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ASOIAF Miniature Game is a new rank and file wargame that's based on A Song of Ice and Fire. Despite being made by a company with a bad miniature system record but good boardgame record, it still manages to be a rather fun game. Also it is based on the book, so they can choose to not copy stupid shit from the show.

It received a resurgence on /tg/ but noone gives a fuck about it on the general. They were some fan-made factions early on (Greyjoy, Yunkai, Tully) but even those people fucked off. Both the official app war council and asoiafbuilder, lets you look at units, while they somehow fucked up and made no gallery, closet I found is Also there is a TTS mod for it.

Setting and History[edit]

Meh later i'll write condensed fluff

As this is CMON the game began with a [[1]kickstarter], and after that the game has had at least 2 dozen more releases with more factions added. The problem for CMON is, that Asmodeeus does all the distribution and that shit doesn't work. Most units had an initial releases, which prometly sold out, and then 4 months later those units were available again. Fuck that.

At least Duncan Rhodes says it is one of his favorites games.

Game Mechanics[edit]

ASOIAF is a rank and file system. Unlike Fantasy, you have alternative activation instead of I-Go-U-Go. So player 1 activates a unit, then player 2 untill everything is activated once. A combat unit can do one action generally, which includes pivots, movements, and attacks. The standart movement for example, is pivot, straight movement and then pivot. A march would be double movement and then pivots. Attacks are a number of dice based on ranks against your own accuracy. All hits are saved by the enemy units armour. If you suffer 1 wound, you have to do a panic test with 2d6 against your moral, taking 1 + 1d3 wounds if failed. Now add to all these some unit abilities.

Compared to Fantasy a lot was streamlined and made more fluid. You have a fixed rank size (4 in each row of 3), attack dice are based on number of ranks and health are just model on the bases for most parts Units usually have 1 or 2 abilities, which are normally easy to understand, and either give bonus actions and abilities or more dices/wounds. There is also conditions and shit but you will figure it out.

For army building you have your combat unit, who each can have 1 attached Attachement, and your NCUs which are explained below. Additionally you will always have 1 Commander

Now to the unique part: You have two unique aspect: the tactics board and tactics deck.

The tactics board is the political side of the battle. Here non-combat units (cowards) can influence the board. You have 5 spots, each with a unique ability. These can be healing, taking another attack or movement, forcing panic test and drawing tactics card. This gives another layer of strategy to the game.

The tactics decks are faction specific decks, which around 7 cards + 3 commander specific cards in pairs of 2. These cards have bonus effects which can be played from your hand, some of them quite powerful like free movement, better charges or in case of the dirty Free Folk, respawns. A lot of these cards gives better effects, if you control certain spots on the tactics board, which gives another layer of decision making to the game. A big part of your thought process will be dedicated to make the best use of the tactics card in your hands in a turn.

Last point is objective: While killing a unit gives off 1 VP, you need 10 to win a 40 Points game. Most games are therefore played with a scenario.


All characters are unique and for the most part pretty cool looking. Units are made from 12 dudes, with around 4 variataion in model sculpts + 1 Banner. So you have around some samey looks. Cavalry has 4 sculpts. Models are good to amazing and for the most part realistically made. The body are made from PVC, shitty boardgame plastic, but all weapons and fragile is made from normal plastic. So that is okay.

Then the Baratheon showed up.

The Factions[edit]

Like all game under the sun, you will have different factions and playstyle. While this lead to widely different armament and technology in a unified realm, having all look the same would be stupid as fuck.

There are currently 7 factions. Stark, Lannister, Night Watch, Freefolk, Baratheon, Targaryen and Neutrals, with Greyjoy down the line.

The biggest difference between each faction are unit choices (with their abilities) and the tactics deck. Closet to each other are Stark and Lannister which I will use now to show the difference: In most cases the unit variety between both factions can be big: the stark sworn swords and the Lannister guardsmen are both 5 points unit who are suppose to hold ground, but the lannister are very defensive while the sworn swords have the option of a better attack. So in most cases you have 1 unit in each faction fulfilling the same task but with sometimes a cost difference and widely different abilities. But there are also unit who are quite similar: Lannister Knights and Tully Cavallier (who cost 1 more). Both have the same statline, same primary ability but a different secondary ability.

But we now come to the biggest difference: Tactics deck. Each faction has its own tactics deck, which are ability cards you can play. There are usually quite strong and change how you approach the game. The Tully Knights play a differently due to the access to their new cards.

