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General Tactics

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Well, lookie here! Forge World actually remembered that people liked those Chaos Dwarfs they made way before they sold out for the Horus Heresy! Ain't that nice of them! After the release of AoS 2nd Edition, Forge World has released an update and gave the Dwarfs a proper Allegiance.

After that, however, they have been squatted and their models are no longer available.

Why Play Legion of Azgorh?[edit]

Much like Tamurkhan's Horde, this list is also available on the FW website. The entire army has some rather scary weapons, with a good number of them getting Rending, thus making most mobs a joke to a properly-equipped squad of Chaos Dwarfs. You like Centaurs much more than Dwarfs? Good news, the Legion of Azgorh also has some great Centaur Miniatures. Bad news, many of the models from Age of Sigmar Forge World are being slowly phased out. Even this army is not immune. The Chaos Siege Giant has been gone for a while now and the Death Shrieker Rocket Launcher is missing from the site as well, and as of 07/01/2021, the entire Legion of Azgorh range except less than 3 units are now gone.


Faction rules and abilities: Battletome Legion of Azgorh

Latest Matched play points: Battletome Legion of Azgorh

Core rules: here

Matched play rules, battleplans and expansions: Generals Handbook 2020, plus the battleplans from the Core Book and Endless Spell rules from Malign Sorcery.

Supplement all the above with any Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.

Allegiance Abilities[edit]

Battle Traits[edit]

  • Blackshard Armour: Each unit with Blackshard Armour ignores the first wound that gets allocated to them during the shooting phase and another one during combat. This will reduce your casualties in each unit by 2, but won't protect you from common overkill or Mortal Wound spam. This ability will be used all game and will save dwarfs from a lucky Goblin attack.
  • Burning Skies: Taking the Realm of Aqshy wherever they go. Punishing enemy flyers, if an enemy Flies more than 6", on a roll of 4+ they suffer a mortal wound and on a 6+ they take d3 instead.

Spell Lores[edit]

In addition to the spells, your wizards also always know the spell Fireball from the Realm of Aqshy

  • Fireball: an anti-horde Arcane Bolt, Cast on a 5+, pick a visible unit within 18", then: If the unit is a single model, it takes 1 mortal wound. 2-9 models in the unit result in D3 mortal wounds instead. 10+ models cause a whopping D6 mortal wounds.

Command Traits[edit]

  1. Contemptuous: Re-roll the General's Wound rolls of 1.
  2. Relentless: After the General has finished his first time-fighting in each Fight phase, if he is within 3" of an enemy HERO or MONSTER, on a 5+ he can pile in and attack again.
  3. Grotesque: Subtract 1 from Melee hit rolls made against your general.

Artefacts of Power[edit]

  1. Black Hammer of Hashut: Re-roll hit rolls with one of the bearer's melee weapons.
  2. Armour of Bazherak the Cruel: Ignore wounds or mortal wounds on a 5+.
  3. Chalice of Blood and Darkness: Once a game, at the start of the enemy's hero phase, roll a D6 for each enemy WIZARD within 30" of whoever brought this steaming hot cuppa onto the battlefield. If you roll a 4+, that WIZARD can attempt to cast one less spell in that phase.

Legion of Azgorh Warscrolls[edit]

Named Characters[edit]

  • Drazhoath the Ashen: (Behemoth, 320pts) Lookie here! A named character! This guy is mounted on his Bale Taurus (which makes him a flying wizard-beatstick). You've got a slew of melee attacks ranging from Draz's damage 3 weapon (only 1 attack though) to the Bale Taurus' shooty breath, hooves, horns and teeth - the latter of which can reroll to-wounds if a successful charge was made. Like other big monsters, the Bale Taurus gets weaker and moves slower as it starts to take wounds. Defensively, Draz & Bull have 13 wounds, a 4+ save, and a 5+ shrug vs. melee that bounces a mortal wound back onto the attacker. He also has an ability to potentially cause enemies within 3" of him to spontaneously eat a Mortal Wound. Did I mention he's a wizard (hairy)? Cast/Unbind 2 spells and gets +1 to casting in the Realm of Fire. In addition to the usual Arcane Bolt & Mystic Shield, his unique spell is a Casting Value 8 magic missile that hits for D6 mortal wounds and tags the target with -1 Bravery if a casualty is suffered. His Command Ability was the old Inspiring Presence (aka friendly Chaos Dwarves within 24" ignore Battleshock). He is vulnerable to shooting and he doesn't punch that hard. For a competitive list he is slightly too expensive points wise.
  • Shar'tor the Executioner: (220pts) Initially sold during the HH Open, this counts as the second model made for AOS and it's a big Bull Centaur Tar'uk +1 Bravery/Wound. His weapons are a mean big axe with 5 attacks at -2 Rend/3 Damage that inflicts an additional mortal wound on 6's to hit and his slightly less-impressive 4A hooves that can go from Damage 1 to Damage D3 if he charges. He's also got a spooky mask that deals D3 mortal wounds on a 3+ (or D6 mw on a 6!) to an enemy unit within 8" each Hero Phase. His command ability allows Ba'Hal units (other Bull Centaurs) within 24" to both reroll charges and reroll 1's to hit with hoof attacks.


