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These rules have been succeeded by the Orruk Warclans Battletome.

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Grand Alliance Destruction


Gordrakk.jpeg Waaaaaaaaaagh!!

General Tactics

Why Play Ironjawz?[edit]

Because green is da best color, you want to be a hulking green brute whose head is filled only with violence and still be competitive (looking at you, orks).


  • You fuck with people's minds with your blinding speed. Sure, your guys move only 4"... base. You see Ironjawz are a destruction army and this means that your guys can move d6" in the hero phase (they cannot run, but CAN charge, so better) if they are within 6" of a hero (the hero too, as per the GHB's jurisprudency regarding the "units within" rulings). There's a command trait that boosts said rolls by two so your guys suddenly get from 4" to 7-9" on average. Then comes into play the Ironjaws batallion ironfist: basically, as long as the batallion's boss is alive, you get to "run" in the hero phase a d6" (and yes, this IS cumulative with rampaging destroyer's d6"). What does that mean? That all of a sudden that seemingly slow brute unit has gone from a meager 4" to 6" (4+2 from the command trait, so you may not always have it) plus 2d6" of movement (so averaging 13" and maybe making 18"). Yeah guys, these assholes are as fast as warpspiders! The gore-fist batallion is even more hilarious as your gruntas go from 8" to 2+d6" (always keep em close to the bossmen!) plus 15" plus 8" of movement. Paint them red and shout how the red ones go faster!
    • To put the icing on the cake, one of their new spells introduced in GHB2019 allows you to take any unit within 24" of a wizard and 3" away from an enemy and put them anywhere on the table 9" away from the enemy. Albeit the teleported unit can't move in the movement phase afterward but with good placement and your Command Abilities, it wouldn't matter much.
    • Remember though, if you're using the Ironjaw Allegiance (and therefore getting access to the spells), you are not getting the Destruction Allegiance's extra move. Although said extra move has been heavily reduced from what is described above nowdays.
  • Brute bosses. A.K.A. the bane of leaders. Brute bosses deserve a great mention as they, with the right support, could deliver a potential 18 wounds (66 Wounds as of AOS 2nd edition) on a single combat phase... it would take a miracle from the dice gods but it effectively means ANY model (barring good ol' archaon, and even then he'd be on his last legs) could die from them. Nevertheless, they are really cost effective and your best bet when dealing with hero-grade units (dracothian guard, heroes, wizards, monsters, etc)
  • Loads of dice. Your guys pump loads of attacks (case in point: Ardboyz, for 18ppm, can deliver 3 to 5 attacks whereas liberators for 20ppm deliver 2!) and hit hard as trucks, with many of your weapons doing d3 or 2 and above damage.
  • Tough as nails. Your frailest model rocks a 4+ save and has 2 wounds. Your guys are hard to kill and can take enough punishment to the frontlines.
  • The new edition has has allowed for the silly stacking of attacks. Thanks to having different names Waaagh, Mighty Waaagh and Goddrak's Voice of Gork can now be used in the same turn if one has the command points available . This leads to the affected units having 4-6 attacks per weapon. Your brute bosses, goregruntas and megabosses all have a ludicrous amount of attacks if the stars align.
    • Why would having different names matter? Page 3 specifically says "You can use the same command ability several times in the same phase as long as you have enough command points to do so.". Only need 1 guy on the field to call a Waaagh 10 times if you have the CP for it.


  • You're slow: your guys will move only 4", one of the lowest move profile in the meta. Now, this is actually one of your strengths, which we will discuss later, but note that quite a few models may not make it to the combat phase.
  • You lack reliable ways to deliver mortal wounds. The brute formation, shamans and mawkrushas are the only models that deliver mortal wounds. Compare it with other armies like the infamous gautfire skorch from the skavens or the drake/deepstrike spam of the sigmarines,
  • NO missile weapons. If you like tau and the like, just stay out of this army: only mawkrushas have shooting attack. Shamans too, but they may choose to rather strengthen your army's resilience.
  • Elite army with average bravery. Battleshock tests are your bane. Just losing a single model on elite squads (read: brutes) can mean you lose another one, effectively brining you to almost half numbers. Gruntas with their low model count and ardboyz with the WAAAGH!banner in close combat may be safer though.
  • Strong reliance in leader units. Ironjaws do really depend in their bossmen (both heroes/leaders, unit unit bosses) to really shine, but this isn't entirely a bad thing, just try to keep them alive!

So in short: keep your bossmen alive and you're king, as you're reaching combat by turn 1.


The Ironjawz Battletome has all the Warscrolls and Battations.

