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"Pity. Nurgle's pets respond poorly to my methods."

Adrastia is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus who easily ranks in the top 10 of the 41st millennium's "Best hats" list which is really saying something.

Dawn of War 2: Retribution[edit]

According to Captain Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens he met and befriended Adrastia during his "darkest hour" so when the Imperium finally got sick of all of the insane drama going on in sub-sector Aurelia and sent the Ordo Malleus Exterminatus fleet to deal with it he was quick to call on his one ally in the Inquisition. He told her of his certainty that the sub-sector's woes were the machinations of his corrupted Chapter Master Azariah Kyras and requested she look into the situation in the hopes of finding proof she could use to halt the Exterminatus. Adrastia basically told him she'd take a look as a favour to him but no promises and headed over to check it out. Unable to request forces from the Inquisition like she normally would due to the unofficial nature of her investigation she met up with Lord General Castor who had been sent to make sure the sub-sector's guardsmen got their shit together and eventually rescued Sergeant Merrick and his men who agreed to help her with her task.

After a series of grimdark adventures around the sub-sector that saw the destruction of many heretics and xenos the group ended up on the planet Typhon where Kyras invaded Adrastia's mind and taunted her telling her the Eldar seer council she just slaughtered were the only thing preventing the Exterminatus fleet he summoned from finding the sub-sector which promptly arrived and immediately began doing its thing. Adrastia and her group of merry men barely escaped the planet before the fleet's bombardment reduced it to a lifeless rock and, after Castor deduced where Kyras was hiding, they quickly turned up on the freshly ascended Chapter Master's doorstep with a force of guardsmen appropriate for a confrontation with a Daemon Prince the size of a Titan. They arrived just in time to see Kyras seemingly kill Gabriel which caused Adrastia to rage the fuck out and give Kyras the Inquisitorial middle finger blowing him to pieces and taking the remains of the psychic hood he had worn as a librarian from his corpse which she claimed was sufficient proof and that it, along with her testimony, should be enough to halt the Ordo Malleus' destruction of the sub-sector.

Some of the game's other storylines see Adrastia operating alone rather than with Castor and Merrick. In the Ork campaign she attempts to hire Kaptin Bluddflag and his crew to deal with Kyras for her but negotiations go sour when she refuses to throw in her hat to seal the deal and, at the conclusion of the game, Bluddflag catches up with her and basically mugs her for it leaving her alive but hatless and thus devoid of any authority. In the Eldar story Autarch Kayleth and her warhost reach Bluddflag before Adrastia does and kill him due to their warlock having had a vision telling them finding Adrastia and doing what she tells them will save a few thousand soulstones buried on Typhon. Having planned to use Bluddflag as a big, green hammer to bludgeon Kyras to death with Adrastia is pretty pissed off about this and almost has the Eldar killed but quickly changes her tune when they reveal they plan to do her dirty work for her and lets them get on with it. She later turns up to tell them Kyras has the deceased Farseer Taldeer's soulstone should they wish to recover it and when they tell her to piss off she basically goes "Pfft. FINE." and ports out. She also appears in the ending of the Chaos campaign in which the Exterminatus of the sub-sector goes ahead as planned and she ends up face to face with Eliphas.

About Adrastia[edit]

Adrastia is a lot like what you'd expect from a Witch Hunter. Suspicious, ruthless, uncompromising and utterly devoted to finding and destroying all things heretical for the Emprah. She has a haughty and cavalier attitude and frequently found herself in conflict with Sergeant Merrick who was convinced she only came to sub-sector Aurelia because she hoped to capture Kyras and net herself a promotion rather than actually giving a crap about the sub-sector's imminent annihilation. She doesn't really bother to confirm or deny his accusations instead telling him to quit bitching at her and get on with his work but when Kyras turns into a gigantic Daemon the option to capture him alive quickly disappears so who knows. Her personality is somewhat grumpy and harsh having very little time for anyone who is not a heretic or pointing her in the direction of one (then again being kind of a buzzkill is pretty normal for Inquisitors who are not Amberley Vail so we can't really fault Adrastia for that). She's also a radical Inquisitor, more specifically a Xanthian, given that she has no qualms using chaos artifacts against the enemy, like a Daemon blade you find along the way.

Oh, and that time a giant Daemonic death machine killed Gabriel in front of her? She responded with the following:

"No! Captain Angelos! Azariah Kyras! Pray that you fall in battle today for whatever life you have remaining shall be spent in absolute suffering!"

We here at 1d4chan like to think calling out a Pacific Rim sized monstrosity like the one Kyras becomes when you're just a wee human who just saw it effortlessly krump a Space Marine takes a certain amount of badassitude (it helps that her voice actress, Kirsten Potter, has kind of a husky voice which works very well for hurling curses and threats at massive Daemons apparently). Oh, and as long as we're doing quotes of hers here's another one:

"My chief weapons are surprise and fear!"

Yeah. Considering Castor makes a reference to the same Monty Python sketch it could be the Imperium has a list of mandatory viewing.

Her exact relationship with Angelos is unknown though they seem to be close given how distressed she gets when she sees him incapacitated by Kyras and how the first thing she asks of Diomedes when Kyras is dead is if Angelos is alright but, with Gabriel being a Space Marine, it makes any chance at romance unlikely (especially considering his salmon aren't swimming anymore if you know what I mean). He's probably just a bro, though a very close friendship between an Astartes and a mortal; even an Inquisitor who likely has frequent access to them is quite unique in any case. While the 40k fandom has rather often partaken in some deeply crack pairings, the shippers seem to have kept Adrastia and Angelos' relationship platonic in any case (as if to make up for that, she has been shipped with Kaptin Bluddflagg, the Ork Freebooter).

In the game she's a pretty good fighter but Merrick is better at shooting and Commissar LORD Bernn is better at melee so the best way to make Adrastia unstoppable is to give her the upgrades that pump up her Stormtrooper honour guard. Give them everything with the word "melta" on it and pretty much anything unfriendly that gets too close will just evaporate.


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