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The Abattoir is a FUCK HUEG Necron vehicle and is arguably considered as the largest Necron land vehicle to date. Bigger than the Æonic Orb, Crypt Stalker and even the fucking Megalith. All shall shit bricks when this thing goes to town. The Abattoir is so fuckhueg that Imperial forces actually have mistaken it for a god damned Necron Building. In fact, a recent review of Imperial records now indicates that the Abattoir may have been encountered on six separate occasions before it was understood exactly what it was. If there ever was a Necron Titan, this would be the closest one would get without getting into Skub territory.

  • Height: 27.2m; approx
  • Length: 54.4m; approx
  • Width: 54.4m; approx
  • Mass: 45 kilotonnes; approx
  • Crew: 1,500 crew; approx


Uncle Abattoir. For when Papa Megalith is not around to take care of his kindred children.

Once called World Harvesters by the Eldar (and for good reason, because 'abattoir' means 'slaughterhouse')(one must wonder what the World Engine was actually called), Abattoirs are more building than vehicle, and have been responsible for the destruction of many worlds and civilizations. During ancient times these pyramid-sized constructs were used when slave races could not be transported to the temples of the C'tan to be sacrificed.

Unlike most Necron units and vehicles, the Abattoir does not have phasing capacities, instead it has to be brought to a world to be deployed on-site. This is generally done by a rapid-deployment ship like the Scythe-class Harvest Ship. Once on the surface, it walks around, supported by tentacle-like limbs that are deployed from its capacitor sub-pyramids. This makes it look reminiscent to the Flying Spaghetti Monster which would be hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that this thing dwarfs a Megalith.

The Abattoir is the largest known Necron ground vehicle and is of similar displacement to a goddamned Imperial Warlord Titan in size and tonnage. Essentially a large floating city, it has recently been postulated by Imperial theorists that an Abattoir forms the hub of the wheel which is the Necron's teleportation network.

Like most Necron units, the Abattoir makes heavy use of Gauss weaponry, although its armaments are much stronger. An Abbatoir's weapons not only flay their victims where they stand, but also harvest their pain and fear at the moment of death, creating a stored source of sustenance for the captured C'tan to nibble upon like some sort of strange pet. In addition to these weapons, it carries massive swarms of Scarabs inside; normally used for maintenance purposes, they can also be deployed offensively.

There are no actual official Abattoir models, but that doesn't stop some people from making one.

Fanmade Rules[edit]

8th Edition[edit]

The Abattoir is a single model equipped with a Gauss Lightning Grid, a Particle Collider, forty Giant Tentacles and a Scarab Swarm.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Pts PP
Abattoir * * * 18 18 200 * 10 2+ 10000 500
Remaining W M WS BS A Scarab Repair Swarm
160-200 24” 4+ 2+ 6 6
120-159 20” 4+ 2+ D3+2 D6
80-119 16” 5+ 3+ 3 D3+3
40-79 12” 6+ 4+ D3 D3
1-39 8” 7+ 5+ 1 1
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Gauss Lightning Grid 24" Heavy 24 5 -2 D3 This weapon can target up to three different units in the shooting phase, choose how many hits to allocate to each unit before rolling.
Particle Collider (Diffused) 32" Heavy 2D6 8 -3 D3+1 -
Particle Collider (Focused) 48" Heavy 6 12 -4 D6 Treat damage rolls of 1, 2 or 3 made by this weapon as 4 instead.
Empowered Gauss Lightning Grid 36" Heavy 36 6 -3 D3+1 This weapon replaces the "Gauss Lightning Grid" once the Abattoir reaches the third tier on the Altar of Sacrifice rule. This weapon can target up to three different units in the shooting phase, choose how many hits to allocate to each unit before rolling.
Empowered Particle Collider (Diffused) 48" Heavy 3D6 9 -4 4 This weapon replaces the "Particle Collider (Diffused)" once the Abattoir reaches the fourth tier on the Altar of Sacrifice rule.
Empowered Particle Collider (Focused) 72" Macro 9 16 -6 9 This weapon replaces the "Particle Collider (Focused)" once the Abattoir reaches the fifth tier on the Altar of Sacrifice rule.
Giant Tentacles Melee Melee User -4 6 Make 4 hit rolls for each attack assigned to this weapon.
Scarab Swarm Melee Melee 3 - 1 Make 20 hit rolls for each attack assigned to this weapon. This weapon hits on a 3+. If the target's Toughness is higher than this attack's Strength, this weapon always wounds the target on a wound roll of 5+. For each wound inflicted by this weapon the Abattoir regains one wound lost previously in the game.


