d6. The result is added to the warp dice pool of both the active and the passive player.

Tactical Objective Cards[edit]

Something I don't think anyone will complain about: After you and your opponent see each other's armies, go through your tactical objective decks and remove any cards that literally cannot be achieved, like "kill a psyker" if your opponent isn't taking psykers. Then reshuffle the remaining cards and start the game.

Alternative way to determine deployment and turn order[edit]

Have one player choose deployment order, and the other choose turn order. Roll-off to pick which one you get to choose.

Example: Arnold wins the roll and chooses to control turn order. He then chooses to go second. Bernard is left with deciding deployment order, and chooses to deploy second.

Custom Detachments[edit]

When you want to create nice detachment graphics you can look here.

Three Xenos Alliance[edit]

A bold Tau leader who challenged and defeated an Ork Waargh boss to impress an Eldar Autarch to forge an unlikely alliance. Or what ever strange story you want to tell.

Detachment Organization Chart

Multiplayer with Tactical Objectives[edit]

Using a mission with Tactical Objectives, you can play balanced multiplayer games with 3+ players.

During deployment, consider including an extra two tactical objectives for each player over 3 (i.e. 8 objectives for four players, 10 for five). Divide the table into the appropriate number of deployment zones, you may need to alter the size and shape of the table to accommodate a 24" gap between any two deployment zones. Roll off for choosing deployment zones, then roll off for first turn order (with a cumulative -1 penalty for every superheavy vehicle or gargantuan creature in your army). This writer's favoured method for generating tactical objectives in multiplayer is that each player receives six face-down cards, generating up to six at the end of their turn. After the first game turn, players 'bid' victory points accumulated so far. Again, the preferred method is to hold dice hidden in the player's hands. Bid points are expended, ties roll off, and the game continues in the new turn order- re-bidding after every turn. The mission uses variable game length (ending after turn five on a 1-2, turn six on 1-3, and automatically on turn seven), and the player with the most remaining victory points when the game ends is the victor.

Deny the Witch/Dispel Dice from the active player's roll are split evenly between each player, rounding up. Only one player may attempt to nullify any given power.

Weapons fired with the interceptor rule cannot be fired again until the end of the controlling player's next turn.

Finally, models locked in combat with models that you do not control are considered to be out of combat for the purposes of shooting, so Vindicator away!