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These are the rules prior to the release of the Skaven Battletome, and as such are no longer matched play valid.

Why play Clans Skryre[edit]


  • One of the few Chaos armies that have a variety of Decent range weapons
  • Your weapons are powered by Magical Uranium
  • Stormfiends
  • Stormfiends as Battleline
  • Your Weapon teams can overcharge their weapons
  • Heavy Ranged death with common -2 rend or Mortal Wounds


  • Your weapons are powered by Magical Uranium
  • If you have bad luck, your own units may hilariously self-destruct when overcharging
  • Only Battleline options are expensive or metal. So, expensive in points and in cash.
  • Lacks the numbers of Melee troops other Skaven are known to have.
  • Your Primary source of damage happens during your Shooting phase.
  • Around average chance to hit and wound


There isn't currently a Battletome for Clans Skryre.

  • The Grand Alliance Chaos book has all the Warscrolls and Battalion.
  • This should be supplemented with the Grand Alliance Chaos Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.
  • Replace all summoning rules with those in the General's handbook 2018.
  • Allegiance Abilities are in the General's handbook 2018.
  • Matched play points are in the General's handbook 2018.
  • Alternatively up to date warscrolls can be found in the WH AoS app.

As with all factions you'll want:

  • The core rules are either downloadable or in the Core Book.
  • Games taking place in a Realm need the Realm of Battle rules from the Core Book.
  • In you want to take advantage of realm specific artefacts you'll need the Artefacts Of The Realms section from the Malign Sorcery book.
  • Matched play battleplans are split across the Core Book and General's handbook 2018.
  • All books should be supplemented with any updates from the FAQs.


Battle Traits[edit]

  • Strength in Numbers: for every 10 models of Skaven Skryre unit, add 2 to Bravery instead of 1 during Battleshock tests. This only ever applies to Acolytes.
  • Warpstone Sparks: At the start of battle but before set up, you gain 3+d3 Warpstone Sparks. A Spark can be spent once per phase on your Skryre units to re-roll: a wizards' Casting and Unbinding Rolls, a Hero's failed to Hit or Wound Roll. Alternatively, it can add +1 to the Damage characteristic of any Skryre modules successful attack. This decision to re-roll must be made immediately after rolling. And to stick to the theme of instability, after the spell or attack resolves, roll a die, and on a 1 the unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds. Magical Uranium, everyone!

Command Traits[edit]

  1. Malevolent: Re-roll the General's Wound Rolls of 1.
  2. Cunning Creature: Instead of piling and attacking during the Combat Phase, the general can perform an 8" withdraw.
  3. Deeranged Inventor: Re-roll failed to Hit Rolls of Skryre Warmachines within 6". Affects Doomwheels and Warp Lightning Cannons.
  4. Masterful Scavenger: Start the game with D3 extra Warpstone Sparks.
  5. Verminous Valour: On a 4+, a Skryre unit takes a wound or mortal wound for the General in the form of a mortal wound.
  6. Overseer of Destruction: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 for friendly Skryre Weapon Teams within 12".


  1. Assassins-bane Rigging: If the bearer is alive at the end of the Combat Phase, any units that attacked this model suffer a Mortal Wound on a 3+.
  2. Esoteric Warp Resonator: Once Each turn, this model does not expend a Warpstone Spark when used.
  3. Skryre's-breath Bellows: Roll a die for each other model within 3" (Friend or foe), they take D3 Mortal Wounds on a 5+.
  4. Vail of the Fulminator: At the start of the Movement phase, a Skryre Warmachine within 3" can move twice as fast but takes a mortal wound, at the end of the phase. Did someone say a 44" Doomwheel Move?
  5. Vigordust Injector In the Hero Phase, a Skryre unit wholly within 12" gains +1 to Charge and Hit Rolls until your next Hero Phase, but they take D3 Mortal Wounds at the start of your next Hero Phase.
  6. Brass Orb: Once per battle, in your Shooting Phase, the closest enemy model within 6" is slain on a 6+. Give this to the Warlock Engineer in Gautfyre Skorch to pop up and lob at Morathi for a 1 in 6 chance of triggering the fuck out of any DoK player.

Notable Artifacts of the Realms[edit]


Named Characters[edit]

  • Ikit Claw/Arch-Warlock: He can fire his Warpfire Gauntlet once per battle to deal d3 Mortal Wounds. Gets Warpstorm as his exclusive spell, allowing him to deal d3 mortal wounds to up to 3 units within 18" if he rolls a 2+ for that unit. An awesome Wizard (2 spells a turn) with an awesome spell, in very tough armour and with decent melee, why aren't you using him? And he´s not even a named character, not many armies get that. Pop him on a Balewind Vortex and he becomes an absolute monster with a 2+ save that nothing can charge.


