Aether Ray

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Heldrakes are the best form of conversions for the Aether Ray.

Aether Rays are relatively new Daemon Engines from Tzeentch, designed after the Pact of R’Suleir was enacted as a symbol of the newly united planet. This period ended quickly, but not before this new daemon engine took flight. The Aether Ray functions as a gigantic mechanical Disc of Tzeentch while looking like a giant mechanical Screamer that is able to carry entire squads instead of one person. They appeared in the Tome of Fate sourcebook for Black Crusade. Due to lacking a proper model, some has gone into conversion mode, the most accurate conversions by far in regards to the Aether Ray are those comprised of the Heldrake due to being the only modern, up-to-date, mechanical, flying Daemon Engine we have here.

Aether Rays are built on a light alloy chassis and draped with metallic fabric daubed with runes that burn the eye, the main chassis is massive and smooth, more akin to ocean life than the air. Once infused with the essence of bound Screamers of Tzeentch, however, it shows its true nature. The fabric hardens as the foul energies permeate the material, translating gross matter into a fleshy alloy that ill-refracts light and brushes off gravity. Sharpened wings grow out from the sides, and an iridescent fluked tail emerges from the rear. Quasi-organic strands extrude along the back, ready for those who dare ride atop the beast to grab hold for their very lives. When the change is complete, the form reveals the daemons used in its creation, a huge flattened metallic ray now ready to take flight.

Each Aether Ray is bound to a specific sorcerer with runes infused with tendrils of his soul, so while theft is impractical, sabotage is not uncommon. Slight alterations in the runic bindings have enabled some to be used for travel across the void, using globes that appear as thin as soap bubbles to contain lives of the riders. Further research suggests that warp travel is also possible, though no one is known to have tried since traveling through the Warp unprotected (even if you are a tentacle critter or Daemon Prince) is still perilous.

Aether Rays are commonly crafted in three sizes, depending on the desires of their sorcerer-creator. Passengers ride along the back and sides of the daemon engine, holding on via cleverly extruded grips and foot anchors as they fly to their inscribed destination.


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