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Paladins of the 31st millennium. The 41st ones are marginally less clad in gold and a lot more naked.

"Each one of the Ten Thousand represents genetic lore acquired over many lifetimes. Each one of you is unique, a work of art never to be repeated. I am miserly with your lives, where I would spend so many others without a thought."

Big Emps making it clear who his favourite creations are.

"We were never soldiers... To them, it must seem as if we are wrath incarnate. To them, it must seem as if we were created for destruction and nothing else. But we were His companions, once. We were the ones in whom He confided. We were His counselors, we were His artisans. We were the first glimpse at what the species could become if shepherded aright and unshackled from its vicious weaknesses. Of course, we were taught to fight. He knew that war would come. It was a necessary part of the ascension, though it was never destined to last for eternity. We were the guardians of a new age, and had to be strong enough to keep it secure."

– Shield Captain Valerian, explaining what Custodians were meant for

"Meat - detected. Subject - identified. Branch: Adeptus - Custodes. Rank: Captain-General. Name: (fizzle) Screw - that."

– Skitarius from TTS commenting on their naming practices

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The Adeptus Custodes (known as the Legio Custodes in the good old days) are the guardians of the Emperor of Humanity and the most badass group of genetically engineered/enhanced warriors/motherfuckers the galaxy has ever known (excluding the Primarchs and the assassins, although the latter and even to some extent the former, although OP as shit, were specialized, and the Custodians were meant to be generalists, as Valerian explains above.) Their Chapter Master equivalent being their Captain-General, and their equivalent of a Primarch being the Emperor of Mankind (although they do not use the gene-seed).

The Captain-General has the distinct honor of being granted (his position, not specific individuals) the same authority as the Emperor should the Emperor or Malcador (or his equivalent) not be available. Which you probably just realized means the Captain-General is personally responsible for every single flaw of the Imperium as he alone has the power to prevent or correct those flaws and keep the High Lords in line. Instead, he very rarely communicates with any non-Custodes at all whether directly or indirectly, leaving the High Lords and Imperial Senate to their own devices and the Imperium leaderless. Though considering themselves seperate to the Imperium altogether, they've never seen it as their responsibility, being that they were made specifically to protect the Emperor.

Origins & Design[edit]

And people bitch about Space Marines and Grey Knights having overdone armour...wait, isn't that Kitten third from the right?

The Custodians are warriors unmatched in the galaxy, genetically-engineered by the Emperor himself. The Emperor first created these elite warriors back in the old days of his conquest of Terra, making them souped-up and more long-lived versions of the already hilariously OP Thunder Warriors. In a somewhat dickish move, his preferred recruits for the Custodians were the children of his conquered enemies. I mean, a clever idea really, neuter your conquered foes by taking their children who will never grow up to rise against you, whose parents would not raise a hand against you because their children are held perpetually as hostages. In the "present", they are instead taken from Terran nobility. While the Thunder Warriors were eventually replaced by the far more stable and far less brawny Space Marines, the Custodians apparently still use those ancient methods (but geared towards producing far more stable warriors) and as such lack a gene-seed. Instead, they use a much more complex process of bio-alchemy to attain their superhuman abilities, and this process modifies them at a cellular level. Unlike Space Marines, prospective Custodians are selected in infancy, long before they have any ability to prove themselves as Space Marine aspirants might be able to. As a side-effect, many candidates are driven mad or killed in the process of becoming a Custodian. Also, the process of creating Custodians is only partly standardized: certain unorthodox-but-useful traits may be created or amplified if an initiate shows the unique potential (making Golden Bodyguards quite an internally-diverse bunch of matchless warriors) - much less like Space Marines and much more like the witchers from Sapkowski's books. Custodians are unique as they have neither a Primarch nor do they use gene-seed to produce their genetic modifications. They stand a full head taller than a Space Marine. Constantin Valdor, Chief Custodian and first Captain-General to the Emperor during the Horus Heresy, was the same size as the traitor Primarch Alpharius of the Alpha Legion (though he was the smallest of the primarchs).

Although the Adeptus Custodes were among the first genetically-modified warriors to be created by the Emperor and still the most advanced of them, they were never intended to be part of a conquering army; such a role was to be filled by the latter Adeptus Astartes armies. This is revealed both in their mindset and training: While Custodians share a semblance of kinship with one another within the formation, they do not foster the same spirit of brotherhood that is instilled within the Astartes to help them function together as a unit. Indeed, when the Emperor remarks that it is humanity's nature for brothers to fight brothers, one of His Custodians responds that he wouldn't know anything about it because he has no brothers. None of this is to say they weren't made to be extremely potent warriors, they were but their purpose was to fight alongside the emperor as bodyguards rather than as a conquering army. As shown in the webway they were perfectly capable of acting as an army in even the worst imaginable circumstances; it just isn't their primary purpose.

As far as personalities go, Custodians can be as wide and as varied as Astartes. Some, like Diocletian Coros, were single-minded to the point of myopia, and considered the nameless masses not worth his time. Others, like his contemporary Aquillon, were shown to be capable of bonding with a Space Marine and regretting the human costs of a Compliance action. Ra Endymion didn't give a shit about saluting Jenetia Krole because only the Emprah deserves it, but at the same time, he tried to look kind with the Soulless Queen's nine-year-old aide by giving her his winningest smile, which results in a fail of epic proportions. Tribune Maldovar Colquan in Dark Imperium is a contemptuous bastard that harbours dislike and distrust of everyone ranging from guardsmen to Guilliman while Valerian and Navradaran from Watchers of the Throne are surprisingly tolerant and level-headed when dealing with mere mortals showing blatant weakness.

When preparing for war, each Custodian prepares and inspects his equipment individually, rather than on military parade. The individuality of each Custodian is further promoted by the fact that the processes required to produce them are not as refined or as simple as that of the Astartes and thus they are not "mass-produced" as the Astartes are; meaning that each Custodian is a unique investment for the Imperium.

Each weapon used by the Custodians is gene-coded to only be used by only that Custodian, although this isn't all that consistent. Argel Tal stole some and used his daemonic powers to unlock them so that they could be used to kill loyalists, which at least is a sort of explanation (albeit a weak, hand-wave-y one), unlike the fucking bloody magpies who have a working Custodian bolter in their armoury, or the Greeks who have a Halberd (and let's not even mention the fucking Deathwatch). The weapons used to be given to each Custodes personally by the Emperor, a practice He's presumably stopped doing after his confinement to His shining golden god-couch and as such one of the highest heresies possible is to allow a non-Custodian to handle the weapon. Perhaps the most notable thing about the Adeptus Custodes is the radically different combat approach between them and the Adeptus Astartes: Custodians are not brothers (though more recent fluff seems to dispute this; in both Watchers of the Throne and The Regent's Shadow, Custodians frequently address each other as brother, and indeed even refer to themselves as such during inner monologs[10,000 years is a long time to sit in the Palace and form stronger bonds]). While Space Marines are trained to support their battle-brothers in combat, each Custodian fights by himself, never intending to receive support from their fellow Custodians, though they can work together if needed.

While fighting as individuals, they seem to have an instinctive sense of coordination without needing hierarchy or orders, each warrior knowing exactly how to fight alongside his peers without burdening them. It is also implied that Custodians apply the logic of Blood Games to warfare, gathering and assimilating any information they can about their adversaries as they fight, and probably spending thousands of hours studying the strategies of every opponent met during the Great Crusade. Astartes included? Very likely, in fact, the Legio Custodes probably knows more about the Legions than the Legions may think, while only a few Astartes have fought alongside Custodians, let alone against them. Ra Endymion, in particular, was seen mowing through hordes of proto-Khorne Berzerker World Eaters, chewing through captains with little difficulty. The custodians compare so favorably to the Space Marines, a loyal Blood Angel wonders to himself whether trouncing Space Marines was, in fact, the real reason they were created in the first place.

One ritual that the Adeptus Custodes do share with the Adeptus Astartes is the recognition of mighty deeds, manifested in their case with the awarding of names, which are added to the Custodian's title to represent the actions he has performed in service to the Emperor. (Constantin Valdor obtained 932 names prior to Horus' siege of Terra.) Such names were inscribed onto the inside of the warrior's battle armour (or directly into their bones) as marks of individual pride. The first name of a Custodian is supposed to be taken from various elements from Old Earth such as mythological figures (Ra, Amon, Aquillon...), historical ones (Constantin, Diocletian, Arcatus...) or places (Bayreuth). Now open a book and try to catch all the references.

