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Elegan/tg/entleman, I have an idea for a classic gaming roleplay. A homage to the 8-bit and 16-bit era with a grimdark retelling, much like that excellent 80s pop-culture setting we had a thread on a few nights ago. For Writefaggotry, see 8-Bit_Dystopia/Writefaggotry

Imagine, if you will, a city stretching into infinity. The endless dark nights, bright skyscrapers dominating the skyline while chemical factories spew purple sludge into the river. A city dominated by crime syndicates, ancient clans, and high-tech conglomerates. From the tops of buildings high, the heroes and villains of the city watching the ant-like masses below them. This is the world of 8-Bit Dystopia, a homebrew setting that started as a simple idea on /tg/ and snowballed into a massive conglomeration of fluff and writefaggotry. Time works the same way.

No More Heroes[edit]

One of the predominant themes of the setting is the fact that what we call a hero is gone. The world we know, Earth, was destroyed, bringing much of humanity with it. Those that survived fled to the very edges of humanity's domain. One world, a former mining colony, became the City. Here the black and white morality of the past is gone, leaving only murky shades of gray behind. In this world the ends always justify the means, and some of the most horrible atrocities committed are done for the sake of saving that which remains. The heroes of this world are often no better than the monsters they fight and, in a few cases, even worse.

This is not to say there is no hope. A few pure souls still remain to stand against the encroaching darkness. Some are familiar faces; others unexpected, and at times, even shocking. These are the Player Characters; the last hope for the City, and its last spark of morality.


Characters are defined by five basic traits, each one rated from one to ten; each one starts at 1, with a default of 12 points to distribute between them. The human average is about three. They also have several derived traits, Edges, Crutches, and skills.

Basic Traits[edit]

  • TOUGHNESS - Your character's physical endurance.
  • BRAWN - How much you can lug around and how hard you hit.
  • GRACE - Your speed and agility.
  • WITS - Your character's ability to think on his feet. Not equivalent to intellect - that's more a measure of how many ranks you have in your Scholastic skill.
  • MOXIE - Charisma and mental endurance.

Derived Traits[edit]

  • HP: Toughness times 10. The amount of hits you can take before you crumple.
  • BULK: The average of Brawn and Toughness. How large your character is. Comes in handy when grappling - less handy when you're trying to shimmy through ductwork.
  • JUMP: The average of Brawn and Grace, plus any bonuses from Edges. In 8BD, jumping is an essential skill.
  • ATTACK: The average of Grace and Wits. Your skill at hitting something with another thing.
  • HAGGLE: The average of Wits and Moxie. Your skill at coercing people to see things your way. Usually used to get discounts at the item shops.
  • SANITY: Moxie times 5, plus 20. The mental equivalent of HP.


The Invasion[edit]

Ten years ago, in the year 2000, Earth was invaded by aliens. The planet was overrun, but thanks to the efforts of corporations at the forefront of technological research, most key cultural aspects of human culture were successfully teleported to a habitable planet called Hyrule. The nature of this teleportation ended up with many things near each other that logically would not have been had they been built independently.


The new world is very rich in minerals, though biological wealth was purely fungal, and early construction was relatively easy. This construction saw the first mass production of biodroids of increasing sophistication. The culmination of these construction models was the L series.


The L series were supposed to be the ultimate development in construction biodroid. Simple minded and obedient to a fault, these blue clad golems would work tirelessly to fulfill their assigned duties. Each one held a miniaturized fusion generator and a nanolathe, and could perform any number of simple predetermined actions. When inactive they were passive, resolutely pacing their holding pens until given instructions. While they had no free will, and were little better than Robotnik's robots, they were loyal, they were useful, and they were incredibly easy to use. The only problem was that they needed constant shepherding. The advertising literature boasted that if you were to order one to dig and forgot to recall it, it might never stop tunneling. The problem was, of course, that this absolutely and one hundred percent accurate. They were unstoppable. Unless you micromanaged them they could easily move out of range of the control wards. This wasn't a problem to begin with, as there were always more control rods, and they conformed to designated tasks. But when the Lemmings were given templates, people got lazy. They told groups of lemmings to build things, and then left them to their work. Now the Lemmings exist at the edge of the city, eternally expanding it. When one breaks down, the others repair it, and the newly refurbished Lemming resumes its work without hesitation. Building. Always building.