  • Energy Containment Field:
    • This model has a 4+ invulnerability save. In addition, if this model is reduced to 0 wounds, roll a D6 before removing it from the battlefield. On a 3+ the containment grid fails and explodes, each unit within 2D6" suffers 2D6+3 mortal wounds. On a 6 the energy stored inside the Abbatoir bursts out, shattering the ground and violating the very fabric of reality, every unit within 2D6+6" suffers 2D6+6 mortal wounds. If this model has reached the fifth tier on the Altar of Sacrifice rule consider every D6 (both for damage and range) as a 6.
  • Harbinger of the End: The world reaper has come, life is taken, stripped away from the very ground as even the sun hides its sight behind the clouds. Nothing, not even the imperial titans will stop it from fulfilling its mission of death.
    • This model can Fall Back in the Movement phase and still shoot and/or charge during its turn. When this model Falls Back, it can move over enemy models that don't have the TITANIC keyword, though at the end of its move it must be more than 1" away from all enemy units. This model can fire its shooting weapons even if there are enemy models within 1" unless those enemy models are TITANIC. In this case, it can shoot the enemy unit that is within 1" of it or any other visible enemy unit that is within range and more than 1" away from any friendly models. In addition, this model can move and fire Heavy weapons without any penalty to its hit rolls. Finally, this model can never gain a bonus to its save in cover even if at least half of the model is obscured from the firer.
  • Floating Fortress:
    • This model can only be charged by units that can FLY and can only be attacked in the Fight phase by units that can FLY. In addition, unless the attacking unit can FLY, add 12" to the measured distance to determine the range when making shooting attacks against it. Note that this means many short ranged shooting weapons will not be able to hit this model.
  • Altar of Sacrifice: The Abattoir is neither a weapon nor a city, it's a banquet. Here the souls and the pain of the mortals are collected and gifted to the hungering Star Gods.
    • Throughout the course of the battle keep track of how many models this model has slain (Bikers count as 3, Vehicles and MONSTERS count as 7 and TITANIC models count as 30) and consult the table below, each effect is not cumulative:
      • 0-49; Hungering Gods: The C’tan are thirsting for the suffering of mortals, and this desire is disrupting the workings of the Abattoir.
        • Subtract 1 from this model's hit rolls, but add 4” to this model's movement, advance and charge distances.
      • 50-99; Satisfied Thirst: The C’tan have had their hunger for the suffering of others at least partially satisfied.
        • This model now knows two powers of the C’tan and may cast one of them per turn.
      • 100-149; Lust for Slaughter: The destruction brought by the giant construct still hasn't fully satisfied the star gods who are eager to spread the massacre even more.
        • This model knows three powers of the C'tan and may cast up to two of them per turn. It can also use the "Empowered" profile of the Gauss Lightning Grid.
      • 150-199; Supercharged: The C'tan's hunger has been satisfied but the call of death still lures them for more.
        • This model knows four powers of the C'tan and may cast up to three of them per turn. Also, because of the immense power the Abattoir has harvested, it can use the "Empowered" profile of the Particle Collider (Diffused).
      • 200+; Maximium Power: The C’tan have filled themselves to bursting with the souls of others, and now their energy has reached dangerous heights.
        • This model knows all the powers of the C'tan and may cast up to five of them per turn. Also it can now use the "Empowered" profile of the Particle Collider (Focused). However, the construct has now reached its critical levels, the power grid is incapable of containing the energy emitting from the C'tan and focussed fire will surely cause major damage across the structure. The model suffers half as much damage from every hit rounding up (2 damage means 3, 5 means 8, etc.) and you have to add 2 to the die to see if it explodes.
  • Grisly Sight: There are few warriors that can withstand the sight of such an abomination at work. Most flee or even kill themselves in an effort to escape the harvest.
    • Any non NECRONS unit in line of sight of this model subtracts 4 from its leadership characteristic.
  • Scarab Repair Swarm: Billions of little canoptek constructs travel across the fortress' surface, repairing any damage dealt by the lesser races' weapons.
    • Consult the damage table, at the beginning of each of your turns this model heals that many previously lost wounds as shown by the Scarab Repair Swarm section.


  • Faction: <Dynasty>, C'tan Shards, Necrons
  • Fly, Abattoir, Titanic, Vehicle, Lord of War


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