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Why Play Gutbusters[edit]

CAUSE YOU LIKE TO CRACK SKULLS AND EAT STUFF. Also because you like a fairly low model count army with strong infantry supported by somewhat unreliable but comparatively mobile shooting, and heroes comparable to minor monsters in power. You also have many build options: mass units of ogors and grots (gnoblars), gun lines of leadbelchers and ironblasters, allying in beastclaw raiders etc. There's also a chance you have a fetish for Finecast models.NEW PLASTIC MODELS COMING SOON LADS! HOPE YOU’RE HUNGRY!!


Common keywords in these warscrolls are DESTRUCTION, OGOR and GUTBUSTERS. Scraplauncher and Grots have the GROT keyword instead of OGOR, of course.


  • Tyrant: Can choose between the Massive Ogor Club, the Great Gutgouger or a pair of Clubs, Bashers or Slicers. They all hit and wound at 3+, with the difference being that the dual wielding options give you 6 attacks dealing 2 damages with Rend -1, the Massive Ogor Club deals 4 attacks dealing 3 damages with Rend -2 and the Gutgouger is same as the Club but with one less attack and it also deals double damage if you roll a 6 to wound. Also, there is 1 more inch of range between each option (so the Gutgouger haves a 3" range, Massive Club 2" and the dual wielding only 1"). You can also get Ogor Pistols to give him some shooting attacks. At the beginning of the game, you roll a dice to check his Great Name, which means a random bonus on top, of which some are glorious and some are incredibly meh. His command ability deals D3 mortal wounds to a GUTBUSTERS unit within 6", but that unit will not need to take Battleshock tests for the remainder of the game so long as the Tyrant is still alive.
    • The Great Gutgouger on this guy is pretty scary with the advent of the Malign Sorcery book. Give a tyrant the Gutgouger and the Ghyrstrike Artifact from weapons of Ghyran for +1 to hit and wound. Now give him the Might is Right command Trait. (even better, give him the battle braw. For a d6 mortal at the end of the turn, you will have him deal 6 damage at 3+ with the wound roll.)
    • What you now have is a close combat monster hitting and wounding on 2s with 3 damage, doubled on a 4+ wound roll. Pray for the brawler guts big name for another +1 to wound rolls on the charge. This kit makes a tyrant into a serious threat to just about anything, and can even carve up stuff with 2+ rr1 save bullshit thanks his - 2 rend. Now get out there and start beating on Nagash!
  • Butcher: He can take a Cleaver or a pair of Stump Blades and a Great Cauldron (because we need a reason to keep the Skragg model in the store after the character died). Cleaver is exactly the same knock every wizard gets but with twice the attacks, while the Stump Blades deal 2D6 attacks dealing just 1 damage with no rend, but the Cauldron is what makes them worth it all: you roll a D6 in each Hero Phase and check the table, if you roll a 1 the Butcher suffers D3 mortal wounds but otherwise you'll heal a wound to every OGOR model within 14" (yes, model, not unit), give +1 to hit rolls to a single OGOR unit within 14" or deal D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ roll to every enemy unit within 7". His exclusive spell is a reskinned Fist of Mork, but the real deal is that he can heal a wound on a 2+ roll after he casts a spell (if he fails he instead suffers a wound and no, you cannot forgo this roll because you're at full health).