  • This should be supplemented with the Ironjawz Errata and Designers' Commentary from the FAQs.
  • Allegiance Abilities and additional Battalions are in the General's Handbook 2019.
  • Matched play points are in the General's Handbook 2019 and the respective Battletome.
  • Alternatively, up to date warscolls can be found in the WH AoS app. Warscrolls on the GW webstore match those in the Battletome.

As with all factions you'll want:

  • The core rules are either downloadable or in the Core Book.
  • Games taking place in a Realm need the Realm of Battle rules from the Core Book.
  • In you want to take advantage of realm specific artefacts you'll need the Artefacts Of The Realms section from the Malign Sorcery book.
  • Matched Play battleplans are split across the Core Book and General's handbook 2019.
  • All books should be supplemented with any updates from the FAQs.


Allegiance Traits[edit]

Mighty Destroyers 
Now a command ability, pick a unit wholly within 12" or 18" if the unit is your general. If the there are no enemy models within 12" then you can move. If they are within 12" then you can make a charge. IF they are within 3" then you can immediately swing in melee. Noticeably more powerful. Especially as it has the same timing as abilities like warchanter buffs, our new re-roll to wound spell but sadly not at the same time as Megaboss' waaagh.
Smashing and Bashing 
If an Ironjawz unit completely destroys an enemy unit in the combat phase then choose another Ironjawz unit that has not fought yet in this combat phase can pile in and attack instead of waiting till later in the phase.
Eager for Battle 
Increase charge rolls for Ironjawz units by 1.

Command Traits[edit]

  1. Hulking Muscle-bound Brute: Roll a d6 after charging, deal d3 mortal wounds to a target within 1" on a 2+.
  2. Live to Fight: Re-roll failed wound rolls in the turn the general charges.
  3. Brutish Cunning: Roll a dice in the enemy charge phase. On a 5 or more a friendly Ironjaws unit within 12" may charge as if it was your charge phase. Happens before enemy charges.
  4. Bestial Charisma: Inspiring Presence affects D3 units.
  5. Prophet of the Waaagh!: Re-roll the dice for Waaaagh! or Mighty Waaagh! If you don't have the command ability you may use the Orruk Megaboss version.
  6. Ironclad: Re-roll save rolls of 1

Ironjawz Artefacts[edit]

  1. Armour of Gork: In the combat phase, umodified save rolls of 6 cause the attacker to take a mortal wound.
  2. Destroyer: One melee weapon increases the damage by 1.
  3. Daubing of Mork: Ignore wound or mortal wound inflicted on a 6.
  4. The Golden Toof: Ironjawz units wholly within 12" don't have to take battleshock tests
  5. Metalrippa's Klaw: Pick one melee weapon and change it's rend to -3.
  6. The Boss Skewer: Friendly Ironjaws wholly within 18" increase bravery by one. Enemy models within 12" subtract their bravery by 1.

Ironjawz Spell Lore[edit]

If your army has Ironjawz allegiance, each WIZARD gets to choose one of these. Bear in mind that as per the core rules FAQ, allied Wizards don't get one - so it's only the Weirdnob Shaman.

  1. Brain-busta: Casting value 5. Pick a visible enemy unit within 15", roll 2d6. If you beat their Bravery, they suffer d3 mortal wounds. If you didn't, they suffer 1.
  2. Mighty Eadbutt: Casting value 5. Pick a visible enemy HERO within 16" - it suffers 1 mortal wound or d3 instead if it's a WIZARD
  3. Da Blazin Eyes: Casting value 6. Pick a visible point within 4d6" of the caster. Draw a straight line 1mm wide between the caster and that point. Roll a dice for each enemy model touched by the line; for each roll a 5+, their unit takes a mortal wound.
  4. Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork: Casting value 7. Choose a friendly IRONJAWZ unit that is wholly within 24" of the caster and is not within 3" of any enemy models. Take them off the table and set them up again anywhere more than 9" from enemy units. They can't move in your following movement phase, but can attempt to charge in the charge phase.
  5. Bash em Ladz: Casting value 8. Until your next hero phase, all friendly IRONJAWZ units get to reroll wound rolls so long as they are wholly within 12" of the caster when attacking.
  6. Power of da Waaagh: Casting value of 8. Count up the number of friendly IRONJAWZ units wholly within 18" of the caster that contain at least two models. Roll that many dice. Each roll of a 3+ allows you to pick an enemy unit within 24" of the caster and hit them for d3 mortal wounds. Each roll of a 6 hits them for d6 mortal wounds instead.

Unless you have a better idea, Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork is the one to pick. The ability to basically teleport a unit is a real game-changer for Ironjawz, and you have various bonuses to make a subsequent charge roll easier (+1 from the allegiance abilities, +1 if you're running Bloodtoofs, +2 for 'Ardboyz musicians. You can even technically do your Ironfist move after teleporting, although that might get errata'd out eventually, who knows)


The common keywords of these warscrolls are: DESTRUCTION, ORRUK and IRONJAWZ.


Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork 
Gordrakk also counts as a Behemoth. He wields his two weapons Smasha and Kunnin': They have similar profiles (except that Smasha deals 2 damage with Rend -1 with each attack while Kunnin' deals a single damage) and different abilities: Smasha deals D3 mortal wounds against any HERO on a 6 to wound, while Kunnin' does the same against any WIZARD on a 4 to wound. Every time he kills a HERO, for the reminder of the game the weapon who dealt the final blow gets an extra attack and deals an extra damage. And that is cumulative if you kill multiple heroes, of course. He rides on his own Maw-krusha named Bigteef, who has the same abilities as a regular Maw-krusha (see below), except he has more attacks (5 fist attacks and 3 tail attacks, against a regular Maw-krusha's 4 fist attacks and D3 tail attacks). It's command ability allows a DESTRUCTION unit (yes, not necessarily Ironjawz or even Orruks) wholly within 24" to do a 3D6" charge and deal 2 extra attacks with each of its weapons if the charge is successful. And there's more: if the unit was part of a battalion, every other unit in that battalion gets the ability too.
  • Unfortunately, Gordrakk suffers the same problem Thraka has in 40k: the generic version does more for less. You see, with the right command trait (which Gordrakk lacks access to) the Megaboss can reach 15 wounds. With the Battlebrew he can boost his wound and hit rolls by 1 (thus getting better stats in the Choppa, Mawkrusha stomps, and the tail) while also getting the WAAAGH ability which boosts his attacks profiles AND those of the closest units every single combat phase. He also costs 180pts 140pts less than Gordrakk, meaning the match-up should be Gordrakk vs the Megaboss AND another units (preferably brutes). Sadly he doesn't come on top. Although, Gordrakk comes at 15 wounds standard, and these days artefacts such as the battle brew don't affect mount attacks.
  • He may not beat the regular Megaboss in staight up brawling, but Gordrakk has undoubtedly one of the best command abilities in the game. Use it on a Gorefist formation and you have Gore-Gruntas charging 3D6" after moving 24". Once they crash into the enemy lines, you're looking at ELEVEN attacks for EACH Gore-Grunta. And you thought Khorne could stack attacks?
  • Even better, the Ironsunz and Bloodtoofs can include Gordrakk under the additional units which allow him to not only affect your entire army but also himself.
Megaboss on Maw-krusha 
The Megaboss also counts as a Behemoth. Can choose between using a Gore-hacka and a Scrap-tooth (dealing more attacks) or a Choppa and a Rip-tooth Fist (slightly less attacks, but the Choppa deals 2 damage with Rend -1 and the only attack the Rip-tooth Fist gets deals D3 damage with Rend -2). As above, if he kills a HERO the murder weapon gets extra attacks and deals more damage. It's also time that we talk about the Maw-krusha's abilities: this big thing can deal up to 8 mortal wounds right after it charged, and if it happens to kill the entire unit he just charged towards, he can charge again. And again. And again. The command ability it's a Waaagh! like the one the Greenskinz Warboss has, but this time targets only IRONJAWZ units and you have to roll a dice every turn to check if it worked. Also if there are 6+ units in the range and you rolled a 6 everyone gets 2 extra attacks rather than 1. Interestingly, this command ability affects IRONJAWZ units, but there's nothing that says they have to be friendly IRONJAWZ units. If your opponent brought Ironjawz too, bear that in mind.
Orruk Megaboss 
It's like the one above, except without the Maw-krusha and forced to choose the Choppa and Rip-tooth Fist as his weapons. At least the number of attacks they deal is higher than the one on the Maw-Krusha. Also the command ability haves a slightly smaller range. However, the two abilities can stack! And it comes with this other ability that allows Brutes units within 5" to reroll every 1 to hit.
Orruk Warchanter 
Guy with magic sticks. Gets an extra attack for every 6 to hit (but why are you putting him in combat?) and gives +1 to hit rolls to a single IRONJAWZ unit within 10" which stacks with other Warchanters to get an easy 2+ to hit! Stick him near a unit of ten brutes and watch them tear a new one on whatever poor sod they're in combat with. Also your cheapest Ironjawz unit to count for the Megaboss WAAAGH
Orruk Weirdnob Shaman 
Gets bonus to casting and unbinding depending on how many ORRUKS are within 10" (+1 if there are 10+ models, +2 if 20+), but also causes another nearby unit to suffer D3 mortal wounds if he rolls a double when casting or unbinding. He also gets the honor of being the only WIZARD with two exclusive spells that is not a named character (unlike Lord Kroak and Nagash): Green Puke is a 2D6" line that deals D3 mortal wounds to every unit with at least a model under the line, while Foot of Gork... take a guess. Exactly, D6 mortal wounds on a unit within 18" that can be dealt over and over as long as you keep rolling a 4+ in between each stomp. While awesome, Foot's prohibitively high casting value of 10 means you probably won't be pulling it off very often.
  • Might be good to take an allied unit of Greenskin Orruks with Bows to babysit the Shaman. The Shaman gets 30-40 cheap bodies to gain his +2 to Cast, and the bows will give you a rare shooting attack.
  • Much more useful now that Ironjawz have a spell lore, including a spell that can teleport a unit, and a spell that can give your guys rerolls to wound. The Weirdnob Shaman is the only one who can cast them.