  • Warlock Engineer: Gets Warp Lightning as his exclusive spell. It's like pre-nerf Arcane Bolt; it deals d3 mortal wounds to a unit within 18". Can overpower his generator before casting it: if it's successfully cast, it deals D6 Mortal Wounds, but if it fails the Engineer suffers d6 Mortal Wounds. A great Wizard, use him if you want power at any cost. If you want stability, use the Grey Seer.



  • Stormfiends: Want to win games? Give 3 of them Warpfire Projectors, any unit in 8" will suffer a MINIMUM of 6 Mortal Wounds, with no Hit or Wound rolls, a straight up Character killer. This unit has a ton of different equipment to choose from. The melee weapon options include the Doomflayer Gauntlets (hitting on a 2+ in the turn they've charged), Shock Gauntlets (every attack becomes d6 attacks if you rolled a 6 to hit) and Grinderfists (basically they're their own Warpgrinders), and the former two also come with an extra Wound for each model. Missile weapons instead offer stuff like Ratling Cannons, Windlaunchers (same +1 to hit and "can shoot at units they can't see" as Globadiers) or Warpfire Gauntlets (take a guess). Powerful and versatile, think deeply what role you want them to play in your army. Down to 290 points in the new edition, same all around awesome.
    • Before someone else comes along: No, you cannot use Sparks to double Mortal Wounds done by Warpfire Gauntlets.
  • Poisoned Wind Globadiers/Skryre Acolytes: Get +1 to hit when shooting against units with 10+ models. Can also shoot against stuff they can't see like the Poisoned Wind Mortar dudes. So, put them behind your combat units to keep them safe and get in range (9"), and throw crystal balls of death to highly armoured units (they got -2 Rend). Do that and you´re golden.

Weapon Teams[edit]

Except for the Warplock Jezzails, These are cheap single model units with a strong weapon that can be overcharged with a chance of the model hurting itself (Unless the D3 Mortal Wounds kill it, it still gets an attack when it fails to overcharge). They can die quickly once your opponent focuses on them or with bad overcharges but this can be circumvented by simply bringing backups.

  • Doom-Flayer Weapon Team: Can overpower before attacking. You roll a dice: on a 2+ you attack but dealing d6 wounds instead of d3. Also gets +1 to hit rolls when charging. Not very good: too slow for using him like a Chariot, and will probably die if it doesn't attack first. Still, you can use him and his -2 Rend to support your basic infantry against highly armoured units.
  • Ratling Gun Weapon Team: The same, but this time the wounds it inflicts if the overpower is successful are 4d6 rather than the regular 2d6. Also gets +1 to hit when shooting at units within 9". Very good; his relatively low range makes it risky, but it spouts a lot of good shots. By the way, note that each "misfire" of each Skyre Weapon Team is different (read them all!), but all of them hilarious: for the Ratling Gun, the crew trap themselves in the mechanisms and get turned to mincemeat.
  • Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team: Like Ikit's Gauntlet, but with the usual overpower mechanic that allows it to deal d6 mortal wounds instead of d3. Slow and fragile (everyone will shoot at them), but if you put them in your centre, leaving a gap between your infantry units, you can support them when they enter close combat with the enemy; just position yourself and incinerate the enemy units already in combat with yours. Combos well with these guys:
  • Warp-Ginder Weapon Team: As before, it starts underground with a whole other unit. In any Movement phase, you can roll a dice and on a 3+ the unit and the Warp-Grinder are placed anywhere on the field within 9" from any enemy unit. Very strategic and useful, if you use it well, though it's still kind of random.
  • Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team: a single shot rend -2 Mortar. Instead of overpowering, they try to throw the orb farther away increasing the maximum shooting range from 22" to 30", but the mechanic is the same. You also get +1 to hit against units with 10+ models and it always deals 6 wounds against units with 20+ models and shoots against units that the mortar can't see but are in the range. Put them behind your lines and massacre big hordes; sometimes they're meh, sometimes they're great.
    • What isn't great, is that you're either converting these guys or scouring the internet for em.
  • Warplock Jezzails: Skaven Sniper. If they don't move they get 4+ saves against enemy shooting attacks and also reroll 1's to hit as long as there are no enemies within 3". A 6 to hit will also deals Mortal Wounds. Can be good against armour, but they're (again) pretty random. If nothing else, they got great range.


  • DOOMWHEEL: Moves 2d6" and deals d3 mortal wounds on trampled enemies. You can overpower it to double the movement roll, but if you get a double your opponent decides the direction. Pretty good shooting and move: each turn, fry something, trample over it, then charge it, and your DOOMWHEEL will pay for itself in one turn.
  • Warp Lightning Cannon: Can deal up to 6 mortal wounds when shooting. You actually have to roll a dice in order to calculate the minimum roll you need for the wounds to score. Also gets +1 save against missile weapons. Decent, but too random and low Range; other armies get much better artillery.