The training of the Custodians also differed immensely from the Adeptus Astartes, since they were intended to be bodyguards rather than soldiers. It is clear from their Blood Games that Custodians are trained in the arts of assassination -- both improvised and professional -- to counter possible assassination attempts on the Emperor. It is common for several Custodians to be on detached duty for these Blood Games so that the organisation remains vigilant against developing threats. Even pre-Heresy, they were clued up enough to recognise Warp-sorcery for what it was.

Furthermore, it is clear that the Custodians are also well-versed in the political etiquette of Terra, and have been known to act outside of Imperial law, to infiltrate influential Noble Houses and to investigate any potential threats. (A role that a Space Marine would never be expected to fulfill.) This aspect of the Custodian mindset is advantageous, given that the Captain-General of the order often shares a seat with the High Lords of Terra and thus allows him to navigate the political maneuverings of the Imperium's various agencies, while remaining an awe-inspiring warrior.

Origin of the Name[edit]

The name Adeptus Custodes comes from the custom of filling the armour with Custard before each battle. This has been confirmed by Games Workshop

Jokes aside, however, the word "custodian" means someone who is charged with looking after and maintaining someone or something; the Custodian Guard exists to protect the Emperor and the Imperial Palace. When this name is "Latinized" as the Imperium does, they become the Adeptus Custodes. Nobody would ever expect that from GW but Custodes is actually the unaltered (!) and even correct (!!) Latin declension for "watchers / defenders / guardians". Whoah.

The "custode" is also a name used in catholic liturgy. It may signify both the veil protecting the main altar in some churches, which reminds of the job of the Adeptus Custodes within the Imperial Palace, as protectors of the Throne room scanning and herding those brought to "commune" with the Emperor (either as astropaths or Auditore Imperialis); or a small circular box containing the Host, therefore protecting the corporis mysterium (remember that soothing space marine chant in Latin from Dawn of War I? It was Pange Lingua), usually used to bring it to those who couldn't come to Mass, such as agonizing people.

Combat Effectiveness[edit]

Custodians getting shit done during the 5 years spanning War in the Webway, giving the Death Guard and Iron Warriors resilience envy.

How effective Custodes are, especially in relation to Space Marines has varied. Generally their depictions have come in 3 flavours as weaker than Astartes, superior warriors but worse soldiers or flat-out superior to the Astartes, mostly because for the longest time the writers couldn't get their shit together on what to go with. As a rule of thumb however, Custodes have been established as the far superior to a Space Marine.

When they're portrayed as weaker than Astartes you get events where a Harlequin troupe (mainly the Shadowseer and Death Jester) were able to slay dozens deep in the Imperial Palace itself in a fight. Not to say that anything in that fucking Horus Heresy wannabe series was grade-A material; Prime-Orks come to mind. The War of the Beast was weird. Returning to the point however, you'll also see a World Eater was able to kill a Custodes by punching through his armour while being unarmed and unarmored (considering an Astartes cannot punch through power armour this is Goto levels of stupidity). It should be noted that the Custodes was a cripple in that fight, but a bare hand through Auramite? Come on now. Captain Nathaniel Garro was also able to defeat a Custodes during a training duel though unlike other examples the Custodes was portrayed as been extremely skilled; Garro outwitted him and won by playing to his overconfidence (Garro being awesome helped).

Many of the novels in the heresy, especially those from a space marine PoV, see the Custodes as individually superlative warriors but without the cohesion or unity of Astartes, being "tigers" to the Astartes "wolves". Essentially the Custodes are portrayed as having a different skill set and role than the marines as they were better warriors individually but did not work together as soldiers like the Astartes. Some events indicate this is an incorrect assumption from the Astartes, as Custodians fight as an organized force in the webway and on Prospero and a Custodes called Aquillon also fought in perfect lockstep with Argel-Tal showing they are capable of fighting alongside others. The marines making this assumption is understandable as they were seeing very small groups of Custodes rather than the hundreds deployed on Prospero and the thousands fighting in the webway.

In most of the fluff though, especially the more recent-ish output (now that the authors seem to have arrived at a rough concensus on the matter) they're portrayed as being among, if not THE most powerful group of warriors in the setting. And though your mileage may vary from user to user, /tg/ as a whole seems to largely be of or near this assessment as well, it having coalesced over the decades of lore and making us all feel old. During the invasion of Prospero, the Custodes were capable of taking on multiple marines and come out on top, a squad of 10 led by Valdor taking on a thousand members of the Thousand Sons legion didn't suffer a single injury and Custodes were shown to be able to fight 4 marines at once and win (while a different novel portrays single TS able to kill multiple Custodes with a flick of the wrist, thanks to their psychic powers). A Custodes has also been shown killing 3 Heresy era Chapter Masters in a second and 3 Custodes killed 7 of the original Gal-Vorbak before been killed themselves.

This is typical GW/BL, with different authors having different interpretations (the 8E SM codex claims a SM is worth an entire IG regiment, while the 8E custodes codex claims a Custodian is worth a mere few thousand men). Overall they seem functionally similar to the Grey Knights, the militant arm of the Ordo Malleus branch of the Inquisition, in that both are elite, secret organizations with close ties to the Emperor and have a skill set as well as resistance to corruption that elevates them beyond Astartes, with the Custodes possessing the edge, though again, the extent can vary from author to author. Generally, the depictions of the prowess of the Custodes and Sisters of Silence in “Master of Mankind” and “Book 7: Inferno” should be taken as most accurate; Dembski-Bowden was tasked with really defining the Custodes on a detailed level and the HH campaign books (being proper lore guides like Imperial Armour) take precedence over any codex or novel (excusing the aforementioned HH41) and indeed, this seems to have carried through to the more recent fluff set in the current Dark Imperium era.

Funnily enough, their tabletop counterparts in 7th edition showed even better teamwork than any of the Astartes rules, contrary to the typical Custodes style of fighting as individuals. Custodes could team up with one another using their block rule to practically guarantee that whatever attacks did hit would be nullified, and there were no restrictions on it. This rule also allowed them to cheat in challenges, as you'd have beings like Chaos Lords and Ork Warbosses failing to cause even a single wound in a challenge due to the assholes outside of the challenge blocking all of their successful hits on the challenger.

In the 41st Millennium[edit]

The face of a Black Legionnaire regretting every single decision he has made in his lifetime.

Occasionally you see questions raised on forums regarding their effectiveness after apparently spending 10,000 years on guard duty, suggesting that despite their biological augmentations; without any actual combat experience they might have simply become a symbolic organization since Terra is so well defended by other means. In fact, the Custodians sat through most of the Age of Apostasy, not participating until the last moment to bring order when the fighting made it to the Imperial Palace. They also were mysteriously absent during The Beheading when the Officio Assassinorum started leveling city blocks. Added to the fact that the admittedly very old pictures of Custodians show them not even bothering to wear their armour any more indicates that they don't have very much to do these days.

That being said with the massive retcons to the Custodes lore it is now apparent they have been secretly fighting for the last 10,000 years. Expanding their mandate to cover anything that might think of attacking the Imperial Palace. Even GW might not know what's going on with them anymore.

For all that, they have grown detached from the greater Imperium, something which they believed was part of their duty (their function is to serve the Emperor rather than the Imperium) but ends up proving to be a problem nonetheless. When Guilliman returned, he ordered the old orders rescinded, and the Adeptus Custodes started to be dispatched to various war zones, including Guilliman's own Indomitus Crusade. It's shown some Custodes such as Colquan are incredibly angry about the state of the Imperium and seem to be somewhat ashamed they did so little. Doing nothing with “we serve the Emperor not the Imperium” doesn’t fly, even for them, when they see the Emperor’s entire reason for BEING Emperor twisted and broken and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that they could have prevented it...but explicitly and willingly chose not to.

Technology and Equipment

It seems the 10,000 have not lost any technology, retaining all their units from 30k in 40k. Although the fact they are using Contemptors is weird and implies a lack of resources as the 10,000's own dreadnoughts are superior. Notably when introducing the 30k range to 40k FW did not decide to include the new 40k units in their 30k rules update. This suggests the Dawneagle Jetbikes and Allarus terminators were created after the heresy. This would explain why the Codex describes them as each the best equipment in their class, and why their users are given special titles not awarded to the Aquillion Terminators or Gryfalcon pilot Custodes.

Adeptus Custodes and the Grey Knights[edit]

The Emperor's Legion gives us more than a glimpse into the Adeptus Custodes of M41. We discover several things: that they didn't choose to be confined to the Imperial Palace, but were bound within it by Imperial law enacted by Guilliman, Dorn, and Valdor after the Heresy; that they never fully respected this limitation, sending brothers on missions abroad and maintaining their own network of informants, spies and allies all over the galaxy; and that their martial capabilities have been maintained in top shape by constant training against all manner of opponents (often by capturing dangerous foes, like Chaos Space Marines or Tyranids, and then releasing them inside deserted and cordoned portions of the Imperial Palace for a Custodian to hunt down). This isn't as insane as it sounds, if any enemy got out of hand during training there's thousands of Custodes and Gun Servitors in the palace that can be called in to put them down very quickly.

