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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

We were on some little, recently reclaimed chunk of webspace when it happened - Wikipedia had set up an outpost here, called it Fort Citation or some shit. Couldn't tell you what it was originally about, cybers had seen to that, before they all got blasted to hell and back. Me and my team were stopping by to update our antiviruses and relax a bit before heading off again on some random errand our another. Suddenly, the entire damn place started to shake violently, and chunks of the fort started deforming and corrupting, and the damned links all grayed out simultaneously. Nobody knew what the hell was going on, when a small group of nasty looking cybers just kind of...appeared, from nowhere, in the middle of the fortress. We managed to kill 'em pretty quickly- me and my team were used to dealing with the assholes, but the outpost lost a few men in the assault. Somebody got the brilliant idea to look outside the fort proper- horrible, twisting masses of cybers and virii, far as the eye could see, in every direction. Looked like an alien landscape, and all this while the whole fort was mutating more and more. And I recognized it. I'm a first gen Chanite, see, and every last one of us remembers the wretched hive we jettisoned right after the Fall. That landscape wasn't Fort Citation anymore. It was the birthplace of all of this shit. It was the site the /b/arbarians fled from. It was Mootdamned /b/.

Then the firewall fell, and the cybers flooded in. Out of the five members of my team, only myself and one other managed to hit Google before everything got overran, and poor Mike got eaten by a virus in that hellscape. Don't think any of the Wikians made it out, either.