Adeptus Mechanicus Light Cruiser

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These guys sure punch above their weight.

The Cog Boys in Red don't really use that much vessels in the Escort domain, and when they do, it is usually borrowed from the Imperial Navy and the Space Marines. Rather, the smallest and most common ships that the AdMech uses are Light Cruisers. Seeing as how a standard AdMech explorator team needs a shit ton of Servitors, Automatons and special equipment, it makes sense for them to choose a much bigger ship than a small, piddly Escort.

Because the Quest for Knowledge can involve long and dangerous expeditions into uncharted space, it is important that Adeptus Mechanicus ships be heavily armed and armoured. This is not only for their own protection from those who desire their technology but also to engage in combat when necessary to secure vital data or artefacts that may prove crucial to their mission.

Light Cruiser Classes[edit]



Sure it may lack assault boats, but god damned that lance turret.

The Mechanicus Defiant-Class Light Cruiser is one of the several classes of AdMech Light Cruisers.

Like the Imperial Navy's Defiant-class Light Cruiser. The AdMech version is a Carrier. Basically an almost carbon-copy of the original, but drops some of the effectiveness of the launch bays by losing assault boats without any replacement craft, so it is instead stocked full of Fury Interceptors and Starhawk Bombers.

In return for losing the assault boats, however, you get a significantly more powerful lance turret that has better potential at cripply enemy naval vessels than its Imperial version. Light Lance turrets also helps keep it effective at longer range, keeping it safe to deploy squadrons from behind other vessels for surprise buttsex. All in all, for a Carrier, it is surprisingly quite flexible and incredibly versatile.

  • Length: 3.8-4km
  • Mass: 20 megatonnes; approx
  • Crew: 55,000 crew, 10,000 pilots and support personnel; approx
  • Acceleration: 3.8 gravities max sustainable acceleration; approx



Only known for being one of the few with torpedoes.

The Mechanicus Endeavour-Class Light Cruiser is one of the several classes of AdMech Light Cruisers.

Like the Imperial Navy's Endeavor-class Light Cruiser. The AdMech version is an Ordinance-boat. The AdMech version combines the 2 turrets of the original into one that's essentially just as effective. Moreover, unlike most AdMech ships, these guys have access to Torpedo tubes. Although it points forward like most torpedoe tubes, the AdMech somehow forgot to bring their melta charges from Mars.

Without a Dauntless bootleg to steal the show, the Endeavour gives the AdMech a real heavy hitter of the Light Cruiser class with those macros. Combine with those torpedoes and the Endeavour could be threatening ships twice its size. Still, its an AdMech vessel, so it might be best to keep this one out of range to help its shots hit and stay away from closer encounters where boarding actions are traded.

It is an overall, well-rounded vessel of the Light Cruiser family.

  • Length: 3.8-4km
  • Mass: 21 megatonnes; approx
  • Crew: 57,300 crew; approx
  • Acceleration: 3.9 gravities max sustainable acceleration; approx


The brawler of the AdMech fleets.

The Secutor-Class Monitor Cruiser is a Light Cruiser class vessel used by the Adeptus Mechanicus Fleet.

A modification of the Lathe Class, the first Secutor was adapted from the existing design when Lathe Forge Worlds learned that the existing light cruiser was insufficiently armed for heavy starship combat. Rather than spend the considerable resources to construct true cruisers, they developed the Secutor. Secutors are significantly better armed than their cousins and have higher defensive capabilities as well, exchanging manoeuvrability in the process.

Unlike other AdMech Light Cruiser, the Secutors lack the fabled Nova Cannon, rather, it actually has an armored hull, making it quite useful in close-range engagements in contrast to their more long-range siblings.

  • Length: 4.3km
  • Mass: 24 megatonnes approx
  • Crew: 50,000 crew; approx
  • Acceleration: 3.9 gravities max sustainable acceleration



Hitting hard and fast.

The Mechanicus Endurance-Class Light Cruiser is one of the several classes of AdMech Light Cruisers.

Like the Imperial Navy's Endurance-class Light Cruiser. The AdMech version is Lance-boat. But unlike their more plebian Imperial Navy counterpart, the Endurance from the AdMech has been hitting the gym and not missing leg day. These Mechanicus vessels like all AdMech tech, have been given a more powerful armament to make up for their other shortcomings compared to their Imperial Navy counterpart.

This means, that, pound-for-pound, the AdMech Endurance just hits much harder than their Imperial counterparts. These are, therefore, the snipers of the AdMech fleet as they are exclusively meant for long-range engagements. Even though the Melta torpedoes are still lost, the significantly better and longer-ranged lances mean that the Mechanicus Endurance has a lot going for it these days.

As the sniper-class of Light Cruisers, they fare the worst in close engagements. KEEP. THEM. OUT.

  • Length: 3.8-4km
  • Mass: 18 megatonnes; approx
  • Crew: 53,000 crew; approx
  • Acceleration: 3.8 gravities max sustainable acceleration; approx

In Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 1 & 2[edit]

Light Cruisers from the AdMech are a costlier version of the Imperial Navy's Light Cruisers. The catch is that all of them hit like a freight train, which means that it could take on larger vessels by itself.

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