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An Aasimar by Tony DiTerlizzi.

Aasimar are one of three core Planetouched player races in Dungeons & Dragons, alongside their counterparts the Tiefling and the Genasi. Descendants of unions between mortals and angels, aasimar are characterized primarily by their tendency towards physical perfection and their natural inclination towards the goodly alignments. Whilst they may bear physical manifestations of their divinely-touched lineage, these are never freakish and usually tend to be quite subtle; hair the color of silver or gold, metallic-colored eyes, ivory-white skin, or a beautifully melodious voice are mentioned, though more drastic features are possible, such as regal tails, birdlike or leonine lower bodies, and vestigial wings. Needless to say, their ancestry gives them a strong inherent affinity for the Paladin and Cleric classes.

Aasimar are uncommon on the Prime Material Plane, but are vastly more common in Sigil and on the Upper Planes.

Like pretty much every planetouched, aasimar tend to be portrayed as human + angel, with the occasional handwave by the designers that "aasimar traits are dominant" and thusly an elven or dwarven aasimar would still have the same statblock. For a rare exception to this, see the Celadrin, an elf/eladrin aasimar variant.


None of the planetouched have been free of their controversies, but aasimar arguably got hit a little harder than their cousins from the Lower Planes and the Elemental Planes did. The big issues are two-fold:

Firstly, some argue that aasimar actually manage to be even bigger Mary Sues than the tieflings do. After all, their description comes with many standard traits of the dreaded Sue actually written in, such as being incredibly beautiful, instantly likable without even trying, and are almost always good guys/girls. Yes, they are the literal children of angels, but even so, there are complaints that they get slathered with a bit too much authorial loving. Though, ironically, they also tend to get the shaft compared to tieflings in terms of actual story focus, so go figure.

Secondly, some argue that the aasimar are... well, to put it bluntly, that they're boring. They're not alone in this, genasi get the same accusation thrown their way, but it is noted by some that their fluff does tend towards painting them in a generic "they're good because they're born to it, they're always the goody two-shoes race", and some find this less inspiring than the tieflings and their struggle to define themselves despite the expectations others have about them due to their ancestry and despite the temptations of their dark heritage. Also, let's be honest, there are a lot of edgelords in this hobby who think grimdark = deep and noblebright = boring. It's about the same way Batman gets spoken of in hushed, orgasmic tones while Superman is sneered at for being a "boyscout," despite both being loaded down with Sue-traits.

In fact, this attitude is common enough that even WoTC gave it a nod, which led to the temporary replacement of aasimars with the deva race in 4th edition. When discussing adding them to 5e early on, Mike Mearls specifically called attention to this complaint, and expressed a desire to avoid it, since he was a fan and didn't want them to be "boring."

This has culminated in multiple attempts to remove them from the game outright, something that their lower-planes-aligned counterparts never suffered, and replacing them with something else. This was first seen with the deva in 4th Edition, and now Ardlings in 5.5/D&D One are being pushed as the main celestial planetouched player race. So far...


Iarmid Uncaged.jpg

Unlike tieflings, who lucked into being part of the original Planescape boxed set, aasimar didn't come out until two years later. Whether or not this had any impact on their popularity vs. tieflings is anybody's guess. Aasimar were part of the expanded planar racial PC offerings presented in the Planewalker's Handbook, alongside the Genasi and the Rogue Modron, where they came with the following stats:

Ability Score Minimum/Maximum: Strength 8/18, Dexterity 5/18, Constitution 5/18, Intelligence 11/18, Wisdom 11/18, Charisma 13/18
Ability Score Adjustments: +1 Strength OR +1 Charisma, +1 Wisdom, -2 Constitution
Class & Level Restrictions: Fighter 14, Ranger 14, Paladin 14, Wizard 14, Cleric 12, Druid 15, Thief 15, Bard 9
Multiclass Options: Fighter/Priest, Fighter/Mage, Fighter/Bard, Ranger/Mage, Ranger/Priest, Mage/Priest, Mage/Thief, Mage/Bard, Priest/Bard
Thieving Skill Adjustments: +10% Find/Remove Traps, +5% Move in Shadows, +10 Hide in Shadows, +5% Detect Noise
Infravision 60 feet
+1 to Surprise checks
Halve damage from Heat and Cold attacks
+2 bonus to saves vs. magical Charm, Fear, Emotion and Domination effects.
Non-Wizard aasimar have Magic Resistance 10%
Alignment Restriction: Any Non-Evil

The Not-So-Legendary Aasimar Tables[edit]