I would generally say that you have three factors influencing your army playstyle:

  • Your faction, which gives you your 7x2 generic tactics cards.
  • Your commander, which grants you another 3x2 generic tactics card.
  • Your subtheme, units from a certain theme play differently from other units.

So while Lannister are generally very sneaky and controlly, only using Mountain Man and Gregor Clegane leads to a very aggressive version of the Lannister army. They keep their generic tactics card and can control the game with it, but you will have access to really heavy hitter. I'll ignore sub-themes for now and focus on the iconic playstyles.


The simple but honorful citizien of the cold north. These were one of two factions introduced in the two-player starter.

As of now they are composed of the Houses Stark, Umber, Reed and Tully. In general you have more cloth and fur wearing units, while the tully side look more similar to knights and shit


Stark are the aggressive factions. You have heavy hitting units, some attacks where you take dmg to deal more dmg and access to Greywind, Shaggydog and Summer. And motherfucking RICKON.

Your tactics cards are all about increasing damage on attack. Most of your attachement also plays into more dmg and more movement.

Aggressive and very charge heavy. Try to line up side charges and unexpected movements. Tactics cards are more of a addition instead of your main focus.



Lannister are generally defensive. They were 1 of the first two factions. You have an average higher defensive value then the other factions, access to some good defensive tools but are also generally slow and not moverable as much as other.

Your tactics focus on messing with the enemy, turning off there abilites and such, panic test and non-direct dmg.

Playstyle is a very tactics card heavy while creating scenario where you can use your ability and tactics for maximum effect, on the field you are more defensive normally.

Night Watch[edit]

Elite army somehow. Mostly to be a foil to the Free Folk.

Different take: of all the factions only the Watch spent all the time fighting, training and preparing and unlike other factions, they are constantly fighting free folk. In the books Yoren, an old and physically decrepit member of the Night's Watch kills several Lannister soldiers before being killed during a battle, so the Night's Watch being elite honestly makes sense.


The Elite army. You have solid unit and attachement. Generally less unit, but long standing. You are a tough army, with some inbuilt heals and versatility via tactics card.

Your tactics card give benefit over multiple rounds and stay attached. Iconic abilities are all about healing back up. Also some really nice ranged options.

Attrition heavy, stay in combat and your superior units will slowly win the fight.

Also you will usually draw your entire deck with this factions, so a lot of your game plan is maximizing your ability cards.

Free Folk[edit]

Uncivilized savages, a small step below starks.


The Horde army. Your people are cheap, rarely you find good armour. Yeah you have specialized unit, many different themes and ability but to summarize, you are a horde, try not to block your own charges and movements. Also Giants.

Tactics card are mobility based and piling in.

Lots of luring enemy to overcomming and dogpiling on the surrounded units. Also a suprising amount of auto-wounds, you will probably kill more people via auto-wounds then actually attacking them.


Divided into 2 sub-factions with its own sub themes.

You have the Baratheon of Dragonstone with King Stannis, who are honestly a mess as of now, you have too many themes and not enough pieces supporting it.

Then you have the Baratheon of Storm's End under Usurper Renly. Easier to understand theme and more things working together as of now.


These are the newest faction. In general I would consider them second strike forces, you want to weather an attack and hit the enemy afterwards.

Tactics card are all about getting benefit from starting in combat and such, and throwing out new attacks

Playstyle are defensive, you don't necessary need the charge but on the other hand you don't want the enemy to cripple your unit. Get hit, and counter charge them. Plays different then Lannister that you don't really have basically zero counterplay but a lot of punishement.


Mostly Dothraki at this point



Neutrals can be recruited into all factions except Free Folk.

You have three subthemes, Boltons who are very panic and fear heavy. Stormcrow who are more reliable, focusing on the money spot and attachements and lastly the goat people;The Bloody Mummers focusing on enemy missing them, causing 'weakened effect on opponents and hopefully not dying on the counter attack.

The Bolton's once had the best cavalry in the game but the nerfbat has knocked them into too-expensive-to-field. The Doggos and Cutthroats make for a very good glass cannon. If you can co troll the tactics board and get them to fight twice they can each wipe out an enemy unit in one turn of combat. While they have amazing courage they are about as well armoured as a pork sausage. Blackguard are well armoured, slow and not very offensive. They can be a goo tarpit if you can get them anywhere near where you need them.

Roose plays somewhat conservatively, while Ramsey rewards hyper aggression and forces your opponent to make some torturous decisions.