Orruk Ardboys 
BATTLELINE if the army has IRONJAWZ allegiance.
The Artists Once Known as the Black Orcs, AKA your basic unit, hangers on to the mighty armies of the Ironjaws. Can choose between shields (read: a 6+ save that happens after the regular save was rolled), a Big Choppa (read: Rend -1) or a second melee weapon (read: an extra attack). After doing the math, two choppas are generally the way to go as they have a greater damage output against 4+ or worse saves (i.e. most other infantry you will be fighting); the two options have the same damage output against a 3+ save; and Big Choppas are better against a 2+ save (but why would you send ardboys at this unit?). It's recommended to take about a quarter of the unit with shields and keep them in the back to soak up a couple of wounds, while the models with better weapons are out front ready to charge and pile in. Waaagh! Drummer gives them +2 to charge and Standard Bearer can choose between the Orruk Banner (+2 Bravery in melee) or the Icon of Gork (can block escaping models on a 6).
Orruk Brutes 
BATTLELINE if the army has IRONJAWZ allegiance.
Everybody knows orcs get bigger the more fights they win. What happens after an age spent fighting the toughest Chaos boys you can find? You get bigger and 'arder than anybody! These are the big guys of the army. The entire unit can reroll failed hits against models with 4+ wounds and get a shitload of different weapons:
  • Plain brutes can choose between a pair of Brute Choppas or a Gore-hacka. The difference between the Choppas and the Gore-hacka is that the former deal one attack more than the latter while having a shorter range. As a rule of thumb, the less Brutes you're gonna use the better is to equip the two Choppas.
  • A guy every five models can take the Gore-Choppa (D3 damages at 4+to hit)
  • The Boss gets either a Brute Smasha with Boss Klaw or a Boss Choppa. The Boss Choppa gets 3 attacks that hit on a 3+ while the Boss Klaw only gets a single attack hitting on 4+, but the Klaw has an extra effect: if its hit roll is successful, the Brute Smasha hits automatically. Boss Choppa can potentially put out 6 damage per turn while the Klaw and Smasha combo has the potential to put out 8 damage (2d3 for the two Smasha attacks and 2 for the Klaw). If you want consistent damage output go with the Boss Choppa. If you want the potential for more destruction but with more risk, go with the Klaw/Smasha combo.
    • Alternate opinion: the Klaw/Smasha combo is actually the best idea if you go monster/hero hunting (which you should since they are at their most point efficient) and/or have the right support. The klaw then goes from 50/50 to 75% when going against 4+ wound models and that means you assure the smasha lands automatically. Add in a warchanter and that goes up to an 89% Also, said combo get more mileage from the warboss, as you'll get 1 extra attack per weapon (and thus further increase the chance of the klaw hitting and auto-impact with the smasha). It's sickening the amount of hurt this guy can deliver. Going from my personal experience, the brute boss has in so far: 1) killed a doombull (with the warboss WAAAGH! he got +1 attacks, and he dealt 10 fucking wounds on. A.SINGLE.ROUND) 2) killed half a 5-man squad of silverhelms BY HIMSELF 3) killed a lord celestant IN A ROUND OF COMBAT. What I'm trying to say? ALWAYS bring the klaw+smasha.
Orruk Gore-gruntas 
BATTLELINE if the army has IRONJAWZ allegiance.
Your elite fast generic unit. Again choosing between Pig-iron Choppa and Jagged Gore-hackas, strangely with a 4+ to hit instead of the 3+ of the same weapon-armed Brutes (probably because it's harder to swing a two-handed weapon while trying to stay on a mad piggy). If you are using less than 6 of them per unit, always choose the Choppa. The terrifying pig-things they ride deal D3 damage instead of 1 with their own attacks after they charged from at least 8".
  • It is important to note that if the closest unit is within 8" then the Gore-gruntas cannot use their special ability, making them one of the only cavalry that can be denied their charge bonus outside of being charged.


