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Grand Alliance Death

Soulblight Gravelords


General Tactics


Revamped Vampires.

That being said:



Why Play Soulblight[edit]



Allegiance Abilities[edit]

Battle Traits[edit]

  • The Unquiet Dead: Like Legions of Nagash before us, you get two place four gravesites; two in your deployment area, and two outside that must be more than 1" from terrain or objectives. One of yourSummonable units for every unit that you regularly deploy can be set up in reserve and pop in within a foot of one of these, so long as there are no enemies within 9", and also act as focuses for some of your other traits.
  • Deathless Minions: The Gravelord version of the classic 6+ death save after save affects all units wholly within 12" of both their heroes and gravesites. If a gravesite is near enough an objective, you can skip a babysitter hero for your backline campers with a little less worry.
  • Endless Legions: This lets you respawn your destroyed zombie or skeleton units with the Summonable keyword wholly within 12" of one of your gravesites at the end of your battleshock on a 5+ die roll, with a +1 for each enemy unit you destroyed earlier that turn. They only come back at half strength and must be placed at least 9" from enemies as well, but you're not spending a command point like Legions of Nagash used too.
  • Locus of Shyish: Death armies lean heavily into magic, and Gravelords get to resolve their lore spells (NOT their warscroll spells, arcane bolt or mystic shield) twice if they get an unmodified 9+ on their cast roll, provided it's not unbound.
  • Reanimated Horrors: Non-death models within 6" of your Deathrattle or Deadwalker units get a -1 to their bravery, or -2 if they are within 6" of two or more of them. Begs the question on how a giant undead bat with 'terror' in its name is less frightening, but can turn the tide if leveraged properly, especially as the second level can easily be satisfied with a support unit like a corpse cart or Wight king that wants to stick tight to some of those guys anyhow.
  • Deathly Invocation: Peeled out of the various warscrolls, heroes can heal a number of summonable units within 12" d3 wounds/equivalent models. The Mortarchs get four units, vampires can do three, while wights and necromancers can top off two. Unfortunately, a unit can only benefit from this once per turn, and can't get the healing if they were already healed by Invigorating Aura (or vice versa), severely hampering your prospective staying power.


There's five subfactions for soulblight each with a full complement of relics and command traits, and all of them have access to special character at least one special character.

Legion of Blood[edit]

Legion of Night[edit]

  • The Bait: +1 to save rolls on the first turn for Deathrattle and Deadwalker units.
  • Ageless Cunning: You can set up one unit in reserve for every unit you have placed on the board and bring them in with ambush 6 from a board edge outside of 9 from enemy units at the end of your movement fase. Start of battleround 4 units still in reserve are destroyed.

Command traits:

1 Above Suspicion: Deep strike the general from outflank onto the board anywhere on the battlefield at the end of your movement fase. (Outside of 9 from enemy units like normal)

2 Swift form, +2 Move

3 Unbeanding will, no battleshock wholly within 12 of the general.

4 Merciless hunter, +1 to wound rolls for general in melee.

5 Unholy Impetus, If the general slays an enemy model in close combat, one friendly unit wholly within 12" gets +1 attack on all their melee weapons until the end of the phase. Changed to wholly within 12 instead of 3, probably your best choice.

6 Terrifying Visage, Subtract 1 from wound rolls against the general in melee.


Kastelai are the entourage of Prince Vhordrai in the magically teleporting crimson keep, and seem to be the replacement for the old blood dragons, and similarly lean into blood knights, who they get as battleline.

  • The Shifting Keep: Kastelai Blood Knights up to half your unit count can be placed in reserve instead of on the battlefield, and be setup within 6" of any table edge and more than 9" from enemies at the end of your movement phase. The pretty standard rider of them being destroyed if not place by round four also applies.
  • Might of the Crimson Keep: Vampire keyword units gain a characteristic bonus when they destroy units; +1 damage to non-mount melee weapons if it was a Hero/Monster, +1 to it's wounds if it had 3+ wounds, or +2" to run and charge for everything else.
Command Traits[edit]



Spell Lores[edit]

Lore of Vampires[edit]

Lore of Deathmages[edit]



Named Characters[edit]




  • Grave Guard:
  • Black Knights(Battleline in Legion of Blood):
  • Corpse Cart with Unholy Loadstone:
  • Corpse Cart with Balefire Braizer:
  • Fell Bats:
  • Vargheists (Battleline in Legion of Night)
  • Blood Knights (Battleline in Kastelai Dynasty): The moment we've all been waiting for; Blood Knights, bane of The world-that-was, are reborn in fabulous plastic! Some of the most iconic heavy calvary since Bretonnia got squatted, these guys are both tough and hard hitting, with a 3+ save, 3 wounds and vampire kill/regen, accompanied by quality 3/3+/3+/-1/1 attacks that gets +1 damage on the charge, (along with their mounts trampling, but those rarely amount to much in the long run). They can also go over units in their movement phase, if they start within 3" of one and only over those with 3 or less wounds and without mounts (so for example, Troggoths are game but Kavalos Deathriders aren't) and deal d3 mortal wounds on a 2+ if they do. They are expensive, but worth investing in if you need a good hammer. Special mention should go to Kastelai Blood Knights, who can outflank if set up in reserves.


Army Building[edit]

Given its contents, and depending on the bloodlines that you are going to play, Start Collecting! Flesh-Eater Counts is once again one of the best products GeeDubs has to offer. Get as many as you need or want for you Battleline Zombie Dragons, Terrorgheists or Vhargheists.

At the moment of writing this, if you local store still has a Start Collecting! Skeleton Horde, or an even rarer Battleforce with them, you can grab them and get you Mortarch of choice while getting extra Black Knights and Skellies, who also happen to be Battleline choices.


  • Drogg Fort-Kicka: The Mega-Gargant allocated as an ally for DEATH armies, he's a big smashy monster with the extra ability to deal out some easy mortal wounds to a bigger unit, and most importantly, the ability to destroy terrain. This includes faction terrain, so send him after that lumineth waterfall and the wizard sitting on it, the priest standing on an altar of blood, or knock a ghoul king off his throne.


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