  • Infernal Guard Castellan: (120pts) Your main HQ and pretty hardy with 5 Wounds, 8 Bravery, and a 4+ Save. His weapon is decently killy (4 Attacks, -1 Rend, 2 damage), and as a sidearm, he has a pistol that inflicts a Mortal Wound on a Hit roll of 6. If you feel a need to bog something big even further, he also has a Command Ability that makes all Chaos Dwarfs gain +1 to wound against a single unit within 12" of the Castellan.
  • Infernal Guard Battle Standard Bearer: (100pts) He has an aura that gives models wholly within 18" both +1 Bravery (Making them as tough as their non-Chaos brethren) and re-roll wound rolls of 1 for melee attacks.
  • Daemonsmith: (100pts) The closest thing to a Wizard with a mix of engineer you'll get. For combat, he has either his Darkforged Weapon (Which gives 2 attacks and 2 damage) or his PyreRune staff (Which can cause d3 wounds but wounds on a 3+). He has a special spell, Ash Storm, which casts on a 6 and causes a target within 36" to suffer -1 to all Hit rolls (in the Combat phase and the Shooting phase) and it can’t run for the rest of the turn. To add on this, he also gains +1 to unbind if he has taken a Wound. He has a powerful short-range shooting attack that on a 2+, 1 unit in 6" takes D3 Mortal Wounds (War machines take D6). He's the guy you want if you need to distract the enemy long enough to get close enough to kill.
    • Putting him on a Balewind Vortex gives the Ash Storm a 42" range.
    • Alternatively, leave one or two in the backfield. All of your war machines get a very useful boost of some kind when they're near a Daemonsmith, and his abilities seem tailor-made for screwing with people who try to get close enough to your war machines to charge them.
  • Bull Centaur Taur'ruk: (160pts) The generic Bull Centaur hero. He lost his weapon options and can now only be armed with a great weapon. But that's okay because it hits like a truck (5 attacks 3+/3+/-2/3). His Command Ability gives +1 to melee attacks for him and any other Bull Centaurs wholly within 12". Like other Bull Centaurs, he innately gets +1 to charge rolls and his hooves hit for D3 damage in a turn in which he charges. For competitive players he is an autoinclude.


  • Infernal Guard Ironsworn: (Battleline, 90/240pts Min: 10, Max: 30) Your basic Chaos Dwarf battleline unit, armed with hand weapons (3+/4+/-1/1). Their leaders get to equip a pistol instead of a shield and you can add an Icon Bearer (which gives +1 Bravery) and Drummers (Who can add +1 to runs). Use these guys to screen your war machines, let the enemy come to you because their shields deal a MW back to melee attackers on unmodified saves of 6's.
  • Infernal Guard Fireglaives: (Conditional Battleline: Legion of Azgorh, 100pts Min: 10, Max: 30) The shootier dwarfs. They all grab Fireglaives, weapons that have 16" range and -1 Rending (which inflict a Mortal Wound on unmodified 6's to Hit). The leader has an Ashsteel Hand Weapon and Pistol and the unit has the same Banner and drummer option as the Ironsworn. Put these behind Ironsworns to tear into the enemy while they hold them off. They reroll hit rolls of 1 if they don't move that turn, which is nice.
  • Bull Centaur Renders: (Conditional Battleline: Legion of Azgorh with general is Shar’tor the Executioner, 180/640pts Min: 3, Max: 12) Smaller Tar'uks that have weapons with slightly weaker power but are also equipped with Spiteshields. They add +1 to their charges, and on the turn, they charge their hooves do D3 Damage. Great to guard your flanks and kill anything that comes too close to your war machines. It comes with a discount for taking a max unit size (12 models).
  • K'daai Fireborn: (140/480pts Min: 3, Max: 12) They may only have a 5+ save, but it is unaffected by Rend much like the Nighthaunt Ethereal rule. Any enemy units within 3" of them at the end of combat take a mortal wound on a 2+ because of the fire. Combat-wise, they're pretty good with 5 attacks and d3 damage. They also fly, move 8", and can still charge if they run. so use them like they were cavalry. Swing them with Chronomantic Cogs for a whopping 3D6+12" threat range. Like Bull Centaurs, K'daai get a discount for max unit size. Don't be tempted by this trap. With a 5+ save and Bravery 6, you're much more likely to lose a 4W K'daai to Battleshock if they're in a larger unit. If you want to run lots of K'daai, you're better off going MSU and really take advantage of Blackshard Armor to keep them alive.