As mentioned above, aasimar, like tieflings, were given a fluff as being a very mutable "bastard" race, but not the stats to back it up... at least, in their initial publication. In the relatively obscure "Warriors of Heaven" sourcebook, which also detailed the celestial races and even made PC race options out of them, the Aasimar finally received what the tieflings had back in the Planeswalker's Handbook; randomization tables. However, these were actually presented as being for aasimar NPCs and so very little attention was given to using them to customize PCs; a single sentence saying that a player could give up their default 50% resistance to heat & cold for 1 roll on the Aasimar Abilities table was all the info we were given. Of course, nothing stopped/stops a DM from simply stealing the Tiefling randomization rules (make 1d4 rolls on Appearance and give up the heat/cold resistance, saving throw bonus and magic resistance to make 5 rolls on Abilities).

It hasn't gone unnoticed, or uncomplained about, that the Aasimar appearance table is far blander than the Tiefling one. Whereas your tiefling could look incredibly chaotic or monstrous, the aasimar's table mostly revolves around funny colors for skin and eyes, with a couple of relatively minor mutations. Again, this is less than exciting.

Aasimar Abilities[edit]

Click "Expand" to see the Aasimar abilities table.
  • 01-03: Alter Self (1/day)
  • 04-06: Augury (1/week)
  • 07-09: Blur (1/day)
  • 10-12: Comprehend Languages (1/day)
  • 13-15: Detect Evil (1/day)
  • 16-18: Detect Lie (1/day)
  • 19-21: Detect Magic (1/day)
  • 22-24: Enthrall (1/week)
  • 25-27: Feather Fall (1/day)
  • 28-30: Know Alignment (1/day)
  • 31-33: Light (1/day)
  • 34-36: Mirror Image (1/day)
  • 37-39: Protection From Evil 10ft Radius (1/day)
  • 40-42: Protection From Normal Missiles (1/week)
  • 43-45: Read Magic (2/day)
  • 46-48: Shield (1/day)
  • 49-51: Strength (1/day)
  • 52-54: Water Breathing (1/week)
  • 55-57: Half damage from Fire
  • 58-60: Half damage from Cold
  • 61-63: Half damage from Electricity
  • 64-66: Half damage from Acid
  • 67-69: +2 to save vs. Poison
  • 70-72: +2 to save vs. Fire
  • 73-75: +2 to save vs. Cold
  • 76-78: +2 to save vs. Electricity
  • 79-81: +2 to save vs. Petriciation/Polymorph/Paralysis
  • 82-84: +2 to save vs. Rod/Staff/Wand
  • 85-87: +2 to save vs. Spell
  • 88-93: Celestial Aura (-2 penalty to enemy attacks)
  • 94-96: Immune to nonmagical weapons
  • 97: Immune to energy drain attacks
  • 98-99: Roll twice, rerolling results above 97
  • 100: Roll three times, rerolling results above 97

Aasimar Appearance[edit]

Click "Expand" to see the Aasimar appearance table.
  • 01-04: Silvery skin
  • 05-07: Green-tinted skin
  • 08-10: Blue-tinted skin
  • 11-14: Golden skin
  • 15-16: Pointed ears
  • 17-18: Ridged ears
  • 19-20: Doglike ears
  • 21-25: Angular face with high cheekbones
  • 26-29: Perfect white teeth
  • 30-31: Long, distinguished nose
  • 32-33: Hooked nose
  • 34-36: Crystal-blue eyes
  • 37-39: Bright green eyes
  • 40-42: Gleaming silver eyes
  • 43-45: Golden eyes
  • 46-48: Six fingers per hand (including thumb)
  • 49-50: Fingers one inch longer than normal
  • 51-52: Animal horns on head
  • 53-54: Silver or gold fingernails
  • 55-57: Long, slender arms
  • 58-60: Long, slender legs
  • 61-65: Featherd Wings (MV Fly 18 [D])
  • 66-72: Vestigial wingbones on shoulders
  • 73-76: Opalescent skin
  • 77-80: Naturally tanned skin
  • 81-83: Body covered with speckled markings
  • 84-85: Bald, hairless
  • 86-89: Small feathers rather than hair on 1d10x10 of body
  • 90-95: Special Side Effect (roll on Side Effects table)
  • 96-98: Roll twice, rerolling results above 89
  • 99-00: Roll three times, rerolling results above 89
Aasimar Special Side Effects[edit]
Click "Expand" to see the Aasimar side effects table.
  • 01-10: Sweet, fresh odor surrounds body
  • 11-15: Surrounded by an aura of calm that grants +2 to morale checks for good-aligned creatures within 30 feet
  • 16-25: Heals twice as quickly
  • 26-30: Susceptible to fire (+1 point of damage per die)
  • 31-35: Susceptible to cold (+1 point of damage per die)
  • 36-45: Presence eases animals (+4 to reactions)
  • 46-50: Touch inflicts 1d4 damage to evil creatures
  • 51-55: Odd skin composition gives base AC of 1d6+3
  • 56-60: Takes 1d6 points of damage from a splash/vial of unholy water
  • 61-70: Can be turned by evil priests
  • 71-75: Can speak telepathically (range 1 mile)
  • 76-80: Can leap up to 15 feet vertically or 30 feet horizontally
  • 81-85: Natural (ground) movement rate of 15
  • 86-90: Can't be held or ensnared, as per a free action spell
  • 91-98: Can speak any language
  • 99-100: Eyes have the power of true seeing (as per spell)