Shield-Captain Valerian thinks it possible that M41 Custodians are individually more skilled than their Great Crusade era counterparts, owing to ten thousand years of extra experience and information gathering on mankind's enemies. However, in the book The Emperor's Legion, while working with and fighting alongside a Grey Knights company, Valerian does acknowledge to himself that while each individual Custodian is more than a match for their Grey Knight counterparts, the Custodes are not a self-contained army the same way as Space Marine Chapters are, since that was never their intended function. Nor are they possessed of any prescient gifts or supernatural abilities that would assist them against the Great Enemy. In this way, he further compares the Custodians to the Grey Knights, both being descended from the Emperor (in different fashions), were incorruptible and immune to the temptations of Chaos; the key difference is that the Grey Knights are a weapon of singular purpose against the Warp while the Custodians had been intended to be the guardians of mankind in a future without the Warp. Valerian privately speculates that it might be the Grey Knights who more faithfully embody the Emperor's final legacy, considering how the Imperium eventually turned out, and isn't so sure about which agency is the finest or most faithful; and while he never says that he himself actually agrees with this sentiment, he acknowledges that a reasonable argument for it could be made. Furthermore, he reveals that it is a shared sentiment that skulks around the other Custodians like a foul odour.

The missing element in their deployment had always been the Sisters of Silence, noting that they were always intended to fight together. Sister Tanau Aleya believes that there is no physical opponent that the Custodians could not destroy, thus it was the role of the untouchable Sisters of Silence to anchor supernatural or warp tainted enemies into the physical realm where they can be wounded and destroyed permanently. They act on the opposite end of the scale to Grey Knights who fight against the warp on its own terms. Both forces cause the Neverborn they engage to suffer True Death as a matter of course, which is quite the feat indeed, but do so through extremely different methods. The Talons of the Emperor deny the warp any purchase in reality (and in doing so reflect the attitudes of the Emperor at the time of their creation - when the Talons were created it was all about reducing the influence of the warp so they try to deny the warp from permeating the veil completely. While in 40k the Imperium is so reliant on the warp and its touch is so prevalent that its pretty much here to stay now, hence the GKs using the warp to (try and) destroy the warp).

The book is not all about Custodians being uber-powerful killing machines, however, as it evokes how they spent the last ten millennia cultivating their skills as theologians (unlike atheists crowd leaders, which actually tickles the age-old fan idea that the Emperor might not have been a real atheist), historians and philosophers, so they can decipher the Emprah's plan for Mankind before everything was screwed by Horus. They are now basically an order of warriors-scholars, more prone to mysticism than their hardcore rationalist ancestors from the Great Crusade era (now that ten thousand years of space magic bullshit had hammered home that their logic is stupid and wrong) but still way more "enlightened" than most of the Imperium. They also seem to suffer some inferiority complex caused by their failing at protecting the Emperor when He most needed them, something that has dragged them even more into isolation but has also taught some of them humility when dealing with other humans seeing as it was not only normal humans who did the bulk of the asskicking in the Horus Heresy on both sides, but also continue doing nearly all the asskicking for the past ten thousand years. Hence most of the Custodians depicted in the book are rather nice guys to be around - by 40k standards of course - far from the "single-minded autists" stereotype which has recently become abusively prominent after Master of Mankind (bear in mind, the same author gave us Aquillon, who was an alright chap).

Now it's up to you to decide whether it makes Custodians cooler and more subtle than before or insufferable Mary Sues, though if Colquan is indicative Custodes can still be absolute golden dickheads in the 41st millennium (Valerian's narration says that not all Custodians get on). That, or he missed the humility and mysticism lessons. Alternatively, the Custodians are stated to be very mistrustful of the Space Marines in the 42nd millennium, their (not unreasonable) theory being that "anything that has once proven fallible can do so again" (seriously, they even have plans to destroy Phalanx if the Fists aboard it turn traitor). Therefore, Colquan may be simply keeping himself emotionally distant and unattached from someone that has the potential to be a traitor.


Chest armor is for pussies anyway...

For the longest time, much like the fate of the Sisters of Silence after the Heresy, what the Custodes have been doing in the last ten thousand years have been the subject of speculation (and jokes) among the fandom. Thanks to the Carrion Throne and Watchers of the Throne novels, as well as getting their own codices for 7th and 8th Edition, the fandom FINALLY has something to chew on.

In Rogue Trader it was stated that the Custodes had all locked themselves in the Imperial Palace to mourn the loss of the Emperor and their failure. As penance they stripped off their armor, guarding the Golden Throne wearing naught but their helmets. This plot point was never touched on again but was shown to still be canon in 4th edition. This little nudist colony would have been forgotten were it not for a little web series known as If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device, which unearthed the naked glory of the Fabstodes for a new generation.

It went memetic. A little too memetic; in fact Lexicanum and the 40k Wikia had to lock their pages to stop the flood of Jojokes. Then GW's writers finally got off their butts and decided to make some real lore for the Emperor's bodyguards. One of the first things they did was rid themselves of nudist Custodes. Then the real worldbuilding began:

First off, the Custodians had been quietly building up strength in the wake of the Horus Heresy. Although Rogal Dorn had judged that the Custodes were spent as a fighting force, it can be assumed that the Custodes had recovered enough that, by the 32nd Millennium during the War of the Beast, a Shield Host numbering in the hundreds was on hand to intercept a strike group of Harlequins trying to get into the Imperial Precincts. In Watchers of the Throne, the Custodes are still known as the Ten Thousand and Captain-General Trajann Valoris clearly states that their forces are only slightly below this number.

By the closing days of the 41st Millenium, a four-thousand strong army of Custodians marched out to defend the Palace during the Second Siege of Terra. While the day was won, more than half of the defending Custodes there lost their lives. According to Valerian in Watchers of the Throne, those were staggering losses and a reminder that Custodes were far from invincible as a defensive force. Why they didn't march all or most of the 10,000 out is a mystery probably because the Palace is the size of a continent and the Custodes were quite spread out throughout that mass, so couldn't respond fast enough to the threat. In addition, Valoris likely didn't want to commit all his forces to an all-out assault in case something went horribly wrong; therefore, if it had gone wrong, there were still 6000 demigods waiting in reserve to defend the Emperor while Guilliman arrived from Luna.

Otherwise, the internal Hierarchy of the Custodes has remained (mostly) unchanged. The Ten Thousand are still led by the Captain-General, a post inherited since the disappearance of Constantin Valdor millennia ago. Although it is a martial rank, it is also a political one, as a Captain-General may elect to take a seat on the High Lords of Terra. Few Captain-Generals have taken this option over the centuries (not surprisingly, politics being messy as it is), but when they do they have had profound effect on Imperial politics -- see how Trajann Valoris being on the High Twelve was more than enough to quell a brewing coup d'etat against Roboute Gulliman. The fact the high lords even considered a coup against a Primarch that had directly talked to the emperor shows why the custodes wanted fuck all to do with them.

Beneath the Captain-General is the Custodian Tribunate, a group of ten veteran Custodians who act as the Captain-General's advisors. This is a non-combat role, and once part of the Tribunate a Custode is expected to serve at least a decade, where they turn all their prodigious skills to support the Captain-General strategically and diplomatically.

Below this group are the Shield-Captains, who are the war leaders of the Custodes. They lead strike forces, referred to as shield companies, on whatever mission the Captain-General deems fit. Valerian, one of the narrators of Watchers of the Throne, is a Shield-Captain, though it's noted that he's a somewhat unusual one, as he is more of a Philosopher than a warrior. Doesn't stop him from kicking ass though.

Finally, after this is the line Custodian. It is noted that each of the Custodes has similar status to the others, but even then they form loose warrior bands called Sodalities -- for example, the sodality that Valerian roped in for the Battle of Vorlese was the Palaitologian Chamber. Beyond this, each Custodian gravitates to a particular strategic role, whether as members of the fast-moving Vertus Praetors, heavy support Allarus Custodians, or the grim Wardens. Otherwise, the Custodes remains a meritocracy, and as such a Custodian is afforded whatever honor his peers believe him to be worthy of.

