Abyssal Terror

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Ain't he the cutest?

"I shall name him, and he will be named Fluffy and he shall be my Fluffy"

– Anonymous Necromancer.

Abyssal Terrors are dark magic-infused undead beasts made from an amalgam of bits & pieces and unlucky sods who pissed off the Necromancer that day. Powerful, terrifying, and ferocious, Abyssal Terrors serve as the mount of choice of many a Vampire Lord or sufficiently powerful Necromancer Lord.

Not to be confused with a Dread Abyssal which is what Manfred, Arkhan, and Nefferata ride in End Times/AoS.

Previously referred to as a winged nightmare, which confused people as a nightmare was horse-sized rather than griffon-sized.

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