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Let's face it. The first thing you did when finding the tables was go build a Titan Legion where you just "happened" to roll Antiquary world, Warmonger-Warmonger-Fought with the Empra-Glorious Victory-Overstrength. At the very least, have the decency to actually roll on this one.

Use the Planet generator and System generator for further fluffing. If you are of different inclinations, use the Dark Mechanicus Forge World Creation Tables as well. To expand the units and add more detail, roll on the Skitarii Army Creation Table and the Titan Legion Creation Tables.

Forge World Type[edit]

Forge World Style d10
Orthodox: Patterned after Mars with few deviations, this Forge World clings tightly to the sacred traditions of the Mechanicus. 1-5
Mostly Orthodox: As above, though the elder Magi are slightly more tolerant of younger radicals, assuming they are trusted associates, as opposed to keeping such unofficial low-level tolerance to the trusted ranking Archmagos' only. 6
Semi-Orthodox: Though holding true to most of the practices of Mars, this Forge has developed some traditions and taboos not held by Father Mars. 7-9
Unorthodox: Casting aside many ancient Mechanicus traditions in favour of their own, this Forge World diverges significantly from the norm. 10

Founding of the Forge World[edit]

When Was The Forge World Founded? (d100)
1-5 Time Immemorial - Founded in the distant, misty time period before the Omnissiah revealed Himself to the Mechanicum, this Forge World was created by the proto-Mechanicum for some long-forgotten task before the Age of Strife ended. As the Imperium began to form, this Forge World bent its knee to the Omnissiah, pledging its works to His Imperium as the legitimate successor to human authority in the wake of the old Human government's collapse after being severely weakened by the Iron War and being finished off by the Age of Strife ruining FTL travel.
6-35 Great Crusade - As the Imperium began to spread across the galaxy, this Forge was founded at the behest of the Omnissiah, that the ever-ravenous appetite of the growing Imperium and its Great Crusade may be met. This Forge World bore witness to the horrors of the Horus Heresy and emerged scathed, but loyal.
36-45 Time of Rebirth (M31-M32) - Founded as the Imperium and Mechanicus alike began to recover worlds from the grasp of the fallen Arch-Traitor, or during the chaotic aftermath of the War of the Beast, this Forge World was created to aid in the rebuilding of the half-ruined Imperium.
46-65 The Forging (M32-M34) - Founded in the aftermath of the War of the Beast and the anarchy of The Beheading, this Forge World was created with the intent to help consolidate the Imperium's hold on the galaxy and shore up the walls broken by wars.
66-70 Nova Terra Interregnum (M34-M36) - As the Moirae Schism tears the Mechanicus and the Interregnum the Imperium asunder, members of the core of the Cult Mechanicus found multiple new Forge Worlds to counter the destruction of those deemed too heretical to be saved. This Forge was founded in those troubled times, refusing to be corrupted by the heresies of the pernicious Moirae Doctrine, though it had it's fair share of troubles.
71–80 The Ages of Apostasy & Redemption (M36-M38) - Having been founded during Vandire's deranged rule and seen the end of the Moirae Schism when the Moirae Schismatics were allowed to peacefully re-join the Orthodox Tech Priests after the Thorian Reformation finally fixed the clusterfuck that started with the Nova Terra Interregnum, this Forge and the newly reunited Mechanicus saw to supplying the numerous Crusades of the following Age of Redemption. This Forge bore witness to the subsequent horrors of the Occlusiad War in some manner, and may have directly fought against the Apostles of the Blind King. Alternatively, it was formed in the aftermath of said war when the galaxy settled into a long stalemate still not fully broken.
81-95 The Waning/Time of Ending (M39-M41) - Founded as the Imperium is beset on all sides by Xenos and Heretics alike, this young Forge World is forced to push its capabilities to the limit to match the demand for war material by the embattled Imperium.
96-100 Age of the Dark Imperium (000.M42-Present) - As the Great Rift tore the galaxy in half, this Forge was built in the wake of the reborn Roboute Guilliman's Indomitus Crusade or just after it's first phase ended in the Battle of Raukos in 012.M42, the young Forge has just managed to settle into a relatively comfortable stalemate following a dark century of war.