Ironskull's Boyz
Those guys have left Shadespire to wander the battlefields on the mortal realms. They are pumped up 'Ardboys, costing 4 more points per model, and coming in fixed sized unit of 4, 3 boyz wielding 2 handed weapons, and one a big choppa, all with the same stats as those of regular 'Ardboys. What you gain is a special attack called 'Eadbutt for the leader, which is another Choppa attack but causing D3 damages and a 6+ invulnerable save (5+ of you take it on the leader) against wounds and mortal wounds. What you lose is the drummer, which is a critical part of the 'Arboys thanks to its +2 to charge rolls, and the banner. Does it justify the +4 points per model ? Probably not. However, Ironjaws do not have "low points" units, and if you have 80 points lying around and no desire to take a third Warchanter, then it might fill in the gap. In other cases, it does not have many redeeming qualities.
  • If you have the points lying around and are already planning on bringing a Wierdnob Shaman with you, these guys make for great bodyguards. Not only do they help free up your other forces to attack more important targets, but their ability to ignore mortal wounds on a 6+ (or 5+ for the leader) can potentially help shake off some of the damage caused by the Shaman if he gets too warp-happy.


From Battletome Ironjawz[edit]

Brutefist (min. 670pt.)
3-5 units of Brutes
An uncomplicated battalion for an uncomplicated faction, the Brutefist is useful for smaller games and offers some relatively minor benefits. You must elect a Brute Boss from one of the Brute units to be the battalion's Big Boss. This model gets 5 Wounds instead of the usual 3. Secondly, units from this battalion can charge in your Hero phase as well as in the Charge phase, as long as the unit is within 10" of the Big Boss. If they successfully charge under this rule, one enemy unit of your choice within 3" of the Brute unit that charged suffers d3 mortal wounds. This benefit seems fairly good on paper but in reality will likely not mean much. You're not going to be any closer than you were in the previous turn, so all it serves to do is allow you to attempt some risky charges before moving normally. It might be tempting to risk not charging in the previous turn just so you can activate this rule and get the mortal wounds, but that relies upon you going first in the next turn. Unless you're sure you won't be charged in the next turn even if you go second, it's probably better to just charge and forgo the bonus. Don't forget that your Destruction Battle trait gives you a free 1D6 move in your hero phase as well. Getting you closer to get this charge off. It's relatively cheap, but doesn't do that much for you. Leave this for smaller games or use it as part of the larger Brawl Battalion.

- Additional Note: There is nothing saying a unit cannot charge more than once in a turn. If the charge succeeds at the start and your opponent is cheeky and removes models that are keeping your brutes there and/or the mortal wounds kill the unit, you can always charge again later in the turn! This lets your brutes gangpile something dead with mortal wounds during the hero phase then charge again later.

