Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Old/Destruction

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Why Play Destruction?[edit]

More than likely you wanna recreate the mass hordes of Orcs and Goblins from Fantasy Battle, along with some Ogre and Giant muscle. Alternatively, you wanna represent Gordrakk’s Big Waaagh! with all manner of units and monsters following the Fist of Gork into blissful battle.

Allegiance Abilities[edit]

From the Core Book 2018. Available to any army taking Destruction allegiance (instead of a faction).


  • Rampaging Destroyers: During the hero phase, Roll dice for your Destruction hero and general, add 2 for the general. On a 6 or more, a Destruction unit within 6" of the rolled for the model; it can immediately move 6" if more than 12" from the enemy, else pile in if within 3" of the enemy, else make a charge. If a unit is selected, it can't run for the rest of the turn

Command Traits[edit]

Your General gets to pick one of the following:

  1. Nothing Left Standing: In the hero phase, if your General is 6" of a terrain feature and 5 other Destruction models, the terrain no longer provide any cover.
  2. Might is Right: Add 1 to the wound rolls made for the general's melee weapons.
  3. Wild Fury: Add 1 to the general's hit rolls if they suffered any wounds.
  4. Bellowing Tyrant: In the hero phase, a Destruction unit within 6" adds 1 to charge & run rolls, and uses the general's Bravery.
  5. Big and Brutish: Add 1 to general's Wounds.
  6. Ravager: Add an additional 1 to the Rampaging Destroyer roll.

Artefacts of Destruction[edit]

A hero gets to pick on of the following:

  1. Hammerblade: select a melee weapon, Instead of attacking normally, roll a dice for each model(friend or foe) within 3". On a 5 or 6, the unit the model belongs to suffers a Mortal Wound.
  2. Battered Talisman: Ignore Mortal wounds on a roll of 5+.
  3. Rockeye: In a hero phase, pick an enemy unit within 12". Add 1 to hit rolls against the unit by this model
  4. Bellowing Blade: In the combat phase, you can re-roll one failed wound roll for every enemy Hero within 12"
  5. Collar of Domination: At the start of the enemy movement phase, pick an enemy Monster within 3" and roll two dice. If the total is equal to or greater than the Monster's Bravery, it must retreat.
  6. Battle Brew: once per battle during the hero phases, gain +1 or +2 to hit and wound rolls until your next hero phase. If you take +2, take D6 mortal wounds at the end of the turn you use it. Unfortunately there is the far more superior Ghyrstrike from the Realm of Life that gives you the +1 To Hit and To Wound for the entire game! With the added benefit of being usable with Allegiances (but who cares about them right? For the WAAAAAAGH!)



With Destruction alliance you don't get much choice:

  • Ardboys
  • Savage Orruks
  • Shootas
  • Stabbas
  • Ogor Gluttons

Army Building[edit]

For a fast and hard hitting army, get the Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders and Ironjawz boxes, along with a box of Gore Gruntas and Mournfang Pack. This will give you the bare minimum to create the “Braggoth’s Beast Hammer” battalion, which grants the Frostlord (Braggoth) an extra wound and adds +1 to the Mournfangs and Gruntas to Hit as long as they’re within 6’’ of each other. Get some Savage Boarboy Maniaks and/or Boingrot Bounderz and get ready to trample all over your enemies.