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Why Play Greenskinz[edit]

-Do you want to share the love between all orruks? Do you want to give everyone one extra attack with all their weapons no matter if they're bonesplitterz, ironjawz, or your own greenskinz?

-Do you want plenty of speed? How about a ton of rerolled armour saves as you chuckle at 5+ saves?

-Do you enjoy 20+ attacks from basically each unit in your army as your opponent questions if he would even be safe from the Waaagh?

-Then look no further then the GREENSKINZ!!!



The common keywords of these warscrolls are: DESTRUCTION, ORRUK and GREENSKINZ.


  • Orruk Warboss on Wyvern: The big thing of the army. Can choose between rerolling every failed save with his shield or get a second Choppa, which means 2 extra attacks. While every attack on this thing has Rend -1, the Wyvern ones are the real deal, each of them dealing 2-3 damages per hit (and the Barbed, Venomous Tail ones also deal a mortal wound on a 4+ if the attacks didn't kill the target. Its command ability, obviously, is the Waaagh!, giving an extra attack to every ORRUK within 12", which is, well, unbelievably awesome: its got lots of range, it doubles the power of your basic units, and works with every Orruk, including Ironjawz and Bonesplitters! This is what makes Greenskinz armies tick.
  • Orruk Warboss: The part where he can choose between the shield and the second Choppa is the same as above, same for the uber-powerful command ability. What changes is that he can now get the Massive Choppa (3 attacks with a 4+/3+/-2/D3 profile) or hold the Great Waaagh! Banner (not that great as a melee weapon, but allows every ORRUK within 16" to reroll every 1 to wound and gives him the TOTEM keyword). He can also get the War Boar, which means two more attacks and 4 extra inches of movement.
  • Orruk Great Shaman: As expected for a wizard, he isn't that good in melee, but magic is what makes the difference. He gets +1 to casting if there are at least 20 ORRUK models within 8", and his exclusive spell targets up to 3 units and deals up to D3 mortal wounds to each of them.


  • Orruks: Many weapon options. Can choose between Choppa or Pigstikka Spear plus Shield, two Choppas or Orruk Bow and Cutta. The double Choppa allows them to reroll every 1 to hit, but the shield makes them reroll every failed save. The difference between a Choppa and a Pigstikka Spear is that the first gets a Rend -1 while the second a 2" range. The Orruk Bow gets a +1 to hit if the unit didn't move. About the other things: the Waaagh! Drummer gives +2 to every charge roll, while the Standard Bearer can choose between the Orruk Banner (+2 Bravery in close combat) or the Skull Icon (can get back escaping models on a 6+). As the final tidbit, everyone gets an extra attack as long as the unit has 20+ models. Actually, they're pretty good as far as Battle Units go, with the equivalent of 4+ Save (with shields) in the combat phase, either lots of attacks or Rend ones, the option of going for ranged attacks for bows, good Bravery in close combat, and the brutal buffs of a nearby Warboss. Their only problem is reaching melee before being wiped out by ranged attacks, so support them with fast units to take care of enemy shooters, and they won't disappoint you.
  • Orruk Boarboys: Can choose between the Choppa and the Pigstikka Spear as above. Glyph Bearer it's the same as the Orruk Banner from above. You can reroll failed wound rolls with the Boar attacks in the turn you charged.
  • Orruk Boar Chariot: It's like two Boarboys with Pigstikka Spears and no shields in a single profile with 6 wounds, a 4+ save and Bravery 6. But also deals D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ to the unit it just charged.
  • ROGUE IDOL: a Fighting monster and a minor buffer to any Orruk or Grot army. In addition to its combat powers, it also adds one to Orruk and Grot casting rolls and Bravery. Make sure that your units don't get too close to it as rocks will fall off it and harm units. Also one of the most recasted models from FW, double check your one!


Da Warstompers[edit]

Found in the Start Collecting! Greenskinz box.

Two Orruk Warbosses (one must be on a War Boar, the other must hold a Great Waaagh! Banner), a unit of Orruks, a unit of Orruk Boarboys and one of Orruk Boar Chariots.

Everyone gets an extra D6" movement in Hero Phase, but if any unit rolls a 1 the entire battalion skips Movement Phase. (With the Generals Handbook where every army of destruction runs an extra D6 if within 6" of your general this is INCREDIBLE. It will stack).

  • This battalion seems to not exist though on the warscroll builder, so perhaps it never got a GHB point cost and thus isn't usable for Matched Play.

Army building[edit]

The Start Collecting is a good start, since you get one of every troop plus two Warbosses. The key to Greenskins is to be diverse with your army. If you keep just Greenskinz you won't be as efficient as a mix of all types of orruks. Other things to pick up:

-Black Orc Big Boss Great for some more hero action gaining +1 to hit while within 10" of another Orruk Hero so hitting on 2's and wounding on 3's and that fantastic reroll with the shield with a 4+ save(Don't forget the extra attach from the Waaaagh as well). Coming in at 6 wounds and 100 points, he's great at whooping some ass.

-Giant These shits are looking at 180 points so same cost as a unit of brutes or 'Ardboys. The Giant can take a beating before they fall clocking in at 12 wounds with a shit ton of damage output, and a 5+ save. 3d6 attacks with his club, one attack each with his 'eadbut and kick but do D3 and D6 wounds.This guy eats shit too rolling double the wounds of an enemy model within an inch removes it from the board as you eat it's fucking head off! With most behemoths though... the more wounds taken the less he does which gives some good wiggle room with positioning other units since this guy will tie up a good 2 or 3. With a last fuck you when he dies both players roll a dice and the highest choose where he falls dealing D3 mortal wounds to every unit in it's path.

Allied armies[edit]

  • Bonesplitterz: Their primitive, savage cousins who somehow managed to survive the End Times. When you need monsters to be taken down you can count on these guys to do the job.
  • Gitmob Grots: Source of wolves, cheap cannon fodder, and artillery.
  • Ironjawz: Their beefier, more recent cousins. Gives you your elite Black Orcs back.
  • Gloomspite Gitz: Moonclan Grots, Spiderfang Grots, Troggoths, Gargants, oh my! Use their new Sporesplatta Fanatics to shield your boyz to block line of sight from ranged units. Their squig units also do a decent job chewing the frontlines as your boar boyz and chariots mow down the rest.

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