Gorefist (min. 590pt.) 
3-5 units of Gore-gruntas
Similar to the Brutefist, the Gorefist requires you to pick one of the Gore-grunta Bosses to be the battalion's Big Boss. This model gets 7 wounds instead of 5. Secondly, you can tell your opponent that the units from this battalion are in some fancy-schmancy formation as long as you set up all of the units from this battalion within 10" of the Big Boss' unit. If you do, the whole battalion gets to make a move of up to 15" in your first Hero phase. They can't run after they do, but it doesn't stop them from moving normally later in the turn. Depending on the mission you're playing and the deployment you use, this can allow you to get right into the enemy's craw really, really quickly. Generally, you need to set up your units at least 12" from the enemy's territory. Gore-gruntas can use this to move a total of 24" from the edge of your deployment area. This means you can be be balls-deep (12") in the enemy's territory on the first fucking turn. Assuming the enemy has deployed pretty normally, this should allow you to get off some nice charges right away, locking down enemy units, preventing them from moving, or wiping out/severely damaging war machines and ranged units before they can contribute. A few things to keep in mind - this battalion is at minimum 610pts and needs support, so it;s not a great choice for small (1000pts) games. Secondly, Gore-gruntas really like getting 8" charges, so decide whether you want the certainty of locking down a unit or want to risk it for the extra damage when you're moving the units, don't just move the full distance because you can. Remember, it's not enough to just roll 8 on the dice, the distance between units needs to be at least 8" for the ability to activate. Finally, Gore-gruntas aren't fantastic, they won't just rip and tear everything to death. Use these as a vanguard, not as a trump card.
Ardfist (min. 660pt.) 
A Warchanter, 3-5 units of Ardboys
This battalion revolves around the Warchanter. As long as he's still alive, once per game you can replace any of the 'Ardboyz units from the battalion that have been wiped out. The replacement has to be placed with all models within 6" of the edge of the battlefield and at least 6" away from any enemy units. Plus, it needs to be deployed as close to the Warchanter as possible. Before passing judgement, I'd like you to keep a couple of things in mind: 'Ardboyz units can have 30 models in the unit, and although the replacement units can't move after they rock up, they can still charge. This leads to interesting tactics, such as purposefully running up an unsupported 'Ardboyz unit into the hardest units the opponent has, letting them be utterly destroyed. Then, yell "SURPRISE!" as the full unit arrives on whatever flank you want, or behind the enemy army, or whatever serves your purpose best. To prevent inevitable snipage of your Warchanter, consider combining this battalion with other Ironjawz units and screening him using a larger model, like a gore-grunta or mega boss. You can then use the 'Ardboyz units as sacrificial, move the Warchanter safely to the middle of the board, then flank the opponent's army with reinforcements. It's worth noting that due to the replacement effect being a once per battle thing, it works best with 20 or 30 man units so whether this battalion is worth it is up to you.
Weirdfist (min. 700pt.) 
A Weirdnob shaman, 3-5 units of Ardboys/Brutes/Gore-gruntas
This battalion is a lot more flexible than the previous ones, though at least one unit of 'Ardboyz is likely a good choice simply to get the best casting bonus for the Weirdnob. For every unit from this battalion(including the shaman) within 10" of the Weirdnob, roll a dice when you successfully cast either Arcane Bolt, Green Puke, or Foot of Gork. Every 1-3 result increases the range of the spell by 6", every 4-6 result increases the number of mortal wounds the spell does by 1. Assuming you took 4 units in this battalion, in general you're getting +2 mortal wounds and an additional 12" range on any spell you cast. This makes something like Arcane Bolt pretty excellent for hero sniping, as with 5 units within 10" you've got a good chance of dealing 5-6 mortal wounds with any cast. That's going to either cripple or outright kill most characters on foot, and severely dent any that aren't. Once the enemy has closed in, switch to Green Puke, as both the range extension and the additional mortal wounds are beneficial. For the price you pay, this is a decent battalion, just remember that the danger of damaging your own units is there.
Ironfist (min. 500pt.)
3-5 units of Ardboys/Brutes/Gore-gruntas
As per usual, you need to nominate either a Brute Boss or Gore-grunta Boss in this battalion to be the Big Boss, and add 2 to their total wounds. This means although technically you can fill this battalion with nothing but 'Ardboyz, you'd miss out on the extra wounds bonus, since it specifies a Brute boss or a Gore-grunta boss. An 'Ardboy Boss is neither. As long as the Big Boss is alive, each unit in the battalion can move d6" in the Hero phase (They all use the same D6 result). They can move normally after they do so, except they can't run or retreat. Essentially this battalion gives each unit a run move without the restrictions. This battalion is pretty cheap, it helps to shore up a weakness in the army, and it's flexible. Plus, as the Big Boss remains part of his unit, he's not as vulnerable to sniping as separate heroes would be, so unless you're reckless you should receive the benefit for most of the game. This does synergize with the Destruction battle trait, to get move + d6" of extra movement by combining the benefits during the hero phase.

From Realmgate Wars: All-Gates[edit]

Megafist (not legal in pitched battles) 
Any 5 units of Megabosses or Megabosses on Maw-krushas.
Orruk upper management comes down to make sure their boyz are punching things hard enuff. Limited to the few brave souls who have multiple Megabosses, (or, more likely, when you team up with another Ironjawz player) this battalion basically makes every Ironjawz unit more killy: any unit within 10" of at least two models from this battalion can make 1 extra attack in the combat phase. Doesn't have a point cost, in the style of 40k formations (making it, along with other Realmgate Wars battalions, illegal in matched play..???), but with that many points sunk in on 5 models it's probably fair.


From Battletome Ironjawz[edit]

Brawl (min. 3520pt.) 
A Megaboss (on foot or on Maw-krusha), a Warchanter, a Weirdnob shaman, 5 of the following battalions in any combination Brutefist/Gorefist/Ardfist/Weirdfist/Ironfist.
Holy crap, this battalion even at minimum is expensive. Consider this like an apocalypse formation - only for really big games. Anyway, the Megaboss can use an ability called 'Big Waaagh!' as long as he's within 10" of both the Warchanter and the Weirdnob in the hero phase. If the Megaboss does use Big Waaagh!, all units in this battalion within 15" of him at the start of the next combat phase make two extra attacks with each of their melee weapons. Any units that don't receive this bonus but are within 10" of a Big Boss make 1 extra attack instead. Given how much this battalion costs to run, the 200pts for the extra benefit seems paltry in comparison. Plus, as a Command ability, the Megaboss can use it each and every hero phase, leading to ridiculous amounts of carnage.

From General's Handbook 2018[edit]

Trying to shove Gordrakk into either of the below batallions results in a 2020 point list and sadly juuust out of reach of being done. A shame since both would help tremendously.

Edit for 2019 As of General's Handbook 2019 due to point cost reductions you can now include Gordrakk in either of the below with points left over.

