Age of Fantasy

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"As long as GW keeps making fantasy miniatures we will make cool games for them" - onepageanon

Age of Fantasy is a single-page ruleset made for 28mm miniatures, namely Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Legend says that a long time ago the people at One Page Rules used to make a game called 1pFB, but once they got scared of getting the C&D hammer they re-named everything and now we are here. They also launched a patreon page to make some money, so probably that's why they changed the names in the first place.

The fluff of Age of Fantasy is pretty simple: the chaos gods used to butt-fuck everyone on tyria until one day a human king brought all races together and trapped them in a magical orb. Everyone lived in peace for a while until the king died. Then his two asshole sons decided to fight for the throne and broke the orb, creating a massive rift across the world. Daemons poured out from the rift and now everyone is fucked again.

There are two versions of the game, one for the old guard, one for the new guard and a skirmish-level one, it also offers support for some armies from Kings of War. The gameplay is similar for both, it's just fantasy-lite with either round or square bases. Units have only two stats (quality and defense) and things are streamlined to the core. Even though things are kept pretty simple the battles feel like fantasy and each army has its own distinct play style. The game is very portable as the rules fit on one sheet and the armies fit on another sheet, so no more carrying 9000 books around.