Aasimar (PlaHB).jpg
Aasimar 3e.jpg

Aasimar showed up in the 3.0e Monster Manual I as a strictly NPC monster race; however, the DMG suggested a level adjustment of +1 for any dungeon masters who wanted to convert them into a homebrew playable race. A year later, they appeared in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting as a fully official playable race:

+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma
Outsider (Native)
Base land speed 30 feet
Darkvision 60 feet
Light (Sp): 1/day as cast by a sorcerer of their character level.
Resistance 5 to Acid, Cold and Electricity.
+2 racial bonus on Listen and Spot.
Automatic languages: Common, home region. Bonus languages: Any
Favored Class: Paladin
Level Adjustment: +1

Two years after that, when the 3.5e rules came out, they got reprinted in the new 3.5e MMI with slightly altered stats. Their Light ability was upgraded to Daylight, Celestial replaced their regional language on their list of automatic languages, and their list of bonus languages got restricted to Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling, and Sylvan. This version was reprinted without further changes in the Planar Handbook and Races of Destiny.

Player's Guide to Faerûn introduced the "Lesser Planetouched" variant rule, wherein ALL planetouched, be they Aasimars, Tieflings, Genasi, or whatever, and regardless of whether they were players or NPCs, counted as "Humanoid (Planetouched)" rather than as "Outsider (Native)", thus cutting them off from Darkvision, martial weapon proficiencies, the ability to take outsider forms with polymorph spells, immunity to "person" spells, and nothing else of importance, in exchange for dropping the level adjustment. This was widely misinterpreted as a subrace that individual players could take during character-creation, leading to a lot of skub.


You saw that bit above about how 4e dumped aasimar for Devas? Yeah, that's not entirely true.

See, whilst not referred to by name, "The Ecology of the Deva" in Dragon Magazine #374 featured the fact that Devas can interbreed with other races, which produces offspring who are of the non-deva's race, but inherently touched by their angelic heritage - which is the very literal definition of what aasimar are. This was supported by the Bloodline feat "Deva Heritage", which lets you play one of these angel-touched mortals.

"Deva Heritage" grants you a new racial daily utility called Astral Splendor (so long as you are not bloodied, you can enter a stance that causes you to shed light in a 6 square radius and inflicts a -2 penalty to attack rolls against you), as well as a +2 to all Perception & Insight checks against angels, devils, devas and rakshasas. It also means you qualify for either of two feats; Heavenly Heritage (gain temp HP equal to your Wis bonus when you take Cold or Fire damage) and Radiant Recovery (gain temp HP equal to your Con bonus if you get hit or hurt by an attack that causes Radiant damage).


Aasimar 5e.png

Aasimar returned to 5e in the DMG as the sample race for showcasing the "build a race" rules. They're basically Tieflings flipped to a more Celestial aspect, complete with sharing the same +1 Mental Stat (Wisdom, for Aasimar) +2 Charisma bonus, Darkvision, Damage Resistance (Necrotic + Radiant) and spell-like abilities at level 1 (Lights), 3 (Lesser Restoration) and 5 (Daylight) format. They were recently voted one of the three most-popular races for a new D&D expansion to create in detail, with Mike Mearls professing they were his favorite race and that he really wanted to do them right because, in his own words, there's a tendency to make the good guys boring.

