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Cunts, ya be serious??

"The thing about crazy people: they don't know they are crazy. That's what makes them crazy!"

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In Team Yankee[edit]

Crikey! Look at those stats, mate!

The epitome of glass cannon, the land rover invests all its value into a what is basically a tank cannon. At 1 point per vehicle in a section of 2 or 4, it is too squishy for practical use as a frontline unit. When used in defensive roles however, you might be able to pop a couple of BMPs or T55s and make your points back. It excels against infantry lists when enemy vehicles are kept away. With brutal and 2+ firepower, it delivers tank quality firepower for a dirt cheap price, with 4 shots for slightly less than the cost of a single Leopard 1.

A fun unit, but niche.


Its like a Humvee, but with even less armour and a big fuckin' cannon.

With the introduction of the American Jeep during WWII, the Brits decided that they needed their own version, thus creating the Land Rover series of four wheel drive off-road vehicles. Throughout the British Empire, the Land Rover became the dominant light utility vehicle for both civilians and military alike. This specific model used by Australians was nicknamed the “gunbuggy,” using the M40 Recoilless Rifle to fill the role of light anti-tank. Despite the Vietnam-era M40 being replaced by the BGM-71 TOW and other similar missile launchers in many countries, the M40 remains popular to this day as a cheaper alternative, as its HEAT ammunition was eventually upgraded to penetrate up to 700mm of armour.

The current model is called the Land Rover Defender for the Brits, while the Aussies have the Land Rover Perentie. It even comes in a 6x6 version used by the SAS, known as the Long Range Patrol Vehicle, adopted in the 80s. Since then, these have been replaced by Supacat HMTs because the special forces boys need better toys than the grunts.

ANZAC Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Leopard AS1
Transports: M113 (T50)
Infantry: ANZAC Mechanized Platoon - Milan AT Section
Artillery: M125 Mortar Platoon
Anti-Aircraft: M113 Redeye SAM section
Tank Hunters: AT Land Rover
Recon: Scorpion - M113 MRV - M113 LRV
British Support: Abbot Field Battery - M109 Field Battery - FV432 FOO - Harrier Jump Jet - Lynx HELARM