Clan Skryre (80p):(Min: 420pt. Max: 720Pt.) Arch-warlock, 2-5 Enginecovens.

  • Arch-warlock: In each of your hero phases, the Arch-warlock gains a battalion reroll, he can give it to any of the warlock engineers, so the enginecoven can reroll one dice.


Arkspark Voltik (70p): (Min: 420pt. Max: 720Pt.) A Warlock Engineer, 1-3 Warp-lightning Cannons. In each of your hero phases a Warp-lightning Cannons within 13" of the warlock engineer, can order it to fire. After resolving the attack roll a dice on a 1-3 it suffers D6 mortal wounds. (Enough to kill it.)

Gas-Cloud Chokelung (70p): (Min: 640pt. Max: 4680Pt.) Warlock Engineer, 1-3 units of Stormfiends, 2-5 units of Skryre Acolytes, 1-5 units of Poisoned Wind Mortar Team. In your hero phase, a unit of Acolytes or a Mortar team can try to throw an orb of gas, on a roll of a 1 they instead suffer D3 mortal wounds. On a 2 or more deal D6 mortal wounds to a unit within the throwers missile range.

Gautfyre Skorch (150p): (Min: 690pt. Max: 1870Pt.) Warlock Engineer, 1-3 units of Stormfiends, 1-5 units of Warp-Grinder Teams, 1-5 Warp-fire Thrower Teams. This Enginecoven can be set up on the side as reinforcements, in any of your hero phases they can resurface, place the Warp-Grinder, place all other units from the Enginecoven within 8". Any units set up within 3" of any enemy unit suffers D6 mortal wounds. This can be devastating, to the opponent's army, if done correctly. Does a ton of Mortal Wounds.

Rattlegauge Warplock (70p): (Min: 680Pt. Max: 2140Pt.) Warlock Engineer, 1-3 units of Stormfiends, 1-5 units of Ratling Guns Weapon Teams, 1-5 units of Warplock Jezzails. In your hero phase, a unit within 13" of the Warlock Engineer can shot as if it was the shooting phase. Once the attack(s) has been resolved the unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Whyrlblade Threshik (70p): (Min: 640Pt. Max: 1700Pt.) Warlock Engineer, 1-3 units of Stormfiends, 1-3 units of Doomwheels, 1-5 units of Doom-flayer weapon teams. In the hero phase, a unit within 13" of the Warlock Engineer can move 2D6" as if it was the movement phase, if you roll doubles it suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Army Building[edit]

  • U-day:
  • Ir'rat'iated Rain: Skryre is great at whittling down the opponent with their Spammable Warp-Munitions. Jezzails can snipe down support heroes, the Poison Wind Mortar and Ratling Gun can Deal with hoards from range, while Acolytes handle close range.

The Warp Lighting Cannon and your Warlock Leaders can dish out many Mortal wounds to circumvent saves. Beware that most of your unit Selection's Strengths are in the Shooting phase, not the Combat phase, but you do have access to some in faction Melee Support but they are not either Durable enough or not numerous enough to properly protect the front lines.


  • Clan Eshin: Ninjas with throwing stars and daggers that can get to where they're wanted.
  • Clan Moulder: Hoards of rats and cheaper monsters. Giant rats are 60pts for 10, but ignore these guys. You want the Packmasters, also 60pts each, they can add 1 to hit, run and charge rolls of any friendly Moulder unit. D'ya know what has Moulder? Stormfiends. Take as many as you can/ want, use their buffs on the Stormfiends. Congrats, you've now got armed Rat Ogres barrelling up the board, burning/ shooting/ charging basically anything.
    • See that unit of new and shiny Glaivewraith Stalkers headed up the board towards your lines on the first turn, but fluffed a 12" charge roll? Use every Packmaster's ability on a unit of Stormfiends, move them up, shoot, and charge. Chances are, you'll need a 6, and with a single Packmaster, that becomes a 5, then a 4, then a 3, then you don't even need to roll.
  • Clan Pestilens: Hoards of sick Ratmen, keep them away from your units and hope you are not facing Nurgle.
  • Clan Vemininus: 40 Clan Rats is 200 points. You can fit 80 of the little fuckers in a standard 2000 point list and have them run up the board to take up space or sit on objectives while the rest of your shit shoots. You really weren't using those Command Points anyways, so inspiring presence them whenever needed, and watch your opponent angrily chew through these guys only to be shot and scorched to death.
  • Masterclan: Thanquol and Boneripper are now 400 points. If your opponents were already getting sick of Warpfire Throwers, boy fucking howdy they better get ready for some more. He can cast 2 spells but comes with a very unimpressive signature spell. Good for casting endless spells and something from your realm, also makes a great DISTRACTION CARNIFEX for anyone who knows what these bastards are capable of.

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