The first "official" release of the 5e aasimar didn't happen until November 2016, when they were one of the player races added in the Forgotten Realms-based Volo's Guide to Monsters. This version takes them a good way away from the "radiant tiefling" ruleset, giving them healing powers and new lore that describes each aasimar as having a celestial guide or deva who speaks to them through dreams, exhorting them to do good...often in a very harsh and inflexible way which doesn't take mortal perspectives into account (this is what’s supposed to be the cure for 'Aasimar being boring'.) They have three subraces, that gain special abilities at third level:

Notably, VGtM makes it explicit that not all Aasimar are actually the blood kin of angels. Those would be Half-Celestials, which do not have 5e stats (this is probably similar to the difference between tieflings and cambions). Aasimar may be descendants of Divine Soul or Celestial Pact Sorcerers, Monks, Warlocks, and other sorts who share their soul with the divine and gain power from it. Others may be actually descended from Celestials, but so far-removed that their parents don't show any visible sign of it.

Mordekainen's Monsters of the Multiverse would mostly reuse this statline, though reverting the stat boosts to the now-standard +2/+1 to two stats or +1 to three stats. The most considerable changes are the healing power now being set to d4xProficiency bonus instead of just their level as well as the Scourge ability no longer dealing damage to the aasimar or having a damaging aura.

Exploring Eberron[edit]

Exploring Eberron, a book that is technically homebrew but most fans consider to be basically canon due to being written by the same guy who made Eberron itself, includes a few new Aasimar subraces whose celestial nature is derived from various Eberron-specific sources.

  • The Court Aasimar are elves who have been chosen by one of the ascendant councilors of the Undying Court. They get a +1 to Dex and the Trance and Fey Ancestry traits of normal elves as well as a once-per-long-rest one-minute transformation that lets them hear the advice of their ancestors, granting advantage on all Wisdom checks and saving throws. They generally look like normal elves, if a bit healthier than average, but some have a desiccated appearance similar to a mummified corpse.
  • Seeker Aasimar are Aasimar of the Blood of Vol, and draw their divinity from within. They get +1 to Con and a once-per-long-rest 1-minute transformation that lets them deal necrotic damage to one nearby creature of their choice every turn, and they can end the transformation early to keep an ally from falling below 1hp. Some have a pale, almost vampiric complexion, while others appear exceptionally vibrant and healthy.
  • Fernian Aasimar are Aasimar whose angelic guide embodies all the positive aspects Fernia. Not actually a subrace, rather a variant Scourge Aasimar that replaces their Necrotic and Radiant resistances with Fire resistance, makes the Scourge Aasimar transformation deal fire damage, and swaps their free Light cantrip with Control Flames.
  • Mabaran Aasimar are another variant rather than a proper subrace, representing Aasimar whose angelic guide is trapped in Mabar and slowly being transformed by the plane’s dark powers. It swaps the free Light cantrip for Toll the Dead and the Healing Hands feature deals necrotic damage rather than healing.


Aasimar PF.jpg

In Pathfinder, it's noted that a lot of Aasimar actually tend to go evil either because superstitious yokels tend to pile on emotional trauma and guilt until they snap by constantly harassing them for "blessings" that the aasimar can't actually give, or because they realize everyone automatically expects them to be capital-G Good Guys/Girls and so they can easily manipulate people. This is yet another way in which Pathfinder likes to present itself as the GrimDark D&D equivalent setting. They can have lots of different possible starting types, depending on which kind of celestial they descended from. Interestingly, supplements explicitly encourage white-hot holy-on-unholy action by stressing the odd sense of kinship most aasimar feel for their similarly-bullshit-cultural-expectation-wracked fiend-blooded counterparts.

Notably, the very first Golarion Adventure Path, Rise of the Runelords, made before Pathfinder was a game in its own right rather than an extension of the 3.5 system, features an aasimar as the main villain for the first module. Her story is that, after a lifetime of mistreatment and abuse at the hands of her foster father, the town priest, which only got worse after she wound up being knocked up and abandoned by a passing rake (with the baby being stillborn for good measure), she swore her soul to Lamashtu and began deliberately mutating herself into a monster.

Naturally, the Pathfinder Aasimar sourcebook, "Blood of Angels" follows the same plans as the Tiefling sourcebook "Blood of Fiends", giving a D100 table for alternative traits to replace the vanilla aasimar's spell-like ability, and racial variants for aasimar recognizably tied to one of the existing celestial races - Agathions, Angels, Archons, Azata, Garudas and Peris. It also states that as Tieflings have increased in number as a result of the Worldwound and Cheliax bringing a shit ton of fiends to the material plane, Aasimar have also increased in numbers for some unknown reason. It also states Aasimar are not only those with celestial ancestors, but also children born of miraculous and normally impossible births whose parents prayed for children (old, infertile, incompatible races ect.). There's a sidebar that mentions the old "Aasimar of all races use the same statistics", but adds one wrinkle that small races produce Aasimar that are small size with no other stats changes. Note that the lower strength and speed of most small races isn't actually an inherit part of being small, so small Aasimar are strong and quick for their size. The Kingmaker video game has a minor NPC mention that just having celestials and consecrated stuff around the parents can result in children being born Aasimar.

