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Necron Staff Weapons, unlike other Races Staff Weapons are notable for one thing and one thing only. They can actually shoot something worth a damn. Due to the Necron's obvious lack in the Psychic department, they have to compensate somehow through the power of SCIENCE! Most of these Staff Weapons are from Necron Crypteks, the priesthood and diviners of Necron society. However, high ranking Necrons such as the Necron Lord, Necron Overlord, Necron Destroyer Lords and Phaerons are allowed to wield such a weapon.

Each Necron Staves are unique little weapons with their unique little attributes. Some channel powers that no races have yet used save for a few factions.

Rod of Covenant[edit]

Rod of Covenant

The most common of the Necron Staves and the only one that is wielded by 'lesser' Necron classes.

The Rod of Covenant is a short range projectile and melee weapon used by high ranked non-Royal Necrons, most commonly Triarch Praetorians. Within the head of each weapon is caged a roiling fragment of a dying star bound within a potent-force field.

A blast from a Rod of Covenant can reduce even another Necron to a smoldering pool of metal, while organic creatures simply explode into clouds of flaming ash. It also generates an energy field, enabling it to be used as a power weapon.

Staff of Light[edit]

Staff of Light

A Staff of Light is a device of arcane Necron technology that serves as both a symbol of rank and authority, as well as a potent weapon for Necron royals. Shaped like a traditional Necrontyr staff with an ornate headpiece, its haft is actually a disguised power generator rod; and the crest a finely tuned focusing device which allows the wielder to unleash searing bolts of viridian energy at a rapid rate towards the enemy.

Despite sounding a lot like Gauss weaponry, the Staff of Light makes an exception among Necron technology. Instead of using Gauss technology principles, it absorbs energy from thin air to release in the form of powerful lightning bolts. A secondary effect of the energy is a steep decrease in the temperature around the wielder, the cold freezes the limbs of the opponents, mechanical or not, who shatters when hit by the staff.

These beams are so potent that they are even capable of penetrating Astartes Power Armor with ease. As well as being capable of projecting devastating blasts of energy at range, a Staff of Light also serves a similar function to a Power Weapon in close combat.

Later versions sport a Fractal Edged Blade on the top of the staff for increased damage.

Abyssal Staff[edit]

Abyssal Staff

An Abyssal Staff is a Necron weapon used only by Cryptek Psychomancers.

Basically a Necron Flamer weapon except when its not.

An Abyssal Staff is capable of summoning gouts of shadow that are emitted in a similar way to how flames may be emitted from an Imperial Flamer. However, to succumb to the swirling ebon mists and shroud of despair called by an Abyssal Staff is to be swallowed in impenetrable madness, for it is designed to strike at the sanity of the foe and sap their willpower to live, thus causing enemies to be turned into gibbering wrecks of their former selves if they are not slain outright by the experience.

To simplify, it is a Necron Neuro-Disruptor that behaves like a Flamer and looks like a Staff.

Eldritch Lance[edit]

Eldritch Lance

The closest thing the Necrons have to a Plasma cannon.

The Eldritch Lance is a very special staff wielded by the drinker of strawberry smoothies.

The Eldritch Lance is capable of emitting a beam of furious annihilating energy at significant ranges. The passage of this beam makes the air seem to hiss as it turns into plasma, and its power makes a Staff of Light, already a potent weapon, seem like little more than a child's toy. The Eldritch Lance’s beam is most effective when used to incinerate armored vehicles and heavily armored infantry, for only the heaviest forms of vehicle armor are able to stop its passage without being vaporized. For those rare cases when Szeras' enemies survive long enough to engage him in close combat, the Eldritch Lance can be wielded in a manner akin to a spear, albeit with effects on flesh and armor similar to those caused by Power Weapons.



A pretty cool and weird Staff that controls the power of TIME. Well, only on a limited scale for obvious reasons.

An Aeonstave is a Necron weapon used only by Cryptek Chronomancers. Taking on the appearance of a simple stave with an ornate head, the sapphire crystalline headpiece of an Aeonstave contains a massive chronal charge that, when unleashed, can trap a foe in a bubble of slow-time for an extended period of time, severely degrading the enemy’s physical capabilities and power to defend himself. This is because each blow from an Aeonstave generates a low-level stasis field that encapsulates the foe and moves him outside the flow of the normal space-time continuum.

Entropic Lance[edit]

Entropic Lance

The swirling orb of death itself.

