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For when you want to play the grand alliance Chaos so you can pick and choose across the entire chaotic range.


Allegiance: Chaos[edit]

From the Core Book 2018. Available to any army taking Chaos allegiance (instead of a faction).


Unbridled Malice: Roll a dice when you choose a Chaos unit to fight in the Combat Phase; if it is within 12" of your general (or within 3" of another HERO from your army). If the result is a six or more, then that unit gains +1 to all hit rolls for that phase.

Command Traits[edit]

General picks one of the following:

  1. Dark Avenger: General gains +1 to hit against ORDER units. Obviously a very situational ability, only useful if you’re fighting Order factions and if your General is made for combat.
  2. Spiteful Duellist: General gets one wound reroll when attacking.
  3. Cunning Deceiver: Each turn, on a 5+ get an additional command point.
  4. Lord of War: No, not that kind of "Lord of War". Choose a friendly CHAOS unit within 3" and roll a dice. On a 4+ that unit gains +1 to hit until the next hero phase.
  5. Terrifying Presence: Enemy units are at -1 Bravery while within 3" of this general.
  6. Malicious Conqueror: At +1 to the result of Unbridled Malice rolls while within 12" of the general.

Artefacts of Chaos[edit]

A hero gets one of the following:

  1. Daemon Weapon: Pick a melee weapon belonging to the model, when that weapon rolls a 6+ to wound it will inflict a mortal wound in addition to any damage it would normally do.
  2. Chaos Runeblade: You get +1 attack for one of the model's close combat weapons.
  3. Beguiling Gem: Once per battle you can pick one model within 3" in the Combat Phase, they are at -1 to hit for the rest of the phase.
  4. Chaos Talisman: You get a 6+ save against Mortal Wounds, gaining a +1 to the save if it was inflicted by an ORDER model.
  5. Favour of the Gods: Model gets +1 Wound
  6. Crown of Conquest: Friendly CHAOS units do not have to take battleshock tests while they are within 6" of the bearer. Simple & effective, especially for mixed Skaven armies which live or die by battleshock.

Allegiance: The Legion of Chaos Ascendent[edit]

From Wrath of the Everchosen. Daemons only. All units gain Chaos Ascendant Keyword

Battletrait: Unwavering Devotion[edit]

  • Infernal Realmwalkers: Chaos Ascendant Daemons have a 6++ FNP.
  • Undying Legions: At the end of your movement phase, one Chaos Ascendant Daemon Hero can summon 10 Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Plaguebearers, or 5 Pink Horrors based on the hero's mark, wholly within 12" more than 9" from enemy units on roll of 10+ on a 3d6, but hero takes 1MW on doubles and D3 on Triples.

Command Traits[edit]

  1. Primordial Commander: +1 to Undying Legions roll
  2. Ruinous Aura: +1 to Infernal Realmwalkers roll for units wholly within 8"
  3. Infernal Charge: Reroll charge roll wholly within 12"

Artefacts of Chaos[edit]

  1. Fourfold Blade: Pick a Melee weapon, Unmodifed hit of 5+, inflict D3 MW and sequence ends
  2. Armour of the Pact: Reroll melee saves
  3. Saintskin Banner:-1 bravery for enemies within 9"

Spell Lore: Lore of Ruinous Sorcery[edit]

  1. Bolt of Ruin: 7CV, roll a dice for a visible enemy unit within 18", if lower than model count, inflict D3 MW
  2. Echo of Hatred: 7CV, pick a Legion of Chaos Ascendent Daemon unit visibly within 12", models can fight when slain in melee
  3. Spirit Gouge: 7CV, target a visible Death unit within 12", reroll hit and wound rolls against that unit in melee until next hero phase

The Legion of the First Prince[edit]

  • Ability - First-Damned Prince: While BE’LAKOR is within 8" of at least 1 DAEMONETTE, BLOODLETTER, PLAGUEBEARER, and HORROR OF TZEENTCH, you can re-roll his hit and wound rolls, and pass on any wounds or mortal wounds he takes on a 4+.
  • Command Ability - The Shadow Legion: You can use this command ability once per turn at the end of the battleshock phase if BE’LAKOR is your general and on the battlefield. Roll a die for each friendly LEGION OF THE FIRST PRINCE BLOODLETTERS, PLAGUEBEARERS, DAEMONETTES and HORRORS OF TZEENTCH unit on the battlefield. On a 3+, you can return D3 slain models to that unit.(this works on bloodcrushers, slaanesh chariots etc.)
  • Spell Lore - The Master's Command: CV7. If successfully cast, pick 1 friendly LEGION OF THE FIRST PRINCE BLOODLETTERS, PLAGUEBEARERS, DAEMONETTES or HORRORS OF TZEENTCH unit wholly within 12" of the caster and visible to them. Until the start of your next hero phase, if a model from that unit is slain by an attack made with a melee weapon, that model can fight before it is removed from play.


Host of Rage: - 2-3 Khorne Hero; 8 Bloodletters (160pts)

  • reroll charge rolls

Host of corruption: - 2-3 Nurgle Hero; 7 Plaguebearers (180pts)

  • Unmodifed 6 to hit, +1 damage to melee

Host of Arcane: - 2-3 Tzeench Hero; 9 Pink Horrors (120pts)

  • +1 to cast and Dispell while within 9" of another battalion unit.

Host of Depraved: - 2-3 Slaanesh Hero; 6 Daemonettes (120pts)

  • When a unit from battalion makes a charge it gets +1 to wound.



As Chaos allegiance, you can only take the following as battleline.


*Ungors: Relatively weak beastmen whose main role is to act as sacrificial fodder for their Great Bray Shamans, though they can be a threat if you bring enough of them. Definitely consider bringing them with spears if you’re doing a Slaanesh focused army.


*Bloodletters: Khorne’s edgy bois.


*Blood Warriors:

*Kairic Acolytes:

*Pink Horrors of Tzeentch: Tzeentch’s ever multiplying hordes.

*Daemonettes: Slaanesh’s whores. Easily one of the fastest units out there. They will hit hard, but won’t last long thanks to their frail defenses.

*Plaguebearers: Nurgle’s grandchildren. Hard to kill and slow moving.

*Clanrats: The verminous swarms act as cheap chaff to tar pit enemies, though without Skaventide abilities, they don’t get any additional benefits to their larger numbers. They can be equipped with either Rusty Blades or Rusty Spears. For units of 40, definitely take the spears.

*Chaos Marauders:

*Chaos Warriors: With reliable durability, damage, and just plain cool models, these guys are arguably a must have for any Chaos army.

Army Building[edit]

The Slaves to Darkness start collecting is a great buy, even if you intent to build a mono god force. Also consider the Beasts of Chaos box set as well, cause you can’t go wrong with giant monsters.

If you wanna go with a specific god in mind, then any of the respective Start Collecting Daemon boxes are also good, but then again you’re better off just fielding them as that specific allegiance rather than this.