Dr. Thomas Light is a hero to men and a father to all robots. The doctor was a member of Wily's first research team. Together they competed with some of the greatest minds of their day in an effort to create a platform from which all future robots could be built. Eventually they succeeded with the creation of the Positronic Brain, a mysterious construction that remains a Wily Corp trade secret to this day.

Over time Light grew disenchanted with the company, and even his former best friend Albert P. Wily. In the end, he caused the catastrophic explosion that shook Wily Towers and vaporized himself and much of his lab in what most likely was a failed attempt to create a new reactor system. Oddly, rumors have persisted that Dr. Light survived and that he is out there somewhere, building an army out of the scraps the Lemmings leave behind...

The Corps[edit]

The ruling powers in the City. These mega corporations bear little resemblance to ours. They rule almost every aspect of life. Setting high prices, low pay and few jobs. Of the Corps(Or Corpse as some call them) there are four major powers, each competing with the others and dealing with the constant nuisance of small timers trying to get in on the money. The Big Four are:

Egg Industries[edit]

Owned by doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Recently the good doctor has come under fire from environmental groups for alleged breaches of environmental safeguards and unsafe working conditions, but investigations by the state have turned up no evidence of any wrong-doing. So Doctor Ivo continues to steadily dominate, even deploying automatic armies to 'safeguard his assets' in less developed nations, which sometimes results in ruthless purges of surrounding areas. Recently the doctor has met stiff resistance to his campaigners of intimidation from a group of activists led by the mysterious 'Big Blue' of which nothing is known.


The general term for Robodynes patented biodroid series. Badniks come in a dizzying variety of shapes and sizes. All are geared towards the labor industry though more often than not they look disturbingly like a living creature...It also noted that Badniks have organic hardware built into them. Where this machinery comes from is a total mystery.

Egg Destroyer Robots[edit]

These small, highly motile biodroids are deployed in less developed regions to safeguard assets and enforce order. Capable of producing high-emission radiation blasts and particle disruption beams, Egg Destroyer's are considered to be highly dangerous.

Foe Replicas[edit]

No one is entirely sure where the designs for the various androids that make up the Foe Replicas come from. Some say they're enemies from Robotnik's past days exploring the frontier, or even more oddly from recent rivals to ROBODYNE. Of course the true nature of these machines is a trade secret. More often than not, these units are built with a unique self-destruct mechanism that destroys all critical portions of the unit, preventing further inspection.

Wily Corp[edit]

What started as a small-time engineering firm pre-crash quickly became one of the single most powerful companies to ever exist. Wily Corp is a complex entity founded by The Father Albert(Uncle)Wily The current president. The company excels in robotics and techniques for refining metals, fuel compounds and rare earths. Employees on its payroll enjoy a standard package based on their zone. This includes a one room apartment in one of the numerous Pre-fab Wily Corp hab. towers, a standard issue TV for receiving media broadcasts, an ID card that allows all employees to receive food rations and store credit that they accrue in the form of company currency, ZENNY(Valid at all Wily Corp and select Foot Limited Retailers) and an assortment of other fine comestibles.

Wily Corp's headquarters is within the several towers at the very heart of the controlled Zones. These buildings, collectively known as Wily Towers, are home to all high ranking personnel, research centers and even president Wily himself. It is here that the latest advances in robotics are being made, and where the Positronic Brain was born.


The first Positronic robot capable of performing complex tasks, these units have come to symbolize much of what Wily Corp stands for. Their Bright yellow helmets emblazoned with green crosses the symbol of modern progress. In the City they say for every Job there is a Metool to fill it. It might not be far from the truth, The original design was a small unit that was designed to scurry up and down mining shafts digging out precious ores. These days they now fill a variety of Niches thanks to their easily modified chassis.

JOE units[edit]

JOE units were the first fully humanoid robots produced from the factories of Wily Corp. These cyclopean peace keeper units walk the streets of the City enforcing the will of Wily by any means necessary. The standard olive green unit is armed with a thick blast shield and an internally mounted machine gun. Both of these weapons are put to great use surprisingly often...

