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(Under Construcion)

The Adorkale Dragon is another TG Chararcter.

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"Dork" Dorakathen Azurakluzzelenark Nur Zulauknagh (means "Bright Penny" in Dragon) is young red dragoness who tried to attack the village of Clearwater. Being young and inexperienced, her attempt was less "menacing" and more "awkward and dorky." The village and some adventurers took pity on her and let her live peacefully near the village.

Bright "Dork" Penny Herself[edit]

Dork is a young, naive red dragoness who came to the village to take tribute, in the form of gold and prisoners. She was very nervous and didn't actually want to hurt anyone, so the village and some passing adventurers "adopted" her and taught her about human culture. Hijinks ensued.

She helps scare away pests (like goblins) due to her size and species, and the village gladly gives her food and small gifts in return. Her size and awkwardness tend to cause problems, but they're generally minor and endearing, so the town easily looks past them.

Due to her naivete, most human culture is new and fascinating to her. With the help of the townsfolk, she learns of farming, birthdays, celebrations, riding other animals as mounts (sadly, horses are neither food nor dragon-mounts), cooking, glassmaking, pets, and more.

Sweets and chocolate were truly astonishing to her and cemented her opinion that mortal folk and their inventions are truly incredible.

Early in her relationship with the town, her temper and size category often caused problems. One habit of hers is to huffily chomp down on someone arguing with her. Not to hurt them, but to shut them up or at least muffle them. Fortunately (or not, for some vorefags), she doesn't swallow anyone.

Dork had a lair up in the mountains, but has since moved into the village, making an old barn her new lair where she keeps all the trinkets the village makes for her.

The dragoness quickly picked up on blacksmithing and glassblowing. She enjoys both, but especially glassblowing; she made windows for everyone in town after learning how. She even glassed a large stretch of the beach!

After watching a musical troupe, Dork tried to craft a makeshift violin from rope and a tree. It sounded awful, but by later using a human double-bass, everyone discovered that she's a pretty good musician! ...though, a terrible instrument-maker.

Some of her hijinks:

  • Once allowed a band of goblins into the village thinking they were children. They were not wearing the proper school uniforms, so she had to fix that. Every time the goblins tried to eat babies or steal something, she is always around to awkwardly and serendipitously turn the situation around by virtue of still thinking they are kids. Farmer Brown was quite amused when she made a handful of goblins forcibly wearing ill fitting school uniforms apologize for trying to steal a chicken. 1 or 2 of the goblins found they enjoyed being dotted on by the dragon enough they stuck around pretending to be human children. They are completely terrified of the idea the rest of the village will discover the truth, when it is quite obvious to everyone except the dragon that they are indeed, goblins.
  • After learning that farmers can just get food to grow from the ground, she decided to plant "sheep trees." She knew sheep need to breathe, but Farmer Brown wasn't happy to wake up to see his flock's heads sticking out of the ground.
  • Routinely shoves her head in through open windows and doors to see what’s going on inside buildings.
  • Can’t easily tell the difference between the humanoid races of the world, often confusing humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, etc.
  • Is a fan of clothing in general, particularly pockets. A cloak with many, many pockets is one of her prized possessions.
  • On the forests outside the village, she found some kobolds that quickly start following her, as kobolds are wont to do. After following her to the village, they began causing problems. This is a game plot hook so the party can deal with the little lizards.

>As the story/campaign goes along, the nature and decoration of the dorky dragon's lair and hoard change to reflect the progress that the PCs make and the affect they have on her. >Clearing a path through the woods to her lair and setting up welcome signs and encouraging decorations. >Gifting her some human furniture and trinkets to add to her hoard of shiny rocks and random knickknacks she swiped. >Getting people to trust her enough to let her move out of her cave on the outskirts and into a barn in town. >Building shelves to properly display what she's collecting rather than piling it all up in a hoard heap in the center of the room. >Actually partitioning the barn into rooms, so that she has living, working and sleeping spaces she can use and show off. >As she is taught and learns new skills, the nature of what she collects improves and she can begin adding things she's created herself to her collections.

The Village of Clearwater[edit]

Clearwater is a port town on the edge of The Great Crystal Lake, a freshwater sea. Mainly specializes in trade, farming, and fishing.

When Dork first appeared, there was panic and fear about how a freaking dragon decided to set up shop near their home. As time goes on and more people interact with her, they became more confident in their interactions. Most likely keep their distance unless something they did captured her attention, like the old fisherman just fishing at the pier, or a farmer speaking about a bountiful harvest.

Once she proved herself as eager, if bumbling, nice person, most of the villagers grew quite fond of her mannerisms.