Bloodtoofs (min. 1360pt.) 
A Megaboss on Maw-krusha, 1 Ironfist (must contain 5 units), 0-4 of the following battalions in any combination Brutefist/Gorefist/Weirdfist/Ironfist, any number of additional IRONJAWZ units.

All units in the battallion gain +1 to run and charge rolls, stacking with Ironjawz for a minimum 4" charge. Pretty nasty and increasing out your threat range but...RAW the rules say you can only declare a charge if you're within 12" of a unit regardless of bonuses.

In addition, gives Ironjawz units +2 Bravery so long as a Baleful Realmgate is on the field, making your high wound high cost models harder to run off the field. As of GHB 2019, also makes each of your units count as 2 when using the mandatory Megaboss's Mighty Waaagh ability.

Ironsunz (min. 1360pt.) 
A Megaboss on Maw-krusha, 1 Ironfist (must contain 5 units), 0-4 of the following battalions in any combination Brutefist/Gorefist/Ardfist/Ironfist, any number of additional IRONJAWZ units.

During the first round, has a 66% 5 in 6 chance of forcing your opponent to have -1 to hit. Cuz Ironjawz are kunnin'. Potentially useless or amazing depending if you get it against a gunline.

Your Megaboss on Mawkrusha also starts the game as if he had slain D3 enemy heroes with your weapon of choice. Getting free wounds and attacks is never a bad thing.

Army building[edit]

1000 pt.[edit]

At 1000 pt. you can deploy almost all the battalions at minimum size. Consider that not all of them have a leader so you have to left some room for your heroes.

You can easily build off the Start Collecting box by adding a Megaboss, a Brute squad and a Weirdnob shaman. This gives you a solid army that rounds off at 1000 points exactly: 1010pts

  • Megaboss
  • Warchanter
  • Weirdnob shaman
  • 10 Ardboyz
  • 3 Gore gruntas
  • 5 Brutes
  • Ironfist battalion

Alternatively, you can start with 2 Start Collecting box and add a Megaboss, coming also at 1000 points but not using the second Warchanter: 1100pts?

  • Megaboss
  • Warchanter
  • 20 Ardboyz (or 2 units of 10, however you like it)
  • 3 Gore gruntas
  • 3 Gore gruntas
  • Ironfist battalion

2000 pt.[edit]

2000 pt. is the sweet spot for using the battalions. You can use around 1400pt. to develop them to full potential and then add some customization (think about Megaboss on Maw-krusha or a couple of heroes on foot and a different unit if you are using one of the 3 monothematic battalions).

Alternatively you have a minimum core tax of 620 pt. with 3 Battleline units and a Warchanter.

2500 pt.[edit]

You have a minimum core tax of 800 pt. with 4 Battleline units and a Warchanter.

Allied Armies[edit]

  • Aleguzzler Always fun to use. Now part of the Gloomspite Gitz.
  • Bonesplitterz Meh, you are already better than these guys, go for grots if you want extra chaff. With the Greenskinz and Gitmob Grotz slowly phasing out, they might provide a decent alternative for your chaff boyz.
  • Greenskinz: Your cheap boring cousins, granting you cheaper body. Their battleline units make fine fodders for the Weirdnob's shortcomings. The Bosses are very good in an orruks army as their command ability gives all nearby orruks +1 attack. Source of chariots and boar boy chaff. Try pairing them with Gore-gruntas. Perfect for fluff but not as exciting to play as the Ironjawz.
  • Moonclan: Squigs, squigs, and more squigs. Grot squig hoppers give you some cheap light cavalry, while Mangler and Colossal Squigs and the brand new Boingrot Bounderz are capable of utterly decimating an enemy's battleline within a turn or two. Grots with bows will give you some cheap shooting ability. Use Sporesplatta Fanatics to shield your slow moving boyz as they can block line of sight from enemy ranged units. (note this isn't marked as Gloomspite Gitz - so no spiders for you)
  • Troggoths Better in grot lists as your Brutes will do their job anyway.

Mercenary Companies[edit]

  • Blacksmoke Battery: The closest thing to Ork Kannonz in a neo-fantasy setting.
  • Greyfyrd:
  • Grugg Brothers: Twoz bettah than one, Boss! You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 if one of these Gargants is close to another. You can re-roll failed hit rolls instead if it's close to two others but this is impossible in matched play since you can only afford up to 2 Gargants at best.
  • Gutstuffers: If you want a way to field Ogors without having to break your allegiance, this is it.
  • Nimyard’s Rough-Riders: Shooty humies on horses Their ability surprisingly pairs well with the Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork spell from the new spell lore. Bring two units of outriders for maximum firepower or one outrider and a General with a pistol and a horse for hit buffs(within the merc group).
  • Order of the Blood-Drenched Rose: They are drenched in red. Therefore, they go really fast. They're also slightly cheaper than the Gore Gruntas both irl and in points (assuming there are 5 Gruntas) and hit just as hard as they do.
  • Rampagers: Not drenched in red, but can also go really fast, somehow. They're a bunch of squishy 'umies, so they're better used to tie up the ennemy in melee while the real 'ard units close in.
  • Skroug’s Menagerie:
  • Sons of the Lichemaster:
  • Tenebrous Court:


Use the tried and tested Orc, Ork and Orruk tactic - Get from one side of the board to the other in the fastest time and smash your opponent into smush.