War Machines[edit]

  • Iron Daemon War Engine: (Behemoth, 180pts) A mid-range engine of doom, it's main weapon is its steam cannonade, which delivers 2d6 hits at 14", all with -2 Rending. You can increase the number of shots up to 4D6, but if the total is a 12+, it suffers D3 mortal wounds after the attacks are resolved. Additionally, the Iron Daemon Warmachine can act as a literal steam engine and pull other Artillery around. Useful for getting your precious artillery out of a tight situation and increasing their threat range by 10". Also the wound table has a flat slope, so even loosing 9 wounds will grant you 7" of movement and 4+ to hit.
    • Combine with a Magma Cannon to present your opponent a nice 28" threat bubble
  • Skull Cracker War Engine: (Behemoth, 200pts) Warning, this model has been discontinued. The melee war machine. It has a flurry of weapons that will absolutely hurt if they hit, with each hit offering d3 damage. Same deal as the Iron Daemon, you can up its random attack value as high as 4D6 and you take D3 mortal wounds after all attacks are resolved if you make 12 or more swings. Also like the Iron Daemon, you can steam train your artillery around. Zoom! (You'll have to convert this model to access it, someone literally broke the mold at Forge World and they're never going to remake it.) Was dropped in Generals Handbook 2019 but reinstalled in the 2019 FAQ, so legal to play - if you can find the model.
  • Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher: (Artillery, 120pts) Warning, this model has been discontinued. Ordinance power made evil (like 3 attacks, -1 Rend, D3 Damage evil). While you can move it (and even get towed by a fellow Azgorh War Engine if you start the movement phase within 3" of one), keeping it still suits it better as it has crap mobility by itself. It, as well as the other war machines, gain a +1 to its save in the shooting phase (no rule saying it has to stay still to benefit). On top of that, it can fire on any model within range even if it can't see them. Just having a Daemonsmith nearby gives it +1 attack with its rockets - something you definitely want. It also gets +1 to hit if targeting a unit with 5+ models. Keep it as far away as possible, as it has no up-close weapons available except for it's piddly crew. At first doesn't seem as awesome as the other war machines, but its low-cost (120 points), great range, and ability to shoot w/o line of sight make it a great artillery piece. Just don't expect it to win games all on its own.
  • Magma Cannon: (Artillery, 140pts) Another heavy weapon with low-to-no mobility like the Deathshrieker. The big pull here is that it inflicts mortal wounds. Pick a target within 18" in the shooting phase and roll a D6. On a 3+ the target takes that many mortal wounds - no to-hit rolls required! With the new "Look Out, Sir!" rule and rise in to-hit penalties in AoS 2.0, the Magma Cannon becomes your Hero sniper. 1-in-3 chance of straight-up murdering the average support Hero? Yes, plz! Taking a Daemonsmith here makes it shoot 24", which is handy mandatory. If your target has 10+ models in it you get to add +1 to the roll (which means +1 mortal wound). It comes in at +20 points compared to the Deathshrieker. Is the auto-mortal wounds worth the reduced range and lower damage potential? That's for you to decide.
    • Do not underestimate the mortal wounds. A lot of the new armies like Ossiarch Bonereapers provide great armor saves - that the MAGMA Cannon simply ignores.
    • Murphy's Law kicks in - bring only one and it will never hit. Bring two and they always hit both. So always bring two or none.
  • Dreadquake Mortar: (Artillery, 180pts) More heavy trailer artillery than the Deathshrieker, now hauled by an Ogre OGOR, though both this and the crew weapons are pretty shit. Its real draw is its impressive indirect-fire mortar, which inflicts d6 damage at -2 Rend with an impressive 40" range. Before making your attack, you can choose to have the crew whip the Ogor in to shape. Roll a D6 and on a 3+ you get to make an additional shot. On a 1-2 the Dreadquake suffers D3 mortal wounds as the Ogor thrashes about, but you still get to shoot normally (if the model doesn't die from the whipping). Targeting a unit with 10+ models lets you reroll the D6 damage. And having a Daemonsmith nearby gives you +1 to hit. If you need to grab some artillery, it's probably safer (and definitely cheaper) to grab the rockets. But it's still hard to pass up how cool this model is.
    • For a competitive list the model's output sadly isn't reliable enough - especially compared to your other options