It is said that, barring rare circumstances, your bog-standard shield company will include no more than a single Shield-Captain, and maybe thirty to forty Custodians. Rarer still are the situations where more than one Shield Company is required; these bigger formations are called Shield Hosts and feature several Shield Captains leading hundreds of Custodians. It is said that such a momentous undertaking is only assembled to accomplish a task no other Imperial force can achieve, and not be done lightly.

Current Status[edit]

Custodians can be quite the bros once you get to know them. Just don't ask them to take a selfie. It may accidentally end in terminal damage.

Although the Heresy reduced them to about 10% of their fighting strength, they could still have reaped a kill tally far greater than their own number; it was Rogal Dorn, defence obsessed bastard that he is, who determined that they were ineffective as a fighting force and relegated them to defending the throne room. After the Heresy, they were bound by a decree issued jointly by Constantin Valdor, the High Lords of Terra and Roboute Guilliman that prevented them from deploying as a military formation (which a lot of the time they ignored, leaving in secret to do their own missions as Valdor was the only one able to order Custodes around, they don't give a damn about both Lords of Terra and the Primarchs). The High Lords of Terra brought up the subject of abolishing this decree numerous times, but the issue was always stopped by deadlock until Roboute Guilliman returned and finally realized how stupid his decree was, asking the Custodes to head out into the galaxy rather than sitting at home, being glorified tourist traps (but not before getting daddy's permission first).

The Custodes left the palace on their own in full force after Daemons broke out on Holy Terra itself (and Luna), which caused the Custodes to realize how stupid it is to sit behind high walls of the Palace and Trajann Valoris decided it's high time to venture out and help out their fellow meatshields comrades once in a while. Suffice to say, the Custodes are back and woe to any poor unfortunate soul who happens to have to be part of the opposing force of the Custodians. This has worked out well for the Custodes as apparently they were starting to get a little stir crazy after 10,000 years of being stuck on Terra and were more than happy to get out and start purging the enemies of the God-Emperor in His name. They also managed to restore their numbers to pre-heresy ones, so they are as numerous as ten Chapters combined. On a side note, it is not wise to ask a Custodes to take a photo op for bragging rights especially when he's in a battlefield busy using his Guardian Spear. Accidental collateral damage from attempted selfies. Too many. But you can do it after the battle if you fought well. They seem to keep a number of them around Roboute Guilliman at all times, partially to protect him, and likely also to stick spears in him if he ever seems too close to going traitor (not that this would actually happen as intended, since the Custodes themselves have noted even ambushing a naked Primarch is suicide). This means wherever Guilliman goes he has quite literally the best bodyguards in the Imperium watching his back.

Divisions and ranks[edit]

The Legio Custodes (and later the Adeptus Custodes) are divided into five castes based on their combat roles, each with a fancy Greek-ish name:

  • Hykanatoi (from Ἱκανάτοι/hikanatoi, "the able ones", one of the regiments of the 9th century Byzantine army): These appear to be the rank-and-file Custodians, comprising the Custodian guard, the Sentinels and the Hetaeron. Based on what was seen in Master of Mankind, they function as an infantry role in battle. In 40k this also includes Wardens (veteran Custodians) and the Companions (assumed to be the modern incarnation of the Hetaeron).
  • Kataphraktoi (κατάφρακτοι, "fully covered", Greek designation for heavily armoured cavalry): The Jetbike squads, serving as mobile fast attack units. During the War in the Webway, they also served as couriers, relaying messages to other spots when the Vox was on the fritz. Other grav vehicles such as the Caladius, the Coronus transport and the Pallas speeder are also part of this entity. In 40k this includes the Vertus Praetors (elite jetbike units) and Venetari (elite jetpack units).
  • Tharanatoi (probably a mix between the Celtic word taran, "thunder", and θάνατος/thanatos, "death"): The Terminators of the Legio Custodes and the Sagittarum Guard squads, they are the specialists among the Legio. The Aquilon were armed with Lastrum storm bolter, Adrathic destructors and flamer weapons known as Infernus "firepikes" (yes, it's also the name of the weapon used by Exarchs of the Fire Dragons) and acted as shock troops for high-intensity warfare, while the Sagittarum were multipurpose ranged support squads. In 40k this also includes the Allarus Terminators (a lighter suit, basically tartarus while Aquillion is Cataphractii).
  • Ephoroi (from έφοροι, "overseers"): Those Custodians specializing in covert operations, intelligence gathering and assassination. All those engaged in the Blood Games were temporarily attached to the Ephoroi for the duration of their service. In 40k this also includes eyes of the emperor, retiree Custodes who monitor for threats. Probably can be called upon to take up weapons and armor and kick a ton of ass, too. Just because something has caused you to no longer be able to defend the Emperor doesn't mean you can't kill a whole lot of fools.
  • Moritoi (from Latin mortis, "death", with the same Greek-ish flavour): Finally, we have the Dreadnoughts, Custodians who have been mangled too much to continue living without the Dreadnought. Being a very philosophical-minded group, the Custodians often hold debates on whether or not the warrior inside is alive or dead, and have come to the conclusion that all that matters is that the Emperor has decided to keep the Custodian living.

In terms of rank, the Legio Custodes are less rigid in their ranking structure than the Space Marines and the Imperial Guard, with "ranks" being more like signs of respect for senior veterans. Indeed, given the Legio's often solitary mindset, they rarely give orders to each other. That said, their familiarity with each other manages to avoid the destructive lack of cohesion this would entail in other armies. The known "ranks" are as follows:

  • Captain-General: the "leader" of the Legio/Adeptus Custodes and Chief Custodian to the Emperor of Mankind. By the time of the Horus Heresy, this position comes with the Magisterium Maxima (GWardization of Latin magisterium maximum, "utmost control/governance") which grants him absolute authority over anything in the Imperium (yes, even the Boss's petulant children). Since the Custodes codex makes it clear that the Ten Thousand still exercise the full authority of the Magisterium Lex Ultima in M42, it is safe to assume that the Captain-General's power is theoretically absolute should the need for extreme measures arise (like say, the Emperor being incapacitated and his Regent dead). Custodes in general seem to use their authority with great caution however and captain-generals rarely used it openly during ten millennia of imperial history. Clearly he comically missed the point of the Emperor giving him absolute power over the Imperium wasn’t to sit on it but to use it to protect the Emperor’s vision for humanity. Nice going Cap, really a bang-up job.
  • Tribune: The most senior officers under the Captain-General, they are the war council of the Legio Custodes and have absolute authority on everything relating to the protection of the Emperor or the Palace. During the War in the Webway, three of them served as the senior commanders of the combined Legio Custode/Silent Sister/Mechanicum forces : Kadai, Jasaric and Ra Endymion. They were believed to be ten in number, so the seven other were probably killed in the first years of the war. The modern-era Adeptus Custodes is led by two tribunes, one of whom personally leads the Companions.
    • 40k Tribunes are slightly different from their counterparts of the old Legio Custodes. The Tribunate is composed of ten Custodians who formulate policy and advise the Captain-General, but unlike the Tribunes of old the members do not serve in combat, and must serve on the Tribunate for at least ten years. The Tribune not leading the Companions is expected to see combat and will hold the post of Tribune for the rest of his life (indeed, one Tribune died during the battle of the Lion's Gate when Bloodthirsters attacked during Roboute Guilliman's return).
    • While it has often been assumed that they were distinct entities, 40k Tribunes are probably the members of the aforementioned Tribunate. The HH Tribunes being ten in number and sharing sooooo many similarities with the modern tribunate doesn't leave much place for doubt and while "Tribunes" are explicitly mentioned in every novel expanding on 40k Custodians there is not a single mention of them in the Adeptus Custodes codex; the Tribunate is the closest thing we have from a reference. It is also worth noting that Watchers of the Throne features some pieces of lore that aren't canon anymore according to the Codex (Valoris wielding a spear instead of an axe, Custodes serving among the Companions forever, etc.). Which isn't that surprising since BL authors often have limited insight on (and zero control over) upcoming official GW material; some elements they genuinely believed to be legit at some point of the writing process may have been revised by GW in the meantime.
  • Proconsul: A senior rank below Tribune. A rank that holds martial and militairy importance. Bestowed by the Emperor to veterans of the Legio.
  • Prefect: A mid-level rank below the tribunes, the title is awarded by the Emperor and indicates veterancy. Its duties are mostly unknown at this time.
  • Lictor: A rank supposedly below that of Prefect, it too indicates veterancy. Its duties are are unknown at this time.
  • Shield-Captain: Within the Legio Custodes, there exists a range of ranks and seniority of commands, far from transparent to outsiders, to which the more general application of ‘Shield Captain’ is applied, During the 41st millennium, A Shield-Captain is the leader of a battle group of Custodians, charged with seeing the mission done. First among equals for the sake of said mission, a Shield-Captain can be a member of the Legio or Adeptus Custodes of any rank, for each is a peerless warrior and master tactician.
  • Blade Champion: Ranking below a Shield-Captain, these guys are elite swordmasters who have learned a variety of fighting styles for taking on hordes, monsters or rival duelists.