Beastform robots[edit]

Orignially designed as "test bed" units, the Beastform robots series are a dangerous mix of technology and basic instincts built into an animal's nervous system. Beastforms were supposedly created as a basis for Wily Corp.'s biodroid programs, though the majority seem be far from stable, and are too costly and time-consuming to mass-produce. As such, these units are used for much more devious ends...

Robot Masters[edit]

After MetPharm's failure with the L series, Wily Corp knew it had to do something that would prevent a repeat episode of the madness that had ensued. To this extent Wily and Light Made use of their recent break through in the form of the Positronic Brain. For four years they toiled in secret, hidden from the world as they perfected their crowning achievement. In the end, it was an advance that would change the world.

The "Robot Masters" were created to oversee and administrate the various lesser machines that Wily Corp produced. They performed admirably, but their original purpose has long been abandoned. Now the Robot Masters act as the enforcers of Wily's rule, commanding the machine armies as they slowly seize control of the City.


The world's best researchers in organ regrowth and augmentation... just last year they announced that, yes, they did use alien stock in their parts. They expected a huge backlash, but nothing happened. Maybe it was because the populace was so used to bionics. Maybe it was because the alien presence was "minimal", tiny bits of code from beings described as "smallish, floating, electricity-drinking jellyfish". Or maybe it's because the ones with the implants just... don't talk back when it comes to MetPharm. Just as well.

Mother Brain wouldn't let them, anyway.


Zebes is a planet owned solely by MetPharm. Hidden somewhere in the system from prying eyes it serves as the main arm of Met pharm. From here is gathers the vast majority of the raw materials, technology and even life forms that are converted into Bio-augments and drugs back in the City for sale. From zebes creatures such as the metroid, and various aliens sold as exotic pets to those willing to pay the exorbitant fees.

Mother Brain[edit]

MetPharm has a leader folks don't talk about too much. A giant brain. The orchestrator of Zebes. An alien. Of course theres more to it than that. To say the mother-brain is merely an alien is like saying a laser pistol is merely a gun. The mother brain is the networked system through which metpharm operates. It is in essence driving force behind all decisions. It is also never spoken about outside of the select individuals privileged to speak with it. These hands and feet are hand picked by the creature to be its emissaries amongst humanity.


The native inhabitants of Zebes, Which is currently hidden far from prying eyes. The Chozo are never seen by the common man and even most of the employees of metpharm only know of it as a sort of Skunk works. A common reference for a person that simply goes missing amongst met pharm employees is that the Chozo got him. The Chozo are a race of highly intelligent avian humanoids that have mastered both machines and biological sciences. It is from them that many of the technologies that are used by Met pharm were first produced. This includes such things as the metroids, the standard issue power armor, blaster technologies and most bio-augments.


All-purpose genetic instruments created by the Chozo. They can grow organs for transplant, produce retrovirii, and collect genetic material. Metroids are in there most pure form the base from which the vast bulk of metpharm technology and products are developed from. Things such as the ever present E-tank were first developed using the unique steroid like hormones that a metroid produces when it breeds or is exposed to energy. Several major bio-morphic weapons platforms are also directly able to trace their lineage back to these at first glance rather harmless little blobs with teeth.


A series of generalist chains filling damn near every niche from food production to rodent control via their patented 'mouser' system. Their employees don't complain mostly because of their wonderful security guards. Rumor has it they were looking into genetic engineering sadly, nothing breaking has been developed yet. The boss, Oroku "Shredder" Saki calls the poorer folks his family. The Foot are one of the few minor corps that actually has the potential to effect the grand scheme of things. One of the more unusual aspects of Foot Ltd. is that they have many back room dealings with gangers and other seedy elements, this coupled with their surprisingly skilled black ops divisions and at times impressively advanced technological expertise make them something of an omnipresent force within the City of Light.


Mouser robots patrol the pipes, killing threats down there. Vermin, gangsters, you name it. They're a great thing, so long as you stay out of the pipes.


The corporations are happy to make money however is convenient. The following are popular drugs.


E-Tank is an upper and a stimulant. It makes you no longer feel any wounds, and gets you operating at peak performance.