Blackshard Warhost[edit]

160 pt. Min 760pt. Max 1460

A Castellan and Standard Bearer grab 2 units each of Ironsworn and Fireglaives.

  • Everyone here gets +1 Bravery and if any unit doesn't move, they can re-roll melee hits of 1.
    • If you can take it then there is no reason not to. Keep in mind that you get reroll 1s if you don't move in the movement can still pile in or charge and get the bonus.

Hashut's Wrath Artillery Train[edit]

120 pt. Min 760 pt. Max 940

A Daemonsmith grabs 1 Iron Daemon War Engine and 3 units of the following: Deathshrieker, Magma Cannon, or Dreadquake, or (more) Iron Daemons.

  • War Machines in the Battalion benefit from Infernal Engineers (i.e. the Daemonsmith buff) so long as the Daemonsmith in this Battalion is alive.
  • Allows you to spread out your war machines and still get the Daemonsmith buff. Hide your Daemonsmith in a dark hole somewhere out of line of sight and annihilate your enemy with the superiority that is steam-age technology!

Execution Herd[edit]

160 pts. Min 1080 pt. Max 2460 Shar’tor, A Bull Centaur and 3 units of Bull Centaur Renders.

Mark an enemy unit during setup. Reroll hit rolls against that unit. Choose another unit when it's destroyed

  • Pretty straight forward. Deploy Bull Centaurs. Charge into opponent. Apply axes to face. Repeat.

Army Building[edit]

1000 points If you want to go all centaurs, get the discounted Execution herd as a pack from FW for the discounted price of £265 (or your local even more expensive equivalent). With the battalion, this gives 1080, which is sadly just over for 1000 points. Removing the battalion gives you 920, leaving 80 points for ... nothing from Azgorh... so an ally it is. You might want to try finding a cheap wizard, due to your total lack of magic. Centigors would thematically fit. Otherwise, there's plenty of 80 and less point models to pick from. Maybe not the best army, but easy to put together. A much better option would include a stack of Infernals.

Much the same can be said for the Blackshard Warhost, which is now also available as a discounted package. To complete the army simply add in one or two war machines, probably a Daemonsmith and some extra bodies.


With most factions, allies are usually both ways: If you can take a faction as an ally, they can take you as an ally. Azgorh is a little special - they are not mentioned anywhere in the Generals Handbook, consequently no one other faction can take us as allies.... except for Everchosen who can take any Chaos unit. So if you want to mix and match Azgorh with your other chaos boys, you have to go Azgorh or Everchosen.

Allies for Azgorh are:

  • Chaos Gargants: A bigger centerpiece, may be better to invest in bulls and Cannons.
  • Slaves to Darkness: Archaon, lets you activate all your command abilities for one point.
  • Khorne:
  • Monsters of Chaos: Gives Warhounds and other faster Beasties.
  • Nurgle: slow meat bags.
  • Slaanesh: demon chariots and units that run and charge.
  • Tzeentch: more diverse magic
  • One-Eyed Grunnok: A Warstomper Mega-Gargant available to all Chaos factions. Recruit a your own monstrous centerpiece at the cost of your entire allied points allowance. He’s a best used right in the heat of combat where he can throw enemies at each other and disrupt enemy formations. Re-rolls jump attacks of 1, plus enemies get -1 to hits on previous jump attacks of 6.

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