Statwise, the Pathfinder Aasimar looks like this:

+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma
Outsider (Native)
Base speed 30 feet
Darkvision 60 feet
Skilled: +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy & Perception checks.
Spell-Like Ability: Daylight 1/day with caster level equal to the aasimar's character level.
Celestial Resistance: Aasimar have Resistance 5 against Acid, Cold and Electricity.

Pathfinder Aasimar Strains[edit]


Idyllkin are descendants of Agathions, the Pathfinder equivalent of Guardinals, which gives them slight bestial physical traits (think "divine catgirl" to the Agathion's "divine catfolk") and a natural prediliction for the Neutral Good alignment. They have a tendency to be nomadic and feel a strong connection with nature, tending to be druids or nature clerics more than the traditional aasimar affinity for paladins. An Idyllkin changes its ability modifiers to +2 Constitution and +2 Charisma, its Skillful bonuses apply to Handle Animal and Survival, and its Spell-like Ability is Summon Nature's Ally II. They can also take the racial traits Enlightened Warrior (can become a Monk with a True Neutral or Neutral Good alignment) and Speech of the Wilds (gain one extra language).

Angelkin descend from angels, which in Pathfinder are their own kind of "Any Good Celestial". These guys take the Mary Sue aspect of the aasimar and crank it up notch, being described as "mortal paragons of exceptional beauty". Ironically, they're noted for being the one aasimar strain most racist against tieflings, despite their personal belief in embracing the idea of harmony. An Angelkin changes its ability modifiers to +2 Strength and +2 Charisma, its Skillful bonuses apply to Heal and Knowledge (Planes), and its Spell-like Ability is Alter Self. They can also take the race traits Celestial Tracker (+1 trait bonus to Survival checks made to track, ignore 24 hours since they were made) and Planetar's Vision (critical melee weapon hits against ignore damage reduction equal to the critical multiplier of your weapon). Their stats adjustments make them ideal for Paladin, battle Oracle, or Bloodrager, especially since most the other races with bonuses to charisma and strength are dumb and make the limited skill points worse.

Lawbringers descend from Archons, meaning that at best they're champions of justice, and at worst they struggle with which is stronger; their need for order or their need for good. They tend to be naturally patient, disciplined, and skillful, but they prefer routines and are uncomfortable outside of a clear hierarchy. A Lawbringer changes its ability modifiers to +2 Constitution and +2 Wisdom, its Skillful bonuses apply to Intimidate and Sense Motive, and its Spell-like Ability is Continual Flame. They can also take the race traits Good Influence (+1 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks made to convince non-good creatures to act good and non-lawful creatures to act lawful; this stacks) and Lantern Spirit (Continual Flame can be cast as a Move Action). Decent Clerics and Warpriests, but the real prize is that as an SLA Continual Flame has no cost. No other race in the game has a built in "make 54.99 GP a day for nothing" from level one.

Musetouched descend from the Azata, Pathfinder's version of Eladrins, and this makes them both extremely capricious and, ironically, one of the aasimars best able to blend in. They tend to easily pass as beautiful and graceful elves or half-elves, for obvious reasons. Possessed of wanderlust and natural talents in music, which means many become bards, they are particularly opposed to tyranny. They have a rather strong resemblance to the Celadrin, elven/firre planetouched who first surfaced in the pages of Dragon Magazine. A Musetouched changes its ability modifiers to +2 Dexterity and +2 Charisma, its Skillful bonuses apply to Diplomacy and Perform, and its Spell-like Ability is Glitterdust. They can also take the racial traits Bralani's Step (once per day, increase distance covered by a move action by +5 feet) and Lillend's Harp (+1 trait bonus on Perform (String) checks, increases to +2 when using string instruments to make a Bardic Performance). Naturally perfect for Sorcerer, Bard and Oracle.

Plumekith descend from the Garuda, noble but impetuous celestials who resemble humanoid birds with beautifully colored plumage. Like their parents, Plumekith tend to be noble but very impulsive, and grow feathers; sometimes in vestigial wings on their backs or arms, sometimes in place of hair. Like garuda, they tend to have a very intense hatred for snakes and serpentine monsters. A Plumekith changes its ability modifiers to +2 Dexterity and +2 Wisdom, its Skillful bonuses apply to Acrobatics and Fly, and its Spell-like Ability is See Invisibility. They can also take the race traits Snake Hater (+2 trait bonus to Knowledge (Dungeoneering), which is always a class skill for you) and Toxophilite (+2 trait bonus on attack rolls made to confirm critical hits with bows).

