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The Aegis is Dreamscarred Press' experiment with making an opposite to the Soulknife - Where the knife manifested as a psionic weapon, the Aegis worked by summoning a suit of psionic armor called an "astral suit". Similarly (to the Pathfinder equivalent of Soulknife), they have the ability to customize that suit with various tweaks of any sort. Some of them actually boost your stats, some of them increase saves, and some even improve your weapons.

So about that suit - there are three different varieties.

  • The first is the Astral Skin, a suit of not-even-armor that's keyed a lot towards being very fast. Later levels give them Evasion, which lets them never take damage from a successful Reflex save.
  • The Astral Armor is essentially psionic master-crafted chainmail, built mainly for combat. They're stronger and their weapons do even more damage, while leveling just gives them a petty perk in being able to sleep with this on.
  • The Astral Juggernaut is a FUCKHUEG suit of armor, equivalent to master-crafted half-plate. They're really tough, they get a chance to negate crits, and a later perk lets them never take damage from successful Fortitude and Willpower saves.

The chief feature of this suit is, naturally, the customization pool that lets them mod their suit in any way they wish. It's through this system that lets the Aegis also plug into other subsystems, chiefly Path of War and Akashic Mysteries. On top of this, the suit can also give perks to various skills, gains flat damage resistance, immediately reformat itself, and can even be broken so it's wearer can regenerate health. Really, this suit is your lifeline and if you don't have it, you're probably dead. Without it, all you are is a crafter with some power points that can't even be used without an item. It's probably because of this that there are multiple feats present that let other class levels count for the suit's progression.

Of course, there are archetypes present that grant some special perks for it. Chief among them is the Aberrant, which turns that psionic suit into an biological monstrosity, and the Crystal Warrior, which makes the suit a psicrystal that can eventually contribute in its own way to the fight.

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