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Adamantium, also known by simmilar names such as Adamantine, adminium, adamantite, etc., is a fictious metal or alloy common in media that's generally held to be stronger and lighter than titanium, if not outright completely indestructible.

In D&D[edit]

Adamantine is one of several magical metals that have appeared in Dungeons & Dragons and, alongside Mithril, is one of the most iconic. Characterized by its jet-black coloration, adamantine is known for being super-durable; weapons made of the stuff can cut or smash through just about anything, whilst armor & shields made from it are virtually unbreakable.

The metal takes its name from a legendary ultra-durable metal in Greco-Roman mythology.

In W40K[edit]

Adamantium is the Khaine of materials in 40K, in that it is literally only ever mentioned or discussed in terms of how a given weapon can effortlessly cut or smash through it.