Bloodstained Ruby[edit]

Bloodstained "Bloody" Ruby is Dork's mother. A ruthless, powerful red dragon living on the opposite side of The Great Crystal Lake on Dragon’s Point. Believes that the way of the dragon is one of conquest, power, and riches. She is not happy to learn about her daughter's new life

In a campaign, she could be the final boss, to convince her that her daughter is a fine dragoness. Or to kill, if for some reason the players hate Dork's happiness.

Her lair could be heavily decorated made of red stained glass, colored with powdered gold melted with the sand. Perfect for a greedy and vain creature.

Ruby is the polar opposite of Dork. Ruby has a hoard, kidnaps maidens, and mounts the armor of slain knights as trophies/warnings just outside the entrance of a great, mountainside, red-glassed lair. So while Dork is awkward, humble, passionately curious about human culture, and content with her barnhouse lair, her mother is well-spoken, greedy, certain about her natural superiority, and prone to extravagance in her lair.

The Paladin[edit]

The Paladin is a paladin that has come to Clearwater after learning about Dork's appearance. He came with the intention to kill her, and was furious uppon seeing the village living along with her. He can't kill her due to the conmotion that that would cause, but believes that she is a legitimante threat, and will use every opportunity to prove that right and justify her murder.

He is accompained with a squire, way more friendly, who's not as angry with Dork, and might end becoming her friend.

The Paladin is not happy with the temple using dragonglass stained windows.

Has given up his name in service to his “church of merit”. Said church worship gods of protection who promote dragon slaying.

"Sir Allistar and his squire tromped down the streets. The calm streets. The calm, unpanicked streets. How could this be? Didn’t these people realize what lived just outside the edge of town? The vile creature just outside their doorstep! The thing that existed against all he stood for? No, they understood, and that was the problem. They understood and simply didn’t care. Worse, most even approved. He had been called here by his order to get rid of a vile beast. That was his duty. He shows up, kills whatever horrible creature needed, and then move one with the peace restored. That’s how things had and always would work. Here, though. Here the people simply fell for the tricks the beast pulled and denied him and his squire fromfollowing through with their mission. Allistar halted on the corner. If he were to simply attack, the people of this place would loose faith in the honor of his order. They needed to find a way to kill the creature without the people blaming him as the bad guy. “Come,” he motioned to his squire, “We have a dragon to slay.” Oh yes, this was going to be tricky."

"Allistar and his squire quickly make their way to the bakery. The baker had complained the most about the dragon. Apparently, it had broken their storefront, eaten all his wares, and nearly destroyed his kitchen in pursuit of some mad experiment. Yes, he would be a valuable ally for... for... For... Allistar entered the shop. “Excuse me, hello?” “Hail friend!” The baker raised his arm in greeting. “You are in luck. I have just opened, and have fresh loaves straight from the oven!” “I’m sorry, thanks.” Allistar waved him off, “I came in cause I had to ask; how did you get” he shook his arm around, “that?” The Baker and Squire looked at where Allistar was pointing. At the front of the shop, was a rather impressively decorated glass window. It’s brown and gold colors cast a comforting glow indoors. Some dark shards declared to the world the building it was attached to was a bakery. “Amazing,” the squire commented. “That must have cost you quite and amount of gold.” “You would think so, wouldn’t you?” The baker beamed with pride. ”Anywhere else and it would take over a years profit just for the glass. Truthfully, the dragon gave it to me in exchange for some lessons in baking. Done wonders in attracting travelers.” The baker leaned over his counter and eagerly stared at the pair. “Anyway, would you like to buy some of my Dragonfire bread? It is the best in the city!” Sir Allistar pinched the bridge of his nose as his Squire searched their pouch for coins. Oh yes, this was going to be tricky indeed."

The squire is on a relationship with the baker's daughter, to the paladin's dismay.

Other Adversaries[edit]

- A band of bandits that Dork accidentally scared off, and now they want to come back in huge numbers, the village has started to fortify everything. The village can't see Dork as someone capable of violence, it's up to the adventurers to decide if they will try to take on the bandits alone, or taint the innocent soul of Dork with her help to defend the village, forcing her to kill a person(s).

- A bunch of “proper” dragons her own age swoop in and she’s excited to show off her town and all she’s learned, but they’re rowdy and brutish and want to get our girl to act more like them. She would have to do some soul-searching and decide what and who she really cares about, and what she wants being a dragon to mean to her.

- A dragon knows himself to be stronger than Dork, and is coming to claim her village for his own... and possibly her as well, if she submits before dying. The party is asked to help her fight him, just cripple him enough that Dork can overwhelm him and send him packing.

- A dragon is coming courting, but the purity of his intentions is suspect. Party can either confront him and try to figure out what this new dragon may want from the village and its beloved Dork, or talk with Dork and try to fill in gaps in her knowledge (she's not a blank slate, remember, but tends to submit to new knowledge no matter the accuracy; he won't get her to believe that she must accept his advances, but she might believe that the dragoness gives an edible gift if she's moved by him... such as a villager).