Emberkin descend from the Peri, former devils who redeemed themselves and were transformed into angels that resemble white-skinned humanoids with wings of fire. It goes without saying that emberkin tend to have "igneous" features, from bright yellow eyes to flames that flicker amongst their hair. Whilst many feel an insatiable need to perform good, just as many feel the exact opposite; emberkin are noted as the aasimar strain most likely to revolt against their heavenly ancestry and embrace evil, which presumably makes them the aasimar most sympathetic towards tieflings. An Emberkin changes its ability modifiers to +2 Intelligence and +2 Charisma, its Skillful bonuses apply to Knowledge (Planes) and Spellcraft, and its Spell-like Ability is Pyrotechnics. They can also take the race traits Burnished Skin (+2 trait bonus on saving throws to disbelieve illusions) and Pyromancer (+1 trait bonus on damage rolls for fire spells). Nothing uses Charisma and Intelligence except Arcanists, and psychics with a discipline dependent on Charisma.

Pathfinder Aasimar Tables[edit]

There are two tables of note in "Blood of Angels". Firstly, we have the purely cosmetic table, which builds upon the version seen in AD&D, where you roll a D100/D% and compare to the table to see what you get:

Click "Expand" to see the Aasimar cosmetic table.
  • 1 Arms: appear sculpted from marble
  • 2 Arms: extra long
  • 3 Arms: feathered forearms
  • 4 Arms: scaled forearms
  • 5 Arms: seemingly boneless
  • 6 Build: always slender
  • 7 Build: beautifully proportioned
  • 8 Build: graceful
  • 9 Build: unusually light
  • 10 Build: well-muscled
  • 11 Digits: extra long
  • 12 Digits: metallic nails
  • 13 Digits: odd number
  • 14 Digits: shining talons
  • 15 Digits: unusually colored nails
  • 16 Ears: catlike
  • 17 Ears: feathered
  • 18 Ears: long-lobed
  • 19 Ears: pivoting
  • 20 Ears: pointed
  • 21 Eyes: catlike
  • 22 Eyes: glowing
  • 23 Eyes: iridescent
  • 24 Eyes: jewel-like
  • 25 Eyes: multicolored
  • 26 Face: baby-faced
  • 27 Face: metallic lips
  • 28 Face: perfectly symmetrical
  • 29 Face: unearthly beauty
  • 30 Face: white scar
  • 31 Hair: animated
  • 32 Hair: feathers
  • 33 Hair: heatless flames
  • 34 Hair: metallic
  • 35 Hair: turns silver in moonlight
  • 36 Hands: always cool and dry
  • 37 Hands: blackened knuckles
  • 38 Hands: glowing palms
  • 39 Hands: leave contrails
  • 40 Hands: fingerprints look like holy symbols
  • 41 Head: animal features
  • 42 Head: bald
  • 43 Head: draconic features
  • 44 Head: halo
  • 45 Head: unusually shaped
  • 46 Legs: clawed feet
  • 47 Legs: extra long
  • 48 Legs: feathered shins
  • 49 Legs: metallic scaled shins
  • 50 Legs: unnaturally small feet
  • 51 Shadow: animated
  • 52 Shadow: bright
  • 53 Shadow: metallic
  • 54 Shadow: prismatic
  • 55 Shadow: winged
  • 56 Skin: ashen
  • 57 Skin: feathered
  • 58 Skin: furred
  • 59 Skin: glittering
  • 60 Skin: glowing
  • 61 Skin: iridescent
  • 62 Skin: metallic scales
  • 63 Skin: metallic sheen
  • 64 Skin: prismatic scales
  • 65 Skin: unusual hue
  • 66 Voice: echoes dramatically
  • 67 Voice: musical
  • 68 Voice: unusually high
  • 69 Voice: unusually low
  • 70 Voice: words you speak aloud seem to be heard mentally
  • 71 Wings: butterfly
  • 72 Wings: feathered
  • 73 Wings: light
  • 74 Wings: metallic dragon
  • 75 Wings: prismatic
  • 76 Other: always look clean
  • 77 Other: always well lit
  • 78 Other: androgynous
  • 79 Other: breathing sounds like ocean waves
  • 80 Other: clothing billows even without wind
  • 81 Other: covered in freckles
  • 82 Other: don't sweat
  • 83 Other: floral breath
  • 84 Other: fox tail
  • 85 Other: melodic laugh
  • 86 Other: multicolored tears
  • 87 Other: nearby bells ring when you pass by
  • 88 Other: no body hair
  • 89 Other: pearlescent teeth
  • 90 Other: random choral sounds
  • 91 Other: sacred birthmark
  • 92 Other: stigmata
  • 93 Other: sweet scent
  • 94 Other: sweet taste
  • 95 Other: trancelike sleep
  • 96 Other: unicorn horn
  • 97 Other: unusual footprints
  • 98 Other: unusual temperature
  • 99 Roll twice, ignore any result of 99 or higher.
  • 100 Roll three times, ignore any result of 99 or higher.