  • Ogors: Can choose between Club/Blade and Iron Fist (Every time you roll a 6 to save the closest enemy model suffers a mortal wound) or two Clubs/Blades (reroll every 1 to hit). They also reroll every 1 to wound in the turn they charged (or just reroll any failed wound roll of the unit haves 10+ models). Bellower give -1 Bravery to every enemy unit within 6", while the Standard Bearer can choose between the Great Beast Skull (roll a dice every time an enemy model from a unit within 6" escapes: on a 6 another one escapes) and the Tribal Banner (reroll every 6 in Battleshock Phase), and the latter can take the Lookout Grot (an extra 6+ save against missile weapons).
  • Ironguts: Ogors+1, with better Save, better Bravery, Rend and higher damage on their weapons. Yes. Constant. Damage. 3. They also have a powerful once-a-game buff, but you may only use it if an OGOR ran during the game up to this point, which limits its application drastically, as Ogors don't run easy.
  • Gorgers: They can start the game in reserves and then are placed on the field within 12" from enemy units in your first movement phase, which is quite far away. Other than that, they are faster Ogors with worse saves but much stronger attacks.
  • Leadbelchers: Shooty guys. Amusingly they deal more damage in melee than when shooting, as in melee, they trade one attack for better Rend compared to regular Ogors (and you so need Rend) and in exchange get a pretty short-ranged gun with random (D3) shots that become D6 if they didn't move AND there are no enemies within 3". This requirement, combined with the 12" range will usually mean that you need some sort of dragnet to ever take full advantage of their guns and even then they're crap-shoots.
  • Ironblaster: First chariot/Warmachine thing. Rerolls hits when shooting against units with 10+ models, while the Rhinox deals extra damage in melee in the turn it charged.
  • Scraplauncher: Second one. Similar bonuses, except that instead of rerolling it deals more damage against bigger units (goes from D3 to D6 against units with 10+ models to 2D6 against units with 20+ models). Also it's a catapult, so it can shoot against stuff it can't see. In exchange, its less likely to actually hit and wound.
  • Grots: So Gnoblars are now a variant of Grots now, deal with it. They deal 2 attacks each in melee(doesn't specify melee only, "attacks" are also done at range, so it affects both counts) if the unit has 20+ models, and 3 attacks each if they are 30+. Yes, they're all weak attacks, but they're tons and tons of weak attacks. Do you care that most of these 50 dice won't do anything? No, because you'll get to roll another 100 of them! Can also be made immune to Bravery via a Tyrant's Command, so yeah, fearless Grots.



Army Building[edit]

So Old School Ogre Kingdoms stuff is a little hard to find at the moment, but it's important to carefully watch ebay. Look out for the Ogre Kingdom Battalion box. That gets you 6 Ogors, 4 Ironguts, 4 leadbelchers, and 24 gnoblars. It's a good deal and it pops up every now and then. On from there, you can get a box of normal Ogors and convert yourself a tyrant and a butcher if you don't want to buy the finecast kits. With 1 Battalion Box and 1 box of Ogors, you get a pretty sizable starting force. Ogors are a low model-count army anyway.


  • Aleguzzler Gargants: You know him you love him. You're the only monster that using fluffy and doesn't need to ridden by an ogor.
  • Beastclaw Raiders: Though they are a separate army now, for some reason beastclaw raiders allows you to go full space wolf and field already monstrous combat specialists in equally albeit more fluffy monstrous combat specialists.
  • Firebellies: Why are they their own army now? No one knows. Should you take them? Only if you don't want to get swarmed by low armor save units as a firebelly can easily scorch a large unit of cannon fodder, but apart from that? No, just take a butcher.
  • Maneaters: Can add a few units of ogors that can be specialized for many situations.
  • Troggoths: Do you really need mindless brutes in an army of mindless brutes? That said a troggoth hag gives you magic, and bile troggoths are more survivable than anything else you can bring.

Mercenary Companies[edit]

  • Blacksmoke Battery:
  • Greyfyrd:
  • Grugg Brothers: Relive the one time the old world Ogres royally fucked up and enslaved the giant race. Bring additional Gargants to Reroll failed hits.
  • Gutstuffers: They can re-roll charge rolls but they are forced to charge at the closest enemy unit within 12". It's your call if you want to use this company.
  • Nimyard’s Rough-Riders:
  • Order of the Blood-Drenched Rose:
  • Rampagers:
  • Skroug’s Menagerie:
  • Sons of the Lichemaster:
  • Tenebrous Court:

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