Because of how your Megabosses command ability works, you absolutely want to make sure there is a minimum of 6+ units near him. Because of this, the Ironjawz kind of want to play a Multiple Small Unit(MSU) list. With 2.0 allowing multpile uses of a command ability in a turn this is even more important to maximize the usage of it. HOWEVER if you're playing a relatively small army, it is HIGHLY recommended to bring an allied warboss. Its command ability still affects your units and garuntees an extra attack regardless of how many units you have.

Because of how command points work in AoS 2.0 the Ironjawz really play a Power Turn approach where you drop all your points into one turns worth of extra attacks and literally wreck the enemy in a single turn due to having a bajillion attacks

ALWAYS BRING THE IRONFIST. This batallion is very flexible, since you can bring ANYTHING and it gives you a great way to pad your army's main "weakness".

When building lists remember that in matched play what makes you get the objectives is body count: so try to keep a ratio of 1:1 (or close to, at least) when bringing units: 1 unit of ardboys per unit of brutes/1 gore gruntas. The two early ones should be taken ALWAYS in the ironfist while the other can be taken in gore-fists (though it should be said that said formation's cost is rather high, so be wary!) or ironfists. Never take ardfists (too many points to use too late) and only take weirdfists (sure, you can make deadly spells, but those 100pts are there for a benefit only usable for the shaman and there are better uses of thos 220pts) or brutefists if you go for "fluffy" lists.

Legacy/Unsupported Warscrolls/Battalions[edit]

Grimgor Ironhide 
Dude buffs up nearby Black Orc units (but not Ardboys, they're totally different) while swinging a modest 4 attack -2 rend/ 2 damage axe around. Gets a boost from any nearby ORRUK HERO units, and has a more reliable (if less killy) command trait than the Megaboss
Black Orc Big Boss 
A good support hero to act as a bodyguard for your other heroes, while still being ded killy in his own right. Can arrive with either a -1 rend Deff Choppa and Shield that lets him re-roll saves, a pair of Choppas that give extra attacks on rolls of 6, or a big ol' Slaughter Choppa for knocking over heavier targets. Like Grimgor, he gets a buff if he's nearby any other ORRUK HEROES as he desperately tries to get senpai to notice him. His command ability is situational but potentially valuable: nearby units that fail a battleshock test take one mortal wound, but are otherwise considered to have passed. That might salvage your smaller unit of Brutes if they start to take a beating (i.e. lose one guy), but unless the Big Boss is in the thick of it with several units around, Inspiring Presence is the better choice. Otherwise a surprisingly effective secondary hero - keep him near the same block of brutes as your Megaboss and Warchanter and wreck face
Black Orcs 
An Ardboy by any other name still smells as badly as an orruk does. Part of the Compendium Orcs and GoblinsTM Battletome, but given the IRONJAWZ keyword, these guys are kitted out exactly like Ardboys with Big Choppas (see below), with a few caveats. First, they haven't been given a points value, so you won't be taking these dudes along for matched play. In addition to taking the usual drummer and standards, these guys get an extra inch on their movement, and the boss functions slightly differently, getting an extra attack instead of 1 to his to-hit. Where they really shine is when they're brought alongside the Black Orc Big Boss and Grimgor Ironhide: both give these guys +1 to hit when nearby, and Grimgor gets to buff up one unit into Da Immortalz, which lets them re-roll 1s. Fluffy!
Ironjawz Big Mob (Found in the Orcs and Goblins compendium battletome) 
1 Black Orc Big Boss, 3 units of Black Orcs, and a giant
All units in this formation get +1 when rolling to wound. Further, the Big Boss can choose to re-roll hits directed at any HERO or MONSTER if you're cool with shouting insults at your opponent. Coming in at a cool 40 points, this is potentially a bit of a steal. However, since the Black Orcs don't seem to have a points value, you're not going to see this in matched play . Worse, since the giant (as of right now) doesn't have the IRONJAWZ keyword, you can't take this formation without breaking your IRONJAWZ allegiance ability - and eliminating the options of Brutes as a tasty battleline. So, you're only going to see this if you're running a general DESTRUCTION force - at least until GW gets its shit together and changes the Giant's warscroll.