The second table covers alternate racial traits, which you take in place of your normal Spell-like ability. That means you sacrifice it for one of these traits, or at least a roll on the table.

Click "Expand" to see the Aasimar racial traits table.
  • 1 You can channel 1d6 points of positive energy once per day as a supernatural ability.
  • 2 You can use cure minor wounds 3/day as a spell-like ability.
  • 3 As a move action, you can manifest or dismiss a halo around your head that sheds colored light as a torch.
  • 4 Once per day, you can drink a flask of holy water to heal 1d6 hit points.
  • 5 You gain a +4 racial bonus on Knowledge (religion) checks pertaining to a deity of your choice.
  • 6 You possess taloned fingers that act as natural weapons and deal 1d4 points of damage.
  • 7 You gain DR 2/evil.
  • 8 You use your Charisma score instead of your Constitution score to determine how many rounds you can hold your breath.
  • 9 You gain an additional +2 racial bonus to your Strength score.
  • 10 You can subsist entirely on honey and wine.
  • 11 You can breathe both thin and stale air without ill effects, and you never suffer from altitude sickness.
  • 12 You have a natural swim speed of 20 feet.
  • 13 You gain a +2 racial bonus on attack rolls made to confirm critical hits against evil outsiders.
  • 14 You possess the Unnatural Aura universal monster ability, except the DC to make animals come near you is equal to 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Charisma modifier.
  • 15 Once per day, when you are at 0 hit points, you can take a full round of actions without losing a hit point and falling unconscious.
  • 16 You display exceptional grace and easily keep your balance, granting you a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks.
  • 17 You can cast Spear of Purity (Ultimate Magic) once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 18 You gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws made against poison.
  • 19 Once you've reached adulthood, you never appear to age, although you still suffer the normal aging penalties and die when it is your time.
  • 20 You gain an additional +2 bonus to your Dexterity score.
  • 21 At will, you can cast an illusion on yourself that causes any metal armor you wear to appear to be made of shining silver or gold.
  • 22 You gain a +1 racial bonus on Will saves.
  • 23 You can cast Create Water three times per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 24 You gain Sonic Resistance 5.
  • 25 Once per day, you can exhibit a burst of speed and move as if your base land speed were 50 feet for the duration of 1 round.
  • 26 You gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity made by creatures of the human subtype.
  • 27 You have a knack for creating high-quality objects, giving you a +2 racial bonus on any one kind of Craft check.
  • 28 Once per day, for 1 minute, you can understand and be understood by any creature as if using the Tongues spell.
  • 29 You gain a +2 racial bonus on initiative checks during the day.
  • 30 Pick one weapon that normally deals lethal damage; you can use that weapon to deal non-lethal damage without the usual -4 attack roll penalty.
  • 31 You gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against charm effects.
  • 32 You can cast Shield Other once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 33 Coins and other small metal objects that pass through your hands become perfectly clean and shiny.
  • 34 You gain a +2 dodge bonus to your AC against attacks of opportunity from evil outsiders or undead.
  • 35 You can case Aid once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 36 Nonmagical insects will never bite or sting you unless magically compelled to do so.
  • 37 You gain a +2 racial bonus on checks made with any one Perform skill.
  • 38 Once per day, you can generate a glowing aura that emanates in a 20ft radius centered on you and lasts for 1 round. All creatures at negative hit points within the aura are immediately stabilized.
  • 39 You can perfectly mimic the sound of any animal.
  • 40 You gain an additional +2 racial bonus to your Intelligence score.
  • 41 Three times per day, by singing for 10 minutes, you can put a willing creature to sleep, granting them immunity to Nightmare and similar spells for the duration of their rest.
  • 42 You grant a +3 bonus when you Aid Another instead of the normal +2 bonus.s
  • 43 You gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against fear effects.
  • 44 By standing atop a grave and meditating for 10 minutes, you immediately learn the name of whoever lies buried in that grave.
  • 45 You have catlike ears that grant you a +2 racial bonus on hearing-based Perception checks.
  • 46 Once per day, you can breathe frosty air in a 10-foot cone. This acts as a breath weapon that deals a number of points of cold damage equal to 1d4 + lj2 your level, to a maximum of 1d4+5.