Product of Note d100
Imperial Guard Arms 1-15
Small Arms 16-30
Heavy Arms 31-45
Vehicles 46-60
Space Marine Arms 61-70
Servitors/Bionics 71-80
Specific Weapon Types 81-90
Energy Field Technology 91-93
Titans 94-96
Void-Ships 97-99
Reroll on the table twice 100
Special Product Bonus d10
Special Variant - Though the pattern remains mostly standard, certain alterations have been made to the device to adapt it to certain conditions. 1
Masterwork - Painstakingly designed and crafted by master Artisans, the products of this world are of the highest quality. Cannot be taken with Bulk Production. 2
Esoteric Design - Digging long-forgotten secrets of technology out of its deepest data-vaults and applying them to its methods and gear, the outputs of this Forge World operate on little-understood principles that the wider Mechanicus may have forgotten entirely over the millennia. However, these ill-understood principles make field maintenance something of an issue, and highly hostile conditions can render the weapon entirely inoperable. 3
Alternative Pattern - Based on a modified STC pattern recovered from a desolate world, these devices are quite unlike those of the traditional Mechanicus. 4
Microtechnology - Minimized to save space and critical resources, the weapons of this Forge World are far more compact and mobile than the baroque designs of Mars. Cannot be taken with Macrotechnology. 5
Macrotechnology - Big and bulky, these devices were made for intimidating size and power - though their sheer bulk can render them inefficient and hinder movement in difficult terrain. Cannot be taken with Microtechnology. 6
Reliable - The products of this Forge World are unusually hardy, capable of enduring and operating in even the most hostile planetside environments and violent enemy engagements without malfunctioning. Cannot be taken with Esoteric Design. 7
Sophisticated - Far more complex and intricate than the normally simple designs of the Imperium, these arms and armour hold a degree of complexity on par with the more abnormal weapons of the Mechanicus. 8
Bulk Production - Manufacturing its chosen product in massive quantities, this Forge World is geared almost completely towards the creation of one specific product. This may render them reliant on external imports of certain components the Forge cannot or will not spare the infrastructure to mine. Cannot be taken with Masterwork or Titans. 9
Reroll twice on this list 10

Tech Priests[edit]

Mechanicus Demeanor d10
Praise be to the Father Mars! - Fanatically loyal to Mars to the point of fundamentalism, this Forge World seeks to emulate the first Forge World's tactics, dress, and overall demeanour. Cannot be taken with Unorthodox. 1-2
Faith in the Omnissiah - Holding that their loyalty and faith are to the Omnissiah above all else, this Forge World is noticeably stand-offish to Imperial and even some Mechanicus factions. 3-4
For the Emperor! - Unlike most forge worlds, these guys actually praise the Emperor; when questioned about this they usually say claim that the Emperor and the Machine god are one and the same (or that He is the Omnissiah incarnate), and since the Cult Mechanicus can't argue against that without courting significant issues, they let these beliefs fly (officially, at least; espionage and behind-the-scenes sniping between rival Forges is hardly unheard of). 5-6
Pride in themselves, fealty to Mars - Though ultimately loyal to Mars and the Imperium, the Forge World often pursues its own agenda so long as it does not conflict with those of its superiors. 7-8
Independent - Paying cursory fealty to Mars, this Forge prefers to stay independent of the wider Mechancius, to the point of arousing suspicion and the occasional attempt at investigation by Martian loyalists. Exactly how successful these investigations were are up to you. Alternatively, the Forge may just be too isolated without any suspicions involved. 9
Borderline Tech-Heretics - Paying lip service to the Mechanicus and Imperium at the best of times, this Forge World has strayed close to the boundaries of excommunication several times, always finding some way to drag themselves back from the brink. They trust few, and are trusted by even fewer. Don't even think of taking this with Orthodox. 10


