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Is it just me or does the turret look like a dish cover?

The AMX-13 DCA was created during the eve of the 1960s when aircraft took leisurely flights so that the pilots could enjoy their time (and also from jet engines being rather weak). By 1985, the DCA is an outdated vehicle, poorly suited for its original intent but able to turn a Soviet company into pâté. Or is it?

In Team Yankee[edit]

Les Stats, Monsieur

At 4 points for a platoon/peloton of three vehicles, it's the budget option when Rolands cost too much. Like many other AA guns, the DCA is a very respectable vehicle at fighting infantry. Unlike the Sergeant York and Flakpanzer Gepard, it totes a pathetic Firepower 5+ and a full platoon has a 0.88 chance to kill just ONE NATO helicopter. It's also rather piddly against IFVs and APCs: AT 7 means that this unit will have a tough time killing anything above 0 or 1 armour.

Furthermore, this unit is terrible as a ground support vehicle. Without 4+ FP, your shots will only kill a vehicle for every two bails. 7AT may not be totally worthless, but it means you will struggle against IFVs and transports with even a little more armour. This is one of the few units in the game where paying more points for larger unit sizes might make it viable if the option existed.

A budget option: more versatile than Blowpipes but very pathetic at its intended role, that of killing planes (or anything else, for that matter).


It's like a Gepard. But worse.

The AMX-13 saw the day in the late forties/early fifties, when the French (as usual) wanted to make a toy like the other boys had of their own themselves, in this case a para-droppable tank. Bad news for them, they didn't get it: the AMX-13 never was dropped from an aircraft. Good news, what they got was a sturdy and easily upgradeable chassis for a light tank (that is still in use today in south America), that was declined in many variants over the years: scout, howitzer carrier, ATGM carrier,...

Fast-forward to 1969: The AMX-13 is by then completely outgunned by any MBT it could face (unless fitted with ATGM's, and even then). But its chassis is still the dependable little workhorse it has been for 20 years so when the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault got their first tracking radar in working order, it was selected as a testbed to create a SPAAG with radar-assisted fire control. It worked, and eventually a small series of 60 AMX-13 DCA rolled off the assembly lines. But ultimately, the French went for the Pluton, then the Roland and their missiles mounted on the bigger AMX-30 chassis instead.

French Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: AMX-30
Transports: AMX-10P- VAB
Troops: Section d'infanterie/Chasseurs - Milan Section Antichar
Artillery: AMX Auf1
Anti-Aircraft: AMX-13 DCA - AMX Roland
Tank Hunters: VAB Mephisto
Recon: AMX-10 RC - AMX-10P VOA
Aircraft: Gazelle HOT - Gazelle 20mm - Mirage 5