Specialty Factions and Your Dudes[edit]

The 8th Edition Codex has covered several specialty groups of Custodians, each with their own color scheme and basic Your Dudes style fluff. It also briefly discussed how to customize the paint scheme for the army. Kill Team: Elites adds Custodes to Kill Team, and gives a similar but genericized listing as to the reasons a Custodes force would be out in the wild.

When considering Your Dudes, it's important to remember that Custodes are not an army or a military force like a traditional 40k faction, they are instead a group of stupidly overpowered individuals -- more akin to a 40k army made entirely of Space Marine Captains or other HQ characters, or a Transhuman version of a Necromunda gang. They come together not for some standing military force reason, but to do certain tasks or achieve certain goals -- assassinate a specific target, prevent any threats to Terra, recover an artefact, etc.

One example is given in the 8E codex, where a Custodes named Heraclast Vadrian finally realizes the AdMech being too stupid to maintain / fix the Golden Throne is going to fuck the Imperium over in a few centuries' time, so he gathered up some of His Dudes to go out and investigate a lost Forge World that might know how to fix the damned thing. This provides not only fluff for a Shield Host (an Apocalypse sized Custodes army) but opens up all kinds of interesting options -- Mars AdMech? They'd be all for joining in. Imperial Fists? I bet Heraclast could get them to join. Imperial Guard? They're everywhere, so why not?

A Custodes force can be something as generic as "Custodes that defend Terra" to something as specific as "Custodes that hunt Orks to prevent another repeat of The Beast." Like all Your Dudes headcanon, you can go as far with this as you want.

Custodes Paint Schemes[edit]

By default, Custodians are shining gold -- a "incredibly rare substance known as auramite." This can be changed -- not painted over, but changed via alchemy of all things -- to other metallic tints or changed into non-metallics altogether. Custodians often have leather pieces, especially the Jet Bikers, and also wear tabards, robes, and loincloths on top of their armor that are by default a crimson red color; this color is usually, but not always, the same between the cloth and shoulderpad. This cloth color is also used in secondary colorings on other models -- for example, the Dreadnought or Terminator shoulderpads, or plates on the vehicles. Custodians also have a variety of gems, all of which are the same color across a given army.

An Adeptus Custodes force -- known as a Shield Company or Shield Host if it's big enough -- will have a given color to the auramite bits (the armor), the auramite trim and other embellishments on top of the armour, the leather, and the cloth bits and shoulderpad. Special colors for certain aspects -- for example, the face mask -- are not unheard of.

How this all shakes out with some of the descriptions of the Specialty Factions in the codex -- for example, the Dread Host description suggests his White and Sable cloth parts are specific to "his shield host, which is itself one of several that currently wear the colours of the Dread Host," whereas the Aquilan Shield specifically mentions their cloth colors are Royal Purple -- is unknown. To this end, the cloth colors in the examples are included in parentheses.

"Default" Custodes[edit]

As detailed in early Horus Heresy material, before the specialty groups were conceived, the Custodes had a fairly generalized color scheme. Duncan covers this paint scheme here, but in general: The armor is almost entirely gold, with some silver bits such as the faceplate and some cables and some pipes. The plume and some bits -- decorative cords over the leather -- are red (other GW painters during the era paint the cords a sky blue), but the pauldrons are not given this base color with gold trim, instead remaining entirely gold. The guardian spear is majority black in both the haft and bolter, with gold trim, some silver mechanics, and a blue power blade. Gemstones are painted silver and then a blue technical paint is used to make them gemstones.

The differences between this and the later paint style can be seen throughout page 44 through 55 of the 8E codex, with page 48 and 49 showing some of the Specialty Adeptus Custodes Groups such as the Solar Watch and the Shadowkeepers, while page 46 has detail pictures of 3 miniatures in the old style, while a batrep style army photo of models in the newer style behind them.

In general, the newer style picks a secondary color -- usually red -- to break up the gold by giving the pauldrons a base of that color, using gold instead to color the trim and detail on top of the pauldrons. For those who have used Space Marine Pauldrons that have 3D detail, it's basically that. Newer models such as the Custodian Warden or Terminators also have more cloth material which is also (but not always, see below) this color. The newer style also seems to use more silver, although this may be the result of modern GW's addiction to edge highlighting everything like it's something out of a bad Tron themed fever dream.

Specialty Adeptus Custodes Groups[edit]

These are the Adeptus Custodes Groups that were first mentioned in the 8th Edition Codex, alongside their (general) color scheme. These are similar to "Chapter Equivalent" things like official AdMech Forge Worlds, complete with special rules for each of them. 9th Edition added a "generic" shield host, The Emperor's Chosen, to represent Custodes when they're not a part of one of the 6 specialist groups.

Of course, due to the vast number of Your Dudes in Custodes, given that they didn't have these kinds of rules for the longest time, no one outside of That Guy is going to complain if you declare that your Custodes are using say, Shadowkeepers rules while being painted in generic gold, or in some sort of flashwave neon blue and pink. For an official version of this, the 9E codex has pictures of Elliot Hamer's take on the Dread Host, which is different than the "official" Dread Host scheme.

The colors used in official color schemes, generally speaking, are:

  • Armor: Gold, black, or white base, with gold trim and detail. Facemasks are sometimes painted Silver or the non-standard armor color (adds contrast to the face).
  • Cloth: Red, white, black, purple, consistent across a Shield-Company or Shield-Host, with the latter taking precedence. This includes the left shoulder guard's color -- the right shoulder guard is the Imperial Aquila and is usually entirely gold; this is different on units other than the Custodian Guard. The shoulder guard often (but not always) matches the tabard/robes.
  • Leather: Brown, white, red. Gloves are generally brown even if the other leather is dyed.
  • Gems: Blue, although other gemstone colors are mentioned, red is shown in art. Noted that they are explicitly the same across an entire organization (Shield-Company, not necessarily a Shield-Host).
  • Weapon: Black shafts/hilts/frame with gold detail, although a gold hilt/frame is shown in art, and a silver hilt / black frame is shown in one display model. Blades are power weapons, often with a blue lightning effect, although silver/white/etc are also seen.

This leaves many colors to take Your Dudes if you would like to go your own way. None of the official color schemes use green (possibly due to the Sons of Horus using that color during the Heresy, but then there's Salamanders), blue, yellow, or orange for their cloth. /tg/ has seen some amazing Custodes that use all silver, bronze or brass instead of gold, or even faux stonework instead of metal. Tinted metallic colors, like a base of silver with contrast paint on top, is also an option; Forge World's own "Dankanatoi" seem to be black that is tinted iridescent green/purple in the art. Black leather isn't used in any official color scheme either, but black leather with some grey lines to indicate some light battle damage or wear could work.

The officially named Custodes organizations, with their color schemes and descriptions, are as follows:

  • The Emperor's Chosen: Solid gold armor (red cloth bits). Newly codified in 9th edition, this is the new "default" shield host, representing the Custodes when they are not actually a member of a shield host. These can also represent shield hosts and kill teams not specifically tailored to a specialist purpose, or the Custodes on Terra itself. The color scheme seems to be undefined, but is likely based on the original 30k scheme -- that is to say, solid gold with red cloth bits.
  • The Shadowkeepers: Black armor with gold trim (crimson red cloth bits). Keeps watch over the various warp-terrors and archeotech artifacts that the Emperor kept locked up in his basement on Terra since the Age of Strife, each and every one something or someone that would destroy the Imperium if they were ever let loose or even merely known about at large. After the Great Rift opened a large number were spirited away across the galaxy. Whoops. Their leader is called the Lockwarden and hasn't stepped foot back on Terra since the Great Rift occurred.
  • The Aquilan Shield: Gold armor with gold trim (royal purple cloth bits specifically mentioned). Bodyguards of Fate. When the Imperial Palace's personal psykers find someone who is "likely to avert [disaster] before it threatens the Golden Throne," these people are marked for protection. These fated people are then protected by the Aquilan Shield whether they like it or not -- a small informal sect of wandering Custodians who watch over them up until the exact moment they do whatever it is that will ensure the Emperor's safety, at which point they leave. This often occurs just in time to see said now-useless person die horrifically to whatever the Custodians were protecting them from. The example given is of a Guardsman whose unorthodox tactics had him slated for execution due to "insubordination" (probably a jealous officer ordered it, even commissars have to follow orders unless it contradicts their mandate). Under the Aquilan Guard's protection, he rose through the ranks to become Warmaster of a Crusade that successfully repelled an Ork WAAAGH! that would have otherwise threatened the Sol system - at which point the Guard left him to be executed by the Commissariat in spite of his success, because Commissars are assholes like that.
  • The Dread Host: Gold armor with brass trim, white faceplate (white cloth and "sable" (black) shoulder pad bits). The Emperor's "anger and punishment made manifest." They determine direct threats to Segmentum Solar and the Emperor and wipe them off the face of the galaxy. Specifically a terrorist organization in the literal sense of the word -- once they determine a target, they attack, prevent them from surrendering or fleeing, and utterly raze everything to the ground; the goal being not just to destroy any threats they deem appropriate, but to put the fear of the Emperor into anyone who hears about what happened.
  • The Solar Watch: White armor with gold trim (crimson red cloth bits). The first and last line of defense of the Sol system itself. Heavily mechanized -- lots of Land Raiders. Constantly patrolling between the worlds of Sol, the various space structures, and the travel lanes from Sol to the nearby systems and back. Have been known to destroy various cults, Inquisition coups, and even the occasional Eldar or Genestealer infestation, on every world except Mars. In order to honor the autonomy of the Adeptus Mechanicus, they take a "better not to ask" approach to Mars and their... deviants. That's the job of the Ordo Machinum of the Inquisition anyhow. Gives those kooks something to do besides blowing up planets and acting on their petty internal squabbles.
  • Emissaries Imperatus: Gold armor with gold trim (white cloth bits and crimson shoulder pad bits). Originally the Emperor's gophers and messengers, now his representation in realspace. Some Custodians can supposedly hear the Emperor's voice when they meditate/sleep; they do not see this as divine inspiration but rather his human will working to direct them like he did before being enthroned. Some can hear him more than others, those that do become Emissaries Imperatus; they gather together and debate what Big E wants them to do. This might include giving special messages to the occasional commander, or giving special wargear from Terra to someone who will need it soon. When the Primaris Marines were about to be unleashed by Guilliman the bulk of the Custodians nearly stopped him (in part because they were wary of the "flawed" nature of the Space Marines and didn't want to risk a repeat of the Horus Heresy), only allowing it once the Emissaries intervened, who made it absolutely clear that the Emperor wanted it to happen. They were also vital in making sure the various chapters accepted the Primaris Marines, going with the Indomitus Crusade and informing the Space Marines that they were a gift from the Emperor himself. This went up to and including threatening to declare any reluctant Chapters to be traitors on the spot if they refused. Obviously some Chapters were more eager to accept Primaris than others, due to dire need of reinforcements from the resulting crapfest caused by the Great Rift. Even the most secretive.
  • Eyes of the Emperor: Not actually present on the tabletop, but represented by a Stratagem. While the Custodians are formidable, even they aren't entirely immune to old age or injury or at least their effects. When a Custodian judges himself no longer able to serve in combat (bear in mind that this is relative- to a Custodian, one's reaction time slowing by one tenth of a second is considered "unacceptable for active duty" even if a normal human wouldn't even notice the decline), he gives up all his gear in exchange for a black robe and travel the galaxy. Some work alone and others build networks of agents and informants, but all keep watch for any situation that might pose a threat to Terra or the Emperor. If they come across such a situation, they use special channels to inform the Captain-General in order to pre-emptively eliminate said threat. No slouches either, one took out a daemon host that had already ambushed and killed a member of the Aquilan Shield. Their numbers have grown for ten millennia. Since each Custodians' wargear is custom made for him personally, it seems likely that the Custodes could drown the galaxy in golden custard at any time and simply choose not to. Thanks, Custodes. The Emperor must be so proud of you.

Forge World has their own mentioned in Black Book 8 (Malevolence), combined with some art. Technically a caste or chamber (like the Hykanatoi (troops), Tharanatoi (terminators), or Moritoi (dreadnoughts)) and not a shield host, it still has it's own defined color scheme and has seen use as a shield host color scheme:

  • Dankanatoi: Black (Possibly iridescent or tinted dark green/purple) armor with gold trim (dark purple cloth bits). Created towards the end of the Horus Heresy partly as a response to Guilliman's little Imperium Secundus plan. Considering the treachery of the various traitors that turned on the Emperor before, during, and after the Heresy a threat deserving the Custodes' attention, the Dankanatoi hunted down traitors, betrayers, and the disloyal throughout the imperium during the Great Scouring immediately after the Heresy. Effectively a pissed off Custodes version of the Inquisition, for all that entails. It is not known if they survived to the 40th Millennium; they are not mentioned in any of the Codexes or outside of Forge World books -- as such they do not have rules like the Games Workshop chapter equivalents do.

Notable Custodians[edit]

Horus Heresy-Era[edit]