An Entropic Lance is one of two staves Chronomancers can carry to war, the other being the Aeonstave. Unlike its cousin, which fires smaller, but no less lethal blots of temporal fury, the Entropic Lance focuses this into one eviscerating beam, that causes entropy itself to eat away at and destroy its target.

While it can be used as a melee weapon, and it can command the power of time in such a way that the weapon is lethal both at range and in close combat, the weapon will cause more havoc upon its target from a long distance.

Voltaic Staff[edit]

Voltaic Staff

A Necron Staff crossed with a Tesla weapon.

The Voltaic Staff is a Necron weapon. It looks similar to a Staff of Light, but electromagnetic energy continuously crackles along the length of its shaft and arcs between the exposed storage crystals that make up the headpiece. The user can unleash this energy at will as crackling tendrils of living lightning, and where one finds its mark, the others won't be far behind.

An ideal weapon for the Cryptek or Noble who wishes to demonstrate the superiority of Necron technology to the lesser races of the galaxy, the impossibly high voltages emitted by the staff are capable of being fired at extremely rapid rates. The lightning-like energies unleashed by a Voltaic Staff are especially effective against vehicles, as the application of high voltage is enough to disrupt the function of even the most sophisticated forms of technology. Just as a Necron Overlord or Cryptek commands a Voltaic Staff, so does the Voltaic Staff command the power of the storm itself.



A Staff that hits like a Demolisher Cannon.

A Tremorstave is a Necron weapon used only by Cryptek Geomancers. Its shaft encloses numerous gyro-engines, gravitic-flux generators, and other sophisticated devices to form a weapon as deadly as it is unconventional. When a Cryptek drives the tip of his Tremorstave into the ground, a wave of seismic energy is released, travelling in a straight line directly towards his intended target; splitting the very ground open and sending shards of stone and sprays of dirt blasting out with deadly velocity.

The fissure created by the Tremorstave is approximately one metre wide, and enemies standing nearby are hit by an invisible concussive energy wave. When the wave reaches its target point within a range of roughly fifty metres from the Cryptek, it explodes with fantastic force in a wide area, leaving behind a large crater. The forces unleashed by a Tremorstave can plunge enemies to their deaths, whilst knocking survivors sprawling from the sudden quake.

Staff of Tomorrow[edit]

Staff of Tomorrow

A unique and legendary staff made specifically for Orikan the Diviner made out of timey-whimey stuff. This unique example of advanced Necron time manipulation technology exists a fraction of a second ahead of any given moment in the normal space-time continuum.

This property allows Orikan to strike at his target an instant before the foe even moves to do so. The Staff of Tomorrow can also penetrate all known forms of infantry armour, in a similar way to a Power Weapon, further enhancing its devastating effect in melee. For all intents and purposes, it is the choppier counterpart to the Aeonstave.

However, there doesn't seem to have any sort of range attack unlike the others, instead its power rests in its temporal displacement.

Empathic Obliterator[edit]

Empathic Obliterator

The staff belonging to everyone's favorite Troll, Crazy the Incontinent. When an enemy is slain by the staff, a psionic shockwave bursts forth from his/her body, potentially killing nearby creatures of a similar mind and purpose.

Hence, an entire squad can be wiped out with a single blow of this lulzy weapon. The Empathic Obliterator suits the personal combat style of Trazyn as he disdains physical combat with "inferior" beings of flesh and blood.

It is also rumored to be that the staff contains technology derived from that of the long extinct Old Ones, which, given that this is Trazyn, is most likely the case.

Staff of the Destroyer[edit]

Staff of the Destroyer

Imotekh's personal pimp cane and one of the most powerful Necron Staves. Basically a Doomsday Cannon on a stick.

The Staff of the Destroyer is an ancient and ornamental Necron staff weapon carried by the Phaeron Imotekh the Stormlord, though it was first wielded by Zehet, the founder of the Zehet Dynasty. It has since been wielded by all of Zehet's successors, and has seen battle in the hands of every one.

The Staff of the Destroyer is not only a symbol of his august rank for Imotekh, but also an unbelievably powerful weapon. Upon the battlefield, it can unleash a searing beam of pan-dimensional energy that can make a mockery of even the most heavily armoured foes. However, there is a small consolation for Imotekh's enemies, as the staff takes a significant amount of time to recharge its power for another blast.

Trazyn has attempted to steal it. Twice.

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