Ring speeds up your reflexes, and acts as a kind of neural buffer. When you actually get hit, you're dead sober again, but you won't go into shock. Ring is highly addictive.


A confidence booster and hallucinogen. This is not produced by the corps, but grows in the pipes as a natural fungus.

The City[edit]

The City, referred to as 'The City of Light' and once as '"CAPITAL"'. It dominates and stretches on forever, dark and decayed, the urban landscape jagged and shifting. Part of it is on fire, and has burned for so long that it is known as City 5 Conflagration. The biggest players are indisputably Doctor Wily and Doctor Robotnik and their positronic brains / servitor-style bio-brain bots. MetPharm pretty much dominates everything medical, and spill out mutagens and bioroids left and right, taking up all the high-tech industry that Ivo and Albert haven't gotten too yet. Their leader is Mother Brain, but people don't talk about that much.

What business the Big Three haven't taken over, then Foot has. Foot runs the little stores, it gets you your groceries. It acts like the little guy even though all those little guys make for one hell of a corp.

Other factions lurk in the shadows: strange worshipers of lost deities, aliens, psychics, mutants, and the Syndicate. A massive criminal enterprise run by the enigmatic "Mr. X". The only reason they aren't legit is because the legit business market is cornered.

The Pipes[edit]

The underworld of the city, full of mutants, gangers, and bioroids. It's where the folks go to hide when the corps don't want to keep them, but don't want them to be seen in public. Hide in the pipes, you don't get killed and working folks don't see you. It's win-win. Of course, it's also full of that fungus that they say is native to the planet, but that's not really as bad for you as they say.


The Koopas, the Goombas, a few other creatures that the corps stopped caring about. They live down in the pipes now, and they've got their own kingdom. They've been there as long as the pipes, hell, without them, the pipes might not exist. They've got nothing much, but nobody tells them what to do, and if you're on the run from the corps, you can hide out with them.

Other Stuff[edit]

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Doctor Malaprop[edit]

A resident of Dream Land, the Fantasy Zone, the Dark World, Giygas whatever you call it. All different names for the same place; an incomprehensible alien dimension home to bizarre otherworldly monsters, ruled by the evil Doctor Malaprop. Doctor Malaprop constantly seeks to enter the world, but Johnny Five Aces is always on hand to shut his evil plot down.

Lylat System[edit]

Largely destroyed by the Sinistar's robot followers 20 years ago. Corneria and Katina are confirmed destroyed, the fate of other locations and planets remains a mystery.


Out in the wastes live some great, ape-like creatures. They were created by terrorists to fight bioroids and robots, but when a smarter one was made, they rebelled.

King DDD[edit]

The King of Trash. DDD's empire of the destitute takes whatever they can get.

Augmented/Robotic Persons[edit]

Johnny Fiveaces powered down the magnabike with a not quite unhearble hum and checked his chronometer. “Damn.” he hissed through his clinched teeth which were surrounded by the stubble of five days where in he had not shaven himself at all. It was almost chromodawn at Clashpoint. Alreddy the sun was sitting Walliston’s Hill ah blaze like so much molten meddle or a coin, gyreating in the air, tossed there by the uncaring hand of an imaginary god that doesn’t exist, borne from the interior minds of the hobbled masses. The sky was the color of a television tuned to a dead channel that was orange. Damn, he, Johnny, thought. We thought we were opening a new beginning with our mad dreams of time travail but ironically the only time now is the time of which we’re out of. It’s almost humorous. Yeah, I could almost laugh, if I hadn’t cried that part of me away when my parents were maccasared by Dr. Malaprop and the government sanctioned murderers of “CAPITAL”.

He lit a Nicosheen brand swaggerette and took a dip drag, sinking farther into his inferior horologue. He thought of Nina and her mellifluous buttocks that he used to love to bang. Even now his nano enhanced hearing could almost hear her vagina lips quivering with moisture and also pleasure, like a slice of synth-ham being tongued by one of Malaprop’s slamhounds. When he got back to City5, he was going to do some sex, no doubt about that. “That’s right doll” he said to nobody and the wind. They were going to do it hard. He smiled, blowing smoke from his nostrils. They were going to do it cyber hard.

The aforegoing fiction has been nominated for a "Best Writing Of Forever" award.

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