Constantin Valdor, murdering stuff for the Emprah since the Unification Wars.
  • Constantin Valdor- The big cheese of the Custodian Guard, Constantin Valdor was the Captain-General of the Legio Custodes during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, the first of the Ten Thousand and personal bodyguard of Big E since his debuts as a bloody-handed and megalomaniac tyrant the Unification Wars and His glorious crusade to make Mankind great again. A monster of a man, he was described as being a head taller than Amon (who was already significantly larger than an Astartes) and the size of a Primarch (Alpharius to be exact). Valdor was one of the Emperors closest friends and his second most trusted advisor (Malcador the Sigillite being #1). He was described as being the mightiest warrior in the entire Imperium with the exception of the Primarchs and Big E himself (he was almost killed by a warp-boosted Phosis T'Kar on Prospero however, only surviving because Phosis accidentally rolled 22 on Chaos Boon and realized he'd become the 'flesh-change' monster he so hated). Naturally he shared a close relationship with a number of the Primarchs, the most notable being Horus, Rogal Dorn, and Leman Russ. Also, he rolls with the Officio Assassinorum, so he earns massive bonus points there. At the end of the Heresy, he was one of the high lords of Terra, but stepped down sometime after that to be able to look after the Emperor personally. He has since been replaced as Captain-General: in M32 the Custodians are commanded by a new guy called Beyreuth. According to the Codex, he disappeared without a trace some time after the Emperor was ensconced on the Golden Throne; rumour has it that he is still alive and serving the Emperor.
    • It is hinted in Master of Mankind that Valdor is named after an "ancient king" of Old Earth, probably Constantine the Great, famous for being the first Christian Emperor of Rome. The Apollonian Spear and sun-shaped iron halo worn by Valdor foster the reference to Constantine, whose tutelar deity before his conversion was Sol Invictus. His spear is one of a pair, infused with a portion of the emperors foresight, with the other held by Leman Russ. Valdors version of the spear specifically imparts him with a flashback of the life of it's victims, and every key(sad) moment in their history that led to them being at the end of the killing edge. Really testing the loyalty of your servants, what a pal E-money was. Unsurprisingly considering the blood games Valdor was a skilled assassin, able to sneak into a palace undetected to assassinate a target, according to the target he has Albian features perhaps meaning that was his birth place.
    • Participated in the Burning of Prospero instead of preventing it by simply, y'know, actually enforcing and obeying the Emperor's orders. Instead, accepted and obeyed changes to orders delivered by someone other than the Emperor supposedly passing on a message from the Emperor despite the Emperor being fully capable of sending his own astropathic messages or at least ordering an astropath to do so for him. And not bothering to verify with the Emperor himself. Despite the change in orders being the opposite of what the original orders were. That is to say, "murder everyone and burn their world to ashes" is the opposite of "go to Prospero and arrest Magnus and bring him to me in chains."
    • He might be around in the 41st Millennium as the enigmatic "King in Yellow" (who is building an army in the Webway for unknown reasons). Alizabeth Bequin recently recovered a book from a Webway pocket dimension that supposedly contained the true identity of the King in Yellow; the very first words within the book were "Constantin Valdor." However, this doesn't really line up with the other depictions of the KiY, who is heavily connected with the heretical Chaos-connected Cognitae group.
  • Amon Tauromachian- One of the most notable Custodians. In combat, unarmoured, versus three " Migou" (I see what you did there) or Genestock Ogres from Nei Monggol (Ogryns anybody?) Amon is impressive, he is apparently strong enough to effortlessly break an Ogryn's arm, relieving it of its punch-dagger, then ram it through the poor sod's skull. One of them grabs him from behind in a bear hug, which he literally shrugs off, then punches his hand through the Ogryn's chest and rips out its heart. Mary Sue you say? All this is from Dan Abnett himself from his short story Blood Games. Also, he is probably referred to in The First Heretic as an instructor of at least 2 other Custodians, even though the "last" (well, gene-stock/family) name of said Amon is not revealed. Protected Kasper Hawser at the Edict of Nikea, was held in place by Magistus Amon of the Thousand Sons, but then subsequently kicked his ass with the help of Bjorn the Fell-Handed. Has managed to get within striking distance from TEH EMPRAH during the Blood Games.
  • Aquillon Marithamus- the "Oculi Imperator" (eyes of the Emperor) and Prefect who was charged with leading four other Custodians, watching over Lorgar and the Word Bearers after the Monarchia kerfuffle. They were kept in the dark about the Heresy until Isstvan V, but left alive because Erebus wanted their blood. Aquillon embarked on a tragic bromance with Argel Tal. Tal seems to have been born for tragedy in general, and perhaps the most perfect example is how, having already become friends with the Custodians and seen one murdered on Lorgar's orders, he had to spend four decades getting closer to Aquillon and pulling the wool over his eyes. In contrast with how most Custodians viewed Space Marines, Aquillon actually came to view Argel Tal as a close friend (well, for Custodians, anyway)... until Isstvan V, accompanied by the revelation that the Word Bearers had been ritually torturing astropaths to keep Aquillon's messages from reaching Terra. It ended badly - Aquillon killed Argel Tal's mortal waifu Cyrene, and the possessed Astartes bit his head off.
  • Ra Endymion:A veteran Custodian (871 names bitch!) among the first thirty members of the Legio, and perhaps the only person truly privy to the Emperor's whole plan to elevate humanity into the webway and cut them off from Chaos (or at least the only one given a direct crash course & debate on why the Emperor had to be a totalitarian dick; Custodes as a whole have inferred the Emperor's plan from all the info he shared with each one), which was told to him in a series of psychic dreams gifted from the Emperor. One of the three Tribunes, he was left in command of the Webway armed forces after the other two were killed while fighting the forces of Chaos that forced their way through in the wake of Magnus's Folly.
    • When the Emperor briefly rose from his chair to burn out the Daemons and give time for his forces to fall back, Ra was forcibly possessed by Drach'Nyen, the undivided daemon born from humanity's first act of murder. Since the Emperor couldn't kill it, he figured it would be safely stored in a Custodian's body, and the reason Ra was told the Emperor's plan was to give him a reason to keep fighting against the Daemon in his mind. By 40k we can assume something went horribly wrong, as Drach'Nyen is now literally in the hands of Abaddon as his sword and was given to him by some "golden figure". He is also an absolute beast in battle, slaughtering Astartes legionaries like Astartes do with regular humans (fluffy as hell considering the Legio Custodes Tribune's rules for 30k). Smiles like the Joker from Batman.
  • Diocletian Coros: The big cheese in charge of the Terran side of the War in the Webway. An unapologetic arsehole with zero time for anything not covered by his orders, to the point of almost shooting child refugees because they delayed him and mouthing off to Dorn during a briefing. He makes it abundantly clear that the Custodians fight for the Emperor and NOT the Imperium, and holds the attitude that if enough of the Astartes felt the same way then the Horus Heresy would never have happened. Basically, he is the reason why people think that Custodians are all heartless bastards. Still, have to feel a bit sorry for him, as he was told by the Emperor that the dream of humankind was dead after the Webway was sealed. He also wrote a book about the Emprah, the Master of Mankind (no fucking joke), which is apparently still a best-seller among the present day Adeptus Custodes.
  • Sagittarus Malacque: One of the original Custodians and the first to become a Dreadnought. Noted to be choleric and wild, he was nearly killed during the battle in the Webway but survived, having been saved by a formerly-crippled Blood Angel in a display of utter awesome. Also, that whole "Only in death does duty end" quote? That canonically originated with this guy, as the Emprah inscribed it on his shell.
  • Vettranio Shapura: One of the third or fourth Custodians to be put into a dreadnought, a Galatus pattern, after sacrificing himself for the Emperor. Notorious as a Custodes commander in the Horus Heresy: Legions card game, where he is a mostly defensive character hiding behind his shield (instead of the murder-machines Galatus-pattern Dreads are in tabletop crunch). His name comes from three people: Jack Vettriano (a Scottish painter); Vetranio (with 1 t) who was one of the lesser roman Emperors, originally a decorated officer acclaimed by his rebellious soldiers, he ended up losing in a contest of charisma to determine the true Emperor against his Constantinian rival, who turned Vetranio's troops against him, forcing the would be usurper to beg for mercy, Constantius II forgave him (even calling him "father" out of diplomatic kindness) and he left to end up his life in peaceful and happy retirement (which is where it ties with the painter); and finally, the Shapur kings of the Sassanid empire, the most infamous of whom, Shapur I, treacherously captured Emperor Valerian during pourparlers, forced him into slavery and humiliation for years, until Valerian begged him to be released, promising to pay whatever ransom if he was allowed to see his family again one last time, a request to which Shapur I answered... by flaying him alive. Ahriman of the Thousand Sons was a descendant, a prince, of the Achaemenid royal dynasty; and Vettranio Shapura was among the Custodians who went with Constantine Valdor and Leman Russ to censure Magnus the Red and his Legion.
  • Diolos Akrodius: A member of the Ephoroi who got his ass handed to him alongside the Blood Angels during the Signus Campaign by a demon horde. Afterwards the Blood Angels conspired to keep him in the dark about Imperium Secundus while they brought him to Terra. This proves prescient, as afterwards he finds out what Guilliman was up to in Ultramar and is absolutely done with this shit -- proceeding to immediately found the Dankanatoi, a chamber of the Custodes dedicated to hunting down and executing traitors that fled Terra during the Horus Heresy. Basically a Custodes Inquisition. No word on if the Dankanatoi survived to the 40th millennium; their color scheme was effectively Shadowkeepers with Purple Cloth and Shoulderpads.

Age of Apostasy (M36)[edit]

  • Longinus: Centurion Longinus was the one who brought Alicia Dominica and her companions into the Emperor's presence, thus providing the catalyst for the fall of Goge Vandire, the end of the Age of Apostasy and the creation of the Adepta Sororitas. Although not absolutely confirmed to be the same individuals, Amon Tauromachian was given the name Longinus during the Siege of Terra.

41st Millenium Onward[edit]