The Stormcrows are awful. Unless you add a Stormcrow Lieutenant to every unit (usually for free) and manage to get the moneybag on the tactics board. Then they are pretty good. Shame there are not enough Stormcrow Lieutenant models. Which are probably being held back to sell neutral heroes attachment boxes in the future to really stretch out the opportunities for real life cash moneys when there is very limited source material for the factions. The archers can be very useful to sit on backfield objectives, the sword and shield mercs are pretty lacklustre but cheapish, and we are really hoping the upcoming dervishes are the kick-ass unit that makes stormcrows more than just the crutch Targaryens needed to be barely useable.

The Bloody Mummers are designed for sneaky shenanigans. Sadly they can't win a straight fight but could work well allied to another force.

The NCU's are the game winners. While Littlefinger and Varys intially vied for the top spot of NCU's- managing to shut down enemy NCU shenanigans, Walter Frey has become the top spot 'ally' for everyone in the game able to harm combat units


Depending on your units and shit you have 1 of three main themes.

Tactics are controlly with a hint of aggression. Takes a bit after Lannister with a lot of Aggression.

Playstyle are quite aggressive, though I feel with Stark I set up a lot more domino effects where I play multiple cards after each other. Neutrals are mostly just solid one shot cards.


Announced and previewed but have not been released yet, what has been previewed hints at an agressive in-your-face playstyle with deployment and outflank shenanigans and units getting better as they shave ranks off of enemies.

What to buy[edit]

There are three sizes: 30 for demo, 40 for normal player, 50 if you have to kill an afternoon. A unit cost between 5-10 points, a NCU about 3-5. A normal list will have between 7-8 (Units + NCU) in a 40 point game.

So to start off, you want the starter box for your factions. This includes 2 identical units, 2 * 1 another unit, 2 NCU, 2 Commander/Attachement, your tactics card, dices and all you need to play (shitty cardboard terrain). So in total you have 4 units and 2 NCU, clocking in at about 30 points.

If you want to go up to 40 points, another box would suffice. A unit box will just have the unit you want + 1 Attachement generally. Heroes Box usually contain 7 characters, which can be Commanders, NCU or Attachement. I recommend buying both, 1 unit box and 1 heroes box of the faction you play or neutrals. For the unit boy just don't buy any unit already in your starter.

Neutrals are the big outliner here, they don't have a starter box, the tactics cards are in Neutral heroes 1.

In general a starter box is 135, while the smaller boxes clock in at 39, the two-player cost around 190? and contains everything for two people to start playing, (but only 1 of each non-essential item; 1 rulenook but 2 tactics deck 1 for each faction)

The starter includes anything you need: Rulebook, Tokens, Tactics card, tactics board and Terrain.


Some minor advices. Usually your list will have between 7 (low amount) - 8 (average) units. There are two schools of thought, the american prefer 5 units and 2 NCU, while European play 4 units and 3 NCU. The justification is simple: If both have 2 they can claim their spot their want, but you can only limit your enemy to a small level. Both players having 3 NCU, will usually hurt the army of both players, but if only one has 3 and the other has 2, it'll hurt the 2 NCU player more.

If both have 3 NCU, you usually first contest the Tactics board, before moving to the units, the most important spot early on is probably the letters spot

While choosing your NCU if you have 3 I recommend taking 2 with a effect while claiming and a third effect if possible.

Also having a replace effect as one of your NCU helps you take those zone which won't help you and still gain some value

Commander choices influences your army as does the objective. You want to build your army usually around your commander, and the cards he gives to your deck.

For list-building do not go overboard on attachements. Not all units need attachements, make sure each attachement works in their rule. First try to get to your required number of activation, then decide if you want attachement.

General rule of thumbs in ASOIAF Miniature Game is to play your card more often then just keeping them in your hand. In higher level plays you want to combo cards to one-shot units quickly.

Tactics pages[edit]

Here's the tactics pages that we have so far:

While I will give an overview of the tactics, this is just the info by a guy who is around the midlevel. I have heard some more information by pros by I can't verify myself and therefore will not include that.

Furthermore even though I will say Unit x is shit, do try them out yourself, I might be wrong.

Being constantly updated


Because we are /tg/ and we have all the time I'll add everything people created in the general

All the missing factions Way too much time and unformated: But it is nice to imagine how certain factions could be

Stannis Fixed

Greyjoy as Neutral


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