  • 47 You feel sick to your stomach and take a -1 penalty on ability checks when within 30 feet of an evil outsider.
  • 48 You can cast weapon of awe (Advanced Player's Guide) once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 49 You gain a +1 racial bonus on Reflex saves.
  • 50 You gain an additional +2 racial bonus to your Wisdom score.
  • 51 You can make fruit ripen with a touch.
  • 52 You can understand any written material as though under the effects of comprehend languages.
  • 53 You gain a +2 racial bonus to your CMD.
  • 54 You gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and effects that would cause you to become dazzled.
  • 55 You can cast augury once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 56 You can cast zone of truth once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 57 You gain a +2 racial bonus on Heal checks.
  • 58 Any creature that bites you must succeed at a DC 12 Fortitude save or become sickened for 1d4 rounds.
  • 59 Any good creature you call via summon monster remains for 3 rounds longer than usual.
  • 60 You always know the current position of the sun.
  • 61 You gain a +1 racial bonus on attack and damage rolls against evil outsiders.
  • 62 You gain a +4 racial bonus on saving throws to remove any temporary negative levels you possess.
  • 63 You have a strong and stable build. You gain a +2 racial bonus to CMD against bull rush and trip attempts.
  • 64 You gain a +4 racial bonus on Intimidate checks made to demoralize foes.
  • 65 Once per day as a full-round action, you can summon a silver holy symbol out of thin air. The holy symbol remains in existence for 1 hour or until you drop it.
  • 66 You are immune to undead creatures' create spawn special ability.
  • 67 You gain a +2 racial bonus on Sense Motive checks.
  • 68 You can cast whispering wind once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 69 Your tears cure disease. You can cast remove disease once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 70 You gain an additional +2 racial bonus to your Constitution score.
  • 71 You gain sustenance from sunlight. Standing in direct sunlight for half an hour nourishes you as though you had just eaten a hearty meal. You still need to drink water.
  • 72 You gain spell resistance equal to 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice.
  • 73 If your body is placed on consecrated ground and prayers to your deity are recited continuously for 24 hours, you return to life as if by a raise dead spell. This ability works 1d4 times in your lifetime.
  • 74 Your kiss invigorates others. Once per day, you can kiss a creature to change its condition from exhausted to fatigued, or from fatigued to normal.
  • 75 You can sense when a creature is pregnant by standing within 10 feet of the creature.
  • 76 You gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws made against curses.
  • 77 You gain a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (planes) checks.
  • 78 You are always comfortably warm. You gain a +4 racial bonus to resist environmental cold effects.
  • 79 You always know the current position of the stars.
  • 80 You gain fire resistance 5·
  • 81 You heal double the normal amount of hit points while resting.
  • 82 You can cast mending three times per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 83 You feel energized and gain a +1 racial bonus on ability checks while you are within 30 feet of a good outsider.
  • 84 You gain a +4 racial bonus to resist environmental heat effects.
  • 85 When targeted by lesser restoration or another spell or effect that cures temporary ability damage, you heal an extra +1 point of temporary ability damage.
  • 86 You can cast blessing of courage and life (Advanced Player's Guide) once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 87 You gain a +2 racial bonus on Handle Animal and Ride checks.
  • 88 Once per day as a move action, you can make a melee weapon you are wielding holy. The enchantment lasts for 3 rounds or until you drop or give away your weapon.
  • 89 You gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws made against disease.
  • 90 You gain an additional +2 racial bonus to your Charisma score.
  • 91 If you die, your body can never be reanimated as an undead creature.
  • 92 You gain a +1 racial bonus on Fortitude saves.
  • 93 You can summon a lantern archon once per day as though by summon monster III.
  • 94 You can speak to horses and other equine animals.
  • 95 You gain a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks.
  • 96 You gain a +2 racial bonus on Use Magic Device checks.
  • 97 You gain DR 2/magic.
  • 98 You can cast compassionate ally (Ultimate Magic) once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • 99 You have a natural fly speed of 20 feet (poor).
  • 100 Roll on this table twice, ignoring any further rolls of 100.


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