  • Trajann Valoris: In the novel Watchers of the Throne: The Emperors' Legion Valoris is the Captain General of the Custodian Guard during the time of the 41st millennium, because there are no records of him in the Imperial banks and no details on his conquests or ascent into the order, he could be a 100 years old, or 5000 years old... nobody outside of the Adeptus Custodes know. Rumour has it he also has over 1000 names inscribed on the inside of his armour and before the return of the Primarch, was the most powerful and deadly individual in all of the Imperium both martial and militarily. Only a handful of the greatest warriors, mightiest Inquisitor Lords, and a few High Lords gained an audience to speak to him. He killed 20 huge vat-grown rampaging combat servitors as large as enraged groxes armed with heavy chainglaives and other assorted heavy weapons in literally seconds, after kicking a really big door inwards within the Imperial Palace. It doesn't really need to be said, but this guy's a fucking badass. He's also the only named HQ in the Custodes' codex.
    • After Guilliman returns and fires half the High Lords for being incompetent self-serving twats, Valoris is ordered to ensure that the inevitable backlash doesn’t succeed in reversing Guilliman’s reforms. What follows is a series of frankly incredible manipulations: Valoris plays the traitor and loyal High Lords, Imperial Navy, Imperial Guard, Officio Assassinorum, the entire Minotaurs chapter, Imperial Fists, Sisters of Silence and even his own Ten Thousand like damn fiddles all at once! Seriously, he plays everyone so well that the Imperial Chancellor remarks that the Custodes got exactly what they wanted and nobody outside of an extremely select few (like, maybe five individuals at most) would know that they were a relevant factor in quashing the rebellious high lords.
    • TL;DR the guy is basically Creed and Kharn put together.
  • Valerian: Protagonist of the Watchers of the Throne series of novels. An intellectual among the Custodes, he does not consider himself to be a warrior but a philosopher, and spends most of his free time studying the Emperor's acts and motivations. Was originally slated to join the 300 Companions, but he failed the first ritual when his body locked up and froze when the time actually came to visit the Golden Throne in person. Its implied later on that this was because the Emperor had another purpose for him, as he eventually ends up going rogue, leaving Terra with a squad he convinced to come with him, and establishing the precedent for the Custodes to finally get their asses out of the Imperial Palace and join the Indomitus Crusade (deepstriking into an enemy battleship and preventing a battleship full of heretic Astartes from pushing a big red button would do that). Gets rewarded with a laurel wreath by Guilliman for his actions, which some of his brothers are apparently none too happy about since Custodes don’t usually accept rewards, especially not from Astartes.
    • Says that if violence could solve the Imperium's problems, it would've started working after trying it for ten thousand years, making him one of the few individuals in the Imperium to have common sense. Admittedly, this is something of a contentious statement, considering the strength of the Imperium's enemies and the lack of proper military forces beyond poorly-trained and equipped PDF (and maybe a Guard regiment or two) on most worlds. If we’re being charitable, his belief that violence isn’t working for the Imperium might be about keeping the Imperium intact and preventing rebellion instead of a reference to war with invading space monsters.
    • Gets completely played by Valoris in the second Watchers novel, ending up rescuing the Grand Master of the Officio Assassinorum (who was pretending to be one of the traitor High Lords) from the Minotaurs. Almost gets into a duel with Asterion Moloc, one which he wasn’t at all sure he’d win due to being unable to detect any weaknesses in Moloc’s gear or technique to exploit. Thankfully, Moloc is little more than an attack dog for the High Lords and with all the traitors dead, he stood down once the loyal High Lords told him to stand down. Is currently pursuing a chaos cult leader who escaped Terra through the galaxy.
  • Navradaran: A member of the Ephroi featured in the Carrion Throne and Watchers of the Throne. He specialized in covert operations outside the Imperial Palace, which is quite an achievement for a giant in golden armor. His time seeing more of the Imperium than just the Palace led to him appreciating regular humans for their potential and not their weakness (compared to other transhumans). He was a mentor for Valerian. Before Guilliman returned, he spent a lot of his time trying to reunite the Silent Sisterhood.
  • Maldovar Colquan: A Tribune, newly elevated to the position on the death of Italeo during the Second Battle of Terra, he was assigned to be the Custodes to the newly-returned Guilliman. Given a passing mention in Watchers of the Throne, and a cameo in Devastation of Baal, Maldovar gets some focus in Dark Imperium, where it is shown that he's rather pissed at just how much the Imperium has lost over the last ten millennia, including the Ecclesiarchy as Colquan is a hardcore believer in the Imperial Truth (though he does recognise the utility of faith to the masses). Often comments on minor shortcomings of the common humanity under Guilliman's command, which just strengthens Guilliman's opinion that the Custodes' experience as actual leaders had dulled. He is also known to have been one of the most vocal opponent of the Primarch's back to power, which led Bobby G to keep him around while crusading among the stars. Technically a heretic or even a traitor because he’s openly against a Primarch doing both what he was created to do and what the Emperor personally wants him to do. He is furious about how much the Imperium has lost yet is against the only person able and willing to fix all of that actually acting on that ability to do said fixing. It must be noted though that by the time Godblight happened, Colquan has learnt to trust Guilliman and believes the Primarch has nothing but the best for the Imperium in mind.
  • Heraclast Vadrian: Mentioned in the 8th Edition Codex, Vadrian watched across centuries as the Adeptus Mechanicus slowly forgot how to maintain and repair the Golden Throne, leaving it slowly starting to break down with no one left alive anywhere in the Imperium knowing how to fix it. He decided that the AdMech being stubbornly ignorant (coupled with their stranglehold on Imperial tech) was a direct threat to the Emperor, and got permission from Trajann Valoris to figure out a solution. Vadrian then gathered a Shield Host in the cruiser Scion of Argo and set off following a lead to a lost forge world named Morvane, which presumably has knowledge of the technology needed to fix the Golden Throne, created components of it and thus might have blueprints, or might have Hereteks on it that can figure out how to fix it. In a way he and the Companions as a whole have failed their duty by not making sure the Golden Throne can be repaired and maintained with or without the Mechanicus.
  • Pertinax: Sheild Captain. Recently delivered Primaris reinforcements to the Blood Ravens Chapter 7th Company Captain Atanaxis.


  • Little Kitten - known on /tg/ as the Captain-General of the group during If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device, whose art you might've recognized from the second picture in the article near the top. His exact identity is a (deliberate) mystery, with later episodes and shorts confirming that he is neither Constantin Valdor nor Trajann Valoris. What is known is that he was the Custodian who brought Alicia Dominica to the Emperor during the Reign of Blood. He's known for basically telling Big E what is everything, and is called "Kitten" for purring up the ranks of the Custodes. Kitten has a vaguely British accent, and he hates Communist fuckers with a passion. (It's actually because one was tsundere enough that she dropped him before he could tap that ass.) SHIT'S NOT CANON! Also manage to beat a million tons worth of cheese in a children's card game. Twice. The other Custodes (baring the Fab-Stodes) make clear that they elected Kitten to the position of Captain-General because despite being a mild-mannered people-pleaser rather than a Warmaster, he alone cares more for the well-being of the Custodes than anyone else and takes the often thankless job of Caretaker very seriously.
    • Retroactively, he is Longinus, see above.
  • "Fab-Custodes (Wamuudes, Custodisi, Karstodes)" - aka the Pillar-stodes, See 4th picture for an idea of what they look like. They are the codifiers of the Fabulous Custodes from First Edition (see above), and they are NUTS. The Fabstodes are oily, snickering, gay as Slaanesh's hell and love it. Seriously, even Kitten knows this and is worried for the Emperor's safety around them, saying that none of this was his idea. This said, they are as loyal to humanity as they come, and they're also Tribunes with all the martial skills that go with the rank, which means they can also fuck shit up when needed. This is demonstrated when they took on Magnus the Red and did not get reduced to a smear, despite fighting almost naked and while he was raging in his Daemonic True Form. Over time each of the Fab-Custodes gained additional characterization from one another; Karstodes regularly bullies a vox-serf to cover his insecurities concerning his illiteracy and general lack of intelligence (though he gradually warms up to the boy), Custodisi had a rather unhealthy fixation on Magnus (though learned to tone it down after receiving a near-death experience from the Emperor), and Wamuudes is the most detached of the three from humanity, but is a neat freak par excellence and is committed to the less-glamorous aspects of serving as the Emperor's caretaker (meaning cleaning out the sewers under the golden throne). The Fab-Stodes gain a newfound respect for Kitten following their stint as the new Caretakers, and seeing Kitten using his authority as a High Lord to get shit done on the Emperor's behalf.
  • "Santodes" - A fourth among the ranks of the Fabstodes, Santodes is no less FABULOUS for his lack of screentime. He was present during the sacrifice of Ollanius Pius. Little Kitten seems to hate the guy... to the point of shoving Santodes right in front of Fucking Horus after Pius died. Santodes "survived", and commissioned a custom Dreadnought body shaped like his muscled naked body (erotic well-crafted enough to arouse Skitarii) that could show off his luscious golden locks, and now his thermic reactor puuUUlsaaAAttes with EXCITEMEEEENT! Santodes may be every bit as looney as the other Fab-Stodes, but he's also clever enough to know how to use his archeotech body to seduce Skitarii into allowing them to see the Fabricator-General.

Getting a codex[edit]

From the Burning of Prospero Horus Heresy boxed set

The Adeptus Custodes finally received their own rules at the tail end of 7th Edition, with a mini-Codex that was bundled along with the Sisters of Silence mini-dex in the Talons of the Emperor boxed set.

Suffice to say, the rules didn't disappoint. Each line-Custodian having stats equivalent to or better than your average Brother-Captain, on top of having Eternal Warrior built-in. On the flip side they were ridiculously expensive (though oddly enough cheaper than a Grey Knight Paladin), and barring catching a ride on a Land Raider or deep-striking, they were stuck foot-slogging across the table. Hmm.

The Golden Boys of the Emperor also received a much-expanded and stand-alone Codex for 8th Edition. It expands on the lore (seemingly trying to make a point that, no, the Custodians were NOT idle for the past ten millennia), introduces specialist groups within the Custodes whose paint schemes players can use, and fills out the missing Force Organization slots for the Army. Trajann Valoris also gets a tabletop-playable model plus rules as well. As an army, they're still extremely expensive per model, but at least they have more options available to them now - especially now that FW has finally released 40K rules for the 30K Custodes units.

A slight failure on GWs part was not putting the sisters of silence in the codex, considering they're meant to fight together (which is why they're collectively called the "Talons of the Emperor") and the sisters have been made almost useless with the battle brothers rule change. A shame too since they complement each other quite well and fill in whatever weaknesses the other had. This was eventually rectified with the Psychic Awakening book War of the Spider, which re-integrated the sisterhood into the Custodes army list without compromising anything. The only thing that would improve this in 9E would be the full re-integration of the various Forge World units into the codex instead of being in the Imperial Armour Compendium.

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