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This page details people, events, and organisations from the /tg/ Heresy, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the /tg/ Heresy Timeline and Galaxy pages for more information on the Alternate Universe.

Every individual is in an inner struggle. That between order, and entropy. Deny the erosion of the will lest madness subsume.


The High Sandaramet


Fourth Legion

Distinguishing Traits

Patient, contemplative


Merciful, measured


Sacrificed on a pyre of allied dead

Adarhormazd was the High Sandaramet, chief among the elite Psyker-Wardens of the Fourth Legion, the Sons of Fire. He commanded the Third Conflagration, popularly known as the "Steady Arc" for the degree of control among its members. Being a close ally to the Primarch Inferox, Adarhormazd spent his life with the singular purpose of advancing the will of his liege. At the eve of the Hektor Heresy, Inferox betrayed Adarhormazd along with the entire Third Conflagaration. He finally died after being burned alive in a sacrificial offering to the Blood God, Khorne.

Pre-Legion Life[edit]

Screaming they went into the hearth - and we poor fools believed it was divinely mandated so.

-The Burned King, Inferox

Adarhormazd was raised alongside Inferox upon Crematoria in the cold recesses of their home. If the Primarch had been adopted by those who care for him, then the two would be cousins. Never could the Xerlethites see them apart growing up, and as adults they became fierce allies. Joining the Pyrithim Priesthood a few years after Inferox, Adarhormazd became known as a knowledge keeper meticulously studying the runes of their environment. The language of the ancients who built their home on their dark, dim homeworld was a topic of fascination with him.

This would change upon Inferox's plans for war. Few of the Xerlethites supported such an aggressive strategy, especially one that necessitated the recruitment of nonbelievers. Adarhormazd supported the measure, becoming Inferox's chief confidant in all matters. The pair would go on to crush multiple tribes, until a coalition of folk assailed them. Fighting became intense, but never would the young man question the resolve of his commander. Holding out proved to win them the day eventually due to the timely arrival of the Emperor. With him came an immense army the likes of which neither Adarhormazd or Inferox had seen before.

Something awoke in Adarhormazd from the sight. In his heart, he knew Xerleth could not be. There were countless worlds, with countless faiths, and all the stories taught to him were a lie. This was further compounded after listening to the fascinating dialogue that shortly transpired between the Emperor and his son. Unlike Inferox who angrily decried all traditions, Adarhormazd decided to sift through the beneficial practices from the inane. The superstition cloven from the philosophy to allow a new doctrine to flourish. This would develop among the Legionnaires into the Sect of First Flame, a school of thought Adarhormazd would foster.

The High Sandaramet[edit]

We called him Sir, Lord, Enlightened One, and Commander. The children called him Teacher and Father.

-Jamasa, Leader of the Fifth Conflagration

Unbeknownst to any but the Emperor himself, Adarhormazd was a nascent Psyker. Due to the interest drawn by the Emperor, his full potential was unleashed allowing him a measure of control over the warp. He was pastthe optimal date for implantation, but Inferox would not allow him to fade into an elderly demise. After a costly procedure to turn him into Astartes, he would rise to the role of High Sandaramet over a new elite formation. .

In Adarhormazd's life he was known to be closer to Inferox than his own Equerry, kind, and calm of mind. During battle he would march quietly forward with the rest, sending barrages of arcing fireballs. Despite no longer believing in the words, he taught Neophytes the holy texts and sayings of Xerleth as a philosophical exercise. These had a profound impact on most when dealing with the maddening desire to destroy. The Hungery Desire, as he named it. When he saw Inferox fall to his anger on Arkendar, he along with Kariman were the only two who would calm him down after sending the Autarch Marri Hu'lana screaming to her death.


If I regret anything, it was losing him.

-Vishtar, the Angel of Flame

Upon return from his talks with Hektor Inferox worked fast. He fanned the zealotry for his new Gods by inducting his most loyal of warriors. With a heavy heart, Inferox decided that the only way to move forward was to sacrifice all Psykers in the name of the Blood God. The bloody work saw Adarhormazd and Inferox clashing, until the elderly Marine was forced to the ground, broken. A mighty pyre made up of all the bodies of the Sandaramet and Loyalists was constructed, with Adarhormazd placed on top. The fires burned brightly, a monument to Khorne.


The old bastard was slow to thought, to action, with his eyes cast towards the clouds. He had no place on the battlefield.

-Legionary Equerry Dilshad, Commander of the 2nd Conflagration

Adarhormazd was known by all to the mirror of Inferox, without the drastic reversal when placed on the battlefield. Always with sensible words of wisdom, conversations with Adarhormazd were always brief but illuminating. Few who met him could deny the wisdom that seemed to flow from his lips with ease. Often times however he would state true wisdom came from staying silent. This was made true when present in command, his actions conducted with expert care. Orders briefly bellowed out from the Psyker, but when they came no one hesitated to execute them.


Adarhormazd carried a staff that emanated radiant flame from the tip powered by a near endless energy source claimed from a thermal crystal on Crematoria. With the allowance of the Mechanicum to continue carrying it, he would expand upon the fire produced to make into grand spectacles of warp-sorcery. His armor was marked in carved runes in the ancient Xerlethite script, speaking out against hasty action and denying anger. Often times young recruits would joke about the last thing a foe seeing is a request to remain calm.