Skitarii Type d10
Skitarii Mars Pattern - A force of enhanced and well-equipped warriors, organised and augmented along the lines of their Martian forebears. 1-4
Skitarii Defence Force - Recruited from the forces of the Imperial Guard or even from well-known mercenary units, they lack access to many of the Mechancius' more esoteric weapons and augments. 5-7
Servitors - Ranging from the lobotomised shells of former criminals to vat-grown clones, these Servitors are upgraded to become living war engines before being remotely directed by the Magos Domini of the Forge. 8-9
Praetorian Elites - A small but powerful force of elite Skitarii and heavily-altered Servitors, these Praetorians are well-trained and equipped with the highest quality implants and weapons outside of the true Mechanicus priesthood. 10

Note that a Forge World has tons of regular Skitarii and Combat Servitors present pretty much by default, the above table is for what is the world is famed for and prefers.

Legion Strength d10
Under strength: Perhaps a result of some recent war or massed deployments to distant stars, the Forge World's reserves of Skitarii are dramatically below the baseline. 1
Below-Average: Whether due to a failed mission, an effort to rebuild from heavy losses, or simply having a large amount of Explorator fleets active, the present number of Skitarii on this Forge World are below average. 2-3
Average: The number of Skitarii present on the Forge World are about the usual expected of a Forge World. 4-7
Above Average: Whether bolstered by reinforcements for a mission or a preliminary recruitment drive, Skitarii numbers are slightly over the expected strength. 8-9
Over-strength: With the Tech-Priests calculating a high likelihood of war or catastrophe in the near-future, the Forge maintains an outsized contingent of Skitarii. 10

Allies and Enemies[edit]

Forge World Allies & Enemies[edit]

Who is the Forge World friendly with? (d100)
1-5 Administratum
6-15 Adeptus Arbites
16-30 Adeptus Astartes Chapter (choose one)
31-35 Adeptus Astra Telepatica
36-45 Adeptus Mechanicus
46-50 Adepta Sororitas
51-55 Adeptus Titanicus
56-58 Astropaths
59-60 Chartist Captains
61-65 Ecclesiarchy
66-75 Imperial Guard from a specific world
76-79 Imperial Navy
80-85 Inquisition
86-88 Navigators
89-91 Officio Assassinorum
91-93 Planetary Defence Force of a specific world
94-98 A Rogue Trader dynasty
99 Schola Progenium
100 Scholastica Psykana

Who are the Forge World's enemies?(d100)
01-02 Roll on House Friends table (Roll/Choose automatically with Borderline Tech-Heretics)
3-14 The Orks (alternatively, you may select a particular Waaagh! or Warboss)
15-32 The Eldar, probably one of their Knight Houses (alternatively, you may select a particular Craftworld or leader)
33-51 Chaos Knight house
52-62 The Tyranids (alternatively, you may select a particular Hive Fleet)
63-72 Chaos Space Marines (Choose a particular warband, Chapter, or Traitor Legion)
72-79 A particular Daemon, Daemon Prince or Disciple of Chaos
80-87 A particular Chaos-aligned group (i.e., Traitor Titan Legion, Chaos pirates, renegade Imperial Guard, etc.)
88-97 The Dark Eldar (alternatively, you may select a particular Kabal or leader).
97-100 Other (choose one force or group, such as aliens (see below) or heretics or a specific cult)

Minor Xenos Species/Empires(1d100)
1-10 Tau Empire (alternatively, you may select a particular Tau force or leader)
11-20 Hrud
21-30 Fra'al
31-40 Uluméathic League
41-50 Yu'vath/Legacy of the Yu'vath/Rak'gol
51-60 Enslavers
61-65 Bargesi
66-70 Tarrelians
71-75 Thyrrus
76-80 Hellgrammite
81-85 Loxatl
85-90 Saharduin
91-92 Xenarch
93-95 Cythor Fiends
96-97 Nightmare-Engines of the Pale Wasting
98-100 Other Xenos Species (pick one or roll/write one up)

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